In this video I bring you along as I have a look at a customers 2018 Silverado that got dropped off with a customer complaint of a service engine soon light on. A quick scan showed an issue with the fuel pressure sensor as well as an EVAP leak. Doesn't take long to see that the salt is doing wonders on the rusty ol' Chevy.
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All right folks. brought us in this 2018 Chevrolet Silverado The money lights on I Hope that went and ate some lunch. Now it's time to come look at it. 41.

667 on the clock in this little fella I Wonder if it's cylinder warranty 2018 I Don't know. Let's uh, check here real quick. We'll do a little system scan on it. Let It Auto ID Here on the altel we'll see what codes it throws.

We'll go from there. Chevrolet's they scan pretty quick. All right. let's go to the report.

Oh three coats on there huh? Fuel A pressure sensor performance and let me grab a planning apparatus here. So we've got a p018 Bravo and that is a mill requested current code. So fuel pressure sensor performance Interesting. Uh, your classic small evap leak wouldn't be a GM without one of those.

That is a current code and fuel pump flow performance. It's also current. What's up? Miss though. Do you need me? We are brass? Huh? You walked over here.

Oh yeah, walking to my world. Uh. I see 26.35 fuel pump performance so that's pretty interesting. Um, let's see here.

Did you need me there? Oh girl? I Asked him for a hug. Oh you did. Why don't we put the camera down? Are you such a good hugger? So let's just see something here folks before we get too deep in this. um, fuel pressure sensor I Don't know if that's talking about.

that's gonna be GDI Okay, so this is gonna have two fuel pressure sensors on it. at least low pressure system and high pressure. So let's go into live date I Just take a little peaky Peak You know one of these data groups fuel system. Probably we should have some fuel pressure.

It's the one that says PSI Okay, here we go. So fuel pressure desired, desired rail and then we should have our high pressure. We do now. one and two I Don't know what the difference is.

Okay, so we have our high pressure fuel pump which adds the vehicle sits here stationary. If the engine was warm, you would see this slowly and continually rise. but this engine is cool. We just I just brought it before lunch and parked it and it sat in the parking lot all day.

Um, I'm surprised we don't see any low fuel pressure. Um, tell you what, let's just go ahead for Grins and Giggles Let's start this little guy up that way we can see if that maybe it's just all bled back in the tank. I Think see the money light is on there? Well, would you look at that? All right. Desired.

On the low side is 72, but it's showing zero. Our high pressure fuel pump obviously seems to be working all right. The sensor must just be shorted out 0.4 volts. I Think they're underneath the car? That's interesting.

Fuel rail temperature minus 40. I Don't know what that's about. All right? Well, I tell you what before we get too excited. I Think the low pressure sensor I Think it's underneath the vehicle which around here we get a lot of rodents and stuff eating things I would think it would be at 5 volts.

so if it was open circuited so let's just have a little game drip there there she is. So that's our fuel pressure sensor. Let's get that um, voltage pit. There we go.
We don't really care about the high pressure anymore. like I said. I would have thought looking for rodent chewed it it would be open circuited. Oh okay, so open circuit is zero volts on this one.

Okay or okay. let me get a tripod and we'll just do some basic checks. So this should just be. you know, five more.

uh, ground and our signal wire got my multimeter here. We're just gonna flip a ground right there on our abs. which is that gonna be good? apparently I took dollars I had to be good enough for reading with the meter. Let's see, we're gonna take I'll do the poking.

Hope here. Let's see. I've got a brown wire here on the left that reads 4.99 Our middle wire is black with something maybe black with yellow Maybe 2.3 millivolts and then the last player here, seven millivolts. So one of the one of those wires is our round one is our signal.

Let's um, let's do this. Let me go grab a test light. Still got our scan tool pulled up here I'm going to take a low current test light. here.

100 milliamps. Let's stick this in our 5 volt side. see if that'll hold there nicely for us. Oops.

and it won't just going to grab another T-pin here out of the old hat. Okay, let's try this again. I've got that clicked onto our five bolts. Take this T-pin here.

If we hit the ground, we might get a dim light. If we hit our signal wire, we're going to get 5 volts. So there we have a dim light. So there's our ground probe into the one out here.

Our scan tool goes to 5 volts. so that tells us wire integrity. It's perfect. Let me show you so you see how that went up there momentarily.

Five volts. So that's good. That tells us the computer is good, the wiring to the computer is good, and everything is good. What it tells us though is we either have no fuel pressure which I doubt because the guy drove it here or we have a bad fuel pressure sensor which is more likely the case.

Uh, that does not fix our evap leak. That should fix. Uh, two of the problems. Um, what were those codes there? We'll go back here and look at those again.

It's going to fix the p018 Bravo fuel pressure sensor performance. Oh, now we got all kinds of codes. We have it unplugged and then what did we have? We had one, eight, four, four, two, and the 2635 code. the P2635 Fuel Pump Performance Flow Fuel Pump flow performance that would also be generated with a fuel pressure sensor issue.

Let me, um, before we get more involved, perhaps this truck's fun or warranty Eight Twenty Eighteen with less than 50k on it? Let me just call real quick because I had to call Chevrolet anyways to see if they have a fuel pressure sensor for it and then I'll find out from the service department at the six cylinder warranty if I give you a VIN Can you see if the car is still under warranty for me? Yeah, but it's a Juliet Zulu 365-760 less than 50. the fuel pressure sensor has gone bad on it I didn't want to do anything if it was under warranty. Still All right. So it still has Power Train until November So now I got to run the app code to see if it's something that's covered.
so if you want to hold a couple minutes out I said it actually has two problems with it. it's got a code for an EVAP leak which I haven't checked yet and then the fuel uh, fuel rail pressure sensor has gone bad on it that I did look that's got a failed sensor. Oh okay so that won't be covered that that's not under powertrain. Nope.

Okay I just want to double check. Yeah sure the yeah on the on the low uh pressure side of it, the one underneath the vehicle. Yep. thank you.

Okay so I know that is not covered under powertrain either. Oh okay, um can you send me over to Parts Yeah yeah cool thanks. Okay good news and bad news. Good news is uh they have one of these in stock at the Chevy garage and the bad news is truck's not under warranty.

guy told me nothing on emissions which I thought they were eight year eighty thousand yeah which he said ran out just a while ago. so yeah, whatever. um which I think I only covers computer and converter. anyways I don't know.

Whatever, it's not under warranty tells me uh the good news is they have that in stock so let's take and pop this little guy off. Let's make sure it actually has fuel pressure IRL in real life which I'm sure it does. oh 16 mm look at that here. Oh well, that comes off nice and easy.

I didn't depressurize it so oh, fuel is squirting out of there at a high rate of speed more than one. PSI So that's all we need to do I'm not going any further. A fair amount of pressure on that as you can see it into their ended up. you know what I mean Okay let's uh, grab the Avoca smoker and see if we can figure out where the EVAP leak is.

But before we do that, let's just move down here. One step, let's go to active test. Let's make sure we hear our vent valve working. Uh, let's see if we can go to evaporative emissions.

We're going to go to vent valve. We're going to turn it on ready, back off. Okay, so it turns on and off and the next thing we'll look at is we'll make it not vent and we'll go to fuel tank pressure which is 1.51 volts currently. and theoretically with that closed and volatile fuel in the tank, we should see a rise in pressure just naturally.

but we just saw a little Decay but it's not building pressure so that tells me that there really is a leak for Rizzle and uh, providing that our vent valve is actually closing, we hear it clicking doesn't mean it's working. So so that's all we can do under here. So let's set it down and get the smoker. Oh, she's one of these jobbies.

Interesting. Okay, I never I Haven't messed with one of these yet. Done them on. Fords I Don't know if this is the only ceiling surface, but that's kind of interesting.
Okay, at least we know it's Capless. I Jumped on the Identifix looking for a silver bullet. there is none. 2018 Silverado's uh 442 um just your standard uh service info but nobody posted any fixes and the reason I was looking is to see if the uh, you know Capless system was Troublesome on these I had nothing I've run across but I figure if there's you know, 9 million hits, well we know where to look.

Now we have to do it the old-fashioned way. Whoa, that's springy actually figuring out what's really wrong with it. Well I suppose that's all we get paid to do, right? Um, let's switch down here. let's see if we can't get this little fella unplugged So there's our little deal we need to get to.

We're gonna use this fella. this is from Redline a little adapter kit. Which size do we need? A small one is that thing at 3 8 by 16. click click that in that way we can hook up the smoker zipper, purse, back up, stick it in there.

Bring over the Avoca smoker. What we're going to do is we're going to fill the whole system full of smoke at full speed I Like to let it go until I see a lot of smoke ripping out of the rear end because that way there we know the system's full. Then we seal it off and if there is a leak we can. We're a little more hopeful.

We have a little better odds anyways so we can see even with the vent valve open, our pressure has changed. Okay, so like I said Let It Go for a little bit until we see some smoke crawling here. Oh I See some smoke? You guys see the smoke all right. So we got some good smoke back there and let's go not venting.

We should see it rapid rise in pressure, which we do. Let's kick off this vehicle. Let me just kick that off. see if we have a decrease in pressure.

Oh we do. She's dropping like a rock. Okay, so we have a leak for real. Not that I doubted it.

but let's let her uh, get small Builder up to full pressure and then we'll see if we can find out where it's leaking from. Maybe it'll be easy. Oh must be this isn't what SEALs it Okay, so it must be like four. This is just your dirt trap door that that stops the big chunks from going down in there.

Then there's another ceiling apparatus down below. Must be they do it better than the Ford ones we fix I haven't ran across one of each other I Have to say that it can't go wrong but these. Chevys yeah she's still flowing quite a bit. How much uh, petrol is in this thing? Where's she at there? Okay, good, she just about empty.

That's good when you're doing smoke tests. I was gonna say I need Chevys We always find them I Don't know if they've changed with this body style, but usually the fuel pumps are rotted out of them. All right? Well let's go up in the air. she's at full pressure gets down to 0.3 volts as low as she goes.
and uh, see if we can find a leak here folks. I Can hear it? Oh I hear it up there? Can you guys see up there? Let's see? Can you fit? I don't know what you guys can see I see smoke that's coming from up there someplace? We get a mirror. We just your standard rotted out. Chevrolet These things are no cracker boxes.

They don't last very long like this is a 2018. Only have three or four more years left and it should be in the crusher. Thank you Hope I'm not giving anybody vertigo a mirror. That's a classic plastic fuel pump.

Oh there it is. Yeah, Okay, so I see the wet spot? then get out the flower. Let's see. uh, um, where you at? Philly I don't know if you guys will be able to see it.

see the wet spotter on the uh, metal ring there right next to that fitting. See, we're dry, dry, wet and hands. so it's where she's hissing from. So the wet spots the oil from the smoke.

So yeah, I'm gonna need a fuel pump? Not a big deal. So what happens? These fuel pumps are plastic tanks, plastic. so GM was like super close to getting it right. but then they put the metal lock ring on it and then you add a bunch of salt and water and stuff like that when that lock ring swells up and then usually breaks the tabs off the tank and then ultimately usually before that the first fuel pump.

What it will do is it'll crack the plastic so all around the plastic top of the pump. when we take it out of there you'll find that it'll be fractured all the way around and then you know hissing. So I guess that's what this truck needs. It needs a fuel pump even though it's still pumping and it needs a pressure sensor so that's it.

Let me see if the fella wants to fix it. I'll see if Chevy has them in stock. The good news is that uh GM has switched them to the plastic sending unit so the lines will come up because it used to be when they were metal. Let's say like the 07 to whatever 15 style.

I Don't know if the body style changes but in that area like the 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, you know right up through they were metal and then you couldn't get lines unhooked and those lines are like 100 and some bucks. Whack! You needed all three of them. So I added like you know, 300 and some dollars to the bill because you just couldn't get them undone without you know, ripping the guts out of them. So let me see if Chevy has the parts, the fuel pump they probably do and then most importantly, see if customer wants to fix it and then we'll go from there.

Well today's this guy's lucky day. The Chevy garage has a fuel pump module in stock with the locker in which we also need. and they have the pressure sensor which you guys already knew about. Uh, they do not have a fuel level sensor though.

so when you buy the pumps from General Motors they sell two different module kits with and without the level sensor. The one with the level sensor is on. Uh, Forever Back Order: Unprecedented Circumstances Covered 19. Uh, Fill in the blank supply chain issues.
You know the story they give you. Uh, so there's that. So they have one without and we have to be super careful because they do not have a fuel level sensor either and they're on an infinite Forever Back order. Unprecedented.

You know you know the story we've heard a thousand times already. Foreign.

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