In this video I have a look at a customers 2014 Chevy Tahoe that came in with a complaint of a Service Suspension System message being displayed on the dash as well as the ABS and Stability light being on. I gave it a look over several weeks ago and now it is back to be fixed.
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In the entire history of SMA I Have never had a customer fix one of these vehicles ever. That's a 2014 Chevrolet Of course. I Think we're going to work on a General Motors There's a lot of them around here. Splits the Tahoe that's the Lpz, got all the fancy stuff and the air suspension quit working and as I mentioned, nobody has ever fixed one of these because they're ridiculously expensive to fix and a 14 is only you know, moments away from being sent to the junkyard.

so people usually just disable it, drive it, send it to the crusher I Don't know what all is wrong with this one. Um, I did look at it a while ago for this guy probably a month ago and right right off the bat we can see that the air compressor was complete garbage. Uh, it had some codes in it I don't recall what they are right off hand. Um, something open circuit with maybe like a dump valve or something like that, but all the circuits are integrated into this compressor.

I Went to have a little Gander at it and as usual the compressor was MIA and by that I mean it dissolved, it turned to dust. You'll see uh, the other things I Noticed right offhand is after we fixed compressors that the rear shocks were bad I mean I could see giant holes in the airbags. so at the very least, we have to put this thing on and whatever is involved with this should be interesting because like I say I've never had anybody ever fix one of these I give them an estimate and you know it's more than 50 bucks. So off to the scrap yard they go.

So let's put this in. Hopefully all of our connections are nice and clean. It was a little blown away when he said yeah, fix it. Um, he wants the suspension fix no matter what.

So let's uh, let's get after it. It's got a bad wheel speed sensor. The brake booster vacuum pressure sensor is bad. Ball joints are bad, control arms bad.

So I've got a lot of stuff to do. but we're going to start with the air suspension first. As I mentioned, she is crusty. This thing's pretty rotted.

Looks like we have three bolts. We have two bolts here and another bolt that comes through the frame. You don't need that because it comes with a new one, but you can see the motor here. Oh no, she's gone.

just in case you're doubting my diagnosis. Welcome to New York baby I Think we're a little past this point here, but we'll Spritz some on there to slow down. Some of the comments guy once told me he believes like I do that penetrating oil doesn't work, which it doesn't at least in our situation. but what it does do is it gives a man courage to pull a little heart around the wrench.

The truth be told, that's about as accurate of the description as I've ever heard. We started out with a 14 or 15. we Whittle down to a 14. we'll see here what this does.

Coil some good stuff, huh? There's one more bolt that goes on the inside through the frame. I should probably start on that one with a 14 and see if we can't get to it. Oh, look at that of course. I'm just paraphrasing what the fella had told me about the penetrating oil.
All right. So what kind of stuff do you dealing with here? We've got a bent hose that appears. um, I'm just gonna leave her swinging by the wires for a minute. Let me go get a pick and a pair of needle nose.

see what all we have to unhook. I'll get that on hooked. You've got like an airline here goes up into the wiring here. Let's take the clamp off of it.

Get that unhooked electrical connection. see if you can't feel the tab on that here somewhere. It's got a lot of dirt in it There it is. Old son, is that it negative? That is not all.

We've got the one hose going to the rear shock. It's going to take it on, hook it from the shot because that's going to be easier. Okay, so there's our mess. Let's compare it to our new one.

So I kind of move some wires and stuff around here. so this is the hose that goes to our left shock. This is where we're going to hook up our hose that must go to the right shock. We've got our wire connector here.

They didn't have it pushed down in here. Um I got some water we can just push it down in and then this is the vent hose that we unhooked right here. Now we're going to stick this new little box. It's just an empty box you can see through the little guy.

Um I Went ahead and took the old one out without showing you. It just goes up by the filler neck and there's a Christmas tree Fastener that goes in it here that also holds the hose for the rear differential. I Believe it is, um, the bolts are already on it so we just need to take this one nut off here. This is when it goes through the frame.

I didn't show you removing that. It's kind of a piss pot to get to. There is a hole inside the frame I Think these are supposed to be 13 mil and they are. Ours were so swole.

We have big old swollen nuts and couldn't tell uh before. Now these are are knurled here. We can leave the nuts on this, their keyholed where they go into the frame so we can just stick that in there. but this here will give you a little better look as to what that looks like.

She's holy holy holy holy. Um so let's stick it up there. Let's get this hose hooked up. it's gonna plug back in I Did look at the connector up there.

The connector looks good and clean. Once we get it mounted, we'll re-run this little guy. I'm not going to bother hooking this up until we replace the shock in the back, which prior to doing that, we might just plug this in and see what we have for code see if the majority of the coats have gone away. Um, you know with this ordeal here.

slider up here I think I'll go like this. I put this plastic clip back on this hose so we should be able to just slip that baby on when we did and we should be able to plug it in foreign. Okay, just want to make sure I hit them all right and then like I said, we're gonna leave this hose I don't know if you guys can see it. we're gonna leave that hose off for a moment because we are replacing the shot there I'll just spray it down here where it's ultimately going to end up living and then we'll re-run this up by the filler neck where that little guy goes up Let it filler neck like I said this Christmas tree Fastener that holds the rear diffment and goes there.
and then as far as this hose I mean it wasn't zip tied anything, it was just kind of I'll just kind of hanging out up here I Think we're going to take and zip tie it to the filler neck here. I'll do that right now. then we should be good. We'll go get the one on the inside.

I'll show you guys that when I've done. it's a little tricky to get to with the camera and tools, so that's where that one lives is right up. I don't know. We got there the fuel pump control module right below that, right by the spare.

Here there's a hole right there in the frame. You're a couple other doggies in there and uh, so that's where that one lives. Okay, let's see what we have. All right, let's see here.

So I just hooked the battery back up. um I had the vehicle in neutral I'm gonna leave it on the lift so I unhook the battery so I hooked it back up here real quick so we can see uh if it's happy with everything, let's let it do a system scan here. All right, Which one is the steering? That's the suspension. There we go.

that's when we want to go to. Let's see. it probably has a history code stored in it here. Oh okay, yeah, it's got the history coach for the speed sensor and that boost.

Let's see history not current. Okay So uh, where's my in my left mind oh my. God Abcdp element I need a picture? It was over here. There we go.

It was probably one of those two pages I'm sure. All right, not current. That's good. So we should be able to clear the codes and have no codes left for whatever reason.

all. Talent GMS You got to clear them twice. All right. Beautiful.

I Had a whole lot to see here just for the level. Suspension level sensors are at battery voltage. That can't be right 15.7 because she's only at 12.4 That's not correct. Hopefully there's not something wrong in the suspension control module too.

But anyhow, um, good. So we've gotten rid of that code. So before we get even, you know further in this: they're playing with stuff because we know the rear shocks are leaking I'm going to put those on and we're just going to see if the truck's happy with itself I need to peel this wheel off to do this speed sensor. We're just going to get this off right now.

Might make viewing the top a little easier. All right. I Don't know why I clicked that on there I think I showed you guys that I didn't and then I then I just did I just saw it hanging I Clicked it on. So one hook that we've got the electrical connector up here.
one hook, it may look clean and then we've got a bolt that goes through this way. I'll do that. It's super convenient. No room on the inside.

Um, all right, let me find a combination of tools I don't really want to pull the whole fender liner out just to get one? Bolt We got over here. quite the process. So in New York state when you buy a Chevrolet the spare tires under there, nothing more than mirror decoration. If you don't take it out in the first week that you own it, you're never going to get it out and that's the way this is.

And I don't want to call a customer and ask them if I can torch it out just to make this easier. I've got a socket up on the back side a short extension I think I can get to the end of it with a breaker bar and hold the bolts is what I'm hoping for. I can just barely get my hand in here because of the uh, fuel pump control module which you can't take that out either. I'll try to get this lined up.

There we go. I think it's lined up all right? So I did get the nut off. hopefully that bowl to come out, which it should be because I let it spin initially and get this out so that's the right combination right there and you can just sneak in there to do that. We'll unhook the bottom of the shot because I'm sure it has some down pressure on it from the Springs We'll stick a stand of safety under there.

Hopefully the other side's a little more open than this side. Let's get this bottom part off. the shock here. Okay, the upper bolt moves now so this looks a little smaller playing with fire here.

Boy and there. Here's your top bolt. Foreign. Really, really expensive Rear shock from, uh, there are Motors I Don't know who makes them.

They're building two there, but oh yeah, this one's got some ripples in that side. There bags all dry rotted, so same thing with the one on the right side. there. she is.

folks. Brand new, genuine. General Motors I'm gonna get that top bolt. You gotta be careful.

you don't want to break that electrical connector off. These things are very expensive. We're just gonna set that there. I'm gonna try to back behind here.

we got the bolt holding it. You want to let the rear end down a little bit? I'm gonna get the bottom bolt in also. this one here. Oops, going the wrong way.

All right. I've got that one in now. We'll snug them up. Foreign, but it's a little lanol in on that baby.

she's clicked in. Do the same thing on the other side. Glass some liquid courage on that baby. The speed sensor is going walking in this thing when you drive it.

I Remember that much, we've got a new one for it. What we have here, this is the T 30, another 30 and a 40. I can remember which size it was. We'll start out with a 30.

see how that does for us? We do here with liquid courage and grab the hug and dug again. She spin all right out. That's not a very big screws. you gotta be careful with those.
Got a good trigger control. some more liquid courage on here. It's not gonna do anything for us, but you got to use it up somehow. We'll probably end up drilling this thing out I'm sure she'll just snap off.

maybe not. Maybe today's our lucky day at least spin. So they usually get stuck on the dang o-ring It's half the battle getting past the O-ring All right. Well now we've got spinning Now we have hope.

Easy so it'll trick Meemaw taught me. Let's see where we wind up there. What do you do when it's going to snap off? Anyways, let's try to do the best you can there fella. You can get the neck bite on the sinks.

There we go. Remove the camera here folks. That's how you do it old son right there. I Just got out of breath.

man. it's like a eight ounce signing right? So if you know it's just gonna break off, just drill it. Put your little slide hammer in there I Don't know who makes this. It's a Mac Tools one part number is Sierra Papa Eight Papa Sp8p Mac Tools Of course it's not really Mac Somebody makes it for them because they don't make any of their own stuff except their wrenches.

I think uh, but that's out of there so it's just easier to drill it while it's intact like that if you snap it off. I think we did a video on that that's got some click baby title, but that's just typically how we do them. Let's plug the hole, get rid of the rust, Get the new sensor foam ear plug. that's what we're sticking in there that'll plug the hole.

and then we're just going to use our caliper file. Get off the thick chunks there. Ta-da racing There it is. Everybody's happy I'm happy you're happy.

Get the phone by these things. disappear in the fluid film or not. the fluid film in the brake. clean.

So I didn't warn you I don't ever watch the news because well, it's toxic. but I don't know if Canada's still on fire. Today is August 15th in the year 2023. and man, it is super duper Smoky Outside it's actually the I would say the smokiest that's been.

So either Canada is still on Fire or the neighborhood here is on fire one or the other. but it's actually like tickling my throat a little. a little pickle in my throat. we're gonna get a little Spritz on that.

a little Spritz on this I don't know if everybody's still in frame or not I've taken what's going on there Rocco Uh, that's the right one. must be a little bigger rust Ridge Inside that hole. Plug that hole back up again. we'll go deep this time.

Put down there deep. not too deep. you gotta be able to get it back. Burr I Don't know if I can reach it with this.

Oh wow. She had a lot of crust around that look that was thick in there. Spray it again. Find your pick.

Hurry up. get that ear plug out of there before it dissolves. There's that. Give her a little.

Spritz this has already been Spritz but we'll show that again. Spritz that now she should slide right in. Oh yeah. Smooth like butter.
Grab your turkey bit on there, grab your torque wrench, torque setting one, there's that. And then we're just taking the follow this cable up and around wherever it goes. That's the way it was right. Let's go.

it's that way. Okay, there you gotta get just right. There's a mark on the back. you line up with the belt stem.

but yeah, hopefully this is all you need. So we've got that speed sensor in. We've got uh, one more sensor we got put under the hood on the vacuum booster. uh, that sensor has been given some fits and intermittently reading so we're going to change that and then we'll go for a ride before we come back and do.

The ball joints seem to break the uh, breaking a lot of my Chevrolet virginity today I've never done one of these either. Um, but yeah, this sucker was DOA the other day and I see it's working now it's throwing ABS stability light and stuff like that. oops. Hook the brake hose from it.

Hopefully we're going to twist loose here. There we go. so that's all that little guy is Bosch that says got the new one here from General Motors All the parts we put on today have been OEM I'm getting any more where I'm just so sick of aftermarket stuff coming and getting you and haunting yet that uh, we're just. we've been buying more and more OEM lately.

just a lot more peaceful around here. So take the rubber out of there, stick the new one in comes with it. And the stuff I'm struggling with the most is the uh, nap and chassis parts they're made by Neville Tech and they're absolute garbage. to the point where I had to call our Napper up and just tell them like look, your parts are, they're garbage.

Uh, you know, you know he's not the one that makes it I just wanted to let him know why he's gonna see a reduction in sales on the NCP line Napa Chassis Parts Line because I'm just gonna start buying something else now. with that being said, I have had good success with the TTX brand in Napa chassis stuff which is also made by Mevel Tech but it's much higher quality then the blue booted Napa chassis made by Melvotech so that's my. that's my thoughts and opinions on that. So so some suspension stuff we've been buying OEM some we've been getting from you know who we've been using Sankey three five as much as we can on the Asian cars which that stuff is phenomenal.

It's Made in Japan Really good quality so it's been just kind of a medley of Park vendors. I Guess we like using NAPA Parts because a we're a Napa Auto Care Center Uh, not a sponsor. They don't sponsor us, trust me. but it makes it easier to submit labor claim warranties to manufacturers when you're an auto care center when we're using NAPA parts.

so that's the only thing I kind of worry about using some OEM the warranty is not as good most OEM Parts only 12 12 with no labor pay. Um, that's kind of difficult to sell sometimes. usually they cost more. case isn't so much anymore.
but our Nampa warranty. We offer a 12 year or a two year 24 000 parts and labor warranty. So using OEM stuff, you know we can't do that. Just 12 12 on the parts and and that's it.

This thing. Okay, so let's go like this. We're just gonna do a quick erase on it and then we're gonna take it for a ride. We're mostly at this point looking, make sure we have no codes coming back, in the Ebcm and in the suspension control module.

hey, what are you cooking? Smells lovely, peppers and onions of some sort. Later on, there's no Peppers Dragons there is onions. oh okay. zucchini okay, chickpeas, miso, miso, me so hungry.

garlic garlic. Wow. where's the meat? I'm gonna give you some meat. Oh okay.

okay. we appreciate it. We're going for a ride. All right there we go.

Curious how long the suspension control module? this is gonna live? Um, usually those things are not long for the world. They have a tendency to just rot right out. I Noticed that this one you notice how we saw that the battery voltage was off. Look what? it's reading now.

18.9 volts. Uh, the truck's only charging it 14-6 right now. But um, that so that tells me that that module is probably going to be on its way out. Let's guess the other live date on it seems to work foreign I Think we have success here.

The lights have come on. other than that washer fluid light that popped up a rough road here giving her some wiggles and jiggles back at the shop, let's just do a quick scan on this thing just to see where it's at, see if we got any codes that showed up there in the ABS or the suspension doesn't So suspension's good. ABS is good. This is like door modules or something here which I think we had codes in before.

Yeah. Passenger compartment, lamp control short battery. Okay, so there's two codes playing in the same thing in the uh but the passenger door in the driver door switch gets coat sorens. It's got some kind of lighting issue, but we're here to fix the suspension for this fella.

and I think we've done good great. Just like that folks. I dropped the bomb and leave you hanging with no ending to the video or at least some kind of corrupt file it won't let me open it says uh, rest assured though, that Chevrolet live to see another day uh, customer is Happy the suspension light never came back on and then another upcoming video I think we put ball joints in the front of it All right? So that's that Comment section questions, Comments: The concerns see insty the Facebook You guys know what to do at this point and just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    The fire in Hawaii is being completely overlooked. Also residents are reporting the police blocked the road during the fire and are now blocking supplies going in. They seriously need this information to get out

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    funny thing about or parts is when i go and buy a oil filter it’s in a gm box with chinese writing on it…. never saw that before and then they’ve got three tiers of their products and they explain each one but usually the best oe quality is the very top one and that is the most expensive. but gm have come down on the struts and shocks and other suspension and steering parts, but i will not pay over 200$ a piece for wheel hub bearings!