Bad Idea! Will it Survive?? 2005 Chevy Cobalt 2.2

Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We're going on a field trip. We have to go pick up a delivery and they wouldn't deliver here to start starting the engine. Oh hey, look that EGR code came back again. That's the third time it's come back on and third time it's gone back off.

We're just gonna let that ride and see what happens. Anyway, we're headed across town I have to pick up a parcel I need to bring the pickup truck and cannot send the minivan. It is a rather large parcel, a rather expensive parcel. Also, it's my uh AC recovery machine.

so let's get out of here and go fetch this thing because I need to get back I have stuff to do. Lots of it man. I Lucked out too last time I went over to this place. it took me 45 minutes to get there.

Uh, that was later in the afternoon. That was kind of like rush hour time. It's uh, early afternoon right now and the trip is going to take one-third as much time. I'm super excited about that because I don't have time to waste.

Not today I wasted time Yesterday today is, uh, get things done day happening Z Hood Okay guys, real quick. Disclaimer: Before we get started, today's video is a little short. Uh, it's short for a couple reasons. One of which, yesterday's video was over an hour long I Took a day off and today was an administrative kind of day.

so I didn't do any work out in the shop and I sure didn't get any filming done So that being said, if you find this video to be too short, just go ahead and click the link above or the one down in the pinned comment and it will take you back to the one hour video of a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt where transmission fluid was leaking into the radiator and engine coolant was leaking into the transmission. Okay, we're here. Giant Warehouse complex. Uh, there's a Fastenal fulfillment center or some kind of warehousing place right here so that's where our equipment's at powering down.

let's go pick up the goods well unlocking. we gotta pull around back. they're gonna forklift this thing into the truck. the machine's gonna lift it so we don't have to do in truck stuff today.

I Think this is where we go. Yeah, this is it. Let's see how this is gonna work here. I think I'm just gonna pull up like right here and uh he said not up under the ramp because it's easier.

Truck is level so let's go pull the tailgate down. Oh good. It came unstuck. Watch this up down over go.

We probably need to pull this out so you can get in closer with the forks. I Can go there and you're coming with me. Heavy pintle hitch. Okay, we are going to need to do a couple straps here to strap this crate down with.

Oh No! I Tossed him in here an unorganized leg. No worries, they're color-coded Come here. that's two and I choose this one and four straps. Yep.

six inches here. Three, two. There you go. Foreign.

I'll hold it. it won't come out. We're good. Yeah, keep her going.

Keep going. Four inches. That's good. That's good.
Pretty. security should be okay. Yeah. foreign.

You're pretty good. Yeah. going back. All right.

Thank you sir. Take care. Let's just push this all the way forward. There we go.

That wasn't hard at all. Don't need to go too crazy with the straps on this. It's pretty lightweight. Let's see.

we'll hook that one in right there. that is stronger than that. That's for like bungee cords and tarps and stuff. I need to take those away.

I Don't even like them. One more on the other side. Let's make it tight. Tiger type strap clicks.

That's good. I Think that's not going anywhere. We're good. Don't need these.

Do need this. I Rule for securing your load is you always need twice as many straps as you think you need. foreign. Go on there.

This one's always been like this. It's got to go on. Like sideways. All right.

Good to go. Goodbye Big! Fastenal Score! Doing truck stuff? Yeah, that's a lot of warehousing space down there and they're building more Off to the left. This is all outside of our quaint little town. What did I just run over Bottle? Yeah, it is A they're putting in a warehouse right there.

Another big complex and another one right over there. more. Construction We return to the shop space, just got backed into the door. Let's uh, unclick this I wonder if I can do this one-handed Some folks can't do this two-handed Hang on.

Oh, it worked. see this is I'm I'm honing my skills here. That's what it is. It's like I could use two hands.

but where's the challenge in that? Ah got it. This one's pretty tight. I don't think I can do this one one-handed Not a chance. but I can put down the camera and then do it.

See smarter, not harder using your cranium. Yeah, this is gonna be good. We're gonna use gravity to assist us because I'm not unchaining the Boom for the forklift and going through all that rigmarole for uh, just a couple hundred pounds shoe. We're just gonna slide it right there.

that looks good. It's gonna work I Hope so. Oh man. Well I mean it's gonna come out.

Question is, is how controlled of a fashion is that going to be? Oh, that's not working. Stand back. See that same thing you're doing. What are you doing? That's for the exhaust? Yeah, Oh, it's coming back up.

You know you doing all right. Let us begin unboxing this unit. Yeah, that's right. I called it for what it is.

we're unboxing today. We're literally unboxing. This is actually a box. Like it's a real box.

not like a like a cardboard box actual box. Yeah good. Great job. Whoever did this, this is nice.

super secure. Let's see what we have in here. Oh shiny it is. It's a Robinair AC recovery machine.

Beautiful! Let us continue unboxing. See what's in here. Box gravity. So what I'm thinking here instead of disassembling, this entire unit is I Can uh, unstrap it.
How are we strapped? Are we tied? I can unstrap it and then uh, roll it out through the front right here thus removing or reducing My overall unboxing time and then I can get to the they're checking out this unit time I think I need to get some oil for the compressor though I believe it is ship dry. Those are the rules. Come On Now There we go. You come.

removed there. it is nice there's our strap. Good thing I just practiced uh doing this one-handed that was accidental foreshadowing here. Pretty good.

All right. it has achieved freedom. Floaties I Found out why it won't go anywhere. See ya look way way down there there's a strap strapping this thing to that metal strap.

yeah that's that's hanging on to it. I can because I have like a two foot long screwdriver is good. Yeah, oh become, it's not gonna work. My long-range screwdriver is not happening or maybe it is.

do I got it? You got it? Yeah, kinda. You know what? I give up, take the rest of the Box apart. being silly, this is easier. foreign.

There's that little bugger right there. Foreign. What are you doing? I'm unloading stuff. What are you doing? This is a microwave.

All right. Let us roll this thing over here to uh, the equipment. Corner that's sort of what this section is turning into. Let's roll this guy over here and we'll park it.

I'm waiting for some oil to be delivered for the vacuum pump and a can of refrigerant because this thing is uh well, it doesn't have any. So I need those two things and then we should be. And since I don't have any of that stuff here I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now. and considering I don't have any AC work.

Uh, even once that bottle shows up, there's really going to be nothing left to uh to cover on this particular Robin air AC machine. So uh, I'm gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to thank you for watching this video. I Hope you like this video. If in fact, you did like this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

That button is what lets me and YouTube know that I've done a good job. and if YouTube thinks that I've done a good job, it's far more likely to recommend my content to other potential viewers. That's good for me. it's also good for them.

So as always and again, thank you guys for watching. Most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later Shiny! Check that out project! Jeep Rage is on.

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