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Hi everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Uh, we are actually returning to a second video on this 2015 Cadillac SRX Dash 4. Meaning she's the all-wheel drive version of the Cataract It's got a 3.6 Liter V6 engine. she has approximately I don't even know where's our mileage at With approximately 86 432 miles on the odometer restartings the engine all right now, we got all that good stuff out of the way. Uh, the reason for the second video is because, uh, they wanted me to perform an intake slash uh valve slash fuel system slash induction Cleaning Service uh on this uh particular.

Cadillac So you'll notice we've already got the engine cover back off of it I Pulled up some of the coverings here and I've got a hold of the air intake tubing where we exposed the air filter element the back side of the mass airflow sensor. and then we've got this weird goofy little hose running into an IV bottle going into the intake screen. All right. coming on in for a better view here.

let me pull this apparatus out real fast. You can see it's got this uh, nozzle on the end here. That nozzle is going to spray a fine mist of a cleaning solution into this intake ducting. It's going to do that past the mass airflow sensor.

That way it doesn't contaminate or potentially damage the sensor. So what we're going to do here is we're going to fill this vessel with some cleaner solution. We're going to apply shop air to it to pressurize it. There's the air.

There's our regulator. so we're gonna have 90 pounds coming in and I don't know what? 10 20, 30 I forget what it's set at but a lower pressure going out. It's going to spray that chemical through the engine, through the intake tube, over the throttle plates, into the intake, Runners over the valves and then into the combustion chamber, thus cleaning out the intake side of the engine at the same time. I've got another can of cleaner.

it's called the 44k got sponsored. That's just what I sell and what I use and this is going to go into the fuel tank. It's a concentrated cleaner and that is going to be pumped through the injectors to help clean out the inside of the injectors. So it's an air and fuel system induction cleaning service.

That's what we're going to do today. so stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video now. One of the things we're going to need here is going to be a throttle stop. This little hook right there hooks onto the steering wheel.

Then this Rod extends and pushes down onto the accelerator pedal and we're going to use that to hold the throttle slightly open in order to generate some more airflow into the engine to help pass the cleaner. So we hooked that guy on right there. push the rod down, contact the gas slash accelerator pedal. Then what we can do is turn the knob, it's going to extend it and Then give us an increase in throttle.

We're about 1100. I'm going to run it up maybe 15 to 1800. All right. I Think we're good here at about 1800.
RPM So let's hop on out. Let this thing. uh, we need to go ahead and fetch our first stage of cleaning solution here. Pop the top here.

There we go one-handed We'll refill the vessel and then prepare for the cleaner. injection pouring things, spilling things, filling things that I'm pouring. Now, when this thing starts to feed in the cleaner, it may or may not drop engine RPM down and it also may or may not cause misfires. So we're finished here.

We're going to have to, uh, check for any trouble codes before we release the vehicle. All right, the valve is off. That's the 90 degree position on the valve handle, so that's the off position. Let's go ahead and connect Shop Air to it and then, uh, just to send the cleaner on in.

There There we go. Okay, so we're regulated at uh, what about 45? 46 PSI on the output. Let's go ahead and open up our valve, send it. Okay, so it is now injecting the cleaning solution.

Let's go back under and into there we go. Let's take a look in there, see it in action. Yeah, see that, let that ride all right now. You might think this is like a set it in, forget it kind of situation, but it's not.

See what we need to do is come in here and give this a quick Full Throttle blurp a couple times as we break our tool right there. That was fun. Anyway, we're gonna give it some quick full throttles. That way you get a good ingestion of all that mist and if any of it, any of it starts to build up inside of the intake somewhere.

it'll help suction that out and then we'll set it back to our 1800. RPM and Let It Go All right, we're back out checking on the progress of our bottle. We're about 30 percent complete on the service, so we're gonna let this go for a little longer. Engine RPM has been bumped up to like 2 000.

wide open throttle back at idle. wide open throttle packet item. Now these fly by wire cars. they uh, if you hold the throttle down like if I go if I go Full Throttle ahead and hold it.

Look what it does. It only gives us the maximum of like 3 100 RPM so we can't Redline the thing through the moon and blow it up. It's all in the programming. If This Were Like A carbureted car or an older generation fuel injection car.

The thing would just be like 8 000 in Peg and that would explode. Maybe not, but it would probably get a valve float before it exploded. But you never know. and again, we just repeat this process until our bottle is empty.

Okay, so while this thing is, uh, settling in one more time, let's go grab a funnel and we can get uh, that other can installed into the uh, the fuel tank. Let's see here. Open sesame. Yes, that's reckless.

Hey, it worked though. Look, check it out. it may be Reckless but it was fun while I was doing it. that's why I did it since the chicks dig it.

There we go stanky stuff. So this part's gonna be real easy to describe the canned funnel. It slips over the can like so and then we'll just stick it right in the fuel tank. so let's see what do we have, Get on there.
Oh good. These don't work so well with the capless tanks. The capless, uh, fuel tanks tend to uh, have like a little overflow and it will dump out all the cleaning solution like right here through the wheel. Well that's not okay.

now. look. I spilled some on the paint Corey It's not gonna hurt it. Watch.

take a towel, wipe it down. You gotta think this paint gets exposed to gasoline and sunlight and there all kinds of stuff. A little bit of cleaner is not going to hurt anything. o-ring looks good.

good. tighten until one click. Got it and I'm pretty sure I'm a little late on the uh, the blocking action. For the naysayers: no, this is not snake oil.

No, you don't have to buy it. It's something that I use and that I sell and it is a product that works. It's not a copy. I mean if it was a product that didn't work, they'd get sued.

I mean BG's it's an American company. They they build their products in-house in the states. It's not. Uh, it's not something that changes hands 10 times and nobody knows who to hold a countable accountable.

Um, it's it's a legitimate product and it exists and people do use it. And that doesn't mean it's for everybody. and some people aren't going to spend money on such maintenance services such as this. and that's fine if that's your prerogative, No problem.

But that doesn't mean you get to come in here and tell me how I'm stealing money from people and selling snake oil. because if that's the case, then we're all stealing money and selling snake oil and the entire system is a farce which I don't believe it is. So so there comment on that. ha ha.

Okay, it looks like our bottle we're about right about there so we're almost complete. I'll let this hang out for a little while. Maybe uh, maybe turn up the juice some see if you can't get some more in there I Want to flood this thing a little bit at low speed and then we'll go ahead and shut it down. Let it sit and cool off because any carbon and varnish is filled up inside of there.

as of right now it's being set. It's saturating and soaking in this cleaner solution. So as this thing cools down, that cleaner can work at that carbon and break it down. Then when we go to restart it and it comes up on another heat cycle, that carbon can be burnt away and then expelled through the exhaust and through the engine.

That's playing. Okay, returning. All right. We're empty.

The vessel is now empty. Let's shut it down, depressurize, and we'll go ahead and shut the engine down. powering off. So as this thing cools down again, it's going to break away.

it's gonna break away some of that carbon buildup. And in the meantime, while it's cooling off, I can go ahead and get my flashlights out of the intake. We can get our little nozzle there. you go out of the intake and put that thing away and we can put all this stuff back together.
Okay, let's get that light out. Let's get that light out. Nothing else inside the intake. You can slip our air box back in.

pardon my Noggin There's slots that this thing has to go into, then it slides back and then I can clip it with the clips and it's Hot Hot Hot Hot. I Think there's a third one right over there. there. We go.

Clip on. Got it? So now we'll take our Plastics slide that one back down below. That's what I'm doing here. Yeah I don't know where weird shadows it's getting late in the day the Shadows are cast.

Nobody can see what's going on here. so I better make it snappy. Let's put our Clips back in that Snappy Clips get it Dad joke. Put that one on that.

oh hot flashlight hot. There's our bolt and I'm missing one clip which is right here. push pin installed there. We go.

there. now is the end because the Shadows are so horrendous. Nobody wants to watch this anymore. So let's get our engine cover back on, oil fill cap going on.

and then there's one bolt that secures the cover. That guy in there right here up. right now. there we go and I'm standing out in the sun and I'm like I'm a I'm an UltraViolet magnet right now.

hot. Even at 5 30 it's still hot Florida thing we're near the equator. There we go. Oh and take our little uh, our fluid delivery device.

Put that thing back where it goes as well. Where does it go? I think I choose over here. That's a good spot. It's out of the way.

We'll leave it right there for now. Okay, so it's been about 15 20 minutes. Cool down. Let's go ahead and get this thing restarted.

Put on the brakes, pushing buttons, stopping the engine. Now this is going to do one of two things. It's either going to blow out a bunch of smoke from the tailpipe or it's not and Thor's gonna misfire or it's not I think it's a I don't think we're gonna get the plume of smoke out of this one that it can happen. Nope, that's a negatory not doing it.

No worries. All right, let's get the hood closed and uh, we'll take this thing out on a quick test drive, make sure it's all copacetic, and then we can return it to the owner. goodbye. Cadillac Oh wait wait whoa whoa whoa Nope.

Negative Nope, No, no, can't be doing that I mean you can, but I don't like to I'd rather clean it off there. Where were we? Okay, so here's the deal. back in the cabin. now.

just because it wasn't misfiring and shooting out a bunch of smoke here at idle, that doesn't mean it won't do it while under load. Okay, so we always have to go out on a test drive. One of the worst mistakes that techs can make doing this kind of service is they'll They'll do exactly what I did. They'll think everything's all good and then they'll finish up, pull the thing out and park it.
Then the customer comes by to pick it up, Then they go to drive away and they don't make it a block down the road. And if things rolling a bunch of smoke out and misfiring and they go oh my. God you broke my car. what's wrong with it? It wasn't doing this one before I Brought it all right.

We're looking good. Let's get out of here. Spring see I hear some some pinging just a little bit but I heard it ever so slightly. Yep, there's some yeah we need to test drive this and get this thing through a whole RPM range under load to make sure that it doesn't do that while we're driving because technically that could cause or not.

technically it could definitely cause a misfire or a check engine light. Yep, Ting Ting Ting It'll go away soon enough waiting in traffic. Now here's what we're not going to do. We're not going to pull out in front of that guy in the yellow truck.

See, we could have made it. We definitely probably could have made it. But what if the guy in that white truck decided he was going to cut over and then speed up and then I pull out at the same time and then the white truck Slams on the brakes. The next thing you know, the big semi truck rear-ends the guy.

That's how this stuff happens. Then the whole world blames the big truck because somebody else who wasn't even involved that drove away caused the accident. So don't pull it in front of people. Just don't do it.

You can wait. It's not worth your life. Okay, full speed all Steam and brake check. Look, it's a squatted.

Hyundai Looks like the phenomenon is affecting the Hyundais as well. It's like a Zombie Plague for squatted suspension. Don't do that either. Ah Florida That was great.

It's raining on this side of the bridge and not on that side of the bridge. It's fantastic and we're gonna. We're gonna duck this yellow light. Not waiting.

Florida I could do that. All right guys. this thing's good to go. We had no check engine light flash indicating a misfire due to the cleaner.

Again, it would clear up, but if it did show, we'd have to go back in with the scan tool and then clear it out. So that was a successful test drive. We put full engine load on it, it's had its cool down time, there is still the cleaner in the gas tank and again that's going to work its way through the injectors. We have the appropriate amount of fuel for a set cleaner.

I Mean a half a tank is probably best, but I'm cool with that quarter tank as well. So uh, that being said at this point I Think there is nothing more to do here except for to thank each and every one of you guys for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, ever sell is a fantastic day! Thanks for watching. See you guys later in a video in a transmission. End of day? No seriously. back on this side of the bridge, no more rain.
Well well never mind Now we have rain I Lied it is back. Rain is back. I Am back and the gates closed. No.

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    The car smoked white after a restart and now it has a much better throttle response I even noticed a better fuel economy of up to 23 MPG from 15 or 16 MPG.

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