In a previous video I had a look at this customer Silverado that came in with the engine light on and a few codes. Didn't take long to see what was wrong with it and get the parts ordered that we needed. They are here now so let's get this rust bucket back in business.
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Step one: I Gotta leave the vehicle shut off because if it gets left on my lift overnight I Don't want to have the key on I Have it neutral. so we're gonna put the vehicle in neutral from downtown. You got to pick your battles when you're working on rotted out Vehicles What are you gonna touch? what's gonna break? And in this case, we don't want to break the shift cable so it's got some kind of funky end on it. I Can't get the clip to release so we're gonna do it.

The next easiest way is just take the linkage off the side of the trainee. I Guess one thing we could do is unhook the battery. put neutral on that, but the guy's inspection is due well. I Guess it doesn't matter either.

We need to clear the codes. I Guess I should have thought about that, huh? This is this little fell right off. We'll take the whole lever. two thousand.

Remember that soap, huh? So it's in park. We'll reach right up here with our left-handed adjustable wrench. Our end. We're in neutral now.

We can rotate the drive shaft. and the reason we need to rotate the drive shafts is because it's in our way. So get all these crack loose. Use inertia.

These Led minium shafts. you guys are always talking crap about my well job. Look at some of this. it's factory huh? Um, we gotta take this off because it just gives us more room.

But what was I saying? Oh yeah, the aluminum shafts. They're pain because you can't get a socket up in here. We're getting usable wrench. You could do it without it being a neutral I suppose.

but I don't know I said don't spin those out. Grab a little screwdriver. Okay, oh, don't stick. mmm sticky little.

U-joint You don't have one of those. It's gonna leak all over. but if you have one, she won't leave the drop. That's just how it goes I guarantee if we didn't have that thing out there and ready, you're been a mess.

Oh let's find some kind of prying apparatus here. We need to unhook this Vapor line. and we need to unhook this fuel line. I Thought these just went like so what do I know? let me go get something to poke and pry with.

Let's see if we can get it prying apparatus right here. It's a little ears back, flick your ears back and then give her a little what's up. Take that one off I Know we gotta do that fuel line. Let me let the car down a little same thing.

oops sorry I mean the bump into you but you're right my way. Wish we didn't have to reinvent the quick disconnect like every new model here in a second trying to figure all these ones out. That was my head. Okay, cover your eyes because it might have fuel pressure still.

Nope, we already drained it off. Oh great. we don't have a bucket. We got perfect right in the bucket.

First try the next million dollar question where the straps come loose. Maybe it's always the answer. Oh Yeehaw that one came around. Let's check the other one.

Foreign. Awesome. So now we just gotta get the filler neck on hook. We're out of here.
There's only room for one big head in here. We need to unhook the hose clamp here and hook the hose clamp here in the net. That tube that's way up at the top. There's just hold down a little plastic retainer one hook it.

We'll cut the zip tie and then that should be it. And the good news is the clamps are facing the box so it makes them super convenient so no one ever. I Don't know why they do that. Must be something during assembly and we'll cut the zip ties.

It's all Factory folks. 5 16 quarter inch. That's what you need to loosen them up and you do slide right off being stainless. uh, filler neck? You know, No corrosion so everything pops apart.

A little bit of dub d on there and away we go. So we have our three hoses off. This one doesn't matter. this is from the uh vet valve so that one doesn't matter.

But let's get our Cheney Jack Get it right there. Let this baby down. Thank you Foreign. Now we will have to unhook the fuel pump electrical connector as well as the pressure sensor that's up there so we'll let her down.

Usually they give them enough hose, That's not a problem. I'm just kind of curious. It does have some fuel in it and these can get a little. Tippy Let me just go up here and have a little.

Gander Just had to snake the vent hose for the rear diff that goes up there. The one we unhooked, it was kind of looped around the filler nut. So I've got that unlooped. Thank you Foreign.

Let me go get the yellow stand. It feels like it's heavy on this end, which it's going to be 100 that won't wear away. The fuel slash is standby folks like this and we might not. just gotta be careful.

Okay, that's why our letters sit steady right here. We're going to unhook the electrical connectors here because they're about stretched tight. Get some kind of prying apparatus. We'll get these unhooked.

well. I'll get my face up here. Oh there you are. this is.

Fuel tank pressure sensor. Is that a flick and a boom flicking a click. We got to get the lock Tab out of the pump here. we're just feeling at this point.

feels like I got something there. It is old Sun I can't see that close up because I'm old ER let her down a little bit. Oh look at that. Napa Just showed up.

they went and got our parts from the Chevy garage. That's pretty nice thing about Napa even if I don't buy parts from them because to go get them only if it's from the dealer because the Dealer's close by to Napa and I buy a lot of parts in Memphis So they do me a solid every now and then. All right, let me get my guy. Josh We'll drop her down all the way.

Whoa when it hits and uh, and then we'll take an air hammer this baby off and pop the new one in and slide it back up in. that's how you know you're working on a Chevy right from the factory. That's sweet. Let's try this.

Let's just move our little stand. This is where this is sketchy. Oh, hang on, No, don't go falling down on the ground. I Try to keep the weight on one side.
It makes it more manageable than when it's sloshing. I'm gonna get my reward cart. Oh there we go. Oh there we go.

That's not half bad at all. Fella let her down, but keep it. keep running downhill side and now we can just do it right here and then right back up in about a bing bada Boom huh? And we ain't worried about getting on the floor. First thing first.

Air hammer step number one because I'll tell you what we're gonna need this pin here because we need to blow it off. Obviously because all the dirt butts, air hammering gets some of this more dirt broke free and then we'll blow it off. and then we'll take the ring off all the way. I Like to use a dull chisel I Save one particularly for these situations and then just just baby that trigger just like it.

Kiss your sister just barely go around easy. Come on man. now that we've knocked a little bit of it Loose Let's see if we can't knock it Loose Oh, we did. Oh wow.

First try. Well she has a four-year-old truck so what do you expect? I Told her hand over the holes. the open holes give it a little that's that foreign. Sure, you're using the brass part of your air hammer so we don't make any.

Sparks It's all worth. We've already gone all the way. We've gone all the way. We're gonna want some prying apparatus from the looks of it.

Let's see a couple of them. ones a little ear flicker, mm-hmm come on man. Oh, we got pushed down on the little release. Wow! a double Locker Good job GM And of course these are on upside down, making them highly convenient.

Jerks: Push them down from this side. Probably not going to happen. maybe it will, maybe baby. that one did here I'm calling them jerks I'm only saying that because I can't see I take my safety glasses off like that's going to make things any clearer.

All right I Give up down to the Dollar General Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful. It's so wonderful. Look at me I Can see? does it mean I Can do it any better? Look at that first try. There's that line and there's that line.

Move them out of the way. Um, we did get a new. iPhone Holy schnikes this one's broke to all get out. You know how broke all get out gets.

Oh wait, do you see this one Also, look at that I think got more crack than downtown broke bro. Oh it still fits out of the tank. That's good. Let me check this in the bucket or just run this around the ring.

bro. it smells so good. Who loves the smell of gas? 15 seconds? Man, that's the point I'm at right now. That's the point I'm at right now.

I'm at the man that freaking sneaks. point. Yeah, try to get all your dirt over here to one side. There we go.

There's a couple of flecks in there, not in the gas. a couple little flecks. It's actually wow. It's remarkably clean in that tank.
It's all white, white liner, white plastic. all right. So we just want to make sure that it's clean here. where the O-ring sits.

GM's always had really fantastic design. They always make sure the pump sits down inside of a well so you get a nice good layer of salt and dirt on them. You know good engineering. I'm not saying I could be an engineer, but if I was looking at failures that they repeat year after year after year after year, this would be one of them because this has been a problem since the mid 90s with General Motors been doing something wrong for 30 years Why Stop Now right? I haven't look at some stuff wrong for 40 years.

Okay I know, gotta get these back in. I'll tell you that if we got any kind of Hope here and I'll be honest with you I always buy these new so I rarely transfer them and I know they're awful. Squeaky, creaky. let's see.

Oh yes ma'am I think I think I know. try that one back. Oh yes sir, look at that. Oh all right, we can't break it.

That's all. I know you break it. You bought it buddy. That's not true here.

Oh hooray for us. Hooray! Hooray! Foreign hook. Not this one. but we'll get this one out of our way.

Kind of a shame. Got a good pump we're gonna throw right in the trash. Welcome to America Son there we are one time around. two times around.

three times around there. We just saved him a hundred and some dollars for the fuel level sensor. Let's put that over here. Let's go get our new pump.

Anybody want to take a closer examination at this so you can see the little cracks underneath cracking a crack? Come up here. Look at that. But you did that. with the air hammer you a-hole Nope.

I didn't it was before we took it apart. You saw it, you witnessed it on video. There we go folks. let's try that again.

Genuine. DM Original equipment. Look at that. We need that for sure.

that's guaranteed. Thank you. Come on out this guy. Park Cave man.

There it is. the Grabber level sensor slip. You slide that one right back where we got it from what's up Andy and then just driving back. What you doing? Oh I I see I'm putting it all together I'm using Clues Here's your.

Clues I'm looking around see it's heavy in the air. The Guy: we couldn't break that part. it's uh, back. ordered due to unprecedented circumstances.

supply chain issues. they seem more precedented. now unprecedented. It's mostly president.

I Think: Is it all right? We can't That starts with a P just like psoriasis, you told me that. That's right, we learned in my head all yield up. It is something. pretty sad.

It's okay. and then you called me back and said oh, Andy don't worry hi, how's it going I Didn't call you back because it was freaking late. Oh good point and I was like this guy gets up at two o'clock in the morning and go to work. Should I call him Maybe next time I will I I Put it on.
Do not disturb. You can't get through unless I want you to I Think: if you cycle call I think it'll go. Oh no I shut that off. Oh you did too.

You feel like two in a row. Yeah, oh yeah, right in there. Cut that. Yeah okay I don't need Jabroni's blowing up my phone and getting a hold of me for no reason.

Hey, how's it going just calling you back Buddy Gotcha Yeah I mean I want to talk to you. It's not that bad. I Understand I do believe that you said in your message that you wanted to, how are you supposed to get out of work by coming to watch me work when I'm not at work? Yeah like I had a responsibilities that day and I was here looking for you so I could just watch you do stuff so you can hang out and talk and be like oh, I don't know I had so much to do today I didn't quite get my stuff done you know that sort of thing. but no I had to go home and work.

Sorry to ruin your day. Yeah yeah. oh Andy's a good egg as far as eggs run. but then again, who likes running eggs? No, he's a good guy.

Oh let's see. Put on my you can see it glasses I can see it now. which way did this thing go? We'll say it went in well it must have went in this way I Thought it came out differently than that, but it can only go one way. If you want the hoses to line up, this is where our locator was before.

Come on you sucker. let's see. Yeah boy, push push push. No sir.

the Tank's getting a little tight up at the top which is kind of nice because it holds the pump in for us. It doesn't take you like to call friend. but the problem is when this thing needs a pump again here in a couple more years, you might not put a tank in it because see what happens is the the metal here on top of the tank as that starts to rust, it really puts the squeeze to it in what? I found If the tabs are still good but you just can't get the factory pump in, the aftermarket ones are usually a little bit smaller you know what I mean and they'll usually fit. Aftermarket pumps are pretty well junk.

Um so I like the Oems usually I get these Oems cheaper than we get aftermarket. Anyways, like this pump is probably fifty dollars cheaper than well you can get it for at Napa you know for like a Carter or you know a name brand pump. So think about that. just sit there and think about it for a minute.

Let's say to my kids, oh yeah, oh yeah, that one's uh, that one's on. We just got to get something to lock that one on. Mm-hmm mother lover, you need a little bit more here, fella. There She Goes Bad Boy Now we've gone all the way.

Oh, we're good. that's it. And yes, that is a brass chisel. Brooks USA Oh Brooksy, you haven't seen him in a while.

Full line of brass feeding apparatuses. Great company. Handmade right here in America Uh, it's time to Jack this thing back up. Get her plug back in, have a look at our pluggers.
foreign I Like to do that a little bit. Good luck. he's breathe on there. Good luck.

Okay, pull my braces up. it's hot and humid out today. That makes my pants fall now. and I don't have a buck so that makes my pants fall down too.

And I need to do some squats? Probably not. Whoa. this is sketchy. I'm gonna get my guy Josh just because I Really don't feel like dropping this on the ground today.

All right Gosh. I Don't know if it's easier to be out there or in here. Whatever is good for you. Foreign? You good? Yep, okay.

check the filter next for me. not where it belongs. Yep, Oh nope. Thank you.

Yep. hook that up foreign. There's one. These are different front to back just FYI The difference is pretty noticeable so I don't think he could screw it up usually.

it's that. Second time around we'll put new straps on it because they'll be all rotted out underneath the plastic. Thank you. We'll come back with a torque wrench and grab those in just a minute.

Well, we're right here. I Got a new one of these old guys so we'll unhook that foreign yes, dribbles out of there. We're gonna leave that factory over here on the bottom. There still feels like it's got good resistance up.

I did hook up the fuel filler neck already, put the hose clamps back on that in a manner in which you can actually get them back off easily. So all we have left now is to put drive shaft in it. Um, so we can go ahead and do that because I'm pretty confident that we're not going to end up dropping the tank back down for anything and that looks like that. So put the clamps on where you can actually get to them.

you know, if you have to in the future. and I'm going to throw a zip tie just back around these here. so this is your vent for the rear diff and then this one's for the fuel tank. So all right, how many of you guys have these Skx beam I think they're called them X beams I've had insanely bad luck with them like this one, they just they don't grab like I can just hold it and you know there's no more ratcheting mechanism and it's just very random.

like I tried spraying WD in them but yeah, so now now this one just free. Wheels they're always good about replacing them I just I call them up. they never want proof or anything, they just send me new ones in the mail. but it's kind of super annoying because they're a really cool look.

I mean they're cool looking wrench but they have a good hand feel because they're You know, they're wide, but they just continually break like this one like that I'm just holding that Center there's no more. It's Mr floppy now. So sandwich and we we didn't even use it to break these bolts. Loose As you guys seen.

and let's be honest, how often do you use an 11 millimeter? so I don't know I'm not sold out of them. I've broke a lot of them almost every. I don't want to say every time I use them but usually if I use them three or four times they're broke. Maybe I just got a really bad batch but I guess with that being said, I would never tell anybody to buy them I guess is what I'm getting at.
So if you're considering some wrenches, then the ratcheting variety I wouldn't buy those I've had really great luck with gearwrench as in there, um, ratcheting wrenches but I really like those SK I Really wanted to like them but I'm thinking at this point I'm taking them out of my toolbox and I'll just take them home and a good place to put them is where you never need them I'm thinking it's kind of weird too because SK makes some Fantastic Tools those ratchet wrenches are not on that list of uh Fantastic Tools in my opinion. So this little Chevy needs some U-joints that's rear. U-joints starting to get a little bit of a stiffy um which is probably going to result in replacing the entire drive shaft. So as you guessed it, with the aluminum here and the Prny salt, 12 months out of the year, the aluminum disappears and I'll show you I'll show you what will happen if you try to put a U-joint in this.

we'll get a pointy apparatus. It may be wrong, but let's have a look. So usually or you're on the clip, these things will start to disappear to the point they can't hold the clip no more. See how this clip's already half broke, right? That side's not too terrible, but what'll happen oftentimes you take that clip out, you give that U-joint a couple whacks.

this? Outer Edge starts to disappear. Yeah, see, there's not much retaining the clip in right now. I Mean, even just with this little pick, I Can I can lift that clip right up out of the groove? Okay, see, there's nothing really retaining this U-joint in right now other than corrosion. So the problem becomes.

you know you take, do you join out here? Can we take her out? Take the clips off? Boom. Knock it out You go. put the new one in. Now you can't retain your Clips because it's all gone.

The whole Outer edges is Mia They're very, very thin. Of course they have to be. You know it's just the way way they are and it's so. I Don't know if you guys can really tell or not, but there's really nothing.

no. Outer Edge Covering up this this clip on this shoe joint. everything's just pus old hands I guess if you will and it hits. So in that case, what you do is you just replace the whole drive shaft.

Either have one made at a drive shaft shop so they'll make it out of steel or just buy a new one from. GM This thing's pretty bad I Think it's got more craters in my face, but that must have held together so you just get a new one from General Motors Probably set you back. but certainly not least we've got this little guy. We'll stick back on there.

I Looked in service data on how to, uh, get that little donger off and it wasn't in there. The only way the only thing they showed is when you're replacing the cable is to do it just like we're doing it. so I don't know if that comes with the cable. What? So I'll put this on, we'll snug that back up and then we'll get the torque wrench and finish it off.
What's up, What's up? I Just had to come see you. Oh, because you miss me. That and what did the brush guard guy say? He made arrangements for somebody else to do it? Oh good. The shop that put the brush guard on.

Oh great. And what did the Jeep guy say? uh thanks for the tip. he's gonna try that first. Oh good.

Then he'll call us. If it doesn't work out, it won't you what? I don't know. Well, there's Luna back there I Don't like it baby. She's tired.

You want to look at us? No, no, she's pretty tired. It looks like it. All right. It was nice talking.

Yeah, that's just. kind of. was curious about everything like that. We're all done with this truck.

Good job Thanks! We need to go wash their panties foreign back there. Just in case you don't believe me, let's turn it off soft to our pool here. Let's go to live Data. Oh sure I lost my plenty apparatus.

Where is it? I think it's all over here there. It is nowhere where we fuel right. Fuel system. We should have pressure.

now. If that was, well, we do fuel pressure sensors. Okay 56 PSI This is not right. This data list is messed up sometimes I'll tell does this when you do it and go back out and back in because none of those should have been red and it was saying desired fuel pressure was in a voltage spec.

There we go: desired feel pressure, feel pressure sensor PSIs And there it is. So let's go ahead and fire that up again now that we see that and our actual desired submits. or be pretty close. And they're pretty close.

Real close. So there we are. So that's all good to wipe the codes out of this thing. and then we're going to go key on engine off.

Sometimes you gotta do Chevys twice. All right. Then we'll go to active tests. We're going to go back into emissions.

We're going to shut the vent valve off. We want to see this thing building suppressor. hopefully I'm gonna have to pour out into the sunshine. headlights off codes are cleared.

Let's go to Not Many Cancer Met Velvet is closed and we want to look at our pressure and that should gradually start to increase. It's probably going to be slow because the fuel Tank's not that warm, but we can see that we're gradually increasing, slow and steady. So that tells me our Tank's all sealed up. now when we vent it, that should go back to atmospheric pressure ready.

We all the way back down to whatever its default is so 0.17 inches of water and close it again. it's not venting that'll start to increase and if we wait a while, it'll go up really high. But we're not going to wait because we're impatient. so we'll let it vent again back to atmospheric.
So we're all done. We verified we fixed everything and everybody's happy. I'm happy you're happy customers happy at least I Hope you're happy because I know I am The only other thing that makes me happy is seeing your come in that comment section questions, comments, concerns Nancy the Facebook we're around on those not much other ones definitely not Tic Tac and um I don't know what else to do. Got to keep on.

Got some more stuff to fix and it's almost the end of the day. So just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PokeDadTyler says:

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  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tony Lam says:

    What a piece of junk GM became. That is why I buy Toyota cars, their fuel pump rarely go. The drive shaft is steel and do not have to be totally scraped. The Germans started it first, now even American cars, some you cannot even disconnect and replace the battery without dealer reprogramming it.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nathan Burford says:

    Exactly the reason I won’t EVER own a GM product! GM ONLY CARES ABOUT PROFITS….PERIOD!!!😡

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars opelduude says:

    Can't even be bothered to make a car that lasts more than 5 years these days. Look at that rust to. Shame.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Helmbrecht says:

    5 years old and it needs a new pump. OMG

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Lee says:

    Have you ever though of lifting the bed? just a few bolts and unhook wire harness and there's the top of the fuel tank and no pulling the tank just change the fuel pump with the tank in the truck, pretty easy way to do it. what's your thoughts?

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Smart Home says:

    Your comment.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tschād Erdström says:

    Not a wasted syllable from Josh. Good man.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wim E says:

    Hello Eric, i have been an car mechanic for 25 years, but when i watch youre video's i am still learning🎉 thanks for youre wisdom and youre patience to do most everything by the book😊 Greetings from the Netherlands, also to youre family ofcourse

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Norwegian Rebuilds says:

    Great work, as always! He should get a new driveshaft on the warranty if the u-joint is going bad, right?

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Wall says:

    I helped a buddy of my just last week with the same issue..on his the rust on that metal retaining ring was like it was welded on. Alot of rust buster and a chisel to finnaly get it apart

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheClampettmobile says:

    I am shocked at the price of Chebby trucks vs how little they last (especially in the salt belt). What a waste of paint.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars acidking202 says:

    Take that X-Beam wrench and let it sit in a coffee cup full of trans fluid overnight. In the morning, wipe it off and give it a good smack on the side of a lift post. problem solved. The grit and gunk binds up the pawl springs.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars arciefan says:

    I can see when you have to go to the dollar general glasses, you may need to add the brake clean sound effect, strickly for entertainment purposes only lol. Another great video Eric!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garybonz says:

    Yaa, who needs some commie 11mm when ya' have a good old 7/16" . . .

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garybonz says:

    You can't always judge a utility weld by how it looks . . . I learned how to weld on a water well rig. Some of the hard to reach awefull looking welds lasted forever and decent looking welds can surprise you. BTW, utility welding is welding equipment that is on the job covered with grease, paint, dirt, cow crap and worse. Anyone can weld red iron.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Simmons says:

    used to love the smell of gas until they went to ethanol. Shit smells like water down gas

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Don Fisher says:

    Broken / bad tools usually cost more! (Doesn't make sense though).

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MikeysHouseofBrakes says:

    The idiots who designed this fuel system should watch this video.