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Customer Customer States Mechanic Fails Engine Transmission Gas Diesel off road race 4x4 street car daily driver scam dealership dealer technician how to

Hello everybody, Good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is a do duramic Kiss. Looks like a 2500. It's got the 59 cumings according to our sticker.

it's the 2004 model customer States Erratic shifting while driving at looks like 164,165 stting my cameraman skills I'm learning a new piece of equipment here and I'm trying to make it function properly. Uh, last time I used this I got a lot of re re re about the focus uh or SL autofocus uh and the white balance and I'm trying to work those Kinks out right now. Uh, Anyway, back to the truck task at hand. Uh.

customer had stated that it does not shift properly. we're going to go out. uh, take it on a quick test drive I Just started the engine a moment ago. it has not reached operating temperature yet.

We're going to drive it around. uh, check for shifting issues and then kind of go from there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping. Z Hood Oh, look who that guy is.

Wait I figured it out. I may have had the uh, the focus thing in the wrong setting. So right here we're focused 164,000 Mi then if I look up. oh booah, look at that it focused.

Okay, all right, we're getting somewhere with this camera fellas. We're getting there all right. So as we can see from our instrument cluster here, uh, there is no warning Illuminator regarding the check engine light. So I don't know if the ECM has identified any kind of a shifting problem.

Let's go ahead back out. Z Auto Let's get this thing out on the road real quick. Take it for a quick drive and see how it's going to, uh, shift and behave and respond and all those good things. All righty.

We're going to do our normul routine here. We're going to make a right hand turn, go up and over the bridge, see how, uh, how our transmission responds to speed and throttle input, and kind of go from there and we have an issue. it's not shifting. Look at that.

Oh no, yeah, we are in drive right now and it doesn't want to go anywhere. Thought they drove this thing here. Holy Smokes! I Thought we were going to drive somewhere, but I'm just going to flip around and not go anywhere. We only had first gear Doss's Nitot.

H I Think our transmission is broken. Let's try again. We will make a left hand turn. accelerating, should get second gear right here.

and nothing. We're not shifting at all. This thing's garbage. It's uh, broken.

If I can manually make it shift, there's first. Yeah, it's uh, it's not going to happen with this. Uh, this transmission. Something is wrong and it is dying.

We're flipping this unit around, going back to the shop, reverse checking, right, checking, left, safe to back out onto the street. First gear. again there a person in the road. Yep, we riding along again.

We are still not coming up to a shift. Yeah, 2500 rpm and uh, at 15 mph, that's not going to work out for us. Okay, we're going to limp this thing back to the shop. Needs transmission work? Let's go check the the fluid and see what's going on.

Yep, that's all we get if I Let off the throttle, no throttle? Are we going to shift? Nope, it's It's got like first or second gear. Not okay. All right. Well, we didn't stray too far from the workplace.

Focus We did not stray too far. Let's get back inside, nose this thing in, we'll check some fluids and then kind of go from there. What is problem? Let's see what's going on here. Hello! Cummins Where is our train? horn? transmission, dipstick.

Let's see what the fluid's looking like inside of here. Yeah, it's not the greatest darker in color. Okay, well there is fluid in it and it's not completely smoked. Let's grab the scan tool and connect it to the OBD2 port and see if there's any trouble codes in this unit.

Okie Do scanner in hand, Let's crawl into this unit here, get her plugged in, powered on, and we'll start our communication protocols with our ECM SL TCM We're going to see if uh, this thing's going to give us any clues. It's probably got a broken transmission and we need to put a rebuilt one in or pull this one out and have it repaired. Not shifting is a pretty bad sign. Let us restarting the engine all right.

Scan tool I Hope I Got this camera set up a little bit better than the last video. Uh, please let me know in the comment section down below how this is working out. so we've got ourselves. we have a doge.

What' I say is an 04 04? Come on. Database: 28 Nope, not far enough. 2000 too far home. Holy smokes, Come on! Ray What are you doing 04 There we go.

I'm figuring out my job. Automatic Identification Protocol initialized satellites linking up in outer space De De De that was fun. 04 Dodge Ram Four-wheel Drive 59 Straight 6 Turbo Diesel High output. It's the Ho model.

Let's see transmission at with AC Give me some codes. Give me something input: Shaft speed slippage or gear bands not banding. It's not really a code. waiting for communication codes only show me something.

Governor Z Z Pressure malfunction Fuel lift pump circuit low voltage. that's weird Governor Zero Pressure malfunction I Don't know what that is p 1757 Zero Pressure malfunction Let's click on the what did everyone else do button. I'm not connected Mhm Okay, going back in I Had to reconfigure the Wi-Fi We can see now that the Uh little emblem is not flashing so we are connected. Uh, Anyway, back to our 1757 Governor Zero Pressure malfunction I'm going to go into the Snap-on sh track Network That's the Uh the tech assist program within the scan tool uh, diagnostic Network and I'm going to see what they're talking about with uh uh, what the common fixes were to replace uh or to repair this 757 Governor pressure code and we're not looking good.

The the confirmed fixes say replaced automatic transmission something replaced filter replaced something something so I'm not sure uh what the rest of that is. Let's go ahead yeah I can't seem to pull that up. Whatever top repairs are. what we'll find in here is when this code was, uh, found out in the wild, technicians had repaired or or service the system and they were inputting their findings uh into this network right here.

and that kind of gives us a path to look into when we find codes such as the 757. But I'm I'm not accessing the rest of the definitions on what they wrote I don't know I don't know what I'm missing here. Oh, here we go here here. That's what we're looking for.

p1757 Automatic transmission Governor Pressure solenoid SLG Governor Pressure sensor Customer stated that the check engine light is on. Well, we don't have that symptom here. Tell you what, Let's shut her down and we're going to key this on. And we do have a check engine light so the lamp is able to illuminate.

Okay, all right, we're backing out of that menu. Here's what I want to do here. We're going to restart this engine and I'm going to pull up data and we're going to look for the pressure pids Focus you not doing this right. We're going to look up.

let's try that. There we go. we're going to look up the pig for the pressure solenoid on this transmission. I Don't know if I'll be able to see it, but I do believe.

Oh, there we go. Look at that. Governor Pressure 98.4 That's not right. We're supposed to have zero I Think that soleno open circuit.

Uh, let's go ahead. I'm going to move this this truck out of this rack right here. I Think we're in the wrong spot. it's not focusing.

Come on. I'm doing it wrong. There we go. Okay, so I'm going to move this rack from or move this truck from our smaller rack.

it's going to go left over Yonder to the big rack. We're going to get this thing up in the air I'm going to pull the transmission pan down and we're going to take a look down below and see uh See if there's any damage to that solenoid to the wire, uh to the filter and we're going to look for some debris inside of the unit as well. Okay I think I fixed the camera some I called I do cars in Missoui and he he told me what settings to use on the camera. so I think I got it Anyway, let's go ahead and back this unit out.

We're going to go like I said Over Yonder to the big lift we're going to Rack this unit up and then uh, get this pan pulled off All right. We're setting up the rack on this and I think I have found the reason for that lift pump trouble code. Uh, this thing has an aftermarket looking lift pump with a filter down here. see the pump right there? there's the filter.

so I'm assuming that the one the tank uh may be disconnected. hence the uh, open circuit trouble Cod so that that may solve that issue. uh, we're not going to pay too much M to that cuz we're looking for a shifting situation more than uh, anything. Dave We're looking good from here.

Keep on going up. We're good. It's got helper bags too. Yeah, there's our pan right there.

Let's go ahead. What do we need? A 10 mil? We'll get a 10 mil in an oil drain. We'll go ahead and pull that pan down and uh, attempt to locate that solenoid and check this out right here. So we've got.

There's a transmission cooler line and right here under here. But what's with the the Home Depot style little fitting action going on here? Look at that. So we cut the metal line, put in some pieces of rubber hose, get did some 1/ in water pipe business just to connect this uh temperature sensor. Is that what we're doing and then on top of that like we talked about this little lift pump business over here.

but then on the inside of the frame rail there is another pump and another filter and I'm not even sure where this one go. Ah, hang on. the plot thickens Look that is an air tank. so it looks like this pump right here is the air pump for that tank.

Then we've got this filter right here and that filter is connected to this fuel pump right there. That guy. so that's a fuel pump. uh looks like it's got a post filter from the filter and then you know we already touched on this.

uh this. Home Depot action right here. So the thing we're missing on this install is some drywall screws. uh I'll be sure to let you guys know if I find any.

Anyway, let's get uh back to the task at hand. We need some 13 mil bolts uh a little impact gun and we're going to pull this pan down. all right drain pan rolling in that's in position just going to hit these 13. Ms Knock these guys out, spill some fluid and see if I can't find where that solenoid is supposed to be.

There's a couple solenoids in this thing and I know one is our our uh, the one in question I think there's another one for reverse I Checked the part stores and those solenoids are available which tells me this is kind of a common failure. So what we're going to do here is I'm going to get access to that solenoid. uh if I can I'm going to easily just, uh, just disconnect it and remove it and we will bench test it with a power and ground and see if the thing operates. If the thing operates or doesn't operate, then we know for certain that that was the problem.

If it does operate, then we may have other issues here to diagnose on this transmission. So bear with me. I'm going to pull this pan down and I'm going to try to do that without uh, soaking myself or you guys in transmission fluid. Over there on your side is the spill side.

Oh there it goes. Ah, it almost got me. That was, uh, kind of a lot of bit of fluid there draining, draining. hope it didn't Splash on you guys's face, it got my tool anyway.

that's uh, got two Fasteners left. try to spill this out of the backside here. maybe for a cleaner disassembly I Love transmission fluid in the morning? There we go. Woo! What do we got here? Some solenoids? a filter? I got my my screw slash nut that I dropped to throw that back in.

So let's let our drain pan down some Okay, taking a look into the pan, we're going to dump out all this fluid here and look for some debris. Make sure this thing hasn't suffered a, uh, massive mechanical failure. and I'm not seeing too much going on here. There's little bit of nasty on that magnet, but nothing too crazy.

Okay, that's not looking bad at all. Yeah, we've got a little bit of a sludge. It's not really sludge, it's just kind of clutch material right there. Again, kind of normal for on the magnets.

It's when you see like chunks and giant slivers on there that you run into a problem. But this right here looks okay. You have nothing else in that pan. Let's go ahead and pull this filter out next.

Get that thing prepped cuz I'm going and put a filter in there. uh I Think this right here is the solenoid in question. I Do see another one, couple others back here, but I think that primary solenoid is the one that we're looking for Okie Do so. We're looking for a Torx 25 that's going to remove the two Fasteners that are securing this filter.

Go ahead and drop those guys out. There's one of them numeral dose and then once these guys are loose, that filter should just kind of fall out of place here. Leaky, leaky. Okay, here comes our filter element and if we look inside I Don't see giant chunks of anything going on in there, so that looks okay to me.

Yep, and our cork gasket fell off. That's fine. We should get a new one. Let's go A and disconnect our electrical connector here.

Figure out how this uh, solenoid comes out of its position. All righty. So let's go ahead and get that, uh, that solenoid right there. disconnected I think it's held in with just one single 10 mm.

We've already pulled the connector on it. Uh, we're going to go ahead and remove that unit and then get it on the bench. We're going to apply some 12 volts to it and see if it's going to uh to actuate or not I do believe that that is our our fault in the system. So let's go aad and pull that guy apart.

We've got. Yeah, the wire looks good. It's not a 10. it's like a 12.

or maybe 13. Let's try. Yep, it's got to be a 12. Okay, 12 mm coming in.

The uh, the Fastener is right on the back side here. Let's get a hold of that guy unage. We're probably going to spill some more fluid out when this comes down. Take my towel with me.

There was so much drippy trans fluid everywhere that I needed the gloves. Okay, and that should wiggle this or let this solenoid pop out here. Maybe maybe not. How do we come out of there cry bar H Okay, all wa I See, hang on.

We've made an error in judgment here. So even though I took out that 10 mil Fastener that bolts the case of the solenoid to its little manifold, you can see a little uh, see that little metal metal tab thing right there. That guy that's held on with this little Torx bolt so we can see that that's what's capturing it. So we rotate that and behind it, there's like a little plate which is part of the solenoid.

See that right there? Yeah, so that thing's hanging on to the C node as well. so we'll go back in with that Torx 25. Crack that little guy loose and we can pull that retainer plate out. Once that is out, Come here.

Yeah, that was hanging on to it. so now we should be able to slip this unit out of there. Still might need some pry bar action though. so let's see.

we'll try to get behind it little mini pry bar here and just kind of pull out there. We go get some wig gos maybe not another pole. the O-rings we capturing it. Okay looking good so far.

I don't see Focus I Don't see any restriction in there. Let's apply some power and ground to this solenoid and see if it functions or not. All right. So we're over here on the bench and we're going to rig up something of a testing apparatus to, uh, check out this solenoid.

So I've got another solenoid here. This is not for a transmission. this is actually a cam shaft actuator solenoid. But we're going to run this solenoid right here.

just to display Theory and operation of how these solenoid valves function. So what we're going to do here is I'm going to use Uh, a power supply over on the bench. It's just basically a jump box. We're going to fire that thing up and it's going to make a beeping noise at us, so bear with me on the beat.

But what we've done is we've energized this Uh terminal right here and this terminal here. So we've got a positive and a negative on both sides. and I'm going to connect these pins on these solenoids to our beeping power supply and we're going to take a peek at the Uh, the business end, which is the valve inside of this unit. We're going to watch that valve open and close as we energize the circuit.

See that right there. Let's get some Zoom actions in here and can see a little bit closer there we go. Stay in Focus please. So we're just going to actuate this solenoid.

Come here, see the valve inside opening and closing as I apply power. A better look here. Power on there we go. power off, see how that's working and we can hear an audible click from the solenoid body.

So now what I'll do is we're going to detect hatch and disconnect that solenoid. Like I said, this is for a Nissan uh, not for a a Dodge transmission. but uh I did that for Theory and operation. So we're going to go ahead and connect the Dodge unit right here and actually let me back up.

There's a screen Focus Again, there's a screen on the end of this right there and inside is what contains that valve. So I'm supremely confident that this is the issue. So we're going to pluck that screen out of there so we can uh, see the valve in operation and then confirm whether or not it's actually opening and closing. I Uh I Don't know if it is, but we can't see it with that screen in the way.

So we're just going to pop that guy right out of there. and now if we look down, we can see the valve itself inside. Focus Please. There we go.

So right in here. this is what we're looking for. Go back to being focused Okie Do so. If we're looking down inside of this little hole, right here, we can see the edge of that valve right there.

See that valve. So what I'm going to have to do here is we're going to actuate this electronic solenoid right here. and we should see this valve open and close as we apply power and ground to the pins. Uh, if it does not apply power and ground to the pins, that's going to confirm our failure.

So on the back side we're going to plug in one of the leads and then here on the front we can see there's two additional or you can see the leads on the other side. We're just going to energize, hear the click action, and then again take a look down inside that valve right there. You can hear the solenoid running, but the valve itself is not not moving so that's a confirmed kill. This is definitely a an accurate diagnosis.

This valve is supposed to be actuating when power and ground is commanded to it and it is not, so we need to Source One of these units right here. That might be fun. All righty guys. So I've called up the part store.

We have received a replacement solenoid, but there's kind of an issue with said replacement solenoid. We can see there's a notable size difference in this unit and we have a depth issue as well as a design difference in the business end. so I'm pretty sure that this is the wrong one. Uh, that's actually a problem because uh, every single part store has this solenoid on their listing and nobody has this one.

Uh, I'm going to go ahead and call Dodge Ram Fat, whoever made this thing and we're going to see if they had any of these things in stock. Um, if I can't get just the solenoid, I may have to upgrade to the next level part and get that entire manifold assembly. So uh, let me go make some phone calls real quick and we'll see what we can get Don't go anywhere Okie Dokie! Well, many many hours have passed and I have received two deliveries for the correct components for this transmission and both of which have ended up being the incorrect comp. So I'm actually very dead in the water with regards to this solenoid replacement on this transmission right here.

Now that leaves me with two choices: I can Uh Well actually I'm going to tell you how this is working out. Uh I Ended up calling Uh, the fell that owns this truck and he said that he has learned that those solenoids were problematic from the get-go and he had had them or had that one particular solenoid replaced x amount of years ago or maybe a year or a couple years ago. Regardless, the one that is in the vehicle is not the original, he still has the original and since a uh a replacement from the dealership uh is on National deck order for about 4,000 units according to Dodge Uh, we have decided that we're going to install the old unit that originally came out of this Ram 2500. Now the issue is is I'm not going to have that today.

I've been waiting all afternoon for a replacement unit and the one that I received ended up uh, like I said being the wrong one. So I'm dead in the water and I'm on the fence on whether I should end this video right now and uh and pick up another one tomorrow or um, or just let this slide and uh, do some fancy editing later on so you guys would never know that we, uh, skip a day. however I Feel that that's moderately against the grain of how how these videos tend to go since I sort of vlog Vlog my uh, my daily activities so kind of based on the on the Vlog situation. Uh, I believe I can get away with making this a twart video.

So uh, that being said, I'm going to call this one part one and we're going to close this video out right now and then tomorrow we can pick back up uh with the replacement of the new used older component. Uh, we'll refill the trans and then throw some fluid in there. and then we're going to go back out on the road and see if this particular truck's going to going to move under its own power and shift gears or not. So that's going to be the plan.

and I think uh, I think that's the best way to move forward in this situation. So having said that, I'm going to go ahead and close this one out right now and I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there! and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys tomorrow! See you on the next one into Doge into Trans Ha! See what I did there in the video in the day end of actual transmission.

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