In this video I bring you along as I take a look at a customers 2015 Jeep Patriot that was towed in as a crank no start. I was assuming it was the classic rotted out relay block. This case was a little different.
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2015 Jeep Patriot Folks Budb Edition Uh, it's a crank, no start. Got towed in it's frozen and cold. Battery's a little weak so we're going to throw a charger on it and uh, crank it over and see if we're missing spark or fuel or what the case is. and I take it from there.

But the story the guy told me he parked it in his driveway went out to start it. That was it. Here we are. Step one.

Duplicate customer concern. Just go ahead and crank in the coil. see what it sounds like. All right, that's good.

So that's what it sounds like. Yea. So even though we just cranked it that little bit, uh, observation is it sounds normal. It doesn't sound like you know, broken timing chain or anything.

Car's got almost 250,000 Mi on it. Uh, and it doesn't smell gassy, even cranking a car that little bit if it has no spark. Usually in a small shop like this, you'll catch a whiff of gas I didn't catch any whiffs and I got a big nose. In case you haven't noticed, uh, before we even, uh, pull the cover to see if it has spark or anything.

Mcoy is going to throw the computer on it and we're going to make sure a we have communication with the computer and see if there's any code stored in it you know, crank sensor missing code or something of that sort and then we'll uh, we'll take our diagnosis from there. If there's no codes, then we'll We'll proceed as normal. So we're just doing a full system scan here. All right.

So Ecm's talking so that's good. It's got a couple codes in it, so we'll go to the report here here. Cattle Efficiency has nothing to do with it, but this does ASD main sense circuit. So this is uh Chrysler use the ASD Rel auto shutdown relay.

It's pretty much what powers everything in the car. Uh, these things do have problems rotting out the fuse box that's in the driver side inner Fender but I think that only houses the fan relays in the fuel pump relay I could be wrong, but 688 we're going to look that that up and see, uh, see where the relay lives, see what it takes to turn it on, and uh, kind of go from there I think they're ECM controlled uh if I remember correctly. So I'm going to look this up. we'll get a get us some direction here, but this will definitely make the car not run.

but this little relay block here I believe houses yeah, so yeah. See, it has the fan relay so we fix a lot of these these fan relays and stuff I Thought it had the fuel pump relay but I guess perhaps it's just the uh yeah, radiator fans, brake light and uh ASD So maybe I'm thinking ASD relay was uh, the fuel pump relay I thought that lived in there but um I should know better on a Chrysler to think that it has an external fuel pump relay but that's where it. Liv So experience is going to lead us right to um, right to that little guy. Uh, McCoy's going to take and put it up on the lift for us.

That fuse box lives like right in here and they're usually a hot mess. Sometimes you can see them. let me grab a flashlight. Sometimes you can see him from up here.
Yep, there it is. So there's the lid. Doesn't look like anybody's touched it, but you can see well. You probably can't cuz it's not going to focus but that little square box down there.

that's the lid. Uh, real piss poor engineering. These things usually rot right out. um I guess before we can even lift it up I'll reach down here I usually do these through the fender I'll take and pop the lid off it.

We'll see if it's all crusty. I did find a picture of it so we got the two latches there. It shows that middle one as being the main relay, radiator, fog lamp stop light. so it's going to be that middle one across from there.

should be that little guy right there. I'm going to take and just pull that out I Want to see if it's all all rotted off the bottom? Look at that folks. See's clean all right. Maybe our uh, diagnostic is going to take a different direction here.

I'm going to get a mirror, just kind of shine it down there. I Want to see if I can see the bottom of the box? It's pretty exposed, but on the top side, it actually looks pretty good. So those those pins look really good. That's kind of bizarre.

So I've got us everything I Think we need folks? What? I'm going to try to do I'm going to try to pull a picture of this relay here up on the screen for you so you can follow along so we can see the PIN numbers on it. Uh, 85, 86, 87, and 30. Uh I found the right adapter. we're going to use our AES wave you activate I've got us a test light.

Uh, my first observation: I Plug this in that Led on there is super dim. um which is is kind of bizarre but this is going to allow us to check all the pins on the relay. Uh, with the relay out. So I've got the relay out in our hand here.

Uh, first thing we're going to do that we want to do is we need to make sure on a relay that we have power on the Uh control side. we have power on the load side. So if you look at the diagram pin 85 and pin 30, you follow those back and they come out to those red wires on the bottom. So these little guys uh you know down here the A15 and A11.

we follow all those back and they come from the fuse box. You can follow them over. One comes from Fuse 18, another one comes from Fuse 33 and both of those are supposed to be hot at all times. So 30 and 85.

Uh, we have a test light hooked to ground. Doesn't matter if the key on or not, we will check Pin 30. Okay, we have power there and then we will check Pin 85. We check Pin 85 and we have no power there.

right? It's supposed to be 85. Let me just double check on the factory diagram it. That sounds right. So Pin 85 has no power on.

it does not light our test light. However, Pin 30 does. Okay, so that's a problem. Let's just check the rest of the circuit.

Uh, output wise, Pin 86 is what's supposed to turn on the relay. So pin 86 that comes down to that brown with white and if we were to file that back, that would go to the ECM. Uh, so 86 should go to ground. Uh, I might be thinking wrong here.
Uh, shut the key off McCoy or is it off? Okay, turn it back on. Okay, yeah. I'm thinking of that wrong right now here. Uh, let me just see.

Yeah, 85 has no power 30 Does the control comes from the PCM I'd have all that diagram back to verify I Don't have it. Oh yeah. I Guess we have it right here. Yeah.

ASD main Relay control. So that's curious. if PCM didn't send the ground signal I would have to look into that a little more. But let's just for example, uh, when this relays turned on, 85 is hot 86 gets the the signal to turn the relay on.

number 30 is hot which we know and that turns on number 87. So with this, if we flick this up, oh I Just heard the everything click here. Pin 87 should be hot and it is. so we can turn that relay on and off.

Uh, try to start it McCoy All right. So it starts and runs until we do that. Okay, so that's interesting. Uh, first thing first because we are supposed to have power on Pin 85 according to the diagram that comes from fuse number 33 out of the tip them.

from what? I'm seeing, let's check this diagram too. File that down and around. This says Fuse 18. Uh, so we do have or oh no I'm sorry we file that down and around it goes over.

Yes, Fuse 33 is this 10 amp and that is supposed to feed through the tipm comes over here, down and around and around and around and up to the other side of that relay. So let's check Fuse number 33. Uh, we're going to see if that has power on it. We'll kind of move this out of our way.

Uh, because if we have power there and not anywhere else, the other thing we could do is we could jump her power to number 85 here and see if the PCM has control and the ability to turn this thing on. So let's I Guess we could do that first and foremost. Uh, cuz that's easy enough to do. We'll jump her power to here and see if it starts.

Scrap that idea I Forgot that that doesn't work like that. Uh, because uh, we don't have a relay in the circuit to turn on. this is the relay. This is what we're turning on and off, so never mind forget I even said that I'm not thinking here I forget.

So let's go back to plan. A We're going to find number 33 33 is right there. We'll see how this is laid out so that's at 10. Amper right there.

All right all we're going to just test with a test light first real quick. then we'll yank it out first thing first. Make sure that works is the key on M coin. Well, it doesn't matter, that's hot at all times.

so that thing feels kind of Wiggly in there. Let me see them. Players mcoy, yank that little guy out. Seems good.

I Just heard a bunch of dinging cuz that feeds other things. So we have power here, but we don't have power here. Okay, Interesting. Hopefully these are terminated.
Hopefully these are right. That's kind of weird because look now our LED is nice and bright. I am curious if this if these numbers are inverted based off our diagram. That's what.

I'm wondering. uh, just for the heck of it, quite hop in there for me. I'm thinking that these might be inverted. Uh, shut the key off, turn it back on.

So this is the control side of the PCM I'm thinking, yes, these numbers are incorrect. or they're not incorrect. The diagram. There's some discrepancy here.

Here is our full-time power because if we pull this fuse, that light should go out. Yes sir. I Think we had a crappy connection on a fuse because look, our LED is lit up nice and bright now and we have power on 86. So 85 and 86 on a relay can be inverted and it must be different how it's laid out here.

So that's that's that. Yeah, 85 and 86 are different. Uh, according to our diagram, 855 is supposed to have the power and it doesn't. 86 does.

So that's kind of weird. we have cruddy connection on the fuse. You guys remember when we first had this thing hooked up that Led was dim. was trying to fiddle with this to see if, uh, see if that's the case or what the heck the deal is here.

Obviously it has the ability to carry current because it lights our test light and this is the control side so this is only needs you know 100 milliamps or so. Ohay! So that's kind of kind of bizarre. I'm glad we made some observations before. uh, fiddling with that fuse to see that that was dim.

Theoretically, if we put the relay in it, it should start to run on its own. now because we have everything necessary to make it run. Find out what I do with the relay I stuck it in my pocket. so if we stick this in, it should start to run.

Yes sir! I Just heard it click. Go ahead and start it. Mcoy. All right.

shut it off so it starts and runs on its own. Now that's handy. Not really. Um, this box doesn't look real bad up here.

The fuse isn't super corroded I don't see a split in it or you know, any kind of corrosion up in it like we had the other day with that. Chevy Um, but we do know prior to fiddling with this fuse is that Led was dim I'm going to have to look back through my footage I think when I started putting this video together to make sure sure that it was dim up until the point that we yanked this out I'm assuming it was, uh, go ahead and start it McCoy Yeah, All right, shut off I Guess we have to leave it at that, folks. I think I'm going to change the fuse as a precautionary in case I'm not seeing something here. Uh, but clearly the power was not making it to pin 85 or 86.

However, you want to look at it for the control side of that relay or the power that was getting there was just just enough to barely light an LED uh, we didn't check voltage on it, we just checked. you know, test light. We'd stick our test light in there. the light would go out.
We pull the fuse out, put it back in. Now it's nice and bright. I suppose just in case we accidentally wiggled something here on the bottom of this. Tipm: we can have a look now.

coming out of this tipm, it doesn't go through any sort of logic. it's just the fuse. You know, power into that fuse and then out to there so we're not looking for anything. kind of weird there.

I Just want to see on the bottom of this box to see if there's any green crack coming out of it. Um, I'm going to move you guys. I'm going to look under here a little bit with a mirror and stuff. see if there's any obvious that's jumping out.

Oh I Do see some green corrosion laying on top of this harness. Okay, so when I pulled that box up, if you guys can see see the infamous green powder sitting on top of that harness, that means it's probably coming from one of these connectors. As a general rule, this would be the connector sitting right over it. Would you? would you mind holding that mirror right there? McCoy Just about like that.

Let me get this over here. Enhance Enhance. Oh, that doesn't work that well. See that.

red with white Wire red. Yeah, let's start over again. Red Wire with a white stripe I Don't know if it's really focusing here, but I see some green pus at the top of that little guy? I Don't know if you guys can see it or not, but uh, definitely some Co erosion and it looks like just that single pin. What we need to do, Um, before we open up the box here is to find out: is this connector the one that sends the power feed from that fuse? Whichever fuse it was that we were yanking? Uh, to make sure that's even plausible because we can clearly see at least I Can that there is a single wire in there that has a lot of corrosion on it? So let's see if that that's even our wire.

According to the diagram, it was I Think it was red with a white stripe? No, it's not. It's just straight red so that's probably not even our wire cuz we got red. Red with yellow. o Diagram: Be on the safe side.

Yeah, red and red with yellow. Let me do some poking here folks. figure out what's what. All right? So that connector up here that has the green pin in it.

This one has a green pin in it, but neither one of them have to do with uh, the control side wire Here our connector is in connector C2 It said pin 11 which is oh, we're going to need another one of those I can see it down there. Mcoy if you bring a magnet too, you should be able to finish it out sits on top of the transmission there. We're going to get this, uh, lock undone here because we want to pull up this uh connector if we can and just unplug it and have a look at least find our circuit. Um, that was giv us a fit to see if there's any green crusies here.

Indeed! Did we have just a problem at the fuse? If I can figure out how to get that freaking latch to release, Come on baby! I Got to move you guys I Got to get over here. This can be a bad idea when you're messing with tipl Lums This is just like pulling up a GM fuse box really gets you in trouble so we want to flip this over. We just want to have a look at the bottom, see if it's green or anything. It's supposed to be pin number 11 which uh, you guys probably can't see much.
should be this little guy down in here. Second row pin number 11 in this case is uh, red with a violet stripe and it is clean. uh, we verified the other pins on the other side of it make sure those wire colors match up, but it is nice and clean. I Don't see any issues there the power that feeds this.

So because that's always the other concern too, is while what feeds you, know what feeds this fuse. Well, it's the same power source cheating this that fed the load side of the relay, which we know was good because you know we could click it on. I'm going to follow this backwards a little bit cuz I want to be sure of that. uh before.

I Proclaim That statement to be true because it appears here that our output wire is is clean I Mean it's super clean. There not even a spot of green on it. even though we see some green on some other connectors here. I'm going to plug this back in I'm going to look at a diagram uh, see where the main power feed comes from for that fuse, verify it's neither one of those two that's green and crusty already and uh, kind of take our diagnosis from there.

It's just really weird that we would have had that much voltage loss on that fuse that's not green and corroded. So this is going to bring up the question as to what do you do about the other stuff that's under there that's crusty? I'll tell you what you do, you don't touch it. um, until it becomes a probably going to make customer wear and say hey, we noticed some some wires that are getting crusty under there. You start fiddling with these connectors and knock out this whole guy's car.

You're going to have problems. You're going to have a pissed off customer I Know that sounds ridiculous, but I've dealt with the general public long enough to know when to hold them and no when to fold them I'm going to stick in a different fuse and we're going to put the lid back on everything I will make them aware that I saw corrosion down there. Don't get me wrong, but like I say you got to know a man's got to know its limits isn't that? Clint Eastwood Who said that? McCoy I don't know I didn't I didn't even know who McCoy was the bones was until we looked it up cuz everybody was leaving comments but now we know right? McCoy we have to call you bones I Guess we're going to put the lid back on this little guy. make sure that's clicked on that's clicked on McCoy's going to make sure the car still runs cuz that'll be great and then we're going to wash your hands of it as they say, Yeeha All right, that's it folks.
Hope you all understand we're going to leave it at that folks. Uh I Hope the video fits together good and hopefully we caught the process of what was going on there. I Guess just as a brief recap, we were missing power on the control side of the relay. had it on the low side, didn't have it on the control side.

you know when we were checking it with a test light there. Uh, kind of bizarre I wish I would have done who got dark real quick I wish I would have done some other you know, some other checks prior to you know, fiddling with that fuse or touching that. but but we didn't So uh, it is what it is and I know some of you might disagree with the fact that you know yeah, we saw some green crusties dumping out of the bottom of that. tip them but I tell you I've been doing this long enough.

Don't frig with that stuff, you know. make your customer aware and say here's what we see. You know we see some crusty pins. It doesn't seem to be affecting anything now.

didn't have anything to do with you. know your no start situation. It could be a problem in the future, but you get in there and you start fedding stuff and you unplug it and now all of a sudden you know we've got a ton of crap that doesn't work that did work and they want to know why it doesn't work and it's because you're in there messing with it. It it can be.

It can be a sticky situation dealing with Joe public. so I tend to just leave that stuff alone. Inform them, let them decide if they say hey I want to be proactive and go after. If they say no, we'll just call you when something quits perfect.

That's the best way to handle that. And uh so we're going to take it for a make sure everything's cool. Uh, trust our data and uh, ship it down the road. so we want you guys ship down In the comment section questions Comments: the see the Facebook You know where to find us and just remember viewers, we can do it.

You can do it. Thanks for watching.

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