In a previous video we remove the radiator from this customers '18 Chrysler 300 and found out the aftermarket radiator needs some mods to make it work like the OEM. Let's get this baby back together and out the door!
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This is the piece that was on the bottom of the radiator. Uh, the sucky part about aftermarket radiators is the oh freaking fry frig holes. So the thing that holds this on are little standouts in the aluminium on the OEM radiator. so you can stick it on here all day long and that's it.

It's not going to stay because aftermarket stuff is junk junk junk junk. Freaking Nappa Freaking aftermarket radiators. There's a reason the OEM radiator is $700 and this one's $200 This is the reason cuz none of the plastic stuff's going to fit back on. I Mean it fits.

It's just not going to stay. Really awesome. Great job! NAA So let's try this. Let's mark where these little guys go.

just kind of hold it there in the middle. It's so frustrating using aftermarket stuff, but this young lady really couldn't afford a OEM radiator. So this is the route we're going. Here's some of the problems you run into: Modify: Don't tell the snap on guy we're going to use our flush Cuts We were going to use some side Cutters This is the aluminium.

It should cut very smooth. We're going to go kind of in the middle of those holes. put Little Nick there P Little Nick right there. We'll just warranty the Flush Cutters out with the snap I Gu Tell we don't know what happened I don't know what happened.

Yep, when all else fails, play dumb. That got me through most of my life. Let's see, these holes are directly across from one another, so we can do the exact same thing on the opposite side of the radiator there. Now that that's done, we should be able to grab them very gently and pry little tabs up.

That's all we had to do is make these little notches so we could pull little tabs up there. Push the little ones down right here, make make sure you cut through all the way. It's not going to affect the radiator at all, so you're down there slamming away on the keyboard. don't? Okay, there's that Now, technically I'm hoping while we right in the world, we'll get this thing to click on here.

We'll be able to bend these tabs up a little bit if we cut them far enough. Just it just got to hold this thing on until we get it in the car and then it will hit the lower radiator support and that should be good. I'm going to get a little pair of pliers, bend them up, and then get this to stick on a little better. Let's try this.

Hook them out the bottom. I've got them standing up pretty tall right now there. they're all poking through and now it's on there. We're going to have to do the same thing to the top, but it just kind of sucks when you have to do that, you know? But all we did like I say is Notch them out so the little guys stick through there and that's that.

So let's uh, set this here. let's find the top piece and do the same thing to the top. It's bad enough. the freaking radiator was all beat up in the box so we'll take and Mark this side like I say we're just going to do the same same thing.

we just want to mark them so we know where they're at I won't show you this process all right, we know where they're at I'm going to notch them out, bend them out that way we at least do a good job re remove. let's go ahead and slip her in. Now we've got all the plastic bits on it. Yeah, aftermarket radiator is sure are they're really hit or miss.
I've used every brand out there. they're all junk. If it's a very complicated radiator job to do, uh, I won't give the customer a choice. it's you know, OEM or nothing like if you're working on them them little junk Chevy Sonics or whatever they are, you know where it's like a 4our job.

you got to pull the air charge, cooler and condenser and that whole deal and everything all clicks together like I say those ones I Don't give the customer the option, it's just you know OEM or nothing. this one. you know. a job like this where it's pretty easy to put a radiator in and you know there's some Financial concerns.

We'll go, we'll go aftermarket, but I'm going to push this back through there. we go get that plastic thing back where it was. We'll hook our lower hose back up. It's not just nap them, It's not like they don't make the radiators, it's just whatever Chinese company they buy them from.

If you really want to humor yourself, call the tech support and say they you know won't fit the plastic pieces, won't go back on. And I guarantee you when you talk to the guy, you're going to be the first person that ever had that complaint and they don't understand. You must have the wrong application, blah blah blah I can tell you almost word for word what they'll say. Maybe we'll call them just to humor ourselves.

That's always comical. Before we get super deep, let's make sure our fans are going to fit cuz we don't want to put the whole front end together and then find out the fans don't Fitz That's no fun. That hole lines up. oops and this hole, well almost lines up.

What a freaking joke. What a joke. A bad joke. Get this rubber up on top of our fan.

Let me just make sure the Fan's sitting down in the saddle here all the way and it is. Hey Luna hi Kitty how are you what you me kitty kitty. You want to go see mommy? Come on yeah, come here you good girl. On withy mommy.

Having a shop Kitty makes you stop from wanting to murder people which is helpful. They calm you down a little bit. We get a different size. you got to be careful cuz see, with these coarse screws, you're cutting new threads in that radiator so you just got to make sure she's lined up.

Run her home. you know. Just make sure it's straight is all you can do. And before we forget, we'll plug that in.

We'll clip that on. We'll take this off, throw it in the bucket of of little dongers there you got who a idiot make a mess H Your hose up. Gosh dang it. Put our clamps back on I put them right back where they were that way.

nobody can tell you's even here there, it's all lined up. Let me clean up my mess and we'll go down on this old girl. The next question worth one million dollars is they fit some of the stuff we should have checked prior to installing. Oh like a glove.
leave that one loose I'm going go do the other side because one thing I want to make sure is that in the radiator support down there that we're in all the way with that rubber and we are going hold the little pressure down on it. Oh, almost pinched my thumb. One clicky clack is the torque spec. one clicky clap.

We'll uh, not put these in yet because we need to put our AC condenser back on there. Can't quite finish the job of the showy. We switch to the Deep one here. just needs the final torque.

but there it is. that's final torque. Now these are your course screws, so be careful. there's that one.

Get the top one. There's that one. Now we can put the plastic Clips back in it. It's got a little alignment Peg on the bottom, line that up in the lower support, put your clip there, clip up there, lineing up in the lower support.

Could imagine being a body guy using all aftermarket crap aftermarket body parts radiators. AC condensers. It's got to be a disaster. Clip your horn wir and harness back in You' have to have a lot of Bondo If I was a body guy just like Lego that was easy.

Yep. cars are all plastic nowaday. Ironically enough, they're a lot safer than they were back when they're on metal, you know what I mean. So I'm going to go through and put all these clips back in all 10 of them.

Slip that back in, lines up perfectly. Get that little guy recola. You pretty much have to do that every time at that. Let's go get some silicone grease.

Oh too much. stick a little bit of that in the hole there. now. it pops together smooth.

I Need something different than the uggie doy? We don't want to go too much. Feel right? click click. What is that? We'll lubricate our nipple tops right here. That way, our little plastic Shield pops on nice nipple top that's a name of a mountain you know in the Prny in the It On De region.

if you're a 46er, if you're a 46er, you've climbed old nipple top. I Don't know if it's in the Dicks Mountain range. They got all kinds of great names up there Google it If you don't believe me, this is always a 46er. It's the only reason I know it's a big mountain climber.

just like a little kit. This is little. Had three kids and me. I'm going to plug our lights in I've already put the bolts back in the bumper cover.

The two bolts that hold the bumper cover on there. That one's plugged in these two bolts right here, one on each side. We'll slip this little wayy in there that's all lined up that's all lined up. That'll kind of hold it for us.

just drop it there. I Got to hold this. We'll get all the screws lined up. there's the one I dropped and then get this thing all buttoned up.
There's that. We got to pop some plastic jiggly bits here in the sides. Put these scen in the bottom. They're different than the ones that go on the top or around the other side.

If you made that observation when you were tearing it apart, you'll know. and we've only got four or five other ones here. We'll stick them in now. We just need to fill it up.

It takes the Mopar the 10 years here. the 50/50 I Hope I Got enough around the shop I Just ordered a new case cuz I didn't realize how low we were getting. Well, now that that's full, we're going to crack the bleeder loose here on top of the thermostat housing, let the air out and then the level in here should drop there. Now it's peeing out straight Co It's perfect engineering so it dribbles right on the Belt that maybe is up above the cold Mark But we're going to start it up and there.

that's probably going to drop down a little bit here. I'm sure there's still a little bit of air in it. We're pretty well done folks. Co Levels good I Gave it a little peek I Didn't see any leaks.

the fan cycled once the train's coming through town. We got good heat. As you can tell, temp gauge is all the way up where it should be I Think this lady's going to be happy. There's a look at the old radiator.

you can see the snail Trails on it from where it was leaking before. So she was going to try to wait till December when she could afford to do it. but uh I had her stopping in. you know, once a week the coolant and it was going through so much I Told you can't wait, you can't wait any longer lady I'll frun you some money so you can get it done and uh, that way therez I thought it' be kind of silly to blow off the car over a you know, stupid leaky radiator.

so that's it folks. we'll leave it at that. um you see the you know the wo of installing a used or not a used an aftermarket radiator. Um and like I say it's not just Napa just happens to be where we bought it from.

uh but it's something silly you know I mean that's is all all it is is just these little these little tabs you know and it's essentially what we did is just cut it and add those in there. but you know I mean other than that, it fit fit pretty well. it's just some of the stuff gets really frustrating. like I say something like this where it's easy to put a radiator in.

It's not that big a deal, but if you have one that's a you know four five 6 hour job OEM only you know if the OEM one's crap and only lasted. what is this car 18 So you got 5-year-old car oem's junk. you know how much worse is the aftermarket? Who knows I don't know but what I do know is I want to see your comment in that comment section questions Comments: the insty the Facebook you guys know what to do. Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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