Transmission Blown Up! Remove Entire Vehicle! 2016 Jeep 2.4 #mechanic
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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! This thing's a 2016 Jeep Compass four-wheel drive I think it's a 2.4 liter. Uh, we're about to see some things that most customers never get to see. I'm going to show you some things that I don't like customers to see because once they see what you're about to see, they can't unsee it and it forever taints their perception of their uh, their vehicle look. We got a clue right here.

Something's uh, something's not right. We got a strut kind of dangling out to the side. You'd think this is something that you would uh, you would find like post Collision or something like that but this is a actually done deliberately. Let me head over to the lift real quick and I'll show you exactly what's going on here.

Moving on up screen subscribe button. This is what I meant when I said you cannot unsee this or often than not, sometimes the entire powertrain needs to be removed from a vehicle in order to provide any service to said vehicle. In this case, we had to do pull the struts, subframe bolts, exhaust, rear axle that right there. that's the shaft for the steering gear.

Of course the AC had to be discharged, all the lines disconnected, the subframe unbolted I already said that the front of the stuff for him unbolted wiring harnesses, shift cables, coolant lines, you name it, the whole shebang. It all had to come apart. You don't want to see your car in this condition. It changes things.

For some people, it's okay, but for others this is, uh, actually, very scary. But rest assured, it's all just nuts and bolts. If we take it apart, we can put it back together as long as we don't break things and nothing's broken yet. No happenings, we're fetching the engine hoist.

I'm Gonna Roll it over to our 2016. Jeep Compass Four-wheel drive because I need to pull the engine off of the transmission. Yeah, look at that right there. Some of you guys have seen this video before.

or this vehicle before. Or this video of this vehicle before one of those three. Uh, actually that was actually two videos. There was a short and then uh, the disassembly section.

Uh, if you missed, uh, the disassembly video of this particular. Jeep Just check down in this video's description and there will be a link that will take you back in time to the part one. Again, this is part two. Uh, what? I'm fixing to do here is we're gonna take this engine hoist.

We're going to connect it to said engine. I'm going to take the weight of the engine, unbolt the trans from the engine, or engine from the trans. We're going to separate the two and then once this is, uh, removed, we'll set the engine aside and then I can disassemble the transmission from its mounts and remove the trans after that thing is removed from the subframe. I Have to transfer this Uh PTU unit over to a new transmission which is in a box and then we can begin reassembly.

So this video is going to be about uh, disassembling the assembly and then re assembling the assembly and then we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. although this does look kind of scary I assure you that I know what I'm doing for the most part and I am not in any danger as long as I don't put myself in danger. This is the way that this particular operation is to be performed.
and uh, that's well. that's why we're doing it this way, because that's the way that it's done. It is, uh, I'm sure it's possible, but not very easy to remove this transmission while it's in the chassis. uh, it's It's a whole lot easier to just pull the assembly apart and uh, and do it on the ground.

which is exactly what I'm doing here. So let's maneuver this thing into position here a little bit. It's about as good as it's going to get I think and we'll go ahead. get some chains on this thing, support the weight and we'll begin to unbolt it.

Alrighty, I've got the hoisting position. We've got one chain connected to the Hoist chain, the other chain is connected down here to this motor mount and it's running past the head, so none of this chain tension is going to put any pressure on the Plastics that should be sufficient to go ahead and take some of the weight. Uh, once. Uh, actually, let's do that right now.

Let's just give it a couple little up pumps. I Think we're good, it's taking weight. Okay, so now what we need to do is come down here to this access panel and start to pull the torque converter bolts out. That way the engine can separate from the trans at the torque converter and then we'll pull the bell housing bolts out.

After that, separate the unit and that'll uh put us in a position to go ahead and change out the transmission with the Uh the replacement again, which is over in the Box. You're gonna need some oil dry mats here. That thing uh thing was drip drying all night and it drip dried all over my floor. which is not cool, but it happens.

That's just the way it'll soak up some of this. Throw that guy aside, some of this is coolant, some of its transmission oil, some of it's probably power steering. Leave that stuff there to soak up for now. And yes, I drained all the fluids before I Uh I took the unit out I already did that All right.

So first things first. again. we're down here at this little access hatch. There was a plastic cover here, but I took that off earlier.

you see I thought I Had to remove the intake manifold and pull the starter out to get to these bolts. but fortunately, uh Jeep made this easy to service. and I can pull the torque converter bolts out from right here, which is great. There's one can't be losing these.

They're hard to replace now. I've got a big ratcheting wrench on the uh, the crankshaft pulley up front, so I'm able to rotate this unit around to get access to the other bolts. How many? There are three? or four, but we'll figure that out as soon as I run out of bolts. there's two.
There's another one right there. Become disconnected. please. it's a tight squeeze.

Where'd it go there? It is. Yeah. I'm thick. Okay, that's three.

See if that's all of them? Nope. one more. here's that last one. I See you okay? I think that's all of them? Yep, sure, is there we go.

Alrighty cool. I'm gonna throw those in there so they don't get lost and I'll repeat the same procedure with uh, all of the Uh Bell housing bolts as well. We need 15 millimeter size I think so. All right, we're gonna get to the ones that we can get to from down here.

and then we will. uh, we'll move up to the top and then the back side. It's not. uh I don't think this is, uh, overly awkward or difficult or awkwardly difficult.

hard to do another one farther back. I I Really hope I don't have to pull this uh, intake off. That would displease me I Can't reach here. We'll try to get in there with a wobble.

That wobble should give me enough extension and angle to get that one out. Yep, again. unclicking. Got that one? Very good.

Let's see, moving around, there's another one. We've moved on to 15 millimeter bolts. That one's a 15.. pull this guy out.

next one. Uh, back to 15. Again, that one appears to also be a ground strap. We need to not forget that in the future.

So we'll just take this ground wire and put it inside of the thermostat housing. That way we. uh, oh, there it goes. Flashlight? Yeah, can't forget it if it's inside a thermostat.

Clever, No. All right, let's get that sneaky one out back there. We need an extension and a wobble. That should be about half of them.

Let's uh, let's go around to the back side and get the rest. Okay, there's our next one, but it comes in from the front so we need to squeeze around between the exhaust here and that heat shield to uh to get that one to come out. All right. coming in, we're gonna give this heat shield to reach around action here.

I Lost it. Hang on. Came off well. I'll just reach in and get it by hand.

I Suppose it's almost out. Had some uh socket slippages and before the bolt came out too far and I ran out of space. which is better than wedging the electric ratchet in between the two units. That happens? there we go.

Got it all right? I think that's almost all of them unless I need to pull that PTU out. Uh, there's gotta be a couple more on this side here. Oh yeah, there's one got one right there and I hope that's the last one if it's not. I have to pull this PTU out and see if there's a bolt hiding behind it I think that's called a PTU I think I don't know if uh Dodge or Jeep or Chrysler or if he uh, causes something different.

All right going in. Long Range I'm laying on the ground trying to get under here. that's not gonna work. And don't worry just because I'm under here.
Does it mean I'm under here endangering myself I am uh I'm not like under the thing I'm just reaching under I'm far away. unclick. Come on. almost.

That's good. Okay, let's uh. let's get some pry bar action going on here and see if we can't separate this engine from the trans. All right, so we can see.

After that last bolt came out, we've already got a little bit of case separation here between the engine and trans. Let's just kind of give it some wiggle action here. Oh I put a a jack stand underneath the trans mount. so I've got support support and support from above.

The trans is supported over here and there's also support in the back at the subframe. So once these come apart, it shouldn't want to go anywhere. It might, but because you never know. but it should be okay.

and if it does go somewhere then uh I'm gonna run. Let's give it some up action here. Pulling up on the engine, some all right engine is kind of floating. it's uh I think it's separated.

it's pretty far separated. Let's uh, give it some pry action down here on the bottom and then we'll go uh out to the back side and try to separate it over there as well. To go. Now this should be okay unless this, uh, oil pan runs into this.

PTU In which case, I'll have to disassemble it. Uh, right here. right now we're moving. Yeah.

I Don't know if that's going to come off or not. I don't know if it has space to come out of there, it's free. What are we running into? Nothing? Yeah. I Think we're all right.

Let's uh, let's flip that engine up a little farther. encourage it to separate from the rain remainder. Uh, no, too far. Okay, I Found the problem here.

Let's uh, get that out of the way. The issue is is there's like a little ear sticking up. We're sticking out of the the block skirt there and that's hitting the PTU So I do need to remove that unit in order to get the engine apart. So looks like we got three more bolts down here on the bottom and then I think there's a couple more on the top.

Let's get in here and pull these guys out. Unclick. Cannot reach? Yeah, yeah, it's not working. redo.

Yeah, this is hard to reach I can't I can't get to it I need to go around to the maybe the back side here and reach under. Kind of dangerous I wish I'd have known this I'd have done it out of the car. no worries. already done it while it was still in the car.

it's hard to get to. All right, going back in. yeah, there's these three down here and I'm sure there's a a couple more up top. I think there we go through that one more over here.

Very good. All right. let's get out of here. Go around back to the back so there's uh, one.

two bolts up here. two more down here for the mount. Let's pull all this stuff out on. click the juice here we go.

Something loose kinda I don't even think I had to remove that silly Ray what are you doing taking off Parts you don't need to remove bad Ray Okay, so let's just get these top ones then. I can't reach that one. Whoa. that was camera gravity in action I caught it.
Okay I think that unit's out or disconnected. Let us, uh, apply some leverage here. see if this guy is gonna Crack free from the trans or if I have more bolts and it's got to have more bolts. Okay, that's the one I missed one.

Let's get this guy I think that's the one. oh on kickage I Guess we'll find out in a moment if this is the correct one I think it is I didn't see any other ones good Runway Yeah, that's it. That's a long one. Must have gone all the way through okay.

pry bar attempt number two. Well, it's starting to come free. Let's kind of wiggle it. There it goes.

So all right, the unit's out. Um I Don't know if I might have to pull the exhaust off just to get this thing out. This is turned into a rabbit hole real quick isn't it? yeah? I don't think I have space to get this unit out of here. We'll see.

let's keep wiggling it around. or maybe I might be able to sneak this thing out. It's a it's actually a little heavier than it looks. The problem is, there's a shaft that goes into that transmission.

Well, it doesn't come out all the way, but it comes out enough where I think I can get that engine separated. Okay you guys with a pry bar? Yeah, yeah, the engine's gonna come out I Probably should remove the exhaust, but I'm not. Maybe this can go down to come out. Nope, it's it's in there.

pretty good. Gonna leave that sit right there. let's go back and go back to the engine. see if we can't pull this away.

some to separate it. We'll give it some more up action here. that's pretty much free from everything else. Shaky shake.

All right, we're we're almost there. It's barely hanging on I wonder if I did I miss a torque converter bolt or something? It's it seems to want to be pulling the converter out with it I Hope I didn't miss one? That's how you ruin seals. Actually doesn't matter because I'm putting new friends in it. So I guess I can ruin that seal if I want to.

No, that's only four bolts I don't know why it's stuck pry bar that torque converter off of flexplate. Let's see here. I will get you without damaging. You know? Yeah, it's pulling that the whole whole shebang out of there.

That's not what we wanted to do. Yeah. Oh I bet it got stuck at like the pilot or the pilot bushing type area. Something got it stuck.

No worries, we'll slide it over and pull it out. Figure this out. Somehow some way. Come on.

I'm out. See, it's out. It's out almost all the way. You don't need this Jack here anymore.

Let this down makes the space. Come on. Project Four-wheel drive. Okay I found the problem.

The uh. torque converter came out of the trans, but it was also or because it was stuck in the back of the crank right there. that's why that's why I was having so much of an issue. Now it's freed up, but the torque converter is just flopping around in there so that's kind of a whole nother issue.
So I need to back this away slowly and then try to finesse that torque converter out so it doesn't fall in the ground. Two, Let me just give this some I need some space here. Let's just go up with it. I can't go over because the Jack is in the way so I can really only go up dude I run it up high enough I'll be able to slip that converter out through that little hole there and then uh, and then I can back the engine and the hoist away from the trans I Think that's how I need to do this so we're moving on up as long as we don't get stuck I think we're good.

Okay, back up again. Don't fall out. It wants to fall out, but it won't Yeah, not until I make a Fallout Danger Oh yeah, there's a car above us still. How about that? Yeah, all right now.

I think I can just kind of nope. a little bit higher up. more up action you see to hold this in until the engine clears it. which is right now there we go.

Oh that's heavy. Come on. Torque converter. Oh got it good.

Hooray! Yay! Okay I want to let uh, let this little Jack down some if I can because I need to get this out. Then we can pull the engine, hoist over and out past that jack stand with an engine above us and we can pull the unit out. All right. That's actually not what I wanted to do, but this is okay.

I can I can unring this? Bell I Think pull this jacket back up. Talk about an epic. Almost fail. No worries.

I mean the whole thing didn't fall? Yeah, this is Risky Business So what I need to do is just re-level this and put that subframe back on the stand. and then uh, put another stand back on the front of this, then move this thing over, take it down, hook this hoist to that trans, lift it off, and then reposition this up frame stay. Don't be doing this a few moments later. Okay, that was cool.

So anyway, I got it. I got it back on the stands and I've got one one stand here. one stand here that supports the awkward configuration of this unit. Uh, both jack stands are back up on the back and that is also good.

Uh, my problem is is the unit did. the entire assembly did move forward that way when it kind of tipped. So once I get that transmission off I need to pull this back and then re-center it with uh with where the bolts and whatnot go. Uh, not a huge deal.

Didn't expect that to happen, but you know stuff does happen sometimes. Anyway, let's go ahead and get this engine out of the way because it is very much in the way. Pull it on out the rest of the way. I Think we're good.

Everything's stable for the most part. stable as it's gonna get for what I'm doing here. Uh I Need my bar? Yeah, man. get that.
Let's let this thing down to a safer ride height so to speak. and then, uh, we'll clean up some of that mess over there and prepare this unit for transfer engine coming down almost all the way down. We're just gonna set it down right about here now. we're safe.

lock that in. Also, it's now safer to move around. You can't really move these around with the weight up here because the center of gravity is so high you can tip these units over and that, uh, it's not cool when that happens. It's like what we just saw, but 10 times worse because the engine block hits the ground and splits open and breaks.

You're screwed anyway. I Think that's uh. that's gonna be about enough fun for me for one day on this particular project. So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

I Will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this part too. Uh, if you did enjoy this part too and you missed part one, Uh, again, check the links down in this video's description and it'll take you back in time to the uh, the removal of this uh vehicle from its drivetrain. So anyway, again, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the transmission.

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