In this video I bring you along as I do some routine maintenance on a 2011 Subaru Forester. I'll be installing an Aisin Timing Belt Kit that includes all of the idler pulleys, the water pump and the tensioner. I'll throw in a new thermostat to and show you some tips along the way that may help you working on yours.
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Viewers welcome back to the self manual. Channel that's a 2011 Subaru it's the Outback It's got the big two five. It's got about a buck 40 on the clock. Uh, guy has not done the timing belt and water pump job yet I Think we've probably done a video on one of these I'm sure we'd probably have, but this is what we got to work on this morning and I said the next car I'm bringing in I'm making a video for the people here we are and I'm hoping this little guy's gonna cooperate with us.

I see the uh, a little radiator hose there? The hose clamps on it are quite Rusty swall. And that can usually mean that the lower bolts on the timing cover are Rusty and small and they can be kind of a pisser to take off. Uh, well. let's do what we got to do folks.

Let's get started. I Think what I'll do to try to make a little more release. It's kind of a silly job. try to record needs to be a little difficult.

I think I'm going to take and pull the fans out where I ordinarily wouldn't uh to, you know, just to do a timing belt. So I think I'll do that. it's just a couple bolts on those if they want to cooperate. It could be making a mountain out of a molehill here.

So let's get started. Give her a little Spritz there to give it some Hope on these fan screws. That one was pretty crusty. Wiggle this thing around the way.

same thing here. We'll get this load out of our way. We'll mark our belt this side out because we're going to be reusing the serpentine belt this way. Here it's less likely to, uh, squeal and carry on.

I Always just put them on the same direction that they were. Might be a waste of time, but might not Spritz down these fan bolts. Yeah, be real careful with these things. Boy, these they won't twist and just snap off.

They'll break off the top of the radiator here where they're that square, not as captured inside this little piece of plastic you go to turn it, snap. Next thing you know, you got a broken radiator. We'll get the coolant jug out. You get right here I don't know if you guys can see it but I can't I think I can do it one-handed but I can show you.

you push this little tab in right here and then you push the jug out. Hey, look at that. We did do it one-handed I Can't believe it and that's it. That's all you need to do.

You know, decide to hook your hose like so and then she'll slip right out. Let's get these out of here before the coil completely dissolves them. Oh that, it's not feeling good my guy. Well, that would feel this great.

This one not so great. I Told you these won't snap off. this one might well. I Thought that coil was gonna just dissolve that bolt, but it seems It's not.

This one's feeling okay. This one's feeling okay. We're gonna have to work this one a little bit. I'll show you a little tip to keep it from breaking off that radiator.

so just take your needle nose vice grips. It's not a really super Slick Trick But don't crush it, but you have to put enough pressure on it that you'll keep it. You'll keep that square nut from trying to spin in there and then this gives you something to hold against the radiator. You know what I mean You know what I mean dude.
So this one's coming out pretty easy, but you can see it's kind of flimsy and that captured nut will spin around in there and break the radiator foreign the end of. The Nut If you will, we can just keep douching it with the coil, which at this point it's pretty well coiled up. Keep working it. I Guess can I Can't seem to keep my socket on things today.

There goes the nut. She just spun in the housing. Not cool dude. Now we got to see if we can spin back the other way, but once they spin, it can be real pain because they take a little plastic with them.

I Think the best possible solution in a scenario like this is because we only have one bolt that won't come out. Ultimately, we don't want to break this entire tank. This tab here that sticks off the radiator, but what we can do is we can very gingerly just nip the top of this. just like that and what that'll do that should allow this bolt to slide straight up and out.

In theory, Then we can get it out or we can touch it with our mitts. Oh, we got some blood coming through the glove. Um, we should be able to wiggle that straight up and out. I'm thinking it's not quite six millimeter Gap there.

Get this thing to wiggle straight up now. then we can get the nut off the bolt. We'll still be able to stick it back in there just like so. So being that we have it loose and this won't cause any, you know, any damage to the radiator, most people would probably never even notice it, but we'll be able to loosen this up now.

Put a little heat on it, and then we'll be able to stick that square capture nut right back down in there. It's a little tight because the slot we cut isn't quite as big as our Bowl but uh, no harm, no foul doesn't hurt the radiator and we can still get our fan assembly too. So I Don't know if we can get it out without popping hose out first or not. Yeah, we can.

So your plugger for this fan is right down in the lower right hand corner. That's for that fan and this fans down here on the side also. But this fan. you have to reach down.

you'll feel the two transmission lines. If it's a automatic, you'll feel the lines. I'll show you where they where they hook into it. You can just reach down in and flick them out.

same thing with the connector here. I'm gonna move the fan over a little bit see if I can't reach the Uh connector. Get that undone. I'll show you what they look like because if you've never done one like that, be familiar.

But we just do. lots of Subaru head gaskets. but your um your training lines go into this groove right here. You just got to reach down and pop them out and then your connector is right there on the bottom left hand corner and I'll show you what that looks like down there in the hole.
The two training lines sit just like this. They click right into the right into the fan and here is your Um connector for that one and your connector for the one on the passenger side. 28 inch by 14 inch piece of cardboard life hack for you. This will save you some heartache and crying wondering why didn't I Just do this.

Take a little piece of cardboard. We're gonna stick her in here. It's got a little crazy on my cotton if you're buying an Asian timing belt kit, the box that's conveniently the correct size I Didn't use it because I didn't want to tear them and we have lots lots of extra cardboard around this joint. And then you have to use green painters tape.

You can use blue if you got it or Manila and that's going to keep it from accidentally slipping and having to buy yourself a radiator. Ask me how I know how and I'll tell you about a guy I know So at this point we need to drain the radiator I don't know if it has a peacock on it I Don't see one right off what we'll do. the lower clamp on this is super. Rusty We're going to cut that little guy loose.

We're going to get a catch pan that way we can get this hose out of the way. We're gonna have to replace those lower hose clamps for our customer anyways before they blow out and then we're gonna get the crank pulley off this front engine bracket. We're going to call this mount bracket. We'll get that out of the way.

We'll whip our timing covers off and then we're almost done. Let's see if we can do this with the camera in the way. Let's get that clamp. We'll move over up here where we can get to it a little bit easier.

This is cute and you give it a squeeze. Clamp feels pretty weak. It's lost all of its spring. It may have just broke.

Actually, there's literally no spring tension to it. That's all. I Don't think it's got enough room to move in, but if we can get the hose to crack loose, let me get a hose pick. You can see where it's pretty crusty.

There we go. start. Kind of working that around a little. maybe.

Now we can just grab it. There we go. Yes sir. Okay, let me clamp our hose.

make sure your bucket's ready. There we go. Perfect. Not a lot of coolant came out of that.

There is a jiggle pin in the um. thermostat so it'll slowly sit there and leak out. We're going to remove our upper hose where we're letting that piece be down there. Slide that one down.

Slide this one up, see if you can spin it that when you can. The aluminum side is usually the difficult side, so we're going to hose pick under this. Come on man. come on man.

let me get a different hose pick. This one's kind of difficult to use. This is my favorite. This one gives you a little more leverage.

a little better control. shorter pick too so you don't have to worry about poking the hose as easily. Okay, there we go and all you're doing with the pick. When if your hose picking, keep your pick pointed towards you know the inlet or the outlet, towards whatever is not the hose and all you're doing is breaking the seal.
So if this is in here and your hose, pick in there, you get your pick in there. you're just working it around like this. you know, just going around that lip and then you just once you break that Bond then you can wiggle wiggle Wiggle. There it is.

Then you're going to want to undo both of your O2 sensors. Or one of them. It's probably an AFR sensor. Oh, they're both oxygen temperatures and that's a little fella.

and that's it. Um, and before anybody comments, yes, both of those braided ground straps that go to the Head are both broken. missing. They've likely been gone for many, many years.

And no, I'm not replacing them. We're going to come in with a low profile. Oggy Doggy Your classic 18 22 by Astro Tools 20 some odd millimeters 22 millimeters. Give her one of those, pick up the crinkle and in a perfect world, we can just Flex it.

wiggle. um mm-hmm If you're gonna do this next trick, don't be stupid because you're going to be praying against a plastic cover. But when you have arthritic fingers and they start to hurt after a few minutes of tweaking I Like to stick a couple screwdrivers back here and just very gingerly give it some some of those I call it the two finger twisters. You cook what you want and there you go.

Sometimes the crank pull you can see this one was just starting to get a little bit of rust in there. Sometimes they can be bonded in which case you have to use. Extreme Measures In this case we did not. But again, if you're using screwdrivers back here, use your noodle.

We're coming in with the old school. Ingersoll Rand It's the hammer head. First of its kind. Revolutionary.

Did this thing for years. Great little tool. When it came out, still a great tool. Low profile, super powerful.

Foreign. Take a wheel nut off a car, put a 19 mil socket on it wheel nut that's been torqued to 100 foot pounds right off. I Got that bad boy back. Gosh.

I think it was still called Parts America because I remember when the delivery guy his name was Carl he's an old school car guy. When he brought it here he's like oh what's this you know because I bought it from them and I showed them and we got it out. We took a wheel nut off a car. He was super impressed as was I but I remember that it had to be around that time because around the same time I started YouTube which was in 2014.

the only meat reason I remember that and I have to go too deep in the story time is my buddy Jake from jerk water South Carolina He had one of these and it and it broke. The whole head came apart, all the guts fell out. he tried to get a hold of IRS they wouldn't help him so he made a YouTube video and then all of a sudden they helped him and he didn't even have really a YouTube channel. But uh, the video got subtraction and I was like, well, YouTube's a pretty powerful tool, huh? Anyhow, that's about the time I bought one because I was like, oh, it seems to be.
Even though it broke, it seemed like a pretty cool tool. So now we're gonna work on timing covers. There's two of them. This one should have three bolts in it.

That bolt doesn't feel real great. So three bolts here on the end are different than the bolts you got to take out of the rest of the cover except for one. So we're gonna work this one here a little bit. We should probably ought to give this one a handy.

This process could take a while because it could be similar to what we ran into up here, which can be slightly frustrating. but take your time and you might not break stuff. Okay, all right, so there's those three. So there's three bolts that look like that.

There's going to be one more that looks like that on the main timing cover, but the three that go here on the end look like that. So and then there's this cabin cover here. and then Basically, we're just going to feel our way along this. These are going to be some shouldered bolts.

They look entirely different, so they have a shoulder on them so you can't really over tighten them. Or when they're tight, they're tight. You'll figure it out, but there's one down here near the bottom that's going to be like the bolt we took out over there. All right, and that's this one here.

Okay, you can't really mix it up just FYI Foreign ones can be quite crusty where the heads almost disappear on them. So you know, use your use your head a little bit on those. If you round the head off and the head's not very big, they can be kind of a pain. This one here wasn't feeling great so I'm going to try to crack it Loose by hand.

here we go. Gotti Thank you and then I think that's all of them. It'll let you know if it's not. that one was pretty.

This one's pretty rusted the top now. it's pretty rounded but we still got it. I Didn't see that sir I Always have one. Oh, she got us.

twist it there we go. Drop it right in the antifreeze bucket. Perfect. This is a gasket that goes with it.

sometimes. get that off and that's what this little guy looks like. Hopefully you guys can see that sticker gasket back on here if your Subaru leaks a lot of oil. like what one doesn't Uh, sometimes this gasket can be swole and you'll have to replace it, but this one looks pretty dang good.

The problem is over here. where all this oil is on the head. Usually these Subarus you know customers good about it. They're keeping them full of oil and they're always dumping it all over this side of the head.

So this cover or this gasket here is a little bit. uh, swoll. So this one's a little bit too long to fit back on there. I'll show you a free tip here for you what to do in this case Because we don't have a new yeah, it's good.
We're not going to wait days to get one. You just come out here and Chop It Off Snip it like that. Then you snip it like this. You take about a quarter inch out of it, or it's probably closer to like 10 11 millimeters out of it.

and that's it. If you feel so inclined to do so, you can put a little dab of Super Glue on there and you can touch those two back together. This does nothing more than seal out dust. It doesn't hold back any liquid, so if that bothers you, look away.

I guess total number of bolts so you know you're doing the job right. The Style: Bolt Whatever We have Minus one. Uh, no, plus one. So we have four of that style and we have two, four, six, eight, nine, plus one.

So we have ten of the shoulder bolts and four of the regular ones. We need to line up our timing marks. We need to spin the engine over. So I'm just going to use the axle nut here to take up some space so we don't thread our crank bolt in all the way.

and then we're going to grab a 22 mm wrench and we're just very slowly. This should take this: I'm going to start turning this over because let me make darn stupid. I'm not. Uh, I'm scraping up here I have a smaller axle nut socket I Usually use this just when I Grab there we go.

So we're going to spin it over very slowly. We're going to watch our timing marks here on the cam right now. Uh, they're about 180 degrees off from where they need to be. Here's the other mark on this one.

You want to be up in this Notch here and with the notch here on the head? Okay, I'll show it once we get there. I'll show you it'll make more sense. The spark plugs are still in the engine. so I'm going to turn it over real slow.

just instead of trying to fight it past the compression. That's all. You won't hurt anything. if you turn it fast, you're not going to hurt anything.

It's just when you come up on a compression stroke, it's easier if you go a little bit slower and then we'll see the Mark here on our crank that'll start coming up here pretty soon. There it is. So there's our mark on the crankshaft. Let's uh, enhance.

So it's that slot on the trigger wheel of the crank for the crank sensor. There you can see a little slot that's going to line up with this. I Think there's a slot right here in this where the crank sensor tightens down I Could be wrong. Maybe it's in a little bit further.

I Don't know I don't really use the timing marks on Subarus I use the marks on the Belt so we're going to call that close enough. this: Notch right here on the left side of my wrench is lined up with this match right here. we're pretty close to it. Same thing here.

this: Notch with a white paint Mark lines up with a little crack in the head over there on the left side of my wrench and then yeah, the notch is right there on the left side of my wrench. It's underneath. Oops, you guys can't see it's underneath the crank sensor here on the little pump housing or whatever. Okay, so we'll line that up a little bit so there your your marks are perfect to that point.
everything looks pretty good, but like I say I Don't usually use the marks you know on the cams and stuff. Because the belt comes marked, you line up your belt, pull the pin, you're out of here. What we'll do is we'll try to do this where everybody can see. I'm not real sure of the textbook procedure here folks.

If you're looking for textbook, probably find a textbook. I Don't know I don't know how to say I'm sorry to bump you so I'm going to peel off the lower idler pulley. It takes a little tension off the old belt. We'll sing off the upper, stick that one to the side.

We'll Zing off our tensioner, wash it on the inside of this one, so be careful. you don't lose it. You'll see. Hopefully it stayed.

Usually there's an o-ring on it. hey, and there is, so make sure you don't lose this. uh, washer. you're worser.

but you can see attention. Always throw your tensioner away. That's very important. our lower idler.

We'll stick this one to the side, and at this point, we should be able to take our belt off. Throw that to the side. And here comes the very lovely Mistletoe. Howdy.

What's up? You need to talk to me? Um, there's a phone call. Do you want to take it or are you gonna call back? Stand back folks. All right. Thank you.

Thanks for everything you do I Said thanks for everything you do. You're pretty wonderful. Appreciate you more once all that stuff. So anyway folks, we need to get the water pump out of our way and we're going to take the thermostat housing off from at first.

Hopefully look at that bolt there. That bolt there. so get both of them. Make sure you get a new thermostat and then also make sure you clean the crud off this house and just wire wheel and the wire wheel over on your bench grinder and that'll clean that right up.

Sit back to the side. There's a few bolts in these. Big one. There's two.

I think there's another one down here. somewhere? Where are you? Yeah, there it is. There's that one in there. one right there.

one right there. I Think that's it. Foreign There they are, so they come out pretty easy. Sometimes they can get a little corrosion on them and tend to be a little stuck like this one here has some corrosion on it.

if that's the case. take your time sometimes. I'll throw a little heat on it, then let it cool back down. It kind of breaks that corrosion free and then you can spin them right out of there.

Uh, let's see I need to get a magnet there. It is already got that one. So we have two, four, six bolts and then we have the hose down here on the bottom. Let's see if we can't just give that a classic reach over.
spin that to the side where we can actually get it. Squeeze this down, push it down. Boom. Let's see if we can't get that hose off there.

Work up in here with our pick. It's pretty snug so we'll just try to get that tip in there. Keep it pointed into the pump once you get up in the hose. Oops, The whole pump crack loose.

Should have done this before we took the bolts out, but there we go. I think I worked that hose about three quarters of the way around. So now to be able to pull our pump out still kind of hanging on that hose. I don't know what you guys can see.

Kind of a difficult job to record. wiggle that around and just like that, we'll take our water pump out. So make sure when you're doing this job you get yourself the OEM the Japan one. If you're not getting OEM get the A's in.

it's who makes it for Subaru A lot of times these have Ace and rent right at them. Oh this is a Yamada but sometimes they'll say Asian right on them and as long as it's made in Japan you're good. Don't use any of that crap that you know like from Napa the gates kits and the you know, the Napa branded kits or the Advanced Auto kits or the Continentals all the Chinese garbage. You gotta have ntk bearings and Japanese water pumps if you're wasting your time if you're not using that, our gasket stayed there so we're gonna pull our gasket off so there's that.

and then if you are using one of cheap Chinese kits and it doesn't come with a metal gasket, you're super duper wasting your time. Super duper as if you can waste your time anymore. The Asian kits are cheap. Use them anytime you're doing.

Honda Toyota Nissan Subaru any of those Ethan Not a sponsor, wish they were. but uh, the best kits on the planet. Absorb some of the coolant out of here, clean up some of our mess where we got a little bit on the pulley, start getting this all absorbed. use Bounty hits the quicker, thicker picker upper I Don't know if that's true or not.

we're going to use this to kind of start absorbing that with some wicking action like 2 30. Now let me look here. standby: I Feel like a total ding dong I Always order a brand new thermostat when I do these and somehow I neglected to order the thermostat. so of course our local Napa here in Bath they did not have one and then the Advance Auto they've got like 13 of them in stock that's local here, but the only one they stock is I've got a blown head gasket.

but I don't want to admit it. Thermostat aka the 170 degree thermostat OEM use a 190. I'm not going to put a 170 in it so the other local parts store there fast. Freddies I Call them.

They showed one in stock and they called to say that they can't find it. So the other place that has one in stock is the other napper. I'm taking this gasket out of there, throw that right into trash because that what will happen with this. it's pointless.
You don't need it and it's going to end up getting stuck behind your water pump and it's really going to pee off one day. but the other Napper has one. but they're so far away that they get all kind of pissy pants when I ask them to deliver because it's a 20 minute drive. But then if you send in an order that's like a thousand dollar order, they're like I'll be there in five seconds.

So anyhow, it gets kind of annoying. So I just sent an order to them in about two minutes here. the phone's probably gonna ring and they're gonna say that they can't deliver it for several hours is what it is though. It's my fault ultimately because I forgot to order it when I put in my initial order.

So I'm just going over that water pump with a carbide scraper. There's not a lot of material to remove, but we wanted to make sure that there is no foreign debris on the ceiling surface here and we just want to wipe that off. All right, So that's good we did that. I'm gonna go get a worm style hose clamp for this hose and for the other hoses while I'm upstairs and then I'll be back.

We'll stick a new pump in there Foreign.

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    better tip… take the radiator out… better be safe then sorry

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxx Michael says:

    you will have more room to work if u take the battery out and the washer jug

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxx Michael says:

    ifs not just Subaru.. all the team players are cheap with their plastic parts

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxx Michael says:

    that coolant jug was empty… might have more problems then not having any "go cool juice"