Check Engine Light DISABLED! Codes hidden from Driver! 2003 Ford Mustang GT 4.6
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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. This is a 2019 Ford Escape It has approximately 72,5 Mi on the odometer customer States rattling noise from under vehicle while driving. so let's go out. Take this thing on a quick test drive, see if we can't duplicate the rattling clunking type of noise, then we'll go from there.

Wipies. All right. let's go and get her backed out. We'll get out on the road and see if we cannot duplicate our rattling, clunking, vibrating suspension, or steering noise.

I think it's in the steering they said but uh, let's go out. hit some bumps, get up to speed, make some turns, we'll see what's going on. All right. we've made it through security.

let's get out of here and hit the road all right. I'm moving along. So far so good. I Don't hear anything in a straight line.

Brakes feel good uhoh I hear Sirines emergency alarm. Okay, let's go go go. Not hearing anything yet. There's a manhole cover there.

let's run that over. No, no sound. Okay, all righty up and over the bridge. If we don't hear anything over the high speed bumps, we'll head off the bridge, go through some uh, surface streets, and then uh, try to come up with some some terrain that can recreate this noise that they complained about I don't know yet.

so far it's so good. All right, we've got some uneven terrain on this uh exit Lane in here and I have not heard any any noises just yet. I Like to hear these things like straight away like right when we start I don't want to hunt the thing down and I got to tell you guys I feel like I'm in a whole different environment today I Woke up like 4 hours early today and I had a whole bunch of time to myself before going to work. So I've been awake for like 5 or 6 hours now.

Wait 10 7 hours. I've been awake for 7 hours now. Yeah, it's 10:00 in the morning. So I've been awake for uh, a very long time more than usual and it just feels like I'm in a whole different kind of world.

It's not sleep deprivation cuz I got a good night's sleep I went to sleep early. it's just I don't know. weird. it's like a alternate reality.

I'm in another level of the Matrix that's what's going on, what's up Callahan Tire They've been around for a while. They're legendary are see that place over there that's Pierce Fire Trucks They build. Uh, they build fire trucks. and Emergency Equipment Vehicles like that's where they manufacture them.

Pretty cool. Yeah, there's a whole bunch of them right there. Look at that. not even for our County They build those for lots and lots of counties.

Let's take some maneuver action here and see if I can't make that noise. Nope, Nope. Let's try some brakes here. Nope.

Negative: Ghost Rider Nothing yet. So the only thing I noticed was that right there and it seems to like shift a little hard in the third gear. that's and that's not even really a noise. It just sort of didn't feel like a very smooth shift.
Yeah, there's more fire trucks and stuff looks like Hillsboro County Got a whole bunch of new equipment. How about that? All right. No noise over those railroad tracks. We've come full circle.

We're back at the tire place again, headed straight. We're going to go cross the bridge and I'm going to head back to the shop I suppose. Uh I just need to get this thing up on a lift and then we can, uh, visually inspect the suspension and steering and maybe I can find something visually. but uh, as for recreating said clunky noise.

Uh, that's not happening right now. It's not. Uh, it's not being compliant with my will. Oh no, that truck's leaking horsepower out of the exhaust.

Need to get that fixed. Yep, he's leaking all kinds of horsepowers. Mosquito control, All right. One more opportunity to hear some noise and that's going to be on the tracks right here under the bridge and survey says no I did not hear any abnormal noises.

Okay, do the service stall with us. Let's rack this thing up. I Mean you know, realistically at 72,000 Mi I Don't expect to find things that worn out. I Mean this thing's in pretty good shape, but you never know.

It's figure it out all righty. So we've got this thing racked up and in the air. Some I'm going to go down below and we're going to do a visual inspection of the front end trying to figure out what kind of noise they like. I said a clicking noise or a tapping noise.

something like that. So let's go down and see what we can find here. Can't see much. It's full of covers and whatnots.

A little bit of oil right there. Let's see. Strut looks good. axle.

give it a shake down real quick and see if there's any Motion in the suspension here. Nothing left and right. nothing up and down down. Okay, check this other side.

let's go left and right. There's some play there. I Feel something? Ah, there it is. Look at here right there.

We have a tie rod. It's covered in grease. probably from that. Watch this tire rod right here.

I Think we can see it on camera? Watch right here. See that motion. There's play in the ball joint. If we look at the knuckle versus the uh, the ball in socket, there's a bunch of play in that wheel is moving okay.

and not to ignore the elephant in the room. but this unit has got a CV axle with a busted open Boot and I bet money that's our clicking noise. A boot with no grease in it or a joint with no grease in it? Rather okay. So I'm going to suggest we replace this tire rod cuz it's worn out and loose and this axle cuz all the grease is flung and it's making noise.

So let me go ahead and uh, it works. Work this up, get some parts ordered and then we'll go from there. All right. Roll car coming in, we have some parts on the way.

let's get this wheel off of here and see what's up with that axle. Loud noises this coming in 19 mm ring car. go B Okay up cap and and there we go. Braks look good.
very nice. All righty. Since we know we're changing this uh, outer tie rod here and we have to get it off to get the axle out, we'll start right here. pull that guy right off right there.

I probably should', uh, break that jam nut loose before I remove this. Getting ahead of myself. let's see if the parrot Jaws are going to pull this Jam nut out. Yep, loose.

I'll take this back now and Hammer Time Come out. Got it here? Let's just go ahead and spin this guy off and I can spin the new one on as soon as it gets here. where, um, all the way off sliming me. Gross.

Got her All right. Let's get into the nasty here. right over there. that's our ball joint and then there's a nut and a bolt that passes through to secure that ball joint.

Let's go ahead and take that thing out. We'll unut the nut, have to put a wrench on it. The bolt is spinning all right. Got a wrench for the backside in there.

Let's get that on the nut around the bolt and we will attempt to impact this thing. Back off again. There we go, Got it. I Don't want to touch anything.

It's all. It's all. gross. covered in lubricants.

Used lubricant at that. All right Pry bar coming in on the control arm. we're going to go ahead and separate the ball joint here. we go see that.

So now this whole assembly is just kind of dangling here. so we may then unbolt our axle, drive that through the bearing, and and then pull that out from the side. here. Then we can pop it out from the trans and then slip the new one in.

That is the plan. This thing will give me back my pry ball. All right. What do we have here? 30 mm Negative about a 32 Affirmative.

32 it is. Pull our nut out, you lose nut. I bet this thing smoking hot and I believe the axle is also free. Yeah yeah.

Cool. Awesome. Okay, let's just pull this axle slightly away from the spindle that's going to work for me. No! oh Fry bar today.

Not with that a I Need gloves. This is gross I ain't even doing it. Yeah, unfortunately there's just a little bit too and I ruined it already. There's just too.

much nasty in there to be. uh, smearing it all over myself? Not interested. So let me pull this axle out and I'll see if I can't just yank that out by hand. That's a negative.

going to need the pry bar for that one. We have to get in behind it somehow somewhere and flashlight pop that thing out. Come here. Flash light there.

Okie does? We're down below on the bottom side here. I can't get to the inner joint because of this panel here. So we're going to pull these Torx 30s out and drop this uh Splash Shield skid plate panel thing down here and get that out of the way. and then we can get behind.

uh, get behind that axle with a pry bar and pop it out of the transmission. Okay, taking a look straight up, that is the the inside joint of our CV axle. I need to get behind that with the fry bar and pop that thing out. It's got a little uh, retention clip inside on the splines and that clip's got to compress and then it can pop its way out so a little bit of force is required.
Sometimes it's a lot of force required, but going to try to avoid that? Yep, that came right on out. No problem. Beautiful. Okay, so now that it's free, we just slide her on out.

We're spilling some fluid here. Hang on. I'm going to wait until my new one shows up cuz we're starting to dump oil out and I'd like to spill as, uh, the least amount of oil as possible here. Okay, x amount of time has passed.

Lights powering back on I Have a replacement axle here. It has been delivered. It's a Motocraft Axle. Part number: Tango X-ray 6111 x-ray it's TX 6111 X That's fun to say.

Let's get uh, let's get this guy unpackage straw and uh, slip it into position here I Was actually quite surprised at the availability of Motorcraft part. A lot of folks don't stock this kind of stuff they stock Aftermarket whatevers I believe that is ACV axle F Co Good stuff. Okay, so now what we need to do. We're going to do this with some haste.

We're going to slip this axle out, spill some fluid, and slip that axle right back in. And since we know we're about to spill, let's get some absorbent training mats. It's our new guy training that right there. Now when we spill, it'll just get on the mat and not the floor.

All right. Axel Let's do this. We'll pop it out, take a towel, shove it in the hole. Preserve Some fluid get stuck, need pry bar? That's why we put the thing in the hole there.

fry that control arm down there. we go see that dude and reverse procedure. New axle coming in past the control arm. There we go.

getting more nasty on me. Pull that out. Stick that in. I'm being uh, careful to not gouge up the seal.

Who? that's a pry bar that just came down. it fell off my cart. Oh come on. get in there.

The Uh joint is rather stiff and I need to flex it I'm losing all my oil. No, we go now. we're going in and that is seated. Good to go.

So now let's go ahead and pull our steering knuckle back. Need that pry bar again? I need to pry this thing down and keep it down. It's in the way. Shove that in there.

Maybe that's enough. No, it's not here. I'll just lean on it with my armpit. There we go.

Finger stuck. Okay, we're good here. Woo. Okay, the axle is starting to come through the uh, the bearing right here.

See that? So now I just need to articulate it from the back. some get it aligned, and then get our uh, control arm and ball joint back in. It's about as far as that's going to go. back to the pry bar again.

Let's pry this guy down and get this ball joint lined up with the knuckle here. Almost. Get in there. There we go.
There she goes. That's in everything things. a hammer. Now we can get our bolt back in.

Come in from the back side, there's our bolt. It comes pre-lubricated Push that through. There's our nut wrench coming in to hold the bolt. Where's my socket? Let's make it tight to like a toer.

sorry if I'm hitting you with my gun. It happens All right. That is in BR that back. Okay ball joints in axles in.

we're not Le to trans glute anymore. Let's go ahead and get our nut reinstalled and then we'll put the Ti back together. All right. Big nut.

get on there right there. 32 mmck Talk to you later. All righty. Next up, let's get our tie rod on.

Got our Motorcraft tie rod as well. Part number: Mike Charlie Foxtrot 22661 X-ray Mcf 2266 1X I Don't know if the 1X is part of the part number or not. it could just be be that right there. Either way, that's the part number for our left side outer.

It's a different part number for each side because they seem to have like that little offset to them. it. uh, came with another new nut right here and you can see see the offset that this has and this one is marked left. L for left and the other side would have an R.

So they are different part numbers for each side. Any hoers, screw this guy on and we'll Bolter into the steering knuckle here. Now we've already kind of marked the Baseline for the position by leaving the jam nut in place. so we just turn this guy into.

Yep. all right, we'll take this tie rod, stick that in, get the nut on some impact clicks. that'll seal the deal. Pckage.

Awesome. Okay, let's get this. Jam nut tied again right there and this is good to go for now with one exception and that's all my fingerprints. Goodbye Nasty.

Get all that old oil out of there and yeah, yeah, you like that I put that there to keep the mess down and then I made a mess I'm horribly inconsistent I Tell you what? Yeah, let's spray off all this, uh, residual grease for as much as possible. Realistically though, it could take forever to get all this grease off. So we're just going to get the bulk of it. and that will be that.

You know the big chunks and the runs and the stuff. It's like centralized the concentrations. That's what it is. concentrated areas.

No. I'm running out of another. You know that that one was weak. What happened here? Hang on.

Oh, look. I hit it on the top when it landed. That's what happened that absorbed all the all my impacts. Try again.

There we go. Now we're cooking. That's how we do that. All right? I Think we're looking good here.

Axle's been replaced. Probably need to hit this with a garden hose some and get the rest of this shoo nasty stuff out of here. But Axle's on. That's on.

Uh, it does. Need to go get a wheel alignment check. After having changed that tie rod, it's standard operating procedure so we need to go do that. And I need to put that uh little skid Shield back on.
but that's relatively boring. so I'm going to go ahead and just cut that part out. So having said all that, uh, since we have completed our task, there is no more for us to watch here on this particular Ford Esap today. So having said that, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now.

Uh, I will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. Uh, if in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comments section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there.

Nasty. and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day. See you guys later in a video in a day end of F Escape into of transmission o.

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