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This video is Pt 4 FInally getting to replace the crankshaft main seal. The transmission was nearly impossible to remove due to rusted components. Nissan 3.3 oil leak resealed with new oil pump, timing belt and water pump.
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. We're going uh, back up in the air with this uh particular. Nissan Frontier The Trans is out of it. It's over there out of stand.

Uh, yes. I Skipped all the laborious Parts We're gonna go back to the engine, pull the flex plate slash flywheel off and then I'll be in a position to change the rear crankshaft seal. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. By the way, if you're new here, welcome, Glad you guys are here! This is a uh part three I think I think this is the third video.

No, no, no, this is the fourth. Uh. First video I diagnosed the AC Second video: We tore down the uh, the oil pan, the front timing cover, timing belt, and the water pump. Third video: I Replaced the front steering gear and some of the hydraulic lines and now, like I said, we're going back to the back of the engine.

We're gonna pull this flex plate off and get that rear crank seal replaced. All right. Let's go ahead and get to it. We've got a 14 mil socket here.

Let's pull these uh, crank bolts out. Oh good. They came loose I Was afraid the little gun wasn't going to do it and it's close. You hear that hammer in there, double hitting.

There we go. one more. let's put these aside. there's hundreds of bolts that have been removed out of this truck.

Okay, let's pull this guy off I Wonder if this is indexed? No, it's not. It can go any way it wants. I'm gonna mark this. yeah I'd like to mark this because I don't know.

Um, well, it's got a crankshaft uh, position sensor on it and it's back here. and I think it uses some position on this flex plate slash flywheel as it's TDC So I'm just gonna Mark things up a little bit so we know, uh, kind of where this came from. It couldn't hurt, might not be necessary, but it could be. Let's go and pull this guy off next.

Oh, that's a lot of oil in there. Nasty. Come here. There we go.

Okay, so here's the back of the crankshaft. This right here is the seal and you can see a bunch of oil in there. I think I need to remove this little uh, this aluminum housing right here. A couple 10 mil bolts.

let's pull these guys out there flew in my face. I think I just prize off of there. Okay, okay, we'll just get behind it with a little pry bar here and just walk this thing back become disconnected from. Oh, there's a pin right here.

See the old pin? There's a pin kind of hanging on to this. Let's get that thing. walked off. There we go.

All right, there's our rear seal. It's a right here. we've got a gasket between that little cover plate and the block. We need to to get that gasket separated or just grind it off with a polishing wheel.

Yeah! I think I'll just hit it with a ziz wheel spider web. Okay, all right, incoming power Tools: Polish off that gasket business right there and then we'll have a nice, clean, smooth surface to go off of dog noises. Okie doke. So we got the back of the crank uh, seal plate thing kind of polished up.
It was a bit of rust pitting right here, but that seems to be a little inconsequential because the seal is here and then around here at the gasket. So I think that's okay. I'm just gonna polish up this uh mating surface for the trans real quick and then we can think about reinstallation. Clean that up real nice.

Yeah, that's pretty good. All right. All right, let's rinse this thing off and then get that new seal installed shiny. There we go.

That's pretty. Give it a good little wipe down here. Much more better. All right.

All righty. we're over here at the bench. I've got the rear seal and it's a little flange thing I need to uh to knock the seal out and then uh, we can uh, press the new one in see if my Vise opens up enough to uh to support this properly. So I can press uh press that old seal out I have to avoid breaking this of course I break it I'm I'm in trouble I Think right about there.

that's good. Let's get at it with a punch. old seal. There's our new one.

Clean this floor out of this thing a little bit and get all the nasty out. Make it nice and shiny. There we go. clean the bottom side too.

It's got a bunch of sealant on it from the last attempt to seal this up with silicone. or RTV get rid of that. Very good. Okie Dokes This thing's nice and clean and shiny like.

let's go ahead and get our seal uh tapped into place here real easy. just walk it in with a dead blow. Beautiful. very nice.

All right. new seal and a new gasket coming into position here. Let's go ahead and set this gasket up on its uh, on its little studs there. I'm gonna throw a little bit of grease on this seal so it slides well and then we can get this guy bolted back together.

Okay A little bit of grease goes right in there on that seal. Some people don't do this I prefer to do it because why not? Couldn't hurt I'll just stick a little bit on that surface. It's kind of a lot of bit, but that's fine and you can sneak that guy over the crank. Oh my.

Gasket moved. Oh no oh no no no no no no we're not doing that. Line the pins up and crankshaft seal is in position. That's pretty much better.

Good. Okay, let's get our four little bolts here that hold this, uh, bracket assembly together. Get these guys on. We got four of those.

Nice. Let's go ahead and give it some actual clicks. Be good. Actual clickage is complete.

well. I Just spied with my little eye. Something not good You see right here. What's that right there? That's the vacuum line for the uh, fuel pressure regulator and right above it.

Sorry I hit you with suppliers right above it is where it plugs into right here that little tube. The issue is is there is no vacuum line I'm going to need to uh to fix that while I'm back here. We're going to call that a bonus. Let's get this.
uh, this old hose off of here. It's in there good too. Come on. vacuum hose become removed.

There we go. You see that that's not okay. Okay, I've got a piece of a bulk vacuum hose here I Think this right here should be enough. Just two or three inches.

Let's cut that off all the way up. Oh I can't even reach stuff poking me. Okay, that's on the vacuum source. push down a little further.

there we go and then we'll Loop it around, plug it into the regulator, fuel pressure regulator and that's a uh, that's a complete repair all right. Okie Dokes time for some reassembly. Let's go ahead and get our plate spacy plate back in and it's going to ride over the two dial pins right here and over here. We'll set that gun in looking good.

Bolts are lined up Now we can get the flex plate in. Okay, flex plate coming in I'm gonna put it back exactly where I got it, marking up my nail polish with my nail polish. Put our little washer plate thing on there so there's debris. Get out of here Sure right there.

Go ahead and get this guy threaded and we'll run it down with our gun. Come on bolts. get in there. That's three.

four bolts, five bolts and six bolts. Red. There we go. Beginning forward impacting kicks now.

please. There we go. All right now. We got the Uh Flex plate installed.

We're gonna get out of here. We're gonna move back around to the front of the engine because it is now time to get that oil pump installed. Once the pump's installed, I can get the Uh, the pickup tube installed and then we can get the pan reinstalled. Then we will go back up top, get the water pump and the timing belt and all that good stuff reinstalled.

Now as you can see I've already stuck the gasket on the Block It's being held in position with the two retainer pins or alignment dowels, alignment pins, whatever you want to call them. We've got a flat right here and a flat here on the oil pump and that's how the crankshaft drives the oil pump. This part rotates and that's where the gears are inside. So I need to get that lined up and we also need to make sure that I don't roll this uh, this seal right here and it cause it to uh to come apart as it slides over crankshafts.

Now not very easy to do. I'm just kind of wiggling it and I think I'm actually going to reach reach out back and grab a flywheel to kind of turn this to help that seal slide over the front of the crank. Not easy to achieve. Okay, so we've we've got this seal sliding position here.

Let me try to seat the pump on its little alignment pegs and there we go. That's that's good motion there. It went in right there, went in. I Think we're in good shape here I like it.

It's almost almost flush on the Block Let me just give it to a couple little Taps here. I Think we're good. Make sure those pins are in position and they're seated. Very nice.
Okay, we've got a few bolts that need to go in. We've got this, uh, this big 12. that one goes over there I believe. And then there's a few little 10 mil size bolts.

Get these guys all started! Plus that hidden one back here that I forgotten about when I took it apart on Hyde's back over here. Let's get all these guys screwed in good. See, there was one that goes here that's part of a bracket. but I'll go ahead and get this one started just to uh just to have it in place I'll take it back out later.

All right 12 Mil Clips Very good. Let's go ahead and get those tens run down. Beautiful. All right.

let's get this with some, uh, some torque wrench action. All right coming in with a water pump. Next, we've got a couple of the studs in the pump and or the bolts rather and these are here just to kind of hang on to that gasket. It's uh, not exactly flat, so it wants to flip flop around a little bit.

so we're just going to sneak this guy in I have it upside down. Epic fail. Hang on. Doing it wrong.

All right gaskets coming in, pumps coming in just trying to get all this stuff aligned a line. so the uh, or before the uh, the gasket falls off. pardon my crappy camera angle here. This is not a very easy uh task to accomplish.

I'm watching the guests get making sure it doesn't fall out. That would be horrible. Okay, that's three of the bolts on. that little guy on the end is there, but that's not going to stay and I got one.

two. Looks like three more bolts for this water pump. Another one. All right.

Yeah, And where's my, uh, my last one? I'm missing one. Hang on, it's that one. Okay, that? uh, that's all the water pump bolts. Those guys are in position.

Let's run those down next and then we'll get the timing set reinstalled. My lost bolt was actually this one because this one was not installed and I had this bolt over here. so I had to take this bowl out of here and then put this one here. That's that was my issue.

I fixed it. No worries. Okay, another there we go. and that one down there.

All right. I think I'm missing one. Sure am at the bottom. Nice.

All righty. we're looking for 21 newton meters of torque. That's at the top of the range for this torque wrench. Actual.

Click There we go. three and four here comes. uh, number five and last one back over here. Good to go.

Okie Dokies Let's get the crankshaft sprocket slid back onto the snout of the crank. It's got a little shim right here there we go. Get past that. Here Comes Our sprocket.

Let's slide that guy on a little more fees. It's a tight squeeze. We'll just tap it on in there I can do that. Okay, all right.

next up time for the tensioner pulley. Slide that guy on just like so and it's got two washers in the front of it. And of course there's a nut. Get those washers in Let's thread the nut on there.
That thing's spring-loaded and the Springs riding on this little stud right here. It's hard to see from where we all right see right there. that's the stud and the tensioner spring. Snug that guy down there.

we go. Okay, here's what I'll do: I'll uh, turn this tensioner down to kind of preload it and I'll just tighten the nut a little bit so y'all can't see I know I'm terrible. Stay all right now. We can go ahead and get the belt set up.

So fortunately, the spell is marked ZR that's for crankshaft. We've got left camshaft and there's our Mark right there. and we have right camshaft. and there's our Mark I think it's this one.

the dotted Mark Either way, what we're gonna do is I'm going to align this Mark up with the dot that's on the crankshaft pulley down here and then the next Mark with the die on the cam pulley. and of course the third Mark with that dot over there. Kind of hard to do because it's difficult to see, but what I'll think I'll do is I'll set up these two top marks first. That way we don't uh, get ourselves confused because those are easiest to see.

so we'll go with what we know. Okay, now this is the uh, the tension side over here. The crankshaft turns clockwise from the way we're looking at it, so we want to do the the tensioned side to begin with. To start with first words: Okay Frank Cam can bolt is off or the cam Mark is off.

Let me move this. I need to I need to put a clip on this to hold these belts in position. That's what I need to do. Yeah, here's how this is going to go.

What I'll do is we've got our our little Mark lined up with our line. I'll take a paper clip here, a little binder clip and we'll just clip that guy right in. Oh no, it didn't work there. We go flip that guy right on straight.

that should hold it in its appropriate position. We're lined up. yep, looking good. Okay, okay.

looking down we've got. there's the mark on my on my crank or the crank. Mark Rather, where does that go? It goes. That's between these two ribs by my thumb shoe.

We're right on it right there. Let's wrap the belt around. it's almost in perfect position here. Push that guy on stay and we'll double check the mark.

you guys see. there's the dot gets light in there. there's the DOT and our white Mark should be right under that dot and the survey says I can't see it I think I got it? Uh, negative. we're a tooth off.

Hang on, let's try again. Flashlight gravity there. it is all right. Taking a look from down below, let's check those marks and yeah, we're we're off like a whole two.

Let me turn this crank a little bit. rotate that way. How about now are we lined up? Yes, we are okay now. I can just turn that crank back and it'll take the slack out of the belt and then we'll be in.

uh, in position here. Turn that by Handsome. There we go. Now we're tight.
Okay, let's go back up top and do the uh. the other camshaft. Okay, let's just recheck everything that Mark's lined up. I know that one's lined up down below because we just put it there.

Now we need to get this cam in position and then we can tighten the belt. Okay, let's turn this until we almost went too far. Let's get our uh, we were like one tooth off. I'm actually might have to pull that tensioner pulley back out.

Yeah. I think I do. hang on. Well, the the Mark's lined up.

Maybe I can slip this thing over. Maybe maybe not. No. I'm not using pry bar can't pry bar timing belts.

That's a bad idea. but I can use flangy Force and we are on. Beautiful. There we go.

Let's double check some marks real quick. The dots are lined up with the DOT that line is lined up with that dot right there. Hard to see. Pull our clip back out if there's the dot right there.

see that and then the bottom one. Let's go back down below and recheck that one just in case. Yep, we're good. There's the line.

There's the DOT so the engine is now in time. Very good. Let's go back up. We'll set tension on the tensioner right about.

Yeah, sure. What I'll do is turn our driver. We've got some tension on the Belt and we can lock it down. Please become locked down now.

Looks good, Feels good. Click It is good. That's tight. Everybody's aligned.

Good to go. Okey doke. So from this point of view, we're in good shape right here. Let's go back down below, Raise this thing up, and we need to get the oil sump pickup installed.

and then we can get the pan reinstalled and then resealed. I'm missing. moving back up all the way up. All right Pickup tube is coming into position here.

It's got two little brackets on the side that bolt it to the bottom of the the engine and then there's two bolts up in the front that bolt it to the oil pan. Let's get all these guys started here. All four need to be threaded before we, uh, attempt to tighten them down. which is how it is.

Come here. Thread. Get in there. Please.

thread there. All right. There's one and number two coming in. Get in there.

Come on. come on. Oh well. you won.

I'll do it. There We go. All Right. Get somewhere now.

Twice clicked Thrice Click. Let's get these guys in next foreign position. Let's go ahead and fetch the pan. I'll clean it up real quick and then we can get that thing set in and uh and resealed actually.

Uh, hang on a second. I'm ahead of myself I need to get the oil filter adapter bolted onto that pump I was supposed to transfer this over earlier and I did not. So I need to squeeze this thing up into its home. which I might have made a mistake by not doing that earlier.

Yeah, that's gonna be that's gonna be a real tight fit to get a hold of that bolt. Oopsie, air or assembly error? No worries. So we've got three bolts in. This guy should be able to do this better.
Be able to do this. or I might have to take that alternator bracket off and that will displease me. Left me alone. I Think we're good.

Yeah, yeah, we're good actually. I probably should have, uh, put the pan on before this. So here's what I'll do: I'll leave this thing flippy floppy like since it's in position and since I can reach the bolts and then I'll get the pan in just in case. I'm uh, I'm correct with incorrect with my order of operations here.

Okay, so at this point I think we need to have an intermission. This video actually ran for over an hour and the AI does not like one hour plus videos. So what I've done is I've gone ahead and cut this one off at the half hour mark. but don't worry, the other half of this video is already available.

But it is a super secret unlisted video. so what you need to do is wait for the end screen to pop up and click that little square in the center of the screen. Click the link at the upper right hand corner, go to the comment section and click the link in the pin comment, or find the link at the top of this video's description. Any of those actions will take you straight to the other half of the video that we just got finished watching.

See you guys there! Thanks for watching See you later!.

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    Excellent reassembly ! Glad you found that busted vacuum line on the fuel regulator have a great day

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Patrick Jones says:

    Does it sound like she is reading from a script. What does this have to do with this case? He was so bad he went on 16 trips AFTER the collision. Give $300 – give her the dollar she sued for, and call it a draw

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Motorhead says:

    Another great video Ray ‼️