Will it BLOW? Gauge Pegged over 500psi. 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4
Customer States: Engine is Shaking
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Foreign everybody. Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here. We're rocking and rolling now with the green subscribe button. This is a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 liter.

It's got a horrendous oil leak from a uh stop that the cinder unit I'm actually afraid. Uh, it was installed cross threaded right there, right up there. See that right there? That's it. Watch it.

There it is again, turns them higher up. If you look up a little higher, you see that little green plastic clip that appears with that oil pressure sending unit. You see it right there. I Have a replacement here I'm going to reach in and remove the existing unit after that is done.

I've got to pull this cooling package apart because we're going to change this AC condenser due to it being in poor condition and poor AC performance and we're also going to replace the cooling fan assembly again due to power. AC System performance and it is not running. So while it's running intermittently, sometimes it runs, sometimes it doesn't up. The problem is is, when it's not running, the AC high side pressure goes through the Moon Because of that, it's bogging down the compressor or it's making the compressor have to.

Uh, it's drawing too much parasitic load on the engine that's bogging the engine down and causing it to to shake and vibrate violently. especially at idle. So uh, what we're gonna do is after we fix that leak, we're gonna try to free up and improve AC system performance. And then we're going to reevaluate that shaking bit of business.

I Speculated that it needed some balance shafts down below I'm not 100 on that just yet. We need to get rid of these obvious uh faults first. Uh, there was another video on this car where I diagnosed it. Uh, if you go back and watch that video which will be in the link down below, and at the very end of this video, you will see that the AC high side pressures were pegged on the gauge at over 500 PSI which is absolutely astronomical for an AC system.

Okay, so we have our new sending unit here. It seems to have some sealant on the threads and we can see here from the shape. It's not a traditional type type of socket. It has these flattened ends that have to meet a specialized tools.

Sometimes regular sockets will fit these, sometimes they won't But you can see the point on that socket how it doesn't allow this thing to sit flush. That's why we have this. uh, was that a 12 side socket? Yeah, two, four, six and then the six Flats Yeah, 12 sides. but yeah, it requires special tooling.

Now that trouble with this sender is it's buried. It's up above the axle which I cannot reach I Can't reach in between here because there's a power steering cooler there I Can probably reach in really far from back here and I can't get it from the top because there is an exhaust manifold with some heat shields. So I'm gonna try to, uh, give this the very, very deep reach-around type of treatment here. I'm gonna get absolutely filthy I think I got my hand on it.
You guys can't see what I'm doing. Here's my hand. There we go. Got the connector all right and yeah, I'm getting a little dirty, so what I'm going to do is reach back in, fit the socket, and then I'll go back in with a uh, an extension and a wobbly bit and get that thing out of there.

Oh, where's my big extension? There we go. we go. 24 incher. Maybe that's 36.

I don't know. Let's measure it. Uh, how about 20 inch? That's a 20 inch extension? Okay, all right. long extension going in.

Let's go right through that power steering line and caption. All right, let's get this thing out of here wrong way. Scooch in a little bit, capture those on and connects. There we go.

Oh did I get it? We done There it is. Got it. Send your gravity all right. Here's our unit.

This is actually a switch. It's not a sender, it's a single wire. so that's just a pressure switch. And fortunately, it came out without too much effort telling me it was not cross threaded and that's good.

Let's match this up. The pin is the same, connector is the same, Threads are the same. Double check that right now. Yep, threads are the same.

good to go. time to reinstall. She's in there trying to reinstall the unit. All right since that's far away.

I'm gonna do that part manually. then. I'm going to go in again with the socket. Ah ow.

Hot converter. Anyway, yeah, I'm doing this by hand because I don't want to cross thread this. That would be terrible if I did what? I was afraid that I was going to do There we go. Thread's starting to bite.

You guys can't see a thing I'm doing Oh hot can you? Okay, All right, we're going in one more time. Long range with the with our little socket, we have contact. Let's give it a turn so it fits in those grooves. We're good.

You guys see that and click. Okay, let's get this thing plugged in and this operation is complete. Going back in. Where's that little connector? I got it? Look a mirror connector? Yeah, let's not burn myself this time.

What do you guys say? Sound good? Yeah, that's it. Got it right there. Yeah, All right, it's on. Cool Beans Okay, the easy part's over.

Let's go ahead and pull that radiator fan and this condenser out of this thing. All right. But before we do anything, Let's uh, restart this engine and double check and make sure we're not continuing to pour out engine oil. Crush fingers Hey, it started all right.

Newman's um, flashlight fell out. All right. We're not dumping oil. Sweet Success Number one, let's move on and get that uh, condenser and that fan out of here re-powering down.

I Just realized it's Chrysler Product week Cruiser Jeep another Jeep Outside there was a Dodge Here there's a bunch of other. PT Cruisers Yeah, this is like the Chrysler lot this week. It comes in waves. Okay, first things first.
let us go to work on this fan slash fan shroud should be held on with four bolts, one two and then there's two more down below. And then there's a an electrical connector. so let's get these top ones out and then we will, uh, lift this thing back up. Foreign.

This isn't going to slide out I Need to pull the battery. The air box. Yeah, look. I Can see that it's hanging out here behind this battery so all this stuff has to come out again.

Let's just cut to the Chase and pull this thing apart. One thing about PT Cruisers is, uh, don't hesitate to just take everything apart on that they are so Compact and and built in or built so compactly that we can't uh, we can't sneak one part past another part. Forget this is not a like a truck or something like that. All right.

You go over here. engineer filtration unit and the air box should just sit in there with some rubber grommets. We'll just give it a tug and it'll come out okay. We got a 13 that clamps this battery down.

Rings Let's get that guy out of here. You go over there and then we'll pull the cables off, get this battery out, and then we'll take the tray out. This one is correct. That one has been replaced and the Fastener side is kind of sunken into the into the lead there.

I Don't really care for that and there's a washer or a penny shoved in it? Cool? Well, that should be fun. Okay, let me get that penny back. I Think it's a penny. It's either a penny or a copper washer.

Let's find out. Oh, that's a penny. Look what we got I haven't seen one of those in a while. Oh on a battery? Okay, there's a series of a few more 10 mils.

Looks like four or five. That's four. and yeah, five. thank you.

Take the whole tray out. come out. Trey Oh, it's uh. it's tipped on over here.

Hang on. let's get these Fasteners out of the way. What will happen is I'll unclip this and then she can go all fly everywhere and uh, half of them will never be seen again. There's our tray.

Ah yeah, there's another bolt right down there. That one's missing. Okay, it's easy enough for me. It's a lot easier to remove bolts that are not there.

but I Also have to find a replacement so it looks like the ones on the bottom are what remains. So let's get out of here. let's raise this guy up and we'll take the bottom. Bowl Moving back up right down below removing.

uh, moving an oil drain in because I need to drain this coolant so I can take this uh, radiator hose off. so I can let this assembly drop down. First things first, let's get this guy unplugged on. Click.

What is this? The four wire fan? I Needed to know that for ordering the replacement. there's a valve on this radiator. Lucky me open. Come on.

Nope. No finger strength so we can just use a tool to help us give that a bit more of a turn. There we go again. draining coolant.
Now that's gonna take a while. It's going super slow. All right, while that's doing its thing, I'll pull these bolts out. there's another one right behind you guys.

it's gonna reach past you here. Pardon me, Come out. Okay, so the unit's free. with the exception of this uh, radiator hose and this guy's done draining out.

we'll go ahead. and Pop That Hose off and drop this fan assembly out of here. All right, while that's taking its time to drain, I'll go in there with a wobbly eight I'm gonna pull that clamp loose or take the clamp apart I could do that, it's not wanting to let go. Oh good.

Double drainage. Now we're getting some speed picking up. it's taking in air all right. I'm backing up.

I'm getting splashed here I'll just throw some towels on it that will arrest the Smashing There good. All right. Taken a while and I grow impatient I'm going to try to speed this up a little bit. it's a it may prove to be in my own detriment and I could be taking a coolant bath any second.

Now there's flashlights. All right, it's still under control I have a lot to get picking up speed. Yeah, all right, that wasn't so bad. Nice.

Okay, we now approach. Our Moment of Truth Is this gonna fit the way? I think it's gonna fit? Um yeah. I don't think so. Why Why doesn't it want to come out? Maybe I have to take the intake off to bring it out from the top side and that's also a good possibility.

Uh, okay, that's not that's not gonna budge. I'm wrong. I need to rethink my life here. So I suppose that there's a bright side of this intake being loose and that's it's not bolted on the back.

So I'm just going to go ahead and take this off. move it aside, take the lower intake off, and slip this thing out painlessly through the top. Trying this the hard way, not interested and it never hit the ground. All right.

Okay, I cannot find that socket that I lost. So I'm gonna get this out of the way and look a little deeper. I know it's here somewhere. Come off Am I Running out of mental fortitude and patience for this thing already now.

No, no, not yet. not yet. Now if I lose a 10 millimeter, that could be a different story and that's off mostly. I Don't really want to remove it all the way, just kind of stick it off to the side.

What else do we hold up? Hanging on to here wiring Harness connector Looks like it's a just a couple connectors throttle position. Let's see this little hose right here. Idle Air Control. Let's get that thing disconnected there.

now. It has achieved most of its freedom. You just stay over there. Let's go back to that lower intake.

Let's see. Got another hose? Let's get rid of this. Hey I can see some of our bolts now. Looks like I'm taking the injectors loose.

those are going to stay in the manifold and then I've got a series of 10 mils that manifold will come off. Come here. Hose there. Okay, let's see.
this is gonna fit. Looks like one. two, three, four, five, six, seven, or eight ten mils. Okay, there's another little sneaky guy right here.

Oh man. I found a Is that a fuel line? Yeah, it's a fuel line. Let's get that guy disconnected. That's a tight squeeze down there.

Catch the spray if there is any. That's a negative. no fuel spray, just some dribits foreign. I get the bottom ones first.

dipstick tube is in the way there. torsion time. There we go. there's one click.

Okay, those are the bottom ones. I've got one that flanks the side over here I think I can't see it. but I know it's in there I got it. And there is a thermostat housing bolt on top of it.

That and there goes my 10. hey I'm not having this today. Fortunately I have magnet on a stick. There we go.

Okay, looks like the thermostat housing is going to come out. Can I reach that one? Yeah okay now I can get to that Bolt on click. that was weak. but I got two more.

two more to go. Yeah, actually three. There's one for the uh dude. Okay, one more.

I think yes, it's already pretty loose. You know this is one of those jobs where you'll you'll break things and cut yourself and frustrate yourself trying to avoid something like removing the intake manifold. When reality is, that's just what you got to do. and I suffer from that same character flaw sometimes.

I'll just work around something all day to avoid just doing what's necessary. I've gotten better over the years. The Power Stroke Six Seven taught me that. All right.

Here's our inoperative, no longer functioning cooling fan. All right, backing up some I pulled the grill off I'm going to go ahead and remove this upper core support right here. unbolt the condenser and then pull the condenser up and out. Foreign looks like I'm just dealing with this little uh weather strip here and then a couple times.

Loud noises. Yeah, cool and smooth. Sometimes these are bolted in and there's a spot weld. foreign washer gravity I See that one will not evade me.

Magnet on a stick. Critical for any Chrysler repair. Okay, let's pull the core support out. Radiator is free, but we don't want to pull the radiator.

We just want to pull the condenser. Oh, that's smush. Okay, over here. we've got the one line and line number two just below it.

And then what do we got? How many bolts looks like it's bolted on from the back? One two three four, five, five volts in the back and click. That's one of the lines. Let's get that guy loose. It's tight.

Come on now. These lines are like super hard to reach too. They're tucked up into the fender assembly. It's very compact vehicle.

Come on there. we go see. Spriggle that guy a little bit. Become disconnected please.

Money shot. Well yeah, that doesn't taste good I don't like tag oil Um PPE is good. I'm wearing glasses. It appears that I cannot trust the discharge feature on that AC machine.
Dang. So I totally did not expect that to happen at all I discharged that thing. uh last night mad I was I ate it well I mean I didn't really I didn't consume any but uh, I'm definitely wearing it. Overall, Safety glasses Guys to safety glasses.

This is why that's why. didn't even give me any warning either. just we're done. Where's that scene at? Make sure I never owned one of those.

Okay, okay, now that we've got the system discharged and the upper line is off, let's get this other line disconnected and uh, then we can go ahead and pull this unit out of here. How's that? see? Nothing ever happened? Yeah. Come here. Snippages again.

There's there's no space in there to work work a tool. Very limited. Yeah. I'll use the open end there a couple more turns and uh and just get in there with my fingers.

Come on you there, that's loose. Now you know it's terrible is like when you have to go clean up and then you reach right back in and get dirty again and you're still wet from when you washed. which makes you get more dirtier. That's what I'm experiencing right now.

All right. Bottom line: I can't reach in there to really grab that. So I'm just going to give it some pry action with my mini Snap-on pry bar I almost left that on a Ford the other day. Okay, that is all free.

Let's get a 10 mil on the ratchet and pull these Fasteners out and we'll pull this condenser and I still have not, uh, forgotten about that eight mil socket swivel socket, wobbly socket that I lost I will find that it's part of his set and if I don't get it, then the set will be broken up and then it's not a set anymore. Therefore, it's meaningless to me. Yeah, yeah. I know where you went.

one more, two more. Never mind. I was wrong. There's another one right here.

Foreign. There we go. All right Condenser. Come on out there she is.

Ah, I found it there. Right right there. there's that sneaky little guy. You guys see it I knew it didn't go far.

Yeah, that's part of my set. We're not gonna lose you. okey dokey. Let us take a look at the shadow that I'm casting and the cooling fans we've got going on here.

They come with a relay pack. new relay pack right here. There's our four wire connector. that one matches.

this one's not broken off so we got a four wire. Uh, this one came with uh, this connector here for the fan motor. I'm assuming that that's just like a universal motor that's used on other platforms. Looks like the mounts are the same, so this unit, uh, will suffice.

Um, the fan blades point the right way. Yeah, okay. Blazer the same I wasn't seeing that properly. So I've got the fan, we have the condenser.

uh what? I don't have because it did not occur to me was gaskets and a thermostat housing gasket. So I'm gonna have to order that stuff. So what I think I'm going to do is um, go ahead and make this a disassembly video. Followed up with a reassembly video.
let's do that this time. plus it's getting late and I need to go home. So uh, all that being said, I'm going to close this one out right now and I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, let me know about that in the comment section down below. Let me know how much you want to see the uh part three I guess it's part three on this one, How much you want to see the part three and the reassembly and we will go from there. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! And a Chrysler Part two.

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