In this video I have a look at a customer 2018 Chevy Malibu that has a concern of no radio. The center display does not light up and of course the radio does not turn on. Let's have a look and see what's going on.
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Hey there viewers and welcome back to the self. M AO Channel Sitting inside the 2018 Chevrolet it's a Malibu It's got the Big5 Customer complaint no radio that's down here. I'll show you it's just a blank display. Nothing turns on, but the display does work because when we put it in reverse, the backup camera comes on so we know that much.

Show you that hood open out there. I think it's a collision car. Lots of like on here. uh 46 568 backup camera works but we have no you know, no display or no funny business there.

So uh let's get checking that out. We're going to use the factory scan tool here and we will go into oops, get the screen working. We'll go into vehicle diagnostics and we'll just do a full system scan of essentially see what uh if anything has codes in it to give us any kind of clue as to where to go here. Uh, I Do know that the display is, you know, not the actual radio.

There should be a separate radio module and a human machine control interface. and uh, the display is simply just that. So we'll let this thing get going and see if we have any you know any codes in radio, see if we can talk to it. Uh, we'll skip this.

We don't know if it has memory seats but and then we'll take our diag from there wherever it leads us. These usually scan pretty quick. Lots of different modules there, all right. So we've got codes.

So down here we got radio. Radio module actually comes up as a no communication so probably these other modules have set codes against it I would assume all right. So body Module just all tire pressure sensors. Got our HVAC module ready.

Fire Okay here we go. a U1 u84 for L of Comm with radio. That's interesting I wonder why the HVAC needs to talk to the radio Inflatable restraint inflatable restraint also has a u0184 lost of com of the radio so amongst a couple other codes in there so that's that's littered full of codes. more body module stuff there, all these smokes I don't know if these are all history codes but body module is not super happy.

Engine Controller: this thing is loaded with codes. back to the inflatable restraint. All right. Well what it's here for is to uh, check out the radio.

just kind of glancing through these uh I think the only ones that are really kind of important are the two u0184 is lost to Comm with radio I don't know yeah I guess yeah I guess okay they have them sorted. so these top ones are all current codes. tire pressure sensors, rear defogger um problem with the HVAC yeah it must be a collision car Yeah, deployment command is stored in the uh airbag module. so uh, all right yeah so lots of current codes there and like I say it's it's only here to have the radio fixed so we'll uh we'll get after that we'll go back here.

We'll go to module Diagnostics It's interesting that those are the only that the HVAC controller and the airbag module are the only two that flag the NOC with the Uh with the radio. That's kind of weird. I Would have thought it would have been in the HMI or in the cluster. That's kind of interesting.
So we'll go into the radio here. It should come up as a nocom if we try to read I Guess we can just try to look at some data on it. It should just be no communication. All right.

Yeah, so no communication. Okay, so that's what we're dealing with. So first thing first: I Mean this could be as simple as a uh, uh, blown fuse? Uh, good possibility. Let me get uh, some uh, repair service data up here and then we'll find out where the fuse is, what runs it, and we'll go from there.

All right. So I've got our service data pulled up here. Uh, let's see. let's go to.

Uh, we'll just go to OEM wiring diagrams and let's just type in radio. There's probably some options. uh. Radio Schic I5 I6 IA Ip1 We have to see which uh which RPO code this has.

so let me, uh, take and look that up, we'll see which um, which one of these is looks like. There's four different choices for radio SL Navigation should be able to find it here. we'll just type in radio oh if I can spell there we go uh this one is the Io5 so we will select this and then we will I Love this about GM Radio uh it's going to be powers and grounds and serial data so this is really all we want to see anyways. have to enhance that baby n hands oops uh fuse block instrument panel fuse f42 15 amp that looks like the only uh the only fuse and then we've got figure this out here.

Oh okay so this is other RPO option. so this is depends on where the power comes in. uh based off what these are so u u uh U QA or uqf let's just go find uq ours is a the Uqf code. Pop back here again so uqf So our power comes in on pin one, our ground is on pin 16 connector X3 and then these are the data lines over here I Believe where we have the cluster the HMI the amplifier um in the info display I believe this is the the what they call the most data bus and that's probably these down here and and this is probably a a different Data Network of some sort.

All right well let's um I guess before we get too uh too involved here fuse f42 15 amp battery plus so it's hot at all times. Let's go see if that's uh if that fuse is any good. there's a light Here so we can all see. I Guess it? stick it down here.

for right now. looks like this is the fuse box according to the symbol left side of Dash Get out the knife. There we go that's open. see if we can read F42.

Oh look at that. look right at it. F42: it's all the way down in that bottom corner. Oh man.

I got to get way down on this thing. Let's see. does this go like this? Looks like it does. so it's going to be that far top right corner that's got a 20 imp fuse in it.

Hm, there's a big fat clue for you my guy. Let's uh, we're going to hook up our test light here and put it right on the door latch. Make sure our test light works. Find an empty hole here.
make sure there's some metal thingy in there. Oh this one there is okay. Our test light works. see if we can get up in here.

there's the top of the fuse. Oh the bottom of the fuse. The fuse is good. Funny part is though, somebody's changed it.

I wonder why I wonder why I'll make sure it feels good I like as far as the pin drag on it, you know what I mean. make sure nobody's been up in there doing some Monkey Business doesn't look like it I'm not so sure I can get the fuse back in there my fingers. Now let's see if we can stick it back in with the Uh players here. All right, fuse this back in.

we'll double check it for power power in the bottom, power on the top. Okay, so it's not just a simple blowing fuse. Let's just make sure hope radio doesn't turn on just from fiddling with it. So that's good.

We know we have power there. Uh I Think our next step is going to be uh, our next step's going going to be uh, going to the actual radio module itself. We're going to have to find out where that lives. It's not.

I Hopefully it's not in the middle of the dash there. Usually they're off, like in the passenger footwell area. some somewhere is over on that side. But let me look that up and we'll see if we can find where the radio lives and make sure we have power and ground and calm.

make sure it's got the ability to talk. I think I found us enough information. We shouldn't be too fumbly. apparently it is over here.

They should. Showed a a view of the back side of the dash and it showed all the way over here on the right side. So let's just take. Oh I didn't say let's take this down, see if we can see anything which we can't I do see a bunch of connectors hanging down there though.

I'm wondering if we've got to go at it from underneath, Huh? brackets are pretty Rusty in this Dash That's kind of interesting so we'll put this back together that's of no help and then we'll see about uh, taking this hush panel off here and seeing if we can get to our connectors last push Nails Giving me a hard time I brought the flush Cuts in case I've got to get serious with it there. Gosh, there we go. Would have thought that had been the hard part. Oh I think somebody's already been here.

She's all dug up all right. So we're just following somebody else's mess around here. It looks like okay. we've got one two, three modules here.

This one has USB going to it. Well, we have to figure out which ones the radio and which one's which. We don't care what the other ones are, we just want to know where the radio module is. Let me let me try to identify it a little bit better.

I believe I Believe it's this one here. So I'm just looking at the connectors. remember our pin one was our power wire and it was Redwood Violet and this has a redwood violet. Oh wait a minute.

never mind that's not in pin one. Oh, here we go red with Violet and then oh yeah, it should be this one. duh idiot. This is the one somebody's already been into and it's missing some locks on the connectors.
okay I Just I Forget we're always everybody's last resort for fixing a car. Okay, let's uh, see if get my fingers to work here, she should slide out of there. Let me, uh, stick my face in front of you doing a lot of moaning and groaning here and let me see if I can pull this thing down or we can do some work on it. So I've got it loosened up here.

Let's I don't think I can pull it out with the connectors in it. Well hate to fix the problem by unplugging something here. but Let's uh, let's do that. Let me Shut the key off or push the button in.

rather, unplug that one. Yeah, these connectors are all chowed up. Okay, so somebody's definitely been in here. There's that one.

Well come on little guy. there's that one. This one's lock in it. Get it down where we can see things and load tests the wires.

that one and then this is our one that we really want to get after. Oh come on, get that lock tab to Se down there we go. Okay, get this module out, see if it make sure doesn't have any junkyard writing on it or anything. Okay there.

what the heck's all that stuff looks like Tough acting T Acting all right. it's got some mystery white powder on it. this thing a flood car I wonder let me have a little Gander up in the hole here. I mean it doesn't smell all musty or anything but I don't see any funny business up there, so let's set that to the side.

This guy's breathing pretty heavy for working on a radio. We've got our red with Violet and our black which is in pin number whatever is below number one. So we're 1, two, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. So Pin Nine, let me just look on a diagram.

see where ground it's supposed to be pin 11. Here's a guy who can't count I probably just counted it wrong. but see: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 I have to get a magnifying glass that's got numbers on it I'll at least make sure this is maybe we got the wrong module out. Who knows.

So this is pretty interesting I'm looking we we do have the right module. This is obviously the radio module. Um, even has our RPO on it. the I5 So this is for the 456 and u2k.

However, Factory Service Data has these two connectors mixed up. Uh, this one is correct. This is connector X3 Okay, so if you're looking along in Factory Service Data, this is connector X X3 Um, they have the gray one uh, labeled as X2 and the green one is X1. However, in the diagrams the factor diagrams, they have these two bodies mixed up.

So this is a 20 pin. Um, we can count along here so there's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. So there's 10 holes in this one and there's 16 in this one. So all the all the call outs in the Wiron diagram are wrong and like I say they have this Uh connector X1 listed as a gray 20 pin connector.
With these this wire orientation the blue, yellow, green, white. So these are your speakers and the powers are supposed to be pin 1 and 11. Um, so what we'll have to do is just assume uh, it's a typo in uh service data which isn't uncommon You can never trust Uh Factory diagrams especially colored wire diagrams cuz they're just Rewritten from Factory stuff and if Factory stuff's wrong, then the color ones are wrong. So let's just do our diagnosis based off color.

Uh, because the color orientation does seem to be correct in the factory diagram. so we still have our Uh red with Violet and our black is the ground these two heavy wires here. So let's get a 4 amp test light and stick in there to make sure these wires can carry current. It's always really frustrating when that happens because you know you you tend to trust OE more uh than you do with aftermarket diagrams.

and then when you you don't run into a sit like this, it just turns into a big time waster. Because you're you know you're looking up a year, down a year different Rpos only to find out they're all messed up. But colors are correct. So let's uh, we're going to probe into the back of this.

We got power and we've got ground and we can light a 4 amp test light. So we have power and ground so that's good. Um, don't really care about speaker inputs or anything. right now.

we want to find what wires are com wires I believe this was for our most data bus which we're not concerned with either cuz that doesn't have anything to do with talking to it. Let me look and see which uh, which one of these is the wires that we need to jibber jabber with this little fella. We'll get it all plugged in here where we can get to it I Guess we can plug that back in. Also, like I said, we're going to do our diagnosis just based off wire color.

This guy can get the connector in correctly. Uh, we don't really need those antennas or anything hooked up. Okay, let me take a look here. So on our wireing diagram here.

the what Am I under trying to find all the data and that works cuz there's a few that run here. So the isolated Lowp speeed GM Lan Okay, that's this little guy right here. all right and I believe this is the one that we're talking on with the scan tool. Anyways I could I could be wrong, but I believe I believe this is it.

So the Um on this network single wire we got the amplifier uh, cluster tele communication telematics if it has it, radio the serial data Gateway module. So I believe that is the module that we're talking to that is on this network which can talk to everybody. Uh which? if I remember correct, doesn't have any codes flagged against um against this What going on with my fonts here? Oops, Where are we make sure we're in the right module here? Huh? What's going on with my computer here? Let's find yeah. Serial data Gateway Yep, that's what we wanted and I don't believe this had any codes flagged against.
uh, this little fella, let's let's just double check that because I have an idea. Okay, and it does not. So she's clean and green and this says here pin or X1 Pin 14 gray with green I've got our little AES wave view scope here so let's fire this little fell up. I'll let this get booted up and then X1 really means X2 Got to got to decipher through the lingo.

So that should be on this connector here and there's a gray green right here. Of course it's not going to be in Pin 14 but we're going to go gray green. Get a Uh probe here. All right.

So we've got uh, a tpin I've got it here. Gray Green. Oops. Oops and it looks like it looks like we have, uh, the ability to communicate down here.

Anyways, let me just change the scale on this. Let's go to uh one volt per division so it looks like a 0 to 5vt uh communication line and then we can see uh, the individual uh, data packets there. So I don't know a lot about data networks and that kind of stuff. Not a big Electronics guy but curious like you know.

Let's say for example, like this thing was off the network like um this is just you know, perhaps being output of this module which it looks like a lot of talk to be just being outputed to being output. So what about this? What if we uh take our test light that we don't have in our hands must be over I thought we had test. let's take a test light. let's just pull that Network to ground, see if it drops out the whole network and see if the the Gateway modules Flags a code against it because if it does then we know that wire is intact and we have power ground ability to communicate and we also will know that the network wire is you know going it goes all the way.

Hopefully that makes sense to you. I've got a test light I Could be way wrong about this, but we should be all right. Boom! We just pulled the network to ground safely. Let's go back to our scan tool over here.

Let's reread our codes in here and see if there's codes. I would think there would be uhoh Control modu communication low speed expansion cam bus off now I Just took my test light off. It's a current code now it's a history code just like that. Bingo Bango! That's how you check wear Integrity there.

It may not be in the textbook and don't do that at home kids, but that tells us we have power. We have ground. We know that our data network from here to that security gate Gateway module or whatever they call it serial data Gateway module is intact because look, we set that code by shoren out the wire. so we know for a fact that the data that we're reading here isn't just being output from the module onto a broken wire.

I'm going to look at some more diagrams here, but I think this is all we need to check to make the call on the module because let's go back here. Unless we've had some divine intervention here, we still can't talk to the radio. Oops, this guy needs to calm down. We want to go to A11 Radio cuz I don't need to hit enter and technically we shouldn't be able to talk to it still unless we wiggled something and it works.
What's the survey? Say no communication. The best of my knowledge, we've done this correctly. I'm going to look and double check. there is another data bus.

There's that Lin bus. where but that's just a a local interconnect Network that allows this module to talk to what other other modules are on that Lin bus here we I guess we can pop back in. go back here. let's see who does this thing talk to? There's radio right there the info display module.

so just talking back and forth. um oops I I5 I6 green with blue on 13 so that's that wire right next to it. that's a green with blue but on the Lin bus I I don't know if um I don't know what I expect to see I think they're 0 to 12vt that's just off the chart right now. Um which I think this is irrelevant.

Yeah, so that's sitting at 12 volts at Lind bus line is just at 12 volts. but like I say that doesn't really, uh, concern me at this point. Yeah, it's just running 12 volts across it. sh the key off.

yeah it's just it's at 12 volts. but like I say without knowing what I expect to see I just turn the key back on. Yeah, it's just riding at 12 volts. I'm not super worried about that cuz like I say that's a that's a Lind bust I guess we have to see.

there should be a Serial day to wake up line on here. Um to to actually tell the module hey turn on fella, let me, uh, look into that see what I can figure out? Well, that's it folks. There's really nothing more to look at. Um, there is no serial day to wake up on this one I thought there was I think it.

I don't know if it just wakes up over the network or if it's on the most. I'm not going to look into it too much. Um, I'm pretty confident with our diag that we have powers, grounds, and ability to communicate. and I'm not going to look into it much further.

And we also know that our network is intact because we, you know, shorted out the wire per se. We just pulled it to ground uh through a test light and seen it had the ability to set a code. So I'm going to see if this is available through GM Probably not because of the strike. You know that's still going on.

I Guess we don't really want to open up. It's kind of interesting. all that white tough acting tactin that was on there. Kind of curious if the circuit board's all crusty.

There ain't much in here. She's pretty pretty. well. an empty box.

got a little circuit board in there. Um, let's see if we get this job from the customer, if he's going to fix it. Uh, it's a 2018 so he may just may just leave it and drive it till the end of its life without fixing it. Hard to say.

um, we don't get to fix a lot of cars. we get to diagnose them, but that's it. Unfortunately, cars are super expensive to repair nowadays and most people just drive them. If we can, just slip them along.
So let me see. let me give this guy a call. Good news. Get this baby off the floor.

Uh I Called the model Electronics who does the Uh radios for GM used to be United Radio here in Syracuse and the Prny but now they use Model Electronics So we called them up, gave them the part number, they said yeah, get her done uh a few hundred bucks. We'll have it here after the weekend. Today's a Thursday we won't have it till Monday and it has a ,500 core charge on it I was like wow that's pretty hefty. They're like yeah, we really want it back I'm like apparently you do so um we'll wait till that shows up, we'll have to put it in, get it programmed, um and hopefully the one uh that they send us works and hopefully the other hopefully Thing we have to say is hopefully we diagnosed it right I think we did I Don't know what else we could have done, uh, differently.

Um, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Anyhow, stick around for part two folks and uh, when we put it in we'll see if we're right. Maybe we're wrong.

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    Love it, this song always reminds me of road trips with my dad and brother growing up, he loved that song.

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    For someone who is not into electronics much, you have the "let's cause a fault and see if it complains!" technique down pat! Software people do that all the time. Sometimes we get very excited about getting a DIFFERENT error message.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GlassVial says:

    I'm a (soon to be former) GM guy, and I've been saying for awhile that everything they made 2014+ is crap, here's another case in point. Great diag by Eric O, looking forward to Part 2!

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fernando13e says:

    Perfect Sunday description.. SMA + Dire Straits Sultans of Swing = Awesome!