After MONTHS of obstacles this EJ25 Subaru Engine is finally ready to go back in the 1999 Legacy Outback AWD. It came in with a coolant leak and oil leak in part 1, we found a leaking water pump. During service we found a seized water pump bolt which broke off during removal. After spending hours attempting a failed extraction in part 2, I gave up and ordered a salvage engine to replace it with. The engine was lost in Virginia during the Yellow Freight trucking company shut down, never to be seen again. Unable to locate a suitable replacement, attempts were restarted to extract the damaged bolt AND stud extractors that broke off in the bolt. In part 3, with the engine on the bench, we were finally able to remove the bolt, but the engine was damaged at the bolt hole and the threads were lost during extraction. During part 4 the block was drilled out and a thread insert called a time-sert was installed. Victory was short lived because immediately after, during the timing belt assembly, the belt tensioner bolt stripped out and pulled the threads. Another time-sert was installed and the engine is finally ready to be installed.
Part 1 This is how it started! Customer States: Everything Leaking! Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5 AWD
Part 2 Drove IN Pushed Out! Damaged during Repair! Subaru Outback Legacy 2.2 2.5 @I_Do_Cars
Part 3 Extracting the broken bolt! Welding Explosion! Intense Bolt Extraction! Will it FAIL? Subaru Outback 2.2 2.5
This video is Part 4 Damaged Block Threads! Subaru Outback Legacy 2.2 2.5 Hurricane Idalia
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Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! It's a kind of bright and sunshiny and overcast and it's pre pre-hurricane day. uh I forget what the thing's name is Idelia or Idalia? Uh, it's about 80 miles uh, offshore right now in the Gulf of Mexico and it's coming this way in a Northeastern track. So where I'm at, we're gonna catch the the west side. It's gonna be like the South Side the southwest corner of the storm.

so we're gonna get a bunch of wind from uh, from the southwest. Direction Um, they're talking about 80 mile per hour wind or something like that. so it's it's not. It's nothing to scoff at, but it's not the end of the world right here.

A little bit of minor prep work uh, should uh, should handle the situation and that's what I've just finished doing and that's also what I'm on my way to go do Uh, we set everything up at the house and put all the toys away and clean the porches off. Uh, I'm not gonna shutter the house except maybe the back porch on my South Side I haven't decided yet I'll probably wait until the storm's actually here before I end up deciding whether or not to put any boards up. Um, but right now I'm we're going to the shop I need to get like I said the cars inside. We'll clean up some tools I've got to grab all my flashlights and backup gear and all that good stuff I don't need to hoard gas in water of Readiness at all times because it's the 2020s and you never know.

So I don't need to go and do the the Walmart slash Costco Sam's Club freak out shopping spree and buy 100 bucks worth of batteries and whatnot because we're already good at my house I don't have to participate in that activity I don't need any fuel either I I have some diesel in the truck and the van's got half a tank I might fill this thing back up if we can get get. uh, if I could find fuel today I've got 40 gallons of non-ethanol Recreation fuel at the house. that's a that's for the mowers usually. but uh I refilled those tanks yesterday just in case I need to run the generator just in case I don't I don't think we're gonna get a bunch of power outages.

This storm doesn't seem to have the feeling that the more ominous storm cells in the past have brought with them. So I think we'll be okay. But you never know. these things can do.

They do things they do things you don't expect them to do I don't expect it to do the things that I don't expect it to do, but it's always possible. so stay prepared anyways. Uh, we're about halfway there. Um, we need to get back to the building, open up the shop real quick, collect the emergency supplies to load up back in the van, and then we'll bring all the cars inside, fill the lifts up, get everything up in the air, remove the valuables near near the windows or from near the windows, put Electronics inside of toolboxes and maybe garbage bag them.

I Don't know. I think my doors will be okay so I don't I haven't really decided yet I What I'm going to do is I'm going to prepare for the worst because I would hate to have this storm ramp up later tonight and then ooh trailers I'd hate to have this storm ramp up later tonight and then I'm sitting there with doubt wondering if I could have done things better in the shop. So I'm just going to prep the shop for uh, for like, a two-day shutdown. We're actually actually we're on a two-day shutdown because I didn't get any work done yesterday and I didn't get any work done today.
So this is day two of no working good storm. It's ruining the economy. So anyway, so I will check back in with you guys once we get there and we'll get the doors open. Take an assessment of the situation.

Whoa. We're hydroplaning a lot. Check that out. Yeah, we'll go assess the situation and uh, we will proceed to take action from there.

So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good. video. Openings you hoods? Yeah, that's great. We have stacks of Mustang See this right here.

This is exactly why you need to have good tires in. Florida Although it's not raining, we clearly see there is a bunch of ruts full of water and this is the stuff that will make you hydroplane, potentially lose control of your vehicle if you have crappy bad ball tires. always have good tires in Florida especially during the wet season. Oh no we don't We're not doing this power outage business again.

What is this? What are you guys doing? Oh yeah, no, we're not worried about that. I Hope you move over for stopped emergency vehicles. Yeah, we're not worried about that. Someone just ran into the telephone pole.

That's all that happened here. Okay, yeah, they just passed the law in Florida which is a common sense law and I do agree with it. It just passed the law where if you're able to move over for a stopped emergency vehicles with their emergency lights, indicated that you are required to move over a lane when passing them now. although that is common sense and I've been doing that for years because that's just what you do.

You don't fly past a parked car four feet away from it. You're supposed to move over. But they did pass the law here in Florida. Having said that, because the law exists, they're going to have to go out and start enforcing it for uh, the sake of public awareness.

So I wouldn't want to be the guy that got caught that did not follow the rule or the law. I Don't think we need a law I just think Common Sense should Prevail but we don't have to. Uh, they're going to be out enforcing that so if you fail to move over, they'll probably pull you over. so I don't want to I'm not gonna participate in that.

Oh, the rain's starting to pick up again. nothing crazy yet. but we did just start to get more precipitation and the wind just bumped back up. It goes from like a mild wind to no wind and then it'll bump back up for a little while, then it drops off.

It'll become consistent and steady as time moves on. But right now we're in a nice calm easy LOL All right guys. So right now, we're kind of in a waiting game until the end of the day. Uh, like I said, I'm here to collect some flashlights and a few supplies in case our power goes out for tomorrow or anything like that.
Um, not a huge deal, but uh, having said all that, we're kind of low on the inventory of cars that need to come in. Uh, waiting on parts for this thing I'm waiting on parts. a couple things for the red Mustang Uh, the Monte Carlos to the body shop waiting on parts for that KIA Over there, we're always waiting on parts for Troy's Jeep Uh, let's see that one's done. but we're not setting that one out right now because the owner lives kind of far away and we're doing hurricane stuff today so that's just gonna Camp here until the storm's over with so again, I don't have much really to do maybe I can uh, get some work done on the Ruby Zoo out there.

That probably is really all that we have left on the Uh on the agenda for this week so far. So um, like I mentioned last night on the live stream I did receive the Time thread repair kit uh for this engine block with the damaged Uh damaged thread in there. You can see we've gotten the thing extracted, but the uh, the actual threads inside of that hole are kind of boogered up. you can see them down there.

We can fit a bolt into those threads and it will thread in. but my concern is is once torque is applied, it can start to yield those threads and it will lose its uh clamping Force thus causing the water pump to become loose right here and it'll leak. So rather than run that risk of having a a problem due to a halfway repair, we're going to go ahead and do a full-on repair on those threads. Like I said, I have received and ordered a Time cert kit.

This is uh, it's similar to a Heli coil but a little bit different and heating coil will insert actual threads. This thing puts in a double-sided threaded insert. so the inside is the M6 threads for the factory Factory bolts for the water pump and then the outside is a new thread that's going to be cut into the aluminum. So we're going to drill that.

We're going to tap it. We're going to cut it. We're going to screw this thing in with an installer tool after we countersink the the surface right here the base of it because we have to fit that little lip right there. So we're going to bottom this thing out, countersink it, thread it, tap it, not in that order, and then once that's done, we will have a fresh, stronger than new set of threads in order to clamp down this water pump.

So uh, I Hope this works. We probably won't know if it's going to work until after the cars or the engine's back in the car and it's up to operating temperature. So um, well, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that this operation turns into a success. So following our destructions on our time thread repair set, we're going to need to drill out the existing threads in the engine block.
So I'm going to assume that we need the drill bit that has been supplied with the kit. Yeah, that's supposed to pull pull the old threads out of it, so let's see how that fits in there. Yeah, this bit is larger than the existing threads, so that's the one to remove what's already there. Then we can drill it again and countersink it and then tap the hole and then install the the insert.

So let's do this together. I'm excited to see how this is going to work out. I know you are too, so let's go ahead and get to it. Let me fire up my drill! I Really hope this works because we have put a considerable amount of effort into trying to uh to fix this situation if you guys have been here since the first repair attempt on this video after that water pump bolt broke off and I spent hours trying to extract it while it was in the chassis.

we ended up ordering another replacement engine and that engine disappeared in Virginia and the order was canceled. So because of that I had to start over from Square One The problem is the square one had no more of these 2.5 liter Subaru engines available and the two twos that were available were Silly high mileage and had not had any work done to it. So we went back to the original plan after the replacement engine plan failed and now I have to actually fix this by some miracle, while this thing was out of chassis and here on the bench, we were actually able since there's more space here to work with able to get that old bolt extracted. I will put a link to that video and the first video when I actually broke broke the bolts off down in this video's description.

That way, if you want to go back and refresh yourself or if you missed those two videos, they'll be available to you after you're done watching this one. Let's get started. I'm going to throw a little bit of cutting oil in those threads there. Moving on up.

All right guys, here goes: nothing. Got the Milwaukee drill. Let's pull these. Uh, pull these threads out trying to get this thing centered left and right and up and down I don't want to drill sideways.

nasty bite. It bites on and Yanks the bid in as soon as it gets traction I don't like that high speed Peck at it a little bit. There we go. Yeah, there wasn't much left of the threads after last time around and this is a blind hole meaning it does not pass all the way through and the destructions tell me to mark my bit and measure it.

but I can see the bottom of the hole so we're not gonna concern ourselves too much with marking it. That looks pretty good. Yes, yeah, we're We're bottomed out here. Oh by the way, that is not a crack in the engine block right there.

It's not a crack. It looks like a crack, but it's just. uh, just a casting flaw. If it is a crack, I Can't see where it migrates and progresses to.
so I Hope it's not alrighty. let's get those threads cleaned out a little bit. Pretty clean. A little bit of straw action here.

Get rid of the debris. Alrighty, on to step two with our counter bore. We've got a well. The bit is supposed to Center in the hole we just drilled, which it does.

Then we've got these cutting flutes on it and then it's supposed to stop on these. Flats Right here. See that flat. There's a flat.

Let's get a little bit of Zoom action here. The focus. Okay So we've got a flat. Right here.

There's a flat. There's a flat. and there's a flat. So we're supposed to use this bit to cut into the face of the block up until we reach that flat.

and that flat is designed to cut the counter bar to house the flange right here on the end of the insert. So let us drill that thing out next. All right, let's get this thing set up in the drill. like so it's running straight and true.

This is good. I'm sure it's nice and tight. Let's get some lube in there on our cutting surface. I'll carry away our debris and beginning the counter bore.

Now it said Slow P Slow speed lights medium pressure I'm keeping an eye on the drill head on the other side here to make sure it doesn't hit the engine block. There we go. Lubricant. How do we do? Not quite there yet? All right, let's take it up a notch.

Hey, we do have a good counter bore, but we have not bottomed out the flutes on the tool yet. Are we there yet? Thank you I think we are there a little bit more. another millimeter. That's it.

There we go. I'm satisfied with that. This is good. Let's give it a rinse see brake.

Clean can be used at slow speed. All right? Okay, we do not need the drill bit anymore, so we're going to put that back in its little protective sheath and that's going to go back into the box. Same story with the counter bore tool. Put that thing back inside of its case.

And now we need to get out the tap. Tap these threads, Or tap this hole in order to thread the exterior or the outer diameter of our insert. All right, got a tap coming in. It's set up on the Snap-on t-handle that will drive the tap and the t-handle will give me as much control as I think I need in order to, uh, get this hole threaded.

So let's get started on our tap here. We're going to run this down all the way to the Bottom. Now again, this is a blind hole and because it's a blind hole and it doesn't pass all the way through, we have to make sure we don't keep going after it bottoms out and risk damaging uh, the block or breaking a hole through the back of it into a water jacket because then I will be buying another engine and we've already established that's going to be kind of hard to do. Okay, so it's starting to bite.

I'm giving it the measurement status or measurement treatment here with my micrometer and it looks like we're running in straight, not cross threading the tap, which is good. It's going fairly smoothly Also, this is very soft aluminum. There we go, picking up some speed, give it a wiggle that feels really good a little more. Let's back her out now see if she's going to come back.
A little bit of resistance on the reverse. So far so good. we're going full. Send: Cutting, cutting, Cutting.

We're going in. We're going in. I See some debris floating in that oil in there? That's good. That means it's carrying it away from the cut site and we're bottomed out.

Let's go ahead and back this out and then we can inspect our progress. Very good, looks good, looks really good actually. you guys see in there, let's get some lumens on that subject. Yeah, those threads are looking real nice.

I Like it. Awesome All right. Let's prepare our insert and then get that thing set up a little bit more cleaner for the wind. Let's get that oil out.

just gonna carry out any debris that's in there. It's full of metal shavings from the tapping procedure. flush that out. So at this point we have an oversized hole that has been threaded and it has a counter bore to accommodate our insert.

So now we need to get out our insert installer that's going to thread into the insert and then we can use this installer to drive the insert into those new threads. Incoming loud blog on noises Alrighty, so this right here. This is our insert Focus please and I don't know if you guys can pick up on the camera, but this is actually not circular. It is square shaped so the thing is threaded, but it is in a square shape and that's designed to put extra internal friction on these threads and help to guide in our insert right here.

So we're going to get this started. thread it in right here. I'm already feeling some good resistance on this uh, this insert driver here. So now I will take and I don't even think these instructions indicate to do so, but on the larger ones they I have seen them where they require thread locks.

So I am just going to install some thread lock here just for some finalized security. We're going to go ahead and thread this insert into position, thread it down and I think it's locking in. it's not wanting to go any farther. I'd like to put some more torque on that if possible.

Let's get the T-handle out and see how tight we can get that insert. I'm watching it turn right here, so it appears that that counter war was deeper than I think I needed and it looks like the insert has bottomed out and stopped threading in. I'm gonna go a little further see what it does. Break it off, we'll have to weld it and drill it out.

Okay, that's pretty tight coming up on a lot of torque here. I Think we're good. Let's go ahead and back this guy out. Gravity All right.

My tool is coming out and the insert is staying in position. Beautiful. That's what we want to see. Very good.
All right. let's test it. I Have here a brand new replacement OEM Subaru Water Pump Bolt I Did get new bolts for this little idea and that bolt is threading. It's threading in beautifully.

Love it! Let's take her back out and let's go ahead and clean up the surface here and get a get the water pump installed. I Think we? uh I think we're nearing a win on this one I Like winning. All right real quick. I Want to go ahead and clean this surface up with some, uh, this little polishing device.

Light pressure. We're just gonna get rid of all the nasty that's on here. All right, foreign. I Also need to polish away all my little scratches and whatnot that are right here on the the injury site.

I Think we're good. Pretty nice. Let's make it shiny again. Wiper down and we can prep the water pump installation.

There we go. All right. So digging through my timing belt kit, we have a replacement water pump unit. There she is, and I've got a replacement gasket as well as gravity, as well as all the bolts here to install this unit with new, unbroken, unstretched, and uncorroded fasteners.

because broken Fasteners is what got us in this mess to begin with. So anyway, let's get one bolt through. It's going to a line, our pump right here, or our gasket on our pump rather, the second one for redundancy. Two is one and one is none.

right? Let's get this thing slipped into position here. It's kind of a tight squeeze. There's a little seal for the cam covers right over here and we don't want to roll that seal and push it out of the way. And that is two bolts that are tight or two bolts started.

Rather, two bolts, Two bolts, two bolts. We got three and one that one. I Hope these are all the right length. It seems that they were just a generic part number.

This is the one in question. It's going in smooth. That one's threaded. That one's threaded.

All right. They're all threaded. The water pump is in its home. Good thing.

All right. A couple forward electron clips. Excellent. All right.

beginning. actual clicks. Now we need to get some torque on these fasteners. There's a click, another another.

See there. Let's get this one down here. One more up here. I think I got that one already.

but no, No. I missed that one. There we go. Let's hit them all again just to make sure everybody's nice and uniform to it like a tiger.

Ah success guys, we got it. That's a functioning working install. bolted in thread, repaired water pump. Yes! the Subaru will live again.

All right folks, that is going to count for a win for the day. The 100-something dollar time cert thread insert kit has saved this engine. I Need to go ahead and bust out the timing set and the gears and the tensioner. Get this thing re-timed and then, uh, we'll put the covers back on.
We'll drop her back in the engine. Uh, that is going to be of course. after I change the rear crankshaft seal on this. there's no reason to not put a rear main in this while it's here.

I Don't think we can see it from where we're at, but I do believe it did have a leak. Let's see, we got any oil back there. Maybe maybe actually tell you what. We'll shed some light on the subject.

Let's see, we have oil back on that rear main. It's possible see those little streaks coming from? Where are we at right here? See all that? Yeah, that's some oil down there. I Think this thing does have a rear main leak, so we're gonna pull that. uh, that flex plate off later on after you spin this around.

What the timing setup is uh is complete and we'll toss the rear main seal in this thing and at that point it will be ready to go back into our rubisu. Which is great because this thing's been here like four months and I need to actually get off my butt and fix this car. Okay, so now that we've got some traction made with Subaru engine, we're gonna put that on hold because I need to go back to the hurricane preparedness. Uh, the way we're gonna do this is I'm going to run that car all the way up.

We're gonna run this car all the way up and then we're gonna put more cars underneath of these cars. That's going to be the plan. So silver subscribe button moving on up. I'm gonna go up as high as possible.

This this standard uh, hurricane procedure by the way. This is how we do it. Every time locks are engaged. Let's let it down on the locks for safety.

That one didn't click. Okay I need to go to the next lockdown. So we release, we'll go down past the lock on this side engage. There we go.

Two locks engaged so that thing's sitting down. no hydraulic pressure. Let's do the same thing with our Mustang over here that's on the lock. Good to go and now we can put cars underneath of these cars and stack these things in.

I Cannot say that. I'm particularly concerned with uh with flooding or anything like that. If we do have flooding, it will not be storm surge flooding here. I'm too far inland, but any kind of flooding would be local just from precipitation.

So I'm not horribly concerned about it. but it is possible that the wind will push a bunch of water up against the doors and that might allow water to come into the shop. So anything that's electronical, we're gonna get that off the floor like battery chargers. Um, I Don't know.

Actually, there's really not much down there. we can move the shop vac. all that stuff looks good. the toolbox is I mean we'd have to come up with 18 inches of water to get inside the boxes.

I'm not really concerned about those. The fan has to come off the floor. Yeah, that's pretty much it for what, uh, what needs to be off of the ground? Let's uh, let's go outside and fetch some cars and start stacking them up down below. We'll start with the Monte Carlo Now not all of these as you can see are coming into the building, but we're gonna get the uh, the expensive ones.
I Know that's horrible, isn't it? Oh, Ray is classist. Well, not really. I mean this is a customer's car and it's worth a lot more than than that one. And that's not a customer's car.

So like things like that, get to stay outside. the Toyota gets to stay outside the burnt down Dodge Get to stay outside. but all the ones that are running and driving and functioning those come in. Let's get this uh, this bad unit into the building here.

If they fit, that's the big it. If the roof's not going to fit under the wheels, then we will not be able to proceed. All right here we go. Squeezing under the Kia we're gonna fit.

How we looking? Yeah, we're good here. We fit. Perfect All right. Parking: Ziato windows up all the way up and powering down.

Good actuator. It's still doing it. Need to fix that. All right.

One down. next. All right. Jeep's moving out.

the key is gonna come in. We're gonna run the key all the way up and then we'll park some stuff underneath of it. I Am going to fetch the red Mustang Where are your keys red Mustang and we're gonna put the red one under the black one. All right.

Mustang You're next. Let's climb on in here. We're restarting the engine. Oh yeah, the rear view mirror forgot I Have to fix that.

Still sounds good. All right. We'll squeeze this one in right down here. Then we can fit probably one more under that one and maybe one more behind this one and maybe even one over there in that little hole.

Maybe I Don't know. Yeah, that's great. We have stacks of Mustang I Hope none of them are leaking oil. That's the downside to stacking cars is if they leak oil, they'll drip oil on the thing.

Then you gotta wash it off. Yep, stacking the Mustangs That one needs a new rear bumper. It needs one with the cutouts for the exhaust and you can see here we do not have the cutouts. Pepper all right.

Mustang Keys Key keys. those are good. What else can come inside? Ah I have the little Mazda that one can come inside. This one is waiting for pickup.

I've been done with this one for several weeks now. It nearly had a full mechanical restoration of the drivetrain. Smells good in here restarting the engine. Let's get this bad unit into the shop here.

Roll it on in. I Wonder if we can squeeze this one in behind the Mustang I hope it's short enough to reach certificate to reach and fit. If not, we'll have to drive it under that one. You know what? I'm out of order, that one needs to go up and I need to put a BMW under that car so this one can come in last.

We're backing back out. changing my thought process on the Fly here. backing up, backing up, backing up, trying again. But I guess that's fine.
We'll let this thing have a little bit of run time. It has not run much since we, uh, we got her back together. So you sit here and idle for a while, Let's go fetch the keys for that. BMW Yeah, that's right I have a BMW here there's the key.

Let's see if she's gonna start too. This one has been in the off position for about three weeks and I have yet to even uh, look at this BMW So this is the first view for all of us I guess I don't even know what this is I think it's a 528i beginning engine starting sequence now. key on Whoa! The air was stinky I Can tell you we have 133 275 miles on the BMW odometer a little rattly on Startup all right window. ah look at that.

the window goes down but it does not want to go back up. That could have been a fail. That was a fail. Definitely gonna have to come inside now.

Oh no. needs window regulator for driver's front Okay Reverse Oh this thing is rear wheel drive. All right. We're looking good under this vehicle.

We have space and clearance and we cleared all of our tires. Let's go ahead and park this one and shut her down. It's like a whole video of a bunch of you. Okay last vehicular module I think we can fit this one in AC is nice and cold in here and then once this is in, we're going to move all the loose items inside and then we're gonna.

We're gonna. shut her down and close her up because uh, we're not working tomorrow. I think I'm gonna have to get this one in at a at an angle here. just kind of stick it in this hole between the two cars.

sure am. I clear out back yet we're in all right a little bit farther. Yeah, we're good here. Parking's this.

Auto Windows up a lot of car. I've never had this many cars in the shop. What do we got? Two, four six I have seven cars inside of the building. That's awesome.

You know what? Let's pull the tow truck up because it does have some water breeches here and I'd really rather not fill this with water until it's a it's complete. There we go. Okay, let's fire this bad unit up real quick. Ignition: Keys Neutral position beep Clutch it.

crank it nice. She lives Air brakes off and we're looking for our first gear right here. A little tight squeeze on our right hand side. see the mirror.

Here we go. Perfect clearing up all the vehicles there. we go. smooth.

Bring her all the way up to the door right here. That'll be good protection for the door and the paint on the truck. All right right about here we're good. Perfect air brakes powering down.

Okie Dokes nearly everything is put away in its proper locations. I Have all the flashlights and all the batteries and some of the Chargers and some of the extra flashlights. A few hand tools. I've got a complete tool set at the house already in case I need that? So let's get this thing loaded in the van with the light bars and all my floodlights.
That way, if we do have a power outage tonight, I have standby electrons already already prepped and in position here. so we got the two big light bars. There's already another one at the house. a box of batteries.

Got an extra fan so we're good here. Bucket full of straps I'll need that thing later on after the storm. Let's see. we've taken the shelves and everything on the wall here and gotten rid of that stuff that's all inside moved in that way it can't blow around.

Uh, we brought the fan inside. Ooh my pack out. Do I need my pack out box? I Don't think I do um no no I don't need that. That's just gonna be in the way.

The floodlight. We need the big floodlight just in case. Well I don't know if I need it, but I might need it. It's possible.

So I think I've taken the phrase two is one and one is none to an entirely new level here. I think but hey, it's better to be prepared than uh, to find yourself without. oh, battery chargers I Want that off the ground? just in case some water comes in here. so we'll put you up there.

That's good and safe. And it's door. Closing Time Satin down the hatches and get her all buttoned up. Loud noises All right.

There's the lock. Should have another lock on this side. I Need those and I guess this is when we find out if this door and my pylons are going to be as a as strong as we need them to be. Folks were concerned about the Integrity of uh of this wall.

Once Upon a Time I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere. but I guess we're about to find out, aren't we? So let's see. fans powered down. Everything's disconnected from the wall.

Let's go ahead and pull this extension cord. We don't need that. Get rid of you. And yeah, we're uh.

Subaru is good. Everything expensive is off the ground. no electronics is down below. Cars are all set, Locks are set.

Tow truck is in. Yeah, we're done here. All right. Door number two.

Uh, that one. I Do not think it has locks at the bottom. so I'm going to have to uh to engineer something here to cure the bottom of this door a little bit. I'd hate for it to get uh, blown open.

actually this side. Yeah, that side has a lock. Okay, so that's at least one to go through. Yeah, that's one lock we can use the screwdriver or a pry bar.

that'll do it. Pry bar. This one that should work. pry bars for everything.

Yeah, we'll just stuff that through the hole here and that that will lock the door in. There we go. That door's not going anywhere like that. All right Shop Powering down.

Let's get rid of the fan and the lights and the radio. One more fan, one more light spring and we're uh, we're out of here. Power strip to shut down in case we get some lightning. I'll just unplug that one.

Why not? Okay. Office looks good. There's really nothing I can do in here. So I think we're all set here? Alrighty alrighty Shop powering down.
Light Clickage dude. Alrighty folks, we're headed out. the Deeds are done, The lot is clear, the shop is secure, the forklift is wrapped up, the van is running. I'm gonna go see if I cannot find a little bit of fuel for this thing on the way out and I am going home.

So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. I Will do such things as always by thinking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to comment Down Below on what you thought here.

Are we gonna make it? Is the storm gonna be okay? Is the shop gonna be okay? I think So. What do you guys think? So again, go ahead and weigh in in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, have yourself a safe hurricane.

See you guys later in the video in a day into transmission. Foreign. it's like 70 miles right? How fast is it moving? 14 miles per hour? Yeah, that's good. Now we got a good wind blocker from the house, so I'll have to put up my shutters I don't feel like doing plywood today.

Perfect All right Truck Parked systems, Power down, lights off that off AC's off. Everybody's turned off. Shut down. Okay, so yeah, the wind is going to be coming from the south headed into that direction.

It might be coming from the southeast just slightly, so this is kind of going to be broadside on it. Then there's a chance that it could actually push water into the door seals, but the reason that this is here is to give some broadside protection from the trailer. That way the house does not see all the wind. And then I don't have to put up my shutters.

That's kind of the plan here. so the trailer is super heavy I have stuff inside of it. A lot of stuff. Yeah, freak out.

Locust you're almost done with. So if this is our wind direction, then uh, actually I might back that up some to get more coverage here. I have windows down over there, but these right here. are just screens so I want to cover this area I Can't park the trailer right here because that is septic drain field so it's got to be back a little bit.

but that's fine because if something gets crazy and it blows over now, it can't blow over onto my house. Smart thinking.

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