In this video I bring you along as I swap out the front window regulator in a customers Ford Fusion. It is not a hard job it just takes some time and a few rivets.
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That folks were inside of 2013. Ford Fusion It's got the big two five. uh, the window over here is pretty screwed up and I said to myself when I got to work this morning itself. you're gonna record the first job that comes in for the people.

So this is what you guys get today. We're at start by attempting to take the door panel off without breaking a whole bunch of stuff which would be nice and it looks like this guy doesn't have his glasses so you need to T something. I've got some probably about a 25 we're using our wear tool check. plus it's our portable kit with the clip on the back for the mechanic.

With the on-the-go lifestyle, we're going to take out this first screw right here behind the door pull. or it's not. door pull behind. door handle.

looks like that whole little plastic bit's gonna come off there as you're locking it so we're gonna have to unplug it. Push in the little tab so there's that guy one Torx screw. We'll set that down here on the floor mat and there should be one down here in the door pull and there is and it looks like it may be a different size. Nope, it's the same size.

isn't that convenient? So T20 or 25 which take that screw out. What's that little fella? same screw that went in top I Don't know if this will come out, but it does I don't recall having done one of these I probably have at some point in my life I imagine, but we don't have a lot of customers that have Ford vehicles for whatever reason. Oh, probably you need to take that screw out. It's all busted out in there in the bottom of that door pull.

There's probably a cover over it. Maybe at some point I Feel a screw back here. Yep I wonder if that's the same size and this oops, just throw that anywhere. say I thought I felt one down here and I feel one down at the bottom too.

Let me have a little, let's see what that was. That one's different. That one looks to be about a seven mil. Let's see.

Yes, the bottom one is seven millimeter. There's an awful lot of screws for a door Today's day and age, but it is kind of an older car so stance reason and there's that screw there in the bottom. Typically on four doors they just pull up. but I think we're gonna have to pop this little speaker off here? perhaps I'm wrong on that part.

Nope. This one is not a pull-up style so it must have, uh, must have pins in it. Let me get a trim tool. Oh there we go.

So it is all just plastic push pins on the back of this two. three four five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, right? I don't know if I counted them right but I brought back there and accounted for it a normal broke so that's always a plus. So I set the panel down. Can't see much on this little fella, can we? Wow.

All righty then. so it looks like we probably want to pop this plug out. The window still works, but barely. It makes a lot of racket.

Um, we got going on here. Oh, this thing comes out. We gotta be able to see both of the bolts for the window regulator, so maybe this thing comes out. appears that it does.
Don't even know what that is, but just a little cover there. You push it on the black tabs and that pops right loose. Let's turn the key on, see if we can give the window one last hoorah here. Plug in our window switch again.

Okay, there's both of our bolts and that sounds like probably about all that window is gonna write. So I roll it down. We can get a bolt here and a bolt here. There's a 10 millimeter variety I Don't know if we've got enough tool to crack them loose or not, but we're going to give it a try.

Do our 10 mil put a little bit of an extension on there leading my pencil this morning, see if we can't crack them loose with a ratchet handle. When you get these loose, push in on the bolt because it's just like a V-shaped rubber sandwich that sandwiches the window. Sometimes they're kind of stuck to the glass. This is a pretty common way for domestic automakers to hold window.

glass. in. Let's see, our glass should probably be loose. now.

there we go. Yep, so our window glass is loose. Let's get some suction cups. hold the window glass up out of the way because it looks like we have to take this whole mess off here.

I Don't know if it's riveted to it. I See a lot of rivets on a lot of things. Speakers riveted in stuff like that. So I'm not real sure.

Um, let me go get a suction cup. All right. That should keep our window out of the way. I'm gonna get a little cordless screw gun and start unscrewing things.

Okay, smart about this. It's Monday morning memories aren't very good. We're going to take a picture of this thing. Quick click.

Oh yeah. so we're gonna take a picture and save it on the cell phone. handy. it's little device they ever came up with myself.

A little arrow next to where all the wire. Clips go. We're gonna pop these out. You'd think you'd remember all this stuff.

We're about five seconds after tearing it all apart. All right. I Never seem to. So if you're in that same situation, you're not alone.

You're not alone fella. So we're gonna unhook this. uh oh, you know, just make up your own stuff. Call it what you want, nor some people call them door handles.

Unplug this little fella. Not really sure what it is. The thing that oh I see, so that's just the outer case. that's gonna say yeah, we got some torx bits there so we can take that off.

Okay man, if that's all riveted on, that's kind of a that's kind of a pain. We'll just use our little Torx bit here. Take our speaker out. We need to unplug it so we'll set them screws down here.

Unplug that baby. Oh she's a woofer. I Did not grab a wire retaining tool. We can take the door handle off while we're right here though.

That's one thing we can do using Aware kit that looks like it's probably an eight millimeter if I had to guess. So so far we've had to use seven and ten and now an eight. So seven, Eight and ten is what you'll need. Oh, this guy's getting carried away.
so there's that. and I guess we just leave it hanging because I'm thinking this is going to come off and then at least that's my vision that I have one plug that this wire goes all the way up in there. Do we need to take the whole speaker off to unplug? it? must be mirror and then speaker and to get your speaker off. you just pull.

So there's a metal clip here and a metal clip here and it just snaps in and I'd show you the connector on the mirror but you'll see it. It's right there. Pinch it, unplug it. It's easier than moving the camera right? Okay, and then, as far as the uh, electric motor here, super convenient.

Oh, they did this. Reach back here, see if I can't hit the tab and unplug it I did. So there's this little tab back there. Get some light on the subject for you.

You'll just have to reach back and unplug it. Okay, it's time. Let's go get a wire retaining tool. Let's see how many of these we can snap off.

Unbolt this sucker, get underneath that thing. There We go. Foreign. There's number one without breaking.

Oh, they're that style. so they're not Christmas Tree: They got the wings on them. Releasing them from this side is difficult at best. but if you break one, don't don't feel too bad.

Probably not the end of the world. So far, so good though. Why would you look at that? I got her one of them. This guy's got some tape on them.

Well, that's not gonna be easy. it's that foam tape. I Don't think we're gonna get this one folks. There we go.

we got it. Whether it's gonna go back together tonight I Don't know, but let's take our eight mil. start taking all these screws out. Okay, so there's all those bolts.

We'll set them down here. We're getting quite the collection. Oh ah, one hiding behind the swearing harness. We'd have found it eventually and this is probably sealed on it.

Looks like it's got some kind of goop behind it. Okay, seal is all broke loose looking like we're in a whoa fella. Another wiring connector that's got to be in here? Yes sir. So there's uh.

your door handle. We'll take this off so we'll pop the wire off the back here. your cable. I should say Push Pull cable.

So there's the cable, hooks it right onto the back here, your door lock and it hooks onto the lock side of it just because that's how this thing's designed, so you'll see, it's pretty. That's pretty straightforward. Um, and then, uh. then there is a connector in here that's not as straightforward if you're not familiar.

I'll show it to you once. I unhook it if I get it successfully here. Nope. I'm not going to get successfully without light.

so let me go get some light. Well, it didn't work out as planned. So on the bottom of this thing, there's a red lock tab. Let me see if I can fish it out.
I Dropped it in the bottom of the door. They're real pain though. Yeah, oops. almost had it.

My meat nuggets down there. so there's this red lock tab. You'll see this lighting sucks in this video. huh? am I right? Let's see, let's see what's up right here.

So we've got this little red lock tab that sits down in the in this connector right down here and in a perfect world, you just this sits in there like so it's upside down. Okay, you're gonna reach in there and just flick that thing back, but they come out really hard. You're supposed to be able to get them with your fingers and pull them back, but you can't at least I can't My fingers are really messed up right now. Really messed up man.

So now I've got it relatched on there and I got to get it unlatched again. If it breaks, just throw it away. Honestly, you don't need this thing there. You slide it back, you push down the black Tab and then ideally off it comes.

But these things are. They're kind of silly. Like is it? we're just set to the side right now. We may or may not remember it when we put back together.

Make sure when you're putting this together, when you stick your wire and your cable through here, you have it on the right side of the regulator. If you have it on your own side, when your window comes down, it's going to chop it off. Yeah, we do chop it off. So I'm always telling this though.

So there it is. there's your window regulator. This thing's all sorts of broke. At least it's making an awful lot of racket full show and it looks like it's all riveted off.

So before you cut your rivets, make darn sure you got two rivets to replace it with. I'm gonna have to look to see if I do I think we've got window regulator rivets. All right. Washer on those ones.

Another washer. so this side had a washer that's interesting. there's that one. and then it's like here.

Oh this is tricky I went and got big. We got a couple little rivets on this one and a big one. Whoa. Excuse me fella.

Oh, come on there. So I always just use my drill on super ultra high speed and a sharp bit just Whittle the heads off them. Okay, so that's our regulator loose, but we still have to unattach the motor and that's got some torques there. and we're conveniently right next to the Torx drawer.

This is a T25 I got in my hands wrong. So it's a T20 like I say through that one that one and let's I'm thinking so this baby will come right off. thank you. But I've been wrong before.

It feels like it's kind of bound up there. She goes off, she comes. So there's your motor assembly. a lot of wires in that thing.

and now this pit pot got a really really jerk holes. This thing's got a rivet in it too. there. Get the oh yeah.

You can see where the cable's all chowdered up in that now. So there's your regulator. You can see the cables wadded up in there. It's funny.
Oddly enough, on our videos, people question us often times, but why are you changing it? How do you even know it's bad? Like I don't know. Dude, it's just broke. Man, it's broke. What can I tell you and then uh, looks like I don't think this comes with a new regulator well before I Drill that off.

Let's uh, get the regulator and find out here. Probably not because it's aftermarket. Yeah, I don't see it. So let's uh, that should be super convenient to line up idiots.

Okay, I'm Gonna Knock The rivets here out of these holes spin on that one a little bit. Okay, that one fell out. That one fell out. so we're good and I have no idea which way that went.

Doesn't matter. Rivets don't bite that tight. Hopefully we can still move it. We'll get it kind of half close.

I Do have to go see if we have some smaller size rivets. It's too bad that the manufacturer of the Apple Market regulator doesn't send the rivets to do the job. You know to get the job done, but they don't So oh, how did this thing go? They've got it going like that, right? Yeah, that cable cross is there. That one does this, and this one does that.

Set that one down for a moment, set this one right here. and then this thing's got to go on here one way or the other. Got some of your classic 770 2764 Papa rivets from Naprox. Hopefully they're right, appear to be.

Let's get the big rivet gun small one and get after this thing. All right, let's give this one a little squeeze. Foreign good. we can still rotate I didn't really Jam that one down.

Oh cray-cray because I didn't want her to get stuck. We are going to install the motor first and foremost and for what it's worth, that little wind-up of cable and stuff in there, it does have Lube in it. I Really got questioned quite heavily on our last window regulator video. Why? I didn't Lube the track didn't know it was a thing I mean some of the old mechanical ones with the window track that you know that that scissors and slides? Yeah, they've got a lot of Lube in them.

Typically these things don't I mean you'll see Lube like in the cable tracks and stuff. Come on. I Don't know. never.

I've never seen it like in service date except like I say like on old cars but some little roly-poly ones that literally never break. But then you get these cable. Drive classic units. You know they're not super great.

Let's see. let's see if we can't let certain line and stuff up here. One big rivet up here. All right.

A couple limo rivets down here. let's see. So we got that going right way do we? Yes, there, it looks like we do. So we're gonna push push push on this one.

Hold on oh boy. I thought they come across my finger. Get that out of there then. I Got some of your classic 770s, 28 33s.
All right, 3 16 rivet spray. Yeah, he's got a little fatter head than what we need, but we're gonna use them. There's that side. get a couple more.

Biggins for over here. thank you I don't think I want to play me? Got her head off the map like a little missile. Good thing he didn't whack me in the face. I Guess that's it.

That's what she looks like and apparently apparently that clicks down into there. and I guess that's all you need to know folks. We'll run the glass up. get it up by the holes.

We can do that after we slip this baby in, but it's not too difficult of a job. But I bet if you're a diyer and you don't have a rivet gun, um, maybe you can get little bolts. Like little machine bolts perhaps? Okay, what do we need to do? I know we've got a wiring harness with a funky red clip that may or may not go back on. Okay, and then we've got the lock cable slash door opener cable this hang here I'm gonna reach through.

put the uh switch back in here. There we go, make darn sure it latches foreign. Did we really? Oh my gosh, it's too late now. I Can't believe I Can't believe we forgot that thing next time next time.

I Get in there, we'll do it. I Promise I promise What's up? I'm gonna put a few bolts in here. Okay, now if any of you are super observant, you would have said a couple of them bolts are different. A couple of them got a big old fat head like your nickname in school fat head.

they were on the bottom. Don't know why they're different but they are. all the rest of them are little head. The only reason I knew they went there is because they had Telltale marks on there I don't think that I Remember that Honestly, you'd have to go back to the beginning to see if I'm right I think I am.

but I could be wrong. We'll go through with the torque wrench. all right. Now that you have everything torqued, it's in the factory spec I think that thing was in the middle and there's that one.

How convenient having these little arrows. Still gonna get it wrong? Got it? Oh thank you. This one has to be nasty. There it goes.

there. it goes. There's the connector plug in the mirror. You'll figure that one out.

that one. I'm not showing you results. Did that go into our window switch? Nope. This one goes somewhere else up into this connector.

Probably. No. I don't know where it goes. We'll figure out where it goes in a minute.

Let's see if our um oh my God are you guys okay? hello, hello? Wow. Sorry about that fellas. Shut the headlights off before we get super far. Not that we're not already super far.

see if this baby. Works Uh, like a green. Put that right where we can get to them. Shut the key, Back off.

grab the subwoofer I think. don't wait much at all. Wire in the groove that baby right there. Lawnmower man's mowing the lawn.

Thank you. There's that. Probably we can pull our suction cups off, but let's get a 10 mil. Let's get our this little guy here with the eight on it.
We're gonna steal that. Stick this on here. We're going to get our 10. these are usually loose, but we're going to make sure that they are.

We'll slide our glass right down into this fella, loose. pop our suction cups loose. oops, of course. I Can't tell if it's in the key again.

I should just left this on. Should have left this plug again. Here's a guy who likes doing things six or seven times in a row. We'll just click it in.

this time. we're going to let it down a little bit. I Just want to make sure that the window is down in the wedge all the way a little bit. Release it Okay Oh See, it totally missed the slot up here.

You don't want to do that, fella, you know I do that too many times in your life wrong. Make sure we have this one. Oh, pull our suction cups off. These are handy little things for doing jobs like this.

Let me tell you what. Okay, I'm holding a little down pressure on the glass making sure it's in all the way. Snug those up. Let's see.

so I'll make sure it sounds like my guy Josh is having fun over there Hammer All right, we're going to torque these down to the factory spec right now. We had to do that one a couple times, didn't we? Oh man. guess what? we've we forgot one rivet idiot idiot. How many people are saying that? huh? They're watching right to the end so they can leave that comment.

you forgot a rivet idiot. Guess what? You're right. So that thing's back in. put your rubber on in.

I should say I'm gonna retrain the window. Oh, you don't do these ones like that up and hold that could be wrong down and hold. see if the express function works. Nope, It doesn't have to figure out how to retrain re-initialize the window because it keeps popping down automatically which I knew we were gonna have to do.

You might have to have the door shut or something funky I don't know. Let me go look that up before we get it all together in case something weird has to be done. So it has the auto feature typically on a lot of automakers, you just push and hold until it goes down all the way and Pull and hold so it goes up all the way. Wait a couple seconds and release it and then typically it'll work, but this one has a like some kind of anti-pinch feature so as it's coming up, it gets just about up and then it comes back down automatically.

So let's see. uh, see what we can do to fix that. and uh, see if we can get a rivet in there. My rivets might have too big of heads I Don't know if they'll fit behind the motor and I'm not going to take it all back off for that.

I'll tell you that right now, so it's a good thing we looked, folks. We have to D Initialize the window by one of three methods. Well, the window is moving. We have to remove power from the window.
You can do it one of three methods: a Start moving the window and have somebody unhook the battery at the same time B remove the fuse while the window is moving or C unhook the motor while the window is moving. I Don't know how important this is to the process, but it says unless you're replacing it, this is how you have to do it. So we're going to get our tab kind of ready here. Ah, you black hole.

it's gonna freaking idiot engineer design something stupid like this. I don't know. Let's put the connector on the back because this is how Engineers start. Okay, while the window is moving.

it didn't say which direction but there unplugged it while it was moving. Apparently that de-initializes it and then we need to go all the way up, hold for two seconds, all the way down, hold for two seconds and then it should be initialized. see if the express up feature works. It's still not functioning foreign, doesn't seem to be biting I Don't know why it won't take initialization.

Let me try it again here. A lot of pain. the Ho-Ho yeah man, we're just being nice because it's on YouTube freaking thing. I'm gonna piss around with this for a little bit.

I'll let you know if I get it all right. So it's been a while I've been screwing this thing for a better part of it half an hour I Pulled the glass out because I'm like, well, something binding. why won't it initialize and and car at some point its life must have had tinted windows. There was a bunch of window tint still kind of jammed in the corners here.

but I mean I'll be honest with you the uh, um, the window rolls up and down fine as far as fitting up and let me let me run the regulator down I Ran the regulator up and down by itself I mean the glass goes up and down to the track smooth. I mean there's not. If I let it go, it's gonna. it's gonna fall.

I Mean there's no. There's no binding. Yeah, you feel it going into, you know, the upper window belting. But let me.

uh. I'm getting just about sick of it at this point. It is an aftermarket regulator. Maybe that's our issue I'm gonna get her re-lined back up in the grooves here.

Try it 15 or 20 more times and I'm just going to call it. um, just because I don't know I don't know what else to do. It's starting to piss me off at this point. Open up there.

I've ran the window regulator up and down with nothing in it. Also, just to be sure what's up Miss though. um, what did you have to order for that truck that go to it in? uh, idler pulley in a belt, right? and you think that's all that's going on with it? Uh, it's until I get it running. Yeah.

I mean that's that's what I see is obviously wrong with it. The belt fell off. Do you think that's something I've done today? Yeah, it shouldn't take fairly. If that's all it needs then.

I mean the window comes down on its own just for Gravity it's not even bolted in yet, folks. I Can verify that the Uh process to de-initialize it does work because once it's de-initialized there is no Express function of it. I've tried de-initializing it using all of their methods except for moving the fuse you know I've had Mrs Oh, move the window while I unhooked the battery and you know that whole ordeal so we'll have to de-initialize Hey, look at that. it freaking worked.
Are you telling me that those little flakes of oh I just want to flip this thing off I shouldn't flip it off because it works now. but honestly I took out like just a couple little flecks of window tint that were here and here. and I'm not I'm talking like less than a half a square inch of material overall. and then I just wiped the dirt off the glass I mean what did I just do oh I put this window or this up on here which this should be on while it's initialized initially.

which I you know I've tried it with this uh, with this belting off. Also, try to untreated off like I said I was running the window up and down like just nothing is binding like it felt wonderful I did it so many times that the freaking motor actually quit working there for a minute. Please go up and stay up. Oh Holly Louie or Hallelujah I tried straight up the swearing of this thing too.

Maybe that's what worked. it didn't because I tried that first. All right. So I guess if you're having problems initializing yours which Ford service data The literature says one thing, but the switch says another.

I'll read it to you I'll show you what it says in service data. It's confusing AF because it's backwards and I check two different sources Mitchell and actual forward service data and it's wrong in both how it's written versus how the procedures actually carried out. One last hoorah here! Ali G Whiz Whoo it's in. We're in.

Let's unplug this thing now. Okay, I'm glad we did all that before we put this crap back together just before I forget because like I said I was just trying Anyway, trying all the different methods because you just never know. Okay, I can't believe I forgot them washers and I almost forgot a rivet. Wow, uh, but this is neither here nor there.

I mean those things are paper thin. Let's be honest. I don't believe that's why it's not initializing on us. But that's right.

it'll give the people something to comment about. Anyways, people distracted. Let's see, we're going. We do.

We have to do anything else while we're here. Anything? Yeah, we probably should put the door handle back in right? Tell you what? that thing got me all sorts of flustered. We're gonna stick our door handle back on. stick this back up there and find our bolt was that eight millimeter? Okay, I guess we can do it with this and this was kind of loose.

I'm Gonna Leave it a little bit loose. I think we can reach through and tighten it right? Yes, that should be open enough this way. Here we can get it lined up perfect, but there's a lot of slop in this thing. You know you can have this thing mounted all sorts of different positions so we'll we will leave it a little bit loose and then the other thing you need to do my guy is you need to put your speaker back in.
It's got the two clips and a little alignment. Peg So we'll stick this thing out there. Get the alignment Peg lined up and just pop that in and put the connector on. Is that all you need to put in there? Mr O Looks like we're running out of parts.

We got three screws left and a red lock tab. Do that with your red lock. Tip: Put it right next to your washers. All right.

It's kind of a pain with that speaker and a way to get the top of that door lined up. I Need to make sure that I have it perfectly. Yep, there we go because you got to get it that uh top window track there. she sits down in it.

Foreign. I Don't want to plug this in just yet I Want to make sure? Well, I guess like we could plug it in I Guess it doesn't matter. just want to make sure that this is all going to line up. All good before we tighten anything up.

Okay, that screw lines up right nicely. Thank you. I actually went to the door panels on that kind of sits where it needs to sit. So once the door panel's on then I Guess you could tighten this thing up so we'll tighten that handle up.

Get this little guy to come back in there that goes right there and we've got the little screw the Torx bit that baby lined up and then you've got the little screw cover. Get that slit back in there and that goes in there and like a so you've got the long torxy bit. This one came from the back way back in here and then all. we should have left I believe this one with the seven mil.

So we're gonna have to swap this bit out here and this one went in the bottom. Way Down Yonder There's that. Now all that is left are these wires here. Plug into this little guy right here down into the front.

Oh, there's no retainers and that must be there is they're broke. Let me get a bit of a small washer to stick on this because that bottoms broke out and um, it's not going to stay in unless we do. that. two undo everything you just did because you noticed this piece of foam laying on the ground that goes right there.

So we're gonna stick it on the door panel here there. So yeah folks, it's going back on and now nobody can beat me and the ones already on the back I Had to take it back off just to prove it to you. It's right back there. Wow.

the things I do for the people. Hey I'm the one that asks for the criticism right. Feed off from it. Step three: Start all over again.

Start over. Go home. Stick the deal over it. It's a fun little washer to stick in there.

Uh, help out where that piece of plastics broke out of there, but you get some fingernail goo in there, she'll be. she'll be stuck good. So we're all back on. Just got to clean the window off.
It's fired up. Make sure everything works a little bit. now. let's press down Express up.

Keep going all the way. So it appears at the hardest part of this job was the relearn procedure. Reminds me of today's society. overly sensitive and nonsense I Don't know if that's appropriate to say, but it is.

It's just kind of a nonsense feature that's overly as sensitive well. I Don't know I Get the idea of the obstruction. but man, it is touchy. Doesn't take much obstruction I Mean, if the kids got his head out there, let him get it squeezed a little bit.

That'll teach him I'm not saying it Guillotine Mode. but a little more pressure than this thing puts out foreign. thank you folks. Window regulator on your 13 Fusion Uh, not a bad job.

The job itself is pretty easy. That's learning that initialization business that really burn my biscuits, but we got it in the end. But it just kind of sucks that I often only had to unhook the battery and now I got all the presets and whatever. But anyhow, work says it should.

Now everybody should be pretty happy. If you're doing this for a customer, wipe the dang window off. wipe the door panel even if the cars are freaking hog hole. Just clean it up.

do the best you can if you forgot them. two washers. forget about it. you don't really need them I don't think I don't think you do I'm not super worried about it.

and then the red clip. Forget about it. Throw those things right in the trash. That's what I tell you.

and the other thing I tell you is go in the comments section questions, comments, concerns. it's down there Insta Facebook You guys know what to do. Just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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