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It says we're live I hit the button. We're here. we're here, we're here I I actually came in early I said it was supposed to be 6:15 and I think the notification went out at 6:15 but I don't care is anybody else here hello hello hello wife unit's here. she's she's next to me Hello darling hello it's cold, the chat is not doing much Ah Cliff's first there.

No actually to Toex Toex 73 he was first Cliff showed up Hello Everybody Welcome welcome You've Got Mail N I stole that from. That's Aaron's pickup line. You guys Hello hello I See a lot of familiar names in faces Will 200 Katherine's in there. Who else is here Cliff's here.

Um a lot of common commenters are showing up. Hi everybody welcome Hey you gotta turn that off dude, you're gonna. you're gonna break my brain I had to get the aon's the chat yeah he's pulling up the chat in his phone and I could hear like the the the feedback. it's breaking my head I am in Aaron's lirer everybody you guys who tune in to Power Stroke Tech talk with A-Rod on Wednesdays where I join Aaron for his live stream.

he's the 67 master I'm up in Michigan but this is his layer. This is where we run his live stream out of. I Don't show up here every Wednesday I I go remote through Zoom Hello everybody Welcome A lot of folks are coming in 463 people. that's cool Nathaniel Thank you sir thank you 499 I Don't know how to respond to somebody on the phone text or the phone turn that off Oh You mean in the chat? Yeah, um.

well. we can just do it through this chat and we'll just uh, what's the topic of the stream? Well I waiting for Eron to get out of the phone. We did not fly. Yeah, we were going.

We were gonna script it but that was going to be a lot of extra work. So we're just here and we're kind of we're gonna let you guys sort of dictate how the flow of the live is going to go. Is that Kevin with a with an A kavan? I've never seen that spelled that way. Tell me was that right is or just? or did you? Is it typoed? Kevin Robbins Thank you sir for the chat.

Thank you. there's Dave 76 He was wondering when we were GNA Yeah, there were commenters today on the short wondering when we were going to do the live because I had mentioned it in a video yesterday. I Am definitely enjoying the wonderful fall weather up here. Treadhead thank you Thank: It is cold.

It's 50 degrees outside. very cold. It's cold for me. it's not cold for the the Northerners but um it's cold.

DS is here. What's up dude? I'm here I need to make you a moderator later because you're I should turn you blue. You see that and do it right now. Me: No no DS Dadd H is Daddy Diesel here.

Yeah, he hurt, he hurt Did you get some sleep last night? man, you get some rest. He was up late and up early. cold and rainy mhm checking Chats on here Chan Man: what up CH Man: 51 degrees? Yeah oh that's in Fahrenheit not in Celsius Yeah I uh I don't utilize the metric temperature system very often so I understand metric measurements and Metric weights but I don't employ the use of metric temperature. Negative: 50 degrees is still shorts yeah I I was wearing my car heart and I was layered I've got a long sleeve and then a short shirt under it and then I had a flannel over top of that.
Lauren's phone's going off. she's all embarrassed I'm GNA out you on the internet. Check it out. I'm going to do it I'm going to do it.

No, no, All right. All right. I'll leave you alone soon soon I I'll I'll come soon. but no guys, we're just we're hanging out.

we uh, wanted to just kind of check in. I wanted to announce that uh I'm up here hanging out with my buddy Aaron um in the future Aerin's going to be spending some time down in Florida at my shop and I'd like to try to work into somehow later in life be in a position where I can Snowbird it and come up here and work in his shop. uh during the very hot Florida months because I don't I don't really care to be in Florida in August anymore. it's just too hot H hot it was in the what triple digits it was Triple digits bro that was killing I'm GL I got to experience it though it was.

the truck is stripped out I I had a video I think it was yesterday or the day before I posted on I was trying to redo some of the insulation um on the interior I put all like Dynamat or soundproof heat matting, uh type insulation and I'm in the process of doing that so my truck is down for the count. Yeah, go back. Tom uh recheck the video. Your phone sounds killing me too like I'm I'm over stimulated with all the cell phones they they keep.

there's random phone noises y'all are killing me I'm I'm gonna kick you out of the live stream Patrick Ray and Aaron Great to see both of you. Best luck striking out on your own errand, you having fun enjoying I'm looking at the oh you're in that you're in that chat I think are you in the delayed chat or are you in I think so yeah I think you're delayed yeah if you are pulling that chat up on on your phone, you're delayed. No. I'm right here I'm right here.

Most mechanics the last one never been to the Upper Peninsula I did not go to the Michigan Michigan game today. which game Michigan state who's playing Patrick deal Ah lawen becoming slightly less camera shy. you sneaking in I'll take my hood off thank you Patrick I appreciate that I What if I can back us up some. How about that? Yes.

Do I edit my videos You talking to me or him or her? I I edit my videos still yeah I do my own editing Yes, we are going to Se Mlen. That's another thing we want to announce to you guys as well. um we will be at SEMA um the tentative dates that it is scheduled for out in Vegas so we will actually have uh bearded Ford Tech will be there uh Ford boss me Eric I do cars and um um myself Ray and I think that's all for Lauren is coming yeah oh yeah well yeah. I'm thinking um uh uh.

Jm3 said there was going to be some I can't remember who else he mentioned but anyway uh if you guys want to meet us, we'll have a uh I guess a meet and greet. We will be at the Jm3 oil filter wrench booth and I don't know what building it is. uh I'm hoping Mike caught the live stream notification. Maybe he can chime in in the comments and tell us but I'm not I think it's the North Hall that we're going to be in but don't quote me on that.
but we are are in? No no no, that was the dog that barked. Not her but we are in the uh the Jm3 oil filter wrench Booth unit barked should Eric O does not fly Yeah Eric doesn't fly he said he's never. You guys should go over there. Yeah, you should go over there and tell him he should.

uh he should come to Sea this year. That would be awesome I didn't know he didn't but don't peer pressure him too bad or send him that I said so because he'll get mad at me for sending you guys all in his direction to to peer pressure him to get on a plane Peter says hi to you oh hello Peter Pet oh Peter Peter you guys haven't heard that in a while Peter What's up guys? Ray You inspired me to open my own Hbac and homing business. Good for you Nate No way. How's it going? Is it working out? I'm assuming you're mobile right? That's cool.

I'm glad I could inspire you Nate to uh to get out from under the man Mhm that wine is strong wine. What? You wife's got some wine? Hang on. Very strong I haven't had any yet? Yeah. Yep.

I'm afraid Jm3 will be in the North Hall No North Hall Lot 12663 Somebody looked it up. Yep. North North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center 12663 that's the uh, that's the space Friday Love House I Forgot Drew a blank on it Virginia Beach wonder how they figured that out I Think you can go to the SEMA website and look up the vendors. Somebody figured it's the internet.

We can figure anything out at any time. Very quickly somebody knew I was in. Leonia based off my short today like you guys are incredible internet Detectives No I don't pee in jugs? No no like everybody saw that at the same time. No I'm not peeing in a jug to get a carard on the same time.

I I'll take as long as I need to grab a chicken tender sub Cliff You're gonna come to Seea with us. Oh my Gosh! Cliff was gonna come with us this weekend but he he had to postpone this trip and we miss you and we miss your wife unit. Also sorry you guys couldn't make it so you should make it up and come to SEMA with us. Hey Fluffy's here.

what's up Fluffy? what up fluff fluffy? What is it funny? Oh Cliff's got frowny faces sorry Cliff sorry Clifford Organized is not not there yet to bribe a rod and wife Where? which one? let me see what they have. What did Ray have to do to bribe this a rod and wife unit to join? What on the live stream I didn't bribe anybody. we were just sitting here hanging out and I turned on the live and I was like let's see how this goes, let's see what happens. No bribery I just I don't think I've ever been on live stream.
you've been on a live stream one or I Need we need a wide angle camera on this one or we could all sit back I don't want to. Oh that's that's that. GoPro Is that what it is you? You're running a GoPro cam and then I see yeah I'm I'm doing this off of a laptop Daytona Beach with wine? Yeah yeah. I briber with alcohol.

It works sometimes Comfort Medic Home Services has started his A-Rod inspired him to start his own oh no own diesel YouTube page Nice! What's your uh? is that your channel name right there? That's the one I'm gonna check you out later. What up? Rusty Mechanic: What's Cp's garage doing? Is he hey? Cliff Did did you tell did you tell Cody we were going to open a live tonight? You need tab? You text him yeah. Text the rest of the fellas because everybody was asking what time we were going to do it and I never committed to a time because I wasn't sure what we were going to do today? Yeah. I See everyone saying hello, hello, hello to everybody? I'm I'm trying to read all these question Sterling Heights Here we got.

We've got a 90 second chat delay on and it's going really fast. Still, Well there's 780 783 people. Yeah it's it's going hard there a lot of lot of folks in here today. It's a Saturday too.

Oh it is. Nobody's working. Hello wife unit hello hello oh whoa whoa I know I'm trying to keep up from Denmark Denmark What's up Treadhead? All right. you're working Joey's working sorry Joey Well are you really working? You're on your phone sea City Nevada are we gonna see you there? Jeff or what? I'm so excited to go to SEMA SEMA she's never been I didn't go last year but I heard how huge it is and how exciting it is and I'm I'm really looking forward to it This year it is.

that place is like 700 Walmarts all put together. It is gig antic inside you I Don't think you under you can't understand the scale of it. This was my experience. You can't really understand the scale of it until you walk in and you see it and the building just keeps going and going and going.

Everybody tells me the exact same thing and same thing. you walk past it, then there's another building and then there's another floor up or above wherever you're at and it's just so much stuff going on. There's so much activity. yeah you're saying how many warehouses it like.

It was. Just like we better have good shoes. Oh yeah, I am getting new shoes I'm ordering Sketchers before we go because it is a lot of walking. We should get hover rounds.

Yeah those electric little Marine things get some of those. but is it so crowded where you can't Really, there's space. There's space. Thoughts on dealership warranty times: Yeah, good luck with that.

I've left that life. Yeah, um, there's that's actually getting kind of kind of controversial these days. The dealerships say that it's okay for them to to pay a lower warranty time because you don't have to go through any hassle of processing a job. you don't have to sell the job to a customer.
and you know, do all these things that you just kind of do what they say you're supposed to do. so it's supposed to be more efficient. Therefore, you should be able to charge less buildable hours and then the other. They also think that since the technician does the same thing over and over and over again again, they should be very, very efficient at it.

Therefore, they get to pay you less hours I See that as a punishment. That means you're paying me less for doing my job well. and I don't like dealership warranty times I don't like dealership warranty times either. And what really chaps my butt is is is the one of the last big warranty jobs I did it was for a 23 uh F350 brand new I think I got like a hair in my eye and I had to wind up pulling the dash and it took me day and a half.

This truck was $100,000 and you know? luckily the customer was so cool and I have a video of it on the channel. You guys can see how much stuff I had to take apart all the Plastics they have to go back. Exactly exactly how they were. No rattles, no ringing around vacuuming the carpet up.

you know I mean I it gave the customer was So Satisfied I got paid 5.7 hours for that I'm just it's a the job that takes two days to do and they pay you. They pay you two-thirds of a day to do something like that. It's not uh, it's hard to earn when you're doing delicate jobs on expensive equipment and they just it demotivates people or it makes you cut corners and then you break things and then you have to put the bill for something that you broke a Pay It Forward Public pool. Oh, we donations to um, that's hard you know I think legally and financially.

that's a little harder than than it sounds conceptually because you have to there I think there's tax implications for something like that. Um, perhaps if you were like a charitable entity, you could do something like that. but uh I don't know I never really looked into it. yeah, that is wo something.

stealerships H there's the stealership word you know I tried I I really really really really did uh to try to break that uh stigma. uh about going to the dealership you know I wanted my my community I wanted my following I wanted you all to feel comfortable when going to the dealer I wanted you to feel comfortable when you're when you're uh, interacting with uh, sometimes just a technician and a lot of the customers wanted to deal with just me. um wanted to I was fixing their investment. they wanted to talk to me.

so it, um, it kind of I don't know. you didn't feel appreciated. It's it. I think it's about Appreciation Day I think the customer appreciated me more than really.

any. See, there's Cp's garage there he is. It's a culture thing. it's a major culture thing because you have to have pride in your work and almost knowing that no one going to care and it it all.
Blends In with flat rate and you know flat rate is the reason that you go to work. you're trying to make some money, but uh, it's it's a lot of politics and unless you've lived that life, it's I'm actually finding it hard to to come up with the words like to really Encompass the whole system as a whole. but I I think there's a reason that a lot of folks are are walking away from the flat rate dealerships and they're they're striking out on their own I mean I did it. Uh, Ford boss did it.

uh Aaron has just done it like everybody's just walking away from the you know, punch the time Co time clock and be a guest man type of behavior when no one's appreciated in the end. and it was important to me robot, it was important to me to have you guys come to the dealer to have you guys you know not call it a Steelers ship because that's not what we all were or are bearded Forex said trusted like a robot at a dealer. If you care about your work, the gravy train riders are always praised. What he's talking about is, you know the guy that can pull dashes without a scratch on them? He's just expected to do that.

And then they'll give the really easy work. you know the tires and alignment and some break jobs and suspension work to? that's the gravy work. That's the gravy train. They'll give that to a mid-level OR lowlevel technician and those guys will just cruise through a bunch of hours.

So you got your your low skilled guys on paper outperforming your topend guys and it no. but the topend guys won't feel appreciated because they you know they don't get the attention for it. They don't get any kind of recognition for what they're actually delivering. Chris Chris Hogan he's uh, he's from our Channel um um yeah one of the channel members here Chris he's in the in the comments.

He just was uh giving me a shout out here for uh, talking to him about getting his warranty warranty work done and that that's the thing a lot of people not only come to our channels to decide how to spend their money with whether it be a tool we're using or a product we're putting on our truck. um you know, because we were at the dealer had the dealer I me. we got that access anyway now so it doesn't matter but being at the dealer we were able to help you guys on the other end kind of facilitate their um their warranty repairs because they're going to the dealer and not knowing what to say or you know what what is really going to take place and knowing that next step when you're bringing your truck in made your you know your experience not coming to me but at your dealer that much better because you didn't want to. you know, have them rip you off or do something or I guess ultimately not fix your concern but somebody asked, is it wrong to tip your mechanic I don't think so.
Um I think you should do it before they work on your car though, not after. There's always incentive. There's always Financial incentive. Definitely, if you if you feel like giving a tip to somebody, maybe try that person out once and see how they did and then next time you come back to them, tip them before they start.

it's well. I mean somebody called it a bribe I wouldn't call it a bribe, but it's certainly a motivator. Yeah, don't take it to the negative, there's enough. There's enough bribery in the higher ups of the echelons of the world.

Don't don't bring that into my corner. Oh thanks PTT Wife unit. What she say? Yeah, Um, you know it. it.

um I Saw a Tik Tock um a couple of weeks ago and um, you know it basically said that you know why people leave their jobs, is they wind up leaving because they're not appreciated and there's always another side of the story and that's always fine and dandy. but it's all up for interpretation and you're not going to understand unless you're in the trenches. and uh, Zeker, he's here. He knows he knows what we're talking about.

A lot of people in here know exactly what what we're talking about and have actually been to um, uh uh, the facility and um, have seen this progression keep going and now we are where we are and it's going to be U Very exciting for for not only myself, but uh, my family. Um, you know. uh Ray and and his setup. and my setup.

it's it's uh, um, there's more to the life than being at the dealership and that that's what I'm immediately finding out because I have been Ray and I were talking about this earlier. We have been in this mindset of being flat rate and being under under. You know? Come on, give me the next one. Let's go.

You know and you scared me. You scared me I was I was reading comments I was like mad at me. It's um, it's a mind mindset that I'm just done just done with and it bleeds out from work into personal life and dealing with with you know, uh, the children and you know, let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go The rat race that is competition. I'm I'm just I'm done with that man.

It's mentally taxing because your whole livelyhood is based on how much you can produce. So you want to get jobs, make money, park it, get another one, make more money, and the more you can achieve, the more you can earn and theoretically the better life you can create for yourself. And the problem is is that flat rate mentality. It will spill over into other avenues of life so you'll become impatient or you won't want to pay attention to the one of your children that are talking because you're always like go Now this project that switch gears, do something else, hurry up and it.

uh I think it can be toxic if you can't compartmentalize it and separate it. But when you spend 50 or 60 hours a week behaving like a flat rate person, it uh I I think you have to sacrifice something. you're you're I hate to say that you let things affect you, but when you're in this environment and this mind state of con I can't I can't put into words how you can't allow that to affect you. There's other people at work at the job that nothing would.
Nothing would bother them I just personally had a hard time letting things go and the things that bothered me I would bring to attention that maybe people didn't want attention or um I I a pain in the ass is what is what it comes down. I was a big pain in the ass. We all turn into padas so well what happens is you. you you get frustrated with other people because they're you're trying to do something top tier and other people show up for a paycheck and your paycheck is resting on somebody else that doesn't care like deliveries.

for example you you order parts and they don't show up but you needed it to and that in that impacts your paycheck. uh well. who is who said that it was low low so asked well he said he was late. uh why did Aaron quit Aaron quit because he's he grew out of it.

He grew out of it the same way we all grew out of it and and I really kind of pushed him a lot for for a long time. Get out. I was on this get out of that race car that roller coaster and I just I was sitting right here in the front seat right here and it was me getting written up. You got in trouble I hadn't been Ritt WR up but twice in 23 years.

one for doing a side job I knew it the second one. I'm working in a shop environment. my fault. he was cussing at an inanimate objects I was cursing you got in trouble and carrying on with vulgar obscenities to this truck I wasn't talk I wasn't around no did you throw a wrench I wasn't throwing nothing but what Set It Off was the creeper that I was sitting on has a little Katch all on the bottom and I didn't realize it had a crack in it and I was struggling trying to hold what I was holding to put on this truck and I kept putting the bolts and the nuts and the tools down here.

I'm like, why are they on the ground and I broke broke the I forcefully I'm not joking. Forcefully broke the bottom out of the thing and repeatedly stomped on the broken pieces of plastic and then proceeded to throw it in the garbage and the people. I'm sorry the multiple employees that decided to witness this felt very uncomfortable leading to this reprimand. You're writing me up because I lost self-control Are you serious? Because I was cussing.

Whoa. I think I think we're healing. We're having. We're having a healing moment.

Now it's all over. It's all over. now. He's escaped.

He has escaped. This happened for a reason I stood on that for an hour and I asked them do you want me to finish the pay period out or do you want me to leave now and they straight up told me it's best that you leave now. Okay, we're going to. Sage Aaron That was it here.
We are on the outside. yes we are. We're totally having therapy. Sober up dude bro.

I Beer We good, We good. Hey I'm the one drinking here. hold on. it was.

uh it was. uh how many 10 mils have you lost quite a few? It was all good. he's going to be coming to Florida Isa said something not Alex Aaron um I don't need to convince him no, he's going to. We're going to take some some flights down south.

he's going to do some work uh in the southern region and on occasion I'm gonna come up here and I can do some work up here too. We're going to have the ability to work um from uh Philly uh South Carolina North Carolina Detroit and Florida so if anybody is real istically in that side of the Eastern Seaboard um from Detroit to Florida um and maybe one coming in Tennessee we're not too sure yet. um but there's some stops along the halfway. so um you if you guys are interested in getting you know your truck looked at worked on diag um modded up whatever.

uh we can try to get you. uh thanks Larry We can try to get you? um on one of our schedules and get that job facilitated. Can we go to New York and and crash? ero we could just kind of just pull up one day. I'll ask him if he's got oil changes.

What do you guys think we will be having? I've gone too far. he's like do it truth deflector do detector do it a Courier Service never been that far. part prices. yeah we I've seen some part prices and I've also seen some part number is disappearing I talked about that in my video yesterday.

um I went on Rock Auto and I pretty much cleared out every single uh obscure GM part number I could get that fit my truck and what used to have inventory that was in the dozens like leaf spring bolts for example. There were plenty of those uh, that I found available a few months ago and they were down to like one or two in stock now. So I think that some of the the part Surplus is starting to dry up a little bit. thanks Ronnie hey Ronnie's Here what's up buddy Ronnie Ronnie makes the cups that I sell at my office and I am soon going to feature Ronnie's Creations on my merchandise store on my website but it's not open yet.

but soon if I see Eric O I'm going to try to get him to do an all change video % hey Roger's here. what's up Roger I Never got to say hi to you Roger has been on my channel since the early days. he he comments like 264th or 415th. like whatever comment he shows up at, that's what he will comment down below.

He's been doing it for years. It's great! hi Roger Nice to finally see you sir. How are you chat slowed down are great I Love these guys we have! We have the best community good ratio too. We have a thousand Watchers and 55 likes.

That's a fantastic ratio. These guys are the best! I like when you guys come to my channel and you you will let me know you're like I've been sent here from Ray was at race Channel saw something on you know on the B they come over and then vice versa. Um it's cool to see you guys come cross and mingle. I have a parts washer I I really do but the problem is is it's a harbor freight and it's broken and I need a new one Glenn Said something about a parts washer Richard Thank you for welcoming me to Michigan Yo what up? Kurt Thanks brother we appreciate you Hi Kurt I was just talking to him on email.
The world's getting small isn't it David Atkins What the what? the okay? just subscribe to A-Rod 2 Thank you Po Fan Pokey is it Pokey or po I would I said po because poan poke like Pokemon yeah poke is it poke fan po Words want me to come down there James raise There you go. There's a good comment joking about the bribes? No, you're good man. No, it's it's all jokes. It's totally all jokes.

I mean I mean you can get places with bribes too for sure. Kidding 24 Silverado HD Gas oo do you need an HD truck that's not a diesel? uh I don't like on ton gassers I they don't tow as well and if you have a on ton it stands to reason you might be. Towing I I Personally would not buy a 3/4 ton or a one ton gas truck. that's just me.

We need to go main. it's cold, it's colder up there. 455 3500 HD Yeah, that's a gas hog. David You sent a t-shirt idea I have a t-shirt company I will check out your T-shirt idea I've created my own because I found that some of the stuff that uh was going out with the current supplier was it was not ideal and I decided I uh I didn't want to use that supplier for much longer.

So I created my own supply chain for t-shirts So I'm totally going to check that out. English is hard. Yes, words are hard. They are that there's Roger from Pier South Dakota He always comments you're oh, you're like way behind, way behind.

Yeah, you're way behind. There's a 90c delay on the chat. Yep, you're way behind, Hey, you can't do that. yeah I Have to delete somebody.

Hold on a second. My moderators missed something is Lauren getting an F250 for Christmas No, she's not just sub to A-Rod Thanks for the com Thanks BR Thanks Brother Monk Syrup versus syrup. It is syrup syrup. It's not syrup.

One of our, um, yeah, you're opening a can of worms with that one because okay, we're done with that. They're going to start telling us which one it is. Is it syrup or we're done with that. No, you brought it up.

You brought that up. We're married. This is okay, You brought that up. Click on the title.

Uh, you'll see my my name there in the title or right here. Power Stroke Tech talk with A-Rod Yeah, Check them out. It's Wednesdays nine o'clock Eastern time we have a live stream and I join Aaron on his channel as a guessed soda or pop it is soda or Coke it's soda or Coke we don't call it pop. uh I would say I would say caramel in regular speech but I would not hesitate to call something a caramel just for fun because it's fun to say caramels.
Canadian triu syrup cup. It's scissor fries. No, there are fries. And there are chips.

Chips are Not fries. Potato wedges are chips. What Potato wedges. Potato wedges.

Potato wedges are potato wedges That's the same as a chip which is derived from French fries. I say pop I Don't say Pepsi equals rotten coffee. thanks Pepsi is like flat. Coca-Cola That's that's how I see it.

Potato wedges. Um Dr Pepper or Coke Dr Pepper or Coke Okay, hang on. Cost of gasoline. There's the higher cost of diesel fuel is why I got a gas motor.

Okay I get that. but I think per volume to extract the same energy I think diesel is more efficient because you can get more mechanical conversion out of the fuel with the diesel with the turbocharger than I think you can with the gasoline in your so you have to burn a bunch of fuel. You have to use more fuel to do the same work that the diesel would be able to do. All I know is when I towed with my gas engine I got like eight miles to the gallon and same trailer with the diesel.

I get 13. That's not too bad. that's not yeah because if you had a gas, you'd be getting five six Yeah, what did I just walk into? Who did? Who walked into what you walked into? Well you walked into my live stream. Hello, how are you welcome? Hey, what up forj appreciate you torque and maple syrup and Diesel is the only way.

Yeah, it's pretty efficient. Paletto Florida that's my neck of the woods. What's up man? these are our people. Florida While I be servicing electric autos in the future? Me: probably not.

Yeah I I think there's enough gas diesel vehicles to see me right on through to retirement? Yeah I'm gonna let the uh the Next Generation deal with the electric stuff yeah I don't think so. Ray's got a good point because um how I I'm looking at so being in the game let's just say 20 years all right I have worked all the way through. um uh, the end of the seventh threes I worked through the whole entire 60 64 and now my favorite here. Uh, the 67 and I'm still working on uh, six liters.

so if I'm still working on those and those have been on the roads for over 20 years. Well, 20 years now if you had3 60. um um, looking at the 67 and they've been out longer than the 60, there are so many 67s are on the road. uh uh, I I there are so many of them I don't I don't have to work on anything else and as far as I'm concerned, just like he said, there's enough these that's going to be on the road for us for until we retire.

I'm I'm gonna book a PT Cruiser next time he's in Florida I'm gonna give him a timing chain water pump job I will and the front motor mount on a PT Cruiser I'm tot to do it Power Stroke Duramax or Cummins I like my Duramax and Aon is fluent in 67 Power Stroke We don't have a A A Cummins expert around here I don't know anybody with a Cummins um you know they all do something very similar and they just do it in a slightly different way. PT Loser that's funny I don't know why why I have all those Cruisers in the lot I he said I attract PT losers I don't know it's they made a lot of them W Dog fight Not really I don't want to work on Alpha Romeo's negative nope crowy says he's watching. Is he at work? ker are you at work? he might be who drives a PT Cruiser I own one I bought one from a customer I've never fixed it uh Transmission in my Silverado isn't Allison Yep, that's the the sixspeed Allison that's half the reason that I bought that truck. That's funny though.
C this uh follower here Kai where'd it go he said A-Rod will never be out of work. The power strokes will always fail in need repairs. Nothing that they always fail. They fail because some bean bags driving them forget that they have fuel filters and it's got 60,000 miles on it.

g was why you were doing that'll uh that'll kill you every time. That's prob. Yeah, Diesel guys change your field filters. That's a problem I see I saw you poking Lauren's trying to poke tring to read, trying need a wider screen.

She was like come on in honey you come come hang out with me here. I'm reading the comments. they're kind of. they're going fast.

Is the six seven the best? Yeah, they're all similar like the the the 66 Duramax and the 67s were built of the same generation and they have to do the same job. Uh, they both break everything breaks. Um, they're not horrible engines and they're not. and the Duramaxes weren't horrible engin.

So I you know I think at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. As long as it's not a Commons we're good. Highest mileage: 73 I've personally seen C's got 500,000 Yeah, does he really have 500 Cp's garage? Yeah Cody has half a million on his 73 Lakeland Florida hello Jeff I brought a lawn ornament that with the Chrysler badge. Yeah that no I'm gonna fix that PT Cruiser Jacob's talking about this that PT Cruiser that I bought I will fix that I'm gonna pull the head I will put a remman head on it, make the thing run again and then I will sell it I did not pack the sunshine to come up here.

No no I escaped it was it was flipping hot down there I had to get out hot and humid I'm not going to blow up the PT Cruiser no no no I'm just going to fix it and sell the thing. Get a free BMW at 1 million miles really. So if you own a BMW and you make it to a million, they'll give you a new one. Is that heater on? not yet? Yeah, there's it's called.

There are heaters in the garages here. Check that out. I got to I got to show my my shirt my wife I'm such oh that's why we love you The Rubis Su Yes this the Rubis Su is still around I have to put another thermostat in it. it was.

It was running warm and I called the fellow that owns it and he said said that the thermostat that was in the Subaru when I first got the car was a it was a lower Temp thermostat and with a higher Temp thermostat the thing will run hot. So I've got to pull that thermostat out and change it with another one. It's almost done. The truck is still kind of stripped out.
My truck is what Patrick's talking about I put um a to all the car out of it and I'm in the process of putting stick on sound dead deadening insulation on the inside. How much noise reduction I don't know I don't know how much I'm going to get but I know it's better than nothing. You are a bus backwards I Am a bus You a bus. What am I doing with your life I Don't know what am I doing with your life or what are you doing with your life I Want the attention of anybody local to the Detroit Metro Detroit area? or if you want to drive from wherever I mean I guess I Don't you? you can drive from Hawaii I Don't care, you cannot.

Um, but you can put it on a boat from Hawaii I Am looking. Check this out for a 67. Okay, that is single alternator because this is going to go where the Uh dual generator would sit. This is a liquid Heat generator.

This is a coolant pump that is hooked in line to your factory cooling system with the quick disconnects at it right at your heater core and when this spins, it's got a a Uh AC clutch type device here on the front of this pulley and when this engages uh via the belt and a drive, uh, there's a torque inverter coupling scenario that goes on in here and shears the coolant when it is spinning and thus creates friction transmitting that friction into the fluid which is then transferred into your engine. Um far. um, raising the temperature? Uh, way better, far better than the much more better, much more better. Um, so what does it do these Plum into your heater core lines and it's like an auxiliary heat that's engine driven for it's for Michigan and stuff I don't know and it'll shut off.

It'll shut off when it gets the temperature so it's not like it runs all the time. But what I'm getting at is I Need to install this on a truck? uh before the winter and I'm looking for one of you guys to receive a free uh, a free kit. Um, maybe we can work out something with the install but um I would be do an install for you can hang out with us. takes about a couple hours and you would be the recipient of this and we just kind of want to follow your story and uh, see what you are thinking um or how you're how you're that how you're liking it because when I first saw the footage from the truck um, that was in their video.

When you have the Um supplemental heat package, it basically does nothing compared to this. It was blowing out like 130 degree air out of the vents. uh within like 3 minutes. Three and a half minutes of driving which is being at 21 degrees F was considerably.

Splendid So um email me power stroke Tech talk with a rod W Arod I should say at gmail um or look at me on other social media Instagram um but hey, it's getting cold. let's get you heated up I need to find a truck to put this on Could be you. The catch? is it? That thing has to go on a single alternator 67, not a dual alternator 67 because that thing takes the place of one of the alternators. Is that right? Yeah, I would have put it on mine, but I got Co Yeah, he's got the Dual alternator set up.
There should be no ads during. Are there ads again? No, there's not I turned ads off. no way. that's so funny.

Someone said you two look like brothers and then someone said that me and Kelly look like sisters. No no, no for real I I told them not to run mid rolls because the last live stream there was a boatload of ads. They stuck them in like every 30 seconds. I think YouTube's just gonna do what they want.

They're gonna do what they want. Sorry guys. I tried to not do this time. How many are we getting a bunch of them? Yeah, they're all like straight to two so far.

Okay, okay I got to figure that out. Like how often are they coming in like 10 minutes? Five minutes? Okay, yeah, some people haven't seen any I haven't seen any ads? Well, if you have YouTube maybe it wouldn't show up. Yeah. three ads in the past 30 minutes.

Okay, so they're running them every 10. Excuse me every 10 minutes Ronnie didn't get any. Okay, so some of us are getting them. Yeah.

YouTube runs ads. Yeah, yeah, William didn't get any someone else Donald got one. All right. Yeah, ad blockers folks are using the ad blockers premium.

That's that's my jam. YouTube premium. no ads for you? Yeah, so most of us I' I'd say like two-thirds of the viewers are catching ads in here. Well, thanks for the feedback guys.

That's cool. You're all scoot in since Aaron's not here I'll take he left. you had three so far. Man Boys truth detector set it best.

14 bucks a month? Yeah! I I agreed. I I use YouTube premium and I like it because when like let's say I want to minimize like if I'm watching a video and I min minimize it. Excuse me? Uh, it'll still continue to play the audio in the background and then I can do something else with the phone and it's still just, uh, it's still playing my video. That's one of the cool features about Premium.

For the low low price of $4.99 a month, we won't bother you and interrupt your content. Gota. Well, that's how thing. Yeah, that's that's how they get paid.

that's it's Revenue it's it's a It is a business and that's how it works. Are you guys going to be excited for our new shirts coming out? I didn't tell them yet I always got Banks new shirts. Oh he's got new shirts Yeah no I didn't tell them yet about the shirts I mentioned it but I didn't like tell them what we had I'll do it later technically we don't have any I mean I have a couple I have some hats and Ronnie has some cups I do have some shirts but I didn't show anybody the hats or the shirts yet I'll show you guys maybe next week. I think at Le I know before SEMA for sure I will have like all new hats and shirts and maybe some stickers before we go to.
SEMA I'll give you a sneak peek. The shirts at the end of this month kind of look like this look like a t-shirt two sleeves. Ah you had me going I was like what do they look like You have one? What? Really? How did you get one of the samples before? I did he got me? He spilled the beans? Yeah, you know there's no secrets we Have No Secrets I don't like the uh I don't like that will A-Rod I mean if someone wants to bring me their 4D GT I mean I won't have access to a 4D GT but if you want me to, does Banks have a tuner for a 64? Is that what you said? I didn't know those were still. did he have a what a tuner for 64 I Don't know.

Go Um, go to Bankspower.com and check out their application guide for their product line. That's a Manish hair dude I got my hair in a ponytail a Manish hair dude yeah I didn't do my ha. my wife unit is not Manish Manish awfully Manish you're awfully Manish I Bet you that Banks's pedal monster will fit your 47 Dakota Wait, is that is that? Drive by Thrott wire or um, is there a throttle cable on your Dakota prob cable? Yeah, you can hook an Ey Dash into your Dakota I Know you can do that I Know it may sound silly, but like the ID Dash really can be for anybody, it's for any car. So much more information.

You want to know temperature or say you got a EcoBoost and you want to know boost like the actual number I Mean there's it's not a tuner, it's just a monitoring device and you can pull codes. It's a standalone gauge package so you can actually pull. if you buy the sensors that come with the Idh and the module. you can get OBD2 level monitoring of data without an OBD2 system so you could put it in an older car.

Ray Are you comfortable with working on high performance? Vehicles Sure, Uh, what do you got I mean I'm not scared. it's all just nuts and bolts. Don't ruin it and don't wreck it. Does Banks work on Australian sheds I Do want to make more videos about the DeLorean but I have not heard from the fellow that owns the DeLorean I'm supposed to put the uh, the struts on that DeLorean whenever he's ready to bring it down.

but I have not heard back from him yet. What you looking for? Do wife? No, no, oh stop I'm gonna you know I'm gonna delete you two. Let's behave yourselves, you guys. Where's Cliff at Cliff You're fired.

You're not moderating properly. What happened to Troy with the Jeep Collection Troy quit and he took his Jeeps with him. he home. Yeah Troy left.

he was. uh, he had other priorities to attend to and he and I have parted ways so he's free to to do what he's got to do. Nobody mentioned Aaron's hair I know I did my haircut yesterday don't he cut mine yesterday? That's actually why I flew all the way up here to get haircut what do you guys think and we had gangster dinner and well you know what they say. they say a good Barber is hard to find.
So yeah, I fly across the country would you guys guys come to see me to get your truck fixed and a haircut possibly a beard trim, face shave? I'm going head shave. What's your dream truck I don't know Superduty fits I'd like the best Superduty like the highest trim level one and if I didn't have to pay for it, that'd be dope. I'd take a 450 Platinum swayed out out camera out screened out but yeah I'm on my way Dobby said he's on his way I can give haircuts like the cheaper welder? no no no, we're not doing, we're not doing. Oh speaking of 67 work, if you guys down south in my neck of the woods need six7 work, uh Aaron can fly down for sure to schedule.

um if uh, you want to bring one of your diesels to my shop to get him to work on or myself or both of us go to my website Rainman Rais Repairs.com and click the appointments thing to get my shops email. Uh, we have a couple of lined up for the 2ish weekend in December Um, but like you said, hit the email. That's kind of the time frame that we're starting. Uh, right now.

what do I think of the Motor City I Remember it's it's bringing me back I I Grew up in Northwest Ohio long, long ago in another life and the architecture and the roads and the climate and the smells and the just everything. It's kind of bringing me back to a to another time. so it's it's foreign to me, but it's also familiar. Stop off at SMA to drust the bolts right.

We should road trip it over there just to uh, not in Toledo I south of Toledo I'm bar from Detroit for life oh you're not allowed in I got kicked out I got kicked out of Canada once Detroit is a sewer I mean it's got its uh it's got its its areas that's for sure I Love it Bruce I Will tell you when it is time to get coffee cups. no worries, we should have them. We should be live at with the merchandise store off of the website. uh by the end of the month have a Detroit Cony dong before you go I saw like 12 Cony dog places on the way to town last night.

um scroll it up. Yeah right, that's funny. Leavon was fly a fine Square roads and so much Automotive yet very racist out of time. Why is it racist I'm gonna delete you too.

you're not supposed to King Ranch that was a guy that we met down. we met him and his wife I worked on his truck. Um how about a Harley Superduty I Haven't said anything to the Um to the audience but we will be getting uh shortly. um a 2005 my second favorite 60 Harley truck and I'm kind of excited because it's going to be a piece of content that I'm going to be talking about on the channel a and um I still have a lot of parts for the 6o I have so much crap for the 6o maybe we could kind of piece a lot of stuff together and make some stuff better because it does have 190 ,000 miles on it, 180,000 miles on it I've been the only Tech that's worked on it since 12,000 miles and um yeah, it's GNA be kind of exciting so they're all telling me to go get a Coney Dog before we leave.
Yeah yeah, I have not. The last time I had a Cony dog I was on like one of the peers in New Jersey when I was a kid and I don't know if those are the same Coney dogs as the conies you have here. Oh, you got to your PO Box somebody sent you some knipex pliers oo some Kip Xes those are the bests I'm going to call if you call them Kip xes they get mad at you and if you call them if you call them nipex, they also get mad at you. Oh the kids are watching Yeah hi guys, hi babies, hi kitties my kids my kids are watching the live stream.

hey little kitties, hi, are they I bet they're freaking out right now. Hi guys, we miss you I I'm not going to disclose their names. no no, they they know who they are. they know.

Thanks for stopping by Kimberly We appreciate you. Sorry for your loss. Oh goodness no you guys I didn't I didn't finish my truck yet. it's uh, it's half finished I did not.

um I'm wait I'm actually waiting on more insulation for the firewall I need thicker stuff and uh so I have not finished yet. It's probably going to be like two more weeks. Realistically I think if you guys are around here in in, uh, the Detroit area, um I'd like to have a meet up at Ford's Garage If you guys have had an opportunity to eat at their restaurants there, uh, they're in Florida I don't I I think they're another place we have one in Sarasota Ford's Garage I Did we go to a Ford's Garage when we were in California or was that the like the museum. Was it the Ford motor museum or somethingi remember she said macaroni and it wasn't macaroni Marone Mar Marone Car museum or something? What's with the knee tracks thing? Yeah, it is a disaster.

The Silverado is a disaster. How about full electric cars? Um I Tow trailers. So I'm not interested in electric. Hey, it's that's just the truth.

That's what it is. IO trailers no electric. sorry I mean we'll go out of the country I have a golf cart that's Elect Mccrone the original Wireless Telegraph no busted. Can you answer why the name rain and Ray this time.

Nope. I Was not prepared to go into that explanation and you put me on the spot in front of all these people. Nope. I'm not gonna do it.

Did you ever go to the Freedom Factory I've been there yeah you have you been. You been to the racetrack I Have been to the Fruen factory before I've never met Cletus but I have been to the doto Raceway I've been going there for years. R Ramen noodles Rainman Noodles Rainman noodles yeah. Had two vs and sold them both that were under warranty and had issues down for months with repairs.

Ouch! What? Duramax should a person stay away from? Um I'm G to answer that with a half answer because I'm not educated enough. Uh, the I think it's a three liter the baby Duramax They have an oil P oil pump that is driven with a wet belt under the rear cover of the engine. so the crankshaft turns a belt which runs down and then turns the oil pump. that oil.
That oil pump belt is saturated in in engine oil and it is a 100,000 mile replacement belt and they say you have to pull the transmission off to replace the belt as a maintenance item. Um so to answer that question as best as: I think I can I would not own that engine because number one, it's not a Duramax and I don't like the idea of rubber belt in the oil pan riding around so I would not buy one but that's just me. Maybe you might be one of those that buys a card, turns it in before the warrant expired. If that's the case, then it might be the one for you, but not for me.

Tom JB is super excited because he's GNA be getting rid of his bloody Cp4. Is he doing the uh, is it the DCR conversion? He? He's super excited. That's the that's the pump that you put in on that one truck at my shop like last month, right? Yep, y I Want to do one of those? It's going to be fun Upstate New York Joshua Lewis You got that Mr Miyagi look going on No miss Mr Mr Rico What are you doing? Yeah Zer got it. Yes, it's the DCR yes, DCR a rod and R hey what is DCR what's the acronym stand for I Don't know then why is it called that? I don't know what are your thoughts on the Ford Raptor they're pretty bad I mean bad badass what I meant Um, and um, for those guys that have those ecob boosts, whether it's in the Raptor um or the Expedition or whatever, um, there's going to be some more um um, carb compliant tuning.

Uh, coming to the channel um through the use of that handhold stct that we were using. So we're kind of excited. Um, to be able to make another video for you guys guys, we're coming up. I Think we're coming up on the one hour one hour mark? I I think I'm going to go ahead and start packing this one up.

Has the UAW strike affected your ability to obtain Parts Not yet, but it's going to not yet. Oh, someone's like no, don't leave I don't want to run a two-hour live stream tonight I'm I'm on vacation and right now this is work mode but I did want to check in with you guys I wanted to introduce Aaron let you know that we're g to be up to some collaboration action uh down south and up north because I'd like to Snowbird in the upcoming years during August and get out of Florida make sure to subscribe like subscribe Powerstroke Tech talk with A-Rod Check us out on Wednesdays on his channel I will put links to his channel and into one of our live streams down inside of this stream's description after it's finished airing and hopefully we'll see you guys then. Thank you guys for watching I'm out. See you guys later in of transmission.
There we go.

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