In this video I bring you along the process I use to make an under car muffler stand, 3rd arm, helping hand or whatever you want to call it. I just build mine out of a couple pieces of exhaust tubing. If you have a car lift or work in a shop these things are a must have. I use to just buy them and use them but I can't seem to find them anymore. The heavy duty ones are nice but I often just need a light duty one like this. Any how, don't do this at home and definitely use at your own risk. It will likely kill you.
Here is a link for the program I used If this link is broke here is a spot on the web I found it too tube mitering program for Windows to print on any printer. This program deals in metric units.
File/Settings… puts up a dialog box. You input:
Diameter (in mm) of tube being mitered
The wall thickness of this tube
The second tube diameter (the one it abuts up to)
The included angle in degrees.
It paints the picture on the window, and File/Print… prints it on any connected printer.
There are two curves – the dotted one is the template you would cut if the wall thickness were zero and the solid curve is the template corresponding to the requested wall thickness.
If the mitered tube diameter is greater than the second diameter, then the second tube passes through two holes in the mitered tube. This situation is handled by continuing the template on the other side. Small gaps may appear in the curves; this is a known “feature” of the way the program works
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All right folks, time to do some fabric hobbling out here in the shop. We're gonna fire up the comet generator aka the welder and then uh, we've got some tubing. We're going to be making a undercar third hand or Muffler stand whatever you want to call them. uh, mechanics use them all the time.

We have actual real ones that hold natural, real weight. Um, but these are super helpful. We use these suckers all the time. They get super used and abused and and eventually the pipes get all beat up and wore out and we chop them up, throw them away and make some new ones.

The thing is I don't have a tubing notcher so we're gonna. we're gonna wing it. We're gonna print out some templates, stick them out of our pipe, cut them out with some primitive tools, fire up the comment generator fryer on there the best we can. And if you guys have a shopper, a lift and you're working on a cars, these are super helpful.

uh, helpful things. They have super handy tools so let's get started. Let me give you the rundown which is going to look like here's our blueprint tube. She's a three-legger On the bottom inside of this tube is another tube, slides up and down this way and this way and then we weld the nut on.

Here we have a bolt as well with another bolt on it. We got a T handle, slide it up, boom, lock it where you need it, put a whole bunch of weight on it, and then on the top of this I usually put a uh, about a half of a two and a half inch Muffler clamp because we usually use it for Muffler stuff. but then when we don't, that gets all smashed. so we'll probably just put something flat on this thing.

and uh, that's it. So there's our concept. In order to make our tubing notches on the tubing, the legs that we're going to put on here, we need to know a couple of things. We're going to be using this program called Tubing Miter.exe you can download it off the World Wide Web It's a small file.

It's kind of sketchy, probably has a virus in it, uh, but at any rate, it seems to work pretty well. So you got to put in your tube diameter, your wall thickness, what size, tube diameter you're butting up against, and the angle of the dangle. uh, I've determined I Don't think we quite want 45 because I'm holding this out here like that's a 45. we want a little more like this.

so I'm going to guess about 60. So I put in here. this diameter is 50.7 millimeters. It's 1.8 millimeter wall thickness.

We're going up against a 50.8 millimeter piece of pipe and I put in 60 degrees and I drew up this little pattern and now all we got to do is come over here. We hit Okay, hit file, hit print. It's going to print. We're gonna go and see Mrs Oh, get a copy of that.

Cut it out with our scissors. Just a kindergarten. We'll cut us out some legs, whatever length we determine they need to be. maybe yay long, 12 to 16 inches somewheres we'll Notch it.

We'll pray that everything lines up and if it doesn't we're just going to fill in the gaps. Anyways, foreign woman coming in did anything print out for us I'm not I'm not going to show the people what you're doing a picture Yes ma'am It's super awesome. You wait, you wait, you're gonna be so proud of me. You got You're like oh my gosh, thank you.
Yeah Okay so here's our paper and it has our specs right on it. This tube 50.7 with this wall meets at tube at that degrees. Let me cut it out. cut it out.

Who remembers that? TGIF Huh? Full House Uncle Joey I Think he's the one that used to say that all the time used to love TGIF when I was a kid to stay up late. You know it's like when Rescue 9-1-1 was on I Don't remember what days that was on? we're on solved Mysteries Your parents let you stay up till nine o'clock instead of going to bed at 8, 30 or whatever time you had to go to bed. So we're gonna cut this bad boy out here. Oh there it is.

Uh, before we go cut our legs off, not your actual legs. let's just see if this thing actually lines up. Oh boom. Get Wrecked Huh, she's met boys.

It comes super duper close. It's gonna be way closer than we were going to be just using the cutting torch. So and technically we put that in a pipe. we draw some fancy lines around it.

Robert Your mother's brother. Okay, so let's go cut our legs at whatever length we determine. we're gonna fire this little guy. The legs are broke so you got to prop her up on a piece of a piece of wood.

I Think it'll work. Okay 15. we're gonna go 15 inch legs. So we're gonna mark this.

We're going to cut on this side of our mark. I'm gonna chop that off I'm gonna make three of these and this is all the pipe we have. so hopefully it's gonna work. Figure out where we need to be right there.

Seems good. Crank her down. Put on your Shield cover up your juggler. Foreign.

Let me chop out a few more of these and we'll be good to go. So I Got them all chopped well. Look at that. Almost ended up with a fourth one.

Exactly. Look at that. you can't even see what I'm doing. That's okay.

Prices, right? We're going to take and uh, d-birthies because those are pretty sharp. They'll cut your little fingers, put your blast shield on. We're going to take a couple pieces of the green tape. I'm gonna take this little guy and what? I'm thinking I Think this might help us.

so you got the the seam here on the pipe. We're gonna start at the seam because we're gonna I believe this. This long side will be the downside so we might be able to use this. if we Mark three spots around our pipe where we're going to put our legs on.

You're gonna have to trust me. Just wait a minute. I can think of things I just can't explain them. One of those guys.

So we're gonna put a little piece of tape on here. We're gonna put the edge of it right here on that seam. Okay, we'll get this baby lined up like I Say this isn't gonna be perfect, but we're gonna get her close enough to Frying with the welder I Want to make sure it's darn near at the top? Actually, I'm gonna go up just a little bit because we don't want to make our legs any shorter. Not that I've got a straight floor in this building anyways, but you'll see maybe it all works out.
Okay, so there's the address at the top of the pipe there. Bring this baby around town, get her lined up. she's lined up nice thicker other piece of tape. Boom just like that.

So there it is. our seam is with this seam because I think that might help. In a later step we'll get a uh Sharpie Now all we have to do is draw around here. So let's draw in on the paper and then remember: I'm not going to be able to cut this precisis.

I'm only going to cut as precise as I can draw which isn't very precise I'm trying to get at I Don't have anything to really cut this with other than a cut off wheel in your own project at home. you're going to want to do something different obviously. Okay, so there's that, and then I'm going to do this on all three pipes naturally and bolt. So there's that.

If we Notch that out and all is right in the world and stars align, we're going up a 60 degree pipe that can line up to this pipe and fit close enough to call it good. So let me finish marking these and we'll go see if our Theory actually works. Now we're going to come back over to the big workbench aka the floor. put on your shield for your juggler.

We're going to use the cutoff wheel with no safety cage, no limits and we're going to do our best to chop that out on the dotted line. Well, it's a sound like but you know what I mean Oh there's a sketchy thank you so it's all cleaned up d-bird and then I found out I made a huge mistake because this guy's a ding dong I was thinking well, hey, it fits B Totally not a steep enough angle. What the heck was I thinking? So right? This is why I'm not a professional so we got zero and then like 45 60 and then 90. Okay so here's what this guy was thinking: I wanted this ish but I got this I should have.

We should have went for like 30 degrees I don't know why you guys didn't say anything because I don't want 45 but that's not quite enough. Yeah Anyhow, glad I didn't cut them all I did Mark them all though. so let me see if we can get another template for 30 degrees and we should be okay because it just should Notch this out more I think let me go print a different one. Wow this is great good film dude.

so far not so good. What happened ah my intercept back minor setback. yeah, stage fright or what. Ah, just showing the people just making a mistake making them think I'm human you know I can't get it perfect every time.

Yeah, same process, different angle and this time we've got blood. Um so let's see now all D bird maybe I can edit this in. you guys won't even know. Hey, look at that.
that's a little better angle of the dangle I knew what I wanted I just didn't know what to type. So now the problem is because I had to make this pipe just a whisker shorter with the new template. What we're gonna have to do is cut all of the pipes a little bit shorter just by smidge. They might be like whatever we had minus like a half an inch, but this will make a better leg system.

Now if you see what I'm saying because we'll have three of those. I'm not worried about cutting a corresponding angle because to be honest with you, there's not a level floor in my shop. All the floors are sloped and rough and beat up. and for what we use them for sitting on the edge of the pipe uh, really isn't going to matter.

So so that's that. if you wanted to, you could get fancy and cut them flush if you had like a nice level shop floor. but for what we're doing, they'll be perfect. So let me show you that other template.

it looks just like you know. Here's the first one we cut out that angle. here's the second one that I cut out of there so pretty much the same, just a little different. Okay, not too bad.

Mine are set back with the uh, wrong degree, but now we've guessed 30 degrees as being the angle that we want and I had to go through and cut a little bit off each pipe. I'd stand them up and show you but you're gonna have to trust me I just stood them up I don't know what length they are but I made sure they're all the same at this point. or at least close enough. So now what we need to do is we need to distribute them evenly around this pipe and my deer with putting the weld seam essentially in the middle here as close to the middle as I can get.

it is that we can make a mark and then whatever the circumference of this is I Guess that's the correct word right? at the diameter of the outside of the circle, we'll call it I Think it might be the circumference? Yeah, because the radius is across I don't know I don't do this for a living, but then we can make a Mark here, another Mark here, and another Mark wherever wherever the marks line up. but we need to know how big that is around. I Think the easiest way to do that is use this little guy. Here's our here's our template right: I Guess we can leave the tape on.

we're just throwing it away. so if we just measure the length of this that should give us, give us what we need. We'll start at the one so it looks like six and a quarter. So if we do six and a quarter, divide that by three.

Roberts your mother's brother then we should be able to mark thingy all the way around that. So let's get out our phone here. Six and one quarter inches divided by three. Approximately 2.083 inches.

2.083 inches. Okay, So just a whisker obviously. so we'll go like, uh, say let's say two and a sixteenth. That's going to be close enough.

So we're gonna first, we're gonna Mark us. Actually, we're gonna start these up the pipe a little bit I don't know how far we're gonna say. let's say right here, this is our this is our height that we're gonna start around and this is where we're going to start the number one line right there. We'll line that up with this.
See what I'm saying? So that's where we're going to start. 2.08 Sounds like about 2 and a sixteenth could be wrong. so we'll start at the start at three. Come around.

Doesn't matter which way we go first I'm going to sign that up. so four or five, there's one inch, two inch, and 1 16.. that way we'll come around this way, two one, and 1 16. ish.

That way it's pretty close, it's definitely not perfect. and then, uh, what? we'll do to make sure they all start at the same height. but just take our piece of paper here. Wrap that around.

we'll line up the line up the edges on it because that's an edge we didn't cut I Think if we line that up just like so, we should be really close right? this way, we get the top of all of our marks the same so we'll draw a mark on this and that's where our Mark was there. Draw our Mark here a little bit longer. That's where our Mark was there. We'll draw this one a little longer and then that Mark's already there.

So it could be all wrong. or it could be right. We could look like geniuses. So we'll draw the blue plus sign there.

A little plus sign there. It falls right in the world. We should have about an equal space in between each of our marks. We can check that.

so we're going to go. Where are we at here? So there's two. that's one and uh, eighth and this one here is yeah. about one and eight, one in 16th and a little extra.

You're super close. You're within like a sixteenth of an inch. so it's good enough for us. Oh, we're gonna live with it just fine.

So we've already made a mistake here. Are you sure I don't think you'll be sleeping? That's all right. Watch I'll be sleeping like a baby right next to you baby. Watch this.

This is not gonna fit now you friggin frigger friggity. Frank Here's a guy who can't plan stuff out I wouldn't have known this anyway. so we flew if we stick this one down here. so we'll stick that one on there.

And when we go to stick this one on here. Dang it. How can I hold all this myself? You know what I need to do? No I need to go get the comment generator something I got two hands. That one goes there and this one goes here.

Oh, we need to just whack the these Corners off just a little bit if we chop it off the way you want me to do. chop it off and you're gonna need to. How many times have you heard that Mr though huh? Chasing around the house? Um, we're gonna have to chop it off. That's what we're gonna have to do to make these fit all the way around.

How much are we gonna take off, you ask? Not real sure, just enough, just enough. Let's see if we go half of this divided by that times. two Hi pumpkin from you say hi. Here's a good girl.
Yes, you scratchy honey. he's a good girl. So I think what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna take each one of these I'm gonna draw myself a mark where I think we need it and then uh, just chop off the corner of each one of these and I think that'll give us plenty of, uh, plenty of room and it will look really sweet. so let me do that.

Just gonna kind of pick a Mark here and make them all look the same. You don't have to chop much off, maybe that much I'm thinking I'll show you well. Here we go Boys and girls I've cut off what I think we need Uh, put it in a chop saw I'll give her a little whack cleaned her up on Roger over there, try to get them someone even Mrs old is a solid one guys. a Red Bull We need to be more pumped up at this point.

I Think they'll fit, but you know what? We're gonna assume that they do. Let's grab the comment generator. Let's hook it down here. I don't even pipe the easiest way because we got nobody out here to help us hold this because we're going to line that up.

we're just going to give it a little. Attack One Two Tackaroo Okay and three, close your eyes. give that a little pack there that should stay enough to hold it so we can at least tell whoa underground to tell if uh oh look at that. We have just enough room so let's just keep going here.

Then let's see if our prototype. it's a I Tell you what, if you're ever doing this, don't do it on YouTube Don't use a notcher, just use a torch like you always do and you'll be done in a fraction of the time. Totally messed now that there's that one. don't look at the big gaps.

Okay, that's because I had to cut the sides off it. What do you expect? We got the Gap filler right here though. Not a problem. Boom.

So there we are. Looks pretty sick, huh? you guys? I can't see it? Anyways, let me adjust the camera I'm getting a little better at uh, making it so you guys can never see what I'm doing. They should be relatively even I think probably if I don't know if we can quite stand it up because we only got three little tacks on there, but it should be pretty plump, plump enough, plumish. I'm not gonna sit here and fine tune or anything because like I say none of our floors are straight, not even this far.

It's a little cockeyed here, so let me give it a few more attacks. Stand it up! I'll show you the rest of the concept here and then while I get welding on this thing. So here's the important part folks. If I could teach you anything, this is one thing I Want to teach you before I die is make your pipe that goes on the inside just a whisper longer than this little guy and you'll see why is that there? Go go ahead and ask, why do we want it so it goes down through and hits the ground.

That's because you're gonna abuse this thing 100 positive and this makes it a perfect height. So this tube is like three and a half foot. I'll give you the overall dimensions here, but this makes it a perfect height for sticking underneath a control arm when the car is up in the air, then this way here the pipe is on the ground and then when you let the car down, if you're trying to put some tension up on a ball joint or pressure I Can't use the word tension impression. Whatever, you're trying to push something and you want it to be stiff, you want this thing hitting the concrete because our little forcing screw wouldn't stick in the side.
So when we're doing exhaust work isn't really going to cut the mustard. but with this baby going to the ground, you can put it quite a bit of weight on it way more than you should. To the point, things get sketchy and I find that this height right here. four foot something works pretty well if you're working.

you know, with a car lift. but why else would you make one of these if you weren't? So four foot three to the top of that plate and then you know. Our stand here is like four foot one and five eighths it looks like. so if that makes sense to you, hopefully it does and you can see underground, where it protrudes through, comes down and hits the concrete.

It's a good thing. Let it do that. Trust me, you thank me just like I think Memaw thank you Nemo Clean off your mask, wipe it on your belly. Hopefully you didn't leave it on you didn't so that's good at least I did foreign.

Some of the spots that I had a hard time with were on the center of the piper. We had to cut it off and there was a gap because the pipe wasn't You know it wasn't piped the pipes. there was the gaps we had to fill it in. Welder turned up a little too hot and then there's the pipe.

The way I cut it, you know the edge of it was kind of pointed to it went away very quickly as we got back on it. So we fried her on there the best that we could and I think it would be uh, good. for what we're doing, it'll certainly serve its purpose. So now we just need to finish it off.

It's way easier when I do it with the torch. Get out your Astro Ts-29 Best drill bits in the world hyper step. These things are amazing. We're gonna go a little bigger.

13 30 seconds. We've got some 3 8 threaded rod that's a little bigger. Let's poke a hole in this pipe. Let me get a drill.

Let's turn that little guy off that Fan's a little loud. put it on your Squints put on your hat, grab your drill. All jokes on the side folks. These are the best drill bits you ever buy in your life.

and then you're going to want to pick a spot I don't know if there's any Rhyme or Reason to wear. We need it here. Looks good. Let's see when I'm hanging stuff up and reaching about this height because I'm like struggling.

Ah yeah, sorry about here. It's about where you want it. Whoa easy. You would have thought we were cutting through butter.
We're gonna stick this up here. I'm gonna give this some Ticky tacks. Oh crap crap crap crap crap. You know what? I did I freaking burnt through my pipe and I left a big booger in there so this probably isn't going to work.

I'm going to reach up in that pipe and get rid of that booger. What an idiot I saw it burning through. but I just let it keep going I'm like, what the heck, You know when it's hot? well we can reach up in there and do what we got to do. Well that sucks.

That really sucks. Man should turn the welder down earlier. huh? I'm trying to be fancy there. give it attack.

oh close your eyes. Totally missed that top one didn't I Pre-level let's get our welding helmet I will fry that on the rest of the way if these things get frigged up on you, which inevitably they usually do. Don't try to fix it, just drill another hole and weld another grave. They're pretty well beat up.

There She Goes Six All right grab Old Vic Here a fix a mistake I took the little uh oops I took the little die grinder, ground out my spot inside the bottom of the tube where I burned through and left the booger. A big deal. That's just how the world works. every user base.

you gotta Purge out the lines here. Man, we got tanks on. Oh I can smell you there we go. leave this a little long, got room for your knuckles.

thank you. Foreign not iced tea I said nice Tea close them. Oh at least I didn't Flash how come this ain't working there? We go close your eyes again. Oh I didn't Okay, that'll keep that from bending apart on you.

Technically it's a little toasty right now. Perfect. Looks good I thought I had a piece of scrap around here I was going to stick on the top, but I think it got used up for something else. I'm not going to weld this on here, but if you're using this for exhaust exclusively under cars, here's what I find works well.

Get yourself. this is a two and a half inch usually I'll use like a two and three quarter because that way it fits about everything I Just stick it on there. Weld it on both sides because now it'll go up and hold your exhaust pipe. What? I My anticipation is on this one.

I'm just going to stick like a you know say a four by four piece of flat stock. Put a little curl on the edges and that's it. And because we use these things for all kinds of stuff, not just exhaust, but if your yard doing it exhaust exclusively, this works really, really well because it'll hold the pipes for you. Really nice.

but like, see, we're going a full Flat Pad on there. but I don't have it. So we got to end this video. The color You're going to paint it? Well, it's going to depend on what color you have on your shelf.

We've got an almost full can of School Bus yellow. There you see us folks, School Bus yellow ready to roll I Keep it way back here so you can't see the welds or the crappy paint job. but in case somebody does come up and look at it close. I Painted it really crappy because that way it takes their eyes from the welds on the bottom and puts them on the crappy paint job and they think wow, this guy's a crappy painter but at least they're not going around saying this guy's a crappy welder when indeed I still am.
So that's a free tip for you. If you're well, crappy paint, it works. If you're well, great. Paint it nice and that's it because you'll never run into the people in the comment section on YouTube who are professional painters.

but they're all professional welders and that's a fact. The other fact is I don't know, that's not, that's a good segue and you just ruined it. The other fact is, hopefully you remember the tip about leaving it protruding. kind of.

pick your height If you guys have a car lift. These things are super handy to have not only for holding like exhaust, but all kinds of stuff you know I'll use them for when I drop a fuel tank down I got trained Jack on one side I'll stick this under the other side and you know, kind of keep it from falling on the floor basically. I'll use them under control arms all kinds of stuff you're not supposed to do. we do with them and they're really useful.

and I find that about that four foot height or so or it depends on how tall you are. like your comfortable working height, it seems to be a good height to make it where it hits the floor if you know what I mean. I'll try to put a link to that where I downloaded that uh, you know that template maker because that worked really well. so I'm glad about that.

It is a lot easier when I just take the cutting torch and just whack it apart. but we were trying to make a YouTube video trying to make it look cool and it still turned out just like it does when I chop it apart with the torch. So and then when these things get beat up or ultimately Bend Usually it's a center tube, but you can just put a new one in. You buy a 10 foot stick, you see, you got a couple.

We got a little bit left over so when that Center one gets all beat up, uh, we'll change that out. What I do want to know in that comment section is not just your comments, questions, concerns and your welding certification. I Want to know what you would do different to improve it? and I'm not talking just cosmetically. like cutting the bottom of the leg so they sit flush and you know I don't care about the Cosmetic stuff functionality wise.

What do you think or what have you done when you've built these? that is better than what we do. Now you know, for example, would you drill a bunch of holes through the pipe and just use a pin? you know, which in that case, it doesn't really give you infinite adjustability, but it does give you more strength when you're doing something you shouldn't be doing. Uh, let me know, let me know what you think you would put on top. I'm going to put a little four by four piece of flat and curl up the corners a little bit and that's going to do mostly what we want to do.
but I do want to know your suggestions because I learned As Much from the comment section. As you do, I'm sitting here pointing at you like listen and that's it. So go down there. you know what to do.

Find us an insty the Facebook we're not on Tic Tac that's a fake account, somebody's stealing our stuff and when we find them, trust me. We got an excavator. We'll take care of them and you guys take care and have a nice day. Foreign in.

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    Finally, I'd drill holes every half inch on the inner tube that align with two holes on the outer tube (180 degrees offset). That way you can have a more positive locating feature, interlocking the two tubes together. When you select your desired height, your pin will effectively be spreading the downforce on it's own face, as well as all 4 walls of the tube. This frees your assembly from relying on what I think is the major limiting loading feature (the amount of clamping force your threaded rod can apply to the inner tube, which is limited by the torque your hand, or 4 foot snipe or whatever, can apply)

    Also not to be all safety boy nancy, but you were welding what looks to be galvanized rod. It's hot dipped in zinc because it's electrochemically favorable ionically (as compared to iron), so it serves as the sacrificial anode (and quite well!). But it just so happens when it's welded on, it's no good for your lungs. Just a heads up for that, as well as when you weld heads onto broken bolts for extraction

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    Oh also, we used to use old brake rotors for the base.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars horrovac says:

    Slit the outer tube from the top to about 50mm down on two opposite sides, then weld one of those exhaust clamps on the side, so that the shackle squeezes the slots together, and use some big-winged wingnuts to tighten the shackle. Should hold the centre tube more evenly and without making a dent every time you tighten it.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Boorman says:

    You could mark the 2-1/16 on the straight edge of the paper in from each end and wrap the paper back on the pipe. Easier than trying to put the tape measure on the pipe.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew ROBINSON says:

    $500 Australian for those drill bits WOW my mig welder is only worth $200 . I would love to buy a set . I am sure they would last a lifetime but since I only get $500 a week on the disability pension I can’t see me spending a weeks income on them, thanks anyways. I will just watch you using them and get the enjoyment that way, I do love your video’s. Take care, Andy Perth Australia

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars S. J. says:

    Your welding is good enough for what you need it for. Professional welders may have some good advice, but they also have a (ego) agenda. They want you to think they are as smart as they think they are! A smart perfectionist knows when to quit, otherwise nothing would get done on time. (Nice one about "Chop it off in the house").

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stevie B says:

    🐾🐾 🐈

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Abec 7 says:

    For the record, I did say something when you said “60.” Don’t know why you didn’t listen to me.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Koepke says:

    I've got several of these in the shop, 4, but they were pre-made. Thanks Eric

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tractorp2255 says:

    Couple of things. Cut about a 4” piece of the outter pipe to make different types of jigs you could slide over the end. Use some rebar or flat bar to web the tripod together for strength. Paint them hot pink ….I hate the yellow

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zorro’s Oxter says:

    I’ve made heavier duty ones out of old agricultural pto shafts. They fit inside one another perfectly

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mitchell Henley says:

    Needs a cup holder

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SpeedySailor says:

    Eric, when you wanted to mark the pipe for the 3 legs, simply measure on the template the 3 positions. Tape template to the pipe, mark the horizontal line plus the 3 perpendicular spots.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan says:

    I used an old cherry picker jack on mine, it's nice to have lifting power when needed.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Martin04 says:

    My local muffler shop uses old rotors at the base. That seems solid and strong

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ruby Sanabria says:

    Blame me Eric say the Puerto Rican made my do it 😅😅😊

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tanks critters and urban homesteading says:

    16 inches is legal for a rifle. Better go 18 so you know you're covered😂love your channel.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hot Flash Foto says:

    If I did that, I do it totally differently, and then I'd fail, and then I'd do it your way.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jordan Scheurer says:

    "It's pretty sketchy probably has a virus in it"😅😅😅😅

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Osprey says:

    Another advantage of having the inner tube that long is, when you undo the clamp, it doesn't disappear inside the inner 🙂

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gremlinsports says:

    Never seen anyone make one with mitered legs. We usually just expand one end slip it through a brake drum and weld it. We also use a exhaust donut so the extension pipe won't cut your hands wen it drops on release.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J.C. Allen says:

    I'd have both center tubes on the ground. I built 4 stands much like for holding up bare frames on strip down rebuild projects, but only to a max height of the frame being thigh-high. I used Schedule 40 pipe and 4 pin holes and always have two pins in while something is being held up. The intent is just to prep the frame, hang shackles and axles, then get it off those home-made stands with wheels as a rolling chassis. Well, I got too comfortable with them on a CJ-7 project and kept moving forward with the tub, engine, etc…and no wheels. I was sitting in the tub just doing the Painless Wiring install one afternoon and one stand's legs splayed-out and dropped until it hit the main tube, about 1-1/2 foot, which is a pretty precarious situation to slowly climb out of without tipping the whole thing off all of the stands or possibly roll.

    All of that was my fault of course, just put some junk wheels and tires on. However, if I ran the main tube down to the ground, must less could go wrong since the main tube would be the stressed part and the legs are just stability. If the legs give out abusing the crap out of them, whatever is on these home-made stands would only be dropped MM's and not measured in feet. You're not holding a lot of weight like that…but it doesn't hoyt to just add a bit more toward the deck, "just in case". Use my stupidity for better improvement in design. There's a reason there's a warning for "hot pockets will be hot once heated", and while I'm pretty sure that's not there for me, it just might be.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Petersen says:

    I simply use an adjustable jack post for a house and cut it down to size. They already have the correct diameters. They have holes and pins for rough adjustment and a screw top that you can make attachments fit onto. I use the brake drum for the base and angle iron legs to reinforce it. It is easy to roll around the shop. They will definitely hold the weight and are relatively cheap and last a very long time. .

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SchwartzTek LLC says:

    I said something but you didn't hear me. Thirty degrees!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LE Bear says:

    Nice one and thanks for the link for the notching program.
    Re:- the legs.
    Use the smaller diameter tube for the legs and avoid needing to modify the notch.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rowan Holt says:

    Hang in there and keep the faith.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rowan Holt says:

    Great vid on the added extras around the shop that help aid you.
    This should be taught in high school along with phycology.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hans Grubber says:

    Eric, you left us hanging. We wanted the money shot of the top plate with the curved edges being installed. I hope you do a brief follow up of your COMPLETED project. Thanks

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kelly Sahy says:

    We use something similar to hang Sheetrock on ceilings when working alone. We call the tool a “grandfather”

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tyree says:

    …and I thought only shade tree mechanics manufactured their own gadgets, Eric O!

    "Remember, if the ladies don't find you handsome, they should find you handy!" – Red Green

    Oh, I do wonder how much that cost you (with and without mistakes) versus a brand new version.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Spinks says:

    I’d be tempted to make the top slide over the centre pipe then you could change the top to suit the job you shouldn’t be doing with it.
    A flat top would be useful to put a drain tray on. A V top would be good for exhaust pipe

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nelson glass says:

    Paint make us all better welders

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alan B says:

    I think I would get a little piece of the outside diameter pipe weld it to the inner tube for strength and on the flat piece on the top drill it so you can bolt the u-clamp to it for exhaust. Thank Erick, grate video.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alan Robison says:

    We kept hollerin at you but you couldn't hear us.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bigirondoug says:

    As an old chassis builder this video caused PTSD, lol.
    Love your videos Eric. Try using plate steel for the base (square or round) instead of three legs, this will also increase your weight support load.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vern Nelson says:

    Great Job I'm going to build a couple of those

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cableguy43309 says:

    Could you use one of the pads off the lift to go on top? Seems like it would drop right in that pipe .

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ron Omdalen says:

    Just great as always

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wes Hawkins says:

    The only thing I would do is to add triangulated cross bracing at the bottom of the legs for support for using under control arms when the weight of the vehicle is on them to help keep the legs from spreading.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr. Shannon Harris says:

    Seems like a lot of work for those sexy legs… When I worked at Midas the stands just had an old brake rotor welded at the bottom.

    Simple, stable, heavy enough to support full exhaust system and not tip over too easy.
    Tilt it on its side and roll it to your bay 🤷

    It worked

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lawrence Foster Jr. says:

    Run a pc. of strap from each leg to the next to keep it from bending under load…banding all the way around. Great as usual…

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R S says:

    Nicely done! You just gave me an idea. Yes, pins is one option, screw type thing would be great and / or a combination of the two. (It would help if you are changing a transmission mount or high adjustment.) All in all, a wonderful tool.

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MotoBator says:

    Nice build O…. U could weld in a piece of like 3” long smaller pipe with different cradle options to slide in the top of that adjustable pipe, would also swivel while u kick aroun the stand. Luv ur vids 👍