Part 1: Sagging Headliner! NOT an EASY Task!
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! Uh, we are looking at the stripped out interior of a Chevrolet Silverado this is my Silverado uh we started well I started with a fairly simple what I thought job which was going to be uh, replacing and reholstering the headliner which I was able to complete with some fairly relative ease. We have a new headliner on on the backing board here. it's been glued in I let it dry up for the weekend. Uh, the issue is is since I had to remove the seats to get the headliner out because it wouldn't come out with the seats in position.

I Uh I decided Well since I've come this far, might as well keep going and I've decided to take this opportunity to go ahead and pull out the carpet as well. Um, when I ordered my headliner I did order some replacement carpet but I I wasn't really planning on uh on getting around to that So but since we got this uh, this far into it I decided that um, since uh, it's already apart I may as well just finish it off and get the carpet out of it cuz this carpet's nasty. It's the original. It's been here since 2007 when the truck was built.

This carpet has survived children and a mechanic that owns the truck and it used to pull landscape. Duty So it's full of dirt and chicken, nuggets and change and little pieces of glitter and soda cap bottles and things of that nature. um, along with more dirt and more leaves and grass. so uh, it's gross.

it's coming out like I said. I've got a new one in the Box it better fit cuz if I go through all this and I tear this carpet out and find out that that carpet that I bought is not going to fit I'm absolutely going to totally 100% lose my pool. Uh, hopefully that's not going to happen. Actually, you know what, It's not going to happen there.

The carpet's going to work. It's fine. I'm I'm being negative again. Anyways, I Got to get these four screws out of this console.

We're going to move this. uh, or pull the center console out, console, disconnect it, get the thing out of the truck, and at that point, we should be able to, uh, get rid of the rest of the trim pieces that might be holding this carpet down and get that stuff pulled out, removed, set aside. Then I can vacuum the truck out and then maybe think about putting in the new carpet. Now the video that I had just done on this truck which is a day before yesterday: I Think it.

Uh, it ran on to be about an hour and 10 minutes long and that was just pulling the headliner out and then reupholstering it. Uh, I'm going to try real hard to not make this an hour plus long video cuz that was hard for some people to kind of pay attention to and watch all the way through. So what I think we're going to do is well I'm not going to make any promises, that's what we're going to do. I'm not going to promise you guys that this video is going to be quick and easy and fast.

and I'm not going to promise that this part two right here that we're watching is going to be the last of this series cuz as you can see see I have opened a serious can of worms right here and well there's there's no stopping till it's done. So we're just going to watch this uh, this, uh, this series and we're going to make videos on it until it is in fact, uh, all the way completed. So let's uh, nudge this, uh, this console unit out of the vehicle. that was gravity.
Let's let's get this console out of the vehicle and then um, we'll see what challenges will be presented to us next. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping the hood. Look who that guy is. So I've been kind of giving some wiggle action on this console here and something's hanging on to it here on the dash.

So let's uh, let's pull some panels and see if we can't get uh some kind of access to Fasteners or whatever and it looks like yeah, I got two back there. Looks like it's 2 10 mm 21 mil bolts. they're they're buried in there a little bit here. We don't need that dark pter.

that's my trim code color. Keep that over here. And yeah, there's a 10. Okay, get up in there and spin those guys out.

110 Two1 and those can go in the cup holders. just like the rest of it. Let's crack this thing loose and peel it back and see if it's going to come free or not. Might be something else hanging on to it.

I Don't know. Maybe some wires, Some AC vents, nothing, everything. carpet. The carpet's hanging onto it.

That's what. look at. Yeah, we're stuck on the carpet. That's ironic, but this problem.

maybe up fry. There we go. Yeah, now we're cooking with Chisco. Look at that.

she's coming right on out. Let's back that out and go around the other side here and get it's got to be something connecting this unit. Cable, wires, wiring, harness. Yeah, there's something going on.

Let's see if it's inside. there. it is. That's that's what.

I Forgot we have a connector. It needs to be disconnected. Trim tool. pop the clip back out, grab our harness, flip the lever.

How's this? Go release and release and then lever. There we go. Come here. Got it all right? That's off.

Now we can pull her back. I Think it's free except for this wire and this wire is just a power supply wire to my little voltmeter up on the dash. So we're just going to cut these off and hook those back up later. It's a not exactly important right now.

Okay, we're backing up through the right rear door. Let's drag this whole assembly right on out and our interior is now barren. Okay, let's go around to the front here and see what other types of obstructions we're going to encounter. We've got got some Plastics right here.

This stuff's got to come out. Both of the kick panel pieces. What this? Those are going to have to come out. So this guy this panel here.

let's see what's uh, what's clipping? this one in should just pull I Think yeah. I Kind of kind of have halfway broke the clip. no worries. I can put that back.
Okay, three more pieces of plastic. Let's just toss these guys up on the pile here. All that stuff needs washed and cleaned and we got one more trim piece on that side. I think I can leave that guy in What? I can't leave in is this support piece right here? See that little beam bar looking deal.

The carpet doesn't wrap around it so let's get that thing disconnected. 13 mil. Looks like Yer There's one of them and then the other one. It's up in there I Can feel it.

It's like right right here by my finger. Let's see if we can see where that other little piece bracket is. piece of the bracket. That's a negative I can feel it I can't see it? got it I think I got it I hope I got it cuz I had the yeah I got it there she is.

there's our nut and there's one more I think I'm going to need to pull this knee bolster out also. uh I didn't think I had to earlier cuz why would I but something's not working out or lining up or lining up and working out so we're going to pop this guy off. see where that other piece of this bar business is cuz I can't find the other bolt which is there. it is right up there.

so yeah I did have to pull this bster out of here. Okay let's get our socket. This camera's doing some weird Shifty business. you see how it like when I rotate it goes.

It just kind of jerks I don't know why maybe Horizon leveling is turned on here bolt that should have been and it wasn't I can't I get this thing to come off I'm not taking this whole dash apart I'd rather just ass soon cut the carpet than pull this thing out entirely. This is not driving with me. Okay, let's get some tools out of here and I'm going to start. uh, tearing this carpet out I think the only thing I need to do is cut over there and it should come right out back.

at the right rear door, it's time to start pulling this out. You know it's kind of embarrassing to say, but this carpet. it's actually really stinky it. uh, it's had water in it.

it's been around for a while, doesn't really doesn't really smell that good now that it's all getting Disturbed like I did. it was fine earlier, but now it's not that great. Let's go pull the other side. let's try to get the front here under the dash.

Take that out. Okay, I don't know if this insulation gets to stay or if it comes out. the other carpet had some insulation with it, but I'm not sure how this is going to work. All right, let's keep pulling it out.

Let's get up here to the front where that section is where I think I need to cut it. We'll take a tool that is a cutting tool. It's not a weapon, it's a tool and we'll cut like right through here. That should do it.

Move that out of the way, give it the reach in here, slice and dice and chop it to Pieces Tug that out and we'll take this harness. Set that aside. keep pulling. it's coming out pretty sure we're free and clear on this.
I think it's heavier than I thought. Come out gross carpet. Oh yeah, all right. more things to disassemble.

We've got some ducting for the rear AC Let's pop this up and off the floor and pull that out cuz like I said I think I think I get to change this instulation too. But even if we don't, I'm still taking that trim stuff out or those vents rather because I need to vacuum all this out. This is nasty. that thing up.

Wiggle this unit out. Are you going to come out? What are we stuck on in here? I don't know. Remove dash that piece right there. That's what we're stuck on.

See that little uh little guy right there. Trim tool to the rescue. Get right on under that, pop her up, push it over. Is it going to come out? Yes.

sure is. Yes it is. Get up in here and kind of shake this thing. Wiggle it out.

Please come out sideways. Oh why are we not coming in? This was instantly a bad decision I Regret. Kind of regret having started this little project I uh I'm not going to regret finishing it I sure won't regret it when it's done. but right now I'm wishing I would have done more coste effective things my time there.

So here's what I'm thinking now seeing as how this installation wraps under this little harness right right here. and oh, this harness also bolts on. there's a 10 mil I need to, uh, need to unbolt that real quick like that would have been bad. Anyway, as I was saying I'm uh, I'm tempted to cut this uh instulation right here and remove remove it in sections just in case some of this has to be reused because I know that the new carpet I have does not have this uh, like rubber liner business on it right here.

So I don't know if I need to reuse that or if it all just gets thrown away. So I'm thinking about cutting this but I don't know if I have to yet so we'll just see how that works out in a minute. I knew there was a french fry in here. Gross, that nasty.

Anyway, hey, that wasn't really a french fry. In order for it to have been made out of potato, it would have, uh, rotted and uh, disintegrated. And it did not. So that was a product that resembled a french fry, not an actual french fry.

Don't let them fool you, it's not real food. All right. let's get out of this right front corner. We're going to go around circumnavigate the vehicular module.

We'll fire up the vacuum device and start cleaning out all the debris that is in the bottom. Let's put this unit on shot back, powered up and we're going to go ahead speed up the footage a little bit. We're going to clean this thing out in super high speed lightning fast motion sh I don't even know what all that is but it's broken and it's plastic or Rubber and it needs to go away here. Take off our little funnel, get in there and get these big chunks out.
I think it's like a padding like a rubber pad or something and it's just disintegrated like a lot. All those little pieces. Get the big chunks out of here. Yeah, there we go.

Nice and deep. light, clean it out. dirt that's Alabama Clay right there that was here before I Bought the truck on the driver side where the driver was getting in and out. that uh, that makes sense cuz the truck came from uh Alabama that's where I bought it from I buy a trucks from Alabama and Georgia cuz they don't have any any rust on them.

that's good and shut down. All right, the vacuuming is complete. We have no more to vacuum. Now that that is done, I'm going go wash my hands and then we can see how well this direct, exact fit carpet is going to fit.

In our silvery radio, you'll notice that it's gray. The other stuff was brown or some sort of, uh, shade of gray. This is another shade of gray. that's the driver's side.

You see, it's got the little matte thing for your, uh for your toes and it does not have any of the cutouts or holes or uh, anything that allows this thing to set up uh with all the hardware. It does have some insulation on it though, so that's interesting. So I don't exactly know how this is going to fit, but we won't know till we find out. So let's go ahead and bring this thing on into the truck and then we can find out here.

We'll shove this thing right in through the back door that didn't sound right and we'll get her straightened out here. see how this is going to play out. We'll have to feel around for where all the little pegs and whatnots come through the hole, or through the floor, or up from the floor, and then we'll have to just grab a razor blade and make the, uh, appropriate cutouts. So right here this next little step, we're just going to get it all sort of mocked up and see how it fits.

Big old can of worms. Okay, well, it's got the square footage at least to cover the floor. that's good up front. I'm going to want to I have to run it under this wiring harness here.

squeeze it on up in there. That's how that's going to go. Okay, and then here off to the left, we have some more wiring harness to, uh, negotiate. Lots more wiring harness to negotiate.

Interesting. Okay, yeah, it's not shaped, molded to fit. I Don't think like it's not form fit to fit in this cab, but it appears to be correct and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to need to double up all that installation so that's good. All right folks, here's where where we land.

I've got the thing pretty much in position where it's supposed to go and I'm using this door line right here as a reference cuz we have some overflow on that side and I know I need to use this side as the reference because if we take a look around the corner and we see the pad for where the driver's feet go, I think I need to get this thing that way like two more inches so probably all the way to the edge like that and then it's got to go forward some and then I've got to pull all this uh, this slack out of it and bring it. Forward Um, however, we're we're about to enter into one more phase of escalation because I'm not happy with it I don't like the way that it sits I think it's too loose and I think part of that issue is uh, some of that secondary insulation that was in that insulation pad like we saw here that this carpet does have some thermal barrier. But look right here. Do you see this? That thermal barrier just sits like on these ridges and Ruffles and you're going to be able to feel that inside of the cabin.
See that right there. I Don't like that. So I think the only next logical thing for me to do in this situation is to get a hold of some, uh, some thermal barrier stuff and create, uh, a little bit of extra insulation on this. and while I'm at it I might as well put some up here on the roof as well to keep the heat out of it.

So I'm going to have to order some rolls of that stuff. Um, I'm not in a position to put this thing back together. Additionally, since I'm going to say it since I've gone this far and it's so far torn apart I may as well go ahead and finish pulling this dash out of here. I Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this part.

two video of my Silverado interior repair. uh, let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below. Let me know what you think about this carpet with that headliner that I just put or got installed. it's over there on top of that.

Uh, on top of that Nissan Let me know what you think about all that good stuff in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button wire down there and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! I'll see you guys in the next one. See you guys later, see you in the comments or I'll see you when I see you and the transmission.

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