In this video I look at a customers 2007 Toyota Sienna (with the big 3.3) that has a customer complaint of a SES light with a P0340. The customer played hopscotch with a ebay special cam sensor but didn't make any progress. Now it is my turn to guess what's wrong with it.
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So folks got us a 2007 not a Hyundai a Toyota it's a Sienna looks like the big three, three super super long extended crank. Uh, to the point where I don't want to crank it for you guys right now because the starter should probably be glowing right? I mean you crank and crank and cranking crank and then bang it starts. The guy looked at it himself, said he had a cam sensor code. He said he put a cam sensor in it or swapped the cam sensor around with a new one that he had and never resolved the issue. Uh, so he just brought it here thinks it might be something wrong with the wiring. So that's what we're going to find out. We're going to plug in the altel we'll be using the the MS 906 Pro they call this one our other one is up inside that Hyundai that we're working on. We just did a video on there with a alternator. We're in the process of waiting our part so let's do that. I see a cam sensor here and it looks like a cam sensor back here I see just two of them? Um, that's all I see right off. Neither one of them look new so hopefully he was changing the right part. Um, but let's uh, let's get plugged into it. See what we see I will show you a little bit how it cranks I just want the starter to cool down a little bit. but yeah and we'll throw a battery maintainer on it Also, we're just going to let it do a uh come on fella to let it do a full system scan here. We've got the bin all decoded. Okay, it looks like three codes so far in the engine computer. That's all we're really kind of worried about. but he told me, uh, there's nobody left. it was a P0340 which would be a cam sensor code, you know? I've seen cars with other cam sensor failures that haven't extended brakes, but this thing is really excessive to the point. I Was just about ready to give up and push Nick because kind of gets a little hard out there. She goes. she's coming to life in power supply mode because we have the key on it's almost done. Finished scanning here 70. We'll let that finish, see what she says so he's right. Current, pending and history code: P0340 I Say we look up the code set criteria, see which cam centers talk about first and foremost, and then see what we can do to fix it. Looking at service date: I didn't I Didn't see these right off. So these are the exhaust cam sensors here in the middle of the valve cover. So you got exhaust cam. Intake Cam: Uh yeah. Exhaust came into cam sensor on each bank. the other one's under the intake in the back. Fortunately for us, it is the intake cam it's having a problem with. It says bank One and my little bit of research it should be this one back here in the corner and it you know basically states that you know any fault essentially with the cam sensor and or the cam timing. So if this thing if the timing is off, evidently it'll also set the same code. So perhaps that's why he didn't have. You know good success swapping the sensor. either a there's a wiring problem or B you know it could have. you know poor cam timing though I only started it and just kind of idle it inside. you know I didn't drive it so I don't know if there's you know cam timing issues there I See it does have a new cam solenoid at least on this head. So what I would say we should do I got the Pico out. You guys see me getting that out. Let's just for Grins and Giggles Let's see. this one here evidently is working the bank too, what they call it and then the bank one back there. Center A is what they're having an issue with. So I say you know, let's grab our known good or one that should be good and then we'll probe into that one and see what's coming out of that. and if um, you know if they both look good then we're going to be Then we're going to have to grab the crank signal to see if everything is in sync. Good thing about Toyota service data is they give you a known good waveform to a certain degree I Mean um so Anyhow, let's do it that way. Alrighty, hopefully our screen recorder is working on this laptop is kind of a crappy one. Uh, but let's see. so our Bank Two, we can see this here. Our VV Db2 plus is purple which that matches there and our five volt is yellow. So And I've got our battery or our negative side of our scope. Here it is hooked to battery negative and set it up to 10 volts 500 milliseconds on the screen. We're going to use Channel 2 which is red. Let's see well I Guess First of all, we can just unplug this see if we have our five bolts but got some kind of goo in here. All right. So it looks like we have our five volts present great shape here. I See the wires are kind of crumbling apart on the back. I'm back probed into the purple now. so we do have five volts there. Let's see if that pulls the ground now. it pulls it down a little bit. Yeah, it was at five volts when I plugged it in dropped it down to four volts. Okay, interesting, we'll just keep that running and then our blue. Trace Here we're going to go back into bank one, which we got to see what our wire colors are there. Bank One Intake Our five bolt is yellow and our cam signal should be black with white and there's a screw. We got yellow and we have a black and white. Let's just take through the same thing here. We're gonna unplug this one. Pop back onto our scope. let's see if our yellow has five volts like this. So I can see what I'm doing as our yellow and it appears to have five volts. This is our black with white. That's our signal wire and that appears to have five bolts. So let's back probe the black with white. Okay, let's see what happens when we plug it in. Depending out where we're at on the cam, it may just disappear all right. So it looks like they're both running about the same voltage. We do have a little noise on there, probably from the uh yeah, a little bit of that noise. That static noise on there is from the battery maintainer, so we'll leave that off for a moment. Let's put some more time on our screen. All right. I'm gonna go crank it over so that's there I think it started right up. I'm gonna pause that when I went to pull this sucker in I had to crank the living snot out of it to enhance. Let me, uh, let me unenhance and get a little taller screen here and heads. So there's our red trace and we see no blue. Trace All right. So that's interesting. Um, our red traces channel two right? So it's this one here. This is one we know that was working. Or at least it's one that doesn't have a code set against it. And then our Trace back here is our suspect. uh, faulty one. Let me, uh, take and flick the key back on here folks. All right. So key back on. So that's pretty interesting. All right. Let me just, uh. unenhance. let's take an set some time back here. Now we see our red traces is pulled down. If I unplug that. that should come back up because like I said, it depends on where it's at on the can. Okay, so that's back up. It's back down. So this is. this is kind of interesting. Let me take it. unplug this cam sensor. here. cam sensor is unplugged. It is at zero. Oh okay. they're not lining up because like a ding dong I moved our Trace here. There we go. Now we're back to where we should be. So this is unplugged. Keyon I Want to make darn sure I didn't lose our back probe here while that was running because I'm going to make sure we're gonna capture it just one more time. I Just want to be darned tooting. Okay, we are probed in there. Let me take and fire this up one more time Just to be definitive. Okay, let's pause that so that's kind of what it did the first time and you have to do it a whole bunch. Let's come back here. Of course, we're going to have a ton of a ton of noise, but it's quite. It's quite evident that our cam signal is not functioning on that rear. Bank So so buttons out my underwear. He said that he already swapped it with one that's inside the car which I do see one in there? We could put a filter on this and clean this all up. but I don't think it's going to be I don't think it's going to be necessary. Okay, we can. We can kind of see through I think they use a 60 90 and a 120 something like that I can't remember. it's all in service data as far as the three different teeth on the cam sensor. I Guess it's neither here nor there signal all together. So let's make sure that we're maintaining our 5 volts, our ground, and then our signal wire and then then we may have to pull it out to see if the teeth are physically moving which is a possibility I Don't know what type of reluctor wheel they use on there, but that's also a possibility, right? So I believe I just added a third Channel I Took the one that was you know that we had up here in Bank Two stuck it back into five volt reference. So our blue Trace Well, let's see, let's pull up the picot here. Our blue Trace should be still the cam signal our red tray should be the five Volts in our green Trace Here should be the ground. So what do we expect to see? Well, we expect to see a lot of noise. Um I did put a filter on it. So when we once it's recording and we and we pause it and go back, it should clean up the signal for us. Um, a lot. Hopefully at least to make it look a little, uh, more appeasing to the eye. Um, so we expect our green Trace to say stay at or near ground and we expect our red Trace here to stay at or near 5 volts which is where it should be now which it is and then our cam signal which we know we don't have. Well, we expect that to stay really at nothing. So I'm gonna put some time on the screen. let's go crank this little fella over here. It's going to look like a lot of noise here on the screen I'm gonna let that finish fill in its buffer and then actually I think we can pause it and I think it'll clean up our signal here. It might take it a second. Okay, it does all right. So what do we see? Well, we see that our five bolt stayed our ground didn't Elevate and we still have no cam signal. So we've narrowed this down very quickly. Um, it's not a wiring issue because we didn't lose anything. We have everything there now. This noise is. well. we're cranking the engine over. There's going to be a tremendous amount of Noise We have a battery maintainer on it. Plus, we're cranking the engine, so don't worry about all this. I'm looking for uh, you know big big errors here. Macro not micro I don't know, whichever you know. I'm looking for the ground to disappear to become elevated, the 5 volt to drop out, which neither one of those. None of that's happening. So step two, now that we're this far, pull the cam sensor out, have an assistant. a very lovely one. If we could crank it over and see what the trigger wheel looks like, is it rotating? If it is, then we simply have a bad cam sensor. So I'm just doing a pin drag test and I want to see what a good one feels like and then because we know there's nothing wrong with this front one, then I've got the back one unplugged and I just want to make sure our pins feel good And they do. They've got what I would consider decent pin tension or at least very similar to the front one. I'm gonna grab a 10 millimeter. We're going to take that bolt out and I guess if everything looks good, we could always do the one two swap or room here. You know, obviously the problem. Should you know? transfer to the back there a little 10 mil here I Can't tell if these bolts have been out. Yeah, it doesn't really leave much of a mark on them, but the customer did tell me. he took his new cam sensor and swapped it all around with all of them. Never resolved the issue. but perhaps this new one is junk because we know what new stands for never ever worked. There's that baby one long-winded Bolt All right, take a wiggle this sucker up out of there Maybe Come on baby. Oh there she is. So there's our cam sensor. It is a Denzel it appears to be an OG the original Gangsta and then trigger wheel I Don't really know what it's supposed to look like I Guess what we can do for comparison sakes because this is not something I would have committed to memory. English We'll just remove this one so we could see what this one case we're missing like a big old chunk back there and we don't even know it. Pull this little fella out. I Assume the trigger wheels will look the same. Yeah, okay. foreign. We could bar the engine over by hand I suppose. or we can just have let me see if I don't miss those. Let me see if I get my boy Josh Come help here. Okay, go ahead and crank it. Josh So it did start. Let's see if we can. Okay, uh, go ahead and crank it. Yeah, okay. cut the key off. There you go All right I Know you guys couldn't see in there, but I could see the trigger wheel spin around. It's more like a small blade in there that's been drawn. That's good. Josh Thank you. Well with our new found data, here's what: I say one, two swapparoo. we're gonna put this one in the back. We're gonna put the one that was in the back in the front because that's the other thing. You know the air gap could affect performance in the sensor like this should generate a different code I see when I tighten this one down. it does kind of tweak up a little bit, so that gives me a little bit of concern. Yeah, if I hold it down, it's fine. When I tighten it, it kind of tweaks it up a little bit. I'm curious to know if this one does the same thing I don't know how sensitive to air gap they are I don't see a lot of corrosion around the whole back here. I'll be curious to know when I tighten this one up what happens? I'm gonna have to put a little a little bit of Lube on that one. We will use the official Toyota rubber Grease Give that a little smear. let's see if we can get her in there now. Foreign? Well what in the Thunder it should be the same exact sensor. Let me get a pair of needle nose maybe I just can't quite push down straight on it here. Grab an outside of the connector. the O-ring might be a little bit swole. Spending too much time at the gym baby. Make sure it's fully seated I Hate using that word. Okay, let's see, it appears to be in all of the way foreign back there. And make sure it is sitting flush in the valve cover. There's that. Yes, you want to tighten this one I Don't see it tweak up and down like this one does. Let me grab a mirror trying to shine it back there. I Don't think you really shine a mirror. Reflect on that thought a little bit. But yeah, let's have a little gander. Oh, she's flush. She is flush all Spades baby. Um, Let's uh, just hook our scope back up to it. I Guess let's get everything re-running here. We will. Let's see: I think purple. Well here we have the red Trace originally on Bank two. so let's do our red trace on Bank two, which was the purple wire here, right? We've got no voltage because my guy turned the key off. Is that why? probably? He's back on. Apart from me for a moment here. Okay, I'm back. keys on. We're probed into that one slightly elevated about uh, you know, 800 millivolts I Think it runs slightly elevated off from ground if I Remember correctly because I think service data stated that if it's below 0.3 volts. it was one of the code set criteria. So yeah, there we are. we're High we're low I Believe that's the case. So that leads me to believe that it does run slightly elevated I Believe black with white. Back here was our cam signal. I'm taking the get that plugged in. We'll make sure we're probed in. Well wait for it to refresh the screen. I Guess we don't need the green trees here. Oops, Come on fella, turn that off. I'm sure we're proven good. Our blue Trace is the bank one that's our Uh. one that we just swapped. That's one that was up here. What? I'm expecting to see based on what we've already seen is that our blue Trace will work now and our red trays won't That's my. that's my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams here. So we'll let our screen refresh here in a moment and then we'll get her cranking. Okay, what did you guys see here Not looking good on this little screen right here? Let's back it up. Let that load up here in a survey size so that everything's working now. Hunky freaking. Dory Did we have a clearance issue? is what? I'm curious of my laptop's being ridiculously slow today for some reason. Um, yeah. I'm starting to wonder if we had some air gap issues here. Well, that don't look great. So here look at this. Okay, good thing we enhanced hints because now hopefully we're following along here. Our blue Trace is functioning. Our red Trace is kind of functioning, but the one that's on our red Trace if you remember correctly, so it's here in the front of the cylinder head, this is the one. This is the sensor that we said, hey, it's NG No good. We confirmed our original diagnosis our Blue Trace here, which is the sensor that was on bank 2, which is now in bank one that we verified all the wiring to. Well, we confirmed that that sensor also works. So you know by fiddling and moving this now. this one here I did say is tweaked up a little bit. Let me loosen up the bolt in it. I'm going to kind of push it down here. Actually, let me get a pocket screwdriver to shove underneath it. That'll kind of tweak it enough. probably. I doubt that little tiny bit of air gap changes what's causing her issue. but I'm going to stick a pocket screwdriver under here. Let me try to tighten that down. see if that changes, doesn't the whole body of this thing is kind of tweaked. Tell you what? I'll just hold it down like that. Actually leaving it Loose is better to tightening it down. Let's take it, fire it up all of a sudden, and see if it miraculously comes to life. Standby: Yeah, you can see that it works now. let me let me take it. tighten it down here. Oh I tighten it down and the sucker's still working when you know it there. I Just loosened the bolt so you guys can see that I loosened the bolt I've got to get it just right so that little bit of air gap does make a difference, so that's quite interesting. I'll take it, tighten it up here. the Pico's being really slow because I have quite the filter on it I Guess we could ditch our filters. loosen that hole up. Yeah, if I just light the even when the bolt just barely cracked loose, barely hold my finger on the sensor. We can see our Trace goes kind of crazy there. I Just tightened up the bolt in it and you can see what it's doing. so it's pretty definitive. We tighten it up a little bit more. so yeah, just just fiddling with the bolt on it right now. it's tight If I just crack it Loose a little bit. wiggle that sensor and that just barely cracked loose folks. they're both tight so yeah, that's it. Shows it over each other now. I Called down to the know-how they've got one. We won't have it for a little while though. but so you can see the bolts tight. but watch this. as far as wiggling it, that's the amount that this thing. so which is excessive. you know I'm not talking about the connector here. Let's get the connector out of the picture so you're not seeing that, but just the amount. The sensor is seemingly tweaked for lack of a better term. That's it. So let's take the bowl out. We'll leave it in there so we don't drop anything in the hole accidentally. We'll leave our Pico out too because we'll stick the new one in. When it shows up, we'll wiggle it, make sure looks the same, which it should the rear one. We're just going to leave alone that one. We notice that flush because, well, we reflected on it with our mirror. We saw that it was who knows what happened to this baby. Oh never mind, we know what happened to this baby. it's broke you, Ding dong. So possibly all right I can see possibly some corrosion. I'm thinking that's not the case. Well, possibly Well, I don't know. It has this metal sleeve in there and maybe the metal sleeve got corroded and tweaked it. Now the corrosion has fallen out. it's hard to say but I was just going to show you the crack in it of course I didn't notice it when I first took it out, but you can see the crack in the hold down which I Guess you wouldn't give it much thought, but you know it clearly has a little bit of a bow to it. I Know we're kind of beating a dead horse here looking at it, but it just goes to show that the sensor itself works. It functions, It's fine. You could do a no parts required take this thing off, use a bolt and a big fat washer and just hold it down in there and everybody'd be good. Ivan would be proud. You guys would be happy. but I've got to stand behind my work and the know-how has a sensor. Albeit an expensive little sucker, we're going to put it in and we're going to sleep well at night knowing that this thing's good and the Toyota can get a couple hundred thousand more miles. And you know Bob's your uncle. I've got another lady that's supposed to be stopping in for something, so pull that baby out. Got a new one here. Right from the PRC to the Prny. that's your classic CSS 92 59er From the know-how there it is looks like the OG make sure it's not done so no, it's not. Say sometimes you got to watch the standard Motor Products here likes to use some OEM stuff so we'll put a little bit of Lube on this baby. that's my other lady so we'll have to take a break here from it. I'm pretty sure yeah it is. Let's just stick this baby in. We're going all the way it's all the way in. Put the screw on this and I'll go help. that other lady that's here comes missing over to tell us so just gave us the handoff silently. If she's on the phone, that lady's all sorted. that's in, it's plugged in. I Guess we probably don't need to do anything other than just try to start it if it starts immediately. Well, we know we got it. So let's just see foreign use for the other lady there. We're going to go back and we're going to clear that 340 out. I Guess we could back for a bit and see if it's I Mean it's not. It's not wiggly like the other one, so it's probably nonsense. We don't really have to do that. Thankfully, the timing wasn't jumped and it was just something simple. Okay I don't know why the guy didn't get it when he was swapping his sensor around. The only thing I could figure is the sensor that he bought junk ola. So we're going to clear the codes out. we'll start it a couple times and we'll ship it adios. Muchachos All right, no code fired up. Okay, foreign. let's see what we have trouble. Codes shouldn't be any and it isn't I'll hit read just in case. let her redo its thing here. no no code. So okay, everybody's happy. that's it. Shows over. Hope you guys enjoyed it. All right? Everybody is satisfied at least I Hope so. We'll take care of all of our wires now. Wish all this stuff was cordless. That'd be a nice little scope if everything is cordless. Wireless rather And that's it, folks. So that was pretty easy to determine what was going on, especially using the Pico and we could actually see what was going on. Um, don't really have anything else to say. Hopefully the screen recorder there was working good on that laptop and we're able to put that up on your screen. If not, well, the whole video is crap and nobody will ever see it. but if it seems to be a little bit out of sync as far as what you hear and what you see, well that's because I don't have high-end equipment, there's an excuse for you anyhow. I Don't want you guys to have an excuse for not going in that comment section, leaving a question, a comment, a concern that you may have. Tell me how you would have fixed it, not fixed it, or whatever you want to Tell me. Tell me anything you want to tell me down there. Tell me all your secrets and find us around Social Insta Facebook you guys, that was the Ncn Facebook That also means something else, so be careful with that one and uh, just remember yours. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    As always I love your videos, love your commentary, love your family….. Now, let me tell you what you did wrong when you're fixing that and how I would have done it better. LOL hope you had a great Thanksgiving

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Trowbridge says:

    Is bars radiator leak any good too use

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Casual Carver says:

    another wonderful job by the WRENCH WIZARD

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Troy Belding says:

    I'll be honest, I'm an IT consultant, I work with computers all day, every day. I keep my own cars repaired, for the most part. I can't stand oscilloscopes, and can't focus long enough to follow most of the various wave form capture systems. I applaud you for your patience to learn that crap.

    In a situation like that, I'd have probably swapped the two sensors just to see if the code changed (if they were identical), and I likely would have spotted the weird seating. I can't read the wave forms, but I'm darned good at listening to my fingers.

    Still fighting a P0171 with my Toyota Matrix. And an oil leak at the back of the engine, which I'm about to fire a parts cannon towards and replace the timing chain tensioner and o-ring.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars thedanyes says:

    After he diagnosed it with an oscilloscope and sensor swaps and 10 different sensor positions and 15 engine starts. "Thankfully it was just something simple!"

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary Van Rheenen says:

    What does Bobs your uncle mean?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars klumpy103 says:

    I knew as soon as you got your big mittens on those sensors that you'd virtually figured out what was going on, strange how some materials fail, obviously the metal insert is to prevent overtightening but….if the whole assy is misaligned to begin with? it can bring on a world of woes. Great diag as usual, your experience shows and just maybe that was really the root cause here, not customer blaming in any way , I have definitely done the same thing myself.T here are always new things to learn. 👍

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wyatt1153 says:

    Bobs your uncle.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Taylor says:

    I had a 340 code on a gm the sensor tested good wires tested good. With a scope on it I noticed when I moved the plugged-in connector I got a lot of noise, the connector was bad. The pin drag check would have reveled the bad connector.