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Brake Fluid Exchange: Does Brake Fluid go BAD?? Ford Transit 2.0
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More Steam Oh hi everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! It's time for Impact Gun Cam. Wrong way. That was bad time for Impact Gun Cam. Here we go take two.

Success! What we've got here today is a 2015 Ford F-150 It's got a nasty vibration while breaking a bunch of work to it. Yesterday on the transmission, we pulled the pan out, changed the filter, connected the BG fluid exchange machine exchange, all the fluid, installed a conditioner. Now we're moving on to segment 2.0 Classic Front Brake job. It's got a nasty lip worn into the rotors.

Pads are at about 30 to 40 percent life left over so we're going to slap some pads and rotors on this bad boy. I'm also going to do a complete fluid exchange on the brake system, so stay tuned because this is gonna be very good video. I Forgot that one. Oops Oh yeah! I don't think I intended on I'm filming this brake job but you never get a second chance.

So I figured why not? why not? We'll film it man man. I forgot the lug nut on that wheel too I'm not not saying this morning, where's my gun and you guys have it's over here. My coffee must not have come activated yet I'm off the wheel like I was saying I don't know if uh, if I'm gonna air any of this footage right here. It's just a mundane break job.

oh we can't see there's Darkness that's not good. no worries I can bring the light this one, this one and then I choose one of my little ones. Yeah, there's a weird situation with the lighting in the building where I've got lights everywhere but this corner. Since there is no light here, it's just huge amounts of Shadows in this whole area and I need to I need to figure out what to do about that.

I'll probably install more lights. See the lighting in the multi-bay shop where half the building was open to Daylight Uh, this just has the one door. no skylights and no windows in it. So the only daylight I get comes from like holes that are in the wall.

like that one up there. See that little hole right there? That's kind of the only light that I get. Here's some: There's some natural light coming through the hall right there. Yeah, not much like I said I Kind of want to cut a panel out right here and put in a ginormous window.

but uh, before I do that I need to put in a ginormous door over there a little bit at a time. Anyway, Uh, back to our task at hand here. Let's just double check the dealio lumens. Yeah, we've got a pretty nasty lip worn into that rotor.

It makes a vibration half pad life maybe a little less. So we're just going to go ahead and uh and slap some breaks on this unit. Back to Impact Gun Cam. if we're we're gonna fit.

I don't know if you guys are gonna fit. in here I Don't think this is gonna work or we're gonna try it though. see if it works. Yeah, not a chance.

This is not really feasible. It makes my Impact gun absolutely ginormous bro. It's got an apparatus dangling off of it. Put you guys down over here for a second.
Yeah, that, uh, that wasn't gonna work out so we abandoned that idea right there here. Put that up top. Premiere Brake pads. Let's get you guys out of here.

Oh fun fact: I Was shopping for pads and I actually found a set and it said they had like carbon fiber in them which I think that's kind of cool I'm not entirely sure what that means. like whether they've got carbon fiber embedded in the friction material or maybe the backing plates carbon fiber? uh, I don't know, but it said uh, carbon fiber on the pads which is actually why I selected them I'm kind of curious to see uh what the deal is. It probably just has carbon embedded in the friction material and there's no visible difference between that and regular pads. but we're gonna try them out.

We're gonna see see how they work out for us. Uh, hammer. We need hammer foreign? All right? Well, we got some some crusty rust action going on here. What is this? Nothing too major.

We'll hit that with a little polish wheel and clean it right up. Yeah, we'll just come on in with our little ziz wheel here. Get rid of the rust real quick. I Need to get this area in between the studs where my, uh, what you call it a little ziz wheel couldn't reach.

No, we can't claim it's going to be shiny without actually making it shiny. It's goodbye contaminants. All right. Let's head on over to the bench and we'll bring the bracketry with us.

We can lubricate our pins over here. It's just too dark in that corner. Clear some space here. There we go, so it's done.

There's our bracketry. There's our lubricant. Here are our slide pins. Let's pop these guys out, clean them off, and then re-loop them.

Super duper easy people. Just don't do it. All we gotta do is wipe it off and a little bit of the purpley stuff. Excellent.

Do not have my pad set here yet so I'm not going to pull these shims uh, just yet. I Want to wait until my new ones get here that way. I Can pull them one at a time and then match them up so we'll put this off to the side and go back and disassemble the rest of the truck. Same procedure did you spin that guy over Two bolts, two bolts, one caliper, one bracket.

All right. Don't fall. Put that up there. I Could hang it with a with a caliper hanger I Have plenty of them, but it'll be fine right here.

It's not going to go anywhere. there's enough space to hold on to that thing. Loud, foreign Florida thing. That's what we do.

Uh Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer Hammer I'm off wrench gravity no problem. A little bit of Ziz wheel action and we'll de-crustify this a little bit of bristle action here. I Don't know how effective this is, but for what it's worth, couldn't hurt I I did Once Upon a Time have a a rotary tool that goes over the studs, but I killed it and have yet replaced it or have yet to replace it. So I'm back to the manual method of zizz wheels and wire brushes and great clean.
I Believe it. I'm actually using brake clean on brakes. Shiny okey-doke. so I don't have uh pads and rotors here just yet.

So what I'm going to do is let this truck down and I'm gonna go ahead and set up the brake fluid exchange machine and if those parts don't show up by the time I'm done with that, I'll just go ahead and exchange all the fluid and then then we can finish putting Parts back on because it would be silly to sit around and not do anything waiting for parts to arrive when I could do something. Now in case you're wondering, I have already done a very detailed Uh video on this fluid exchange procedure I think it was on a 2013 Transit Connect band. uh anyway. um I'm not going to be so detailed on this particular procedure, but if you would like to see the the full length version of a flute exchange, uh, just go and visit the link down in this video's description and it will take you to a Ford Transit and I will show you how the fluid exchange is performed in uh in Greater detail not ready for the machine powering on? Get us.

Speaking of BG stuff I was I Was talking to my guy today and he was saying he just uh just started watching my content and now he's got himself singed. We've got some truck off and make it a bunch of goofy noises so I have affected yet another person's brain Cranium Mission Success! Now come here. My hose is hooked and I can't can't hit this quick stop. What am I doing with my life? There we go.

All right, tries to subverted fix that problem that I created. So anyway, I'm just gonna suction a bunch of this uh fluid out of here foreign before we start pulling it through the system. There we go Now would also be a good time to compress the Pistons on the calipers and drive more of that fluid up into Master. It'll make for a cleaner fluid exchange.

Sorry down, You know one thing to keep in mind: compressing a caliper while another caliper has been removed is actually risky business because what can happen is I can push these pistons in and rather than sending the fluid up into the master cylinder, it can send it over to the other caliper and then push those Pistons out. and if they get pushed out enough, they'll come out of their bore and then dump all the fluid everywhere and potentially create a situation where you're not going to be able to put that piston back in there and that would be bad. So what I'm doing here is I'm just throwing some of these brake pads in that caliper kind of as a shim oh man. I'll go around and compress that other side and then I'll switch my Pistons or I'll switch my shims over and uh and then compress that side over there strip like physical work.

you know, moving around and doing things. But I'm saving time because I'm waiting on parts and I'm kind of at a standstill and I want to put my uh my fan belt back on the tow truck so I can tow some stuff with it. So when I'm done with this I want to get back to uh, well, back to the tow truck but customer first. So I'll do the tow truck later.
point being that more efficient I can make this the better off we're all going to be. See that just in case. Back to the other side. Tight squeeze.

You know someone said I need to remove these shelves so I can fit through here a little bit better. Um, that's a cool idea, but this is a part of the structure of the building so if I tear all these shelves out I gain an inch and a half of walking space. which is, it's not worth the trade-off to not have the shelves because they're sort of useful. So yeah, I throw stuff on them.

So no, I'm not going to tear those shelves out of there. Not gonna happen. Negative: So back to the task of hand here. let's just go ahead and compress this caliper as much as possible.

Now, we saw those pads in there were still loose so it, uh, it did not act on the opposing piston, but it can, especially with a multi-piston caliber because one piston may have more friction than another and so that piston will just stay put, thus amplifying the effects on the on the other piston. Okay, we'll just leave that right there and we'll vacuum out on whatever fluid was displaced into this master cylinder. There we go. Now, we'll go ahead and refill this back to its uh, well, just under the max Mark and then uh, and then we can do the fluid exchange and you guys know how hard it is to, uh, put magnetic flashlights on an aluminum.

F-150 Super donkeyless. Anyway, I'm just cracking this little valve open right here and it's going to send some fluid into our Master This is coming out of the machine I Used all of what was in the bottle and I didn't want to open up a second bottle. I Had some extra left in the machine from last time so we have plenty that's good. Stop flowing now.

The granite countertop guys are here here next door. They rent the space uh, next to the building they built like a it's like an awning and stuff out there and they just work outside because all they do is cut granite and maybe marble. They might cut marble by the way, they do a lot of cutting. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and pressurize this master cylinder.

So this thing is now receiving pressurized fluid that's coming from our Reservoir right here and it is sitting that pressurized fluid into the reservoir of the master cylinder, through the cylinder, through the lines, through the ABS pump through these lines and all the way to the calipers. Now the only thing I need to do is go around with the vacuum side of this machine and visit each one of these bleeder Valves and just suction out some of that brake fluid until it goes from the discolored use spec fluid to a new clear screwing. and Visually is how we indicate that the uh, that section is complete. We're gonna start with the right, rear, left, rear, right front, and then left right.
So we're going to end here Where we started. Okay, suction is suctioning. Let's go begin the process here. Swing this around over here to the side.

There we go. Now what we need to do is locate our bleeder valve. That's this guy right here. pull the cap off, take the hose, and just hang that on the caliper and then come back with the correct size wrench.

every time. Maybe 11. Is it an 11 to 10.? And the survey says 11. It is all right.

We'll break it loose. We'll put our hose on there. Come here hose. Come here.

Then come in here and crack that open. We have fluid flow. You can see it, We can hear it. We can feed it now.

We head back to the reservoir and we watch the marks on the machine as soon as our line. Because we started here, this is what we put in the master cylinder. That's where we started. refill the master as soon as this line drops down.

Right here, we can close that valve and move on to the next. So each wheel gets its own amount of fluid. Okey-dokes It's been a few minutes. This thing should be Uh, about finished on this this corner.

or it is about finished. So I tighten the valve, remove the vacuum. Now there's still pressure in here. So I'm going to crack this open just to just to get a little bit more flow and make sure that there is no air.

And that's a negative. We see no air sometimes. The you can introduce a little bit of air in the system if you unplug the vacuum line because the entire system here is under a vacuum. and if you remove this line, it'll suck in a little bit of air real quick and then it ends up trapped inside of the the caliper and uh, we don't want that.

which is why I do that little that manual Purge at the end there. Anyway, let's go over here to the driver's side rear next and we will, uh, we'll repeat the process on this one and then of course the the other two. Like I said, we've already done a rather extensive video in this process, so I'm just going to move through this rather quickly on kick. Oh yeah, yeah, look at that.

Look how nasty this fluid looks compared to the new fluid. See that it's almost brown in color. Crack this guy open again, we have flow and again we just watch the machine until our Mark comes down right about here. Okay, Caliper number two is nearly complete.

Let's close this guy off. We'll inspect our fluid condition, make sure there's no air in there. Unclip. Nice clear fluid.

Good to go seal that guy off and moving on to the right front. My pads and rotors have just arrived, so let's go ahead and zip on through this and we can get back to Uh. installing our hard. Parts here and I Do need to exercise a slight amount of caution because the bleeder is not facing uh, vertically or it's not at the top of this.

So I Really don't want to allow any air to get into it and let it ride? Okay, this one's nearly complete. it's been a couple minutes. Close the valve puller open. Metal thin gravity.
Yep. Still a little dark in color. Going back for round two. Pumping Pumping pumping.

Okay. I Topped off the machine with another quart of fluid we were starting to run low. See what we get here? Nice clear fluid. Look at that.

Beautiful. Okay, this one is good to go. Let's go ahead and do the exchange on the other side and then we can get the brakes back on. Recheck on the left front so I'll close the valve open.

What do we get? Nice clear, clean fluid. Beautiful. Okay Power this thing down, valve off, Pressure removed, pressure relieved, disconnect again and cap on, Click all right. We are ready to reassemble this to rotate this guy back around.

Perfect All right coming in. I've got the caliper bracket I Loaded the pads. These are the power stop Extreme carbon fiber Edition Pads it's got it! has lubricated slide pins and I've installed the new shims did that stuff off camera to make this a speedy operation here. New rotors coming in.

It's also a power stop. It's painted for rust prevention. That guy right there not sponsored. That's just what I'm using.

I mentioned power stop twice. That's just who makes them foreign. missed the hole. Don't you click? Make sure that's tight? Yes it is.

I'll give you a flip I'll show you that's still compressed to its maximum. Get in there please. What are we doing? We're not to line the property now. We are two caliper bolts coming in.

Foreign. You thought I was gonna forget this I don't know the and bracket. again. we're loaded.

It's been greased, it's been shimmed, it has pads. it's going in. If I can get the threads on there, come on. red before I Drop this and ruin it.

Beautimous foreign. It was not aligning very nicely. No worries, got it foreign? Okie Dokes I think we're good to go. Let's get the uh the wheels on.

next. we'll let this thing down Fork Everything. and then, uh, take it on a test drive. But first we need to unfingerprint.

That's what we have fingerprinted shiny foreign. Alrighty, let's climb on into this beast and uh, go for our test drive real quick. I have a I've just Revisited the transmission fluid level as recall. We did some work on that in the last episode I Wanted to make sure that level was set and appropriate, which it now is I did have to add a little bit more so that's good to go anyway.

we're gonna pump pedal up just to make sure that the calipers are not depressed because if they are, we won't have braking force and that would be bad backing up the auto. So what we're going to do is go out and hit the road. I'm going to make a series of light pedal pressure stops. The idea is is we want to break in or burnish the pad surface the new pad surface to the new rotor surface.
That way those two are. uh, well, they're broken in. they're working in harmony. They're working together.

The reason for doing that is we want to embed some of the pad material onto the rotors because there are microscopic Peaks and valleys in the rotor surface that we need to fill that up with some pad material. That way. they are uniform all the way across and we'll achieve that with a series of Light breaking events. Okay, gates open, let's hit the road and away we go.

There's some traffic behind us, so uh, I'm not gonna do much braking through here. Maybe we'll go through the light and uh, or go around the block or something. All right guys, we're in some real heavy traffic so I'm going to try to achieve this as best as possible. We're going to get a little bit of speed 30 35, 35 miles per hour words and some light braking.

I'd like to avoid coming to a complete stop because that's where you get that embedded pad material in one section of the rotor. This kind of this point in time is a little bit critical. So I don't want to come to a complete stop which that was a success. Series of these types of stops here: 35 down to 10 45 down to 15 55 down to 20 if we can manage which I don't think we can because I'm coming into a school zone, we'll do a 35 Just very very light pedal pressure and we're just barely letting the rotors are letting the pads put pressure on the rotors and school zone.

20 miles per hour exiting traffic jam. So again, light pedal pressure. Now, we're not going to avoid coming up to a red light here. So what I'm going to do is we're going to come up to a complete stop and I'm just gonna click it into neutral.

That way I can let my foot off the pedal and I'm not applying pressure on that rotor because again, we don't want to invite the opportunity of embedding too much pad material in one section of the rotor. We want to embed uniformly while stopping. All right guys, a couple more of these types of stops and we're good to go. So I'm going to go ahead and consider this video.

Good to go. That being said, as always, like thank you for watching this video, hope you enjoyed my video. If you did enjoy my video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video, have any questions or creative commentary, Please feel free to register your comments in the comment section also down below.

while you're down there. Don't forget to check out the links in the video subscription. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in deferred Man, This is a crazy traffic day. This is a crazy traffic day.

We were off. More Steam More Steam Oh.

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  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eric Boudle says:

    If you had 2 oft those piston compressors……… know.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 says:

    88 MPH .Wouldn't like to see you go back to the future..

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wes Hawkins says:

    Why does no one rebuild calipers when doing brake jobs anymore? I always rebuild them because the heat developed within the brakes transfer to the caliper and the fluid which leaves gummy residue inside the caliper. When you press the piston back into the caliper that residue collects and could bind up the piston on the new brake job.

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Strachan says:


  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeremy Anderson says:

    Great video!

  51. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Veikra says:

    88mph is a normal vibration. That's the time-space continum string breaking apart for time travel