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Let's see here we need some protective action. Protective paper to the rescue. Hi everybody good day to you! Welcome back Loud noises again they're still working. What we got here today is a 2016 Toyota Highlander SUV Good looking ride.

It's nothing special, nothing hard. This is gonna be a nice smooth sail and easy operation. We're gonna perform a positive displacement transmission fluid exchange starting Z Engine this particular Highlander has welcome Back! What do you got? Maintenance required: 93 994 miles on the odometer. No warning indicators.

This is nice. Okay, so let's reset that monitor. Let's go into settings: I think there's a maintenance There it is. Maintenance System: Do you want to initialize? Sure.

Initializing Initialization complete I don't think that was it I initialized something that probably wasn't what I wanted powering down. Let's restart and try it again. Restarting: Come on Message: We're gonna waste the whole video resetting the oil life monitor. Did I Did I do it? Well, it's message is not reoccurring.

Yeah, okay, that was it. We initialized in initializing resets. It's a new one. So any wazers, let's go ahead and swing this thing around into the shop here.

We'll pull her straight in on the little big lift. Foreign okey-dokes Hood up. We've got some lumens installed so I can see what we're doing here. Like I said, we're gonna do a Lube oil and filter replacement on this so let's go ahead and prep that.

Uh, let's see the let's check our air filter. We're doing maintenance so we gotta check for maintenance. This is the way. It's pretty good.

No need to put a filter in it and not too concerning about that. It's doing its job. Let's see your coolant. That's okay.

Brake fluid? That's okay. Where's my trans dipstick? Do we have a trans dipstick? because I'm servicing a trans and I'm going to need to locate that, uh, that measuring device. Maybe it's under the cover here. Pull this guy up for my own cover.

Kind of a negative on that dipstick. It must have just a a hole or like a plug to set the level. I'll check service data. Let's give it some blue water here so we can have a clean windshield.

Stay there. we go getting seen some long range porting things in a while. Let's go for the record here. and now we can add the blue so we know that it's good.

Come here. Blue Water There we go. Kind of like two cycle oil. dump it in there and then we'll fake it.

All about. Kind of foreign. Make a whole video about adding washer fluid. How about that skills? Okay, that's good to go.

Blue Water Refill complete. Let's go ahead and raise this thing up and check the bottom side. Okay, so we're almost done screwing around. Let's go ahead and get this thing up in the air, but before we do, I'd like to remind you that if this is not your first time here or if this is your first time here and you're already enjoying it, Do not forget to hit that subscribe button.
This is the black one. Black subscribe button on up. So I saw a video the other day where a guy was working under a car and he was like right here in this section. had the wheel off and he had his car up on the lift and he did not engage the locks on the lift and I don't know if a hydraulic cylinder failed or if one of the hoses failed but the car let loose and since uh, since it had some momentum carrying it down, the locks did not catch the car and the thing basically just did a free fall straight down and the dude survived like this area right here kind of hit him, you know, on the shoulder blade and it took him down to the ground.

It kind of smashed him but the brake rotor missed his head so he kind of got hit by the fender and it broke the fender. I I know it hurt everybody in the shop ran over and kind of picked the car up and they got him out like and he walked away. Uh point being is since uh, since seeing that I'm reminded to always set these down on the locks that way if something lets loose, it can't Free Fall even six inches because that's six inches and all that momentum. These locks don't have enough meat behind them to uh to actually arrest the fall and capture the vehicle.

So reminder to everybody who works on machinery and lifts. Use your safety devices. It might make you not dead one day. anyway.

Safety Sally Over with let's go ahead and just we'll pull this oil drain pan. We'll pull the filter out while that's draining. I'm gonna walk around, do another inspection and uh, we'll prepare to uh, do the flute exchange on this transmission. Oh and fun fact: This is an all-wheel drive Highlander See, we've got the transaxle for the front wheels and then it's got this little differential right here running back to the drive shaft which makes it all-wheel drive.

There's another real difference. Wow, that's fancy. Look at this thing. Lots of cooling fins.

Good job! Toyota You should be proud of that okie doke. So this is not an oil change video so we're not going to do any focusing. What did you see that? that thing was not even tight. That was like barely hand tight.

That's not good. I'm glad I'm doing the oil changes on this now. I'd Hate for a simple error to ruin this nice Toyota engine Yeah, that was that was not cool. That was too loosey-goosey for my uh, my taste.

now. many of these Toyotas are equipped with these cartridge type filters so we have to get special tools to gain access to them. and then sometimes we have to use special tactics to get them apart because people over tighten them. It appears that the theme of this car is hand tied, only because that wasn't very tight at all.

Let's see here: I'm gonna get oil on me. It's okay. it's part of the job. that's why we have towels.

They can absorb it so my fingers don't have to don't have to. There we go, that's good. Okie Dokes We got a new filter here. Customer supplied it.
It's a Wix filter. Good call. I Like Wicks got a new gasket. We're gonna need that affect the old unit.

So what we do is we just pull that filter out clean and we'll pull this old o-ring gasket off of here. We don't need this and we'll grab a hole through the packaging, get the new one out. We don't need the little one, just need the big one and we'll just walk it around like so new filter goes in and then back up into its home and we will tighten that to I Think it's like 30 inch pounds or something I Think it says Titan 2 20 foot. Actually, yeah it says right here.

What do we do? Tighten to 25 plus or minus 5 newton meters I Don't know what that is I'm gonna have to, uh, cross reference that into the the metric system of measurement is Newton Meters Metric Newtons and meters. Yeah, that's not true I Knew that. Totally knew that. Okay, put our little tool back on.

Yeah, that's 25 Newton meters. Good to go. and that oil appears to be done draining so we can go ahead and put our drain plug back. Maybe I'll tighten that to 25 Newton meters.

Also, come on. Bug there we go. Where is the new wrench? foreign? There you go. Okay, 25 Newton meters achieved.

And of course we got all the soil on here and we need to get that stuff out of there. So let us wash it off. Another here. Let me try again.

Shiny. We don't do drips and driveways. That's a big negative. makes you look bad.

We get in there nice and deep lag. All right. good to go. Let's get out from under here and uh, we'll set up the machine to do the trans service all the way down.

Okay, all right. last of the oil going in, using the Zero twenty, it's fully synthesized. I Think this is a six quart. I've already put in five plus some change so we're close.

We'll start it, check it, and move on. This is before starting the engine. Let's see what we get just above the full Mark See it right there. There's the DOT There's our level so that should be enough to fill the filter once we restart.

and I'll top it off if need be keptically. Oh no, this one doesn't turn to point forward. That bothers me. I'll be okay, no worries, okay engines, we're all good here.

I did back it up a little bit so I have more room and in this area so I can work. Um I'll just kind of pulled up a little close and I couldn't really squeeze in here to do what I had to do. So I've determined that there is in fact no transmission dipstick on it so there is a level hole down below. However, I'm looking out because I can see the two trans cooler lines Way Down Yonder So in order to service this, all I need to do is take off this uh, this little intake pipe right here and we'll just break into one of those lines, connect the machine and then we can go and initiate the service.

So now here's the thing. um I Really hope that my BG guy does not see this video because gravity because uh, my customer brought some genuine Toyota transmission fluid and I'm gonna service his car with his fluid and not the BG fluid. I'm not supposed to do that. So uh BG people um I didn't do this.
This is actually BG fluid. Yeah yeah, this has just been repackaged. Yeah, that's what it is. I'm actually using BG fluid so nothing to see here.

Don't worry about it, it's okay. Okay, so I need to empty this machine. I've got uh, one of the hoses down in my waste oil bin. You've got the adapter shop air and we're going to go ahead and just apply some shop air to it and it's going to pressurize the uh the system inside of the machine.

It's going to pressurize this bladder tank here and send all my old fluid out into my my old drain pressurized long range sporting pouring things. see the stream It's mighty powerful. Oh, we're going for a world record here. Look at that.

oh I'm messing up. Okay around. All right. All right, a couple minutes, let me down through this thing out.

Um, we'll put the new, uh, new fluid in it and get this machine connected to the vehicle and then we can see with our service we can do it. So while that machine is drip drying a little bit, I need to, uh, get this thing removed. So I need to remove the sole cover here. It's got a couple bolts under it that hold this into position and then I I'll be able to reach down in there and get a hold of those lines.

So let's pop this cover off and go from there. it's real easy. The hard part is not losing the clips and these are goofy. Toyota Clips You got to push them down and then pull them up.

Usually these two stage Clips You'll pull the center part up and then the base will pop up also. but since these are fancy Toyota Clips they go down and then up just to confuse you I wish they had these things in like industry standard, they don't. Same thing with like connectors. BMW connectors and those Toyota connectors that break off when you touch them.

Uh, up. A couple more. One over here and another right behind us over here. Okay, cover is loose.

Set that aside over there and we need two. 10. Those aren't tens. Those are twelves.

two 12 mil bolts. What? Oh, I'm losing it. Those are tens. That's weird that I misjudged these things so much.

Perhaps it's because I have my glasses or I don't have my glasses on today I have contacts in Maybe my my trained perception of distance has been altered. Anyway, that thing's been removed now. we can see what we're looking at so we can see what we need to see, which is going to be either this line or this line. I'm going to choose this one because it's higher up and easier to reach.

Let's Slide the drain pan down there. That way we can capture any drips that is going to drip out and uh, I think we're good here. Let's go and um, let's go fill the machine with fluid and get it connected and then we'll go from there. It should be done draining right about now.
I Think let's see what we got. Yep, drain. so we'll put that in our back. put that guy back and we need to dump the pressure slowly.

Foreign 's going down. Very good. So we leave that one open. leave that one open because we have to vent the system when we add the fluid to it and we'll open this one as well.

That way, the fluid can flow in. rolling, rolling, rolling. Go. Okay, all right, fluid coming in.

This will probably go into the machine as fast as I can open the bottles. So I'll just dump them in one at a time. Just like. so.

okay. Last one coming in right here. That's going to be 12 quarts total. Two cases, six in each case.

Six plus six makes twelve. Yay! Okay, that's full now. Very important: Close the fill valve if we install this on the vehicle and then turn it on and the pump from the transmission pressurizes the machine. It will shoot all of the fluid out of the top of this thing like a volcano and that would be bad.

Additionally, we have to close the two vent valves down below this one here and that one here. Again, if you don't do that, all the fluid is going to run out and just spill all over the floor and that would also be bad. All right, moving in, moving down. let's go ahead and get a hold of one of these lines.

We'll pull the clamp back, see that, and we're just going to grab this line and give it a Twist that's going to break that surface adhesion between the line and uh, in the nipple. We're going to take great care to not tear the line. Oh, that's nasty. That food is dirty.

See what it looks like? Yeah, that's brown. Definitely definitely time for service. Sure what we need are some adapters to connect to that system. I Think this is that one.

We'll plug this one in to the transmission. Here we go. Oh, it's a tight squeeze. can't forget the clamp and then we'll find another one that goes into that line right there which I believe should be this one.

or or yeah, this one. that's the one. maybe this one. I Like that one better.

I Think so. we'll stick that into the hose, clamp that guy on too. right about right there and we need a flathead screwdriver. tighten down that band clamp.

All right. Where's my green driver? Oh, it wasn't even far there. It is here. Let me put you guys down.

Say like right here. Get that out of the way. Now we can see that's why. I Really like these long screwdrivers.

You don't know how valuable things like that are until you actually have some. like I Went years with extra long screwdrivers and I regret them just for stuff like this. Anyway, rambling. So we've got two, uh, two lines connected.

Let's go and uh, connect the machine to those lines and then we can restart the engine. Foreign. There we go. Now it doesn't matter which line goes, where the machine will, uh, will valve these appropriately based on the flow.
Direction It's nothing fancy. it's just got. uh, disconnect? Who goes there? Hello? What'd you get? All right, there's one. Let's connect this guy right here.

Okay, machine's fully connected. Let's go ahead and start the engine. We'll let the trans come up to operating temp and then we can begin the service. Okay, so here's what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna head inside. start the engine. The trans pump is going to start to pump fluid through the machine. Now it's in bypass mode so it's not going to do the exchange just yet.

But what we're going to see is the old nasty fluid is starting to run through the sight glass. Then we'll start to see. After we begin the service, the new fluid run through the sight glass and then, uh, over the term of the service, we'll see the dark nasty fluid turn into nice clean, new red blue. Let's get that towel out of there stocking is the engine that was fast.

That's our old fluid. We're connected. No leaks. The hose didn't come off, which is good.

Oh, there we go. It turned dark when I wasn't looking. Must have been what was already charged inside of the system. So anyway, so we've got our dark, nasty old fluid.

There's our new fluid. Let's go ahead and set process and it is now beginning. The Exchange Foreign between the used side and the new side right here. So the machine has finished, it's uh, it's processed.

I've selected it back to bypass. Now all we need to do is go ahead and shut this down. We'll plug the original hoses back in and then we're good to go here. So powering down All right.

Going back in, let's go ahead and find my screwdriver I Lost it. All right guys. we're going back in now. I'll be the first to admit that that fluid did not come out as cherry red as I would have liked.

However, we did only run 12 quarts through this. not the uh, not the 16 like I like I normally would. this is a 16 quart machine. 12 quarts will do it.

Took out 12 quarts. it put in 12 quarts. So gravity so uh, that was a successful fluid exchange. but I think 16 quarts would have gotten it.

Uh, a little bit cleaner than where we landed. No worries though, it's not a huge deal, it's what we had to work with. It's off of there, become disconnected hoes. Thank you and we'll get bear with me here folks.

I need two hands for this one. Pull that little clip back and then I can get my little adapter out of there come out adapter, come all the way out and I'll pull it with the pliers. There we go. Okay, that's my fitting.

We'll plug this guy back into the trans and of course, put our clamp back on. That's a big deal. Forget that, you're gonna have a problem later. You guys see yours there.

Oh man, there was a hose in front of you. I'm sorry guys. So yeah. I got I got the hose back on and uh hello, how are you? Oh thank you.
Nice to see you Okie dokes a couple more little knickknack things to put back together here and we're gonna be in good shape. Oh, can't have that. look at that. There's transmission fluid in the intake.

You don't want to have things left over. It's out of your intake with that guy right there. And let's get our bolts back on here. They are one and two.

All right folks. Well, after this goes on, the only thing left for me to do is going to be to run this thing back up in the air. check the fluid level, which in theory should be exactly on point. Because the machine does not add or remove fluid from the system.

it can only remove fluid if it adds fluid at the same time. So the level is what it was. But I still must do my due diligence and check it because you never know it could have been low when it came in here for all we know. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and get this cover back on.

uh the rest of it's just gonna be some final check work. So I do believe I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and I'll do that as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video or have any questions, concerns, comments or anything of that nature, feel free to register them in the comment section also down below. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of narration: Foreign.

Foreign. All right. Thank you Foreign. Foreign Foreign.

Thank you.

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