Part 1 Suspension Lifting Car off of Lift | VIDEO Ruined!! Mint Ford Mustang GT 4.6
Part 2 Long Term Oil Change Damage! Mustang GT Front End Refresh! Ford 4.6
This video is Part 3
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Rev up other people's engines. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I know I'm super glad to be here in this episode. We are going to return to this 1998. Ford Mustang GT with a 4.6 liter V8 This uh particular Mustang has approximately only 47 358 miles on the odometer.

In the last episode, we refreshed the uh front steering gear bushings. they had become soft and Squishy because uh, the oil filter. When the oil filters were changed, it had caused leaks and those leaks had run down onto the bushing, softened up the Rubber and made the steering squishy. Additionally, prior to that, we had found that the ball joints were sticking, causing a binding condition with the front suspension.

Now that we have the maintenance out of the way, we're going to focus on something a little bit more performance oriented. So I've had a bunch of bunch show up this week while we were kind of waiting in limbo. Let's go fetch the rolly cart. let's go to the Shelf pick up the parts, get everything unboxed, and see what we're working with today because it's time to make some extra horsepower.

Let's just scooch this thing out and head on over to our Park Shelf Pay no regard to this Mustang. We do have dueling Mustangs in the shop, but that one's waiting approval. This one's good to go. So let's get let's get broken.

Heart shelf is Over Yonder just passed. Yeah, okay, let's get everything laid out on our table here. We'll head over to The Stang First on our list. Got some Motorcraft spark plugs platinums to go with those plugs.

You've got some nine millimeter heavy gauge spark plug wires we have Performance Distributors What's in here I Don't know Ignition coils. It says ignition systems I think that might be coils. We've got a BBK large four throttle body guaranteed 2 to 15 horsepowers. This that guy is going on and to go with it, looks like we have a BBK None of this is sponsored.

That's just what my guy bought a BBK induction air system. Alrighty so a bunch of intake and ignition components. let's head over to this thing. Get this stuff set up, unboxed and prepped.

so stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good high horsepower video opening Z Hood the brake rotor. There was a brake Rudder Alrighty I've got all the goodies unpacked and we'll go through it. So we've got Motorcraft spark plugs. We've got some nine millimeter Ford Racing branded wires not sponsored.

Looks like we have some performance ignition coils. There's one coil pack for each side on the engine. Uh, my guy got us a BBK throttle body intake I Think that's a big bore throttle body. We've got an intake tube and high flow filter to go with it with some Chrome Bracketry this is part of the intake assembly.

we have intake Hardware all the hardware for the throttle body. Don't know what those are, but we'll figure it out. So let's go ahead and move on over to our engine. We'll start stripping her down and then we'll go through systematically and get all this performance stuff installed.
All right. So I'm not exactly certain on my plan of the order of operations that uh, we're going to take here, but I do know that a lot of these parts are coming off and they're not going back on. So that's going to start with our air filter and our air filter housing and its box. So we're going to start to pull all this stuff out of here.

I Believe the mass airflow sensor which is right here and the intake air temp sensor which is one I just unplugged there I Believe those have to be transferred over to the new intake I Don't think it came with a new component shoe. Let's get everything stripped apart and then set aside and we'll start to do some comparisons once it's all torn down and we'll see what parts have to be transferred over to our new components and which ones do not. Pretty sure we're not going to need this anymore. Let's get our old filter out.

Not bad. Get rid of you and this air box comes out as well. Nasty. All right now.

Seeing as how we've got, uh, a lot of access to our throttle body here, you see no reason to not get this thing disconnected and prepped for removal because it is being replaced. Let's see, we gotta get what else has to happen here. Hang on. I'm scoping the scene out I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but I'll figure it out here.

We can unplug the EGR that's going to go over there. We've got a PCB hose right here. Let's get rid of that guy. hold on plug you.

Looks like we've got a couple vacuum lines right here. that's for the HVAC system inside of the lead. so I'll unplug that and on the back side we have throttle linkage. So here let's move around over here.

let's see how we're supposed to get this stuff apart. So we've got how's that one snap on? I Think it just snaps. Yep, it just snaps right on and you can push it through by depressing these little tabs right here. Just tore my glove.

There's one cable and then this next cable is going to work out. I Think that one wraps around I Guess it does that. wraps around and turn it, slide it through that little notch, that side is free. and then again with the little plastic clips or tabs or whatever.

Push that in. Come here. You can pull that cable through as well. So we've got mostly everything disconnected.

Here is a vacuum line right here. Wiggle that guy out that goes right there. So now we may I think it's ready to unbolt. Looks like we've got just four bolts all right coming in.

mini impacts. Oh whoa, whoa. Hang on. Hang on.

Epic Fail right? EGR Gotta disconnect the EGR There's one we go. Okay, two more throttle body bolts to go. There's that one. And or never mind, there's three more to go that one.

Numero Cuatro. All right. So the throttle body should be disconnected from the intake's manifold. Negative: There's one more straggler.
Look at that one. Okay, that one's not even tight. Oh, it's a freaking wood screw. What is this that doesn't even go there? Anyway, Throttle body has been disconnected.

Pulled this guy out. Let's give it a quick side by side with our replacement unit. It's a massively huge difference in diameter. Look at that.

I Can put one throttle body like almost yeah, inside another throttle body. Yep, that's 78 millimeters. Yeah, this is Not okay. How does our linkage seem to compare? We've got a space for throttle position sensor.

Auto air control motor EGR Back on this side, we've got an outlet. Port outlet Port Right there there's a port. There's a port brackets with a spring that has to be transferred over. Yeah, it looks like everything's here.

This should work, no problem. A little clip, there's a clip, and then the place for our other cable to ride right here. Okay, this one passes the fitment check. All right, Foreign y So we have all of the factory support equipment transferred over, including the vacuum lines which had to be slightly modified to uh to fit the idle air control, but we have everything transferred over.

This thing will be ready to go back on as soon as the vehicle is ready for it to go back on. What? I mean by that is I Need to go ahead and get those ignition components removed first. the throttle body hangs out like right about here. We've got a spark plug here which is kind of hard to get to and another one here which will be a little hard to get to.

So let's go ahead and pop these plugs out, get the new ones swapped in real quick, that'll give us a moment to inspect them, and then once those guys are changed out, we can go ahead. and uh, get that throttle body bolts back into place. So when we pulled that boot out, look a bunch of sand came out with it and that's moderately concerning. I don't want to get sand into our engine so I'm just gonna grab the air gun real quick and we're going to blow the sand out of here and then uh, then we can pull this clutch out.

Slight detour, incoming air gun. It's dead. I Know what's going on here. Oh no, no pressure.

Look at that. So what's going on here? Breaker strips? Look at that. There we go. All right, we have air pressure.

let's try this again. Goodbye Sam there. Now that that's handled, now we may pull these spark plugs out. Let's knock this out real quick.

Like we'll change out the wires while we're here. There's one of our old units. It's an auto light. Gross.

I Definitely agree that the Motorcraft are, uh, an improvement in spark plugs over those Auto lights. But Auto lights aren't horrible. they're just, uh, kind of. Cheapo Plug click All right.

there's one. I'm just gonna set that down in there. For now, we're gonna go back into a moment and go through the wires. Change those out too.
Do I Pulled a injector wire hoops, came off by accident, unclipped those are tight. Next one out, next one in swapping them out down in your home. you go. let's get her started.

Runner down. tighten her up thick. All right. that one's just gonna drop in next.

Oh, come here. Reverse our ratchet, dropping it in, screwing it in, threading it in, threading it down, and torque applied. Okay, that's three. Let's get that last one out of there rear wire, foreign components, past the heater hoses, past the throttle, or the uh, fuel pressure regulator throttle.

Come on out. All right. Plug Number four going in. Down In the Hole it's at the bottom threading.

Let's make her tight. There we go. All right. that's four plugs.

Let's get our corresponding wires replaced all right. So when it comes to these spark plug wires, two wires are attached to this coil and the other two were attached to the other coil on the other side. So what we do here is: we're going to take off our little retainers. Set these aside.

Those are going to be reused. They're just here to keep the wires organized and in a nice bundle. That way they're not just flopping around all willy-nilly like. So here are the two wires that go over to the coil on the driver's side.

We're going to lay those over. and we're just going to focus on this coil right here. And these four wires. We're going to go ahead and unbolt the coil from its bracket.

Four bolts on nitricities come out. bolts to do. Okay, that's all for those guys. Removed bolts in hand.

I'm going to set those aside and we're going to pick our coil up, swap it out with our replacement, and then our bolts go back in same positions here. Our plug can go back on too. While we're here, we go. Let's get these guys tight.

Okay, so the two wires that go to the driver's side coil. Those are gonna stay over and out of the way. and we're only going to disconnect these one at a time so we can match them up with their replacement. So here is our shortest wire.

That's the one that's going to replace. This wire goes on that coil, which is now this wire on this coil. Let's go ahead and get it plugged in clicked into place right like so are we on Yepper! So now this one is going to run under and into our first cylinder right here. not without a little bit of dielectric.

First, squeeze that in there and we can go ahead and get this one all the way down in position and plugged into the spark plug. just like so all right. Next wire second longest that's in the upper right corner of the coil. Swap This one out next cylinder give it some lube right there, over and down onto our spark plug down and snap it in.

and then we'll run our Coral wire right up here to the upper right hand corner position. Just like so we still have two more wires to go. Those are the longest wires. however, they are running across and coming over here to our second coil which is on the driver's side.
So now let us unbolt this one Bolt the new one on and then we will swap over that second or a third and fourth wire on the passenger side. I Know we're flipping back and forth a lot. That's just kind of how this particular little design is, but it can be done efficiently. I'm bolted next I Can barely reach these without an extension.

Barely pick this one up. Set it aside. new one coming in. We'll set her down bolted in.

Can't forget our little uh electronic noise suppressor. I Heard it hit the ground. No worries. I'll get it haha Found you I got it There she is and our little bracket right here that goes in and we can go ahead and connect.

this. trigger control very good. Okay, two coils mounted. so our remaining two wires are these longer ones here.

Let's get rid of these wire bundle devices real quick. Let's connect those. Set them all aside. I Uh, I Don't know if these are actually reusable because these wires are of a smaller diameter than the replacement wires, so the replacement wires might not fit inside of these things.

Might have to do the temporary zip tie mod to make this work and then find the appropriate size brackets and then change them out later. Perhaps maybe two? Let's see, this one's the longest one runs right here, runs right here and connects to the lower left hand corner of the new coil. We'll disconnect it so it's kind of marked. We'll plug her in right there.

Okay, longest wire coming in. Let's connect you right here, lower left hand corner of the coil and I'm going to do my best to follow the same. Factory run. Yeah, we can adjust it later if need be, but we're just going to go up and over and then back.

Let's see, this is the one that came all the way to the farthest plug in the rear. Let's give that some Grease and we're going under here. We went under that one, so I'd like to go under the rest of these as well. I Want to top this stuff away as best as possible so it looks good.

All right. Next wired was in cylinder one, two cylinder number three. Let's get this guy detached, followed back, and that's going to go into the upper right hand corner of this coil. right right there in there.

Just connect you, gravity, disconnect that guy. We'll match it up. Begin installing lubricant. Get in there, inject lubricant now.

All right, and this one's going to plug in under, around and through. It's like tying your shoes, but with horsepower. Okay, I'm gonna follow this other wire that crossed over. We're not going to wrap it around, We're just going to follow it over, root it properly so and we can clean this up in a little while.

We just want to make sure everything's plugged in and routed correctly so that one goes right right there. I'm gonna pluck this one out right here. That's cylinder five and then next one back is okay. Two more wires, two more squirts.
They're nearly the same length, but if we Trace them out, we've got one a little longer than the other. We'll do the longest one first, and it looks like number five is the longest one. so let's get that one kind of started. It's going to run over and it's going to connect to our coil so we'll be all over.

so we'll tune it through our coil right here in position number five. Yep, so that one goes right there. Come on, fitment's not the greatest on these. I'm gonna have to zip tie these clamps on see how that one came off.

Yeah, they keep wanting to come up. so I need to zip tie the bottom of these to hold them in position later. but this one's gonna run up over and around and it goes right here. All right, our wire for cylinder six is ready to go in.

Let's run her through. I'm not plugging it in I'm just dropping it in the hole because I still need to change those plugs. But what we're trying to do here is just get this set up so it looks good through. That's actually looking pretty good so far.

Okay, so we're getting pretty close to having the plugs and wires completed. Let's go ahead and pull the rest of these wires out real quick. and uh, we'll blow these holes out and change the plugs real fast that we can finalize this section of the repair. Remember that one goes there I'll leave that one in there for right now.

it's number number five. We'll leave that alone. but air there. All right plugs coming out.

They're all going to come out at one time, then they're all going to go in at another time. We already saw these come out once. I'm gonna waste a bunch of, uh, valuable viewer time on stuff we've already seen, but that's just counterproductive in any fishing. Get that one.

Well, we'll do a set of three and then we'll do the straggler I Do that. So it's not really possible to mix up ignition wires. Oh, socket fell off. Come here.

Suck it. All right. That's all three of them out, Dude. So now we do three of them back in.

Put that in the socket. It's a tight squeeze. Thread it, tighten it. Fork it.

Thank you. Repeat it. Pull it. Plug it.

Wiggle It Jiggle It Insert it. thread it, tighten it, torque it, torque it more. Pull it. unclick it.

I'm a robot. Insert it, stick it, twist it. Getting old. There we go.

Okay, so we know that one's already set. Let's Lube the plug that one in. that's cylinder six. Now we can unplug this one here.

Swap that spark plug out. that'll complete the plug installation slash swapping over procedure. Get that one out. Okay, again, another ultra light in there.

Careful not to drop those in the hole. if they land on the uh, the end of the plug, you can close the gap. Gross. sorry for the nasty glove sweat on your car.

that one's tight lubricant and slip you right down in there. Give it a Twist to take up some slack and plug it in. Okay, two more wires to change out. This one went all the way in the back, so we'll get that one next.
That one attaches to the right rear towards us corner. so we're going to disconnect that. now. we're marked.

We know where it goes or unmarked. Actually, we're like the opposite of marked. the antithesis of my heart. Take that, move it over.

This one goes right here on that pole of the coil and we're gonna run it so it's clean. We're going to go under this wire, harness our holders, and back down into the spark plug that's in last one right here and that is our upper left position. Pull that out, give it some lubricant. Did I lube that last one? I Remember Anyway, that one's going right here, following the same path under here, under here, and right there on our coil and all we need to do is secure these with some zip ties and straighten up.

These wires here make it nice and pretty okey-dokes So while you guys we're not looking I Zip tied these. uh, these connectors into position here. There we go. So those things are permanently affixed ish and they're not going to go anywhere.

We've got all of the, uh, the little wire connector organizer devices. Those are in position everybody's staked on. It's all zip tied into place. It looks good.

We could probably stand to tuck these back a little bit better later on, but so far so good. Let's go ahead and get that throttle body back in position on the intake manifold. So what we're going to need to do here is pull out our towel, wipe that gasket clean. That thing looks pretty good.

It's not smashed or anything. and I don't have another one so we're reusing that. It's like this guy set her in position right? Y'all like so and we'll get the bolts set up and we can torque this unit down. There's one next Fastener look at that.

I'm gonna, how about in the back right there there we go that we can go there next one. Where do we put you? How about down right in there, drop that one down and then number four right there. Okay, let's get some torque action on these units. Where is that thing at there? It is? Something's not right.

The throttle body is not supposed to come up when you tighten it. Let's have this happened here: I Don't know. but I don't like it. Bolt not fit I don't think it does.

Maybe I need to use their Fasteners and not mine. All right. Yeah, so it looks like I can't use these stock ones on these front feet. same on that other side.

there. it runs into the body of the uh, the housing here. Let's pull that back out. but I can reuse the back ones so I will because those are probably better than these little guys right here.

They weigh more. All right. let's try this again. Throttle body going in.

two bolts and then two others from the box. Here we've got one of those going down right there with a text bit to drive it in. Is that threading? Yes, it is. And this next one right there in the back.
That one's running on good. I'm trying again. Tighten this thing down. look.

the table is becoming empty. We're running out of parts. Next good. Now for the two eight mils.

slop you back out. Very nice. Okay, let's get a few things connected here. Clean this mess up a little bit.

It's a wiring connector mess. like to undo that tidal air control. This one. a vacuum line that goes that goes right there and then this guy.

more vacuum lines. those go there. the big one out back plug you in and we can go ahead and get our throttle cables and all that good stuff reattached as well. Push that one through.

This one gets wrapped around it. Come on down there please. What are you doing carefully? Please go in there. Oh no, it doesn't fit well.

it does. but it's a that's a tight squeeze right there. It doesn't want to go in. pliers, flyers for the wind.

If I can move it around and push There we go. It goes right in. almost there That's how we go. So now that wraps around, That's correct.

Let's get this last cable on. This is the cruise control cable that snaps on right there. Okay, last but not least, we have the EGR That's a new gasket. The old one has already been removed from the side of the EGR right here.

So let's take didn't even need to unplug that. Let's plug our vacuum blind back in, stick our Fasteners through the EGR valve, and then slide the gasket over those bolts right through the holes. There you can take it, push it in, line it up, thread them down, and then apply torque action. There we go.

All right. let's get these last two bolts right here, tight and then we'll throw that intake together and we can fire this thing up. Get in there all right. But I can't use these bolts.

they don't Uh, they don't bottom out. Look at. That is this situation. These holes are not short enough.

Uh. I do not have bolts suitable for the EGR with this kit these bolts, but they need to not be as long. So rather than cutting them off, I'm just going to uh, space them out with some washers. That should be fine.

Let's try two. We'll do two washers, one on each side and see what. or two and two on each side and let's see what happens. It's either gonna work or it's not, huh? Yeah, that did work.

Tickets? Okay, that one's good. Let's spin that other one out, give that thing some washers, and then torque that one down and at that point, we can throw the intake back together real quick. Like, and uh, see how this thing sounds? Imagine a big throttle body in the intake. It's going to sound a lot better.

should be more throatier. Okay, so this little piece right here. It's got this Grommet on it. and that grommet is going to bolt onto the fender in the same location as the factory air cleaner.
So we need to slip this filter into that Fender that goes in the hole to. Well, that's a tight series. It doesn't seem to put a fit in there. That's our first little snafu here.

Let's take this off, set that thing aside and try again. What's this problem? Oh, it's just a real tight squeeze here. No worries. just shove it on in there like that.

There, that's in Next, let's take our intermediate pipe here and get this thing refitted. Let's get this plant tight. Okay, we can plug in some stuff I Guess appears to be the permanent position that goes there and then up at the throttle body. We've got another clamp right here.

Oh, it is unclamped. Get in there. Get in there clam. What are we doing? Fail.

Clamp. Fail. There it goes. Came all the way on threaded.

Okay, that's secure and tight. This is secure and tight. That one. that one, that one, that one, that one, that one, that one.

and that. Okay, so now all this left is some of this Plumbing action we have here. That guy goes there. Hmm, we need to extend this hose some that's not going to stay.

So we have one PCV hose that goes over to the other valve cover and this came with the kit. So I'm assuming that the extension is put this piece in close doesn't exactly fit the greatest. Yeah, this is where the fitment part kind of falls short because they used standard size uh hoses for non-standard applications. All right.

So I think we're good on this. Uh, this tune-up slash performance upgrade. Let's go hit the key and stop the engine. Let's see if this thing sounds, uh, well, let's just see how it sounds.

I Don't know if it's going to sound any different or if it's going to sound the same if it's going to sound throaty. and I don't know if it's going to perform any different, but uh. well. we'll see at least Shiny right beginning engine starting sequence.

Now how are we doing here? This fire is not a I don't hear any chicken ticking. Hey, we got a misfire somewhere. she's digging. All right.

Well, it definitely feels a little throat here. Nice strong response. This thing's good to go. All right, we're good with This looking pretty.

No misfires, no spark leaking, no high idle, no vacuum leaks I Need to touch this up a little bit and do a little bit of work with some hoses. But other than that, this section of this Improvement is complete. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead close this video out right now. We do have more work to do on this car, but that's going to be the next phase we have completed phase.

I'm going to call this phase two. We've completed phase two, We'll be on the phase three and the phase two. We've worked on intake and ignition, and in the next phase we're going to work on exhaust so we can see over here. I've got a ginormous box with some exhaust parts, but we're going to save that one for next time.
So what? That being said, as always, I'd like to thank you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this performance video on this Mustang. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like and wire down there.

And most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day in the video in the Mustang powering down.

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  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R. W says:

    Since you replaced all the shocks, I would’ve gone further and upgraded to coilovers.
    Love you he referred to Scotty’s: “rev up peoples’s engine” 😂

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Krieb says:

    am i the only one that noticed the plug wires were numbered?

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JoeVK says:

    Pretty sure Autolite used to make Motorcraft spark plugs at one point.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Nelson says:

    Dropping that coil bolt reminded me of my a/c mechanic days. Dropping bits while standing on a ladder or maint. Stand when working in the hanger, it got to the point where I wouldn’t have to watch where it fell as I could usually just listen. Near the endof my 4 yr Air Force career I could typically look right at the bolt or nut before climbing down to get it 😅 Washer were a different story 😮

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Rivenbark says:

    Dude, your hands are shaking like a Chihuahua. Your moving too fast and dropping stuff because of it. I realize time is money but your gonna burn out. Enjoy the moment and live! I’m a retired A&P mechanic so I know what I’m saying!

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Geng says:

    Sand in the spark plug holes… must be a Florida thing ! Lol

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Netflix Wayne says:

    Great video as always Ray but there is something that was bugging me watching this video. Should the bracket on top of the alternator have bolts in them there in front on the alternator. Have the same setup on my car and the alternator has 2 nuts on the bottom of the alternator and on the top bracket it has 2 bolts at the rear that screw on the intake and 2 bolts in front that go in the alternator.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bas Bass says:

    Somehow i have the impression the fresh spark plugs and a fresh air filter makes the most difference. Should have measured power output before and after. Deleting the EGR probably would have made a much bigger difference (if legal to do that).

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Hudick says:

    Having found that sand around one spark plug I would have taken the precaution of blowing air around the each of the rest of the plugs before removing them!! That's something I was taught to do to every component before I removed it anyway!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Carter says:

    ray love the videos bt did you check gap on the plugs off screen that we didnt get to see

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars noselesswizardness says:

    So glad the engine bay was cop by at least 2001 the wire job here is gross even bubba wasn’t that bad

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Maddoktor2 says:

    Cold Air Induction will net slightly more HP than a Short Ram system, always a good choice if the car can handle one. The '89 Toyota I restored required a Short Ram system, but that still boosted the HP by 12%.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Todd Bevins says:

    Did you need to gap the new spark plugs first? Do they come gaped correctly?

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mike berry says:

    You forgot the parts cannon ball , sounds flat as a fart when you revved it up, those after market junk parts look crap, just destroyed its authenticity, hope you put his original air box in the boot so it could be refitted at a later date , try using a ratchet Moore when tightening small threaded items or you could end up stripping threads , sorry if you think I am being negative , but only commenting on what I see and know , and I am not Scotty's mate

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stevo says:

    thankyou Ray,,very nice upgrade,,👍👍

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Doe says:

    are we mocking mr. Kilmer here. lol

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:


  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Idaho Mike says:

    Those mods will add a little horsepower, but not without a tune to take advantage of it. The intake and exhaust work only comes into play after telling the ECM to give it more fuel and spark advance.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars meccastreisand says:

    Replacing air intake parts on the 4.6L 2v motors without changing the cams & heads (TrickFlow or ported) or going forced induction is the same as teaching a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. A small upgrade to the cams and ported or trickflow heads will enable it to use the added flow from the inlet parts. Otherwise it's a complete waste of money. Data from 500+ dyno sessions shows it clearly. Bolt-ons don't help.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clark John says:

    Great job Ray.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clark John says:

    Every Ford on the market are all show and no go. Can't pay me to drive a Ford.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nick Kaumans says:

    Bahahahahhaa rev up other people's engines

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RCAV8R says:

    Loved the Scotty Kilmer shout-out reference at the beginning of the video!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert S. says:

    Don't worry…it eventually will be totaled by the driver.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony Baker says:

    Ray, not sure if you noticed (you probably did), but the High Performances Plug wires were marked to what cylinders they go to. Love the video regardless.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PjStarTV says:

    I'm guessing the black Mustang you were revving at the start of the video was the 2003 Mustang GT that you did a video on a few days after this video was released. Yeah, I caught that since I'm behind on watching.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Leonard Crisci says:

    Most Mustang owners do this mod themselves lol

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars peter daughtrey says:

    These parts only Restore O.E. power. Actually cold air thingy wasted cash ! Take a good look @ O.E. setup.
    It's already a Cold Air !!
    O.E.s been doing cold air long time since it's free HP , better MPG , Lower emissions ! Just Ck It Out !

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Onaopemipo Odetunde says:


  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DIAGAMEIT says:

    Almost felt like the throttle body was crying a Ray sweat tear drop from pressing in that throttle cable with the pliers 😢😂

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ralph says:

    Just a question. Dont you need to modify the computer to except all the new power equipment?