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Foreign. Good day to you! Welcome back! That is the 2018 Ram Formerly known as Doge or Dodge or Fiat or Mercedes and everybody else who owned them. that's a Ram 3500 4x4 SLT heavy duty 6-7 Cummins turbine powered Diesel and I'm gonna do something super duper easy on this particular truck and I choose to do something easy today because my last couple days stocking the engine have been, uh, quite painful for me. and I don't want to think and I don't want to work hard.

that Avalanche that I worked on really did a number on me Anyway, this Ram's got 58 557 miles on the odometer. Now that's important. Uh to me? uh, regarding what we're going to do for a very specific reason and I'll get to that. later on, you will notice that there's an ABS light.

There is a track control light. all transparency provided. I did attempt to diagnose this. Um, I cannot get through the Gateway module just yet.

I've got a plan to uh to break into those. but right now on the 18 and up. Uh, RAM Trucks I can't really get uh into any of the modules with the exception of the ECM. So that being said, I cannot diagnose the ABS light and I have referred this vehicle loud noises I have referred this vehicle out for service to an individual or entity that is more competent in such things than I am at this current point in time.

So I won't be touching the ABS light. But like I said, I'm doing something easy and that easy thing is actually going to be a uh an upgrade. We're gonna do a very slight upgrade powering down you see. Taking a look out back we can see that this Ram is equipped with a fifth wheel and I believe this.

Haul is a very heavy camper and because it is heavy it has to stop. and because it has to stop, it wears out. The brake pads and the front brake pads on this are a little worn at 50k. They're okay, but uh, we're going to actually up these uh one level up from Um.

from the OE pads. I've got a set of they're actually Carquest pads not sponsored. That's just what we're using. These are the front line brand they uh, they state that they're an upgrade.

they are severe Duty brake pads. So we are actually going to do just a pad slap on this particular truck. Reason being, the rotors are the OES they're low mileage, they're not vibrating, there's a there's no scoring or noises, but we want to get a little bit more stopping power out of this thing. Plus, like I mentioned, those pads up there are slightly worn and uh, it's time to just uh, come to refresh the friction materials and that's what we're gonna get going with today.

So let's bust out the floor jacks and the jack stands. We're gonna get the jack stands and we're gonna pull these front wheels off and we're gonna do a real nice easy pad slat brake job on this particular ramp. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood Yeah I mean you know you don't have to have Jack stands under it? I Could probably avoid that, but because I'm not crawling under it and if it was gonna fall since these newer trucks are so high up in the air, it falls, it's not actually going to fall all the way down.
and Crush you? but I don't feel like I'm getting a crush today. So I'm putting jack stands under it. Moving on up. Oh this thing's heavy.

Sure what? what? This big truck falling on me and snapping my leg in half? That would be bad. I'm gonna do these one wheel at a time. I'm going to be turning the wheels as I service this. So we're definitely going to put jack stands under here somewhere.

and I'm also making sure that I've got clearance between the floor jack and the tire. so when I turn the wheels, it doesn't run into the floor jack and then knock the car off the floor jack. because again, that would be bad. What do you guys think? should a three-ton do it? It's aluminum.

Yeah, we'll use the three ton. That should be just fine. Stick that guy right in there. One more connect up.

get in there tight. There we go. Oh that's good now. I'm safe.

Safer. Alrighty. so first things first. we've got to go ahead and get our uh, our cap off here.

We're gonna do this without breaking stuff. a little bit of light pressure behind it. There we go. Yeah, See that that nice shiny Chrome surface? Do not put that face down on the floor and then throw lug nuts in it.

We don't want to. We just don't want to do that. Here's our simulator. Same thing.

Treat the plastic stuff with the chair. All right. Let's Hammer these lug nuts off right here. There's Noob on the threads we're not supposed to put Lube on the threads, changes the friction coefficient and causes excessive clamping Force which causes stud stretch.

Another highly debatable topic. Same thing applies with the Never. Seas All right, so we can see here. there's this huge big spacer.

Now this is A. The reason that this is here is because this is in fact, the Dual rear wheel and the offset on the wheels is much greater than the offset on a single rear wheel. For example, a Singer single rear wheel rimmed vehicle will have its bolt face surface like right here in the center, but on these particular ones, it's way off on the edge. and again, that's to accommodate the ability to mount two of these rims together to create dual rear wheel configurations.

Pretty slick. Yeah. So anyway, if we were to be changing rotors or pulling these off and resurfacing them, we'd have to unbolt this Hub right here. and then we can begin removing the rotor.

We're not going to do all that. These rotors are in great shape. They're very, very thick. There's lots of meat left on them.

There's no lip worn into them. No abnormal surface condition. So uh, we're basically like I said earlier, we're just going to do a pad slap on this, upgrade the friction material, and, uh, refresh the fronts and then we're good to go here. no further action will be needed.
Now, this is going to be a lot easier to remove if I can rotate this assembly. So I'm going to hop into the cabin, turn the wheel to the right and it's going to expose the caliper and the bolts and whatnot in the in this direction to give us better access to it. Three, Stopping the engine? All right. let's get some light in here so we can see what's going on a little bit.

There lumens. Always more lumens we're looking for. You're gonna have a 16 or a 17. It's like 16 on the slide pin bolts.

Let's pull this guy out. It's a great, awesome, excellent part. Watch this and nothing happens. Okay, we need to open up these Pistons ever so slightly.

Let's get behind them. the pry bar. Here we go watch this. We flip this thing up, see that, then slide that other slide pin out and set our caliper down.

so one slide pin is exposed, the other one down below. You can just pop that guy out. We'll set you aside and that gives us quick, easy access to our brake pads. You can see.

Yeah, we're getting a little thin here. Four or five millimeters tops. same thing on the outboard. Okay, so while this uh caliper is up here hanging out, let's put a pad in it for a shim and we're going to go in and compress these calipers the rest of the way.

My ratcheting caliper compressing device. Moment of Shameless Self-promotion I Sell these in the Amazon store. Check the links down in this video's description if you wish to acquire a pair of these for yourself. I Don't know you can use C clamps and screwdrivers and blah blah blah but this is a really cool tool.

that's why I use it and we ran out of space. We're out of threads on the tool right? So I'm going to bring it back down so we can start over and we'll drop in the other pad creating a larger shim Crank that down mix. There we go. and now our caliper Pistons are compressed.

so move that thing aside if I can. There we go and we need to pluck these shims out of this bracket right here. see our shims I'm going to remove those one at a time I'm going to place them right down here in case I need to use the old ones for reference. when I go to fit the new ones.

There we go. All right. let's wipe some dust and dirt out of those lands for the shims. we don't want that in there taking up space good and bust out our package of a replacement shims.

Some people like to use the OE shims and leave them there, and some always prefer to replace them with the new ones. I'm kind of on the fence on those, um, like a lot of times your lower quality brake pads. They slap a bunch of paint and powder coat on them and consequently they don't fit when you install the new shims. So I think that's the reason some folks like to reuse the factory shims.

Plus, it does take a little bit of extra effort to uh to change these I'm sure there's a lazy factor in play sometimes just being real. Get in there. please. come on.
Yeah, these aren't terribly easy to uh to get in. Yeah, that was a good one. Okay, shim, Number three right in here. You guys see hope so that one's in, and uh, number four right here.

Oh, these are stuck there. Come on there we go. All right. That's four shims installed.

let's back up again and fit the pads. So let's do the inboard pad first. This is the old inboard pad. You can tell because it's got the witness marks from the Pistons on the caliper where it made contact.

So we're gonna grab one of the new ones and just kind of match that up as best as we can. We've got one clip here, clip here and a Squealer indicator here. see the difference in thickness? Look at that because I Know yeah, these could have went a little bit longer, but why why would you do that? I wouldn't because that's less material to absorb heat. So I think these are being changed at the perfect interval and my shim that wouldn't go in just fell out.

That's cool. it's irony. And at the bottom here, get in there please. So close.

What was I saying about shims not fitting? It's not being compliant to my wheel. now. it is. Got it? Okay, Inboard is installed.

Let's back up again. Get the outboard uninstalled. Same procedure. Grab our old one, check it, match it up with the new one.

Looks good, and now we can slip this guy into the bracket. Beautimous. A little bit of lubrication on our pin, we'll wipe off that old nasty and the same thing on the one that we we removed. I have all the old grease off dab on some new Grease Put that guy back in the bracket.

There we go. wipe that extra off. That extra lube will actually collect brake dust and turn into like this gummy, super thick substance. We don't want that anyway.

Now all you need to do is put this upper pin back in the hole on the bracket, slide that assembly over and then down over the bottom pin and look at that one bolt. a little bit of clicks. Good to go check that out. One successful pad slap.

We can't do that. All right. We've got our wheel coming in, wheel entire assembly. maneuver.

this guy in position. drive it up on my feet, align the studs, push it on. look at that. Real easy.

A lot of dudes will also use a pry bar under these just to pick up the weight. I Will also employ that method not gravity. I Think these are a 140 pound lug nuts I Think that's the spec. Now you see how this tire has this lean to it.

Okay, if we go to tighten up the top lug nut, it's going to bind that tire up against the Hub. So what we need to do is push the bottom of it in, tighten the bottom one, then the top one, then the side. That ensures that this thing has been mated and is flush with the Hub face. They can go on crooked and once you drive, it'll pop loose and next thing you know, your wheel is not bolted on.
That would be bad. I'm not close to 150 pounds yet. Relax these later. Big Okay I Need to retrieve my jack stand.

Bring this up just a wee little bit. A couple pumps stand is coming out and truck come down There we go. All right. You need the jack stand with a jack over to the other side and repeat set procedure.

Easy peasy Moving all the way up. Nothing crazy just to get that wheel off the ground. There we go and we'll jack stand it. same place Jackson Call me Jack right there.

Good to go Now we're safe. Let's turn the wheel and restocking. Thank you. One is done a little warm today guys.

I'm sweating I'm making my own steam rolling around. Oh man. look. after all that talk about not breaking the Caps look at all the damage on that Oh, that upsets me.

It happens. It's also good to, uh, make note of things like this that way if it has gone unnoticed up until now, your consumer does not believe that you were the cause of set damage. So uh, photographs and written documentation is key Cya because everything is a liability. For example, if you tell somebody, uh, you don't need a jack stand under your car and then they listen to you, then the car falls down and they get injured.

Who's liable? The person who published the advice, or the person who took the advice and that's where lawyers come in. Always Cya always. Scotty Scotty Scotty All right, that wheel's off again. That exposes our friction material and since we turned the wheel before removing it, we're already at a good point of exposure here.

So let us repeat our procedure. We'll pull this caliper off, hang our new pads, and then we'll go out, hit the road and break these bad boys in. All right coming in, let's get that bottom bolt out there she is. Set that aside, caliper's not coming out willingly.

a little pry bar at some to open it up. Oh one other thing. I'm not prying on the actual piston. I'm getting behind the caliper and I'm trying to pry against this little area the vented area on the rotor because if you pry on the Piston uh, you can break it and then you're putting a caliper on.

Which means that easy job is no longer easy. That's not cool. So we'll slide this guy off just like the other side. set her down.

We'll pop these pads out inboard and the outboard. Come on. Yeah, you lose. There we go easy.

So considering that we already saw all of this one, so I'm gonna try to just pick up the pace here just a little bit if I can. If I can't then whatever, you guys let me know how it did time Me: Okay, see which way was faster this side or the other side? Oh come on please. Seriously, it clicks so you know it's good. just like that.

Okay, one more time matching up our shoes. old shoe, new shoes, pads, matching upper pads, old pad with the indicator, new pad. Wait with that guy in become wiggled in. Now there we go.
It responds to commands that's really weird, foreign and we'll get this guy re-hung and we're good to go here. This is nice. Like I said. Easy Job easy today I Want easy I Feel like I just crawled out of an avalanche? See, this is the real advantage to this tool.

right here. You get mechanical advantage with your threads and it also allows you to compress both Pistons simultaneously. Whereas the C-clamp method prohibits such things and you got to press one in, then the other, then the other, then the first one, then the second one. You go back and forth until they're both in.

Yes, you can put a brake pad on it. C-clamp it, but that doesn't always work. Do the configuration of the hardware on the back of the caliper. Thick.

Oh, wipe it down. Stay. wipe it down. Times two.

And where's miloob forgot it? Oh no there it is. Grease that one up, plop it in there, remove excess Grease and grease this one up. Perfect reversing procedure. Slide that guy in caliper down.

What are you doing? Caliper Did I not get the Piston compressed all the way? Maybe not. Oh, roadblock, there it is. There's our one Bolt and some click action. Pad slap complete.

Come on. get in there please. Oh about to violate my own advice: I'm gonna push that piston in directly. There we go just a little bit though.

Almost no force. And where's my vault? Foreign Good To Go Pad Slap complete. Let's get that wheel bolted on and we're gonna go out and hit the roads. Rolling.

Rolling. Rolling. Wiggle my dually tires so they keep rolling. Go snake.

See that. See how it wasn't lined up NASCAR Time does not work if you're having fun. Oh hi, Boss! Hi hi, What are you doing? the paperwork? Why? You just flash sensitive information. You just doxed us.

We're in so much trouble now. Hey, do you want to do something cool here? Grab. grab that rotate. No rotate the thing.

Rotate it. There you go. Left? Yeah. keep going a little harder.

Turn it. turn it harder. No. There you go.

Whoa. Drop the truck. You? Okay, Yeah, sure. didn't expect that I Know gravity Truck Gravity Dodge gravity.

It's Ram gravity. Okay I Promised you actual clicks. We're gonna set our torquing clicking wrench to 150. Snap.

Those are good ones. All right. Good to go other side. Dark over here.

Two three. Oh I forgot I Lost count I already did that one that one. See how you go down and out up. Torque is complete.

Good to go. Okay, next we'll get our aluminum wheel simulators on referencing the uh, the valve stem right there. Snap that guy in. he doesn't want to stay by itself.

Why not? Evander What the problem is? maybe uh, maybe they don't stay by themselves. They should. They've got a like a little ring in there to grab onto the rim. It's odd.

Oh well. it is no matcher. The cap will hold them on. That's how they came off.
That's how they go on. Seriously, what is this witchcraft there installed? Okay, one down, one to go other side and then we are gonna hit the road. I Hope this one fits better. It appeared to be less damaged than the other one.

Not really. Let's see here. line those guys up. Seriously, that's probably makes all kinds of noise.

Hmm, that's the thing which. I don't like these. It's weird. That's right.

this can't be right. I think it's gonna rattle all over the place and uh, that's no bueno. and I don't remember if it was rattly when I took them off. Must be yeah, they're It's flush, nothing broken.

Okay, is what it is. Yay! All right, let's get out of here. Hit the road here. Let's check the ones in the back to see if those things are flippy floppy.

Hmm, that's negative. now that one's tight I did something wrong. Hang on I need to I need to figure this out. that one's not loose.

Why are these loose? Okay, I've located the problem. After a closer examination, you see these little tabs right here. that one's broken. There's one.

There's one. There's a missing broken one missing broken one missing broken one missing broken one missing broken one. So the reason that these things are flippy floppy is they have missing and broken tabs. So I didn't do that and I didn't install them wrong.

Um I Kind of had that gut feeling that I was uh I Was in for a set of wheel simulators but after this examination I have uh concluded that uh, this is fine. Very unfortunate is what it is. cannot do anything about it right now. All right, good to go.

Let's back this bad boy out, hit the road and see how she stops. All right, let's get in this bad boy and get out of here. Mounting is the engine. Now we're not going anywhere.

gotta pump up the brakes a little bit, hit the pedal three or four times. The reason that we have to do that is those pistons and the calipers have been compressed and collapsed and there's space between the piston and the pads. And if, uh, if we don't pump them up and then take up that space by pushing the pet Pistons back out to meet the pads. then we'll go to hit the brakes.

later on, there will be no breaks because there's nothing for the Pistons to press against. It's a mouthful. Anyway, let us open up our mirrors here. Ultra Magic Fancy backing out farming for safety kid check in the rear view.

This is good. no kid ding. They're fast. You never know you think they're over there and you look up and then they're over there.

They're very fast little creatures backing out backing out. That's interesting. Take a look. ABS Lights off I Wonder if it has a stuck solenoid in the pump? Perhaps pushing all that fluid back through the pump? Uh, unstuck it.

Copyright. It's weird. I'll get a copyright strike off of a customer's radio, not the ones inside. Maybe it's because it's background noise and not like right here noise Rambles Dude obstruction.
All right, let's get out of here. Crowded parking lot today. Oh, there's that warning I Lied I didn't fix anything. All right.

pulling on out. So far so good. in here at the turbine and no one's behind us. We're gonna do a light smooth stop up to this red light right here.

We just want those rotors to run across those pads very lightly and begin to wear them so that the Peaks and valleys in the surfaces become filled with the pad material. It's called burnishing. All Right Now That We're stopped I'm going to click it in neutral so I can take pressure off the brakes I Don't want them just sitting there squeezing in one spot because if they're warm and you do that, it can actually leave extra deposits on the rotor and that can create a different friction surface. and then you get a vibration while braking.

We don't want to do that. Green light? Go! I Love the green light. People that just like jump right on out. cut off the Straight Ahead People that's dangerous and a little bit of braking.

Not much back to accelerating, just doing a bunch of very light brake events. picking up some speed. speed limit is 35. oh my.

God The truck just told me I was speeding about that. It's fancy. Anyway, we're on the brakes coming up to a stop. Good pedal pressure.

These brakes feel really good I Like them, they, they seem to to be a little aggressive right at first. You don't have to put a lot of effort into the pedal before you feel the friction come into play and that's good. I'll consider that a performance. Improvement Right turn.

we're gonna head out to the big road, get up a little bit of speed, and do like a 60 or a 70. slow down and that should complete our process here and we'll head back to the shop and we're good to go. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and take this opportunity right now to thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

Don't read out on me. Too bad for just doing a pad slap again. I Found this particular circumstance that that option was going to be okay and we did not need to address, uh, any issues with the rotors because there are none. so we didn't We didn't necessarily do work that we did not have to do anyway, rambling on again.

So as always again, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! almost end of Doge I mean Ram. They changed the name again. it's not a Dodge it's a ram. That's what I meant Ramicus.

Go dram kiss see I told you Mustang guys I would give you a break and I haven't made fun of any Rustangs in like two or three weeks. Right now we're back to Doge's again. I'd make fun of Chevy's too. but I don't really get a lot of them.
plus the ones I do get they. they test my uh, my resolve as a human being like my Avalanche I learned like I unlocked like a whole new level of patience when it came to that. Avalanche All right, let's see no traffic I Love coming through here. There's never any traffic low Steam you know I Gotta say I mean even though I've got a Duramax this six seven feels pretty good.

The speed limit is 55. I know the speed limit non-serie You're worse than worse than Siri I don't even know who that is. Anyway, let's do uh, let's do a stop. No one's behind us breaking I Think we can actually squeeze in two of these higher speed stops here? It's good.

and I wasn't using a boatload of pedal pressure. The idea is is just to get a lot of motion over the rotors pads, pads and rotors. Rotors and pads feeding your speeding. again.

Bad. Ray Slowing down. We've got a long way to go since there's no one behind us. I'm just going to creep forward real slow.

I'm still keeping a slight bit of light. Pedal pressure still creeping. Oh I See a yellow light still creeping. Green, green, green.

Green I'm gonna get a turn arrow? There are. No, we're not going anywhere. Yeah, Oh, look at that green light. What's wrong? More speed.

All right guys. Headed back to the shop. I'm all done again. See you guys later.

Thanks for watching. Have a great day in transmission. Hurry down Come on! Dodge Ram Kiss Thank you.

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  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Hepp says:

    And yes sometimes those lights are on and sometimes they are not…. Sometimes a good bump turns them on sometimes they turn off, sometimes if I hit the brakes hard sitting still they go off sometimes not…..

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Hepp says:

    I have a 2017 2500 6.7 and have the same abs issue and have been waiting since October for parts from the stealership…… cruise control doesn’t work when those lights are on either…

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Lee says:

    Hello Ray every once in a while you show your air compressor Im wondering since you are in Florida how often you drain moisture from the tank?

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Lee says:

    Hello Ray every once in a while you show your air compressor Im wondering since you are in Florida how often you drain moisture from the tank?

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ianriggs says:

    I was hoping we'd get to see the back I've always been curious about brakes on a dually

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Howard Benally says:

    Hi Ray and families just finished watching video excellent job on front pads and as always you and your families be safe 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Reid says:

    Here in Florida pad slaps are good. NY and rust belt, not so much.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    Those wheel covers or hub caps are future flying objects. I would hate to get hit by one as it flies off like a flying saucer.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    I wonder if there is an option or addon for a lift that could pick up just the front of a big truck or rear, while the other half remains in the ground, instead of trying to lift the whole vehicle.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gonzalo gomez says:

    Do you sell blue point caliper tool on amazon??

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brett Emerich says:

    Just thinking Ray sometimes those tabs get bent but I see they are broken

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ROD MEDL says:

    Hey when you're compressing the pads, do you open the master cylinder cap.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheSae24 says:

    One day, you will "catch" this door

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Big D Velo says:

    Great photography work. Having only changed pads on autos, I learned early on to ck the brake fluid reservoirs first and take some fluid out first. Compressing 4 pistons make a mess if you don't.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A McConnell says:

    Wife Unit could have done this, given her recent training. 🙂

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek Hobbs says:

    Here in Australia, I'm yet to purchase a set of pads with bracket shims included, and a lot of shims just aren't available.