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Hello there everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is a 2016 Ford Transit van. It's an air conditioning service fan. Lots of Transit Vans are AC Service fans customer States Replace front lower Control arms and they have supplied their own.

Parts You can see here we've got some Motorcraft Lower Control Arms Part number: Mike Charlie Foxtrot 2500 It comes with a new bushing and another new bushing and a hole in it to accommodate the ball joint. So it looks like we've got a left and a right side here. Let's go ahead and get this thing scooted up. We'll put it on the rack, we'll lift it up and uh, we'll get the front wheels off and see what the lowers are looking like.

I Have yet to inspect this car, don't know what's going on, haven't seen it, but uh, we're gonna get it apart and find out. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. Oh wait a minute, Fail! I Almost forgot this particular Transit happens to have 188 3285 miles on the odometer. There we go.

Let's go ahead and pull this thing forward. starting the engine. There we go. It does have some warning indicators that are indicated.

The message on the dash says Hill Start Assist not available It's got a tire pressure warning light. It's got a squiggly out of control car and it's got the service engine Soon indicator illuminated. I'm probably going to address all that stuff at a later time, but as for right now, we're just going to go ahead and knock out what they came in for. Get these hard Parts changed out down below and then we can go ahead and look into the other issues that are plaguing this particular.

Ford Transit Let's go ahead and scooter on in. Looks like I'm gonna have to use my maximum capacity here to get this all the way forward. There we go, that's pretty good. I think we're good out back.

All right I'll take that. This is a pretty long one so we're a little bit farther forward than we normally would be. I could put it over on the big lift I may well, we'll see if it racks up I can do it right here. If it does not rack up, we'll do it on the big rack over there.

The back of it is empty. There's very little equipment back there. uh, powering down if the cargo area on this fan were full. I Would not attempt to do this on the smaller size rack just for safety purposes, but since uh, she's not loaded I think it'll be okay.

All right, and there's not a chance of getting this thing racked up on this rack with uh, these, uh, these lift pads right here. So I am gonna have to move this uh to the big rack, hang on a second. Okie dokes I Kicked the Rack in. kind of got it set up.

Let's take a peek at how we had to maneuver this thing in. here. That's really the only lift point we have is this, uh, piece of structure right here way out back. I managed to get the lift arm right under the leaf spring so that's a good solid foundation and that's pressed in as far as it goes on both sides.
So I think we're good to go ahead and raise it on up. Then we can see what's going on with those uh, those control arms. So let's find out green subscribe button and see what she does. moving on up.

Is it safe? Is it stable? I don't know. Yeah, it looks okay. it's okay back there. Give it a shake here.

All right I Think it's okay. let's give it a shake here. Okay, and how's all this stuff looking? Not the greatest, but I'll live with it. Alrighty So I rethought my battle plan on racking this right here.

uh I just didn't really like it. that is round and it was concerning me So I extended these and put them over here on the inside of the crossmember. Uh, the rear one stayed in the same position. So I think now we're safe.

Let's go ahead and run this thing up. Get the wheels off and take a peek at our control arm bushings and see what we have going on here. Moving on up. All right looking good right here.

Let's go ahead. pull our hubcaps. The hubcaps pull themselves. It's good.

Pull our hubcaps. and get the wheels off. see if that other one is, uh, equally damaged. What do we got here? Oh, that one's good.

Okay, and it's time for impact. Gun cam. send it or reverse. send it unsend it.

Nice. one more right look. They gave us a little workbench so that's cool. I believe this used to be a x U-Haul Van see the the side steps I think those are unique to U-Hauls U-Hauls on Flicka Juice Nice.

You guys go there. Yay and you come with me. Oh, that's not good. See that there's a separation in the tire.

Recommend tires and alignment. It's heavy too. You go down there, see what we've got to uh to work with here. Let's pull our other wheel off, see which Treasures lie beneath.

Oh, these are heavier than they look I can't one-hand them? Not okay. It's a big old steelies and all right. let's cruise on in here. see what we're looking at and yep, that is a destroyed lower control arm bushing.

Look at that thing. it's supposed to be attached and it's not okay. Let's go check out the other side real quick. like we're just confirming.

No, that was not so bad. It is starting to tear apart though. See right there on the edges right here right here. Not horrible like that one side, but it's still that's pretty junk.

Okay, this is good. Let's go ahead and get this thing on bolted, disconnected, removed and then we'll swap the new units in. Well now look at here. This is an interesting feature.

See there's the control arm bolt down in that hole, but it seems to have this giant armor plate looking thing right here that captures that bolt and you can't get to the Vault see that like it's in there and I can't get it. So I need to remove this uh, support beam bracket thing which is kind of two bolts here. Then when we come up here, that bracket is sandwiched in between this piece of panel which is behind that piece of panel. Well this is dumb.
It's not fun at all. Okay, well you got to take that off. So let's figure out how to get this uh, this piece of armor plating or whatever off of here and then I can try to get a hold of that control arm bolt. the back Bolt's easy and the ball joints pretty easy looking so far.

but uh yeah, that thing's that's I Guess that's the challenge on this job. so let me grab a 13 and a little impact to see what I can't do about getting this thing out of this hole right here? All right. Well the best place to start from the beginning and we know we got to get this off. So let's get these bolts out.

loud. Noises 13 in action. It flexed. see that? Interesting all right.

So looking left got a couple more up in that hole over there. Let's get some light on the subject. Pop these guys loose. Come here.

Nope. Switch it out to the extendo socket. Okay, two more. another one where we can't see.

All right. So this thing's gonna come out. It should just slide right out. I Think right, better.

it's all the bolts off, so it's loosey-goosey Picture: This is a very interesting kind of design thing they got going on here. Okay, so this, uh, this business is removed. That's our little support beam bracket looking deal and that gives us access to our bolt here. I wonder what the purpose of that is? crumple? Zone The bumper bracket vid.

Yeah, okay. well. regardless, we got a hold of our bolt. So now let's go ahead and break our ball joint loose.

Then we can unbolt these two bolts and then swap these control arms out. All right, let's get our big nut here. That's a 30 millimeter here or 1 and 3 16 loud noises on clips. Super loud.

All right. let's get the puller out. All right. Puller coming in and I hope this one works because it's probably going to be the only one that fits.

This is a huge ball joint and I don't have ball joint tools this large so if it doesn't, hang on to this little flange right here. I'm gonna be some kind of a creek. Yeah, it's scary. Let's get this thing tightened down and put some torque on and see what happens.

All right here we go. Moment of Truth: Let's apply some torqueage here. Oh oh, come on, it came right out. Look at that.

That was easy. I Thought that was gonna be like this huge giant explosion of Parts separating and the thing just came right off. Man, that's twice. I Built this thing up and it failed to deliver something dramatic.

Come on. All right. Well, since we're here, let's go ahead and get this bolt out. 21 millimeters.

Loud noises. We're good. All right. let's try again with a new battery.

Need more torqueages? Okay. Fresh batteries. Matter come out bolt. Got it all right.

there's that one and one more out back. All right, let's just. uh. scooch on over here and get that last one out right there.
and I can maneuver this unit out of its home here. Gun hits. Yeah, that's out here I Know we'll pry bar it out with a pickle pork. It's like perfect size.

Come on. It's Hammer Time Like it's free, but there's so much like side load tension on all these pieces here. Doesn't want to move like the things unthreaded. It's down to like here I just can't get it to come out the rest of the way.

It's annoying, you know? I'm I'm thinking my problem here is too much Brawn and not enough rain. So let's downsize the bronze. Some Got the little impact here. Let's try this.

Why don't you want to come out? You know what? There's got to be some side load or whatever going on with this subframe. So I think what I'm going to do is go and get that bolt over there loose and maybe the subframe will shift some and it'll stop putting this huge side load on this bolt. It's just stuck on the shank like right here and right here and the thing won't come free. Like I said, it's loose and it moves, but it won't just drop all the way out of there.

So let's go over there, take the rest of these bolts out, and then see what happens. Noises All right. Did that help? Did it move? I Don't know. Yeah, it seems to be stuck on the control arm.

That's what it looks like because it's it's free from up there at the top. So why are we stuck here? Um, I'll tell you what. Let's get this thing off of this ball joint, pull the ball joint out some and maybe we can get some play on this control arm to get that that bolt to come out. I Think this thing was in an accident I think that's what's going on here.

It was wrecked Once Upon A Time All right control arm ball joint pry bar time. Get this guy to come down or not, try it out a different way here through the hole in the top and just push it down there. Okay, save that for later. How about now now? Does it want to come out? Sort of I Think something is wrong here I don't belong here.

What is going on with this situation? I don't know but I don't like it. Okay, so there's clearly some kind of issue going on here because I know that this bolt is out of those threads up there and it's stuck right here in this bushing on this control arm and I'm almost wondering if that thing's bent. This thing was in an accident before and that bolt might have been shoved back real hard and now it's bent. so I'm gonna try to pull the thing out and I have almost no way of doing that.

I've got some welding vice grips. Okay, now these are not for stuff like this. These are supposed to clamp like two pieces of metal together so you can get a good weld on it. However, the adjuster on this is a rather large one and it's the only pair of vice grips that I have that happen to fit that adjuster or at least that I have here and that adjuster fits onto this adapter right here.

I took the little screw out of the uh out of the vice grips, put this adapter on it and then I stock that onto a slide hammer. Yeah, so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna try to slide hammer this thing off. so I'll vice grip it on, click and then maybe with enough tugs on that slide hammer, the thing will come out. I I Don't know if it's going to work, but we're gonna try it.
It moved. Yeah, it barely moved, but something happened. Yeah, this thing is way way stuck on there. Come on, it's brutal.

Thank you. Is it going to come out? I would have rather had the ball joint give me a hard time. not this stupid thing. Why it's not even budging.

it's not even moving like at all. Man, all right, let's try the threads again. that Bolt's got to be bent foreign. Try it again.

I Know let's put a pole Jack under the control arm because this control arm is flexing a bunch and it's getting stuck in the control arm. Not not up here. So let me put a pole Jack under here to keep that rigid and solid and then we'll pull it down. Is this is some BS right here I Feel like I got set up? Well, not really.

It's just one of those things. I Guess put some upward pressure on this bad boy here. See what happens? See how we're lifting the control arm up away from this little plate? Okay, foreign. Yeah, all right.

Well it appears to my efforts to remove this are a futile because there is no way nothing's coming out and we can prove it's stuck on this part right here. because there's our thread. See that? Yeah, there's plenty. See how it works.

Now you see how that turns and it's starting to grip onto the insert in that bushing. It tells me that it's getting hung up at the clearance of that bushing. This thing is bent. It's bent a lot.

like I'm turning it and I'm watching it Weeble wobble and it turns out that the other side over there is even worse. So I've really got no choice. but I I'm gonna have to cut this thing out just to get this component out of the car. So now I got to find another bolt.

So it's uh, it's going to be Saw's all time right here on this bolt I need to cut it here and then cut it here that way I can slip this thing out and once it's out. uh, well. just the new one. No problem.

the new bolt will be straight, so I can just put that back in. but I've got a I've got to chop this out. There's no. there's no way around the slide hammer wouldn't pull it through.

Uh, Additionally, it's a compromised bolt. so I can't put a compromised bolt back in. All right. Next level of escalation.

Sawzall Let's cut through this fault and get this thing out of here and try it from this direction. All right, Got through it. So now I need to cut through the other side and then we can get the uh, the bolts out of there. It's captured by this little lip panel looking thing here on, uh, on the subframe.

So I've got to pick that up some and then cut through it on the bottom as well. Take the pole Jack back in, get up a little bit and you're getting chopping Now Again, that was Violet lost my paint. Stop it. Good.
Almost there. Okay, well bolts off. Now the control arm is going to come out. At least let's get this thing out of here.

Come on Control Arms and that was easy. There we go. All right. here's the aftermath of this hackery.

That bolt is. Oh, you can see that it's bent. Look, look at the angle that this is pointed right here, straight down. and then look at the angle of the bolts at the top like it curves this way.

You can see that that bolt is bent. No way. See, there's our, there's our straight line and then look, it's off at an angle right here. Yeah, that's uh yeah.

you come out all righty. Well, now that we seem to have figured out the order of operations here, let's go over to the other side and get this uh, piece of body armor removed and uh, we'll go ahead and do the same thing on that rear bolt because I got a feeling that one's bent too when I took it Loose It seemed to kind of want to wobble a little bit. I Actually think that one's worse than the one we just cut out. but uh, I guess we're gonna find out.

So let's get this thing unbolted. We got six more 13 millivolts and then this guy comes out and we'll repeat procedure. Uh, on the rest of these Fasteners and see what happens here. All right, 13's coming out.

Next one, come here. Bolt The washer Reservoir is in the way. push it over. All right, that's two.

third one. Okay, see all this stuff. flex and move. When I took that loose, it's all been tweaked.

like the whole everything here. it's all bent up all right. let's get the two out back. it's those guys.

and on our piece of body armor here, let's slip this guy down and out. Woohoo! All right, let's pull this guy off here. Yeah, that one came out no problem. Not Bent Put that one in the rear I Don't know about that and let's handle this ball joint nut real quick.

See if this side is just as hung up as that other side was or not hung up and it's that one's good. All right, that was not stuffed. Time for the puller. Pulley pulled her holder puller.

We need the puller. That's what's up man. how you doing All right? Thank you sir. Appreciate it.

Okay, just gonna wrench this one out. The other one came out real easy. So it stands to reason that this one should also a bit better because this truck's already killing me. It's not going to go today because I've got to order those bolts and those are going to have to come from Ford bad mood there.

That wasn't too bad. Okay, that one's out now. I need to figure out how to get that last bolt out of there. All right? Well, I'm not going to deny my impact one last opportunity to pull this out.

Not a chance. Oh yeah, that that thing's not. Uh, it's not coming out. Nope.
It's loose off the uh, the frame up top. but it's not loose. uh right here. So let's get to chopping all right.

We're gonna need to go around to the outside here too get a good angle on what we're looking at here. So I'm gonna make one cut here and then figure out how to make the second cut on the bottom. This totally could have been done by now. and uh, had we not had this bolt situation very easily could have been done.

I've been in and out, no problem. Easy. Oh well, that's what happens. Begin cutting now.

Flashlight: That's about halfway through, but I'm kind of running out of space for the saw blade. so what I'm going to do here is take a wrench and turn that bolt 180 degrees and then make another cut from the same position. Here here we'll come in with a big ratchet wrench 180 degrees approximately. so there's our 90.

there's 180. that'll do. Begin re-cutting sequence Now let's get back in there with our blade. here.

we go. That one's through I Smell rubber cooking. All right. So we're We're through on the top side.

All right. let's get down below and reposition. We need to take the pole Jack pick, uh, pick this control arm up some and then we can create a little bit of space between the head of the bolt right there and we'll make our next cut. like right right in here somewhere.

Let's see pole Jack coming over. Go ahead and spin this guy. Actually, let's spin it down first because it's got this little Peg here and I can use that Peg I think I think I got enough space for that? Yeah, right through there. all right now.

we've got all these extra threads here to play with. see that to take her up? Well, it's not really what I wanted I wanted to get this piece to go up some I'm going to cut through the rubber. All right. No biggie.

again. saw sequence now and this thing is this is thick with that extra piece of Steel around the bolt. this is the insert inside of the uh, the bushing that I'm chopping through and the bolt. Finally, I'm getting the worst noodle arm ever and ruining my my tools.

It's just a brushed motor. It can't handle this kind of sustained duration here. The bolts out. Yeah, look at that thing wedged in there that wasn't coming out.

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. We know this thing's been in a front-end Collision it's been in enough of a collision to bend those bolts right there. So it stands to reason that these, uh, these ball joints here took a hit. So we're gonna change these things too.

These are coming out smoking. there's one ball. These are real easy at this point, take two bolts out and things should fall right out. Should I said should should.

shouldn't have said should but I did do I have to press you out or Hammer you out. What do we need to do? Yeah, I'll shock these out with a saw too I don't care I think they press out. Yeah, Okay, well. this seemingly easy job is escalating with remarkable speed.
It's actually quite impressive. So we got this flange business here. How am I supposed to press this out with the flange here? Because I can't press against anything. What is happening? Okay, air hammer time.

These should just come right out. Why don't they come out? Remove no here. let's get some a little oil in there. Couldn't hurt coming in.

Got the big impact driver. It's pneumatically powered. We go right on the top here. see what happens? Moving Still moving.

Stop moving. Okay, it went back in more. Lube Yeah, get on there. no it's still moving.

Dang, the thing's in there tight. Come on. come out foreign off some of this boogered up area right here. Get at it with a big flap wheel.

Again, good. Thank you. Damn got it. Okay, that was fun.

Never did that before I don't want to do it again except for one more time on the other side. Alrighty, let's move over to the driver's side and we're going to take what we learned with us. that way. this might not have to be so difficult so figured out the air hammer is the way to go.

Let's get our bolts out, pop those guys out of there, and then we'll just air hammer this unit out. I'm not going to hit it with a hammer like I tried before and we're going to make sure we don't booger up this outside edge because that press fit is so tight that's where I felt on that other side over there. So I'm just going to come straight down on it and just Hammer the thing out. Okay, just like the other side, we got two Torx bolts here.

Let's knock these guys out there we go. We'll throw a little bit of oil in there just to help us out on the way down. Nice and duplicated like Hello darling, what are you doing? Hi, we can see you question for you. All right? Hang on.

See you guys later we're going in. Let's see what happens here. Knock this last one out and then we're on a parts hold I think Ah, send it. try to send it.

Can't get a good can't get in there properly. Here we go. that one's not wanting to move. What is this and why? I'm trying again.

The compressor just shut down so we got air pressure again. Let's hit her again. See what happens here moving I Hit you guys with my hat? Yeah got it. Oh man, got him out.

Alrighty folks I think I'm pretty much kind of dead in the water. uh on this Transit van I Did not expect to have to chop off bolts and change ball joints, nor do I have Parts here. that stuff's been ordered from the Ford dealership. but I'm not going to get that today.

So I I'm on a super Parts hole. There's really yeah. There's absolutely nothing else I can possibly do to this truck right now until that stuff arrives. So that being said, I'm gonna have to close this video out uh right about now I Wanted to finish this thing today but that's just not in the cards so I haven't said that as always like thank you guys for watching this video.
Certainly hope you enjoyed this uh, consistently escalating pain in the butt video on this Ford Transit If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comments section. uh down below Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourself a fantastic day. See you guys later! We deferred in the video in a day in the transmission.

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  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars john whiley says:

    Hey Ray, what are you doing with Troy's Shirt on??????

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lucas Jimenez says:

    Google “Flexible Steering Coupler” for Hyundai’s. That’s your problem very common on Hyundai/Kia. And part is usually in any part store. We all get tricked by our experience sometimes!

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:

    Wow Ray ray that was really hard getting those 2 bold joints out 😊

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Damien Villano says:

    Whenever the wife unit asks a question the only correct answer is "yes dear" lol

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Morales says:

    Troy walks by is like “sorry your on your own on that one ray” hahahha

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PHREAKY ZEKE says:

    This dude has no business running a shop wtf.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PHREAKY ZEKE says:

    Dude irs amazing to me that you were unable to figure out all you had to do was jack up the control arm to ride height. Insane. Inwas dying laughing

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Victor Williams says:

    Next time get the good torch out just a little heat on that outside housing that the ball joint is in and tap out.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Hassett says:


  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Graham Millar says:

    Oh you poor wee man. What a pain in the rear. You can just see the twist in the brackets. Question. when you get this back together can it be aligned ? I sure hope you don't have to replace major suspension bits.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick McDonald says:

    I have seen so many cars fall off these lifts I was really triggered when you had the round supports on the first place on the van but thank goodness your experience talked to you about the situation but If I was going to be banging and tugging on the frame and suspension parts I would have extra screw type supports under there with me just in case it might slip off the small rubber mounts. You are the happiest Mechanic I have ever seen and I'm sure it's because you are very successful and have a great wife~!!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Hendricks says:

    I've found using a breaker bar to loosen captive nut body and suspension bolts then run em out w impact works. Just my experience.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bigbelconut says:

    I tell you what, ford has some really brilliant engineer's.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars amby daly says:

    Lubricant my friend?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Deathcoreskater2479 says:

    I swear, racking those vans takes longer than Workin on them
    Hate workin on them things

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ab bush says:

    Do you have a aggravation charge ?

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R Evert says:

    Another vocabulary enhancing experience!!! I bought the same Milwaukee kit from Amazon. Money very well spent!!!!!!!!

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SGTJDerek says:

    Ferd and their "betterer iders". I absolutely abhor messing with Fords. Once replaced the alternator on a FREE Focus. It sits directly under the power steering reservoir which had been leaking. Somebody explain to me why you would place an expendable item in a location where it was necessary to rotate the entire engine but NOT provide a way to do so. At least with 3.8 in the GM products there was a simple way to rotate AND HOLD IT to work on the back side without needing a cherry picker.
    I sold that FREE Ferd POS for parts.

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars YK Mini says:

    Man what a mission. The title should have been "loud noises"

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Skerritt says:

    Should be a plate