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Hello everybody, Good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is a 200 I think it's a 19 Honda Civic with a pink key fob. Yeah, that's right, that's the Civic it's the sport model customer States Uh, check out my car. Uh, truth be told guys.

I I'm not really planning on making a video about this, but I'm going to try to shoot one anyway because you never know what's going to happen beginning engine starting sequence: This thing is super clean. very nice. Honda with only 3,741 Mi on the odometer maintenance schedule due now Maintenance: A1 I guess Hondas have an A1 maintenance and like a B1 maintenance uh does anybody know what those mean the A1s and B1s on the maintenance schedules for these Honda Acuras Let me know in the comments section down below. All righty, let's get this thing in the shop.

I'm not going to test drive it I Believe we're here just for some maintenance action. Uh, I do want to check under the engine oil cap for uh, any kind of sludging or coking or buildup from the Uh from the engine oil itself. Uh, not a huge concern, but we want to prevent sludge buildup like what we saw on uh on that Toyota FJ Cruiser From the other day thing, came in with uh, some odd running issues and we found a bunch of sludge inside of the VVT actuator solenoids. So uh, because of such things, we're paying attention to sludge this week.

So like I said, we're going to check under that oil cap. make sure we don't have any buildup beginning to form at 30 something. Thousand Miles if we do, I'm going to dump a can of cleaner in this unit, let it run for a little while, and then uh, then we'll proceed with our engine oil changing procedure. By the way, some of you will immediately notied that I seem to have figured out the white balance issue I'm I'm not using my new camera that I got I'm still I'm running the GoPro on this one poppy Hood uh I have made uh a few Leaps and Bounds from what I gather with regards to my new camera system.

but I did two videos on it and neither one of them were the greatest I didn't appreciate them very much so rather than try to crank out a third one with failed camera settings, uh, I'm just going to gradually ease my way into using uh, that new unit. So I think what I'll do is reserve the the new camera for things like uh, like closeup shots or good zoom action shots. Things like that. The issue with it is when you go from like a darker setting and then you transition over to a lighter setting.

Uh, the white balance takes forever and it messes up the autofocus and I'm just not intuitive enough intuitive enough with the camera to uh, uh to navigate through all that with any kind of relative ease. In short, I don't know what I'm doing, but I have to figure it out. Anyways, let's go ahead and get this Honda into service mode. We have a we have got regular hood prop mode right there, but then we can go a little higher and get it into service mode right there.

which is really cool cuz it just gives you all kinds of extra space to work with. especially if you're you're tall like me and you don't want to hit your Noggin on the hood. So here let's check some things. Let's check some filter units.
See what we got in here that looks clean already? Oh that's a brand new filter. Oh no, yeah, don't need one of those. Too bad. So sad filter clicks.

Put that back on a got it that looks really good in there? I'll tell you what I'm going to do. We're going to crack open the vault of viscosity and I have made the decision to snake oil it? That's right, not sponsored stuff. this is just the stuff I use. So I'm going to throw a can of cleaner in there and I'm going to throw some additive in there later to fortify the additive package in our new engine oil.

Yeah, we're try to do it stabbing as a can. There we go. This is our cleaner solution. We can see that it is, uh, not colored and is super clean.

So what we do here, we're going to go ahead and dump that right into the crank case. pouring things action. It's like microbial pouring things. The miniature version.

We're going to dump that in there. I'm going to restart this engine, let it run for a while according to the directions. about 15 minutes. What that's going to do is flow through the engine and it's going to break up any cing and sludge and contaminants of that nature that is built up inside of this crank case and then when we pull the drain plug, it's all going to flush it right on out.

Okay, restarting the Honda engine. It's the Earth Dreams box. It says so right there on the label. hey, Dave what is Earth Dreams Earth Dreams Yeah, they name these.

They label these Pond's Earth Dream Engines I Don't know. They're still the gasoline burning oil dripping engines from 100 years ago. There we go, Let it run. We'll let it run till it's done with its Earth cream.

While we wait for this thing to uh, clean itself from the inside out, we just install some of the blue waterer for our wipy blades. pouring things action. back to back to old school. Right here with oh there we go.

didn't even spell unus. get on there. click. All right.

let's go finish setting the rack. I Already set up that other side there that lift arm is in Unas. Good to go. No not really.

Not really. You can't do that. You got to check them and Visually confirm that your lift goes where it's supposed to. otherwise you knock your car over.

That would be bad. Black subscribe button move. Moving on up. Got contact with the lift I Heard no snap crackles and Pops just give it a bit of a shake here.

Make sure it's stable. Feels good. Beautiful. Okay.

waiting game. 10 more minutes. Don't go anywhere I'll be right back. Okay I Returned to the vehicular module here.

The fans are running, the thing has reached a higher operating temperature. It's been about 14.6 minutes. I'd say that is sufficient for some cleaners to do some cleaner action. Let's go ahead and power this unit down.
We'll Raaz her back up and go ahead and spill this engine oil. returning to the black subscribe button. Moving on up all the way up. Oh hey, you guys, check this out! I Have not, uh, discussed such things yet, but I I added some more uh lighting to the shop right here.

That way we can see better under the hood. I Think it's classy I Think it looks good. they didn't have a Duramax one because I guess the folks that make those didn't have the licensing for the Duramaxes but they did have a power stroke one, but it is not turned on. What is this that's not very festive? Is it? there? we go? Now we're turned on.

We'll turn on the computer light too while we're here. because why not? here? There we go. now. we're nice and shiny.

Much more better. Yeah I'm working on or I've been working on the Aesthetics of this place for a while now. It used to be ugly. Now it's not as ugly.

I think ever evolving process is change is the only thing that remains constant. Wrap your noodle around that. There we go. Maximum altitude achieved.

Let's set her down on the locks for some. Safety Action Lickage There we go and it looks like oh no, we've got the skid plates to contend with. Okay, let's pull these things apart. Looks like we need one very large screwdriver.

time. 6 Sure, let's see. very large screwdriver. Where are you? I Guess that one we'll have to do I have a larger one but uh I think it's in the tool box the Silverado Yeah, let's get these guys out.

These are actually the the good ones. If you don't drop them all, you got to take them loose, stick them in your pocket. save them for later. Sometimes they fall out, sometimes they stay in the panel.

I'm hoping I don't need to unscrew the plastic from this panel to get her to come down. We'll see. Yeah, these uh, the screw types are okay. It's the ones.

we're missing one right here. It's the ones that are plastic like these that you have to pop out of there. Those are the ones that'll wreck your day real quick. cuz what happens is the back side of those clips end up filling up full of dirt and uh, and Road debris.

and then you can't uncp the clip so you end up breaking it because it's plastic. and yeah, I'm going to have to pull these all four of those screws. So now we need a A Philips driver. You stay there.

back to the tool box again. No I want to use the green ones this time? Let's use a green one right there. We get the big ones first. Let's kind of unscrew those guys.

Don't drop it. Uno MOS highp speed mode with a gear change. There we go. All righty.

there's our panel. It's not full of oil. Little bit of drip action that's probably run off from the drain plug. Let's see what we have here.
We're looking like like the bottom of a Honda engine and look at here. What? I spy with my little eye. Look at that. There's some oil.

There's some oil on the CV axle. There's some more oil up there dripping off of that noock sensor. See that right right there in the middle. there's some oil.

And then if we look way way up a little higher I see more coming off the back of that intake manifold. It looks like this vehicle has a valve cover gasket leaking crazy at 30,000 Mi All righty. I Need a 17 mm socket going to go wrench socket? not a it's not a socket. it's a wrench 17 mm wrench.

Let's go ahead and get this drain plug cracked loose. Uh, we are going to go ahead and uh, repair. SL replace that engine valve cover gasket in a moment I Uh, had to go through some, uh, some hoops to find one. I Guess being a 2019 they are.

Uh, they're not very, uh uh, what do you call it prevalent. There's not a bunch of them out there so had to get one from the dealership and I got to send uh, someone to go pick it up. un clicks There we go. So what we're going to do is I'm going to keep working on the car and we're going to go get that gasket.

So we're going to drain this thing down, pull the filter out, spin the new one on, let this thing down there. We're going to pop that valve cover off and uh, take a look inside. Come here Oil. see if I can outrun the the stream here.

What do you guys think this? how we're going to do this? Got to be super quick. Nope. failed that one. Look at that, it got me.

Yep. oops Aor. Okay, well while that's draining, let's go ahead and get that filter removed. I Can smell that Epr cleaner in the oil.

It stinks. It's a nasty, stanky bit of business get of you. Come here dog. Come here.

Shop Dog: You can't leave. Come on Baby dogs running around Lon Dog: Come here. She's like no, Come on. Shop Dog: She was running around.

Okay, that's loose. Let's spin it off. Oh, it's already leaking. I'm just going to get oily.

Whatever. There we go. Nasty. All righty.

Oil filter coming in our drain has slowed down. Let's get that guy screwed into position here and we'll throw the plug back in. Then we'll head up top to the top of our engine and pop this rocker cover off. Begin oil pan plugging procedure.

Now let's get that guy in there. We go. Good to go. It's tight.

I'm just kidding. never finger tighten your uh, your drain plug bolt there. You don't want to do that. Pckage, let's get rid of that oil drip.

goodbye. In fact, while we're here, I'll hose down the rest of this stuff because we're going to fix that oil leak and we need to remove the contaminants so it doesn't oil saturate the rubber components. There we go. Nice and shiny.

Uh-oh Running out? No. Dave I Need another? And just like that, the folks in the office are rethinking their decision to be here. Ah n I'm just kidding. or maybe I don't know they might be I don't know what they're thinking.
Yeah, it's a very real possibility that chucking cans of aerosol cleaner across the building may be alarming to some customers, but not mine, not mine, I Think it's fine. we've established a a social Norm now. Therefore, that's just a regular average everyday procedures Maybe Or that's just how I'm justifying my own workplace IM maturity. It could be that also.

but that's also how we survived this workplace. H that's why that one was missing cuz it's kind of stsh there one more over h on the front. Get in there, please get all the way in there. There we go raw.

that one's on good and we've got the two Phillips ones. then we can get out from under here. I Would never let you work on my car cuz you're throwing your brake clean cans across the shop like a wee little child. Get that one in there.

There we go nice and threaded deep like beautiful. cool. All right, let's get out of here. We're going to take our oil drain canister with us, let this thing down, and then we can, actually, uh, begin to begin the real work.

Honda Coming down all the way down. All right. let's go peek behind this engine and Visually confirm that gasket leak. Let's see if we cannot see what we need to see.

Yeah, look right down there. see underneath the fu, the fuel rail next to that bolt, there's some oil saturation and a little bit back here on that intake manifold and again on the bolts under the fuel rail there is more oil saturation. So what we're going to do is we're going to pop this cover off. We're going to disconnect all these electrical connectors, vacuum hoses.

Etc We're going to pull this cover unit off of here, get a new gasket, reseal it, and then put all back together. Okay, so here's the deal. Uh, we have now switched over to the other camera. This is the new one that nobody liked and I'm going to try as hard as I can try to uh, make this camera system work here today.

So we're We're now on another camera so let me know how this looks. We are going to start with the cover on top of the cover. looks like that's 10 mm. Now these are decorative, specialized, unique.

Fasteners See here, they're not threaded all the way down the shank. We've got partial threads and then the smooth shank right here. Now the way this is going to work is is as this thing is inserted into the hole right here. It can only bottom out so far meaning we can't overtighten this and en crack the plastic.

Now, since we know not to lose those and that they are decorative, we're just going to place those right here out of the way so they don't get lost. There's our top cover for our Earth Dreams box and we reveal some ignition coils, spark plugs, the wiring harness, and another wiring harness. So let's pull the some of these wires back. Pull that guy out.
and now we need to uncp all of these uh, ignition coils. All right. Coming in with a pocket screwdriver, let's uncp these connectors here without breaking them. Such a nice newish car! I Don't want to break anything on it.

so I'm taking some extra special precautions here. Okay, so that harness is being kind of held on with this connector right here. I think that's a cam position sensor connector. that's the end of that harness.

So I'm thinking we've got enough stuff disconnected where I can just sort of lay all that aside and when we unbolt this cover, we can sneak thing out uh into this direction. Um I would like to disconnect this connector here. Also, it was sticking up some and I just wanted move that out of the way. So here let's uh, let's get this.

uh, vacuum hose business assembly right here. disconnected. Maybe we'll try this one it does not want to let go. try this one again.

There screwdriver? Yeah, see, it's kind of getting stuck. Go behind it with a pocket driver. break that surface. uh, surface adhesion.

See, when you pull on this rubber, it tends to want to shrink it and it's squeezing as you try to pull. I'm going to disconnect this guy right here as well and then we're just going to lay it over to the side cuz I can't really get much wiggle room out of this unit. uh as it sits and I need that space to get the valve cover to come out so we'll grab our plastic rubber. Oh, that's a coolant Mind never mind.

I have no interest in disconnecting that. Um, that one's cool it. And then that's vacuum. I See, Okay, tell you what.

I can disconnect it over here at the vacuum side I Think come on you. why is this thing? this is harder than I think it is what's going on here? Um man. yeah. new strategy.

Okay, we're going to rethink this one more time. I'm going to take this thing, this little wir and harness block thing right here. we'll disconnect that. Yeah, that's enough.

Yeah, just kind of shove that off to the side. Okay, that didn't go how I thought it was going to go, but that's okay here. let's pull the dip stick out. We don't need that right now now.

I Guess I'm going to go ahead and we're going to pull all the perimeter gaskets or the the perimeter bolts rather out of this cover. Those are a similar bolt to the one we started with. It's only like a half shank bolt, but these ones are not anodized. It's the uh, the natural color I don't think there are any in the center.

Yeah, there's one. Never mind. I lied One, two, three, four in the front, one on the side, two on the side. There's one over here on the other side to the left.

Okay, I'm going to need to get a universal and probably an extension for those other ones over there. darling. Hello Got it? Did you bring Z pots? I did Beautiful! We've got Hana said this takes two gaskets. there's the perimeter gasket and then there's this.
uh, another little little guy right here Got everything you need Yep looks like it. All right. Stealership knows. Thank you.

All right coming in, we switched it out to a universal wobble. Go ahead and continue disconnecting our Fasteners I Just dropped one. No, it did not hit the ground either. Okay, I think I see it down there and I'm going to have to employ the use of the claw to extract this thing.

It's sitting on top of the the vehicle's frame and it rolled under a wiring harness I can barely see it. but I think using the claw I can extract. Aha got it. That's what I was looking for.

All right, that one's down. I think we're done to think. four more to go. All right.

Game on back to the wobble bits. We got four or five more bolts in the back side here I think it's four I'm going to do what I can do to not drop these. sorry you guys can't see they're they're way down there I can kind of see them I stick my Noggin back here. little a moss.

There we go. There's one and two and I believe that's all of them. Let me go fetch a pry driver and then we can, uh, crack this cover loose. All right? So I'm going to come on in here with this uh trim tool and we're just going to get under the valve cover, twist the trim tool and it's going to pry and lift on the cover itself.

I Think we're separated except for a little bit in the back. it seems to be hinging. Probably just some sealant. There we go.

Ah good. it's just coming. free. almost.

Oh what are we stuck on? Stuck on Stupid There we go. All right. we got her off it is. Loosey Goosey We can see here and um, this is probably the cause of those leaks.

See all this sealant business right here on the uh, the metal components. This is most likely where, uh, where that oil is leaking out of. We need to go ahead and scrape away all of this sealant because if we just pop a new gasket on that cover and do not apply new sealant, it will leak everywhere. So we need to get this old stuff out of here and then change it with some, uh, some new sealant.

Okay, this is actually really, really loaded with a whole lot of sealant. So I need to get in here with a, uh, like a FL blade, try to cut all this stuff out I think I'm going to be digging at this for a while cuz there's a boatload of RTV on this engine I wonder if uh, under warranty? Once Upon a Time Someone tried to seal this thing up and their solution was add more sealant or it could just be suffering from the 2019 build build syndrome. Yeah, this is a this is a tough extraction. There's there's nowhere to get the blade or a gasket cleaning tool or a scraper or anything else in there.

This is. This is fun. I can't fit my flanges. This is one corner I've got a total of four.

There's four places on this. The reason that they put sealant here is if you look real close, you've got the cylinder head surface here and then right here, that bearing cap or in plate cover or whatever that is that's a separate piece from this. Well, naturally there's going to be a little Gap in between the two and the rubber on the perimeter gasket is insufficient to seal that. Gap So we've got to put in some kind of liquid sealant that will harden.
That's pretty good. I'll come through with a towel later on and get in there a little bit deeper. clean out the extra pieces. All right, let's back it up some.

And we need to move around to the back side of this head because there is more gasket stuff hanging out right back in there. See that right there We need to scrape that stuff out next. that's nasty, still scraping. We got to get in there, try to separate it from this back piece, and then come at it from bottom of the other side here.

Give that some scrape action, try to pluck that out, so we're kind of trying to cut it off and then pluck it out of there it doesn't want to let go. Yeah, there we go. Got it now. Now it's starting to come out.

That's what I was trying to do. Okay, so now I can come around the back here, scrape off a little bit more of this excess and pluck that away. And then, like I said, we'll come in here with a shop towel which are somewhat abrasive, and we'll clean up the rest of the residual sealant that's hanging out on everything. Just a wee bit more.

Would be a lot easier if I could get my fingers and stuff in there, but just is like no space. Not a zero zip zilch. But I got it Okay here. On the front side, let's just scrape away some of this dirt and oil in business that's hanging out here.

Clean off the top of the cylinder head where the valve cover meets it, or the gasket meets it. Rather, scrape all that stuff off and we'll do the same on the back side. Over Yonder All right, let's get get some wipe action going on Uh, on this surface, we're going to get rest, get rid of the rest of the oil words. We'll apply some new sealant and get that cover.

Uh, back in position here. So I've already gone and wiped down all of the uh, the gasket surface on the rear of this cylinder head. I Figured you guys get the point. We don't need to watch.

uh, too much gasket scraping and scrubbing. otherwise you'll get bored and and then go away. And that's not what we want to do on. uh, on our Thanksgiving weekend video or Thanksgiving week or Thanksgiving Day video.

There we go. Yeah, that's what it is. It's going to be the Thanksgiving Day video as I do exactly the thing that I just said I wasn't going to do about that. All righty, we're wiped down, We're cleaned off.

We've gotten rid of all the excessive, uh, silicone sealant around this cylinder head head. Let's go ahead and get in there with uh, the sealant applicator which is just a tube of RTV and this little handle here that squeezes it. It makes it easier. We're going to do like a I'm going to call it like a dim sized little dab everywhere where there's a surface type change.
So any spots where we have more than one component uh, meeting another component, that area is going to get a little bit of sealant. So right there and we've got some coming in on the left side, right here at the timing cover, some on the back of the left side, and then of course that back corner way way over Yonder down there. give that a good squirt and I think we'll be ready to uh, reg gaset the valve cover itself and then get that thing down into is let's see gas unit coming in again. That's another Honda component cuz nobody else had one except for Honda Plus this is one of those types of multi contoured gaskets that I I Think that the aftermarket people may not get correct a lot of times with stuff like that, you put it all on and then you flip your unit over and it just will spill the gasket right out of it.

They don't adhere very well. some of the blue ones do that, even the good ones because they're made of a slightly different material. I Think going around the perimeter, squeeze that guy into its little Groove and whatnot. Now, we don't need to add any sealant to this component here because there's plenty of it sitting right over there on the cylinder head.

We just have to take care to not SM mirror it around that's looking good. It's evenly placed that gaskets in place. Spark plug tube seals are in good condition. These are not serviceable unless we change the whole cover so these plug Tu tube seals are going to stay put.

Very good. All right. I Think we're all prepped and ready to rock and roll. Okie Does I Think we are all prepped and ready to rock and roll? So let's go ahead and give this cover a flip and we're going to maneuver this into position, taking care to not scrape that gasket or rub it across any surfaces uh, causing it to uh, come out of its Groove and then ultimately not seal and leak.

give it some down. Slide the spark plug tube seals over the plug tubes. It's good looking, good looking, good. Everybody's in position here.

all right. Next up, let's get our silver halfway shanked perimeter bolts in position and threaded. Once they've all got started, we'll go back through and apply some torque action to them and we can get the coils back on, followed by the harnesses. Let's get all these guys dropped in.

I'm starting them all by hand. All of them get started by hand first. We don't want to mistakenly run one down, cross threaded, and, uh, damage the Adam minimum. see right there look that sealant is starting to spread around Good? Okay, three or four of these guys left left.

These are the ones we can't see. Drop that one down. I'm actually going to Uh to start by tightening these rear ones simply because they're the hardest ones to reach and if something's not going to clamp down properly. I'd like to see that happen in the front, not so much the back.
All right. let's go ahead and spin down some of these. Fasteners Here, we're not putting on a boatload of torque yet. we're just going to thread them down.

Couple light super duper mini clicks cuz we still have to compress a bunch of uh, well, compress all that seal it. rather, not a bunch of it. I mean there's some what I want to do is put a little bit of pressure on it, let it compress the sealant and then relax a little bit. Then we'll come back and retorque it again.

Yeah, these aren't even bottomed out yet. They're just, uh, just kind of getting a little bit tight. Okay, that's all the perimeter bolts started. I'm going to go in there with a ratchet, do it manually to finish them off.

Okay, coming in. qu in. drive ratchet with the 10 mm on an extension. just going to grab a hold of these Fasteners Yeah, see that one's not even bottomed out? there? it is.

There's a click I'm just going to do a crisscross, applesauce kind of pattern. There we go. That's number four back here. Got that one.

Come up here to the left front, get this one, do the middle one, back to the left rear, get on there, and then the one more in the back and then I'll recheck the ones where I first started I think I've got. yeah, that one's still loose There we go. All right looking good. She is tight.

It is clamped down. Let's start getting some of the plumbing and whatnot back in order. Squeeze that little rubber guy in position there. make sure it didn't fold in on itself.

We don't want to have that. And where's me? Pliers, pliers, pliers, pliers. I Don't know. Pliers, pliers, pants on.

Fires Here we go. We'll squeeze that clamp, open her up. Get that guy right there. lock it in.

That's good. We'll slip this manifold piece back on. Well, not really manifold. It's a a wire harness bracket assembly.

There we go. It's a big old wiring harness. that's what it is. We got a bracket right here that gets bolted on with a singular 10 mm fastener.

Tighten that guy up manually. Fix good. Now on the back side. I Need to take uh, all four of these fuel injector wires.

plug those back into their injectors, which those are way down there. we can't see them, that guy, and then one connector for that cam position sensor. good and this unit will slide in like so. and that just kind of locks in right there.

All right. let's grab all four of our ignition coils here and we can give these guys a little bit of a squirt with some some dialectric lubricant. Let's see here, just a little dab inside that's going to prevent electricity from leaking out and escaping. So next, now, drop these guys in position on the spark plugs.

And no, we don't need to change spark plugs on this. It does not call for them. So I'm not going to pull it apart anyway. it's four plugs.
got four more bolts coming in four hour. Four spark plugs 4 Hour four. Get it? Dr that one down. another Very good.

All right. Four more clicks coming in. Coils are secure. Let's go ahead and connect them.

one connector per unit and then we'll take the harness. Snap that down. Why is that loose? Oh oh, it bolts on over here. Okay.

I See what we're doing? All right? So let's do a recheck. Wire harness is connected, coils connected bolts are connected. everybody's tight. injector's connected vacuum.

SL coolant that's all connected. Let's get the cover back on, bolt it down, fill this thing up with some oil, and then we should be good to go here. But really, uh, everything. Well, that's not what it should be then.

I Think I have some. Let me go check the the warehouse. We're looking for some diff oil. Okay, three more these little bolts right here.

Drop these guys in. Thread them up. Curiously enough, this one here is also bolting in this harness right here. So I have to make sure that harness is pushed over so the bolt makes its way into its home.

There we go. last one, the auto fall. Okay, covers back on. let's pop the top and get some oil in this unit.

But first before I put oil in it. There we go. Some motor oil at to do pop a another Top This is an additive package. Some would call it snake oil I call it better oil or oil fortifier or motor oil additive as the name suggests.

There we go. Now we can put some oil in it. Yay! All right oil coming in. Got some zero Winter 20.

Let's go ahead and refill our cranking cake here. Then we can restock the engine, clean off all this uh, residual wash down from the leak in the back. Then this car is good to go. I don't know the exact specified specifications I Brought five quarts with me.

Let's go ahead and stop it at 4 and we'll do a preliminary check on, uh, on the level utilizing the dipping stick. Let's see here, let's give this thing a good little wipe. Now, the filter has not been primed yet. Filter's empty, so this is just a preliminary check to give us a guesstimation on where we're at and the survey says it's right here at the top.

Mark So we need to add a little bit more to account for what the filter is going to take and then I think we're good to go. So just, uh, give this like25 more quartz there that smells good. Very good. Okay cap coming in, cap, click, run inside, hit the key and restarting the engine.

Stand by. Aha, All right, let's get our level check. Complete dipstick coming out, wipe it down, stick it in, bottom it out, yank it out again and right on the money. We're right here at the top of the full Mark Good to go Perfection Achieve Babar All right, let me get my goodies out out of here.
Get rid of our flang prints and whatnot, everything else, all the spillages, anything that ran out of this. There we go. No evidence. Beautiful.

I Like it. All right guys. I Think this one is all set and good to go. So having said that, I Do not believe I have anything more to offer you on this particular Honda Civic 2 L With the Earth Dreams technology built in valve cover system has been repaired, engine oil has been replaced, she has a new filter.

uh all I've got left to do on this car is to, uh, refill the uh tire pressure, get it off the rack and send it on its way. Uh, my consumers are here waiting in the office space space. So I'm going to quit Dilly dallying around uh, making YouTube videos and I'm going to get this car out of the shop. So having said all that as always like, thank you guys for watching this video I Certainly hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like And subscribe button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Enjoy your holiday season! Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks for watching.

See you on the next one in the video end of transmission All right. He got the maintenance minder reset oil change sticker coming in wife unit Darling! Yeah, it goes right here. Would you be so kind as to close the hood for me? Of course. I'm going to go ahead and back this out and spin it around.

It's getting parked under the awning so we don't have to get everybody soak and wet when they go to leave. Don't for get the rod. There you go and then it's got its little holder. Beautiful! You got it.

Nice! Thank you Darling Honks for safety. Backing out the auto.

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    It took 6 times doing the job over to get it to not leak .. I was ready to explode..
    I put in the fuel pump
    The injectors
    The motor mounts
    The plugs
    The custom intake manifold
    Deleted the coolant passage to the TB
    Installed a entire top of the line custom made air to water after cooler with a 1 inch phelonic spacer and so much more on my own and never had a single problem .

    The dang valve cover though made me want to sell the car bc it just wouldn't seal .. I even got a Honda tech to stop by my home after work so he could install it and it still leaked!

    I finally got it to seal and everything was good. It was a really fun quick car .

    If you want a fast car, you really should not start with a 4-cylinder and then build it to make it faster… The car was so customized that I could not even bring it into the dealer for service anymore because almost every part had been changed and there was no book or reference guides for the tech in order to tell them how things go on and off and in what order .. So they politely refused to service my car from that point on.

    Long story short I have chronic Lyme disease which makes it impossible to wrench on a car for more then just a few min anymore .

    I only built the car bc I had never seen a real Honda with any power, They all just put on a loud exhaust and called it a day .. And lots of them still instigated races .. That was my favorite part and the goal of the car. I wanted to own a real deal built civic sleeper that I could take on mustangs and camaro's,, stock ones ofcourse .. The Honda boys just get mad when you rocket away but the muscle car guys are really impressed and intrigued by how fast the car was… Only 10 psi .. Did only one dyno and hit 370 HP which is exactly where I knew it should be by comparing it to other builds online..

    But back on point I was no longer able to wrench on it so I knew I had to sell it bc no one would work on it if something happened.

    Modded cars are almost always worth less than an equivalent stock vehicle.. However, I brought it to a performance car consignment shop and took the fair market value for the car and added in all the price from the parts and I sold it.. I was able to get every dime back and then some. It was fully built and only had 11,000 mi on it so it was a extremely popular car with people coming to see it almost daily..

    When it came time to choose a new car that I knew I could keep stock and be happy with it, I chose the mustang. GT350..

    I called almost every dealer in the US and at the least the very least a new one had a $5,000 market adjustment over MSRP and most of the rest actually had $20,000 market adjustments and I was not going to pay that much. It was going to hurt myself-esteem to even just pay MSRP.

    In 2019 I finally found a dealer 6 hours away that agreed to the MSRP price out the door , so all fees and taxes included..

    Bc they didn't get their market adjustments the dealer was trying to give me a crazy high finance rate, I had a 765 credit score took .. I was prepared though with a cashier's check from my bank for the full amount .. OMG they got angry and didn't even try to hide it but I drove it away and now I can have my local dealer work on it as I no longer can .. Absolutely no mods to the gt350 and it will stay stock .. It is more then fast enough .

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