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This is the ultimate piece of Chinesium is what it is. It's almost like a Hot Wheels car. Uh, almost like a toy car. But it's actually a real car and is a real Chinese car with let's see what's on the odometer.

Oh my goodness, does this thing work? I Have no idea what this thing is I Do know it has a two-cylinder gasoline engine and it has 244 km on the odometer. See that right there? Yeah. Fascinating little piece of equipment. See if it's going to start starting the engine? Wow.

Okay, it ain't got no gas in it. The tack doesn't work. All right. Yeah, so what we're going to do there is no customer.

Uh, this uh. vehicle is owned by, uh, by my neighbor next door to the shop. Uh, he bought this thing from Craigslist or somewhere like that and it is 100% a Chinesium Auto Mobile. Uh, I just kind of wanted to.

uh, take a tour of this thing, take a look at it, show you guys. uh, what, they're driving overseas. let's turn the AC on and uh, we'll just give it a cool little walk around tour and and see what this thing's really made of. If it's going to go into gear, hang on here.

There we go. That's gear. Now we're in. Reverse Oh my gosh, yeah, this is this thing's something else that's for sure.

I Don't know. First Gear. There we go. It has no power steering.

It has no door panels. It has no electric anything inside except for that radio right there with a USB plug and uh, an air conditioner. I think that's all that it's got. Maybe the horn works now I hear the horn relay clicking but it does not turn on.

Look, we can see daylight from inside of the doors. look at there. Wow. that's uh.

that's special. All right. let's get this thing into the shop real quick. I Want to see if we can fit it on a lift and then we're really going to take a look at this and and run our mouths just about or on, uh how much of a piece of crap this thing really is Lauren look at the the new car we got that's cute.

What are we going to do with it? It's a gas saer. It's got a two-cylinder engine. Who's driving this you? I Can you drive a manual? All the kids, no that's not for them. No, they can we drive.

You know how to ride a manual. You drive. Can you drive a manual? Yeah it's a manual transmission. Let me see.

got it's a stick shift I can learn on it. Well then. okay I will teach you I Tried learning in high school but I never uh I never. It's all about the the friction Zone the friction Zone Here let me let me get in the shop real quick and we're going to take a take a look at this piece of junk uping.

Z Hood Look who that guy is. Hello everybody, good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I'm I know I'm super glad to be here. This is going to be an interesting, different type of video than what my normal content format uh usually consists of. We have managed to get a hold of this thing I don't even know what this is It's a Chinesium vehicle uh I don't know the logo.
It's super tiny, like golf cart sized. It's not my car. it's not a customer's car. it belongs to the to Sam The Body Shop guy next door he uh he bought the thing on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace it was uh, it was just a really cool find and he had to have it.

uh when I saw it I had to have it because I've never seen something like this before but uh I figured you guys would not mind taking a look at it and so we're going to do like a like a walk around tour uh, inspection. So to speak of a of a imported into the United States Chinesium Automobile uh I don't even know if this thing is titled I don't know if it's legal to drive on the roads I don't know anything about it other than what we're about to find out today. I have not been in this car except to pull it up to the parking space I have not driven it but uh, we're going to do all that stuff and check this thing out. So let's get started.

from what: I Know this is a uh a Chinese Activa is what it says in the back like on the back of the the hatch or whatever. Um, it is a car I Assume it's an automobile and uh, we're going to. We're going to put this on the rack and check it out. see what this thing does.

It's got all kinds of really interesting, odd features that usually most of us are not accustomed to seeing like a stick shift. Is it going to start? Oh, come on. Okay, so every time we turn the radio off, it has to be turned back down. There we go.

It starts all right. Let's see what happens here. Starting the engine. Come on some gas.

All right. it's alive. I Think it's carburated too. Wow.

I Don't even know where to begin with this thing. Yep, turn the radio back down. I Guess the radio unit automatically turns itself back up every time you turn the key off. Uh, it's got a fast forward and a rewind volume and uh, a mode button.

It doesn't seem to have stations I don't know how to change them at least. Uh, it's got an SD card and a USB thing and a little slot for whatever you want to put in there. I guess Um, no glove box. It has some relays and some fuses.

that's crazy. um and it's got a lot of air vents in it looking through right here. I Can see outside atmosphere through that door seal. Um I Can see atmosphere through this door seal.

So the build quality is spectacular. Horn Works. That's cool and it's got some pieces sitting on the floor here. I'm not sure what's going on.

The door panels are either were not installed or have fallen off. Um I don't know about the windows I I'm assuming the windows go down on this brand new car, but I don't see like the crank or the buttons or whatever to make them run up and down. I'm assuming they're electric because there's some wires in the doors, but I I don't know. We're going to find out it has a dome light that oh, there we go.

That sort of works. LED dome light. It's uh, it's equipped with a sunroof. Got to have those high-end features on your on your Chinese automobile.
We've got some sun visors that don't stay up. Wow, This is almost like one of those little moped scooters, but with four wheels like? that's what this thing feels like. Anyway, let's pull this thing into the shop. I Want to put it on a rack? We're going to pop the hood, take a look down below I Want to see what this thing's really made of? I'm trying to see if I can't get this thing centered up on these lift posts.

Somehow some way it's about as far forward as I Think we can go I Hope the front end clears. Okay, so we have have. What is this? Autof Frog lamp? What? I don't even know what that means. Autof Frog lamp.

Okay, it has air conditioning engine. just did a bunch of shaky stuff. This thing's all vibr. It feels horrible.

It's got a blower motor I mean 12vt Outlet hot and cold. so it has some. Creature Comforts It appears it's got It's got wiper blades. See if it has any spray.

Does it spray? Nah. That switch doesn't work. but it has wiper blades. That's cool.

Uh. turn signals. That one works. It's got those.

It's got lights, high beams. Okay, look at this right here. It has 244 km on the odometer. What is that? Like 110 mil or something like that? 120 Mi So it has almost no mileage on it.

Um, a weird linkage. I Don't even know where to start with this thing. Headliner falling down. It's got some mold residue in it.

Seats are in good shape. Wow yeah, this thing's like a it's like a little Tonka toy. Okay, let's turn the AC off. like look at this.

Even the switches are maximum Chinesium. That is the cheapest possible sort of switch thing you could ever find. And they drive around in these things like anybody from China Do you guys like have these things in real life? or is this like just like some kind of a joke like I feel like the scooter people have made just like an extra large scooter and that's what. Uh, what we have here.

Super chintzy plastic H those aren't even adjustable look, that's a fake adjustable vent. It does not adjust. it's just like a it's just there. Okay, well let's see what's under the hood here.

Um, how do I get in? let's put the prog break on. little bit of safety. Oh there it is. that's the hood release way over there on the floor.

Pop that I didn't hear it but something something made like a twangy noise. Okay, wow. dang okay well like I said, it's a car, it's a Chinese Activa the paint's not that great body panel fitment also not that great. Yeah, look at that right there.

We have interference of components all right. I'm going to need like a hood prop here since it does not have its own hood prop. so I'll put one in the batter's disconnected hence the jumper box. Let's get this stuff out of the way and we can see what we're uh, what we've got to play with in here.
It's rudimentary at best I Can tell you that that right there. so we're going to need to see what we're working on. Let's uh, throw this light bar thing in here, see if that's going to fit like that. Look at that.

It barely. It barely holds on to a 4ft light bar. Dave look at this. The light bar is wider than the car is with the exception of the mirrors.

Yeah, we got like 2 in here and then, well, it's close. Yeah, so it's about as wide as a light bar. Look at this thing. Little two cylinder single cam.

Oh that's cool. They put in two coils. There's their battery down there in the hole. These cables look like.

uh, they look like Walmart car audio cables. Don't They look at that like there's nothing to this thing. It's This is so simple and cheap. No way.

All right. It's got a little Radiator in there. a little fan that's cute. It has air conditioning I Don't know if it works but oh, shreder valves leaking I Heard it, it went wow I wonder if this thing has catalytic converters on it? I bet it doesn't have a converter.

Look at this cute little brake booster. Look at that thing. It's like the size of a coffee can washer fluid reservoir. that's a that's the receiver dryer for the AC This looks like pirated Volkswagen parts.

Yeah, that's a Volkswagen style coolant overflow. That's funny. Threads are stripped. Oh, let's see if it has oil in it.

Yes, it has brand new oil in it. It probably needs an old range. Guaranteed it's fuel injected. That means it's got an ECU somewhere.

There's a little baby alternator down there. It probably makes 12 amps. Here's the clutch cable I Think or maybe that's just a crank sensor. Yeah, there's wire dangling right there.

Couple sensors over here. Coolant temp. Uh I don't see anything else. There's the clutch cable back there.

I See it. There's all the linkage little throttle body that's a what is this right here? manifold, temperature or pressure sensor. Sure, but hey, it is fuel injected. That's kind of cool.

Okay, yeah, there's not much in there. All right. Let's uh. see if we can't get the rack set up, Maybe we can LIF this thing up in the air and it won't fall and collapse in on itself.

We can take a look at the underneath Carriage Well got to lock your gas cap. It's like a tin can. look at this thing. Shake Watch this close the door and it's like wow.

Okay, oh, let's see about this rack here. Looks like does it have lift points or you just kind of go wherever. No pinch weld. There's nothing.

Yeah, there's no pinch welds. There's some structure. There's some structure right here by the brake lines. We can use that.

See what I'm talking about? Yeah, we'll use that. that looks good. and then this other side here. I Think there's some front structure we can use? Yeah, Yep.

Slide that up there. Whoa. Gravitas. No cataly converter.
There's no converter on it. Oh no, it's polluting. Oh no. Okay, how's your side Look you good? Yep.

all right, let us hit the black subscribe button. Wow. Yep. got it.

Check the rack for safety. Even though it's a micro machine, it can still make you smashed. Yeah, it's a micro machine. Remember those little cars from back in the day? The little miniature little Hot Wheels Micro Machines I Wish I still had my toy micro collection Lauren's like eyeballing me like what? what are you doing with this? what are you do I guess we're uh I mean I kind of like it? Yeah I should to teach I'm going to buy this to teach you how to drive a quick shift.

It's going to be fun. Will you drive this instead of your van to save gas money? Sure, Yeah, right. I I Would not put you or my children behind the wheel of this car. No way.

I'll drive that around the neighborhood I mean yeah, it's a cool golf cart. but I don't think like on the roads. it's a good idea. All right.

Well looking from our front side, going back. first thing I wanted to take a peek at was the absence of a catalytic converter. So this vehicle has zero emissions controls whatsoever. It's got a little.

Muffler It's got a flex pipe up. There's the exhaust manifold. From the outside of the cylinder head, it looks like lawn mower stuff. And following the exhaust back there is zero converter.

Oh another. Muffler Unless this is the converter. No, no, that's a muffler too. That's definitely not a converter.

So this thing has zero emissions controls. Uh, that confirms my position on the fact that we just outsourc our pollution to the other side of the jet stream. and then they can pollute a whole bunch and then it just goes up and sends it right back over here to us anyway. But we're paying the taxes on that.

So I'm going to guess that's fair, but it appears that uh, the EPA is not involved in Chinese Automotive Manufacturing This is cool. Look at that. They put in diagnostic equipment in the fuel system. like right away.

US General That's Harbor Freight So they've got a Harbor Freight fuel pressure gauge. Oh wait, no, that's a tire gauge. Look Dave Look at this 4x4 tire gauge. They've got a tire gauge attached to the fuel lines.

Uh, on the gas tank. I'm assuming that's the tank. So they have a tire pressure gauge on the fuel pump. That's fantastic.

It's got disc brakes. That's kind of cool. I Guess that one doesn't turn? maybe? I Put the parking brake on. Yeah, parking brake must be on.

So it's got disc brakes. It's got Mcferson struts front and rear. That's okay. I Guess uh.

it's fully welded frame. Lots of weld action going on here. That's horrible. Body plugs.

Look at that. Look at this Fender bracket right here. Look at that. That's great little piece of stamped steel that's been spray painted.
I Think all the paint on this is spray paint. That's another set of good welds right there. H At least the fuel system has a a drain in it so if you buy horrible gas, you can just drain it all out. Put new gas back in.

That's cool. Uh, what else? What other features and treasures does this thing behold to us? Okay, that's our subframe. stamped steel with some control arms, sway bar, bushing, or sway bar with bushings. There's no links, just more pushings here.

This breaks up front more struts up front. I Wonder if this uses the same struts in the front as it does in the rear? Look at that cute little crank pulley right there. So we've got a crankshaft pulley, got one serpentine belt same logo on the belts as what's on the front of the engine. so it's like the same company that makes it engine mounts, little alternator, a little water pump, little AC compressor.

This thing's cute. AC Condenser Again, that's our radiator. We got a tow hook right here, so when we need to tow it, just hook up to it and just me winch it up on the truck. Little baby tires.

Ling Longs These are Ling Long Tires. Yeah, Ling long. Let's see the size of these bad boys: 145 7012 So it's 145 mm wide at the tread depth. The sidewall is 70 % of that 145 mm on a 12in 12in 12in wheel.

How about that 14572 super Fuel economy driven type of device? I Guess it's like a scooter. Yeah, it's a scooter with four wheels. Manual steering. There's no power steering here.

It's already a leak. One brake line going out back. There's a brake line for the the front. Wow.

I Don't think this is legal. There's no way this car could be legal for use in this, uh, in this country. H Here's some run out in the rotors. That's cool.

Okay, well, there's not much to look at. uh, underneath. Let's let this thing back down again and see what other Little Treasures are in store on this particular car. Oh, we've got a build error.

Look here. There's supposed to be like some kind of a bracket up there. See that right there in the on top the fuel tank? That is some kind of a bracket for a hose, but it's not connected to the hose and I can't fit my my hands in there? I'm not going that far in, you get stuck. That'd be great.

Fire department has to come cut me off from a Chinese car. There's a little exhaust pipe that's cute, some wires, some more unpainted surfaces. Yeah, Okay, let's let this thing down. We've seen all that we can see lock release coming down.

I Hope it's heavy enough to make the lift go down. All righty, we're down on the ground. I'm not going to miss this opportunity to remind all of the new viewers that may have stumbled upon this channel to consider tapping that subscribe button down below. Actually, you know what that's going to apply to.

uh, everyone, including the new viewers uh, I have recently become aware that the uh, the unsubscribed ing YouTube phenomenon has been recently occurring again. and what that is is Folks that thought that they were Channel subscribers and it's not just to my channel, it's others. um, they, uh, they fail to receive future notifications and they miss out on content that is published. and what we have discovered is, uh, for some reason, maybe it's a glitch, maybe it's deliberate, who knows.
but uh, viewers have been, uh, steadily being they're being unsubscribed from channels without them knowing about it for reasons that are unknown, uh to the Creator community. So uh, if you are a, uh, a longtime viewer and thought you are subscribed, please feel free to check your subscription status to the channel down below. And if you are a new viewer and you like this kind of content, uh, also, again, please feel free to, uh, tap that subscribe button. That way you will not miss out on any future content and that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion Now we can get back to uh, the Chinesium here and look.

I have discovered it does have a hood prop. That's the that's the hood prop mechanism right here. It's kind of attached to uh, well, it's attached to, this little bar thing right here that probably holds the car together and then it's supposed to go in that little hole there. and that's what holds up the the hood.

So it is equipped with a hood prop not going to get into the air filter. probably should charge the battery. I I'd like to go take this thing on a drive, but I don't think I want to? Uh I want to put it together? Well, you know what? I have an idea here. We'll just pull that over there, out of the side or out of the way or off to the side.

You know what? I meant it's supposed to get bolted on, but it's not. and it's got a lawnmower battery in there. Look at that thing that's 100% lawn mower battery ever. Start from Walmart land.

it's fantastic. It really is a scooter. It's awesome. All right.

let's go fetch the uh, the charger. I'm put that battery on a charger, connect the cables, and then maybe we can go out and take this thing for some kind of a drive. All right, Lawn Mower Battery I Hope this thing's 12vt. What if it's a 6V car? Well, if it is, my charger will tell me very quickly.

Negative: that's a 12vt. Okay, put our negatory on there. Get our positive one set up. Good move that guy back on over, plug it in to our receptacles.

I Installed that myself. Okay and we're going to do 10 amps. We'll do it for about an hour to 10 amp charge. Okay, so while that's happening, I'm going to go and find some uh, some type of Fasteners here and we can Bolt the cables back to the battery lugs and then uh, cuz I'm not going to drive it with a jump box attached to it thing will burn down but then, uh, once we get that connected, we'll see if it starts under its own own battery power and then maybe we can go out and drive this thing.
we'll see how fast it goes. Ring ring: Okay, so it only seems fitting to repair battery cables with battery terminal parts and since I can't find any other bolts that are going to fit, I'll just have to steal them from this thing right here. Not going to use this I just need these guys I have some washers and some Nylock nuts. We'll use those to uh to lock down those cables.

So I've got two nuts, two bolts, four washers. Let's go get those cables back on all right. Battery Charger powered down. Let's get this cable out of here and we can start to connect the ground cable.

Look at that, it just grounds right out to the transmission. like right there. Super minimalistic and I hope I have enough bolt here to make this connection. I mean it doesn't have to be super perfect, but it's probably going to be better than the car.

I Think they're better than everything else on the car? I Don't know. Let's get that guy on. So we need an 11 and I think that's also an 11. Multiple 11s coming in.

Let's get these bolts tight here. Clicks All right, that one's on. Put our cable back on that side cuz we're going to need to continue to charge this in a moment. Let's get situated here with our our Hardware let's see one washer here.

We'll run this one through on this side. Oh, that's that's cool. The hole is smashed right there and it doesn't want to go all the way through. No worries.

Full send. Okay, that threaded and went through good. So let's get the washer on that through. and then our other Nylock bolt.

It has a piece of nylon inserted into the threads and that, uh, keeps the bolt from backing off. Throw the charger back on this battery and see if we cannot get some electrons into that unit. Maybe we can get this thing to start up all by itself. More amps.

It's not even taken any amperage. Look at that. The gauge does not care. Interesting.

Okay, well. I'm going to take the jumper box over here. plug that in at the same time and we can charge both of them simultan to that way if I at least need to get the jump Bo box on it to get the thing started. the jump box will have more power and then take the box off and let it run on the alternator that should work there.

We go. Okay, we'll leave that alone for a minute, let it charge up, and then we'll come back and try to restocking the engine all right, checking the meter. Here we are getting charging voltage into that battery. Lauren Would you? uh, would you be a deer and go inside of this thing and try to start it? It's going to be your first stick shift lesson.

Okay, so and let me clear the rack while we're uh, getting situated here, we're about to go on our test drive. Yeah, ah, she's stuck in there. How do you get out? Oh, you've got to. You have to pull that this little lever over Okay So I want you to do grab your uh, grabb your stick shift? Yes! U Make sure it's a neutral.
so no, no, go left and right, see how see how you've got the H pattern First, second, third, and fourth. Well, you want to be in that little line right there, which is oh so make sure it's going left and right. Yeah, go left and right. That way you know you're not in gear cuz if you're up in gear.

Well, this thing is so sloppy and crappy that you can go left and right. but you should. you know that one went into gear Anyway, that's neutral right there. Okay, so push the clutch in with your left foot.

all the way. All right. and now you're able to start it. You move your seat forward I think uh I think the thing's down I Don't even know if the seat thing there you go.

So push the clutch all the way down. yeah and then turn the key on and then did it do anything? No, All right. go try to start it. Yeah, same.

just keep hitting the key. it'll eventually. Yeah, You have to turn the radio down. I Did all right.

Hit the key aggressively. keep holding down your clutch, turn the key harder, turn it. it's all way. Really doesn't even do anything.

H Okay, uh. let me try here. Hop out darling. let me let me try it.

I don't know why. it's cuz it's a lawn mower. Like seriously, it has a lawn mower battery in it. Okay, we need to turn off.

How's the blower? Let's turn the blower off to save electricity. Okay, Clutch down. Seriously. All All right.

Only one thing to do. more steam. We need more electrons. Is that good? Yeah, hey, let's try it again.

let's see if it's going to crank over. Oh look, we have turn the radio down again. Okay, it started again. Let's turn the radio down again.

Uh AC on full blast I don't even know I Still don't know what Auto fog Auto fog lamps. Those are fog lights. maybe I don't know what that I don't know what it is. Anyway, let's go and uh, let's get our charger and auxiliary battery stuff off this thing and see if it stays running.

see charging system. the 13 volts. let's power this off. stayed running.

that's cool and still charging at 13 volt. So the alternator is alternating. That's good here. Let's take our air filter, get that out of the way and disconnect.

Oh, that one already fell off. Look, my bottom cable fell off. No worries. let's get this out of here.

set the jumper box down and disconnect our battery charger cables right here. Then that can just kind of. I Guess it bolts on maybe I don't know. Okay, clear the hood, get rid of our light.

don't need that under there. Bigger than the whole car. You can go right up here. Good powering down and I'll recover the hood prop.

All right. let's hop back in this Heap and uh and see how it drives and runs and whatever else. Okay, it's got all the wheels bolted on. That was good.
It's as safe as I think it's ever going to be. Lauren's hopping in. she's going to ride with us. Okay, isn't this thing something else? It's a rattly piece of junk.

I'm buckling in? Yeah, yeah, we need like a we need motorcycle helmets to ride in this thing. Want to make the sunroof go up? What year is this? Uh, it's like a 2023. This is a brand new car. It's got 244 km on it so that's I don't know.

like 150 mil, maybe? I don't even think it has a sticker for what year it is. Yeah I don't know. Let's is there a sticker in this? Yeah, no, there's no sticker. It has no emissions equipment.

It has no sticker. It has no safety gear. I Don't even think this classifies as an automobile. Okay, let's see if see if we can drive this thing.

Cute little horn. My feet barely fit between those pedals down there. like barely all right backing out this piece of junk. Safety actually.

I think we're the most unsafe ones. It's safe everywhere else except for in this car. The brakes feel super safe. super safe.

but at least it's not cable operated. Oh my God this thing something Els I'm I don't even know I feel like a clown I know it rattles so much I can't hear the engine so I don't know oh my God this has no power. This is Full Throttle oh my God it has nothing green. What is this thing? Wow I think this is uh I think that DeLorean we had was faster than this and that was, uh, remarkably underpowered.

This is, uh, this is something else how even fast we need to put a turbo on it I don't know if it has enough power to go up the hill on the bridge. Man, this is going to beting. seriously we might not make it. Let see what it does.

Full power that's wide open. It's not going anywhere. It's not 50 m hour wait. it's in kilome.

We're only going like 30 m an hour I hope pieces of it don't fly off. It's so bad it won't go up the hill. It won't accelerate anymore. That's it.

That's all we got. 40 miles an hour. Oh wait I'm out of Gears It's only a fourspeed. All right.

we're getting out of here I'm done. That was maximum speed like 50 mph. That's as fast as it goes and the speedometer is in in Metric. Wow yeah I Thought that was Miles First I was like wow we're doing 60 wrong doing 35 5 mph is the AC cold like there's not even this vent doesn't even work either.

like I thought I thought it was just a faux vent where it didn't just it just weren't was not adjustable but there's nothing that comes out of it. so it it has AC That's kind of cool. That's like all that it has in a dome light. It sort of doesn't work.

man. someone paid money for this new oh I put a kilometer on it. drove it an extra th000 Mi It has depreciated in value. Look, can you see the the daylight through the doors? Yeah look at that.

Oh my gosh. Like the inner the inside door panels are what makes the seal to the outside. It's not even the metal. It's awesome.
I Hope nobody sees us driving this. this is it really is a clown car. Oh my. God So I'm thinking that we should buy this and then um, we can put Ray's Auto Clinic and we can put the website on it and then use it as a spokes vehicle to sell hats and t-shirts.

A shop car? yeah kind of. Um I bet that lawn mower over there is faster I don't even think this is worth like any good to commute to work in like I wouldn't even I I wouldn't drive this I Think this is less safe than a motorcycle. certainly a lot slower and louder. Yeah, it's a lot louder even with two.

Mufflers it's louder fourth gear. That's all we get. Maximum speed I Don't even feel like I'm speeding. We're going 40 mph as fast as we can go and that's the speed limit.

That's great. Let's see if the wheels fall off in these train tracks. Nope, that's crazy. All right guys.

we're back in the shop. I'm going to I'm going to park this thing I I Think we're done with the tour of the maximum Chinesium vehicle like I said I don't I don't know what what we're going to do with this or what Sam's going to do with this I Kind of want it just for the novelty of having this, but I don't I don't know what I would ever do with it. not too certain. look Dave's laughing at us.

That's great all right darling. this is where you get out. I'm going let you out right here. Thanks! How do I get out? Um, you have to got to pull this and then P There you go.

That's how it works. All right, Sweet. All right. reverse.

Put this thing into a parking space and we're done. Wow! All righty guys. I Think that's all that I can offer you on this particular vehicle I Hooked the battery cables up on it and drove it around the block. Um, again, you know this is a it's a novelty video video.

We're just having some fun today. uh I Figured you guys would want to see this I Made mention of this car in a previous video towards the end of it and folks said that they wanted to see a cool little walk around on this. uh, this particular piece of Chinesium. um I Hope this satisfies your need to experience uh, what they have over here versus what or what they have over there versus what we have over here.

Uh, clearly this thing is a cost driven, uh, type of, uh, type of vehicle. meaning cost um, or cost meaning there is no cost because this is made out of out of kids toys. Uh I Don't feel safe in this I Would never recommend owning, driving or buying one of these things. Um, like I said I Don't even know how it got here and if it's even legal to have this thing here or drive on the roads rather.

but uh, it is what it is anyway again I Hope you guys enjoyed this video tour of this uh, this car thing. um I sort of enjoyed it. but I'm I'm going to be glad to get out of this thing and never have to deal with this again. So all that being said as always, like to thank you guys for watching this video video.
Certainly hope you enjoy this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like And subscribe button while you're down there. and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys in the next one! Thanks for watching in the video in a Chinesium automobile powering down even the ignition key is Chinesium.

It's so cheap! Goodbye Activa 001.

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