In this video I swing by Andy's shop as he is replacing all eight drive tires on his Peterbilt. He gives us a demonstration on how to change the tires by hand and shows us a torque wrench that goes up to 600ft lbs! Not to mention that the tires on this truck cost about $700 EACH!
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So I told the Andy I didn't have any content for today so he's changing tires. We should come pay my visit sick. Got your action shot? We got on the board over here. Technical: What are you doing? Change the tires, got the new drives on.

Wow, you're almost done Yeah! I got the big people. Didn't see the fifth wheel. That's right. Yeah, we got to get a follow-up here.

Sparkly water. Wow! There is a few suggestions in the comments where I should have done this: I don't know if you saw them uh no. I'll go search through what what form I'm pretty. Are they good? Oh no compressor even.

You got double maker good. Should have been here when I drilled All Them Holes there's 30 more more than five. All right Andy's gonna show us the process seemed in truck tires I did a lot of these back my day going. Yeah sorry I got the air on it I Took the valve stuff.

Step one, yeah step oh step was take it off the truck. That's right. we did that valve core out of it, break it down which it did when I dropped it on the floor. Yeah, these alloy wheels oftentimes break the bead quite easily.

Then you got your water and Dawn Dish soap. Don Not a sponsor, not a sponsor. Soapy water? Yeah, yeah, so it comes off easier. foreign.

You don't want to start on the wrong side because of the way a drop Center is made in the wheel. You'll get one beat off, but you won't get the second one off. Okay, these old school we're using old tires. Oh yeah? I don't know.

I probably screw this all up now. I'm on camera see I've never had the people watch to me for it. and today, all right. we'll see.

You're gonna go ahead and scratch the room. you don't have an old uh Minecraft that you throw me. Oh yeah, probably look at that I can't get that borrow just because the people are watching me I'm nervous. That's all right.

Take your time, put them on, put them on hold for me until I get that out of there. you're gonna go back and out of this up a little bit. Make me look better. Yeah, something like that.

Yeah. So now all right. I'm gonna get the soap on this side of it so she comes out nice and easy. Probably find out when my back hurts at night here.

What's this? Look number eight right? Yeah, this is number eight for you today. I'm ready to be done. Get these little guys sneaked in over there around there and then sorry I'm not here. The place if you had a mud flat man.

um sorry. Well they're your wheels. So huh, they're your wheels. That's a good point.

This was a comment generator last time so just oh man, dude, that wouldn't have a pocket. The problem is when you put acetone on it it starts taking all that off there and I left. Okay, wait a minute. Is that where your kids or is that yours? I told you I told you it doesn't fit me no more I Can't believe you're using that as a rag.

You don't know about that folks, only sure as well. Pockets or eggs. It's okay. you could have sold that thing on eBay an official pocket I might still be able to.
it's famous now. it could be the one use and you sign up for it. Yes, my eBay account's getting a little low. All right.

We're running for tires anyways. Oh, these are Michelin Xdn tubes. Are they they're caps? No, these are. this is rubber one.

Yeah, you take you take the price one of these times. Eight that number starts with a six and it ends with me crying. So so about six grand for new tires? Yeah, yeah, they're they're 700. These ones were like 700 I could get a glove on I don't want to get that 10 degrees over me.

Wow. So six thousand bucks put new tires on? that's not all the tires. We still got four more to go and that's obvious Ly right? So these supposed to be pretty good to tell yourself. Now, what do you do with your kickoffs? You're gonna get them recapped or what are you gonna do with them Those boys I He was going to put him on a trailer or something.

Oh however, I think he changed his mind. Are they ready to go for a truck? That's part of the problem they. they came on it when it was from the factory. so they're 13s.

they're 10 years old. Yeah so we're too old man. I was just a lot of music. It was kind of like a farm truck scenario.

You know what? I mean What's BLT get Yeah, seven years I don't know. hopefully not. I mean I was running them. they were 10 years old just a little while ago.

You pointed dot checks. Yes. Oh okay, they didn't. They must not looked at that because they got a good boy sticker.

Oh, you do so right last. Wow. last two Springs in a row. when I get out of the shop here after I'm done working on it and everything looks nice.

Yeah. I take it right down and drive right into them. Oh okay. dumb.

hey, it's back to me will ya? I mean it's not going to be better than that. Yeah, that's my best efforts there. You know? What do you think that? I just I just look inside tiger. What do you think? Something wrong in there? No.

I just it looked funny from back here. but it's just whatever that that coloring is they have in there. Yeah, it's probably like that's probably the coloring they put in the blindness before yourself. So I use my handy dandy.

We gotta get the two by four under there. so when we seat that bead Okay Girl: okay girl. one shot around my knees and plop right on. It's not gonna happen.

Okay I Told you nervous after you had me out here before the people commented I Just can't take it. It's good to me. Get to me Eric Put in there we need glass beads that's fun looking. Got some new toys there.

New core? Yeah. I'll tell you what if you change the tire that's had these in it? Yeah. and they're all over the floor. Oh yeah.

if you forget about them, Yeah, oh yeah. you get them all the concrete floor here and then go walking Like you know, it's almost like walking on ice. Not good. Oh yeah, you go skating.
That's a little different than we just use a equal. It was a brand that we use so these are supposed to be less, uh, susceptible moisture in there and stuff. Oh really cool. for Sandy it might Clump off, you know? yeah? so I guess I don't know.

That's what they tell me Eric I'm not I'm no Pro Those guys don't never mind right there. Well, you're not most guys. I'm not most guys. Eric I put these things on there.

If you're spending that much money on your tires, you might as well try your best to get the most out. Choppy I Uh, probably rotating more than most guys as well. So I've always gotten real good mileage out. You want to feel like I'm gonna get in the face without Jeepers still catching the I think I bit off too.

Yeah, too much. one more bite. but if I don't bite off enough, it's gonna get stuck. keeper scrapers.

No, not enough yet. Oh yeah, there you go baby. Come on. I'm not heavy enough my guy.

Okay, let me get another little bit. There you go. All the pros. There you go.

Yeah, there you go back in 74. you threw them alongside road with three inch split around that's right and a screwdriver screwdriver. you should carry one in the truck hold. Tire Grim the whole nine.

No, you think you welded the comment generator? You wait till people see this. Don't look too close. No, we're gonna look okay. I'll show you it's an air tank off a truck.

This thing's like I built this like 15 years ago. Well don't build excuses if it works. This was well. no, this was uh younger.

Andy built this Andy now might not. Well I'm still using this so I guess I Am they say what's this thing? Uh, if you're gonna be dumb, you got to be tough. Oh I thought it's only temporary unless it works. Yeah, that patch was.

so this was this was leaking on the truck off and uh no, we're gonna put 140 pounds of air in it. The best part is I showed Dragon it's bolts I didn't have plugs so I welded a bolt into it. Yeah, got some nice undercuts going down in these welds. We only put like 150 pounds will it? I don't think so.

Yeah, looks good to me. Don't stand in front of them, they'll stand near the tank. Hey the best part I have a pvt pipe here from where I don't know where it is, threads right into that there and we'd stuff potatoes down it. Oh that'd be enough.

so it cuts it off and they're solid in there. That thing will shoot a potato like when's your compressor kick on second I'm gonna get this stuck on there so it stays in place ready. All right. Safety switch on I got him come here.

Yeah, just like that. she's smoking yeah I think I hear some Russell where you want to watch your eyes she's using the old uh fry Lube huh Oh yeah, are you good at Napa Oh yeah yes I did let me get fry a little bit NASA Oh we gotta check to see if we got put 120 pounds on this bad boy. We were on 120 PSI huh? that's only at 98. you think so? check it a little bit.
All right, it's more like 94. shoot 125. hold on, wait a second. Oh 94 or okay.

I'm glad she doesn't call me what to do. Yeah yeah, you're your old man. We're Megan laying around I mean Mrs H Uh, that'll keep her anonymous ly down a little. Does it must be? Oh good thing any pressure on it when I stuck it under there? Um yeah, you're gonna go up a little higher probably Craig that's kind of cheating there, right buddy.

Yeah, right, you're nine years old I do a lot more cheating than I Used to learn all this stuff I used to use a pry bar backing. probably just used to pick it up and put it on there. but like I said, they see that guy pump her up a little. Yeah I'll hold her back if you don't Dent your cap that you don't want a hubcap.

What's up? What's the lazy way too? We already got them for me. That's because of what this is what I do for a living. Oh, here we go. Okay, go on there little girl.

Oh see. I'm not even on my little roller. That's the problem. that's your crap.

Oh these are a hub piloted wheel right? That's what I think Yes sir. come on do you think you know Alcoas Boy we I thought we had her line right up there she is. Boom holy cow guys when they were all jammed up here now. rookie there she is.

So it's piloted on the Hub on looks like four or five spots right here. That's what keeps it centered. Now we gotta line up our valve stumps. You line them up where you from across me.

oh that's what I mean across from each other? Line them up opposite. That's the same thing only. where is the one? Oh top Yeah. keep going there.

we go. I was uh, not born to be a tire guy here? No, me neither. Yeah, that looks right. You ready across from each other? Oh I think so.

Oh yeah. I got one at the top? Let the people tell you where it's at. That keeps her in Balance You know we got. we're gonna use this bad boy.

Oh yeah, that's kind of. They're actually 33 millimeter, but that one works good technical on it. Oh, it's technically three. It's you know, the Metric system I've ever heard about.

Yep, the Canadians use it I got stuck in Canada one time. That's another story too. Oh yeah. I remember that so you got four grand trees.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. what? Uh, what are you saying down to? well, the nut says 450 to 500. wow, what would you do? 475? That's right in the middle.

something in the middle I Go 500. So usually if I put them on good with the yellow gun, it takes about a quarter turn to click. click them. Okay, Oh yeah.

I think we got it. We're gonna start clicking all right. Can I let her down? Yeah, all the way you're just clutching. Let's see.

Okay foreign I Feel like a trucker this is I Bought this off a guy on Craigslist Yeah, because that's the same split meme they use for their half inch one. it is. Yeah, we're about to go 500 500. All right.
What do people want? Foot pounds, One pound per foot of I think it's 12 inches. Put one pound on the end of it, right? Okay, so I think so. Okay here. Whatever you say, that's a bigger hair so we don't fall over it.

I Usually push down. Oh, it's a good idea. Oh, we might have I say the quarter turn, but it might be more than a quarter. Holy moly.

There She Goes let's just call your double Clicker Oh, you're not even going to crisscross Are you clockwise now I torque them counterclockwise. Same thing. only different this could be up. is that scientific? It's uh, my shop.

My rules. Okay, my truck I'd do it the same off camera too. but these people are Savage I don't care Okay I don't care well unless I lose them unless I lose a set of duels on the Thruway yeah then you'll care. The insurance company says hey, we were watching a video.

that's how you putting them things on by yourself and I'll say ah in between in between then and when the accident happened I was down a slice. they had them off. Let your brother take the heat. Yeah, you're rolling.

Oh yeah, by the way Sunny Surface of a boat I'm supposed to do a commercial for him. Oh yeah, make sure you match. Wow! back when I was there, this was our torque wrench. Okay, so I don't know how many others that takes to make that, but I can tell you what if I put that on, put these on with that this 500 will click before it even moves.

Oh yeah, I don't I don't do that and I'll run these oh half a day or something. then I'll come back and check them on. Yeah I always do. That's no lie.

Well we got. we got a video coming up on Jeep Liberty Lady come in for a clunking noise. Oh yeah, is that the one you called me to help me diagnose? Yeah, that one see I can lie about whatever I want you people don't know true that League's Wheels were falling off they were yep both back tires for a little back tire response making uh knocking. Some Noise You're not giving away the ending of the video right now are you? It's pretty much the whole video I'm trying to come out with it before I come out with this one.

This is where I started. Yep, yeah, they're good for now and realistically for the people tear me apart, they are coming off again because the lady you mentioned the polishes for me taking them all over her shop the other ones and she's going to take care of them for me. Okay, you should get them back in six months or something. I Realistically I didn't say that all day.

Well, no I think you got these people? Do you want me to come on? No, but you gotta I've got to take them right. Back off. Yeah, there's a big box over there I Just threw them all together. All right.

Well Yoast, that's how you say that it's not Jost I like Mexican because I don't know I thought it was like yogurt like an Amish Well I said Jost and your brother said yoast and then well you don't know Spanish Wow, you think of Spanish it would be right. You're like Jose made in the USA I don't know. Best thing they do is call a company. Got these on here too.
Let people comment how you think that's pronounced. Let's show them the tag. Josh oh is it just we don't know. Somebody will call the company and let us know.

Let us know in the comments, questions, concerns, tell us how to say that. Oh heck to say that. I can't swear on here, right? Uh, tell us where I'm not sure. it's not a place you want to be Andy All right.

Well, when you're done, we want to go for a rep. Oh okay, how many gears they have 18 and 13. it's got 18. 18.

I wouldn't have any last time. Okay I came with 13. I put 18 speed in it. Okay and we can hit them all.

Sure Perfect. Sure we can do whatever we want. You gonna let me drive? Yeah, you can drive. Cool.

You got the CDL right? Just say yes. Yep. Yep, that's all. So yeah.

that would be good. Sounds like fun, Sweet. All right, we're out of here. What's up?.

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