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Uh oh, we've got a bed liner leak. Oh no. 97 GMC 2500 the bed liners leaking all over the floor. What's going on here opening Z Hood a brake rotor.

There was a great rudder. Well I Didn't expect to see this thing here today when I got to work. We've got a 1998 I think GMC 2500 It's a square body old body style GM Product survey says oh might be a 99 98 or 99 one of those two. Uh, it was towed in over the weekend.

It is a no start situation on this particular truck. It's got approximately 160 615.4 miles on the odometer. Customer states does not start and I don't have the key. Oh no, where's the cutie I gotta find the key.

hang on Okie dokes I had to call them I Found the key supposed to be in here. Got it there? you are. Lunda Bar all right now. back to where we were customer States Vehicle does not start.

They think it's a fuel pump. Let's find out. I Don't think it's a fuel pump I Just heard the thing. Come on you guys hear that.

Listen here. Okay well it has fuel pump action. Let's see about cranking. not a nothing going on.

We have no crank condition I understand it died while driving so no cranks. That's a that's a weird one your lettuce Poppins you Hood kinda sort of there we go Hood pop complete. Let's see we've got to work with in here. My Spider Sense is telling me it's a V8 of some sort.

Service says we got a winner 5.7 liter V8 Gasoline power. Let's see here. Well, that's not a good sign. Got some relays hanging out, the electrical tape.

See what's in here. All our fuses are there. Okay, we'll check those in a minute. We've got looks like a new battery two of 23.

That's a it's a big new battery that doesn't go here. This is like medium duty truck stuff. or maybe boat stuff. Okay, that's not okay.

Yeah, we might have a winner right here. What is this? Look at that? That's uh, that's not good. Let me, uh, let's tighten this up. We need to tighten that up.

Step one of all diagnostic processes is make sure that your battery terminals are clean and tight and the battery is in good condition and fully charged. So I'm pretty sure that battery's in good condition because it's brand new. but the terminals are not clean and tight. I Mean they're kind of clean.

They're not tight. So let's uh. let's remedy this battery terminal situation real quick. like and then then maybe it'll start and try that terminal.

click. That's tight now. Okay, back to the cabin. You're gonna start.

I'm gonna be mad if that's not like that was the problem. Nada. No cranking. Okay, well let's go down below and check the starter motor and see if that's our issue.

All right. Starter is over here on the passenger side. We'll find it right back there behind the wheel. Well, let's go down there and take a look at that unit.

See if the wires are burnt through or missing or falling off or something along those lines that looks shiny. What's this? What is this? That's the that's supposed to be the starter wire. Why is it? Uh, it's dangling there. Let me see.
Crawling over some more. Uh uh oh okay. I See what we got going on here? Okay, so it appears that that red wire is an auxiliary starter wire that has been run in lieu of this purple one. That purple one's the one that goes to the ignition cylinder.

so it looks like somebody ran a new one. Ah, let's Trace that thing out. see where it goes and what it does. I See it running up the back of the firewall here? Okay, climbing out.

get out of here. see what's going on. Okay, so that wire came up I Think this is it Right here. Yep, Zip tied to that AC line.

it goes over there. Okay, following it along. I Found it again. more zip ties and it's going into the firewall.

Okay, it's leading us right back to where we started coming full circle on this thing. Let's see in the firewall there it is. coming right through. Zip tied up here, running over, running over.

It looks like it's connected to a push button switch. It's made out of an Ohio license plate. Swag Like Go high. Yeah, Okay, well that gives us uh, kind of some direction here so it's not going to crank with that.

Let's see if it's going to crank with our little push button starter. beginning engine stocking sequence now. Okay, interesting. Power it back down back on restarting Z Engine Hmm I Don't think? Well, that's not the problem.

Starter is not the problem. Oh you know what? that battery might have been the problem and I didn't realize it because uh I wasn't starting the engine the right way. Oh no. Well now what do I do I might have fixed it I don't know.

Let's try it again. Shut down key on under the dash. This is fun restart now! I It runs. That was a quick startup too with this fuel pump.

Let's check out this fuel pump down here. Raw I mean yeah, it's a it's a little noisy I can feel it vibrating in there. They said it needed a fuel pump and then it died while driving. I'm gonna let it hang out here and run for a little while and we'll go from there.

I Don't know what we're gonna do with that. Seems to run okay, sure I Found another malfunction. Check out that brake pedal. Watch this all the way down to the floor.

Okay, how the parking brakes feel. Let's check those out. Parking brakes Hold I'm off the brake pedal. we're still not moving.

Parking brakes are good. I Think this thing has a, uh a leaking brake master cylinder still is not stalling a brake pedal release. Oh that's not even connected. Oh no I broke more things than I fixed.

What is this? See if I can't get these parking brakes to release. That was an error in judgment. big time. Let's see what do we do here? Oh, the cable's not connected.

Look at that. See it. It's not even close to being functional. There's the release lever back there.
Let's just pull that thing hands-free There we go. I Almost hit you guys in the brake pedal that time. It's not okay. Well with a died while driving condition I Don't want to go drive it, especially with a four-wheeler and stuff in the back that could cause it to be uh I want to get broken down again and then stolen and I don't want to do that either.

Well, let's go back to check out the engine. I Think I'll bust out the fuel pressure. uh tester, shut that off. I'm gonna get out the fuel pressure tester.

We're gonna at least take a fuel pressure reading on this. Perhaps I can find like a low pressure or something like that we can move forward on a pump. but right now it's working. Now there is a phenomenon with these old Chevy trucks where they would die while driving and break down and what would happen is the tow truck guys would pick the things up and it would jostle the vehicle around while it was on the tow truck and that would cause the pump to turn slightly and it would then begin to operate again once you tried to restart the engine after a tell that could have, uh, could have occurred here.

I Don't see the nipple for the fuel pressure tester there. it is way back there. so it is a possibility that this thing has a a failing pump and after it was on the tow truck it decided to unfail itself. It was fairly common, but you never know.

Alrighty, let's reach on back here. Got the fuel injection pressure testing gauge. Let's get this thing installed and screwed on. It's got a Schrader valve in the middle of it and that valve is going to become open when we install the tester.

We're gonna go ahead and key this thing on and get a pressure reading. Stay right there. reach on through here. We don't need to start it, just need to key it on.

The pump has primed. Look at that. 60 pounds of pressure. I Don't know.

I Don't think this has a bad fuel pump at all. Let's start the engine. see what it does. Pounds running? That's fine.

Shut down. Watch this. We'll just put that back into the engine where it goes horrible. It's running rich.

All right. let's disconnect this guy right here. We don't need that on there. 60 pounds is great.

Put our cap back on. So how did we die while driving? What happened here I'm curious to learn. did the air box come apart? Could have did it overheat? Could have I just don't know. Uh, how does that go that Clips out in the front, down through the hole right there.

Okay and then our big wing nut. Screw that guy in right now. Wing nut clickage PCB back inside of its home right there. That's good.

all right guys. We're going back for round two of the attempted restart or actually attempted no start on the Sierra It did not fail for us yesterday, so we're gonna try it again. Listening for that fuel pump? Hmm I Hear it? See if she's gonna start here? Push the button? Yeah. Starts right up.
I don't know what to fix? I Mean there's plenty to fix. but I don't know what to fix with regards to the complaint because it's still. uh, it's still starting just like it's supposed to. It's not okay I need to know what it's doing.

Three days later? Okay, marching back out to this Uh 97 I think it was Sierra We're gonna see if we can't get this thing to not start and or run. Try it one more time. it's been a few days. This video is kind of, uh, not been a singular operation.

I've just had this thing sitting out for a while restarting. Yeah! I Don't think this thing has a fuel pump? Um, here's what I'm gonna or a fuel pump problem. They thought it was a fuel pump. The tow guy told them that was a fuel pump.

but I'm I'm not feeling fuel pump here I don't think it should be. uh, it's a fueling issue. Um I need to get it on the lift. Let's go ahead and go back to basics.

Let's just do an overall inspection on this car and then we're kind of have to go from there. Uh, problem is is this thing right here? um I need to get this thing out of this thing because I don't want to lift this truck up uh with a four-wheeler in the back. So let's back this thing up. I uh I actually brought some ramps with me so I can unload this thing and then uh, crank window down.

let's back this thing out. Yeah! I brought ramps I'm going to back this up to my first door and we're gonna unload uh the uh side by side or the four-wheeler is that a Polaris Canon that's Can-Am Let's unload this thing and get this truck up on a lift for a a proper inspection because crawling around in the dirt trying to find stuff wrong with it and trying to diagnose it is it's not really going to work. But I'm also not going to lift it up with a extra 600 pounds or so in the back. It's not safe.

So what we're gonna do here is tailgate down. Happy word. Come on there We go All right. Look at the tailgate down ramps on this and roll this unit out of the back of this truck right here.

That's the man. Let's see: I have your minimum rents coming in so off. I'll take the wire up here. Um, slide it off.

There we go. Tailgate removal complete here. Let's unpack all these goodies out of here. Too much debris in the way to get this out of here.

Found pots and pans, garbage bag, and a pitch Port What is this? Look at that? Yeah. I'm in Ohio Oh man, look at that. There's already in there I didn't even notice mine amusing. My mini lamps, maybe those what else is stand in here.

We've got some. uh, we got some dog food and they're pretty good too. Thank you how much you have to stay there. Dog food has settled.

well. the vehicle is traveling now. it's stuck behind the wheel now. I Need to roll this thing back out of here.

That's going to be fun here. Help me out dude. I need to uh I need to unlike this thing I'm probably gonna help guys I need to unload this thing. Okay I don't think it's got a key with it but I can't I can't lift this truck with this taken back.
Yeah So I'm Gonna Roll this thing back. uh I'm gonna hop on and roll it back. uh I just need you to help me get it started. Um, if anything goes south, don't try to save it.

just run away. Okay I'll be fine. Don't worry about me Neutral? Yeah. Go ahead and pull me back some food right now.

and then you got brakes. one more. I got three? Yeah, I'm on it. All right.

Get out of the way rolling on back. it's scary. full speed. All right Chocolate I don't know I mean it's kind of cool I'd like to have it.

but I don't know what I'd do with it. Drive it around. we can push, we can push cars around with it. That'd be cool.

but yeah, no, it's not my four-wheeler Nope. not even close there, you go. All right. That was fun.

Okay, now that we're done screwing around, let's get the truck. uh. over here on the lift. This is going to be the first vehicle that goes up on the newly installed lift.

so uh, fingers crossed I Hope the uh lift guys did a good job. I'm kind of scared. this is not a super lightweight vehicle. Oh there we go.

We're in gear. I Think there. Now we're in gear. Sure, spin this thing around and get her.

get her lined up in there there while we're in here. Let's fire up the AC and see if that works. I think I saw a can of refrigerant in the back. Like a big one.

It's like a 30 pound cylinder so uh, it might not work. that might not be for this truck. I I Don't know. This thing's kind of a mystery to me.

very much so because it's supposed to not be working, but it is working and I don't I don't understand why, but we'll figure it out. We'll get there see, nosing on in a little farther. Let's not run into the the Can-Am I think I think that's about good right there. Okey-dokes All right real quick.

I Want to show off the difference between these lifts and uh, this newer, older one over here and that difference is going to be in the arm style. This is called an asymmetric lift, which means the arms are two different lengths instead of them being equal length or semi-equal length like the ones we've got over here. And the other difference is going to be the feet. We can go flat foot, we can go half up, and we can go full on up.

Now, the reason this is okay is you'll notice that the contact point is leaning inwards from the pivot point. That means any weight that gets put on here. If the vehicle wanted to lean this way, it would have to fight gravity ever so slightly to overcome that lean. and that also applies on the small foot as well.

So what we're going to do is, we're going to do small feet on the front frame and then we're going to do the big feet up on the rear, which is going to make contact right there at that leaf spring shackle. We're gonna do that on both sides. now. One thing you're going to notice here is that these are pointing away from each other.
You don't ever want to have them pointing towards each other because because then any forces that want to make that collapse, they could potentially overcome that rise in the lift angle and it could like fall sideways, left or right and overcome that. So if we point them away from each other, then that's almost impossible to achieve. The same thing would apply if I had these oriented this way. See how we're going away from that one? That one's pointing forward.

this one's leaning back. so either of those configurations are acceptable. And in this case, since I can't turn this this way to meet the leaf spring hanger, I will just turn it this way and meet at 90 degrees. So enough job jacking.

That will explain. Uh, this could lift configuration for now. Moving on up. We're going to make contact and then check it and verify it.

make sure everything's good. So we're contacting here, contacting over there. That's good and we've got a little bit of space left on these rears before they meet. Let me go ahead and hit that up button one more time there contact and we'll go and check it backing up.

All right. That's a good solid connection. It's actually a little farther back than I'd like. Let me readjust that real quick coming down some.

There we go. Let's go ahead and adjust that back ever so slightly. Right there is good actually right there. that's better.

Let me check the other side and then we're good to go. Driver's side survey says that is good. We're gonna back it up just a little bit. There we go, All right.

Moving On Up Lift is good. Let's get it off the ground, see if it's secure. Make sure that these uh bolts don't pull out of the concrete. So far so good.

it's taking the weight she is off the ground. Let's give it a shake to make sure it's stable on the lift arms. It is. and uh-oh we got a bed liner leak bed liner League look out.

I Guess that's fine. The floor is really dirty anyway from all the sanding. Anyway, this thing's been running since we started at uh out in the parking lot. Let's check our gauges.

We're not overheating. it's got fuel. We have voltage. Again, this thing is here for a stalling condition and I have yet to even, uh, attempt to recreate or come close to recreating it.

It's not a fuel pressure issue. the pump is running 350 small block Chevrolet Throttle body injected. Okay, let's get this thing up a little higher. We're going to take a look down below and see if we can't see something staring at us in the face.

Maybe uh, maybe it's got a bad wiring harness to the fuel pump I Imagine that a truck this old that's had, uh, had the parts Cannon fired at it probably has a replacement fuel pump and the thing made excellent pressure. So I'm I don't really know I'm reluctant to uh to think it needs a pump I certainly don't want to just toss one in and and then call it good. So let's let's see if we can't really come up with a reason why this thing stalls while driving. Um, if it does, or if we can find up with something or if we can come up with something or if we can't I may have to take it out on the road.
but until I get a little bit of info I Really don't want to I Don't want to get stranded in an old GMC All right, let's go down below. We're going to work this thing front to back and really start to just inspect it. You see some normal age right there. Look at that control arm bushing that's nice and cracky.

cracked. Probably not the best. That's not the reason for our no start. Let's see your engine's still running.

That's good. It's running smooth too. Nice and quiet. I Don't see anything leaking out of it.

There's that uh, that starter Exciter wire we found earlier I wonder what the deal is with the circuit here? I wonder if uh I wonder if this end was just junk and it wouldn't plug into the starter? That's why they ran that new wire. That red one that goes up. Not exactly the greatest idea I mean it works I guess in a pinch. But um, yeah, here we go.

Original ish looking fuel filter. See that thing right there? That's not okay. That could be the problem. We may have a plugged up fuel filter.

Here's our tank and uh-oh what is this? We have a fluid of some sort here. that's fuel. so we've got fuel right there. See that this fuel leaking probably from The Rusted area in that line up.

Yep, there we go. There was the drip. Focus You focus. Yeah, that's pretty gnarly right there.

That doesn't really explain why. uh, why it's stalling. but that's definitely not any good. The rest of the fuel line moving forward.

that one. Oh, that's horrible. Look at that right there that's rusted out, rusted out right there. Also, see that.

Okay, I think this thing needs some fuel lines. What else do we need here? Something else you stripped. Probably more of the bed liner water. Yep, okay.

oh yeah. that fitting right there is horrible. See that one. all this is Rusted Pretty bad.

It's an Ohio truck, so that's to be expected. Slightly a lot of surface rust. nothing major, no structural rust on it. Okay, yeah, see why we wanted to move these left arm pieces I didn't want this catching this and having spring pressure pushing against the uh, the lift arm foot? That would not be okay anyway.

I Digress. Brakes look newish. We've got. uh.

well. that's leaking out of the little plug right there. That's the fill plug. Odd place for some seepage.

Big old drum brakes. Look at that guy. It's huge. Okay, it is a three-quarter ton.

no spare tire, more water. Okay, all right. well. I've got no choice but to assume this is fuel system related I Can't for the life of me understand how that little bit of a leak right there would cause the thing to not start.
But or stop driving While or stop running while driving? Uh, here's a problem though. Do you see how that little bracket right in there is housing the uh, the fuel lines? There we go. It's got a fuel line, probably an EVAP line. and then there's two brake lines.

That one's leaking will be leaking I won't be able to even touch that thing. It's probably going to leak just because I'm looking at it. But we do have a fuel leak there and it appears we've got a brake fluid leak as well. or we will.

Either way, if I'm going to service that, we're gonna have to fix these brake lines to go with it. That's kind of unfortunate-ish Okay, so fuel leak section, frame rail, let's take a look. We've got some space here. Let's take a peek up at the top of the tank and just see if we can't see what kind of pump is in there.

how's that thing look they? I can't really tell I can't tell if that pump's been replaced or not. Uh, Regardless, it's gonna have to come down the tank wheel in order to get access to these lines and whatnot. So I think what I'm going to recommend is that we replace the fuel lines. We've got the one the primary line and then there's the return line I Want to replace the fuel lines? We're gonna have to do something about those brake lines going back and I will determine whether or not to put a pump in this after we get the fuel tank down.

Now, it appears that there's not a horrible amount of rust on the bolts for the tank, even though that one's kind of hanging loose and so is that one over there. Okay, it appears there's not a terrible amount of rust so I think I can get these bolts out, but this may end up turning into a fuel pump and fuel filter and fuel lines and brake line job. So uh, we've kind of got something to go off of that is a major fault again. I don't know if that's the reason that it doesn't stay running or not or if it stalls, but that's what we got to go with so far.

So I need to figure out how to find a replacement fuel lines I might have to make them I need to figure out where to find some replacement components 497 GMC And then I've got to quote this out and bounce it off the uh, the owner of this car. So uh, that being said, none of that's going to happen today. So I think going up. we may have seen enough at this point.

So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right about now Chevrolet on the ground and I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this. Chevrolet tutorial video on me attempting to recreate the issue. Yeah, it's getting fuel If you did enjoy this video or if you've got any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to let me know about those in the comments section down below.
Don't forget that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in video and today into GMC into fuel leak into transmission and GMC powering down.

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  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars White says:

    It's a junk

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FrugalPrepper's Garage and Garden says:

    I am from Ohio. I see trucks like this all the time. I run new Nylon Fuel line from the Dorman Kit, and Nicop Brake line on them. Also check the crank sensor on it. They are a very common problem on those older trucks. And they will work then die, then start working again. I normally check the wiring to the crank sensor as well, they get all messed up all the time. I also never lift the old truck in Ohio by the shackles, a lot of those shackles are so rusty they are being held on by a prayer.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Linda Diana Kohler says:

    Check the gas cap. GM is notorious for vapor locking.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars petert24 turner says:

    Don't like how the trailer brake unit is laying on the floor as it won't work there. Not your problem.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cody Stroupe says:

    Is there an updated video?

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Struggle Fest says:

    if fuel lines rusty the fuel filter has rust in it too.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Neilson says:

    The fuel pump is vibrating and noisy. Maybe it overheated on the long drive 🤷‍♂️

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JW says:

    Some vehicles just need to be put out of our misery.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter peter says:

    Good morning Ray. Do you charge that job by book hours ?

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KING TUT says:

    Ray your the man , found it right away,

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Skoros says:

    When I replaced the lines on my '98 Suburban, I purchased a replacement kit from Gas Tank Renu, they are nylon but rated to 900PSI, came pre-made with all fittings attached and included a new fuel filter. Fit great even in the original chassis clips. And was a great price too.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nicolas Barr says:

    I've run into something similar multiple times either with a loose battery terminal causing stalling or not having a battery after jumping, fine during idle but any load during driving causing the voltage to drop enough that it stalls. Especially coming to a stop while on the brakes. Edit not to say it doesn't have other issues but something to consider.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nomad57 says:

    bed off replace everything from the cab back you need to replace then spray down everything that is rusted with por 15 before reassembly…the frame the bed…

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nathaniel Clark says:

    That's not throttle body injected, that has the multiple tubes.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Chapman says:

    When did they stop making square body trucks?
    What Is A Square Body Truck?
    Square Body Trucks are the third generation of Chevrolet and GMC C/K pickups introduced in 1973 and produced for almost 14 years, from 1973 to 1987.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Case says:

    Surprised you didn’t check PIDs for an indication of what might be wrong. Also thought that you’d go on a test drive after shedding the Can-Am. Regardless, looking forward to part two!

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Mabs509 says:

    Kinda wish all states had a mandatory safey check on vechiles older then xyz date to check for drivablity. Up in the rust belt…. Im so glad I no longer have to drive to work anymore (remote work) cuz if seen vehicles so bad that you can littery poke holes in the frame with just a finger…. I have a old farm truck that I wouldn't dare drive it long distance but there is no state inspection so yea I can drive with a completey rotted frame ready to cause an accident or kill someone else. Oh well, at least we care about not buying bud light!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jim six says:

    hey Ray as an ohio mechanic that does a lot of fuel and brake lines, the way to go on fuel and evap is nylon tubing, just get a filter that has the barbs for nylon, go from the pump to the fuel rail, it will take a lot less time than making steel lines, brake lines the copper/nickel line is easy to bend and flare and will never rust

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jim six says:

    hey Ray, hope all is well with you and wife unit lol, I have a shop in Akron Ohio, wanted to comment on you pushing the e brake on that old truck, we never hit that pedal in Ohio, unless it is a newer car, the rear brakes will be locked up and you are on the hook for a free repair so always check for ohio plates before hitting that e brake

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Lease says:

    Well, the first thing you should’ve done instead of playing a guessing game, and detective hook a scanner to it