In this video I start the process of swapping out a radiator in a ladies 2018 Chrysler 300 AWD with the big 3.6. It's not to bad of a job until we open the aftermarket radiator from Napa only to find out it needs some "modification" to make it work like the OEM. Let's see what we can get done today.
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Hey there viewers and welcome back to the self M all Channel because a 2018 Chrysler it's a 300. It's got the big 36 going through coolant like crazy. Uh, looks like it's leaking out of the radiator. So we're going to pull the radiator out and uh, get it replaced.

We'll start by pulling off some of the plastic bits. here. we can get the stuff there. We got that baby off! I think we have to pull the air cleaner out.

We'll pull this off so we can get to the hose. We've got to get the cooling fans out and I believe we have to pull, uh, the whole front faas off to do this. So uh, so we'll get that done I Don't think that's too big a deal really. At the end of the day, get the uh hose off here.

Looks like a 8 mil. Probably some more around here. Let's get some tools. This young lady stopped in the other day said she had no heat I got no heat she says.

so that's kind of weird. So I had a little look at it in the parking lot. She had no heat because she had no clueing. there's a little GR back here there we go.

that grommet down there. a little sticky. We'll put some silicone grease on them when we put it back together. make it slip in a little easier.

Oh that was easy. Those are 8 mil too or not. Yes, sir, this for the cooling fan I don't if we can take the fan out with the radiator H is still in there or not. but we'll get the bolts out of it.

There's that. and then we'll have to unplug it. Don't know if our fingers are working today. We'll give them a try.

Mother Pear. There we go. Yeah! I Don't think this will fit with the hose is still on I Definitely can see the radiator is the cause of the issue. Let's get a light.

I Where the peacock is on this thing? If it has one? Yes sir, it's got one over here on the driver's side or passenger side. Oh wow. I can actually turn it my hand. Let me go get a bucket where luck we'll see if we can get kind of close.

We reach down and loosen up the peacock here. Nope, we're not in luck anymore. Not enough letting this guy pencil to turn that thing. I'm going to get a pair of needl notse pliers sometimes.

that'll give you enough purchase, enough purchase to get the job done. It's just like a, you know, like a wing nut. You know what? I mean There it goes. We're draining and it looks like we're even hitting our bucket.

That's really amazing. We'll take the cap off. There she goes. Bad idea fella.

There we go. We'll get a hose pick. When that's done draining, we'll take our upper hose off here. I Think that'll allow us to get these fans? slipped up and out? Yeah, we still got cooling up there at that level, so wait a little bit.

Me get the proper tool for those uh clamps there. I Like using these little guys, they're just Vce scripts, but they're made for the clamps. Look like an alligator keep you from snapping your fingers. Let's see where we're at with our coolant level.

Stick that like that for a little bit. It's coming out pretty quick. We should be getting there soon. ESP It's have a little peek.
Yep, we're good on this hose. All right. We'll lift our fans up out of the way. We'll stick those to the side.

boy. if they made the radiator hold down here on the inside, this would be an easy job. but I think the AC condenser is attached to the radiator and I'm almost certain that the mounts are here on the inside, but this little plastic shroud here is riveted to the bumper cover, so we're waiting for that to drain. Let's find something to pull all these little Clips out.

Looks like there's about 10 of these things there we go like I say I Don't think that's going to do much for us. It'll allow us to pull the bumper cover off, but it's riveted all the way across here here. and I don't think taking time to get the rivets out will do much for us. It's best just to pull the bumper cover.

So so I think while that's draining, we'll pick it up by Zippy zap the front wheels off so we can pop the fender liners back. Looks like it's got a bunch of plastic junk underneath. We'll have to take off no fog lights in this pig. Couple side lights will unplug them.

Had the very lovely misso help yank this thing apart. Oh now we have more Clips to remove. Oh ooo that didn't even go in the antifreeze bucket. Today's my day must be must be my lucky day.

Oops so we've got those ones and then we've got to take some of these little guys off. These are probably a little more stuck than they were top. These things get dirt and junk behind them. Kind not to cooperate as well.

So I'll pull these off because there's a screw up here that we need to get to to pull the bumper cover. Probably some wir harnesses and such. I Don't know if we have to pull the whole fender liner. I Don't think so I Think we've got to go just enough to get back here.

Maybe we'll take this one out also and we'll do this. Center one here. There's that best tool ever it's made by SK don't remember what the part number is. a 6646 Quicked awesome tools.

stupid money for what they are never available I Don't know if they're discontinued, but perhaps the best clip pulling tool I've ever owned you mother lover. Just knocked my magnetic cup over. There's that. there's our bolt that we need to get to.

So that's as far as we're going to go now. I'm going to play pick up the clips I Unplugged this marker light right here and then I Reached in and unpluged this connector here which is this harness here which this car does have five lights this guy just can't see and then it's got the front. you know, parking. Aid monitors there which are all should be in this har.

So I don't think there's anything else electrical that we have to unplug other than two marker lights. you know, one on the other side too. there. pop this screw out like that, just like a wood screw.
you know. set that there. We still got to take all the jiggly bits off underneath. However, this should, it should pop out on us now.

I'm thinking might have to look in service data, but these usually just pop out. Mother let me look in service. Data Before we do that, we'll pull off some bolts under here. that's not a bolt, that's one, that's another one.

Let's get them little. Clips out of there. there's one there. Probably another one over here.

Nope. must be. Mia these are little Clips here. Get the rest of that one out there.

we go. Oops. Oh man, that is the second time I have missed the antifreeze bucket dropping something on the ground that ain't right? Okay, that's all those. Let's Zippy zap all these across the front I Don't know if they're oh, those are a lot smaller than what.

I've got classic 7 mil now that one of them has broke. That's weird. That's weird. Usually none of those come out.

almost anything you work on. there's that. Look at that. Nothing broke, right? Let's keep ripping and tearing.

Service data says yank man. usually they're just clipped in there mother. Pearl I Can see the little release, but yeah, usually a swift little yank will pop them right off. I'll see if I can't hit the little tab down.

there's one I know why it's being so stubborn. Can't grab on the back of this uh, light because it'll break. What in the world? there's two? Let me get it out and around the uh, where the bolt goes through there there? Good Golly Nothing's broke. All three Tabs are still mint, but like I say typically you just pull and that's the three latches right there.

So these three latches. Can you guys see them? The three little squares here. They just latch in this little plastic guide here that just bolts on the side of the car. not a body guide.

so I don't know the names of stuff. It's got the same style clip up here above the headlight. Mother Lover Okay, we should be free. Woo woo.

Make wires we forgot none. That's good. Move the front of the car over here. Fantastic Plastic I'm assuming that we have to take these little guys off.

Anytime you say that, it's a good time to stop and check service data. but I don't know if you have to pull off the front impact bar to get these out or not. We're about to find out we'll learn together. There's another little one down here on the bottom.

Oops. that's just an alignment guide. All right. That's the bolt we needed to get to right here on the side of the AC condenser.

Uh, there's actually two of them. So I'm going to leave this thing right in because I don't I I Don't really see it's necessary to pull this out. Let's move the one on the other side. There's that one.

These are just your standard your standard retainer. Pull that one off. Now this has wiring harness here for the uh yeah for the fan or the horns as some people call them. so pop those out.
Those are both popped out non broken. just FYI but I don't know if that gives us enough room. It looks like it does cuz we've got one bolt right here on the condenser. Oh, is there a bolt on the bottom? Yes sir! there's two bolts.

so let's just grab our Uggy douy over right here. They appear to be of the 8 mm size. What's this? This is an 8 mil. Yep.

Com in all. Zip Zap PL there's one. It's classic wood. Screw one.

more at the bottom again and then on the other side. Oh, we don't want to get pinched. We don't want to get pinched in there. Wait a g dang minute.

you taking out the wrong screw there all. son. Let get a light here. Move my face over here before we get a big 134a explosion.

Oh no, those are quick connect. Okay I just wanted to make sure that I was taking out the right bolt. This looks like it's that quick connects on it. that'll be handy in the future.

Plus this is a 1234 YF car. Anyway, again, missed the bucket and then we got one screw at the bottom I Believe we've tempted fate too many times. We're going to push that way back and moove. Oh see, that would went almost in the bucket.

We'll pick that one up and now y the AC condenser is loose now I don't I don't think it has to be removed. These are the bolts that hold the radiator in. There's one. pull that little guy off so that's your upper mount.

Stick the bolt with it. stick it somewhere where you won't forget it. Same thing on this side. looks exactly the same, only different.

Oh, that one would have went in the bucket for sure. So this is the one off the driver's side. Same thing now. I'm thinking I'm thinking our radiator should be loose Loosey Goosey I Just want to make sure the condenser is not sitting on it.

This appear to be seems like it'd be a little more. Wiggly Feels like oh, there's a uh, what? the top of radiator is this plastic little filler piece? I Think we need to push that down under the upper radiator support. Oh yeah! P Poow poow wiggle wiggle wiggle. So we'll let our car down a little here.

It's not very bright now it is. Unhook that lower hose and we're out of here. Easy! I Love an easy one first thing in the morning. Let's get the hose clamp players.

This one's kind of off to the side. We're going to be using your 4597 Astro Tools Hose Clamp tool. This just goes on the end of the clamp remotely. give it a squeeze for them hard to reach ones and this thing will snap your finger like you woo, snap you harder than you ever been snapped before when you least expect it to.

I Call host clamping Roulette so be careful where you put your digits. Loosen that up. Hey, we survive. # Survivor Let's get our bucket ready even though we've already tempted fate.

I'm going to unhook the lower hose. Oh good thing we had the bucket ready and now that's that. Just pop your idiot out hook. a couple things.
Pop it out should be good. Oh Napper better got us the right radiator. I'll tell you that much. it's a little snug.

Uh, the ABS is kind of inconvenient where it's at while we're screwed. Now folks, let's pull this thing off. I You think this comes off just like that? So that's that upper plastic piece. Now we can.

It doesn't help us any, but we did something. It's got me. Oh, this should be highly convenient. Sticking this back in without damaging it.

There we go. EZ Must be living right there. it is. So there's your radiator.

There's where it was leaking all pink down the side. If these stuck to the bottom of your old one, take them off and stick them back down in the lower radiator support and then go back in there and take them back off your radiat support because this one comes with new ones. This is the piece that was on the bottom of the radiator. Uh, the sucky part about aftermarket radiators is the oh mother freaking fry frig holes.

So the thing that holds this on are little standouts in the aluminium on the OEM radiator. So you can sticking on here all day long. and that's it. It's not going to stay because aftermarket stuff is junk.

junk junk junk. Freaking. Nappa Freaking Aftermarket radiators. Here's a reason: the OEM radiator is $700 and this one's $200 This is the reason cuz none of the plastic stuff's going to fit back on.

I Mean it fits. It's just not going to stay. Really awesome. Great job! NAA He.

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