In this video I have a look at a 2016 GMC Canyon that was towed in as a crank, no start. Didn't take long to see it had a fuel delivery issue. Low and behold the salt is the cause of this no start. The fuel pump control module got a little crusty we'll say. P12A6 is the code we're going after.
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Another day in the Chevrolet we got us a GMC Canyon here. let's see what year this bad boy is in 2016. and uh, it was a towing. uh last night I Found in my parking lot and the problem is it doesn't run well.

The battery was stoned dead I threw a jumper on it and the four waves were on. So it must be the guy you know killed the batteries sitting alongside the road. Uh, it cranks won't start. However, spray a little bit of brake clean down the hole.

She fires right up until around that brake clean. So it's a fuel delivery issue. that's where we're at. I'll show you because I know you don't believe me.

won't take them crazy, but you know it might cough a little bit just from the residual. Okay, and that's it. That's all you get out of it. Uh, I did just scan it because I was thinking you know, fuel pump? possibly I didn't see how many miles around? Oh, there's miles pretty well.

It looks like an old guy waiting on it. see eighty nine thousand so that rule a mile. It's obviously you can possibly fuel pump? Uh I Did scan it here and it was literally full of codes. Uh, low voltage.

Lost time but we have one card that came back. it looks like so let's see what that is. Pit Pump Driver Control module enable circuit so that's interesting. Um, is the fuel pump control module a separate module on this car could be wrong and CNN on our list? That's interesting.

If it has an enabled circuit, you would tend to think that is a separate module 12 A600 So looking at service data here, this Uh 1286 Fuel Pump Driver Control Module Naval Circuit Performance: ECM provides ignition voltage to the Fuel Pump Driver Control Module. Whenever the engine is cranking or running, Control Module enables the Fuel Pump Driver Control Module. As long as the engine is cranking and running and ignition system reference pulses are received. Okay, while this enabled voltage is being received, the Fuel Pump Driver Control Module supplies varying voltage to the intake fuel pump.

Okay, so Um ECM is going to send it a signal essentially to say hey, wake up, Turn on Baby! Uh, let's see continue this monitor to set the code: ECM State of the Fuel pump enable circuit does not match the state of the Fuel pump Enable circuit sent by the Fuel Pump Control I Go Interesting, We can't. We don't see a Fuel Pump control module or talk to. Um, it's one thing I Find interesting here. Go back to our Diag on and I can enable the Fuel pump I Can you know essentially turn this wire on and it monitors that whole circuit for high voltage, open low voltage so you know it'll give us a certain status here.

If it were open, we would say malfunction I Can turn it on and off in all of our circuits tested. Okay, so that's kind of the bizarre. Uh, we may have a failed uh fuel pump control module, but let's go find this little guy first. I assume in typical GM fashion, it'll be underneath here, somewhere rotten away on the full-size trucks.

They put them back here. You've got the little guy right there. we'll probably start looking. Oh yeah, Crusty.
I assume that outlooking service data to be sure, but she looks like it's growing a little. if that's it. that could be a chassis module or something. Of course, everything's covered with us black car undercoating.

which is great. not really. you want to make your vehicle disappear in New York It's taking the Z-bar to have this crap put on. this truck will be on the garbage in a couple years because slowly underneath all this black undercoating, this truck is riding itself to death.

Quicker service data, That is it. We're gonna see if you can't get unplugged here. This, uh, asphalt undercoating is absolutely off of the work with usually. oh, deny working on a car that has this stuff on it because it makes everything you do a disaster.

But we're gonna give it the benefits out here. All right. So let's unplug. Um, see about getting this connector cleaned off before we get too much crud in it.

I Can't see any wire colors. they're all black so let's see technically I Would think if we look in service on the scan tool, we should see a malfunction now. and we do so. Our little both of these chest hasn't run yet.

Open circuit malfunction. High voltage malfunction when we turn it on. We should have malfunction too. Nope, that's kind of interesting.

Okay, well let's uh, let's do this folks. let's see if our enable circuit turns on. So we need to go pin two, which is foot pouch. Oh, it's supposed to be Gray Okay, let's see if we can find it Pin two and it can't be that one.

That's a great big gray that's got to be for the fuel pump power. That's a great big gray. I Think this is a little bitty gray here. Yeah, there's pin two I'm assuming some of this black card off there two.

and then after the crap on here, we can see our PIN numbers. Uh, and then pin nine is a black wire net. It goes to a ground and my fingers working on scan tool cracked red black. Yeah, Pin two.

So Pin Nine: that should be another smaller wire. See, if we can find it, it must be this one right here. Okay, so there's our black. Okay, we're gonna very gingerly.

Prep Pro but that feels okay. And then pin two, which is gray. That's that first one in here. This should be our enable circuit if I have done this correctly.

So I'm gonna pop back in the scan tool see if we can't turn it on momentarily. Okay, it's not lighting a test light either. I'm doing it wrong or we got something wrong here. Let me look at my wiring diagram again.

I think I know we're not. So nine minutes the bigger black wire, big background. So okay. so there we go.

There's our full-time power. Let's go back to our control wire which is number two which should be gray, which is this one right here. Let me look on the scan tool and see if our malfunction has disappeared and it has. Okay, so let's turn it on.
It does not turn on. Interesting It says so when I go to turn it on, it says malfunction. Okay, so perhaps perhaps this is too much current for it. The circuit, however, is complete or percent complete.

Let me show you so with our Teslate jumper across it, our open circuit status is okay. When we remove our jumper, our light, the status goes to malfunction. So that tells me the wire to the PCM is good now. I put the Uh test light back in place.

we try to run it and then we come up with a male function for the low voltage test. That tells me that this circuit, however it's enabled inside the Uh PCM here does not allow it to carry enough current you know to light this. Tesla It's a very low voltage circuit to enable the driver module. Um, I'll tell you right now we have a bad fuel pump driver module if we check this with a meter I think we'll see it's okay.

So I have our meteor hook to it and right now there's you know, this golf voltage on about eight and a half volts. but when we turn it on, we can see we go to the full battery voltage the 13.5 It only saves that momentarily, so that tells me that this circuit works. We can also see here up in the enable status that says okay on the low voltage test portion of it. Okay, Fantastic! I Feel okay making a call on a control module to say that because okay, thanks old girl.

what do you got for lunch? Leftovers? leftovers? All right? we'll be just a moment. Okay, so I'll pin six, one and six. Oh, we got a couple power wires there by the gray red with Violet let's just check these real quick. Even though these aren't even, it's kind of unnecessary.

Let's go for our ground so there's one power and then Violet with gray, one, two, second one and then here that one's got power. Oh, you guys can't see it, can you? It's like about uh, both my Powers Brown and then we have an ignition source Violet with yellow which we've already checked if you remember correctly. pin seven So two, three, four, five six seven. Oh, that's when we just did the ding dong.

and then number six is good and then number one. it's good. So we got our three powers. We have our ground.

the other two wires are communication wires and then the other uh two. coming out of that go directly to the fuel pump. So we're good. Uh, our fuel pump control module is crap and then we know that our enable circuit is actually good.

We actually learned that without even coming back here and checking it just by using scan data. So I'm going to make the call on the fuel pump control module. oh that was way quicker I thought it was Chevy Graduated one in stock. less than 100 bucks I got the Oh I got the tab out already so I'll unplug it again I think even before we mount it, let's take the new one and just leave her hanging.

Okay, I'm gonna clear the codes out. let's see if it runs. I'm back on our scan tool here. Fuel Pump enable.
Ah, hear that. Beautiful! We got fuel pressure now. hear the pump kicking on and off. So all right easy peasy.

One bolt came out I reached up through the spare here so I get the other one. Of course it snapped off because it's so riding up here there's something back in the fuel pump control module looks like GM and their Infinite Wisdom They like to put these in the rear of the vehicle so this is all just salt corrosion. Mmm yummy. But there it is all Mona back up where it needs to be I'll put back in and it should work.

That's very proof. but boy for me to mess out of that sucker didn't it Man contact? Come on baby. All right she runs. Now they throw hose on this thing here.

sounds pretty good. One thing I noticed uh working on correct injection engines is you know if you put a motor or something in them or they, uh, run out of fuel, boy usually got to crank them quite a bit to get them going a little bit direct injection, high pressure, side of it. It's pretty quiet little in here. Oh see, the same thing's running Wow Way to go GM These are the uh, pretty noisy.

Really pretty clever. All right. I Guess that's a piece of cake. Let's have folks getting your uh 2017 Chevrolet fire back up here.

Your control module she opens up like a tunic can stinks too. Whoa, got a smack. Really crappy spot. So GM has put these things in the rear of the vehicle since about 07.

the fuel pump control module, chassis control module, the air suspension module, the trailer brake module, the side detection system. everything goes back there behind the rear wheels and in the northeast or any salt belt or wet area, this is going to be the problem. It's a complete show back there that they do and you know I mean just show my one. Think about it.

Think about it, Engineer idiot. Find a different place to put them like every other manufacturer does. So the good news is though, Uh, you don't have to program it so they're plug and play on this particular model. The older GM fuel pump control modules, however, are not in some of the half.

fun stuff don't always assume look in service data. This one is pretty clear. It's plug and play it said and we plugged it in and now we're playing it and we put it back there so we'll see the guy in a few more years when it rides out again. Yeehaw I Suppose you could probably come up with your own relocation bracket.

It would be nice if you could mount it like our side. perhaps you know so all the junk has less area to collect on it. I Don't know. You can't get the spare tire out of these either because they're all rotted out and you know if you've touched it cable is going to break so just leave it alone.

Um I Guess a spray bailiff here amongst other prices. The other thing we can talk about is scan data. Looking at the data pids for the circuits. it's open, shorter to ground, high voltage, low voltage, and open so you can tell.
Is it shorter? ground? shorter? power? Open circuited just by looking at your scan tool and turning that circuit on and off. Or you know, substituting your test light. Boom It! Shields Up is our low voltage malfunction, shorter ground. If we jump for power to it our high side malfunction or when we have it open, we unplug it.

You know, malfunction So you can. you can see what the computer is looking at to judge that circuit. you know, how is it, how does that circuit malfunction And then you know by turning it on and off, substituting a load, you know, short power short at the ground? Okay, our wire is good and we can tell that, uh, without doing a whole lot of testing. and then you know just for poop and laugh and refill the volt meter on it just to confirm what we already know.

So that's it. That's all. I know and I Want to know what you got to say about that in the comment section questions, counters, concerns, insty the Facebook and just remember viewers: I can do it. You can do it.

Thanks for watching Foreign.

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