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What is this? Hang on we're approaching disaster. Okay, here it comes. Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back Thank you here! This is the Uh The Forbidden milkshake transmission fluid mixed with engine coolant Chevrolet Cobalt from 2005 with 104 663 miles on the clock and uh, we're going to, uh, we're going to attempt to bring this thing back to life in some capacity. Uh, we're not going to do like a full-on change everything that has touched contaminated fluid, but what we are going to do is put a radiator and a a cooling fan and then do some fluid exchanges on the transmission to try to dilute out that, uh, forbidden milkshake.

Um, there's a more extensive way of doing this. Uh, however, we need to do this the cost-effective-ish way is possible. So uh, we're kind of going for the the minimum to, uh, at least make this thing survive a little bit longer and uh, we'll go from there. So uh, so stay tuned.

This is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Now the catch is is okay. the hood opens this time, there's our 2-2 Ecotec we saw it earlier. Yeah, that's the nasty.

that's Spilled Out of This thing from uh well, if oh, it soaked its way through. Yeah, that's nasty. that's transmission fluid mixed with uh, engine coolant and it was. It was being circulated around inside of the transmission.

There's my trash cans I'm going the wrong way. Hey guys I Don't know what I'm doing Oh, here we need to transfer the floor mat from the lift. Uh, put a flat stall over here. that'll help.

There we go. Okay, so what we're gonna do, We're gonna pull this air box off. We're gonna pull this radiator out along with that cooling fan and uh, get the radiator swapped out. Um, I'm waiting on a fan to arrive.

It should have been here by now, but it's not. Uh, let me go check on that. All righty. So what we need to start with um, first thing you have to do on every one of these ecotecs is get this intake box off shoe.

We're gonna go ahead and pull the air filter lid, mass airflow sensor connector I Don't know what that was but it sounded like I broke it and we need to unscrew this from the throttle body. Okay, so there's a little, uh, there's like a band clamp right down there and it's it's vehicle specific because it's got this little extension thing sticking out of it that allows me to get a hold of it with a tool and unclamp this, uh, intake duct from uh, the throttle body. It's a quite annoying if you don't know where it is. The first time you try to remove one of these, you almost can't do it because it doesn't come off.

That was my experience anyway. Okay, I need pliers? Let's see here, that's a leak. See that? Okay, let's take that off right there. Yeah, that's already split.

Look at that. Yeah jump. It's been removed before. Okay, yep, better view of that little clamp.

see how that works. It's like an offset hose clamp and put that right there. And what do we got here? Here's our our cooling fan. that's our faulty fan unit and uh, radiators behind it.
So how do we get this fan out? I think it just Clips in yeah I think I just kind of pull up on it and it will. uh, it'll unclip. Okay, all right. first thing I want to do is get that fan motor disconnected because uh, when I get the fan disconnected from the radiator? I don't want it hanging off the wire right here.

So I'm going to try to get that guy loose while everything's still secured. I'm just using this pick right here to kind of pry against the uh, the clip and break it off. That's great. Well it's going to come out now.

there we go. Yeah I was trying to open the clip with the yeah you guys know I broke it. okay and I think we just tug this thing upwards and it should just release from uh, these little Clips here that hold it onto the radiator I think that's what it looks like. It's not compliant.

Oh, got it All right? All right, that's one side. Okay, yeah, yeah, that's it, isn't right? Okay, fans loose. Uh, but I don't think that thing is going to come out of there very easily. There's really no space for it to uh, be removed.

I Believe I'm gonna have to disconnect this AC line right here. Sure am. Yeah, because there's no way this thing's not coming through. Nope.

Oh look at that. This is bent and this AC line is. uh, it's rubbing on that bolt right there and it's gonna rub through and cause a leak. It'll be a catastrophic leak.

Uh, this car is disintegrating. Look, look at this. Watch this. It's just turning into dust.

Burger Yeah I need to disconnect this. uh, this line right here. It's the only way this fan is going to come out. It's not going to come out to the bottom and it's not going to fit through the top unless I can put it right here.

So let me go fish the machine and we'll go ahead and discharge this. You look more problem. that's a leak. It's a leak all day.

Put that right there. Wow. Who would have thought you'd need an AC machine to change your radiator? Hello! All right, let us begin the evacuation process. so I can disconnect this.

uh, refrigerant line right here. It's a 100 in the way. that's low side. Um, where's my high side connector? I will not see.

Ah, there it is. It's way over here. Oh that's tight. Oh what? Okay, it has Refrigerant Recover.

Do Not Save service Records connect. Yeah yeah, they're connected. Recovering in progress all right now. While that's doing that, we can figure out what size uh Fastener I need.

Looks like it's a 13 I can barely see it. like right through there right there. So we need a 13 millimeter wrench and then I can disconnect this hose from the compressor. We can disconnect it here, disconnect it here, and then lay it aside.

Then I can have some space to get that radiator out there. Let's just, uh, see, we can do about breaking these things loose here. Let's see. Oh, that wasn't too bad.
All right, that one's loose. it's still recovering so I can't take it off all the way. Let's try to get the one way down there on top of the compressor. just can't see what I'm doing I can't see what I'm doing but I can feel it and I can talk about it.

that's an unclick. Okay, that part of the line is now loose. now. go in there with a ratchet, spin it off quickly.

In a moment, let's see this guy right here. We need to disconnect that little clamp right there. Try our connector braking pick. There we go.

Not broken. Yeah, we can see right here. Look at that. see where it's rubbing this.

uh, that line is slightly bent in this uh little muffler thing is rubbing on that Bolt work out too. Well hey, we're nearly uh discharged here. This is good. That was actually kind of fast I speculate this thing was uh, low on charge.

Oh, we're leaking. Seal it up. there we go. I'll just wait.

Oh I dropped my ratchet in the nasty narrow. Okay, let's try again I Believe the machine should be about finished? Yep, right here. No more refrigerant escaping food. see I have two hands I Told you guys you guys I Thought I was like one-handed silly viewers.

All right, there's one. Let's go down. reach down at the compressor there and get the get that bottom one off and it is quite a far away. Reach there.

Where's that bolt? There it is? I'm actually uh, working behind my back, facing away from the engine. way to get the angle that I need here sitting on the on the headlight. Yeah, just gotta do what you got to do bolts coming out there. she is.

Oh Miss Judge, there's a uh, there's more to it than just this one line. uh-oh again, there's a connection here for a pressure sensor. Let me disconnect this. I don't want to break that.

This is, uh, one large line I Thought it was just a little small piece. Come on connector, become unconnected. Man here. you guys sit right here there.

Got it? Yeah, this line is also connected to the condenser. Um here. I think if I just stick it up here. that should be enough space I Hope I Hope it should.

Let's pull this bracket off right here. which that's gonna be. It's not that easy. Oh man.

All right. yeah, this bracket is part of the dipstick tube. So if I want to remove that bracket I have to remove the dipstick tube. Also, that's more than what I wanted to remove here.

we go see see if this is gonna work and uh, no, it's not. Dipstick tube is coming out. Oh we got there a 10 mil. Yep, 10 millimeters.

Oh it's wiggling. Maybe it'll come out uh with relative ease. Nah, it's not gonna happen. It's even both to do a wiring harness.

This is going to be fun remove engine. Maybe if I just kind of put it over there. Does that give me enough space? All right? I'm getting a little uh I'm getting there I'm getting somewhere all right. Hang on, smarter, not harder because I'm I'm at a level of impatience on this where I just feel like pulling really hard and yanking it out and that, uh, choosing violence might not, uh, be a good idea.
Yeah, there we go. I'll just rotate it. it's going out through the bottom. I Don't know if this is a win, but it's farther than what we just had.

We're gonna go with that. Is it gonna come up? or is it going to get stuck worse than what it was I Think we're stuck worse than number four? In fact I know we are because now it doesn't move at all. Who knew that was a bad idea? Maybe choosing violence was the way to go. You know this wouldn't be so bad if I had this on a lift.

What have I done? Yeah, look, it was on a lift. It would come right out. Um, that was a error in judgment. Probably should have just moved that Jaguar right there and done this here.

Um no. it has to come up because the motor won't fit through the bottom so it's got to come through the top. You guys remember how to do this right? because I don't like. Seriously I'm gonna need you here.

okay I put these uh, this thing back together because I have no idea how I got this far Foreign look we're gonna get stuck. We're gonna get all the way stuck. I Think you want to do it I just all right. pull I can't oh just pull.

no if it was as easy as that, just all right. pull out. No yeah no it's I I I'm in trouble. Um to the left to the left.

there we go. remove engine. What have I done? Oh, come out you crunchy. I think this is upside down now I'm gonna have to just abandon all hope and what I've done here I need to get the dipstick too.

Well, that's what has to happen. Foreign all right. let's go. Uh, once you re-evaluate what we're working with here, because now we're kind of stuck.

We've got a fan that's stuck hanging out the bottom of the car. Radiators are stuck. What if these come out to the bottom? I should have put this on a lift. Check this out.

Oh I I did look out. Look look look look. The lower radiator mounts are actually bolted on. Uh, let me try it on both these and see if this mount comes off because if I can take this thing loose and move this cooling package forward, then I can probably just slide this thing out through the bottom.

Let's uh, let's try that. Let me get a what is that a 13? Be right back. All right, let's try this. Let's see if this is gonna work.

And the survey says uh, partial victory. hey, that is gonna work. Well, maybe it might work or I'm getting myself, uh in even more trouble. Yeah, all right.

I give up. We need altitude here. This isn't going to happen without any. So uh, we're gonna make some.

Moving on up all the way. Okay, it's not gonna work I don't know. Yeah, this is gonna work. Yeah, that worked comes out through the bottom.
so I knew it the whole time. So uh, considering that I've got the AC discharged and uh, this cooling package comes out from the bottom I think I'm going to go ahead and disconnect these lines here and I'll pull the radiator and the condenser out is one unit that way. I don't have to struggle with the with the thing later on. stripping gears sideways, ratchet.

foreign. So you've got this bolt right here and it's directly above this line, so that's gonna make getting a wrench on it kind of tough because there's really no space, right? Y'all have seen these things before. these little ratcheting wrenches that I've got here. Okay, now what you haven't seen is this little adapter thing right here.

It's a this is a Snap-On tool and it's a very rarely used tool that it does have its purpose. Part number looks like FZ1 All right, hang on. Yeah, it just says FZ1 on it FZ1 USA I'm assuming that's the part number fc1. it's very short part number.

What we do is we can plug this guy in to that little ratcheting device. see that and then I can plug an extension into it and use that as as leverage. See that. So now I can gain access to uh or I can put leverage or torque on that fastener offset and I can gain some extra space.

Clever Now I think so and that thing's tight. Yeah, here it comes all right. I think I can get a an electric ratchet on that now. come on.

Okay, those are three of the rest of that line that I took off earlier that now it looks like I didn't need to take it off. but whatever. Let's uh. actually, you know what? Let me.

um, let's open this drain right here. This is a drain on this radiator. Let's drain out as much as that of that nasty as we can. and then we'll pull the hoses off and get this core pulled out all right.

Drain pan in position here. Let's get that rubber grommet off of there. We're gonna need that for the other radiator. There's our little drain.

Let's go ahead and take this loose now. I'm aware that the car is jacked up and it's leaning that way and that the drain is on this side. and I'm aware that it's not all going to drain out. but uh, doesn't mean we can't drain some of it.

Okay, yeah, that's gonna. that's gonna take a while. That's nasty. Look at that.

It won't even come out so gross. Okay, that's not what we want to see here real quick. Let's pull the cap back off and let this thing vent, see if it accelerates our flow. Oh no.

Nasty. Yeah. that sped up the flow. All right, that's for sure.

Right onto my floor. Get that in there. That's I Don't want this contaminating my uh, my non-contaminated work surface. meaning my concrete's clean.

Gross. Alrighty, An undisclosed amount of time has passed and that thing is drained about as much as it's going to drain. So let's proceed and pull the transmission lines off of the other side of the radiator and then we'll disconnect the hoses now. Uh, we're not going to replace these hoses I suggest that we do.
but uh, but we're not going to go too deep into uh, throwing Parts at this car until we can at least determine if it's going to survive or not. And that's one clip down. But fortunately, the new radiator will have clips. There is a tool to disconnect these, but I prefer the pick method.

There, It is all right. I put a couple more towels down. these are going to spill a little bit. Let's just reach on in here and I'm gonna grip this thing and just kind of give it a bit of a twist.

It should just pop right on out. should come out. Let's try the top one. Maybe that one will give us a less of a hard time here.

What are we doing? Don't make me pry bar you I will I will pry pliers you because you're already broken. You mean nothing to me. You there the strawberry milkshake of Doom Set these aside and then they're going to go right back. Okay, let's uh.

let's get that hose disconnected. I'm giving the camera the reach around treatment. new space. Oh, we're leaking more coolant I Guess it wasn't done draining after all that was.

Liquid Let me slide. Uh, slide that drain pan over. that stuff must be pretty thick in there if the uh, the liquid has it drained out. Oh, look at that.

it's a more nasty foreign. Let that drain some more actually. I Still have the upper hose disconnected right here. Just gonna pull that out all the way.

Yeah. flashlight. Okay, well at this point all we have is really this hose right here holding it on your shoe. Let's go ahead and pull this hose off and then we can slide that radiator out.

It's uh, probably gonna go out to the bottom if the fan came out to the bottom. I'm pretty sure this radiator can come out through the bottom, but we are going to need to go back down there and unbolt that other Mount right there. I think I won't be able to squeeze that past. Okay, back down in our mount.

Foreign. All right, Is this gonna work? This is going to be a kind of a disaster. We'll find out. Yep.

Hang on we're approaching disaster. Thank you. Okay, here it comes. that's our old cooling package.

condenser and radiator coming out. Oh, she's out. Wow. There's all kinds of space in there now.

Okay, yeah, yeah, look at that. That's it's been leaking for a while. Um, so earlier when I introduced this car and we showed the failure, a lot of folks were wondering, how can transmission fluid and uh, an engine coolant mixed together? Now you'll see there's This connection right here for a transmission line. That connection right here inside and you can see it right there.

There's a little metal tube that runs inside of this tank. That metal tube is, uh, not part of this tank. and it's not part of the cooling system. it's just running through it.
So we're using one cooler to incorporate a second cooler. And that's how we achieve transmission cooling along with the engine coolant cooling. Hope that answers your question Questions All right. Moving on over here to the radiator, which is on top of the trash can.

We do have two bolts. don't go anywhere. We've got one bolt right here and one bolt right here and that holds everything together. So let's go ahead and unbolt this thing.

We can transfer this condenser over to, uh, the new unit. Foreign. Okay, real quick. heart swap.

Get the hose out of there, hold the radiator. New radiator. Okay, so there's a few things not installed here. What we don't have are the connectors for the transmission lines.

Those are not installed. They seem to be over here in a package or a wrapper or a baggie. Yep, those are our units. They come pretty quick with the thread.

Locker This is good. That's the release tool for the transmission lines. We don't need that. Those are the same size.

They come with clips. Let's get these guys installed here. Let's go ahead and snug these connectors down. Then we will stick the condenser on this radiator, get that thing bolted on, and then we'll see about putting this thing back together.

Okay, Oh, look, we can see better now. See the shiny from that core inside of this tank? It's like a tank inside of a tank. That's how that cooler works. All righty.

condenser is coming in. We've got this little tab here and that's going to slide into that clip and there's another one over here on the other side. That one's going to slide right in. just the same.

It's going to be difficult, but it's going to go. Please go. No, not that way. Oh, it's kind of bent.

That's the issue. Oh, two-handed Nice. Okay, let's put some firsteners in this clicks. Got another one over here on the other side.

That was a good one. All right, this unit is ready to go back in. Let's go ahead and bring it back on over to our Cobalt and from Up and Under we will get it into place, see how this is going to work out again. In retrospect, I Probably should have done this on a lift, but uh, it's a little late for that now.

So it is what it is. that transmission line is actually still draining a little bit a lot of it. Actually, what I'm going to do is I'm going to run these up into position and I'm going to put one of the bottom brackets on them. Sorry, you guys can't really see what I'm doing down.

Here is what it is. At least one bolt in this bracket that'll hold this side up. Got the little rubber insert thing foreign S at the top as well. and I need to get those lined up.

Oh no. I came out the beach. There, it is foreign. That's one one of them is in.

Well, the trans line is leaking on my new radiator. I Don't like that. That's gross. I'm trying to line up that top grommet I think I got it? Yeah.
I got it. We'll put that back. Uh, in its hole right there, swollen from contact with all that uh, transmission fluid from the leak. Okay, hang on.

We gotta line the top pegs up now and then. Uh, we can secure this other bracket here. Um, way off alignment here. Hang on.

This dispases me. There we go. Okay, now we're now. we're getting somewhere that's not the right.

Uh, it's not the right one. that one is though. Muscle fatigue, pink, milkshake fatigue. There we go.

Okay, now it's twice as secure as it once was. Okay, so it looks like the top pegs are still aligned. the bottom ones are in. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten down this bracket on this side, see how it's drawing the radiator up as that bracket straightens out.

kick Thrice click and I'm gonna reach up and double check. We'll make sure that that radiator is in the slot at the top and it appears to be good. Okay, let's do. uh.

let's get the bottom bracket on this side over here. Oh I missed the top Peg Redo thank you I need to reach up and you can kind of feel it. All right? That's the line. Now it's good.

Ah, come here. Okay. radiators in its position. it's installed.

Thank you Nice! Next let's get these Ac lines bolted back in. These are annoying and I don't like them. so let's just get past this. Uh, this.

right now there's a click and one more. where's that bolt at? there it is. and just like it came out, I'm also fatigue. there we go.

Click. Let me out of here. Yeah, oh that trans line is still draining. Still going.

All right, we're not out of the woods yet. Next up, uh is the fan and I just like literally just now as I was talking, I remembered that I had this Mount disconnected in order to fit that fan in and out. So I suppose I should just remove that one more time. Yeah.

I Remember I had to pull this thing forward so I'm to squeeze that fan in I Suppose that since the other side mount is attached, it should keep this thing from falling out of here. Deja Vu right? I Love my job so much. Uh, do it twice. It's a bad idea.

The whole thing just got me scratching down in my face. Yeah, this is fine. it's not gonna fall out of there too much. Yeah, that's good.

I can cut that uh fan through that hole. Okay I'm gonna put you guys up top and you watch the top side and I'll feed this guy up from the bottom. All right here it comes. Let's uh, see how this goes? Let me make sure I do it the in the proper direction.

Getting it fast awkward may upset me. Uh, it keeps going. Oh that's a W All right. Oh woohoo coming back up.

Yeah, that's uh. that was a w all day now. all I need to do is just set it in its little uh little clip bracket devices here and it's mounted and secured. Okay, it's almost in position.

Let me go put that bottom bracket back in. Thank you because it must be secure without all flipping yeah, we don't want flipping flopping radiators. We want secure and nicely mounted radiators. three bolts.
All right going back up. So now I can kind of push down on this and get it to slide into those uh little clips. I Think yes, No Yes no, Oh, we're sharing. It doesn't fit.

Please use included zip ties to secure a unit. Oh, one side's in. How's this set doing? Okay? Kicked? That's in. You put that connector back on.

Now that I will have to zip tie because a little clip broke. It's cool. Let's see. next up, let me bolt this AC line back in.

We'll get that back onto the compressor where it belongs. Let's get the high side pressure sensor plug back in. That's good. That's the bolt for the AC it's the manifold.

that's this line right here. Threading it by hand right now and I'll just finish that off with uh with a ratchet. There we go. Okay.

13 mil socket. foreign. Get that manifold bolt tightened. Got it? I think a little bit more geek.

okay. connectors plugged in for the pressure sensor? All right. let's get back out of here again. Now there's that rubbing issue still.

I don't like that. So I'm going to try to just bend this line out here I just want to get it away from uh, where that Bolt's gonna end up right here so it doesn't rub through. See now we've achieved plenty of clearance. This is good.

Come on. Oh no, what have I done? We still need to put the bolt in which I think I have right here. Oh, it's dark, you know I should have bolted that on before I put this line on what was I thinking I have violated the order of operations. Not to worry I have tools for such predicaments I have tools for such situations Maybe insert foot and mouth Now bend it more there.

see I have tools I can bend things. Bending is the tool. Yeah, everyone's going Uh, no. Ray that's a verb.

Words rambling, rambling verbs Thinking about this before I Put that AC line on May You've been easier. We're almost at a point where it would have been easier just to take the AC line back off. Oh, where's the fun in that? Come on there. we go.

now. We'll bend it back some okay. AC line that goes back on. Where's that nut? There it is AC nut kicks all right.

I've got the machine powered back up. We can go ahead and recharge this anytime. Um, remember that uh, die that was on the cap right here. This indicates to me flashlight gravity.

Um, that die indicates to me that that service valve was leaking and I just can't in good conscience. Uh, recharge this system knowing that that leak is there. So uh, wow. Encore So I'm going to go ahead and change that valve real quick.

Mike My problem is though, is that thing's really, really tight. Come on valve. I'm not going to change the other valve though. Uh, we're not doing an AC Service This is just, uh, necessary.
And on top of that, that's not a Schrader valve. It's a vehicle specific valve and they're not cheap so that one gets to stay. This one's gonna stay too if it doesn't come out of there. What is this? You know, please come out.

No. seriously, what's the problem here? Okay, hmm. yeah, it broke. Come on.

Seriously, was that necessary? Do we really have to to break that thing? No good deed goes unpunished. Could have ignored that. Oh well. Whatever.

I'll fix it I Hope I'll fix it without replacing this AC Line I Hope yeah, it's it's stuck in there. Let's just see if I can fish out the rest of that valve because if I can't uh, I'm in trouble taking the line off the manifold old again or off the compressor again. work on it with it down here. Looks like we're loving our job so much we're gonna do it twice.

Okay, it's uh, it's off again. Yeah, that's that thing's broken off down in there kind of. Deep flashlight's dead foreign got an idea and take a Torx bit I'm gonna shove it in there inside of the inside diameter of that uh, that seal and see if I can't unthread it or that valve and see if I can't unthread it the rest of the way. I Can't tell if it's slipping or turning, but oh I got it.

I got it. I got it. Yeah, that's it. That's all of it.

The remainder that little unit. Unbelievable. Okie Dokes We've got a new valve, let's get this guy installed and we can put everything back together that we had just had together again and uh, and I fixed the leaking AC All right. Clicks Okay, the line's back on down at the compressor, the switch is connected again and now this line is going back on again.

Uh, you guys will notice that I have not installed these coolant lines on this uh, on this car yet? or the radiator lines hoses for that matter. And that's because I'm Gonna Roll this thing outside and uh, we're gonna try to garden hose this out and get as much of this nasty out of the cooling system as possible and once that's done, we can move on to the transmission saving section. I'm going to put the lines back on for now because I do need to move the car. Unfortunately, that is going to contaminate the uh quick.

that is going to contaminate the new cooler inside the radiator. but I'll be able to clean that out with a flush machine which I should be getting sometime this week. It's uh, it's in the works. My glasses were falling off and I couldn't see what I was trying to see here.

There's a clip that secures this transline. actually. I'm gonna leave that off for now because I'm going to remove this line later on when I perform that fluid service. Is that on? Is it gonna stay on? Yeah, it looks like it.

Okay, good, but we're not there yet. I Uh, I'm gonna go ahead and evacuate this AC system because it's got some air contamination and uh, while the machine's doing that I figure I can go ahead and spray a little bit of a shiny inside of the engine to try to flush out a bunch of this stuff while I have uh, the drain pan under it I Know I'm not going to get all of it, but I'm going to get what I think I can get. Additionally, there's nasty. Oil Soap Everything here and we need to get some of this stuff cleaned up.
A lot Foreign. Okay, the machine is vacuuming the system down I'll be able to recharge the refrigerant later. Let's go ahead and let this thing back down. Come out removing safety mechanisms.

Oh you know what? Just in case this was to crush this and then spill that you I'll uh, we'll pull this out of here. Sound good? Ew stinks like great clean that's nasty coming down. Give me some tires Foreign. I'm not going to get 100 of this stuff removed, but we're gonna get enough of it out to where we're not just gonna be.

uh, flushing out nasty trans fluid under the driveway. There have been large spills of that capacity before and they're not. They're not cool. You got to clean that up and decontaminate foreign that's running out through the bottom of that tank through that little hose right there and then it's spilling out of this water neck right here.

You guys see that? I gotta give another spray. You can see it come out here. It comes alrighty. So the AC machine is nearly done evacuating.

Okay, what we're gonna do is pull the fill plug for this trans. It's on the top of the case and I'm gonna add a few quarts of fluid to this. probably three just to be safe. Uh, we need to dilute what's in there.

and uh, I need to replenish whatever has Spilled Out So I'll put about three quarts in it. Let's do two. I'll just do two for now. Uh, then we can back this thing out and kind of Hose it off and get rid of some of the spillage.

Maybe try to flush this tank out. Um, I'll stick the garden hose in there and try to flush out the cylinder head. Um, I've already cleaned the hoses out with, uh, some brake clean over here so those are kind of shinyish inside again. I'm just trying to decontaminate everything.

Oh, this is done. Let's go ahead and recharge the system too. charge. No hurry up.

This is not even an air conditioning video you've been charging now. anyway. So let's put some ATF inside this transmission. By the time we're done doing that, this thing will be done.

We can disconnect the lines, back this thing out, and kind of hose off some of this nasty. Now, just because I'm putting fluid in it does not mean that. uh, I'm not doing anything with this transmission now like I said earlier I need to do a very extensive fluid exchange on this trans and I'm also going to pull the pan off of it and uh and replace the filter assembly. I'm very much hoping that we can save the unit.

glug. how bad would it be if I missed the hole and I was just dumping this all over the top of the case? Oh score! Okay, two quarts. good to go here. I'm gonna go ahead and plug this intake back in.
It won't run very well without the mass airflow connected, so you have to connect that it's not going to be permanent. I'm probably going to remove this later on, so I'm not going to tighten any of the stuff. we're just gonna just gonna plug this thing in. get it set up for right now.

we're on there. You know what really grinds my gears when the most trivial task becomes ridiculously hard to achieve. like wow, there got it? Okay, best airflow is plugged in mix. Get on there and stay there.

It's displeasing me. Okay. disconnecting the Ac lines? That's our low side. High sides over here.

Hit these guys disconnected and out of the way and uh, let's go and garden hose that tank and that cylinder head out. Okay. Moment of Truth starting the engine, they're gonna go into gear sure is backing up. honks for safety.

Oh look, it didn't leave a streaking trail of Destruction on the way out. Nice, it's gonna work. sure. Yep into the cylinder head.

Okie Dokes, That's as good as it's going to get. We're getting clear. We're getting more clear. The remaining remnants of what did not drain out has been flushed out.

Let's go ahead and shut this thing down. disconnect our hose and uh, we'll bring it back inside. All right, we're nosing back in. but since this thing is still drip drying, I'm gonna leave it outside here on the service drive.

and I'm gonna toss those, uh, those radiator hoses back on. now. remember what I said earlier? We're still just trying to determine if this thing is gonna live or not because uh, next phase is going to be uh, on the transmission side. Oh, that fits terribly I Don't like that at all.

Yeah, the next phase is going to be on the transmission side. We're going to pull the pan down. We're going to change the filter. I'm going to connect this car to a fluid exchange machine which I do not currently have, but uh, it's in the works and we're gonna run about 20 quarts of fluid through it to dilute away all that coolant contaminated.

ATF and then and only then we'll be making an attempt to operate this thing on the motorway. So uh, since we're seeming to be in the home stretch of this phase right here, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out. we're running a little bit long, there's a lot going on here and and I'm about done with this car. What I need to do next is just get that other hose on, throw some coolant in it, and uh, the cooling system side of this is uh gonna be good to go if I can get this tool on this clamp which I can't because there's stuff in the way and I can't see what I'm doing because that same stuff is in the way I almost had it one more time.

Get on there please. Okay, that's one hose good. Where's that other one at? uh? should be in the drain over here. All right.
Yep, there it is. Let's see: engine side radiator. oh there's still some schmoo in there. Hang on.

All right, let's get rid of some of that right now Again, yeah, stuff's thick I mean I'm never gonna get all of it out but I want to get as much out as uh as I can? Is that better? Yeah, okay, where was I uh engine side radiator side okay see told you I was gonna be taking this thing back off. Oh, water splashed in there. it was running on water. Okay, that one goes right off.

You don't need to include the wiring harness and this one. Way Down Yonder foreign you know what? I I got distracted in uh, putting these hoses on and I forgot to finish my finishing of the video. So uh, as always and again, thank you guys for watching. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video tool Gravity. uh please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video or uh, think this is a total waste of time, uh, feel free to weigh in in the comment section also down below again and as always one more time. Thank you guys for watching And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of narration not end of Cobalt because uh, we're gonna save this gold ball once.

I Get this hose. let's point in the right direction Here There we go. Who knew I'm leaning on the bumper and my knees are wet. The hoses are like rubber bands now.

they're not happy due to exposure. Come on a little bit more please. No ladies, got it. I Have you now? Get on there? Get on there all the way.

Come on Foreign. All right. We'll do about a gallon of concentrate to go along with that. uh the Water that's in there and then we can top off the rest with uh 50 50.

because most of what I have is 50 50. re-distilled water. Oh goodbye. You know.

Another thought that I had is since this isn't mixed and uh, no longer a homogeneous uh, any and all of the uh, petroleum products should actually surface here inside of this overflow bottle and I'll be able to siphon it out with a vacuum. Yeah, Continuing refill. Oh, that's water I don't want that one. All right.

Continuing refill Procedure: I Know the concentrate was like a gold orange and this is green. This mixes with all vehicles. It's one of those generic dual coolants designed specifically for nothing, yet works for everything. Well it runs I Don't know if it lives yet, but it runs.

That's good. That's a start. Okay, really gonna go this time. See you guys later.

Oh by the way, fans running.

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