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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I am Uh, I'm in a bit of a parts hold on a current project that I'm working on. So I'm just kind of going to transition and see if I can't uh, figure out what's going on with the AC with my truck. Um I haven't touched this in about eight months, but last time I was here I I did a couple flushes on it. Um, it was running super high pressure on the high side and it's just something I kept putting off and putting off.

but since it's a 100 billion degrees in, Florida I Figured my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado would benefit from an AC repair today. Uh, let's see what my mileage is I haven't been in here in a while. Looks like 228 794 miles on the odometer. There we go.

All right. So what I'm gonna do. We're gonna crank this on full blast. We're gonna recirc I'm gonna get a baseline temperature reading from the center event thermometer.

We're going to get the windows up I'm going to hook the AC up or the AC machine up to the system and we're going to Bear witness to what these pressures are doing. Um I think I have an idea of what's going on with it. but I'm going to go ahead and attempt to confirm that last time I serviced this thing I somewhat suspected that the evaporator had a restriction in it and I'm really not willing to pull the dash out of this thing to put an evaporator in it. So I'm going to see uh I'm going to brainstorm real quick with the machine and see if I was wrong with my initial assumption and I hope I was.

and if I am then the repair is going to be nice and easy. and if I was wrong, then I've got to pull the dash out. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening.

Z Hood Loaded with it. It's a circular cheetah. Okay, the first thing I'm gonna need to do is get some electrons out here to my AC machine. All right machine powering on.

There we go. Well, it has power. It's not powered on yet there. There we are powering up all right.

Let's fetch our hoses here and get the service valves connected. The machine is empty. There's no no pressure in the lines we've got here. alongside.

that's our high side right there. Let's get all this stuff hooked up and we're gonna watch I Think we're gonna get high side to the moon on this one. I'm opening the valve right now and Booyah look at that high side pressure 320 pounds 315. way too high.

Let's get that nose side connected and our low side again. we're we're really high on our low side. 45 PSI I'm looking to see like 250, 270 and like 35 down here now. I Know it's not the orifice tube.

The orifice is where you get, uh, you go from your high side to your low side and that thing is going to be located I Believe right here. I Know it's not a restriction in the orifice because I have already replaced a set of orchids. Let's run around and check our Center vent temp. We'll see what we're talking about here.
Yeah, look at that. We're only doing 70 degrees. That's uh, that's not enough. 70 is way way way too hot because if we end up with like a 90-something degree day, that 70 degrees turns into 80 in traffic.

Yeah, let's see what our uh, my bank's gauge says powering on please! I've got an ambient air temp and pressure and humidity sensor outside and it's telling us right now that we're 91 degrees here in the shade. 2.73 degrees with a 55.2 percent relative humidity rating. Let's go compare this with one of my other thermometers. so we're 91 and 55.

I've got another thermal meter over here on the wall and this one says 93 and 53 so pretty close. I Think my bank's uh air mouse is, uh, somewhat accurate. Anyways, let's go ahead and power this thing down. I'm gonna go ahead recover this system.

What I think has happened here is perhaps these hoses have deteriorated some and they have sent some contaminants into the AC condenser. I Don't think I've got a restriction back there at the evaporator in the dash because there's that orifice tube and that orifice acts like a very, very fine screen. So if there were any, uh, pieces of the receiver dryer or hoses, or any other kind of contaminant, I don't think it would have gotten past that orifice tube. leaving me to believe that the next best possibility for a restriction would be in the AC condenser up here in front of the radiator.

And since that's easy to change and the hoses are easy to change, and uh, they're fairly inexpensive components. I'm going to go ahead and yank this condenser out and slap a new one in there. That's how that's going to go. So let us recover our system.

we're going to pull out all the refrigerant and while that's happening, I'm going to go ahead and prep this for disassembly. We've got to take this hose off here. one down there at the bottom. This hose is going to be removed and replaced.

I've already ordered a new one and I've ordered a new suction hose that goes from the receiver dryer slash accumulator slash evaporator over here to the compressor. So it's going to get two new hoses and one new condenser and then we're going to see if uh, if this is going to make or break the system I Hope it makes it because I really don't want to put an evaporator in this? I'm not interested in pulling the dash out I Hate taking out dashboards. Speaking of dashboards, do you guys know why they're called a dashboard comment below? If you know I know. but I'm not going to tell you I want the I want the comment section to do it? Now you guys can see here: I've already pulled away this uh, the top panel that will cover that covers up this area right here.

it's sitting over there on top of trash can. I'm going to go ahead next and remove this Grille just so I can have some easier access. It's very simple. we just have these little Clips right here.
so all I need to do is get behind that clip trim tool and just pop the clips out. There's uh, Clips two at the top and then two more way way way way way all the way down at the bottom. You guys see that down there and let's walk that guy out a little bit and then there's going to be another right gravity right there at the end of uh into the grill. So let's move on over here to the passenger side.

Looks like the one clip already came off. We gotta get the bottom one. I think that bottom one's broken? might have been from the deer hit I Ran over a deer. There we go.

Pop that one out. Yeah! I ran over a deer like a year ago, hence the uh, the grill guard. So let's maneuver this thing out without gouging everything up. I Don't want to scratch my headlight lenses? There we go.

Silverado Grill coming out. Yeah, that's leftover deer damage I never fixed the emblem or the grill. Put that right there. So we've got some access to our condenser here.

now. this core support. that's kind of going to be the bear of the situation. Too horrible because we can see there's two bolts that bolt it down to the bottom of the radiator core support.

and then there's two more bolts up here behind that little bracket thing. So if I can reach in there with a ratcheting wrench, I can pull this out that bolt, then the two at the bottom and we can pull this whole core support assembly away and then on both the condenser and remove it. All right? So I'm going in for what I perceive to be the hardest part first and that's going to be those 10 mils at the bottom of this core support. uh I apologize for the lack of a lack of view on this one.

I can barely see down there myself. but I think I can get the get those bolts out I've got extended wobbly extension sockets here and that that should be able to reach it I don't know, maybe not. I just can't even get down the one that I can see what is this? I'll come out of there all right. there's one.

Set that guy aside. if I can't get to that bolt in there I'm going to have to, uh, remove these headlights. There we go. and I don't want to I want to do this the easy way, not the not the hard way.

There we go. Got it out. But putting it back might be a little bit harder. just a little bit.

Okay, there's our second one, so that's two on the bottom. There's two more over here on the other side, kind of in the same position. Let's get those guys dug out and then we can get these ones back behind this little bracket reaching on down. Let's get this guy off of here on the clickage.

Found a stick figure and the far away one back in the corner. Okay, ah, there we go. That back one is it's that. Oh I dropped it.

It's okay. I heard it hit the ground I think I'll fetch that later. All right. So the bottom ones are loose.

That should leave that thing loose at the bottom. So now I just need to get in behind here with a ratcheting wrench 10 mil. One bolt here and then another bolt here and I can pull this bracket away, at which point I can unbolt the condenser and get the thing removed. All right.
So since this is a Close Quarters combat back here. You guys aren't going to be able to see much. Come here. Oh my ratchet's stuck.

What is this broken? There we go. Got it. Warranty? So what I need to do is just kind of reach in here and work work that Fastener a little bit. This is going to be, uh, kind of time consuming and cumbersome.

So I'm just going to speed this up real quick until we get all these bolts out. Moose? Come on There we go. Got it? Okay, that's bullet number two. Now Look, we have the appropriate amount of space to be able to pull this condenser away.

But first, I need to disconnect it from its lines. There's one 13 mil in there and another one right down there. So I'm just going to go after those with a looks like a ratcheting wrench for this one. and I can get that one with a socket.

so that's good. All right. let's get our top hose disconnected first again. 13 millimeter unclick that the machine has finished its recovery.

By the way, it's recovered. Uh, 1.404 pounds of refrigerant which I believe that's right on spec. Come here. Hose.

Uh, let's see. Okay, leave that right there. I'm gonna change this hose also if my new one arrives today, if not, I'll have to change it again later as soon as I want to discharge the system again later. but I did order those hoses in 2023.

I don't know if it's going to show up or not these things happen. Can be such a pessimist on clickage on that one. There we go. Nice.

Go ahead and spin this one off right there. and then we'll pry our fitting back right all the way back. get over there fitting, move it there, leave that right there and up top. We've just got two more 10 mil Fasteners right here and right here.

and I should be able to maneuver this thing loose and walk it out. All right. 10 Milli Disconnected There we go. put that over there on the battery.

Other disconnect as well. There we go. I'll pursue this thing is free mostly. Oh I hope it's free enough to come out of there I'll be upset if I can't wiggle this thing out I'll be greatly upset.

Oh beautiful. Got it. it's out. Ubuntu Bar Okay, so I know that uh, this this discharge liner? This suction line.

Which one is this suction? the discharge? This is discharge line I Know that this line will be delivered. This one isn't root. So I'm going to go ahead and get this guy detached while I wait for some of that other stuff to show up here. It's just A.

it's like a 13 mil. Bolt Pull that guy off right there, slide it on out good, and then over here on the left. We've just got to root the thing out or reroute reroute. We gotta root route route it.
We have to get it out from the radiator core support. Just like. So here we go. So this I suspected might have been contributing to some clogging.

Either way, there's a bunch of dry, rotten stuff on it. so I ordered a new one. That one's down all right. New line coming in.

It's got the provision for the pressure sensor right here so we can transfer that over in a moment. It's got new O-rings and seals on both ends. so let's get this guy rerouted back in position where we can get it installed on the new condenser and we'll slip this thing around over, under, around and through. It's like tying your shoes different.

Uh, how did I do that? Oh I got myself stuck. What have I done right? Hang on here. All right? Yeah. I Matched it up to the other one.

It's slightly off, but nothing a little bit of flexing won't be able to handle. So it's uh, it's roughly the correct Dimensions but you know that's what you get in aftermarket parts land. Also, sometimes things just don't always fit perfectly so you bend them there. Let's get that little guy detached and starting from the compressor side.

Let's get that thing plugged in right where she goes down into our compressor. There you go. Like so came out. Put it back.

let's get our bolts set up. Oh, bolts short. Hmm, okay. I found one I Found one in my box of bowls.

There's the uh, a proper replacement fastener for the application. Let's get that guy on again. bolting tightening sequences now bolts down. Take Edge a little more there, right? That's in nice and secure-ish The other side can wait until my condenser gets installed.

Let's see: I Don't have this line here Supposed to be here? I'm reluctant to put the condenser in with without having a replacement line. Um, no, you know what? I didn't No, no, never mind, never mind. I'm silly. Next up, it is condenser time.

We've got the new unit. Let's get this thing lowered down in position. Clean out some of those bugs down there in the bracket. We'll drop this thing in and get it bolted on.

like. So get under there condenser there, right? Condenser bolt one coming in. These bolts gonna fit. Get in there.

Yeah, they're gonna fit all right. There's one. and over here to our left, we've got our secondary one. Let's get this guy set up.

Bolt it in. Thank you. Secure and stable. That'll do okay.

Okay, moving left and down a little bit. Let's go ahead and get these studs brewed into the condenser and then we'll get the lines attached. That line down there stays. That's a hard line.

There's a I don't think there's any rubber that goes to that one if there is. um, well, that's the discharge side. So I'm not really worried about that one and I didn't order that one. but I did order this one and this is the one in question which is not here.

I've also ordered a replacement receiver dryer for in the back I Don't know if I'll get to it or not today. It depends on if that hose shows up, if the hose shows up, I'll go ahead and change it, but the hose does not show up. Um I might not I don't know I I Haven't really decided because I did get some parts for another car that I'm working on and I may have to abandon this. uh, this little side quest over here to get back to my customer's vehicle.
All right, let's get this thing kind of maneuvered in. There we go and we'll get our nut on there. Get this top one tight and then we'll get that bottom one on. Come here.

Ratchet pickages. There we go. nice and tight like good. And for our bottom hose, let me get that one plugged in.

Ah, oh, I left the plug in the condenser I think rut route failure Parts Fail. Hang on. There's a plug in here in that block and I left it in. see if I can't peel it out without a tool.

Come on out of there. You please get frustrated so hot in this corner. It's where things just like things that aren't working, just a bunch of little nonsenses. They're adding up into a larger bit of nonsense and it's really wear and thin on the nervous system.

If you know what I mean, you know how those days are those things just aren't gonna go right for you having one of those. it's like a Monday but it's not. And this stupid plug so pliable it doesn't even want to come out. Come here there it is.

Silly thing. Okay, now that one's plugged in, let's get the stud screwed in and then we'll bolt. Uh, we'll bolt that bottom line to the condenser after that. I'm gonna go up here and we're going to change out that pressure fitting, get that thing installed, and then we'll uh, we'll move on to the receiver dryer.

Screw it in. Screw it in. Okay, 13 Coming in, that's our spline. Drive Swivel head wrench.

Good torque on that fitting. There we go. Okay, next up, the transfer of the pressure switch. Let's unscrew it and screw it into the new hose.

Get that thing plugged in. No crazy amount of torque needed just to wee bit there and click that guy on right here. Like so that part's good to go. All right here.

Let's get the core support. uh, reconnected while we're here. Couldn't hurt to. uh, get this guy on to complete this section.

Let's get her threaded in. I Think it came apart a little easier than going back together. It's really no space in there. Okay, both of them are through trying to get thread started here.

The bottom one should be easy because I can get my hands on those. but these top ones I don't know, we'll use the tool to do it. Okay, that one started I Can feel the threads engaging and then this one I'll have to use the pinky smaller so it goes into tighter spaces. there should I say I've gotta hold the end of the ratchet to create the extra friction to make the ratchet ratchet.

It's cumbersome and slow, but it's working quarter turn at a time. There we go, picking up some speed. Wonderful. All right.
that one's mostly threaded in all the way. Let's get this other bolt kind of run down and then we'll uh, we'll get them torqued up. ratchet flicking all right. I Feel some torque happening now? Good Good Good Good good.

there that was tight and let's finish off this other one, the other inside, other one that we could go down and get those four bottom bolts installed. Threads are getting tight and got it. Okay, there's one of the bolts. Let's get these guys set up back down at the bottom of the tour support.

You're gonna line up sure you are there thing actually had moved there. No worries. I moved it back. Okay, there's one and then the one way back in there that we couldn't see.

foreign I can barely feel it. middle fingers on the hole. the bolt is in the hole. Get it back there.

Nope. you can't see there we go. Got it. show? Let me get that one started some and we'll finish that off with the swivel extended 10 mil and then over here.

Please let's get this one in down in your home. Bolts? Excellent. All right. alternate time.

let's get that last one. way back in there we go. drop my flashlight and of course the two over here on the right side. Let's get those dudes in and the one way in the back I know I'm in y'all's way.

sorry there. Okay, core support is now supporting the core this section All right. So I still do not have uh, that hose yet I need that suction hose. So since I don't have it, I'm curious to see if this is going to work.

So I'm going to go ahead and vacuum this thing down I want to see if my restriction was the condenser or not? and then uh, I guess if the hose shows up in a timely manner, I'll just pull it back down again and then uh, I'll change out that hose real easy. One bolt there, one more bolt right there, and the hose just lays across the top of the engine so that'll be no, uh, no issue to just redo it real quick. So what I'm going to do next? Get some of my goodies out of here while this thing's vacuuming down. We can throw the grill back on it and uh, we'll wait for the arrival of that hose and or get the charge in this thing to see if it works all right.

The grill install is going to be super simple. We lower it down, line the clips up, and push it in. We'll start with those top clips because we can see them first. The bottoms, that bottom that bottom that time.

Okay Clips are clipped. Let's get our side clips clipped here. Get in there side clip and the other one over here on the other side. He's gotta push it in some snap it in there we go.

We're gonna so far so good waiting on parts. Hey let's see here. vacuum's complete. 10 minute back refrigerant charge.

Uh non-poe We're gonna do 1.4 pounds I believe that's what the spec is I don't have the placards here but I pulled out 1.4 pounds and that memory tells me that it happens to take 1.4 So that's what we're gonna do. Zero one, No No No No No No no no point. Oh yeah. One point four or zero four.
That's what I took out right? Sure. So we're gonna put back in what we took out: 1.404 Begin charging Now please. all of it. Let's go charge coming in.

Oh, we got a leaker. Where is it leaking Sleek in here. So we got a leaker right here. Okay, that's not okay.

Something's going wrong here. Interestingly enough, it was holding a vacuum I I'd see what I've done this? Uh, a new one came with an O-ring and the old one had that type of a seal. It had a gasket. so let's try doing this again.

with the correct, uh, correct sealage. This thing better work. I will be less than a happy camper if this does not work because that means one of these two components is wrong. It's either going to be the condenser or probably the line, but they all appear to be correct.

So I really don't know. Anyway, vacuuming again. Leak test again. Let's pull it back down one more time and then we'll get that charge installed again.

All right. recharging. Take two. Let's try it again One more time please.

Vacuum is re-completed That's 20 minutes of vacuuming. Uh, hurry up. Zero One, four, Zero four. which is what I took out charging I'm prepared to stop the charge.

If it leaks, please don't leave going. Ah, now it's leaking out of that one. Come on. Same mistake.

Twice stop stop. I Gotta have the wrong one on that one as well. man. I'm not okay.

This is. it's not working out. Recover, Recover. Recover.

Come on. We're losing a refrigerator now. it's leaking out of that seal. So I need to get the O-ring off of that one and get another seal on that one as well.

Epic Failure two times. Come on, Recover, please. please. Yep, All right.

it's pulling it out. Oh man. Not what I expected to have happen here. Let me pull this one off that was still good.

I'm reusing it. it's mine. I can do that if I want it. Okay, there's the O-ring I Can't believe I uh I neglected to catch that it happens here.

Let's try this again. Screw that guy on. Third time for a vacuum linkage there okey-dokes charge coming in. Take two, let's check our fitting here and make sure it's gonna seal.

So far so good. I Hear no leaking? All right, we're getting there. it's going in all right. Charge is complete.

Let's do a hose compensate and we're gonna head back inside restocking the engine. Fire up the system and we're gonna make sure, but we're gonna see if it, uh, if it cools properly and also has the proper pressures up front on the high side. If it does not, then then I'm kind of up a creek and I'm gonna have to end up replacing our evaporator, restocking the engine which I don't really want to do so I'm going to attempt to avoid it if at all possible. Epic fail.
This thing's leaking everywhere. This, This is Not the right hose crap. All right, let me recover this. This is it's the wrong hose.

That hose is leaking over here now and it doesn't have the O-ring It's got the gasket on it. Yeah, that's that's not gonna work for us. Wrong equipment, Wrong hose. I Need to take this hose off.

Send it back. Dang, all right. disconnecting. I'm gonna put you guys down and Swap this hose back out real quick and then uh I'll be back once I can get a charge in this I'm disappointed.

Recovering in progress. All right thermal meter. Show me what I want to see. Let's go out and give this thing a recheck here.

kind of pressure is do we have pressure pressure? Oh that's a good sign. Look at there for a 250 260 and not 300 and something something. I'll take that. yeah.

High side's still a little high. Let's go back in. check. Center vent tents all right.

it's been a couple minutes in here. Let's take a look there. we go check it out. 40s Nice.

That's a success. We're good to go. Top back out real quick, take a look at the uh, the pressures one more time on that high side and then I Guess we can draw this one to conclusion. sort of.

Yeah, we're still pretty good about 270. see that needle bouncing around a little bit indicative of an issue with the compressor. See that we shouldn't be bouncing like that. our uh, our low side pressure came down to about 40.

PSI So that does confirm there was restriction inside of this condenser. I Think that's going to bring this video to conclusion I've got the system performing the way that I wanted it to. The condenser restriction is no longer present and I think we are good to go at this point. So uh, having said all of that, I'm going to go ahead, spill some more refrigerant and close this video out right now.

And I will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, have yourself a great day! See you guys later! End of: AC End of Silverado End of day end of the week in the transmission.

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  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars oracle wisdom says:

    sometimes when odd things happen in hvac systems, too much oil can migrate to the condensor, then your hi side pressures rise.. but I believe your core problem is air and moisture in the system.,,. theres nothing in the condensor that can cause a restriction other than a pinched line,or too much oil in it. the only restrictor is at the evaporator filter tube and the evap orifice or txv metering device itself.. the condensor is just a loop of coils.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HAMMER300RUM says:

    No dont pull the pin out to remove the headlight… not the pin😂

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FSU 378 says:

    I wish my Chevy condenser was cheap 😂😂😂😂. Absolutely nothing for my Chevy is cheap.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dodge sportsman says:


  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sean gage says:

    That's why we always pressure test with dry nitrogen first to double check then always gave a minimum of 30 minutes vacumand if we have to break the vacuum we used dry nitrogen to break it so no moisture enters the system

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terance Boren says:

    The fitting on the end of that hose where it attaches to the compressor is thicker so that the OEM bolt was not long enough. That supports your statement that this is not the right hose. Close, but no cigar.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terance Boren says:

    Ray, why do you have an ABS light? Is this like the shoemaker's kids going barefoot? 😎

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ley Braith says:

    Just in case the new condenser is now ruined.. I'd be interested in seeing inside of old condenser to see what's impeding flow. Also would be nice to know in case no replacement part was available and a 'simple' back rinse would clear most debris.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the OUTLET side was designed with some sort of flow restrictor and the INLET had a very wide opening in order to promote condensation. Back flow flush might be very effective if it only takes a few grains of flakey hose (or debris from compressor) to block condenser outlet.
    If you didn't have time to do a teardown, I'd be interested to see if air blasted into the inlet was more impeded than air blasted into outlet (thus blockage temporarily cleared from outlet restrictor).
    As I suggested at beginning, might be useful info if you find new condenser has problems when you get around to replacing failing compressor?

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars xXCigarXx says:

    Hey Ray,Is there a certain reason you would switch from standard socket to impact sockets? Like is there a size or torque spec when you decide to go to a impact socket? Or do you just use chromes most of the time? Where is that cutoff point I guess is the main question.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars H H says:

    Good to see shop going good 👍

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steve schramm says:

    I hate when you can’t rachet , rachet

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cameraz Eye says:

    Dash Board is german for a piece of milled wood

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim W says:

    dash board comes from horse carriage the board that blocked the mud when the horse dashes

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cj Coats says:

    Tool Time with Tim: Okay, so your toilets running… Take the tank lid off and just grab the float rod and bend it!!!

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Sandlin says:

    Ray just took 2 days off the earth’s life. With that refrigerant leak. 😂

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TENN-DEE says:

    Could be wrong but when tightening pressure switch the hose looks like it moved st the block that mounts to the compressor, try supporting lines while putting a load on them. They are weak at the welds

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ShadeTree says:

    Props to @rainmanraysrepairs for having a day that obviously isn't going the best yet still decides to share. Stay safe down there, Brother

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Bowesman says:

    there we go-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Noctis says:

    Turn off the vacuum pump and leave the gauges on for 30 minutes, with leaks like you had, there is no way you'd hold a vacuum… either that, or pressure test with nitrogen! Much cheaper than 134A!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Martin says:

    With all the little things that are minor setbacks i applaud you for not using words that would make a granny blush !

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Auto Teck says:

    It comes from horse drawen carriages or buggys

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James DeArman says:

    lay hands on DAP earthquake putty – available at all home improvement and similar stores – stuff some in the socket – will hold the bolt or nut as needed.
    Hot? was 106 F in albuquerque today

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan S says:

    Fun fact when calling the front seat some may yell shotgun. Back in horse and wagon times one would guide the horses and wagon and the passenger would hold the shotgun.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxx Michael says:

    just use the old hose

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maxx Michael says:

    always look before u replace… don t assume it's the same