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A lot of you folks were asking in the past, what do I do with all of my waste oil that get stored up and I don't do anything with it. These folks right over here do see: I'm back in that truck in here. it's a big old tank. He's going to take my oil from these drums and put it in that truck over Yander.

and just to show how much we go through, that's 55 Gall that's 55 gallons. That's 55 gallons. That's old filters, this one's coolant. 55 gallons and 55 more gallons.

All these things are full. 55 gallons in the meantime. I've got the silvero kind of back in Action It has enough interior inside of it where I can drive it around but not enough to be complete yet. see I've got the center Cons: Uh, disconnected, still or disassembled.

rather back seats out of it. and there's my laundry in here. Lauren My laundry is in here. Will you clean it? She just walks away.

It's horrible. Anyway, the truck's back today. I've got uh, got to get all the scrap metal loaded into it and that scrap metal over there. I Need to get that trailer emptied out and into this trailer right here.

The pile of metal has to go away, that's junk and then the trailer. and then we're cleaning up the oil. I Think I'm going to take that Miata engine and send it to Eric at I cars and let him do the tear down on it. I Think that'd be really cool.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section down below: if uh, if Eric should do the tear down on that blown up Miata or if I should do the tear on on the blow at: Miata Are you getting the laundry? I See you? Are you hiding? You can't hide from the laundry? Go. It's in the back you can't hide from It Go I'm not cooking tonight? then you're fine. I Don't care. Ah, you're locked out.

What are you going to do now? You're stuck. You can't get in. Yeah, my dude over here. He's got this big hose out of the back of his truck.

He's going to run over and pump out all those drums. Over Yonder They recycle the oil so I don't have to. It's better than dumping it in the ocean. and I'm not kidding.

People actually do dump things like that into the water. That way they don't have to pay to have the companies come and take them away and recycle it. Kind of like when you throw your trash in the side of the road instead of throwing in the trash can. like that mattress that's up there.

See that mattress? We need to get that mattress out of here. In other news, we're not going to do any more work on the blown up silver. Auto Over there, the engine costs like $10,000 and uh oh, it's going to go to another shop. They're going to see if they can't fix it.

I Don't think they can fix it cuz the bearings are blown up I Mean it can be fixed, but it takes money. That's the pump mechanism. It's got keys. It's like a nuclear launch.

Silo Yeah, he's pumping in all the waste oil and getting rid of our garbage. I'll show you why we're doing the trailer swapping bit of business here. See, this is just a regular flatbed trailer and it's already been filled up once. and once upon a time I had Troy offload this trailer into the other trailer.
but what I want to do is get the rest of the stuff offloaded into that trailer and then we're going to get this one out of here and I will park that trail trailer over here and then just chuck all our stuff in here. Hey look remnants of Mr Troy he was here Ah That's funny inside. we have the PT Cruiser Now that the Silvero is out of the shop and the cylinder head is off of it. See, there is no cylinder head here.

We sent it to the machine shop. it's getting a valve job and we're going to Deck the head on it so it's nice and flat. then uh, it's going to get bolted back together. We're going to throw a timing set on it and I I have not decided on what I'm going to do with this PT Cruiser yet.

but I do know I need to fix it I don't remember that being there. did something fall on this car? Seriously? I do not remember that dent. This was something. must have fell over on it.

Well anyway, yeah I don't know what I'm going to do with this car. Maybe I'll drive it. Maybe I'll sell it. Maybe I'll give it away.

Maybe we'll take it off-roading I I Really don't know yet? What do you guys think I should do with this? Cruiser let me know about that. Also in the comment section down below, that's the F250 that we rebuilt the front end on. uh, still waiting on One Singular rotor. We ordered some and well, the customer supplied one rotor and I insisted that we do both rotors not the one rotor.

so we're still waiting on the single one for this side. Don't know why the part store has failed to deliver our said single rotor, but uh, well. it'll be here when it gets here. I Guess it's out of my control I have learned to accept the things that I cannot change.

Let's see what. Uhop, Stop What? Stop. Okay, sneaking up. I'm sneaky.

We're looking at you. We're looking at you. We're looking at you looking at you. We're looking at you.

Oh you're so beautiful. Look at you All right. We'll leave you alone. We'll leave you.

Oh yeah, we'll leave you alone. It's getting a little warm in here. Let's fire up some, uh, more circulation. Looks like our dude outside's all done though.

Pumped out all of the drums. Now that's pretty cool. It just reels it right on up. Look at that? There it goes.

Cool and just like that, all of my waste oil is gone. They're going to take it off to the recycling joint and then they're going to turn it into fuel to run Tesla generators that run off of diesel. ha. All righty.

So the drums are empty. Let's go ahead and untwist the controls for my little Gantry crane thing up there cuz I'm going to load this engine block. it's the 36 Penar blown up engine block I'm going to load that up in the trailer and start to, uh, get rid of some of the scrap metal here. see I Roncal There is room for improvement on this design, but uh, for now, it is what it is I do need to fix it I do need to put a proper switch on it.
This dangling business is not okay. uh, the power cord thing up there that's not really okay. so I I'll work on that. but right now it serves function and uh, whenever I get some free time.

One of these days we can improve this little swing arm crane device thing that I I've got rigged up right here I think so. let's get this engine hooked up I'm not sure where I'm going to do it I'll just run a chain into it and just hook it. up with the chain. Yeah, I'll probably do that.

Wait, never mind. I can use the hole in the side of the engine block and I'll hook it up with that. That's absolutely perfect. Button up.

take the slack out of the cord. There little bit more up action this is. This is too much fun to be safe all right now. I need to go ahead and grab.

looks like a 15 mil and we can pull the bolts out of the block and that will free up the engine block from the stand. That's what we're going to do. Not that one, not that one and that one. Yep, eventually this is going to like swing and go that way and hit the trailer.

Safy. Okay, one more Fastener wrong size. What is this? I need a 13? Yeah, it is free dangling engine blocks. You're like what are you doing? Danger Goodbye, it's totally good idea.

The whole axle down there is going to be the best part. Watch this. This is going to generate some massive can't do that. It's not safe.

Uhoh, the winch won't do it. Winch said no, it's too much weight or the switch is Jump think my switch is jum hang on here. Yeah, it's not picking it up. Yeah, that's safe.

It's totally safe cuz my feet are not under it. Maybe it's cuz I'm picking it up sideways and not straight up and down. CU I Know that this wch picks up this action there. redo.

it's not going to work. that will safety exerise safety protocol. back up. Husband: doing something stupid.

It's going to slip off. Yeah, oh look. I caught a piston too small. Thr Okay here you go.

Your turn. You hook something up. Pick, uh. pick one of those cylinder heads.

Let's hook that thing up. It's the silver one. Yeah, here. just hook it.

hook it onto that metal gasket right there. That's fine. Yeah, just hook it onto that. a it going to slap off.

probably. Why is the wind doing that clicking thing again? What is this what is happening here? Ah I see what it's doing? It's got that stupid little guide bar thing right there. See that? and if the cable is running sideways, it picks up on that bar and then throws a switch which disables the winch motor. That's why it's doing that rapid clicking business.

See, watch this. uhhuh I don't know what to do about that. Just drag that on over. Now that's more better.
There we go. Aha, we have lift. is this Overkill What do you think? I could just TOS it in I know, but this is a much better use of the time. today.

you might as well use it. You bought it so it was. It was $89 from Harbor Freight Yeah, might as well use it I'm just using it cuz it's fun see, just kind of just put it on in there. you're such a cute lower it down.

Can we unhook the load? I know right? I'm still like 6 years old here and pick the crane back up. I push it over and make a lot of noise. Yeah, do it. Loud noises.

Okay, you're up. Get the other one. I'll run the button. Which one? uh oh.

get the crankshaft next. That's that one. See the see the big one with the gear on the back. Yeah, get that one.

next. we'll drag the crankshaft out. This is overkill I know, but it's fun. We hav't done this in four minutes.

Yeah, but I'm at lunch so I can waste all the time I Want to hook it up to that like reluctor ring in the back of it? No that's that's an engine mount. that's y that hook it up. How does it hook up? Just hook it up to that ring somewhere. Oh I see I see the yeah? Just stick it on one of those holes.

just stick it in there there. There you go. nice moving back up. watch flanges? yeah I just want to make sure it's not uhoh stupid safety device is broken again here.

we'll just drag it out ring moving back up with haste. Do you want to push the button here? You can drive it. Just push the up button. Oh yeah.

don't put your feet under it or your hands or anything else cuz even though it's lightweight, if that falls on your foot, you will no longer have toes in that. I have Ste to I Startled. Oh okay. well.

if it falls past your toe, it could a toe. It could cause injury test. Lowering down. No, no, no, it's still there.

We go more. All right. Lift. See, you're even having fun too.

Yeah, act like it's not fun cuz it is here. Let's do uh. let's do that other cylinder head next. Yeah, let's see that one here.

I'll hold the button for you. you hook it up. What do you see? Anything to hook it up with two on? Tell me nothing. I don't know.

Um, why not? Well, that's not. no. that's a uh right. here.

Is that going to work? No, No. but we're going to do it anyway. Put it in there. Why not do it? Yeah, put it in there.

That's fine. It's fine. Yeah. Back up.

No that didn't work. Fail. Try Epic fail. What else can we hook it to? Um I got it.

We're going to hook it into like that little hole right there. Sure? Noe Nope. Oh no. it's going to go there.

See? yeah, that's where it go that's not even stuck in there. It's fine. Oh man. I Guess it work.

Yeah, it's okay. Don't want to worry about it. it's only going to fall a little bit. Is that even close to Safe OSHA violations.

Let's push you right in there. Oh, look at that clearance. Super tight clearance. It's Auto unloading.
she walks away. Okay, that's enough cooling around. We check the rest of it up. Loud noises, all right flying back in the truck here.

restarting. Z Durax. We need to get this trailer backed out of that corner out of the stall, rather off the service drive. and then we'll stick it over there, back up to that other trailer.

and then, uh, offload that one. Kind of a tight squeeze through here too. Oh, the trailer's got a swing to it. Am I going to make it? I don't know I can't see I Guess we're going to find out if it starts running into stuff.

Can we squeeze past this? Suburban Here that BB's got a blown up engine I Found Uh, no compression on two cylinders and 60 lbs on two more cylinders. It's not okay. All right looking good. Let's go aad and back this thing up.

We'll get her backed into position here. right up to that other trailer. Straight back, straight back looking good. Sayi beautiful.

Right back to the scrap. I meant to do that. Parking is the auto All right. We're good here.

Let's power this thing down and go get that trailer offloaded into this trailer. That what's in there okay, that ain't going nowhere. All right time to play musical trailers? What? I'm going to do is pull this one out and drop it. and then I'm going to pull that one out of the hole right there and then put the dump trailer right there in that hole.

I wonder if I have a oh, you know what? I can use one of the other trucks to pull that out that way I don't have to unhook two. That's good thinking. Ray Yeah, I was going to unhook the dump, then use this truck to move the flatbed and then I was going to have to hook the dump back up. but instead I'm just going to pull this thing out.

let's see if it's going to come out of that hole. Yep, looking good? Yeah. I'm going to pull this thing out and park it and then we'll just dig the flatbed out. with a maybe the Tahoe over there.

we'll use the Tahoe That's perfect. Much better idea. We'll park you right here. All right, let's go fetch the Tahoe and swap trailers.

I'm going to need another trailer hitch pin. I' I've got a 2-in ball outside, but I don't have the PIN for my ball so I'm going to have to steal one. I'll probably steal this one off of this receiver here. This is my older receiver my drop unit and I replaced it with a uh, come here you stupid thing I replaced it with a penil hitch receiver when I got the dump trailer.

So that one's just kind of hanging out a that's the one for the flatbed Yeah, see this one that's a much more heavier Dyer hitch than uh than the one inside one. inside's a Walmart unit and this is not that's a Kurt trailer hitch not sponsored. That's just what I bought. See, we stick that in there like so so oh.

one thing I want to talk about real quick? These guys right here. Um, these actually do wear out and they will fall out of your pins because I had that happen on this truck. actually when I was leaving my driveway with an itty bitty little landscape trailer on it like a little six-footer Well it turns out that if these vibrate enough they could walk those uh pins off and what had happened was was this pin fell out which made this pin fall out which actually made my trailer fall off and my trailer change had had saved it. Um no I did not get that recorded I was uh, not filming that day but I I did lose a 6tx 8T little flatbed trailer Once Upon of time and I had never had a trailer come off of the hitch before.
That was the first for me and it was kind of scary. Even though that trailer was like microbial sized it still uh it it let me know what was going on back there that's for sure. Fortunately there was no damage. where's those there, they are? Teo Keys R Coolest part about new cars.

Lock the button remote start action H it started. That's cool. Yeah, hear it. it's running.

Okay, so what we've got to do here is, uh, finish the starting sequence on our too. There we go and we're going to go ahead and back up to the flat bed. Over Yonder It's hot and pull that flat bed out of that hole right there. you know? I Was ripping on these backup cameras a few days ago and I kind of don't like them, but they do have their uses.

Like for when you want to hook up a a trailer. they're kind of useful for that. My rub on those things is when people become dependent on them and they forget what their mirrors are for. That's my, uh, my issue with such things.

It's one of those situations where technology causes problems for for people that grew up after the existence of said technology. Yep, back this bad boy R in there. Look at that. We're like if that stupid alarm would go away.

I Can hook up to it. Look at this thing. Oh I'm touching it I'm touching it I Feel it. Oh, we're off center.

Hang on. Try again. I Think the trailer's lower than the ball is on the receiver so we're just going to have to Ram it with our balls. Nope.

Third 's a Char Then I'm going to go outside and try to pick it up. I am so horrible with doing things the right way. Ra Nope, not going to work. It's like way too low.

Okay, reparking the AO Let's go raise the trailer up some yeah, that just wasn't enough. Not even close. Oh, this thing is super rusted too. Oh never mind, it's not that bad.

It's worse than I or better than I thought it was. Must have been the uh, the lubricant I installed Once Upon A Time re reversing with the door open right where are we caption Close Enough Parking Brake so the thing doesn't roll when I let off the service brake. That little bit of a roll that you get can actually cause your ball to miss a line and that's uh, not okay. I Think we're good here.
All right. Give it a shake. Ooh it's tail heavy with uh, all that stuff back there. did you guys see that? Watch this.

Let me pick this up. I Think this is very tail heavy. Oh yeah, yeah, it is all right. This is too heavy to be towed properly and watch this.

This is not okay. This is the kind of Towing situation that you, uh, you get yourself in a wreck in. Yeah, don't uh, don't ever tow tail heavy. That's way way too imbalanced for proper.

Towing What it'll do is since all the mass is behind the center of gravity or the center of, uh, the axles. When that mass starts to sway, it will translate into more sway motion on your vehicle. And if you've got like a short wheel-based vehicle like this Tahoe or a van or something like that, what will happen is the trailer will start walking the truck around and it will make you wreck and it will make you wreck every time. except for this time cuz we're only going through the parking lot so uh, we don't have to worry about it.

Parking brake disengaged and let's drag this thing out of the weeds here. Crunch and Munch cool. All right, that's good reparking powering back down. Okay, Musical Trucks continues.

Let's get the next truck and then we'll stash the trailer back in that hole over there. Good idea, You know what? I think I'm going to go get that stupid mattress too thing is not going anywhere and it's really bothering me cu no one's going to clean it up I'm going to have to go over there I Don't know if I'm going to do that right now cuz there's a fence in the way but I might restarting Z Duramax right about there. that's good. like a glove.

parking the auto. Let's go check out our handiwork back here. Oh beautiful mirrors. don't lie looking good Okie does.

Let's go ahead and drop the landing gear on this unit and this one is good to go here. This is where it's going to live for a while until I fill it back up cuz I don't need to be dumping anything and the only thing I need to dump when I do need to dump is scrap metal there. Let's lose our hitch. Don't need you, don't need you, disconnect the safety, disconnect the latch I Don't take the chains off until the trailer is disconnected.

You never know you might unhook from it and the thing wants to roll away. So I always just leave those guys attached until we have achieved proper separation. Otherwise, you would not be safe and that's the point of the safety change is to to be safe. Yep, getting heavy and no, it does not have high speed and low speed.

It only has one singular speed. Okay, so we're all the way up. it goes up. no more lock that back in, got space from a ball to come out.

It's a little bit, uh, little light, but whatever. I'll unram it. It be like reverse ramming now. I Like to hang my chains here that way they're not in the dirt because you can run by with a lawn mower and lawn mower them and that's never never a good day.
That guy goes right back right there. Beautiful. Okayy does we're uh, we're unhooked, we're detached. Let's get out of here all right folks.

I Think this little project is complete? Got the trailer where I want it? This trailer is over here. We're going to haul this thing out of here after. I add some back to it and I'm going to take these uh, these metal panels and give those to Dave he's going to build a shed out of those at his house. Glad I didn't throw those things away Tahoe Park Silvero over there I Still got to put more interior stuff back together but I'm not doing that today.

It is the end of the day. I'm going to fix uh or get ready to start closing up. so uh. Having said that, I'm going to go and close this video.

I'd like to thank you guys for watching this short video I Hope you enjoyed watching me Shuffle trailers around. That's kind of what I did today. cleaned up, moved trailers, things of that nature. I'm not always working on cars after all.

Uh, anyway, as always, like to thank you guys one more time for watching and most importantly, before I go I Need to remind each and every one of you to have yourselves a fantastic day. See you guys later into video into transmission into shop cleanup end of scrap metal trailer rearrangement procedure.

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