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Happenings he Hood Hello everybody good day to you to you Welcome back Glad you guys are here before I Get started on the video it is Friday and as you guys know, it's uh, it's me Friday I do something for myself almost every Friday I'm two Fridays behind but uh I'm gonna do something for myself on the Silverado but before I get started I Wanted to kind of give everybody a walk through. update on what's going on with the construction project here in the shops are that was a little fast. so I'm standing in the area that was reclaimed. We knocked down a wall.

There was a roof right around here that came down. We knocked that down and we tore the floors up. and I also just today finished. actually Larry did that I had finished pulling down the rest of the rear uh wall that was over here.

It was actually just a bunch of sheetrock that was bolted to this, which was horrible. There used to be a kitchen vent type of hood range system up here I Had to cut that out. It was junk and broken and rusted through. Not savable.

Both of the blower fans are inoperative and would need to be replaced anyway. I Spent the the majority of today cleaning the catastrophe that this construction zone has caused in the shop. You can see the floor is a little bit wet. I Ended up going through today after I got all the cars out.

we pressure washed all the all the dust off the floors I Pressure wash this back wall over here. hung up some cabinets, got my lights, my light bulbs hung up, cleaned everything up down here I Have not cleaned my tool area yet so let's let's not pay attention to that. I've got some signage that has gone up that stuff's been collecting I've got a nice flag that I got from eBay I put that up today we moved uh, some of the lights around to better distribute the lumens and I think I've I've made a much better work space to uh, well, they're working six seven still sitting here on the floor. uh, the Miata engine's still sitting on the floor.

but I've I've almost got this at a level of higher functionality. This is. this is what I was hoping it would I would achieve. Um I've got one lift outside on the ground.

there's the two posts, the crossbar and that is going to go in. uh, probably right here and right here. I've decided to make that lift a straight on lift which means this wall right here is going to come down. I've got the guys coming out to give me a quote on another garage door.

I'm gonna put like a 16 footer like right here. open up that entire wall. I'm gonna lose this doorway. that little service door.

I'm gonna keep that service door if I can. Obviously my fan has to go up. the wall gets torn down but that will be of no matcher because I can just relocate that fan over here somewhere probably probably back there in the corner and I can use that fan to generate some cross airflow through here to keep the place cool during the summer time. I Recently read a lot of comments uh on that uh that Nissan video right there about uh using a Topside Creeper so I don't have to climb on top of things and I I have a top side creeper but it is in the box and I have yet to unpack it and assemble the top side creeper.
but I'm gonna get around to it I guess I haven't had like the need to really do it because I've been able to work around it. Um, plus I I've I haven't had much floor space right now for extra Machinery I mean I've got there's a lot of stuff that's come in here and I'm trying to figure out how to organize it and put it away. This is the best I've got so far shelves on the back I'll take that shelf and put it over here and then that one will go in the corner. so I'll have this entire back wall lined with shelves and then I can move the shop machines in front of that so we'll have shelves, machines and then a lift which will give me enough space to put a another toolbox in there if I ever hire somebody else to work here.

or I can put toolboxes over here or move the shelves over here. So there's options that uh, that I've got in place here. But right now, the goal is to make the best use of the space that I can so far. and I think I think that's working out pretty well.

One other thing I have acquired this tire machine right here. This was here when I got here. Whoa Whoa down. Look at that.

This was here when I got here and uh, the fellow that owns it is not going to do anything with it. So uh, I'm going to take ownership of this and we're going to try to put this into service. I might end up moving this around to the front of the office over there where that transmission and that little bucket is and whatnot. I may put the tire stuff over there and just kind of keep it out of the way.

otherwise that's just going to turn into a parking space. which isn't a bad thing because it'll keep wiping it from parking right here in my service drive. So yeah, it is coming along. uh, slowly.

but surely this place is really coming together I like it. I Still think I need some more light in here because it it feels dark like in the corner. Yeah, these lights don't diffuse super well. they flood very well, but they don't.

Really, they don't project light on everything, nothing like normal daylight does. But I I think I will leave that additional lighting idea alone until this door comes in, because once this wall gets knocked down and there's another door there, there's going to be a boatload of natural light coming into the building and that would be great. So now that we've got the shop tour update complete, let's go ahead and get to the Uh the content here. This is not a sponsored product or anything.

it's just something that I bought found it on eBay It fits my silvery radio and uh I like it and I wanted it so I bought it. There's 189 dollars here. Get in there I think I just doxed myself. No worries, let's see what we have here.
Yeah, I guess this is an unboxing video instructions. Yeah, we don't need that right now. That's to set up the electrical connectors. they taped the styrofoam.

Come here more tape so this one is labeled uh L I'm assuming that's the uh the left side. we've got some pigtails. Okay, tripod mode is engaged. That's will.

uh that will greatly assist. So what I have here? They're left side and right side and these are extended new body style mirrors. I Can see you new bodies. You can see you too.

New body style mirrors that fit on Uh 07 Chevrolet Silverado They're extendo tow mirrors I Figured they're worth a shot to try them out. They've got clear lenses up front and then an Amber turn. When they turn, it's got a turn signal on this side in the glass. they are heated and it's got little lights right here for uh, when you uh, put it in reverse so this top one is powered.

this one is adjusted manually and the extended feature is also adjusted manually. So let's head outside. go fetch the Silverado and we'll see if these things are going to fit. They are supposed to fit.

The bolt pattern is supposed to be the same and from what I read on this particular one for my truck, these are supposed to bolt right on or plug right in. and then I've got two wires that get connected to uh, or is it three wires I Think these are supposed to be connected for um, the backup light feature, but we'll see I might not wire that. It's kind of silly I think because I've got like giant flood lights in the back of the truck. Depends if it's uh, if it's going to be easy to do or not easy to do, it's all about time.

Anyway, let me go fetch the keys, let's go get the truck. we'll swing it on in here in the shop and uh and get those mirrors replaced. So stay tuned because this is going to be a really cool video. there she is.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 666 Duramax Duty Now we can see here. Here's the Uh the factory mirrors. Again, they are loud noises. They're heated.

Well let's get out of here. They've got turn signals. they're heated. they extend ing's the engine but I like the shape and the style and the look of those other ones better.

So I ended up getting a replacement anyway. Moving on. this particular Silverado has approximately 224 165 miles on the odometer and I still have not added any washer fluid. Hmm.

82 degrees. it's warming up all right. Let's get out into the shop and get this project started. You can see it's a little late in the day.

like I said I have finished all of my uh, my tasks for the day and uh I'd like to do something for me. Moving on in. yes, Total Construction Zone here. look at that.

That's all the pieces of the uh, the sheetrock wall that was the back wall behind the restaurant. Hood thing that was over there. Hmm. scooter on and what do you guys think of the signage up there? Is that okay? Does it look good? Free? You don't sell? Interstate Batteries Parking is the auto firing down? Okay.
first things first: I believe I just need to pop this little cover off and I think if I play my cards right I Can get these connectors out of here without pulling the door panel. Maybe maybe not. No, not a chance. this panel's gonna have to come off.

We've got a little bolt right back here on the door panel, Pull that guy out. I Don't know if it's a bolt or a screw. it's a Fastener we got a Fastener gravity There you go right there and down here. there should be one or two more I think yeah, there it is.

there's one. Let's get that guy. I don't remember if there's one behind here or not. I should remember but I don't Either way, this little uh little cover thing has to come off and I think this can stay Okay So we've got a little plastic clip here.

one here and then I believe the panel is just gonna pull up and then disconnect from the door and then I can remove it. see I need a trim tool? Nope, that's torque wrenches, trim tools I choose the green one. so I think I'll probably wash this. Uh, when I'm done here, it has not been I haven't washed this truck in like weeks actually I haven't watched this truck since.

Uh well. the first time A-Rod was down here from Michigan Okay, so that's not a clip. that's a that was a cover for a screw. was that a Torx 20.

to the Torx drawer back and forth from the toolbox. we go choose this one. way off. Oh my.

God redo here this time I brought two my micrometer must be way out of calibration. Get in there okay, get rid of that and then one more retro I think this one is the clip. Yes it is. Come here clip.

don't break because you're colored and if I replace you I gotta do it with a black one. I'd rather keep my factory gray come out. Oh there did it survive the upper okay up. I think we just give it a tug.

No no no, no something else is holding this thing together. What is it Not that one? Okay I think the last bolt is back here. Let's put some wiggling around time and it seems to be held up right around this area. and I lost my gun.

There it is. Let's pull that last little guy out right there on kicks. I should just be able to pull this up. Yep, just like that.

wiggle it some, pull it away, pull it back, and then we can unplug. How's this thing connected here? Yeah. I Got to get all the plugs. Actually, you know what? Let's just see if I can sneak that.

Uh no. I do have to unplug it. Okay, it's plugged into the the switch here. I Was hoping there was going to be a plug somewhere in the middle, but there's not.

There's one plug two. Okay, yeah, there was not a chance I was gonna get this thing apart without pulling the panel. There's an errand on my judgment I Thought I could be sneaky I was wrong. Come on, come off I need a metal one.
Plastic's not gonna cut it. Okay, since that connector has been so stubborn, we're going to defeat it with leverage. There we go. Thought you were gonna beat me, didn't you on? Click cool.

one more that one. get in there. don't scratch the paint. There we go.

Okay. Pull our connectors through and we need finger looks like uh, three ten millimeters and then that thing's gonna come off switch sockets. Got the Tang Okay, the mirror's loose. It's also clicked on with this little clip thing right here.

Weird tab in it should release. Why are we stuck there? We go. The mirror has been successfully removed. Push those guys through.

All right we got her. Let's head over to the bench and make sure that this thing Compares like it's supposed to. moving on over I Hope it fits. Couple reasons: Number one: I'll have to send this back if it doesn't and then number two I have to put these back on if it doesn't and I don't want to do either one of them I Know I Know my logic is just overwhelming.

Okay, pretty sure those are going to match up because they're supposed to, but the question is, connectors? Okay, they'll plug in. Yep. and how about my wire count and colors in a different color shouldn't matter though? The color doesn't matter. But yeah, they're in the right right location.

All right. Well let's give it a shot. Let's go hook this thing up and see if this is a this is gonna work come on mirror. Yeah, it looks like there's enough wire that little blue and white and gray wire pack.

Probably enough of that to run this wire through the door and then through the door jamb. a little uh little wire harness pass through thing right there and I probably have to connect this to the BCM somewhere. I think that's what's going on anyway. Let's uh, let's get you guys over here and we can run these wires through.

actually just disconnect it. There's a connector here there. come on. one more.

There we go and the Moment of Truth here is do the holes, line up. the survey says sure do Oh sweet, where's my nuts come on thread flanging fatigue thank you I Don't like that that wire is kind of pinched. redo there, that's better. I'll change the uh, the angle of the dangle there and it's all good.

This thing gets Heavy after a minute. Okay, going around to the other side. I'm checking on this little styrofoam seal right here. Make sure it's got good fitment, no overhangs and that looks pretty good.

Yeah, I'm good with that. Okay, let's get the other two bolts on and then we can wire this thing up. This is the one that I dropped. What is this? Oh look uh.

22 casing Must have fell out of my door. Okay, you never know what you'll find in a door panel. All right. That's number three.

Get on there. please. thread now. Fred Please got it.

Let's put some pork on these tents. It's drawing the base into the door. See that Foreign? That's pretty good. Okay, let's run the wire.
Oh look, it didn't come with little uh, little clip things to secure it to the panel there. Yeah, no matter, run the wire through and then we can go ahead and get it connected to the door panel and the switch. See if it actually works I hope it does. I'm sure it will.

I Got it on. eBay It's got to work right? Stay stuck. My audio system may need some improvement. Look at that.

that's bad. that's so bad. Yeah. I'm gonna need to change that too.

Okay, okay. door panel. coming back in, let's get. uh.

let's get all these little guys reconnected here. See, we can't see what we're uh, what we're looking at here. Hang on. Let me flip you guys over there.

Now you're no longer inverted. Uh, you can see what I'm doing down here. I can't I'm I'm kind of going by feel on this one. This is hard.

come on connector so close. Oh I can't get it. No. I'm not going to take the switch out I've invested too much energy into doing this the hard way.

There we go. Got it. I think I got it? Yep, got it. This one's gonna plug in you guys? See that? Tell me where where I need to go here.

There we go got it. and then we'll get the two for the mirrors. Can't see it but I can feel it. Ah, you know what? I need to be able to see this? Hang on here.

I rotated the panel 90 degrees. maybe I can see it from the side here. kind of I think I can here. I'm going to zoom in with the camera.

Okay, that one goes in that one. Figure that out there. we go okay and then this one is the one that goes to the body control module. I'll hook that up later.

For now, back this thing up some and hang the panel. It's got four hooks hook things on it here here here and here and then the Fasteners that we, uh, we saw earlier. I think one of the wires for the light. hang on again.

that was pinched foreign. Good to go dirty. All right. let's power this thing on and see if the mirror is in lights and whatnot work.

We'll go. key on uh left signal. Okay, we've got a turn signal and ooh, that's cool. All right.

Sue Let's uh I thought those were an amber light or a, uh, a white light. hang on. turn on. Maybe it's white? No.

I wonder if one of the circuits with that little plug thing? Yeah, because it has one ground. and then there's a light circuit and a light circuit I bet you that circuit has to be powered to get the white lights. Okay, no matter, let's see if the uh, mirror adjustment function works. We'll go left.

right up down. Beautimous. Super cool. Okay, let's throw these Fasteners back in this thing and then we'll move over to the other side.

First things first, let's get this little marker light put back together. It's got Red. LEDs because I run red LEDs in the cab. That way if I choose to have a light on at night, it will not deplete my night vision.
Okay, here we go. I Mean nobody wants to pleaded night vision Nobody right? There's one and then we've got that long one that goes up and in that hole right there. Get that started. Let's see, we need to get our luck.

Release button here. Let's get this guy in. I Think the red red towards the rear. Yep, got it.

and let's see. We've got one little panel. no more screws behind it. Let's look this guy in, snap you into place, begin snapping into place now.

actually hooks on this side and then snaps on on the back side. My vernacular was incorrect. This thing goes down in there past that little tab in there. Foreign got it? Dude, That's probably where the shell casing came from.

Put that back for later. Okay, we've got one little push pin that goes there and some foamy installation. We'll just shove that in where we found it. One more piece of trim.

clip that guy in right here and right here. Good and what am I forgetting? Uh, that screw That's what it is. This one that guy on. let's get the correct Torx bit Emma begin clicking There we go and of course the cover.

Get in there. Beautiful. Okie Dokes one is done. Let's head over to the passenger side and get.

uh, get mirror number two. Yeah, that's ugly I mean it's not actually fun Fact: I think this truck came with the the new body style Tow Mirrors this is an Oh seven and uh I think oh 7.5 is when GM switched to the newer body style truck and I think that that was the uh, the mirror that went on it I could be mistaken, but I believe those were the next model years uh, mirror package. Actually I'm probably wrong about that and if I am then that just means somebody must make it their duty to inform me this in the comment section by doing so. That's how we all gain and grow knowledge, community, and stuff.

Get this one out. My fingers don't have the strength here. Where's that tool that I got rid of? There it is. I mean that.

pop that guy out on the floor. We've got our one screw right here. Get rid of that one. Stay screw number two.

Get that one out. We've got our clip which is going to be stubborn. Oh there it goes. Got it? Don't want to lose you? and then this little guy here.

Okay, oh yeah, this is much faster. Second time around now I Remember how it goes, You see, it's not that I'm forgetful I've I don't have enough RAM see I've got to move things into the I forgot about it pile that way I can make room for new information so the old information becomes uh becomes lost I Think this is ready to come off? Oh you know what? I forgot one of the screws on that side because there's the one screw down here on this one and I didn't put that back on on the other side. It must be hanging out on the floor mat. No worries, we'll get it and up and away and then unplugged.
Let's see here, come on. just a little bit more rotating. problem is there's like a release right here and I can't really get my fingers in it? There it is. Got it.

See, there's a release button and then you can move the release lever and that will make the connection. Come out. Here we go. Got her all right.

All right. Back it up. Whew Yeah, let's set this thing down. not in the floor water.

I mean it's filthy but I don't want to make it more filthier. Seriously, look at that. Dust Bowl Stuff Wow, this speaker is not uh, not. doing any better.

Look at that. It's the original plastic stuff back. I'll just break it off. Sure, you know I actually could use those with some tape to secure those other wires.

but I'm not going to I don't feel like doing the extra work lazy if it was maybe a customer's car I'd probably do that. but since it's mine I don't care. This is a not a paid job paying myself with smiles. It's the little things like breaking that clip that matter.

Yeah, okay. Wires out back door 10 mils one and the two three parts. They've got that little flip thing with the wiring harness to compress. There we go.

Paint come out. Got it foreign. Number two removed. Let's head over to the box and get the new one.

Hello! This can go down here. you stay I See you wiggle wiggle wiggle. Yeah. Ah.

Another box to open? Who knew I'm out all the way out there. we go. Totally not an unboxing video. Oh look, they gave me a trim tool.

That's fun. So easy. Someone without tools can do it. That's actually true.

This is a really very simple install. Now if this were like a Mercedes or something, that would be a different story. but it's not. It's a Chevrolet before they went bankrupt.

Ooh canceled. Okay, let's get. uh. let's get this thing installed next.

harness side first. I'll run the connectors through the foamy thing in position. pull this guy in, lining up the bolts, pulling it through. How's that foam piece? Is that lined up? Yeah, that's good.

Okay, top. Bolt's on. No, it's not nice here. A few more nuts, roll them around, thread them on, see how the thing moves when I tighten it down, it's compressing that piece of foam that's in there.

Throw the panel back on, and then we'll hook this one up and test it out. Sure, let's see. let's put our plastic stuff back. That's not going to stay.

That's fun. Back behind it. Why did this get a third connector? Oh nevermind. I'm silly.

the other one had a third connector also. der I don't know what I was thinking I wasn't thinking. that's the problem kids these days not thinking spin that around there. we go do the full 180.

now we're gonna do that silly hard connector business again. We're trying to trying to record it I've got the panel wedged up in the door sill at like 90 degrees and now I think I can uh I can get these connectors in. Come on. the connector.
There we go. There's one one goes down here. There we go. The blue one I think goes up here.

No here. no here. Okay, the blue one doesn't fit. I'll try again later.

Black one goes there. The blue one must go here. No, yeah, there it goes. All right.

Okay, connectors are connected. Let's get out of here. I'll show you what I meant. Look, that's that's how I had this thing set up.

Kind of crazy, but it worked. I'm gonna rotate it and we've got the light wire down here. That little side marker. Stick that through the hole and then we can hang our hooks.

There's one. there's two one down at the bottom. Let's get those guys lined up. Okay, hooks are hooked.

It's all got to be in line like simultaneously. Oh no, you don't wire. Get out. Come here.

Stay Okay. That's good. That's good. This one's not hooked in.

See it now. It is down down all the way down. Good to go. Let's get our clip in and we've got a couple little bolts here to go back together.

Get that little Torx in I Wonder if you can still buy like those replacement uh little decorative caps that go there. Like what happens if you lose one? You just have to deal with that shiny zinc plated Fastener sticking at you. Whoa. They're sticking out at you.

What if you break it? What if it doesn't go on? You hit it with a hammer there. Okay, there's our big one. That guy is gonna go in that hole right there. That's the long one lined up.

We're gonna find out. Send it. my radio shut off again. Keeps doing that.

Oh oh no. Try that again. twist. How about now it's weeby wobbly.

Oh oh failed. Actually, that's a total fail because that one doesn't go there that doesn't go there at all. See how it's like double helix? Focus Or not, come here. Double Helix Focus Let's try again.

There we go. See there's like threads in the threads that's for threading into plastic, not the metal clip. So this one actually goes like right down here. it's one at the bottom I Mean it would go in, but it would, uh, it would damage the clip and then consequently the other one.

It was not a double threaded threaded threaded threaded. Words: Fastener I'm gonna leave that in the other one would not thread as well because it was made for a metal clip. not a see. The difference is made for a metal clip like that one, not a plastic insert.

Devil's in the details. Okay, slide that over the little Rod Peg thing there. Flip it in that doesn't feel right because it's not. It's not okay.

what's going on here? Uh oh thank you. Why is my where's my thing not wanting to move freely. did that before. Let's get some lubricant.

You know what? We're going to put it to the test. I'm going to coil it not sponsored. Yeah, we'll just squirt some of that croil on it. There we go.
real nice. like wow I know it's the wrong Lube I know, but you know what I can do that? It's fun. so why not? Okay, let's try this again. We're gonna hook this thing in.

there's the hook side and then that little Peg goes inside of here and then we just snap it in. Why don't you unlock? Just break my button. What is this? my truck's breaking as I'm working on it? Let's try this way: I don't know what that was about? Okay, it's fine. All right.

anyway. Anyway, Uh, we're left with our little plastic trim piece thing here. Slide that in two clips, one there, one there. Get that guy on.

And then we need our light bulb and our little bezel thing. Where's the Bezel Bezel Bezel? Got it? Snap Crackle Pop Bolt it on. Good to go. We need to get this led out of here.

The reason I need to get it out is I need to activate those lights either on because when I go to put this in, it has to go a certain way because LEDs are uh, they're directional bulbs. meaning they can't be connected backwards. otherwise they don't work and not that way. There we go.

Uh, please connect. It's not straight. Hang on. Don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it okay.

Put the light back in and snap that into position next. Cool beans. Okay, Door still opens. Door locks.

The door locks, door unlocks. Let's go check the mirror function. Ah, headlights, signals. It is signaling.

Awesome And it is signaling over here. Also, that's really cool I Like that. Sweet. Now put it in tow mode.

That one's also going into tow mode. Too bad that's not electronic. sweet. All right guys.

let us restarting the engine turn signals off four ways on. Let's close it up. kind of see how it looks. Oh wait wait, hang on.

hang on. hang on. high beams in reference to my all light module, yeah now we're super lit. Oh that's cool I like it makes me smile.

makes the day worth it. Everything's looking good all right. I'm gonna go and back this out. I'm gonna fire the pressure washer up and give this thing kind of a good rinse down.

as we saw earlier, it's like remarkably filthy and I don't like it. especially now that I have new nice shiny Parts on it I don't want to see the uh the Dirt Nasty So uh as always like thank you guys for watching this video If You enjoyed this video. Don't go anywhere because I'm going to Time Lapse the pressure wash job just so we can see how shiny I can make it so again and as always thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Chevrolet Uh you guys thought I was gonna forget the screw under the door didn't you negative I got it. I got it.

No worries. Foreign there we go powering down trucks. Kind of nice and shinyish but he needs any is hand wash but it's better than it was I Like it. Thanks for watching me.
Thanks for watching me wash my truck. See you guys later!.

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    Sad to see that speaker rotting out, but if you want a recommendation I recently swapped the 6×9's in the rear of my car with a Scosche kit from Walmart (audiophiles go "reeeee" I know 😅) but for $50 CAD for the PAIR of speakers they actually sound decent!

    Got a pair of their 6" units ready to go in the front, I'll gladly let you know if they sound like junk (they cost even less than the 6×9's did, so not much risk either way haha)

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    Looks like yours was reset by cycling the remote fob.

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    I love the long vids Ray. You do you brother!

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