After MONTHS of obstacles this EJ25 Subaru Engine is finally ready to go back in the 1999 Legacy Outback AWD. It came in with a coolant leak and oil leak in part 1, we found a leaking water pump. During service we found a seized water pump bolt which broke off during removal. After spending hours attempting a failed extraction in part 2, I gave up and ordered a salvage engine to replace it with. The engine was lost in Virginia during the Yellow Freight trucking company shut down, never to be seen again. Unable to locate a suitable replacement, attempts were restarted to extract the damaged bolt AND stud extractors that broke off in the bolt. In part 3, with the engine on the bench, we were finally able to remove the bolt, but the engine was damaged at the bolt hole and the threads were lost during extraction. During part 4 the block was drilled out and a thread insert called a time-sert was installed. Victory was short lived because immediately after, during the timing belt assembly, the belt tensioner bolt stripped out and pulled the threads. Another time-sert was installed and the engine is finally ready to be installed in part 5
Part 1 This is how it started! Customer States: Everything Leaking! Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5 AWD
Part 2 Drove IN Pushed Out! Damaged during Repair! Subaru Outback Legacy 2.2 2.5 @I_Do_Cars
This video is Part 3 Extracting the broken bolt! Welding Explosion! Intense Bolt Extraction! Will it FAIL? Subaru Outback 2.2 2.5
Part 4 Damaged Block Threads! Subaru Outback Legacy 2.2 2.5 Hurricane Idalia
Part 5 Engine Damage AGAIN! Subaru Legacy Outback 2.2 2.5 EJ25
SHORT Welding Explosion! Intense Bolt Extraction! Will it FAIL? Subaru Outback 2.2 2.5
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You guys want to see me run and scream like a little girl. That's a This Is How We Do It Begin re-welding Again Look, it's on fire. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! You guys remember this thing right. This is the 2.5 liter four-cylinder that came out of that 99.

Subaru Outback Out there you see that we got the engine pulled out last week and it came out because well, I was uh, doing a water pump job. we pulled the timing cover off I was doing a water pump job and I ended up breaking off one of the bolts in the block see that as I Zoom! Now what we can see down in there is my extractor. I've already drilled a hole in it, attempted to extract it, I've already welded things to it and attempted to extract it and nothing that I do is uh, is pulling that bolt out of the hole right there. So now that it's out of the engine and I can get a better kind of line of sight on it.

I'm going to try one more time with the welder to get a bead built up on that bolt and then we're gonna try to back that bolt out. I Don't know if it's going to happen. we had actually ordered a replacement engine for this because I kind of gave up after hours and hours of welding and the engine got lost in Virginia Don't know how it happened but the engine the only one for the 25 year old Subaru that I was able to get disappeared in transit so that put me back to dead in the water status the engines on the bench. So we're gonna try one more time to uh to weld that up some and get it built, get it built up and then extract that busted off bolt.

I I Don't know if it's gonna come out of there I I Don't think it is, but since we're here, it's at least worth another shot because I'm I have no other options I Fear that I'm simply just gonna waste a bunch more time and only end up in the same position that we're currently in. But now that we've got a better area to work with, I'm really, really going to try to get that thing out of there. Maybe this is going to work. Maybe it's not, but the welder will tell us.

wait, what is that? Oh man, my switch on the welder's busted. That's not okay. um okay. I have an idea.

I'll fix it. Oh that's an interesting new development. We now have a welder fixing video. see if uh, let's see if we can't get to the back of that switch and do something about it because I'd hate to have to junk a not cheap tool because the switch is broken.

Isn't that the way though? Break up 15 cent part and ruin a 500 machine How they do that? Sure there we go, pull this handle off I think it'll uh I don't know. I've never had this apart before and yes, it's already unplugged from the wall. You don't work on machinery I got it gonna work on? Machinery While it's plugged into the wall, because that would not be, you just want to do things that aren't safe. Usually let me know what we're doing.

Then it's not a safety issue, it's just a recklessness. I'm fine with recklessness. There's more on the other side. Looks like we got two more over here.
Okay, that's the lid. That's the cover. Holy smokes, it's not happy in here. Oh okay, that's the ground wire.

You disconnect that thing. your bare ground wire. Yeah, that's not looking very good. See, we've got going on.

Yeah, we have nest for creatures. There were many creatures living in here. I uh I Don't think they're okay anymore. There's a lot of Electrical uh components going on here.

Come here. wasps nest and get that one too. Hope they're not home. You guys want to see me running, scream like a little girl.

That's a this is how we do it I find living creatures in there. So anyway, here's the issue. This switch right here is broken clean off. So what I need to be doing is figuring out how to connect these two wires to create the on position.

I Think we're just gonna go well here and here. Yeah, it's off and on circuits off and on. so all I got to do is just connect those ones, connect those ones, and uh, at least then it'll work and I'll be able to use it again. Okay, Solution: Located: I think I made something.

Basically, there are some male Spade connectors and they're designed to just complete the circuit here so effectively. Uh, pretending as if this was just switched on. So you switch on the the low side switch. It connects these two circuits and that's one circuit powered up.

You select the second switch on connects these two circuits and then that's another switch powered up. So I'm just going to go ahead and Bridge These put this thing in high mode and then uh, then we can weld. It's probably not the greatest idea in the history of all ideas, but it's gonna work at least until I can figure out how to locate and order a replacement switch. Don't worry, I'm safe, the thing's still disconnected and it has not been powered up there.

We go get that one. uh, removed. This is pretty heavy gauge wire too. so I believe this is going to work out just fine there.

Okay, so the connections are now made. uh uh I guess I need to plug this in Moment of Truth We're gonna be okay. plug it in and it is on fans running. We're Fanning don't touch any of that danger very much Danger Okay, here's our ground cable: I'm gonna connect that uh way down here to this engine mount bolt.

There we go right at the bottom. What I'm going to do is: I'm going to hit that, put a bead on it, clean it up, put another bead on it. I'm gonna let this one ride a little bit longer. We'll clean it off again, hit it again, and I'm just going to repeat until I've got enough built up where I think I can involve a little nut onto it and then we'll try to spin the thing out.

Safety: Squints All right, there's a decent bead poking out. Let's get a nut over top of it, see what happens here? Okey-doke So I've got a nut that seems to be suitable-ish fitting over top of our little bead that we welded on seems to fit. okay. so let's give that one good more scrub down here or one more good scrub down.
Can't work and think and use my hands and talk and narrate at the same time. I Got some multitask abilities but they they do become limited. That's a different nut than the one I Just set down, but it'll work nonetheless. Yeah, I'm back in.

Let's get this thing buzzed on. see what happens. Nuclear mode engaged. It's flashy with this weld.

More Voltage increase the power, get in there nice and deep black. There we go. All right Well now. I Got the welder dialed in after we break this bolt off.

the next one, uh, should be a little bit easier or better welded on. Better we'll see I don't know. Penetrating oil, rapid cool down. there we go I think that's a 15 millimeter bolt that I just wasted.

Give her let's try to get this thing to uh to crack loose a little bit here you guys bruh. flashlight, the gravity, other flashing lights will get you every time. Anyway, got a three inch ratchet here sockets already on the bolt. Let's see what it does.

It's going to snap right off, but horrible penetration on that look at that. My bolt didn't even get welded on properly. Try again. but hey, at least the welds all stayed I Guess that's kind of a bonus there.

Let's try that. Begin re-welding again I Guess that BG is more playable than I Thought: Look, it's on fire. It's a good thing I got a welding helmet on. All right.

let's uh, try that again. it's gonna blow up a second time. Why not now? I'm scared I think we're good this time. that was wild.

There we go. Now we're starting to weld onto it, penetrate into the nut on the last go-around It's my first day no welder Minosha Violator one more right down there. All right, let's try it again. Attempting faith I'm horrible.

Don't do what I do? All right. just let me do it. Okay, leave the hard part to me. Okay, so this night I think it's the same size as the last one I just broke off here.

Find out it's either a 14 or this 15. it's in 14 but I'm gonna do it with the 15. see what happens. You can come out, it's gonna break off I think it's going to break off? Yeah, yep, she done broke right off.

polish it down again, re-weld it again. Need brake clean, more inflammable stuff? Yeah, if I can't fix it I can blow it up, shoot at it I'd like to shoot at it. Yeah, we get some air and blow the brake clean out of that I need this as clean as possible and attempt to I don't know I really don't know if this is gonna work. Let's blow the rest of the brake clean out of there.

All right. try it again. Safety: Squints Engage: We're getting in there deep. Yeah, you didn't scare me that time.

Exploding vehicle fire? That's great. Flaming water pump? Yeah, that's a whole new business right there. I've had too much brake clean in my life. losing it right? Ralph I Need to change out my tip wires stuck in there I was probably too close to it and I got the wire stuck in the middle of the tip.
It might be able to free up, but I also have a a whole pile or a whole box of replacement tips. Rather, come on out of there. Yep, here we cut this guy off things he bit there. new tip coming in.

go. still a little warm the Shroud around it, tighten that down and snip it off at the end. Okay, back at it. There we go.

we're gonna try. We're gonna do this with the washer method. Couldn't hurt. it'll help to get a good Bond on on the nut more clean.

Should I put more brake clean on this so it catches on fire again. What do you guys think? No, yes, you know the worst thing that could happen is I ruined the block the best. It's already ruined I can only attempt to save it at this point I have no other. No other options here.

Get that one in. it's hot in there. so I'm using the pliers done. Attack on over there.

How about this other side that's welded on so much it was melting the washer attack on this side too. All right now I'll go into the middle, hit it full nuclear. We're putting so much heat into that stud it's got to come out. Yeah, there we go.

All right time to let this thing cool off. I'm not going to penetrating oil it I'm just going to let it happen naturally. and then once it's cool, I'll uh I'll try one more time to spin that thing out. Maybe it'll come out.

maybe it won't I Hope it does. That'd be really nice. and now will be the Moment of Truth Yet again, let's get our socket on there and all that up. pretty bad, didn't I not kinda a little overboard that's going to break right off or the bolt is loose because it's moving.

Let's try with a wrench real quick. Yeah, watch this. coming in with a wrench so we can see that thing moved, see that it's not moving much, but it is moving so that's either the stud turning or my weld is horrible and it's just breaking off. It's going to kind of keep working at some where we left off last time when I killed this stop I get moves but it won't on thread now.

Whether I welded or got weld into the aluminum or not, it's one thing it could be like captured by Weld and I broke it trying to fix it. but I figure if I keep doing this again, moving those threads back there, maybe I can get that stuff to Wick its way in and help us out. I'm gonna put some torque on this. Okay A little bit of motion, turn it back a little bit.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm I'm getting like a little anxious here like I'm it feels like something's happening I'm probably just breaking my bolt thing off again. Yeah, it's just breaking off man. Okay, another attempts I didn't put that much love into this one.

No washer I just stuck another nut back on it. Running out of uh, pokes and dreams for this. but I I figure it's got to be taking away some material every time the bolt breaks off. So if I do this enough I should eventually just remove everything that I broke off right? That seems reasonable.
Realistic. realistically reasonable. I think that's just breaking Wells I Really Well I don't know. I'm kind of aggressive on it.

Is it gonna work this time or what? Really? No, No, no, no, we're not even gonna talk like that. Remember the last one with the Chevrolet this thing's gonna just it's gonna break right off and we're never gonna get it out. It's reverse psychology on it. Yep, it's gonna break right off.

No hope it's not coming out. Oh whoa is me. Get in there. Here it comes.

There's the snap that's our snapperoo. I don't know what happened in there. Do it again. doing the same thing expecting to not end up being insane.

Okay, so seeing as how cooling down in patience isn't uh, really helping us out here I'm just going to keep going back at it, see what happens so you're just going to keep breaking off and I'm gonna give up and go home or it's going to work. It still feels the same. Let's break this one off next. Come on, let's break off and get you out of the way.

So we got about five. ten minutes of doing this. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And it's moving more than it was when I started.

At least the motion there. So I it's either breaking off or it's threading. I'll just keep doing this. Back and forth, back and forth should break off at some point.

Let's go for the next, uh, next phase. the next wrench turn. so we can't encourage it just a little bit farther. Back and forth.

back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I'm losing my mind on this car so it hasn't broken off yet. I Keep doing this. Logic tells me that the threads have to be turning because that's so much motion that if I was twisting, welds or bolt or whatever, it should be breaking off.

right? That's a lot of back and forth. just gonna keep on keeping on it. It's got it. It's Something's Gotta happen here.

It's got to do something. Keep on doing that like I'm hoping that as I get to this position and it stops, it's like going just a little bit more and eventually I'll be able to power past whatever's blocking it for keeping the threads from unthreading. and uh, get that out if if it is in fact, loose, it might not be loose and I could just be bending and flexing. You know, whatever.

I welded. Okay, I'm getting a little tired of wiggling here. I'm gonna go ahead and uh. I'm gonna push past where it's starting to stop.

Yeah, push a little farther. see what it does. Well, we know what it's going to do. It's going to break off right.

Push it a little more. come on, mole and now it should be breaking any second. Now come on, we're waiting for you to break. Yep, here it comes.
Now we're gonna break. Yeah. I Can I can see it running kind of sideways. It's definitely about to break.

Here it goes. Now is when we lose it. Come on. Finish breaking off.

No No no, no, No. I got it. No way. Look at that.

She's out of there. It is out focus. Look at that thing. That's it.

now. Is there any threat left? Let's find out for a clean action. Did I ruin the block air hose coming in? Loud noises? Okay, so I did get it out. however I still don't know about those threads in there.

I I Chowdered them up pretty bad there. There are threads down in that hole. Focus a little bit in there. We do have some threads in it, but I don't know if they're any good.

I think they're ruined? Yeah, I think those threads inside of that whole are junk. Okay, well I have one of the water pump bolts here and that one does thread into the good hole. The question is going to be gravity. is it going to thread into the uh, not so good hole? Not a chance in there.

See if I've got a tap for this I think it's I mean since the things out I Suppose that's not it I Suppose I could put a I could drill it out and put like a Time cert in it I could do that I Don't know. Let's see here. Tap and dice. Tap and die.

Tap and die. Where are you there? You are. Tap and die set. You're coming with me.

Oh okay. M8 on 125 Let's see that's standard size. which means these are my metric sizes and the survey says it's an M6 on one I Think that's it. Yes, that is it.

That's a Uh M6 with a thread pitch of one. Okay, okay, let's see what's gonna happen here. Get that thing in centered as much as we can. Hopefully it'll start to catch the threads sideways.

I Think trying to eyeball this from from straight back over here I Don't think it's in exactly perfect yet. some lube in there? Yeah, let's clean these threads up. If I can get that bolt to thread in and it feels good, we'll check it to see if it holds some torque and if it holds torque, we can. Uh, we can put this engine back together and not have to replace it.

That would be great. If it doesn't hold torque then we've got to drill it out and install a Time cert which is a threaded insert. Okay, we bottomed out. This is not actually cutting.

Lube it's penetrating oil, but it'll work. It'll work. Need lubricants and we need to carry away the debris coming out the threads. Do We have threads in there? Blow this out again and my survey says we do have threads? We do.

So now let's try the bolt. We can get this bolt to thread in. we might be okay here, and that's in there. Bolts in.

Okay, my only concern is we lost about a quarter inch of the threads up in the front here. and because of that, that means all the other threads have to take up the leftover. and some of the threads at the bottom of these bores was not. uh, not even being used according to the witness marks on the other bolts in there.
So when I replace this bolt, I may have to end up getting one that's about a quarter inch longer. This is gonna work I'm gonna be able to fix this no way. I Did not expect that to happen. but I got it.

It's it's working with my my I don't even know what to call that. my piece together, wired, connected, welder thing and some more space. We got her out like it's out of there and don't tell me. you could have got this out when it was in the chassis because I spent four hours trying to get this thing out when it was in chassis and it wasn't happening and I gave up and I tried again the next day and it wasn't happening and I gave up I broke off so many extractors in there that I had lost all hope for uh to actually Salvage this thing and even still, this right here is it's cutting it pretty close.

I mean this is real close. I'm gonna have to pull some black magic out of the hat to uh to get this uh, water pump to the seal back in and not this pump either. we're putting in another pump Anyway, we got it. we're good to go.

So I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. I'm going home. it's late in the day, we're all done, so we had a boatload of progress happen in the shop this week. cleaned a bunch of stuff up, uh, more on that to come later on.

a little bit of reorganizing. It's not permanent because nothing ever is. so uh, Heavens blah blah blah about all that as always like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did, let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below. Do not forget that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourself a great day. See you guys later in a video in a transmission Beginning of Subaru Repair slash restoration I'm so excited this thing is going to live again! Yes!.

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    wow – just wow.I was sitting on the edge of the seat hoping for a good result

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Hudick says:

    I really hate watching people cleaning buggered holes with cutting taps instead of with thread chasers. The hole's already damaged. Attacking it with a sharp tap will do it absolutely no good. Buy a set of thread chasers !!

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Lawnmower Lady says:

    I admire your tenacity! Perseverance pays in the end.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars william armstrong says:

    Ray; as you have the engine out, why don't you drill and tap?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars christopher swanson says:

    Look it's on fire 😂😂

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim says:

    Yes I agree don’t cool it down, just rock it gently back and forth and fingers crossed

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Dangerous says:

    By rapidly cooling the nut down with the penetrating oil you are making the metal in the nut and weld brittle. Let the nut cool down naturally (take a break no pun intended) and try again.