Come along with me as I swap out a customer front wheel bearing on his 2017 Colorado 4x4. The bearing was still ok but the ABS and stability light was on because of a failed magnet on the back of the bearing.
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Well watch out there. Kitty Let's see we got this Chevy What year is this thing? 17. Calerano says Okay So the DBS traction later I think we did a video on this thing years ago, got 50k on it. Now it's way back here.

Okay, this thing maybe that's attraction. he is correct. They're propped up here so we can see what's going on. Let her do a auto scan here.

Looks like left front circuit and of course power steering because it's invalid data Received our history codes in here and they'll data received. Okay, let's go back out of here. We'll go right into the ABS control unit which our wheel speeds as we drive if. I remember right way back when it was a wiring issue there in the right rear.

if I remember correctly I have to look back to that video. pull up all these I'll get them all grafted out. We'll go for a ride. Okay, here we go folks.

Yeah, a few classic broken magnet. see how it's real jiggery on that left front. All right here. I'll pull over up here I'll show you it's got broken magnet.

we'll zoom in on that a little better and we'll go real slow and you'll see the pattern. Let's see, it'll go zero. Zero ten will probably be good enough. Okay, all right, let's see.

I'll go nice and slow here. So I'm just coasting ahead every time it comes to that broken spot. going to get that dip? I'm only going about three miles an hour here. Oh I guess you can see that on the other one.

Oh better move so we don't hit a mailbox. Let's see, we'll just coast along here. All right, So that's easy fix. That's your classic.

Ride it out. DM Magnum Go back. Usually visual inspection you can see these things. Half magnet falls off.

don't think I'll be able to show you. It's quite difficult to see up in there. but I can try but I see the section missing right there all the way? Oh gosh, it's missing almost half of it. Let me see if I can show you here some cameras right here.

So we're going to be looking right underneath the CV axle. right in this little crack. right up in. Let me try one finger here.

right up in that area and that little crack there where you see that? Okay, so let's see there. we have a magnet. Okay, might get spin around. there's a magnet.

It's all good. Everybody's happy, everybody's still happy. Boom. Now it's missing.

You can see where it's missing in it. Missing missing, missing both magnet. Okay, so we're missing that section right through there. I Don't know how this is focusing or not, but uh, y'all trust me folks.

trust me. So I called the Phillies saying you're done. That's what we're gonna do. Hopefully wrong.

What's this guy's first thing? Yeah? I got it. I am done I Quit. Oh yeah for sure. Thank you.

Yeah, it's a little stuck. This wasn't just screw. Come by Yeah mother lover, let's loosen things up here a little bit. Rattling the axle foreign.

Loosen up our screw a little bit. Hopefully it'll snap off or any other. Either way, it's coming out. Loosen her up.
Very nice. Oh what do we have here folks? The 18 probably. let's break 18. Yes sir.

it's so bright I Need more power? We get back here with the half inch. Uganda Yes Ma'am Oh easy easy. anyway. Thor she don't play to push this caliper back on, but let's see if you can't get up in here.

let's go far. We just want to squeeze them a little. It's not enough. please.

There we go. Take that off. let her hang right by the hose. I'm kidding.

Come on. take the rotor off what holds this bearing on bolts probably. Yep. Oh, look at the CV axle might be right smacking away.

Again, let's have a look back here. Well, we have to give them a handy I'm gonna put something on here to keep the axle pushed in, see if we have enough room to get these out without pulling the whole spindle off or the whole knuckling. Anyways, and we're just going to use this to push on the axle here a little. Thank you.

Keep your held in. Oh fella. Hey now we're talking Now we have lots of room or at least more room you get a 13 threads stick through. makes it kind of a pain.

so there's that one. There's that one. How about this? Not a lot of clearance here. Wondering that'll probably work better than a regular impact swivel.

Plus it's super dangerous. You're playing with fire here. boy. you're gonna end up missing some teeth I think I can't talk now.

All right I Came right out. Oh my kid. No danger at all. foreign.

Get the ones on the other side. We'll push the axle back in. As far as we're there, there's that. Get the old swivel line in here.

Keep your face out of the way. Not bad, not bad. Foreign literally just popped out. Wow.

Wow. I Must be living right because that doesn't happen too often. It's almost like we're gonna carrying. Florida Take the bolts off and boom out she comes.

Okay, we'll give her a spin, take her out the rest of the way so it's pushing out kind of hard. foreign because that is full of grease in here and it slid right out. I Mean, look at that. but you see the magnet now so you feel it's missing from.

you know here to here that'll do I don't do donkey I'll do wow I got about three half cans of stuff kicking around. come on. Josh There always blame the other guy in the shop right from Chevrolet People's Republic of Korea that's how you know it's genuine. America apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet and Korea Well here we are.

See what we have now. I Did look at the service data because I was kind of surprised to see Greece in there and I'll be jiggered that that's what they do right from the factory. even talking on Thursday to put grease in there inside the knuckle I Can't believe it. First manufacturer I've ever seen do that.

I'm a Chevy guy now kidding I'm kidding, not a Chevy guy. So we're gonna do in coordinates with service data. We're gonna smear some wheel bearing grease in there all over the inside knuckle. They get one thing right and 500 other things wrong.
but hey, whatever. We'll give them the points for this because that's really good. That's a really good job. Chevy The engineer should give himself a raise.

That baby started on there. come on baby. There we go guys. Sorry, we gotta get a bolt now I Put white plate on all these.

we'll get her, but wiggle that bearing back on that thing here. Kind of see what I'm doing here, but it'd be a little easier if the wheel wasn't turned foreign. I Tell you what, let's snug up the one we got. That way we can push that axle back in instead of all the rest of them in here.

We can do this without getting hurt. Oh I've seen that coming at me. high speed I Want it too tight? All right now. pick up that put some more lock tight on that one and then we'll put this little guy back on there.

Oh, we can give it a push, get the rest of our bolts in, hopefully because I'm gonna grab a different bolt here I Don't think it'll fit with the axle in the way. Negative: it does not. It hits I Know you can't see it. We have to trust me so we'll push it in.

hits a clamp on the CV boot. We probably should have put the bolts in before we put the bearing in. That would allow us some room almost there. There's that one lines up perfectly.

We'll get our third one here. I'll put that one in Maybe There we go. There's our third one. That one should light up and get started.

All right. Let me go put my plate on the one. I Dropped in the water here and there's that one. so all of them are started now.

I'll zip this one in a little bit. Almost gonna get it I Better put that on one duck. Okay, there's that one. snug this one just very lightly.

okay. Buick Beautiful. I Don't know if we'll be able to turn it. Oh, we kind of.

even with the axle push in. look at that. Let me snug these two up over here. I'll do it where you can't see it because that's always helpful if you're trying to learn something.

Okay, let's go get a torque wrench and fat inspectors maybe I'm not so sure we're gonna be able to get in there. Uh I don't know about this. Mr O Maybe a little extension? Oh yes sir. 96 I Think it said that's where we're going with it.

Anyways, there's one. I wonder if we can turn it a little bit more? So far as it goes, fella and we need a little less extension? All right, Little Guy Perfect. Boom. Oh stop.

Perfect. Perfect. All right. Rotator Around there it is boys foreign back or back office.

Give it a little Spritz of fluid film. make sure the inside of your rotor is clean. Wrong. Two different holes.

see. this one's on the Outer Edge this one's in the middle. Okay, let's be a couple applications. There is a torque spec on this about that finger tight angle anywhere.
Take the caliper that you left dangling by the hose. Slide that little guy up in there baby. A little like tight on your bolts here. 59 ish.

All right Now we can crank them down all right. We're gonna go 38 degrees this time just for that low back mother. A pearl would say it ended up being two thousand 721 inch. Oh man, down there it is 190 something in here.

191. All right there it is, we're done. Foreign dash lights are out. Got all four wheels up here graphing I Don't be able to see a glare, but get out here on the big road.

Make sure you pump your brakes up, otherwise you're gonna get a little some good folks looking good foreign Chevy Colorado Wheel speed sensor issue there broken magnet super common on your GMS and your Chryslers and anything that uses that magnet where it's exposed to the elements. I'm really, uh, frothing in the mouth today trying to speak. We'll get it figured out. We always do the speech anyways.

Oddly enough, if I talk like a robot I can actually talk pretty well, so it's kind of funny. I guess I could default to that I won't show you right now because it's kind of comical. We'll save it for another time. Anyhow, take your time in that comment section.

Questions, comments, concerns, insty the Facebook Just my viewers I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching.

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