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Gonna need a floor mat. Oh that's not gonna work. Come here. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We have ourselves a third.

F-150 Platinum It's the 2015 model. It's got the five liter. V8 with 77 335 miles on the odometer. customer States Scheduled maintenance.

They would like the transmission fluid exchanged and the filter replace starting the engine. So what we're going to do here: I'm going to bring this into the shop. We are going to raise it up. We're going to pull the pan, we're going to drop the filter and the fluid.

We're going to put a new filter in it. We're going to refill it. Then I'm going to connect the BG transmission fluid service machine to the vehicle and we're going to do a complete fluid exchange. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video.

We're just gonna go straight in on this one. Uh, no need to nuzzle ourselves in the corner over there. So uh, full speed of head cap all the way up. Kind of a tight squeeze up front, but that'll do right about.

Yeah, it says all right. Parking is the auto powering down and of course there it is popping. You can see how it is dark in there I Can't see you, you can't see. But we found it.

We felt it, We felt it and we found it kind of a tight squeeze here. Oh yeah, there we go. Where's that lever? Uh, come here. Hood lever.

Where are you there it is. Got it all right. Five liter Ford Power Okie Dokes Looking around for a transmission fluid dipstick I Can see here that this vehicle is not equipped. It may have a little stubby dipstick down below, but we're gonna need to lift this up to to determine that.

So uh, let's get on with it. Come on. Lift Arm I'll get in there. This one right about here looks good.

Okey-dokes Yeah, that's about right Times Two. Perfect. Moving on up. No.

I'm just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. You never, never, never never never do that.

Look. Check this out. Lift Safety 101. That actually would have worked.

See that. but that would have been ridiculously dangerous in the back. Uh, the back probably would have made the car fall down. See how you always go down here and double check your lift points? Even if you're lifting something small that just has pinch welds right here.

you think you can just slide your rack down and there you go. But how do you know that pinch weld is not rotted out to nothing? You don't. You always always look it's better than dying that day. I actually uh, almost uh, met my end once doing that.

I had a Chevy van with the big pinch welds that ran here and I reached in and I felt it and I flipped my lift arm up and I put it right where I thought it was and then I hit the button and raised it up. Moving on up and I did not double check and what happened is the lip on the Uh on the arm contacted the pinch weld but it was just barely sticking up on it and I didn't notice until the thing was four feet up in the air. I walked past it I look over and I'm like oh no and I already knew I couldn't have let the truck down because it will they. they go down on me unevenly sometimes and had it turned or tweaked ever so slightly, that lift arm would have popped off the pinch weld had it done that.

There was a six inch ball between the arm and the bottom of the cab which would have been enough momentum and enough angle and it would have taken the van down and then fallen and destroyed the van and my rack. and uh, and yeah, that would have been bad. That's how you get yourself fired or dead or both. For example, that left rear, uh, lift point I don't like that.

so we're gonna go back and readjust it because it's not safe. You know the trouble isn't when you first learn how to do this. it's when you've been doing it for multiple years. you get complacent and complacency will kill you because you overlook the slightest.

Things That's about. All right, that's better and that one still looks good. Okay, moving on up again. all the way people.

All right going down below. Yep, there is our faux dipstick. We have a dipstick plug but no dipstick. So this thing has the ability and it's got the space to have a dipstick.

but we don't get one. We just get that. Okay, we are on the driver's side of the vehicle. Here's our transmission.

Here's our: Pan the filter is inside. these are the lines for the cooler. Now the first thing I need to do is make sure that I have the proper adapter to connect my fluid exchange machine to this transmission. So what I'm going to do is pull this little heat shield off and we're going to unbolt these lines right here.

and I'm gonna fit my adapter if it fits. we're good to go. If not, I need to figure something else out like call the guy and see if we have an adapter. This stud holds on this little clamp thing which is what clamps these lines to the side of the train.

those are Long Shadows We're on the on the dark side of the of the shop right here today. Yeah, fixing stuff? What are you doing? What are you doing? Dad What I don't want to do is pop these off and have them dump blue it all in my face. Let's go get a pry bar I will gently apply pry driver Okay, there's one fitting and two fittings I don't know if my adapter fits this I don't think it does foreign. Okay, so temporarily, this is a dead end.

Um, there is an adapter that fits in there I'm going to try to acquire one before the day is out tomorrow. Uh, but before I do that. I'm going to see if I can't get access into this system uh at the other side of these lines and if I cannot make a connection to the lines and if I cannot get a hold of uh, this adapter then I will not be able to perform the fluid exchange I can still do the trans service the the filter service on it. but uh I've got to get into the hydraulic system to do the do.

the flush are done. Ah, camera gravity that was my noggin that did that. kicks see. The other option is attaching hoses to the machine and then attaching the hoses to an opening in the line here.

I've traced these trans lines forward already. Here's where they come out in front of the engine and they go into this cooler exchanger that has engine coolant running through it. But we're looking for this line right here. or is it that one and or that one up top? I'm thinking I can just disconnect both lines and then connect the machine to both of those lines with some hose clamps and we'll try that.

It's either going to work or it's going to make a huge mess. Let's just see if I'll be able to attach to these lines. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Certainly hope this isn't a giant waste of time.

it could be. These things happen. Okay, there's one line. put that over here out of the way for now and I need to get to the bolt on the other one I can't see it I can feel it.

It's right. it's right here. Got it? Drill bit Okay, those are both of my trans lines. Check this out.

We'll take these little seals off and uh, definitely not lose them. I think I can make this work okay. Got a hose here I need to squeeze this hose over this line and I I just went over it with a heat gun to make it a little bit more pliable so it fits and I can slap. oh that's hot I can slide it on and then clamp it and uh, that should hang on to this line so I can perform the service.

There we go. All right, that one's good. there's one down one to go. Okay, back from the heat gun with the hose.

let's get this thing pressed on and connected to the other side of the fitting here where the trans line rather hot. It's gotta go all the way or as far as I can do it, get in there all the way in twisting and pressing helps because it doesn't allow friction to clamp onto the pieces. Okay, that's on there sufficiently in my estimation. Tighten this clamp next and then I can hook the machine lines up to it so effectively.

What we've done is disconnected the uh, the cooler assembly from the transmission and we are intercepting or tapping into the lines with the machine that's not going anywhere and that one's not going anywhere. Perfect. Okay, over here at the exchange machine. I'm going to grab the two lines and connect those to the two lines that we installed in the vehicle real easy.

Like they just plug in with a quick connect. It's not red wine, so don't drink it. This is a 16 quart bag of BG fully synthesized transmission fluid. Okay, so now we have successfully attached the machine into the vehicle.

So if we were to begin the service on this all I need to do is start the engine, put some cleaner in the transmission, let it run 10-15 minutes. That cleaner is going to circulate through the system. We flip the switch over to process Purge and it will take out the old fluid, put it in the bladder on the machine, and the fluid that's already in the machine will be pumped simultaneously back into the system, providing a very, very efficient fluid exchange. However, on this particular car, we're adding in a filter and some extra fluid.

so that brings up the question: Do we service the transmission fluid first and then change the filter? or do we change the filter, top off the fluid and then service it? What do you guys think? Enter your opinions in the comment section down below. Also, keep in mind that all of the premium level fluid is already in the machine and any fluid that I add to the system after draining and refilling the pan will just be regular OEM grade fluid. It won't be the Super premium BG stuff. So if we do the filter after the service, then we subtract away from the quality of fluid.

But if we do the filter before the service, then we're removing the old fluid through a new filter. So here's what I've decided that I would like to do: I am going to go ahead and drop that pan first and we're going to change the fluid that's in the pan, and we're going to change the filter first, put some cleaner in it, button it back up, refill it with the standard grade fluid, then I'm going to do the final exchange after that. So I am going to change the filter first, Then we're going to run all that fluid and this fluid through the filter, and then we're going to perform the exchange. That's the way I Want to do it? So let's go back down below.

Let's drop the pan and pull the filter and get this process started. Just let me fetch some more blue gloves. They're blue so you know that they're good, You know And the whole reason for these types of questions is, uh, just circumstantially based. The fact that we're actually doing kind of two different types of services simultaneously is what raises those questions.

Because normally you could just do a fluid exchange or you would do a transmission filter change with a partial fluid exchange. In this case, we're actually doing both. so they sort of like blend together. So let's roll our drain pan back under.

here. you'll notice I'm I've got this container here. What I'm going to do with this container is I'm actually going to measure everything that drains out of this that way when I go to Just refill what goes in there I have like a baseline amount that way. I'm not messing around with and guessing on what the level is supposed to be.

Actually, let me check this. I think that this thing actually may have a dipstick on it. Let's check that first. Couldn't hurt if a memory serves and I think it does today.

This little plug thing is actually a dipstick cheating a wrench for more leverage. You know, with our powers of wrenches combined, we gain more reverse clicks. So is this just a plug or is it a dipstick and the survey says there's our dipstick? Look at that. Yep, that's it.

Let's put that back right up there for now. Get you later. Okay, so this pan is held in with a series of eight mil bolts. We're gonna go ahead and pluck all these guys out.

The ones in the back are going to be kind of difficult because there's an exhaust in the way. I'm probably supposed to remove set exhaust, but I'm gonna try to do this without I can sneak in there with some wobblies. Okay, we're not gonna sneak in there with a wobbly bit, but I can't get in there. Put a ratchet.

There's one bolt up in the front keeping the pan from falling down and one bolt in the back with the exception of one more on the driver's side that is above the exhaust pipe, which is the counterpart of the one that I'm tinkering with right now. Here we go: I'm just gonna let this thing drain for a little while. Maybe pull this bolt a little bit looser, more looser, just kind of a tug. spill some fluid on the floor.

Okay, so far we're catastrophe free that doesn't fit I need a wrench for that other one? Okay, let's swing around to the driver's side a little bit and I can get at that little bolt back here with the wrench. See a little guy hanging out right back there above the exhaust? There, it is. right there. that one.

Yeah, see I can't seem to fit a bit of socket in there. That's just not gonna work. Sue We'll try it with this little wrench. Yep, foreign.

This is why gloves are great I don't have the Stanky fluid on me? Come on, got it now! I'm gonna reach around in the back right back over here. Yeah, right over here. Yep and I'm gonna pull that center bolt down. It's going to continue to drain a bunch more of this blue gravity and uh, once it stops dripping.

I can take the front bolt out and then lower the pan and no, there is no drain plug on this pan. The way it is accelerated though, a little gravity. Okay, all the Fasteners have been removed from the pan with the exception of the one right here holding it up. So I'm gonna hold this pan up by hand, pull the last Bolt and we'll start to let this pan down and hopefully I don't uh Exxon Valdez myself and uh ATF This is where it gets a little sketchy because I don't know if I can squeeze this pan out without removing the exhaust and the survey says yes, yes, I can All right now as we just saw that filter that was here, um, ejected itself and I took the pan down So that makes putting this new filter in a lot easier.

Let's push it up into its little home there and and that's that. Now for the second read. that's going to show up on this. see our gasket up here.

This is a metal gasket with, uh, impregnated rubber as the seal. It's a very nice gasket. the one that comes with the replacement filter is just a piece of rubber. now.

I Prefer these metal impregnated or rubber impregnated metal gaskets because they're not crushable. But if I were to use this gasket as I tighten down these bolts, it's going to crush it at the bolt area and create an uneven sealing surface. I Do not prefer these and I certainly don't prefer cork. So that being said, I am actually going to leave this gasket in place and reuse it I Can feel that the rubber is not smashed or flattened, it wasn't leaking, and I believe this can be reused so that is what we're going to do.

Okay, well, now we don't need this. Put that aside and we can dump it out all the old shoe that's in this pan. I'll wipe the magnets off and then this pan is ready to go back in. So by wiping the magnets off, it only mean one thing.

I Flew it out of here. goodbye. nasty, foreign. can't spray away magnetic particles.

Come here. Here we go. All right. grabbing a handful of a little bolts here.

or three. Let's go with four. I Like four better so we can go ahead and get this pan back into its home here. Slide it right on up.

one bolt on this side, we'll get one on the other side and we'll run these two bolts down. At first, just a little bit to bring the pan up into its position, and then we'll go around the perimeter and hit all the rest of them. Ooh, this pan is cold from the brake. Clean Spray science.

It's not tight, it's just uh or not torqued. Rather foreign. they're just there. There We go.

All right. Just a little bit of final torque on those two bolts that I couldn't get with a ratchet. That's this one here above the exhaust kick and that one right over here. So all the bolts have been hand torqued.

they're in the filters in. Ah, kick. See the spray off all the residuals here. and uh, we will be free to refill this, start the engine, and then perform the fluid exchange.

Goodbye Old fluid. Foreign. Okie Dokes Now here's the reason that I chose earlier to save all of the old fluid that drained out of this transmission because now I know exactly how much fluid to put back in to refill the pan. Clever, No.

However, the downside is I actually have to measure it. So let's get this funnel out of here. put that on the trash can for now and we'll pull the oil drain out and we'll just pour this into a bucket or a like an oil container and we'll see how much is here. I Think that's about four quarts, but I do want to measure it to make sure because it could be six quarts.

you never know what I do know is I need a funnel and I need a container container container? That's the one I want empty oil container foreign things. Now this is gonna work out just fine unless I uh I overfill this one gallon container. So I hope I don't because that would be bad. Or if I knock it over and spill everything or drop my green jug.

that's about two quarts. Oh too much. I'm looking at the sight glass. uh over here or the little, uh, little window cut out deal on the bottle.

Rambling words all right. where are we at Right here? This is four chords right there. Okay, that's uh, it's about four and a quarter quartz that I just put in there I'm gonna get another bottle. Actually, no, I won't I'll just dump this one out.

It's better. Okay, The Jug is empty. We put in four and a quarter quarts. Let's just dump the rest of this in here and we'll get our measurement.

and this one looks like just shy of two quarts. Nope, a little bit over. So we're four and a quarter or two and a quarter. That puts us at six and one half quarts.

That's what we drained out. so that's what I'm gonna put back in. So here's how we're gonna do this. We're gonna pull this little dipstick thing out of here again and I'm going to pump the six quarts of new fluid into that hole with a hydraulic pump here.

Take a look. This is, uh, not a BG pump and it's actually for power steering. but it'll work for. uh, come here.

It'll work for transmission fluid. So what we're going to do is, we're gonna stick one of these lines up into that hole. I'll put the speed line inside of my gallon of ATF We'll flip on the pump and this will suction it out of the container, through the line, and up into transmission. That's the plan.

I'm leaving this pan here in case. I overflow this and I don't want to dump it onto the floor so we'll stick that guy down inside that fill hole. Get in there please. Tight squeeze.

Okay, that's good. okay. gallon of new ATF Power supply for the pump. This guy goes in.

Uh, right here. Check that through powering on I Have the wrong hose selected. No worries. Now what we'll do is we'll just take this hose and stick it in there.

Take this hose and pull it out of there for rotating hoses. Okay, now we click her back on again and new fluid goes in six and one half quarts. So we're going to go through this entire gallon down here and then half of the next gallon in here. I Talked about two quarts in so far.

Oh, running out it's almost empty. Okay, that's four quarts in. Let's switch gallons and keep going. Almost four parts.

I'm leaning the bottle sideways. uh-oh we're overflowing. It's going crazy now. Hang on.

Let me shut the pump down. let's try that. There we go. Okay, so that right there.

Well just made a mess in my pan. I Just cleaned up. Look at that. it's running down the side.

Oh over there, it's on the floor. We can put the dipstick, drain plug, tube, fill plug thing or whatever it is back in. Okay, okay, one more time, let's get this oil drain pan out from under the vehicle because we need to let this thing down. Okay.

Valve closed, closed, closed. Put the cap back on so debris cannot enter there. We're on bypass and uh, well. I Think we're ready to roll, Lines are hooked up, fluid's filled.

Okay. next step. we get in here. start the engine and we immediately check to make sure that those hoses stayed connected.

I'm sure that they did, but they will, but you never know. Oh I didn't show you guys but I put a, uh, some zip ties around those connectors so they really can't slide off. I Hope that's enough starting. Z Engine splashing on the floor I Don't see anything splashing on the floor.

All right. good to go. We've got flow. This is good.

Pressure's coming up. that's what I'm waiting on I Want to make sure pressure is are folding on those lines 22. That's good. And there we go.

We see the condition of the old fluid. I hear something I don't know what I hear it sounded like fluid at first. Perhaps it's just fluid splashing around in the pan. Anyway, we've got our condition, a visual indicator of the old fluid condition.

I'm now going to go ahead and start the process. Process begins and there's our new fluid coming in and it's going to pump into the transmission through the lines. It's going to displace the old fluid. as the bladder in the tank empties with the new fluid on one side, the bladder will move through this can and then the old fluid will displace it.

So we've got two Chambers separated by a bladder. new fluid. Old fluid. One comes in, one goes out.

When this is finished, we'll see these being the same color. I mean they're close as it is, but I can tell this one is darker than that one. Okay, we did that in super high speed Fast Forward Motion but we can see uh on that time lapse. It's been a couple minutes but we see the fluid starting to change color.

We're gonna back up some and we're gonna wait to see the pressure differential between the two sides. That's what's going to indicate to us that uh, the service is complete and and as soon as I stop that frame the the gauge moved. We're at 30 pounds on this side. 20 pounds On this side, Service is complete.

We can go back to bypassing. Here we go. That brings our pressures back down to equilibrium and we can shut down the engine. If I can find that little button in there, there it is powering down.

Okie Dokes back around to the lift. Let's go ahead and get this thing back up in the air and we'll disconnect our hoses. Say what? Risky Business Look at that, it was leaking from somewhere around here. Uh-huh Okay, back up front again.

Here's the uh zip ties that I put on just so these could not slip. Safety precaution, disconnect those and then we will disconnect these hoses from the lines, put the lines back in the cooler, give it one more shiny treatment, and then we're good to go. Okay, the machine's disconnected I Don't think you guys saw that that wasn't in frame. Oops.

Anyway, machine's disconnected. Let's get. uh, let's get these clamps off of here. You'll also notice that I bent these around just to prevent those clamps from uh, walking off of uh or prevent the screw from loosening.

It happens. Let's get this guy off of here. Come here. Foreign.

Got those little seals that came with it. This one plugs in up top and then this one right next to it again with a little seal. Put that back on up and over and into its home. Ah got me, it got sprayed.

Yeah! two more little eight millimeter bolts, one per line to hold the clamp down I Feel that you guys can't see what I'm doing here. The second one's in here. We go. Okay, let's tighten down these little Bolts real fast and we're good to go here.

Say we can give it a spray down. We'll start it, run it through its gears, and then recheck the level I'm sure I need to adjust it up or down ever so slightly. and that little drain plug thing does have like a like a dipstick feature so you can check the level. with that.

you just can't do it from under the hood. Thoughtful, they were all this nasty. We do not want this car dripping fluids in people's driveways when we're done bad business and embarrassing the chorus back here where it had all that run out. which I'll probably have to do this again after I recheck the level.

more shinier. Awesome. All right guys, that's a wrap on this one. We're all done with this particular operation.

I need to let this thing down. Uh, recheck the level I'm not going to pull this out and test drive it right now because tomorrow I'm going to do a little bit more work on it I think I'm gonna do some breaks and perhaps the brake fluid exchange I might make a video about that I might not haven't decided. but what? I have decided is that I'm done making this video. So that being said, as always, like to thank you for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two in the comment section Also down below, tell me what you liked about this video and most importantly, tell me what you didn't like about this video. If you have any questions, also register them in said comment section and uh, if I can and if I see it I'll get back to you so again and as always thank you guys for watching and most importantly do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in deferred thing.

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    While these have their place?
    Beat to be careful and have fhe customer sign a form to make you not responsible.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stacy Newsom says:

    You seemed unphased by your firing I was really hurt when I got fired Because I tried and I really like the job, But I did learn something I don't take things as hard as I used to

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Lightner says:

    I also reuse the rubber impregnated gasket as long as it's still in good. Condition

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dean Young says:

    just imagine if you did this in your driveway

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Privileged White Male says:

    Ray, I know you're a busy man, but I need some easy help. I've looked on Google for the past 4 months on and off for the location of the evaporator drain hose on a 2020 Silverado 1500 crew cab. It has the 2.7L if that makes a difference. My trucks had an odor when I run the cold air, and its much worse after I run the ac on a previous trip. I ran the ac and it's not draining. All the piictures are of pre 2019 that don't show the same firewall that I have in the 2020. There's one little hose that's a half inch with a plastic nub that is in the vicinity of where the drain hose is supposed to be, but it's not it. I've laid out on the ground with a flashlight rolling around for over an hour, so many times I lost track. If there's a tech that knows, that wouldn't mind taking a min to respond, that would be appreciated also. Its out of warranty, and with everything doubling in price, I can't afford to take it in. Thanks yall.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mice InOz says:

    To be honest, this is one of the easier transmissions, I use a suction tube through the dipstick port to suck out fluid to below the pan lip, thus much less mess. Definately reuse the OEM metal/rubber gasket. The cheap one you have is not so good.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jordayn Spike says:

    i did two of these today at work. i can still smell the mercon ULV on my hands. but im watching anyway and its still entertaining.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Oscar Leon says:

    Have you done a transmission fluid service on the odyssey? I have the same year and it's due, don't want to pay the dealer but want to make sure I'm not biting off more than I can chew.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jason starnes says:

    Great work as always i have a f250 4×4. Not having a dipstick for trans is cheap and a bad idea i would think. Come on ford, damn

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars marty says:

    I see Ken and Nancy where there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Nervig says:

    Way to stand up for your family,and yourself.fantastic role play,way to go.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Engster says:

    Hey little trick
    Put your bolts in pan as you use brake clean
    Their clean along with pan.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Engster says:

    I don't believe in this system, at All
    No matter how you do it, your Not really exchanging all the fluid. Period..
    Old and new are mixed..Seriously there has to be a much better way..

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tjmark67 says:

    I don't know why in manufacturers They don't do like the oil drain on the transmission

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Antho.n. y says:

    Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour, but "Growing money is wisdom" I figured this out a week ago. 🌟🌟

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary Archer says:

    I was never a fan of performing a flush and servicing at the same time I feel you should always stager those maintenence items

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ed Syphan says:

    Just one question. How would the owner check and top up the fluid without shop equipment?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chad Sanders says:

    Did you factor in the 2 cans of brake cleaner when refilling, and it seems to me that there is a lot of wasted fluid using this machine or it is just how you do it

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Gordon says:

    Got a Sack of something ???😵😵

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars L P says:

    I have a 2012 f150. Out of curiosity, how much did you charge for the service ( or hours)? I have the capability to do it myself, but with no drain plug on the transmission, it would be nice to not have the mess in my garage… Again.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joshua Knofski says:

    Red Red Wine 🍷…

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars boi7t5 says:

    Very knowledgeable. Would trust him to work on my vehicles.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Winzlo says:

    Does anyone know where I can find impact rated 1/4” shank allen key bits with sizes larger than 1/4” SAE and 8mm metric?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Dintze says:

    Ray please reference for Tech make you loco transmission 6R80. The Ford dealers dealers have to use a fluid transfer machine that hates the transmission fluid to 180゚ so the thermo couple valve opens up.. You just pumped 14 qt of oil through the oil cooler and nothing through the transmperiod. Please watch that video

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HAMMER says:

    I think the only guy who likes the short dips is the guy from I do Cars. Man has he had battles trying to take off those long dip sticks.🤣