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In this video I bring you along as I swap out the rear wheel bearing on a customers 2012 Toyota Tundra 4x4 with the big 5.7. It's not a bad job but does require some special tools for pressing the bearing on and off.
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Another day, another Chevrolet and a junk. Toyota Let's look at the Chevy Guys going right and that's what we do. We get chubby guys going. We got a tear out of here and it is broke.

188 000 mile piece of poop Engine light traction light four low light flashing Wow I Want a junker? This was an easy one to figure out folks. it is it bad. Right rear wheel bearing I Looked at it the other day for the fella The Bearing's Coming Undone Broke The speed sensor makes lots of noises when you drive it. so we need to put a back wheel bearing in this thing.

a right rear wheel bearing rather in the speed sensor. They're going right away. Step one: Remove the wheels. Actually.

Step one: Spend 45 minutes digging through people's trash to find the wheel lock. so that's always a fun thing to do. Really sets the mood for the whole job. A little free Tip: Friday For you folks.

if you're taking your truck to the shop or your car and you got a F and wheel lock, put it in the cup holder. That's your free tip for the day. All right rants over. Uh, ask any mechanic.

They will agree with me. Trust me, it's frustrating. Let's uh, get the caliper and bracket assembly off. Looks like maybe a 17 mm.

We'll go get some tools for that, we'll peel the bracket off. I Believe it's been a been a New York minute since I've done one of them. That means it hasn't been very long. It's been a long time.

It's been like a North Dakota minute. Time stands still up there. I'm sure we have to unhook the brake line, don't we? Yes, Because the whole backing plate comes off. so we need to unhook the brake line anyways.

So let's pinch off the rear brake hose so we don't lose all of our fluid. We'll unhook the brake line and then take the whole caliper and hose off its assembly. So this has independent brake hoses on the rear because that's traction control or Toyota's version of their limited slip which is a joke. So we're going to pinch off the one hose now.

Keep it from peeing over here. All right, let's see if we can't crack our brake line loose. Guess we ought to use the flare nut side of it or the flare wrench thing. All right There we go.

Crack that baby loose not too often you can do that on a 2012 New York truck. I Believe this truck's been crowned or fluid filmed a few times in the past, not consistently every year with this fella, but at some point in the past has been a couple times at least, which has preserved it all right. Take that off all the way. Yeah, it is a 17.

see if our ugga dug a gun. has enough strength, not quite enough letting it. Spencer Today, let's try this bottom one. Nope, let me I get a ratchet here folks.

see if we have enough lead in our pencil. Oh, they're a pearl and they're pretty tight. I'll get the bottom one. It's just like the top one.

It's just down here on the bottom where you can't see. There we go. now. we've got those crack loose now.

we'll come in with the other and a swiveler. I'll see if it's all that wrenching. Oh, that gets you. pop, pop.

Get you all right? So those two bolts drop. This is what they look like in case you're in the bolts and you want to look at them. We're not a screwdriver. What do we got here? We got a pair of pliers.

we can wiggle our caliper up off there. Run what you brung. That's what we're doing. It's a probably the Piston back here a little bit so we're going a little easier.

There's that. Okay, let's set that to the side and now we can finish taking off our brake line nut there. But we'll also get the brake line clip off which is that little fella right there. Okay, drop it directly onto the floor, finish unhooking our hose.

It'd be nice if this was slotted, which if you don't want to screw on, just take your cut off wheel and just Notch this because then you can pull it head a little bit and then just stick your line through it. You know what? I'm saying foreign hooking? that we'll set the whole caliper aside. We'll go hang it somewheres off the hose. That's what we'll do.

a baby. Never mind, we're gonna have to go get a screwdriver I Suppose I'm back off our parking brake shoes. Just whisper, we'll find the adjuster here right in here somewhere. that's the actuator so it's going to be opposite of that Way Down Yonder Think about what way you want to turn it, then turn it the opposite way.

Oh you son of a hohoo. Yep, should have turned it the opposite. Took my own advice. you'll get it right 50 of the time.

Every time ah, baby is born there we go. I Think the deed needs to be done either now or later. so we'll just get the deed done now. The Parker brake shoes I believe have to come off so we'll take some of these parts off.

We've got your classic lower spring. You've got your classic brake adjuster right there. We've got some hold down Parts here. push them in, give them a little turn.

Watch out cause you're gonna go flinging your classic break. Spring Cup You're Classic break spring, hold down spring and then the nail right there. Okay, and then we'll uh, unhook this upper spring we can forget. Almost had it almost there.

again. we got you. Now there she is. You got your rear shoe and your front shoe.

Let's open these up a little bit. Look at that little twirler. Look at that little twirly gig. Gotta hold that nail stuff.

Uh oh. it's playing hard because it wants to shoot right out of there. Dang it. We did almost that whole job without dropping anything.

But here we are. There's the other shoe, let's find our spring leader straps, but everybody almost got me. and then you got your classic brake actuator hooks into there. now.

Typically all this stuff is seized up. Are you leaving me? Well, all right, you leaving. It's not. It's nine o'clock in the morning.

You can't quit yet. All right, we love you All right. Watch out. Pretty nice out there.

Oh, she'll be back. It always comes back. Where were we? Uh, let's see parking brake stuff. We need to unhook the speed sensor and hopefully if we're living right.

the parking brake cable I Forgot about that I should probably should have ordered that. these Toyotas junk. Freaking junk. Uh, they use aluminum right here and it usually mixes with a little salt and then has a little galvanic corrosion and it turns into a white little puss sack back here, but this one still looks halfway decent.

Typically when I'm doing these old piece of crap Toyotas Usually the banking plates are rusted off and the parking brake cable is like about that big around. I'm waiting. but this one I think is going to survive hashtag Survivor should be around here somewhere. I Just like, call them Jump because it gets People Pumped up right? Miss though.

Oh yeah, all right, let's get myself pumped up. She gets all pumped up about it I Just like doing it because it pisses people off and it's really fun to do because you know there's some Chevy guy out there going. Oh yeah, yeah, here it goes. Toyotas are junk you know I joined a 14-2 man I Don't care what you think folks, they're all junk.

Yeah I Took this out the other day to have a little Gander at it. That's why that came out so easy. but the end of it all chewed up there. she went a full Chowder on it.

That's why our lights are on, so let's take the bolts out of this when I came right out. That never happened. Drop that right straight on the floor. At least we're doing good I should just put a catch pan on the floor if you put all our bolts in.

Isn't there another bolt on that? I thought there was. nope. look at me I don't know anything. Will you pump? You don't even talk to us now.

All right I'm not pumped. When do I get pumped I told you even if you're pumped to Please don't slam my drawers. That's one. that's one thing I ask of you I get pumped when I can't find your stupid wheel locks.

Gosh, it pisses me off of all things in the world. Freaking door. And then you got to go dig through all their stuff Vanessa We just gotta get all four of these nuts off these nuts. There's one more on the other side.

I Think that's it. Once this stuff, we'll go get a pan because we're probably gonna lose a little fluid here. It stinks. It smells like burned up bearing over here.

Hopefully there's no axle damage or anything, but it's just pretty noisy. This one here. the shock's Too Close You gotta give this one a handy. There we go.

Let's go get a bucket before we pull this back. there it is. Boys, there's an O-ring I Forgot to buy so that's good. foreign so that's good.

Oh, she's got that stinky leg. I'm gonna say it's been a minute or two since I've done one of these. So I've got to kind of take a refresher course here. All right, we have a snap ring, but then I thought we have this, uh, should be a locker in here too.

Press on Style I Can't remember. This is pretty wide and I'm pretty sure the one we got from napper is not as wide. Oh boy. Well let me tell you what.

let's uh, de-glove ourselves. not in a literal sense because an actual finger de gloving is not fun. Okay, it is pretty wide. Okay, I thought it was a little thinner because this is where the sealing surface of the inner seal rides on this.

This is also our bearing retainer. Okay, once we push that on, presses on hold the bearing out. but we need to remove the snap ring first which is already loose which is great. Let's make sure the outside diameter this is good and that fits in our seal.

Just lovely and we'll get our German made nipex. Come on baby. We'll get her up here, up and out. We'll take that snap ring off.

Okay, we'll save that I Can't remember if I can press these off with the Uh with the sleeve or not typically typically. so that's how bad that bearing is. Really bad. Typically you'll you'll slip them a little.

kind of relieve the tension if you will, which I think we might do. There you are, come out here for a minute. It stinks. Oh, that's nice in there, isn't it great? I was explaining to the people.

oh wow, Yeah, isn't that the best? No third ship needs a little attention. Foreign, foreign does, but you kind of go across it. Massage it in this fashion instead of straight down like you'd think you got more control. You can see when you're burning through the outer metal into the inner and you just kind of wave across it.

Now that should come off nice and easy. We could elect to get in here, probably with a air chisler or something, but we'll just leave it how it is, because now we know for a fact that'll come right off without an issue with our pumper. Here it is. Now it's going to add some pressure because it's still in the bearing, but not much.

And keep your touches out of the way because they'll get your foot. It's going to get to the point where it just cuts loose. Ta-da and that's it folks. You're all done all right.

Let's take this little guy back off there and see what we have. What's that baby? Here's our retaining ring. So that's how we shaved her down a little bit. Just went through a whisper set that to the side one part of our bearing.

There's the other part of our bearing so she's kind of a mess in there. Sit right down on the floor here because we've got a little bit of a fire now. the other part of the bearing is stuck. That's okay.

We gotta go back out here. So here's our magnetic tone ring. Oh, you guys can't see right there. All right? Okay, nice jump.

So now we need to take Old Vic Give her some of that, there's nothing else out here to damage. I Do declare all right. So let's take Vic and just kind of give this thing a neck and you can see for all your torch haters out there that we never cut the axle. shine that baby up spinner all the way around for you.

Just let you know no axles were harmed in the making of this video and same thing with that bearing race. We'll just give it some gentle massages on the side here. get it relieved in the normal. knock it up off there.

Okay, we didn't go all the way folks point which you need to quit and I was I was starting to creep up on that point. she was getting pretty toasty. so let's get her knocked out of there foreign. Never mind.

Now we're up to that snap ring portion there. The race is off. We're gonna let this cool down naturally here. I Want to show you that we did not cut the axle because we need to go throwing a parts washer and clean the grease and junk out that's down in here.

This is an oil. Slinger So when if the inner seal were to leak or bearing, start puking, you know all the oil comes in here hits the Slinger and it'll sling out on the front of your Rim So that way there is a driver, you know something ain't right? Yeah, I can't remember how hard these come out. We're gonna try this right here on our cart. Now let's get a little taller socket.

Let's um, let's just try one if I remember it I Don't think they come out that hard, but we're going to give her a little tap all right so they don't come out very hard so we'll get these all tapped loose right? because they they've got to come out. Yeah, because you've got to get the bearing. Because yeah, these are knurled just into the edge of the bearing. See that shiny spot on it? So if you just try beating the bearing off I Sure, yeah, because they go into the backing plate.

Yeah. I'm right. I'm right. Just believe in itself.

Man, believe in yourself. Foreign that seemed to work Okay, wait until you make it. That's what I always say got me this far in life I Guess now this one I can't back up with the socket I have. so we're just going to try it without a socket.

Who needs a socket? They say they're just barely into the bearing itself. Sometimes you get lucky better back this one up. Then we should be able to knock this bearing right out of the backing plate in theory. And let's see, they are only a one-way jogger.

There is a left and right on each other's and it's going to be the difference of the orientation of the speed sensor, so keep that in mind. Probably should have checked to see if we had the right one, but it's too late now. Dude, You can see the rust build up under the backing plate causes these big pimples. You know we can take it out on the bench.

We'll take it on a bench. We'll tap them down a little bit, but then We'll get all this stuff cleaned up. Get her oriented right here. We'll slip our new bearing aired up yonder.

Stick these little guys in there. We'll get them just started just so that didn't really work out before you did it. The people saw it. so then we can flip her over.

Hit these on. we should be able to pull them in. It's gonna put a little swirly mark on this, but just settle down. It's not gonna hurt.

It's not gonna hurt anything. No one will ever see it. Even if he takes it to a car show, they won't see it. Not quite that.

One's good. That one's good. We need some pliers. We just gotta hold just enough to get some tension on it.

They don't. They don't pull too very far. You guys? remember the knurling didn't go very far at all. That one started.

We just want a little tension on that. We'll give them a little whack from the back. All right, All right, Goody goody, We'll get our bigger socket. We'll just give each of those a little tap.

Hey dude, those are a popular shoe nowadays, right? Everybody got the hey dudes? Nope. If I need a bigger sack I Tell you what, It just keeps drawing. They only got just a whisper to go here. We'll get these two a little tap over here.

We can even tap them once they're on so it doesn't really matter. Everything's way out of frame here. Sorry. All right I guess that's it and wipe that stuff off.

Yeah, rag here. We'll push the um axle back in I Don't think we're doing real good in the videography Department Here today, but I think you guys are getting the gist of this. The gist of it is if you're doing one, just take this thing off, take it to a shop and have them press it in and press it out for you. But before you go, make sure they have the tool to do Toyota's Nissans Otherwise they can't do it or if they can, it'll be extremely difficult.

I'll stick that up there see where I heated up the oil Slinger just didn't want to hide that from you guys. Oh yeah, somebody's gonna see it but they suck I told you you hit it I did let this cool down all the way on natural. stuck around the parts washer so we should be good. we're gonna Slide the backing plate down on there your ring if you like I didn't share the poodle ring on it.

All right let's go stick her in the Press Hopefully all right press blocks fit between here which is gonna be gonna be snug. We might have to knock out a dowel or a Bolt Well, if they fit, it's going to be close. So I did have to take one stud out to get the Press block set up to hold underneath the retaining ring. Now the axle is going to come down.

I Got them pushed in all the way. Axle is going to come down and kind of spread these out once it starts pressing through. so we just got to kind of watch. Everything's going together right? right? We're not doing this wrong.

Yeah, everything's cool all right. It's not going to taper out until the very end. No, we should be good, right? Yeah, no, because we're at the width of the axle right there on the edge of the yeah, we'll be good. Now let me back it off.

Something's not right. It's getting tight. I Think because we're coming out on the fatter, part of the axle might be pushing against those studs. Yeah, this side's loose.

Yeah, we're gonna have to knock one more of those studs out because it's just putting tension on it where it's going to lock my block in here. I Don't know if it would get stuck, you know, permanently or destroy these studs. I Don't have a wrench for me. It come out easy enough.

We're just. we're gonna err on the side of caution and just take that out because like I said, we're coming through. the axle's starting to taper a little bit here and it's going to want to push our blocks out and hit that. So we've got to be a little bit cautious here.

All right, like that. Oh, it's I think these boxes. These are slightly different. Foreign.

There we go. Now we don't have to worry about it catching. We're just using this to take up space. Foreign.

Let's just put a little pressure on it. Let's see. Um, this one looks a little crooked. Let me just take it off a little bit here.

there. we go on a wobble sideways on us here. We're going to stick these in here because I don't know if they'll fit when we're done. I Like to think that they would, but nobody wants to find out that they don't.

Yeah, come on. I Just wanted to wiggle it a little as it goes into the seal. Okay, we're fully in the seal. Oh whoa.

Easy fella. Foreign. Yes sir. I Can see a full Groove We'll take that out and then uh, we'll go put our two studs back in.

We should be good. We want to get this cleaned up a little bit. We're just gonna plug off the hole here. Oh all right, they can hear you walking back there.

Oh yeah, yeah, you're not gonna say anything. She don't like the smell out here. Make sure you get a new o-ring stick your new o-ring up there, and or reuse your old one. We're gonna Spritz this with a little fluid film.

just keep her from getting too rusted up and just put it back together there. She spritzed and I'm at it like this. Line up your studs Bob's your uncle, let's put these back on. We'll get these torque to factory specs.

We'll give them just a little extra love just because We beat them in the room and make sure they're in all the way. so that's good. We've got our new speed sensor here. your 53 22, 48 plastic right from napper.

Expensive. These things are suspended even if you buy them from Toyota These sensors are stupid money. You're gonna go like that. She's already got some grease on the O-ring right out of the box, so we're gonna stick that right there for a second.

Use that to plug the hole Spritz her down A little fluid film underneath it keep it from rust jacking even though it's not really much of an issue on these trucks. Thank you! I'll stick the stud nut back in there. The whole thing came out so we'll do that. We'll find our tent Mill which is right here.

Get that snug. Oh, we gotta put our connector back together. Where'd we do with that? Oh great. Oh here it is.

These are a little bit of a maze. not terrible. Put your wire in there. it's got like an anti-strain catch on it there so you wind it around town.

click her back together, but you got to pop it apart to to unhook it right? So there's that, what we got. It's got this little fella right here. Slip it in. Boom.

This should be a bolt for that somewhere. As you left somewhere as well I found it. it was on the floor. What's the phone before when we took it out Foreign.

Figure out how all this crap goes back together. Let's see here. that's only going to go one way. Theoretically, we're gonna come down and hook it back onto our cable.

Just like so, the engineering differences between Toyota domestic automakers. It's night and day. Try to do this on a Chrysler or a Ford or a GM. There's no provision for it to hold itself.

We'll see I'm not trying to sound unpatriotic or un-American I'm as American as apple pie baseball and Chevrolet all I'm saying is I can appreciate good engineering when I see it even if it is on a Chevy or a Ford or Dodge or any maker model for that matter. when something's pretty neat, it's pretty neat. It's not neat that I'm you guys are standing where I need to stand. So let's uh, let's switch spots here, fella.

Let's see if we can't accomplish this with our tools at hand. I do have a tool that puts these on which for some reason I'm neglecting to walk the ten pieces to go get it because I'm hanging on to a pair of pliers. Let's just see my favorite pair of players. Speaking of good engineering, the guy who made these things, He deserves a raise.

I'm gonna have to go get my tool. No, we're not. We're gonna do it. We're going to get this job done with what we have.

This is like if we're out in the middle of the Amazon all we had is a pair of pliers I think I can break shoes off if I was in the middle of the Amazon why would we have this apart? Anyways, all right, let's go get the tool. Let's see. there we go. Come on through a little nail.

there you go. I Would tend to think that the Chevy guys can look at something like this and appreciate good engineering too. We're just out. insanely overbuilt Toyota's are for a half ton truck I mean Crown out loud.

It's got a front loading third member rear end and I think the reindeer is over a 10 inch ring gear, so it'd be pretty equivalent to a one ton Chevy ring gear wise, they what are they running? 10 and a half and an 11 and a half? I think these are bigger ten? these are monsters. Rear end the non-adjuster side at least forward so we'll slip that baby in there just like Sonos Look, our bottom spring on the keyboard's gonna catch on fire down there fella. Slow down. Okay, there we go.

We're good. Make sure we're upping the groove all the way. All right. let's wait for our greasy paw prints off and we'll be good to go.

It's almost Christmas so I'll leave you guys hanging. Thank you and kind of a rogue sprayer here. Look how fast things rust here. So the outside of that rotor is already.

Rusty It's only been what a couple hours since the photos thing inside that wild. so it's called flash rust. It's very, very common saying in the Northeast right now it's very salty outside if you can imagine that. And when you pour your car in the garage and park it, your brake rotors instantly rust just from the, you know, the salt in the air.

Let me turn on the outside. I'll have a rusty on the inside too. but I'm just showing you the outside super common thing. So the complaint you'll get people will call your shop and be like my bikes are grinding.

but then it goes away after like three stops. So it's flash rust. even just so much that's going into the grocery store. You go in, you get your groceries, come out your first couple two or three stops.

Sounds like metal against metal. Toss your caliper back up on there, stick our brake hose in here before you put the clip in it, get your brake nut started in the line, and then line her up. It's a lot easier to do it like that, and then we'll stick our clip back on there. I'll try to do it in a fashion which you can't see anything.

get the hammer and with your clip back on, find your 10 mil wrench, put your brake line nut back in there. We'll let some of the stink out from this as well. Pickering Going on in here. Oh you hang up your license plates, huh? Yeah, yeah.

got every single state now don't you Providences and some places in Europe And even from Australia all over the place, Do you want to go outside that's very cold? Oh yeah. bad idea. wasn't a cat huh? Now she's just gonna sit there for the next three minutes and come back in. She went out like 20 minutes ago for about a minute and then came back.

We're starting to get a tidbit. chilly out there. It's supposed to be minus 30 today. they say Miss though can you believe that? is that actually measuring? Nope.

Minus 30 wind chill. Supposed to be five with a minus 30 wind chill because the wind's cranking coming out of South right now. all the flags Tangled Up Anyways, uh, we need you old girl. Yes ma'am Need a brake bleeder? Oh boy please.

I Opened the door out there for you so it's not. Get rid of that Stinky Stink Correct, it's gonna be cold. You gonna help us? Oh yeah. All right.

yell that down. Luna Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty. Why don't you come back inside Man are you in willing? Okay, go ahead and give it half pump. it's only halfway to the floor.

Yeah, but only go about halfway for me. it should start stiffening up on you. It is okay. You ready to hold down? Okay, let out down.

Oh down. It's a good little pump area here. I would think oh down. no there's a little bit right at the end.

Up, Down Up Down All right. I Guess we're good. That good old girl does it feel good. Feels like it should put the cap back on that, put the plug back in the front of your rotor after you adjust your parking brake if you choose to do so.

I Guess that's it. Throw it Tire on it and ship it. Imagine that's clear the codes out of it. So I got our dongle with us.

Just gotta find out where it goes here I Feel it. I Just gotta flip it around five or six times. Oh first try Let's uh, go outside. Yeah, we've still got all kinds of flashing lights.

all that stuff. I'll let her start getting hooked up. Here it goes. It just got hooked up I heard it beep.

oh it's getting nasty out. You gotta go on a cat rescue mission. Oh Luna u4 baby. Oh come here.

Come here. Yeah. I don't even have to go outside. You're all wet now.

You changed your mind. Yeah, oh, you're making cupcakes. you can't Always does that. squad's outside for about a minute.

besides. hey, that was a bad idea. Okay, let's get hooked up. Clear it out.

better data Let's Ride should be good. Oh I forgot Toyota's head seat belt dingers I turned all that off in my truck. That's the beauty of Toyota You can just go in the menu and just turn it off just like it's working beautifully. The lights.

That's good. That's it folks. We're back. Everything's good.

All the lights are out and everybody works and everybody's happy. Hope you guys are happy! I'm happy because this is my last car I had to work on. it's my only car I Scheduled for today because I want to go home early when you're the boss. you get to do things like that I Suppose we're taking a week off, so it probably won't be any videos for a while.

Probably gonna burn up my queue of videos which isn't that many Anyhow, changing a bearing gun until the tundra. Not too bad of a job, providing you have the tool to pull them apart. Can it be done without it? Absolutely. I've done them.

It's a bear. First one I did I said wow, this is the bear. Something like that, a little bit more vulgar and then I said, you know what, you're gonna buy that tool, you son of a gun and then I did and I'm happy I did You don't use it a lot, You don't need to buy the actual Toyota or catmore whoever makes it for Toyota You can just buy a cheap knockoff one off the Amazon like I did and then that's going to cover you for a multitude of different vehicles. uh, different.

Imports I think mostly Nissan and Toyota it covers uh, you know with this style rear differential, but it's a great tool to have and then plus you get the you know Joe schmoes off the street or other shops typically that bring you. you know the assembly and you press apart, press it back together so the tool pays for itself eventually. but whatever. Otherwise you've got to pull it or you get to lose this job and you have to send it off to another shop or to the Toyota dealer.

And you know how the dealers are, they're just going to screw you. I'm just kidding, they don't but people think they do. they might I don't know. I've never gone to another shop, but I'm done talking.

Why don't you guys go into that comment section questions, comments, concerns to insty the Facebook put some Toyota hate down there and just in our viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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