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Yo buddy. look at that. It's turning. It's turning.

Yes, Yes, Oh no, no, Come on. come on. look at it. It broke off in the head.

Get out of here. No freaking way. Uh oh. We've had a catastrophic failure on a Chevrolet Silverado customer States grinding Horrendous grinding noise while driving.

Let's get in this thing. I'm not gonna drive it. it drove it here. but I'm not gonna drive it anywhere.

We're just gonna bring it on inside and uh, take a look at the underneath. Carriage Let's see what kind of Carnage has occurred here. Stockings the engine alrighty. This particular Silverado right here has approximately 183 989 miles on the odometer with the check engine light.

It's got an exhaust leak and we've got a brake issue pedal goes to the floor grinding sound I could hear it uh from up front I think I think it's from up front. but we're gonna go ahead and get this thing checked out and inspected and see what the uh, what the issue is I believe some parts have fallen off of it. like literally falling off. That's what I understand so we're not going very far.

Yeah. I Hear that grinding I Also hear an exhaust leak. sounds like a manifold. it's up front from under the hood.

We're not going to pull this straight in. I'm just going to go ahead and back it up into the corner lift. I've got a truck on the third lift and I got a car on the middle lift. so this one's going to go in my corner lift by the toolboxes.

I'm concerned about this thing's ability to stop so we're going super slow. I've got my foot at the emergency brake slash parking brake. it's at the ready in case we lose pedal and just in case we can shut her down and throw it into park. I Don't want this thing to run away on us and uh, cause some kind of off-road vehicle traffic collision because that would be bad.

anyway. I'm rambling on. We haven't even gotten started yet. so let's get this thing in the building on the rack and inspect it and we will go from there.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Maneuvering past that door at Uh, had to cut it pretty close. This is a crew cab long bed truck. It's got quite a an extensive wheelbase, so we got to maneuver this thing in here ever so carefully and tightly.

But we've cleared the door, we've cleared the fans, we've cleared the wall, we cleared the Mazda, and now we're clearing the rack right back. We go out here looking good to get it parallel with the lift arms. There we go back it on up, looking good on both sides. All right.

All right. let's say we're good here. Center of gravity at the driver works for me. Let's actually inch it up a little bit.

There we go. Parking's the auto powering down. All right. Let's pop the hood, get down below, see what we've got to work with.

Pull the wheels off. Pop Easy! Hood Ouch. I Think we've got the 5.3 liters. Is this a 2500 or 15.? it's got the big tall hood on it.
Let's check that in a moment. Stay up there. Hood What do we got for a power plant? Looks like a 5-3 V8 5.3 liters? All right. No, this is a 1500.

It's just a six lug. If it was 2500, I think it would be an eight. Lug that's a that's just a 15. okay.

lift arms going in. Oh fail. A little darn fail Here we go All right. while we're under the hood, let's take a leak and see if we can't Oh, let's take a look and see if we can't find that leak that we heard earlier I Think we got a winner back there.

There's a broken manifold bolt and the exhaust manifold and I could see looks like some exhaust leaking around the head. so there's one bolt on that side broken off. Let's check this other side over here and the back one. That one's okay, but this front one right here, that's also a leaker.

We can see there's like some residual, uh, kind of build up or some soot. so it looks like we've got a manifold leak on both sides. All right. All right.

So let's see how's our brake fluid looking that's black as night? Okay, not in the best of conditioning. It's kind of to be expected. Got some rodent chewing damage there. See that insulation that's been kind of gnawed on by some crispy? Critters Okay I See some new bushings for a shock absorber? Uh, same thing over here on the passenger side? All right.

let's get this thing up in the air. take a look underneath. see what? Uh, what? fell off? green subscribe button? That's what we do here. Give it a double check real quick.

That's good. That side's good. Fronts are good. okey-dokes moving on up.

All right down on the lock for safety. All right. let's pull this wheel off of here. Get our hubcap 22 millimeters.

There we go. Come here. Mower 22s. Portage Come here wheel.

Behold the Carnage What's oh my God that's some hot spots. Troy Come here. Look at this. You're gonna see this man.

Look at this. Look at that rotor. Oh wow. You see all those hot spots in that.

That's crazy. This thing was like 1500 degrees and that's a new looking rotor. So what happened here? Why? Why is our rotor doing that? It looks like it's got a new caliper. It's a newish looking hose.

What's this problem here? All right. let's pull the other side off. see what that one looks like? Okay, something is amiss here. Let's uh.

let's move over to the other side and circumnavigating the Chevrolet see what's under this one? This one's I See I see bare metal in there? Why is there a bare metal? That is a problem? Oh yeah, Holy smokes. Look at this right here. Well, there's your problem right there. There's no brake pad.

There's no brake pad on the front of this. This is a caliper only notepad. That's a newish looking caliper. That pad in the inboard is like three millimeters, but there is no brake pad at all.

It's a painted rotor so that's been replaced not long ago. It's like pretty newish. Wow. Ground to nothing.
There's metal flakes everywhere in here. Okay, what happened? How did this happen? All right, let's move in for a little bit of a closer look here and see if we can identify forensically. Now we can see where this whole surface has been torn up from. uh, that caliper grinding on it.

And there's a quite a big lip here on the edge of this rotor. That tells me that this has been happening for, well, a few miles. At least we're all discolored right here. It's all super hot, so that's why we have that blue tint going on.

You can see the caliper has been grinding away at it. It's so what I think has happened is somewhere along the line. There was a failure over here on the passenger side, and since there's less friction on this side due to the absence of a brake pad, that means that the driver would have to input more pedal pressure in order to complete a stop. Hence, this caliper is going to have to do extra work to provide the friction to stop the vehicle.

which is why we have hot spots all over these rotors. So this one was doing the work two calibers. so we have twice as much heat going into this rotor and that's where we got the hot spots from all over this thing. That's crazy I wonder what kind of vibration this thing makes while braking? that is.

That's intense right there. That's a load. Full load of hot spots. I Mean usually when you see this, you get like you know, one, two, three, four, five, six.

You know, just random here and there, but this thing is just loaded with it. It's a circular cheetah. Well, it looks like the very least. This thing needs some CPR some calipers, pads and rotors.

CPR and with an H because I'm going to put hoses on it when I do calipers. I Always like to do hoses with calipers. it's it's very good practice. Yeah, this thing's uh, it's not okay right now.

All right, a rich amount of time is pested. Naturally, we got some approval to get this done. We're gonna go with a full monty on this. Pads, calipers, rotors, hoses, fluid.

I'm going to throw in a clean and adjust on the rear drums. They're not horrible back there, but we're going to be comprehensive about this. Uh, after or during the brake repair. We're also going to get this exhaust removed.

We're going to pull off those manifolds on both sides and then once the manifolds are gone. I'm going to extract those broken studs out of the cylinder heads and at that point we can put the manifolds back on, re-gasket everything, seal up all this exhaust business, and this truck should be back to operational status. Okay, let's get this thing disassembled and prepped. Uh, that doesn't go there for one part.

Show up. I had to. Everything's ordered I don't think I'm gonna get much of it today. Whatever.

I Get today I can install there. we go a couple 19 mils. let's pull those off and see if we can't man handle this. uh caliper out of here.
that's kind of stuck. it's in there. pretty good pry bar action. time.

We gotta apply some Force here to get this guy apart. It's got things on there. Remember that lip on the rotor? Well, this uh, calipers. hung up on that lift? All right.

What else we got going on with our Carnage level in here? Yeah, that's ground up pretty good on the inside of that. Pistons are hyper extended. We seem to have a a horse fly. There's a stowaway.

Yeah, he's gross. Okay, let's pull this pad out. Nothing left on our pad. Get rid of that.

Goodbye here. You know what? I'm gonna change gears one more time. I'm gonna go ahead and pull this plastic fender liner out because we're going to need to get that thing out in order to do the manifold job on this. Additionally I need to hang this caliper off of something and there's not much in the fender liner to hang it off of.

So I figure if I get a head start on the manifold job and pull the fender liner out, then uh I can come up with a place to hang the caliper and that'll help me out in the short term. Sound like a fan? I Think it does? I mean it's kind of a non-planned plan, but it makes sense right now. So that's what. uh what I'm gonna do here is get all these push Clips uh removed.

All right. This is nice. Now we've got a little bit more uh working space here to to deal with. So what I'm gonna do is hang this uh caliper up here for now.

out of the way. Uh, let's see how we're gonna do this Loop it in and then hang it for that little bolt hole thing up top. There we go. Now that's out of the way, we'll back it up some, take our uh bracket off and get our rotor off that we can move over to the other side.

Repeat procedure, back around to the back side. let's get uh caliper off I Wonder if the 3 8 will do it? It's a negative. Nope. I Need a big guns? Let's try the big boy half inch see if that does it.

Oh Flawless look at that. That's beautiful. It's so much power. Let's Lose That bolt that I left there, Turn this guy around and then we can pull the set screw out of this rotor.

right here. It's like a Torx 30 Torx 27. We'll pop this rotor off. We got a T30 on the click the Jews there we go.

Buy a rotor, don't need you, you're looking. Bearing feels good, nice and smooth. Very nice. All right.

Moving back around to the driver's side, hit the wheel. We will. uh. assembly.

There we go. That's what I need to do here. Get this guy turned a little bit. You know what? Let me pull the set screw out right here.

The tool is already prepped and ready there. Let's get this side apart next. but before I pull this off since I don't have anywhere to hang it. and before I get ahead of myself.

let's get the fender liner out of here. Okay 19 coming in. wrong socket? Of course it's the wrong socket. That was the 18 that I tried on the Uh on the bracket.
Pull that guy off dude. come on. grab our action. that one's on there.

Pretty good too. Everything is stuck. super stuck there. We go.

put that off to the side. Notice these pads looking in here. Horrible. That's how they look.

Worn to nothing. It's gone next. outboard pad pad again. Horrible.

Worn to nothing. just a couple millimeters left. Not okay. Let's lose our bracket.

Oh come on there we go. Slippage from so much torque. Foreign stay till I Hang you stay stay. rotor rotor's gone.

There it is. I got it. Didn't listen there. Let's just hang this.

Oh I don't have enough hoes? Let me detach this little bracket right here there. Come here bracket. We need more space and you're in the way. You can hang this guy in the same place where we hung the uh, the other side.

That'll do. Let's pull our bolt, check our bearing. no in play, no side play. This is good.

Got the brakes disassembled? Let's pay some attention to our manifold over here. I've got to get this, uh, this unit removed. So I'm going to go ahead and give all those bolts a spray down just to help them. Break Free A lot of times I like to break off, but if you soak them overnight with some penetrating oil, they might, uh, they might crack loose on us all right now.

This gives us a bit of an opportunity to get kind of a close-up on that broken bolt there. See, just past the spark plug and plaster wire, there's one. and I thought I saw another one on the back, so we got one confirmed on this side. probably two.

And then of course there's the other ones on the other side. All right. I guess I'm gonna get started pulling these manifolds apart since uh I have nothing else to do so I'm going in with some curvy needle noses here I need to get a hold of the metal heat shield around these plugs or plug wires rather and get these guys disconnected. There's a real good chance I'm gonna end up breaking some of these wires I Try not to, but it's it's very possible.

Yeah, oh, look at that. Broke it right in half. Look at that thing that just literally fell apart on us. All right? No matter now.

I do need to save the heat shield. Those are not as easily replaceable as these, uh, nasty corroded wires. Well, now that I've broken it I Have no fear of breaking the others. So uh, let's get the rest of these guys disconnected.

The reason we've got to pull the plug wires is should be painfully obvious: You can't get the manifold off with the spark plug wires installed and we've got to pull the actual plugs out as well. Look at that one fell right apart. Look at that. Oh man, these things are just disintegrating.

Hang on. let's get a little closer on this other one. Watch this. You just touch it.

This is not going to do it live time. Well, that one didn't break, but the other three did with extreme ease. So let's go ahead and pull these wires out. disconnect the nose from the coils.
These are junk. Don't need those anymore. Pull that one out. Let's get in there and get a hold of that last one here.

Come on. Coverage frying. Leverage Come on. wiggle it.

Some of these come out okay, it's not working. Maybe I'm just, uh, using the wrong angle of attack here. I don't really have any other angles to attack it from I Just got to get farther down on the base and we can leverage it out there. Come on man.

All right, that's three of them out. One more, one more heat shield right over here. Come on out of here. please.

There we go. See I Said please and it complied. This is good. All right.

Well, I Suppose it's a good time to get these spark plugs out of here. It's uh, reaching with an extension here. it's actually a lot easier through the wheel well than from up top not to bend over. Pull these guys out of our way here.

How they looking? Yeah, not too horrible. All right. we'll get them all out and then, uh, inspect them later on. I Hit my hand There we go.

get that one loose. two numero Trace There we go. Third one removed. coming along nicely.

so far. this one out of this side over here you guys see. Nope. on your pickage.

There we go. All right, That's uh, all four on this side. dude. Oh, we're here.

Let me get some lube on these bolts. the ones that are left over just in case. Well, I mean it couldn't hurt right? and same thing on that back one that's broken off. That one's gonna be fun to dig out.

Okay, back around to the passenger side. let's get those spark plugs removed. and uh, and of course the wires nice and easy. We've got plenty of space in here.

Okay, let's see if these ones are going to disintegrate. Not that one that one did look at that came right apart, came right apart. These are terrible. Been here for a while.

Let's get all this stuff removed from the coils. It's got eight coils. one coil per per spark plug. no distributor.

Oh that one broke up with the coil. Oh new, no worries. I'll get it out of there I Have no fear. Fear will infect you.

Don't live in fear. it's contagious. remember that movie uh Apocalypto that Mel Gibson movie? It was uh in the Amazon where the the guys were like a Hunting Party and they encountered like another Amazon tribe that had their their lands ravaged or whatever and the sun it was like the prince of the tribe they're walking back to uh back to their Village After the hunt and after they met the other villagers and his father the chief asked his son what did you see with those people? What did you see wrong with them? The sun didn't understand and he said they were infected with fear. Suck and fear is contagious and he told his son, do Not bring this fear into our village.
Oh God Foreign, because in fact, our family members, you guys should watch it. It's kind of gruesome. There's like some blood and gore and whatnot in it, but still a pretty good movie. Point being: don't live in fear because fear will not solve any problem and it can often hinder one from doing things they want to do because they refrain from doing such things out of fear.

That was kind of a weird tangent, but that's what came to my mind at the moment. Anyway, let us get these spark plugs out of here and we can make an attempt to uh thing, fries are done to remove this manifold. Now the only hard part about this side is going to be the dipstick tube right here. Sometimes they don't like to pop out of the oil pan.

Usually it's fine, but on occasion it can be a real bear. Spark plug on clickage or not. All right. that's seven plugs removed.

Numeral Ocho Get that one out of there. unclick the rear. Got it? Oh my. light's bashing at us.

That means it's low on battery air. Quick battery change, Powering on. Okay, let's get uh, some lube on these bolts here. and that broken one.

Get out and back there. All right. By the way, I'm gonna end up replacing all of these bolts that come out. I'm not going to reuse any of them because uh, well, they're prone to rusting and breaking.

Okay Switching Out to what looks like a 15 mil, let's get the dipstick tube bracket bolt removed. Click that. oh, flashlight, flashlight down. Okay, let's see if this is gonna come out easily or or not.

Yeah. I think we're good. Yeah. Wiggled right out.

Awesome. Yeah, it's got an O-ring and then it goes into the oil pan right here. and then there's our actual dipstick. Engine oil looks pretty good.

All right. let's maneuver ourselves right over here to the manifold flange Where It Bolts up to the exhaust fly pipe. Let's see what we can do about getting these 15 mil nuts removed. These things are often stupid tight and they like to, uh, they like to break and strip Ages Come on now.

I'm tugging it. Oh, that's not happening. Okay, any more leverage here. I think I'll put a breaker bar on that.

see if I can't you have to come loose? Okay, additional leverage coming in Let's uh, see if this is gonna do what we want on click man, these things go on so tight. I'm replacing these uh, these nuts and studs as well. if I have to, I might not have to, but if I do have to, they're getting changed out. Okay, that one's uh, can't get a hold of that one in there.

that one back there I can get a hold of it, but I've got no leverage. Hmm, yeah, nothing. is it the car in the way? Let's get it from the bottom side, you know I wonder? let me try something here. Let's do like some some offset action.

I've got these offset uh, blue point ratchet extension devices here I wonder if I can get this angled properly? Perhaps I can get a ratchet on it? Maybe I can go around that actually might work? Yeah, hey, let's try this. I believe I can get the breaker bar on this one and break it Loose Let's try it out. So I'm hanging on to it. Let me back up so you can see.
Let's try this right here. Come off, it's either gonna work or it's gonna break something. It worked. Go back in there and try it again.

Yes, it did that worked now I just need to Res Oh gravity I dropped it I'm butt up fingers try again. So I've got I think this is working out I might do this this way from this point forward because going in there with the extensions and uh, universal joints can be kind of annoying. Okay, that one's loose at least. Oh no.

if it's gonna work on that one, that one's a different animal. Let's try it. I See, there's a frame in the way, but where there's a will, there's a way. So let me try.

try this on there. Maybe with an extension it comes up to about here, we'll try to get an extension on it and see if I can't get a ratchet right in this area. Okay, I've got an extension on the ratchet. see if that's too much extension or if that's going to be just right.

let me get that guy in there that's on my little ratcheting extension thing. Let's get it clicked in there. we go. This might might do it.

There we go. Breaker bar coming in, more leverage. Let's see what happens here. Okay, Torque value coming up.

pushing, pushing, pushing. oh look at that. It rotated. We got some turn action out of it.

Beautiful. sweet that was easy-ish All right. now that I've got these broken loose. I'm going to go in with some swiveled extensions here and get a hold of those 15s.

Oh look at that. that's beautiful coming right out. Me like it all right. There's one, oh, slight oversight this one.

I Can't get a tool on because there is a uh, an O2 sensor in the way. No worries, we'll just spin that one off manually. I've actually never ever taken these apart using this type of method before, so usually I just take this stuff off, go in there with some extensions and universals, and then try to get it. So I'm learning to see if this is going to work.

We're reaching around the back side for that rear fastener with my uh extended. There we go. Oh this is fantastic. So glad.

Okay, one side that's renewed. Very good. Let's go over to the other side and see if I can't get that. Get that one to Break Free and then we'll uh, we'll start pulling these manifolds off All right.

So one thing I'm noticing about this side is I have much less space to uh to reach in and get a hold of everything I can't even see these front ones or this front one and the one behind it. So this side, we are going to have to do that from down below. Oh, another thing here. look, these studs seem to be a little bit longer than the ones on the other side and that means that my uh, my swivel socket thing isn't gonna fit.
So I'm gonna have to go back to my old way of using the deep well and uh, and a swivel and an extension. something new or a new way to do it on on one side. But this other side, dang that was violent. Did it turn hope? So let me get through my back out.

Wow, that did turn like a lot. Okay, there's one. let's get this one over here. That's the hard one to get it all there.

That one right there. and so I can't get this guy to break loose I Feel like I'm gonna break this? Uh, swivel. there we go I hope that one turned I leave the I Believe the penetrating oil is highly effective here. Oh yeah, so that one's loose.

Okay, got it. Nice. This is good. All right.

Let's just speed this up a little bit with the electric ratchet. Now that it's all loose, don't do that next. Awesome. This is much better than uh, breaking off the studs, then welding new bolts onto it for two days straight? All right.

Well, that's out of there. Pull the white pipe down. Came down on both sides. Exhaust is disconnected.

Let's get out of here and start. Oh, unbolting those manifolds. Okay, back in the passenger side wheel. well get these bolts out so they're either gonna break off or they're not.

So I really have no fear. Wow, did you see that thing? Flex That means there's some warbage in that manifold. Okay, and there's one more back there that I can't reach I need to get an extension on it. Uh, check it out.

Another swivel extension. Oh I like these. where have they been all my life? This just changes everything. Should have bought these years ago.

They weren't cheap, they're snap-ons but worth it. Look at that came apart no problem. All right Parts Falling off manifold is out the gaskets Out multi-layer Steel don't need that anymore. Okay, so we got a little closer.

That's the elephant in the room. That's our broken off stud. I've got some uh, some turbo style easy out stud extractors right here. Take a look, you can see they kind of.

They've got some little cutting blades in there those are designed to dig into the metal and help to extract it. We're going to try that first before. I go crazy and start welding nuts and whatnot onto. uh, onto that stud.

This is either going to work right here or it's not. Tip it's not. then uh oh. we can weld some stuff to it I'm hoping it'll just come out.

Let's try that first. What I'm going to do is set it up. Give it a couple taps with the hammer here. Hang on.

I'm gonna lose the extension or the swivel. Keep the extension. lose the swivel. That's what I'm trying to do.

There we go and then taking my 3 8 ratchet I can work that in Reverse To see if it's going to come out. it might come out. it might not. If it doesn't, we'll get the welder out and it turned.
It's turning I think we got her I think we got it. Yeah yeah yeah. feels like it's coming out. Definitely coming out.

See it. Amazing! Everything is kind of knock on wood going my way. Look at that. Success! Beautiful all right! Now for the not as easy part.

let's go back around to the driver's side and uh, see how this one is going to come out. There's a little less space in here, but I think we can manage it I Think well I know we will. It's got to happen one way or the other. Okay coming in with the extension on the impact I've only got I think two, four, uh yeah.

I think it's just four bolts. the other two in the back are broken off as long as these guys come out and I've got space to pull the unit out without uh, moving the steering shaft, you should be smooth sailing. And then we can move on to the task of getting that rear broken bolt off. That's uh, that's going to be a little harder to get to because there's a truck in the way.

uh, me thinks I can get to it and I know I can. The question is how much effort is it gonna take I'm concerned that since the rest of this took minimal effort, that that part's going to take maximum effort. which I'm not too thrilled about. You know, Murphy's Law and whatnot.

Foreign kind of cold hard facts, especially in this kind of business. things will get you Karma will eat you alive, skin monkeys out. It's weird. Next, Next and last.

Okay, oh oh, it's all. it's falling out here. You got my tools. Give it back to me.

Okay, oh, got myself weighted in here real nice. like didn't I there. Get that out of the way. let's get this.

uh MLS gasket out of the way multi-layer Steel and I believe I Need to just pull this uh manifold out from the top. push it up. you know? let's see, we'll come down to the bottom I Don't think so now now. I've got to get it out from the top.

Okay, no worries, let her down or let me take this uh, battery junction box bracket off. Maybe get some more space here I can get that out of the way. Maybe I can pull it out like right through here. Let's try that.

that's probably got to come off anyway. Yeah, let's see here. push that harness up out of the way. some Wow thingies.

Nope. Nope. Just push the harness out of the way more. That's the issue.

This harness right here is binding me up. Let's just disconnect that from its bracket. It's a little holder right there. That's that's hanging us up.

Push that thing off to the side. Yeah. Begin manifold removal. Come out hitting the steering shaft.

I'm going around the steering shaft. kind of stuck on the steering shaft. Oh no, if I rotate it, that might help some. it's so close.

Okay I can taste it or that's just the penetrating oil that I can taste on you. You need to come out. Can't be the hard of the Harding shaft off. I Really don't It's like we're almost there.
It's like we're so at the halfway point I refuse move through the bottom again. Hmm I don't know I don't have that a chance. it's not coming out to the bottom. What if I threaten it? If that'll work, it will come out or I will end you I don't think it's taking my threat seriously? No, yeah.

okay. I can see defeat. I'm gonna have to take the steering shaft loose and let's see here. I Screwed that all up, didn't I My order of operations was was inadequate for what I'm trying to do.

Okay, now we're just gonna leave that right here. For now, let's get that shaft disconnected and pushed out of the way. Okay, let me get her in gear. here.

we go now. I can now I can kind of move it over towards us this direction I just needed like a quarter of an inch of clearance too. That's all I needed. That should be enough.

Now it's a little a little wobbly and if it's a little wobbly I can get it passed the flange. There we go. Yeah, this never would have worked from the top side I've just been fighting with it up there. There we go.

Got her all right. manifold is out that only leaves the uh, the two broken studs back there in the corner. I'm gonna try these uh with the easy out device one more time, see if I can get them out with that and then we'll see how this uh, this section of the repair works out. You guys can't see there's a thing in your way here.

Sorry there. Okay coming in with some more Lube get that on there. Nice leg. There we go and we're Plumbing in.

We're gonna do the easy one first. probably best. Can you guys see that's negative? Okay, let's move in some so we can see. Ah, there we go.

Now we've got good line of sight on this unit. let's see if this little socket's gonna dig in. We got some turning action. Beautiful.

all right. So this one's going to come out of the head, but that other one has me moderately concerned. Not a whole bunch, but came out kind of no problem. So they're not.

uh, the threads aren't chewed up so they should back out. We'll see. I'm getting excited. Oh look at that coming right out.

Slippage. got it. Awesome, all right. So I'm kind of thinking of re-strategizing on the how to easy out this last one out of its home right there.

Uh, what I think is going to work for us is going to be a low profile ratchet. So let's see because I do have a little bit of space in here. let me get the socket in there or the easy out rather and I can come in with this super low Pro Snap-on ratchet. it's very thin.

Oh this is this is gonna work. This is the moment that this low Pro ratchet just paid for itself. If this guy comes out right here, that will be the decisive Factor You're gonna bite. Hook up.

Come on yo buddy. Look at that. it's turning. It's turning.

Yes Yes Oh Mom on look at it. It broke off in the head. Get out of here. No freaking way.
Well um I'm kind of screwed. I guess uh I've got to figure out how to get that out and I know it doesn't want to turn. So now I'm a little nervous. Okay I uh I'm done.

That's it. I'm done for the day. It's a part I am I've got to weld this some to get the thing apart I I I'm just done I'm spent burnt out, no more. Well this game is over with.

plus I don't have any parts here anyway I have no gaskets. nothing like that. so I I can't really make any Headway Um, that being said, uh I'm very sad to announce it at this point. I'm just gonna end this video.

Um, not happy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I'm pretty sure nobody including myself expected this thing to absolutely fail at the Finish Line I I Wish it had done it over here on that one. Like look at all this space we have here the other side.

No this, this could not have gone any worse than it did. I think I I should have just kept my mouth shut. but I'll never learn anyway. I'm rambling in disbelief right now so I'm just gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to thank you guys for watching this video.

uh I hope you enjoyed what happened here. I mean not this part but I hope you enjoyed process of us getting here. Um we're gonna pick back up on this tomorrow. I should have some parts here I'm going to get that bolt out of there.

It can't be that bad to dig that thing out. So um, that being said again, thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you think about this situation in the comment section down below. Uh, don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there.

And most importantly, don't forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later into Chevrolet end of cylinder head in a video in a day in the transmission.

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