Little Did I Know… 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3
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Okie Dokes Hi everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We are returning to this 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3 liter and we have ourselves a replacement oil pump assembly. It's got the gasket. It's got the O-rings It has the gasket for the pickup tube. Let's get this thing unboxed and installed.

I Want to get this truck back together today? Alrighty, there was a lot of stuff that went down off camera. Uh. I've got the uh oil filter adapter connected to the pump. it's bolted on.

It has new O-rings on the inside of it. The pump's ready to go in I have the block surface prepped. It's been cleaned off kind of polished. All the old gasket material and sealant has been removed.

Here's the new gasket for the oil pump. We're going to slide the pump up into place and get that thing pressed or installed over the front of the crank as soon as we get this pump in. We'll go back a little bit deeper down below and get the oil pan installed, hoping this thing goes together a little bit easier than it came apart. I'm pretty sure it should because I wasn't really certain uh, what the order of operations was supposed to be when I took it apart.

but now I know I Can't believe I forgot that pickup tube. Stupid mistake. I'm keeping an eye on that gasket too. There's a gasket's just sitting there with a couple pegs.

Okay, the pump's on, but it's not lined up with the crank. I need to get that thing uh, in position. Look at it and maybe it'll move. Yep, there we go.

Nice. We're getting somewhere. Okay, the pump is, uh, in position on the Block Let's get that thing bolted on next. Uh, real quick.

Full disclosure moment I I Just put this thing back in again I Had to pull it out and uh, redo the seal. The seal was getting caught on the crank and it was quite cumbersome to get that thing in there. But now we can see that the seal is uh, is now seated properly on the crankshaft. So uh, now we can proceed.

Uh, after another roadblock. This thing's roadblock after roadblock. It's killing me. All right.

Oil pickup tube that's going in next. How do I reach those bad those bolts. This is weird from the back. Yeah, that's not gonna work.

we got one. That one's tight. extension to the rescue. kinda.

There we go. Okay, that's bolted on two more bolts in the back of the pickup man. I Feel like I need to pick up the pace I'm I'm just lagging here. it's not working out I can't get any momentum I Don't have enough speed.

We don't have enough the Lithium Crystal Captain We can't do it. Uh oh yeah. I'm starting to lose it now I'm losing it. Okay, uh, let's refocus here.

Oil pump is on all the bottom bolts. here on. let's go ahead and get the front and rear oil pump seals installed. We'll silicone it and then we'll get the pan.

I Meant to say pan seals not pump seals. We'll get the pan seals installed, You get the pan back up, sealed that thing back together, then we can get the water pump, Then we can get the timing belt. Let's let's get some momentum here guys. I Want to get moving? Well, this is going to get interesting and difficult and stressful.
Very, very quickly. So I've got the two uh, oil pan seals right down here with some silicone and I need to put sealant on the pan to seal the pan to the block. Uh, the issue is is the squeeze to get this pan under the engine is so tight that it's going to make uh, it's going to make that silicone smear and slide around I'm going to scrape it off so this is going to be really hard. I'm I'm gonna put you guys over here in Fast Forward mode.

uh I I Got a feeling I'm gonna be at this for a while so just bear with me. Don't go anywhere. Uh, we're gonna get through this pan, reseal as quickly as possible, then we can get back to the good stuff. Okay, all right guys, all right.

we're uh, we got the pan pretty close. Let's uh, let's review it real quick and then bolt it in I Know that was a little tedious, but we've got the rear seal up in position. Uh I Know that silicone looks bad. It's not as bad as it really looks.

Uh, front seal is right there in position. Uh, there's little notches on the bottom of the apex of the seal that align it so those are in position. The sealants in. uh, it's got sealant running down both sides of the pan.

not smeared. Let's get this thing bolted on before oil decides to run down and contaminate my Surface Okay, I've got four of the oil pan bolts I Get one shot at this to get it right. Otherwise, uh I move those front and rear seals and then this whole bits ruined and I probably wouldn't know until I put oil in it and start it. wouldn't that suck? Okay, it's made contact now.

My goal next is to hold it in position so it cannot break contact. We don't want this thing to uh to move ever again. Yeah, might be a little hard to do I can't reach the bolts on the other side. Man, this is.

this is terrible. I'm not digging it. Come on. switch hands here.

Oh this is terrifying. truly. come on. 10 millimeter bolts.

What are we doing? Oh, it's going in now. All right. We got one on each side. Oh, this is terrible.

Okay, I'm gonna go around and get the rest of them in position next. Now the thing is secure. So uh, this is now a win so far. All right.

That's uh, three quarters of them are installed. We're getting there. Let's uh, let's tight some of these down now. make sure all that sealant is nice and uh, seated.

Spread evenly. see how there's just a tiny bit poking out through the crack? It means we have good distribution to sealant. Alrighty, so now that the pan is in, we can start to lower down the jack stands and we're going to let the engine mounts back. Or let the bolts for the engine mounts back down into the holes.

and that's going to reseat the engine back onto the subframe. And then I can get these, uh, these big, giant, awkward floor jacks out of here. It's a passenger side that one's in and driver's side that's close. that one's almost in.
Let's finish letting this guy down. Yipper. Okay, the engine and trans are back in their cradle. Let's get all this equipment out of here.

and then I'll toss the starter and all those little backing plates and stuff back in. or the brackets. Rather, there's a bunch of brackets everywhere, so let's get those guys installed next. Then we can go back up top.

Okay, a couple nuts on this motor mount and then two more over here on the other motor mount. that's wrong socket. Imagine that. Round two: let's try out 14.

just rare. All right. Not kidding. I Told you we were gonna move kind of fast through this.

I've got the starter in the bracket. the little plate that goes between the starter and the bell housing. the bell housing bracket on the driver's side. oil pan is still bolted in drain plugs in.

Uh, let's get out of this dungeon of a Nissan I Don't want to be under there anymore I have spent too much time staring up into darkness and into blinding lights. Uh I Want to go back up top? Let's do the water pump next, shall we? Okie Dokes. We're looking down at our crank. uh, crankshaft snout again.

Let's go ahead and get all these little pieces back together. Uh, we've got a couple of these little shims. Then there's the pulley and of course the Woodruff Keys Have to go in. All right real quick.

I'm going to turn this crank some so I can better have better access to the slots for the keys. I'll put it back later, but for right now I Just want to rotate that so the grooves are facing upwards. Okay, now there were two keys here. I I Cleaned them up and try to get rid of all the rust and whatnot that was on them because they did not come out very well and they're not going in very well either.

Tap that thing into position here, that's nice and flush. Okay, so there's one key. Let's go ahead and slide in the sprocket that goes right there. Okey-dokes Key number two is going into the cranks.

Now get that in position and just kind of tap it into its home. Okay, one more big washer and that's gonna well. These are actually here to hang on to the belt so the belt can't walk off of that uh, of that pulley there. or the gear sprocket sprocket.

So can't walk off the sprocket. Words: Okay, that's set up. Uh, good enough for now. Let's go ahead and get the water pump installed.

Okay pumps coming in. I've got two bolts running through the pump and I'm going to use those to locate the gasket if I can get this. uh, lined up right here. hang on here.

I'm a little off base. Yeah, Oh, it's because we're backwards. Okay, gasket is on the pump. Let's mate this up to the block and start the threads without dropping the gasket.

Yes, I could glue it on, but I I didn't so I won't because I don't think I need to and I don't Very good. Okay, there's our top bolt and we got looks like there's one down here. There's three down. Here 's number two.
Yeah and three goes over here. Nope. got that backwards. Number two goes over here because that one is shorter.

that one goes there. Okay, 12 mils. let's get these guys tight. Nope.

What have I done I need an extension or I need a wobbly 12 I'll take that kick. Nice. I did not get this one very tight so we'll hit that with a wrench. That's better.

Oh all right now it is time to get the timing belt installed. So let's find our Marks here. that's the right side cam mark. that's the left side cam.

Mark And that means down here that is the mark that lines up the Little Dot that is on this uh, crankshaft sprocket. Yeah, just slide this guy up some. So I can start with uh, this dot down here I'm actually going to take a sharpie and put a dot on the side so I can see I don't think you guys can see it from here, but I'm I'm looking at the dot down here on this, uh, on the sprocket. so bear with me while I get all this stuff lined up.

we'll set this one on the cam, start here and work clockwise. Oh Pro Tip number 45. use these little oh come here. use these paper clip devices right here to hang on to your timing belts.

It keeps them from moving here. We go put that right there. Okay, now we're gonna go down to the crank pulley and I need to get that Mark lined up with uh with the sprocket. This thing is how I need to rotate this crankshaft.

Let's put the bolt back in it again, see if I can maneuver this properly. So I'm going to back it up I can see the Mark and I can see the DOT kind of not quite in position yet. Bear with me this is. this is meticulous.

I think I've got it I think it's lined up right there. Turn this back so I'm just verify. Okay, so the line is on the DOT What I'm going to do is just hang on to it. That way the belt can't turn and I'm going to rotate the crank until I run out of Slack see how that's going.

We're just tightening up the belt against this pulley. here. we're pulling all the slack out of it. We're not going to turn it enough where it starts to turn that cam.

but now I do need to maintain tension so that this, uh, crankshaft sprocket cannot turn and if the belt slips I have to start over. Now looking at the left, we've got to get this thing set up and then we'll go down and put the tensioner pulley on. Let's see, we're getting there. We're getting close, still a tooth off.

see that there's our marks and there's our little dot. So we need to move this camshaft just a little bit. So what? I'm going to do? So we're just going to turn that cam gear too far. We're going to turn that cam gear back until that Mark lines up with the little Dot See that? So now, according to the marks, everything is in time and the belt is on.
but we're not tensioned yet. I'm going to back this off to the left a little more. We're going to tighten up this section of the belt and then possibly pull on this cam over here, which will give me a little bit more tension on the bottom side of the belt. You need to make as much space as possible if we're good there.

Okay, now I'm going to clip this on so that Belt doesn't come slack and come off of there. Then we'll get the tensioner on, which is just a spring-loaded pulley. Put that right there. Good to go.

Okay, let's get this tensioner pulley in position next. Where's that hole at? Oh, that wasn't cool. Oh my. A little wedge fell out of there and it jumped time.

I need to fix that. We'll put a different wedge in so it can't go anywhere. You should stay all right now. let's go back to that tensioner pulley.

Try this again. So we got the hole right here. That guy's side. Uh, go on please.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. I'm just sliding the spring for the tensioner around so it's it. maintains some automatic tension until I can tighten it and then secure it. There we go and we're going to have a series of washers.

There's our washer pack that goes in and then our nut right here. So now the now the chain is in, it's timed. I Need to tension the tensioner a little bit, lock down that nut, pull the wedges and clips, and then we can move on to the covers. Sound good? Okay, I'm gonna reach in here and put a little bit of a tension on this tensioner.

You can pull my wedge out now and want that tensioner feels nice and tight. which I Think it goes all right about here. It might be too tight. Let me back it off some.

ah, flashlight gravity. Hang on. Hang on. I'm trying to get this right, pull our wedge out again, and I just need to double check all my marks and we're good to go here.

Okay, the tensioner is putting a little bit of tension on this. Uh, I just need to adjust it in a little bit tighter and we'll get this thing locked down. The spring is, uh, nearly out of attitude here. A little bit more.

that feels good right about there. It's just a tad tighter than what the spring had done. I Can go ahead and lock this in a tensioner click? Okay, I just need to recheck the marks and uh, we should be good to go here. We're on the dot and over here.

we're on the DOT and down below you guys probably can't see, but we are. we're on the DOT Yep, all right, let's pull the wedge again. There we go, and uh, now we can get uh, the rest of the covers back on. all right, Finally, time to get the bottom cover in position Next, let's set that guy up right here and we'll start running its bolts in.

We can move on to the top cover. Hooray! Okay, we got our big long one I think that goes over here on the side. Yes, it does. Uh, let's see next one semi-long one.
That one fits right here and then the rest look like they're shorties. So let's get all these guys in position here. one goes down there and as always I'm gonna thread them all before the any of them get to any torque. Come on now.

get in there foreign guy right here and a couple more. there's one way down low. let me get that one next. that's the one that tricked me that I did not know was there.

Okay, that one's in another right here. Sweet. Let's tighten all these guys down real quick. Like then we'll get the crank pulley back on.

How bad would it be if I put the crank pulley on? without this cover? That would be so sad. air or major text message up. one more. you got me.

I See you Okay now this uh, crankshaft pulley is going to go on there. a lot easier than uh than it came off. Because we cleaned up the crank, we cleaned up the bore on the pulley and we don't have to pull it. We can just uh run it in with the bolt and that's exactly what I'm gonna do or not because the threads aren't reaching all right.

flashlight as I was saying run it right in with the bolt that came out with a 90 degree impact. it's going to go in the 90 degrees kick. Well, as difficult as this job is. I I Dare say we are.

uh, we're approaching the home stretch like we're not there yet but we're getting a little closer. It's our, that's the front cover, top cover, another cover. Let's get this guy, uh, bolted on next and then we'll go ahead and get the uh, the pulley system installed and uh, we'll go from there. Oh this thing has got my brain fried I mean it wasn't so bad.

Trouble is I got in well I got in trouble that uh, that seal was worse than I thought it was gonna be and then I found out that it wasn't actually the seal that was leaking all that oil down. There wasn't the primary complaint or anything, that was more like a side quest. but um since I had the front cover off and since I found it was the oil pan that was leaking I had to or I'm sorry the oil pump that was leaking and I had to go in there and fix it and my issue is like I said I didn't prepare to do what what I ended up doing so it kind of caught me off guard. It's not the right bolt.

this is the right bolt because it's longer. It's like the one bolt that's a little bit longer. Yeah, go figure. Let's make these guys.

Titanic Yeah, that one doesn't reach without an extension. Oh I'm going the wrong way. Hey what though I think that I think my biggest enemy right now is me. Yeah, that one doesn't fit.

This one's too long for where it is and we take that out and let's try it. Let's try it up here. Uh yes, that one goes there and then this one. Maybe it goes.

Maybe this one goes here. Get in there good and there's that one that I couldn't read but I was turning my socket backwards also. Nope, still can't reach that one I need a longer one for there there. Found the problem that one's not long enough or that one wasn't long enough.
So I switched it with a longer one. You guys are leaving. Oh no. I'll miss you when you're gone.

Yeah, Wobblies, we need wobblies. It will go if I wobble it there. and then this one which was down there goes over here. That's what happened.

Got everything flipping flopped. All right. We're good to go now. Okay, let's back up some and we have to get this vacuum crossover.

PCV Assembly pipe reinstalled. it plugs into the valve cover on the right and then the valve cover on the left and then it bolts on here and here. Let's get in there. Please wiggle that guy back in position that goes over there.

I'm gonna go this side into position. Let's open the clamp. Seated Times two. Oh, there we go.

Okay, two bolts that's gonna secure this bracket, hose, assembly thing and the second one. Okay, let's go ahead and pull the AC hose down into position. We'll get this thing reconnected to the compressor and I'll go ahead and start the vacuum on this. Finish that off in just a moment and I need to recharge the AC Remember we had to discharge it too I Have to get this line out of here.

Yeah, 14 mil nut. Let's give that some torch. Ah, there we go. Okay, AC line is attached Okie Dokes HD Machine words is in action I'm going to go ahead and start setting up the Uh, the brackets for all the tensioner pulleys and uh and then we'll get the belts on after that.

So this is this bracket right here. This is a uh, hang on here I'm misaligned. It's a three bolt bracket, but I need to sandwich the other bracket over top of this bracket before I bolt this bracket on shoe. What? I'm going to do is get the two bolts down below installed and then I'm gonna put that third one in to align the threads and everything and then I'll tighten down these two.

Let's put that guy in I Don't need to tighten this one yet, but I do need to thread it that way. I Don't run into a situation where I can't install it later. Foreign. back out.

it feels kind of crusty all right. Next bracket coming in. This one has all the bolts sitting in it. the ones that I removed earlier I placed them back inside so I wouldn't lose them or forget which uh, what orientation they came in.

Um, how's this going to work? I don't know what I was remembering to do. Hang on, Hang on. We're gonna get this right. We'll start with what we know: the: Big Bowl the Big Bolt goes in that little hole right there.

Okay, yeah, now we're getting somewhere. This is how this goes. Then this one goes in the top right there on that bracket. Oh, the design technology of this Nissan Datsun is absolutely murder and I actually probably need to stop because I need to put that radiator hose on as well.

Let's get all these guys tightened and another over here. Good. Oh yeah, the bracket for the AC line clicks radiator hose and it's got a little Mount right here that goes there. Oh, we're getting somewhere now fellas.
I'm feeling better. No seriously like this car. This job just made me want to quit my job like it really did. This thing is it's been absolutely brutal I think I'm 12 or 13 hours into a four-hour job.

Okay, next up belts are going back in point the letters the right way kind of my thing. I gotta they have to point forward. Definitely forward. Yeah, all right.

there's one belt almost all the way on there we go. that was all the way on. Not tight yet, but it's on. All right.

Let's Slide the water pump pulley on and then we'll do the next serpentine belt. All right, there's there goes that flashlight. this one. uh, that's gonna run over top.

I Think this is the correct belt. There's two serp belts uh, one is long and one is short and I think the short one goes in this location. pretty sure it does heat in there. Yep, that's where it goes.

Beautimous here. I'll run this pulley up real quick and tighten that surf belt while we're here. I Haven't forgotten that B belt down there. I'm just doing this one first.

Reasons: Foreign. Okay, that's good and I'll lock down the pulley that way it stays in its position perfect. And let's go down and revisit that uh, power steering pump and tighten that belt Next, my double jointed, wobbly fell out and put that thing back. Foreign.

Well, uh, it looks like I'm on roadblock I Don't know. like number 450 on this truck. Uh, I'm trying to tighten down that uh, that V-belt for the power steering. it's still pretty loose.

and if I look up here right at the slot where the adjuster is, it appears that it's at maximum throw. I can't make that thing any tighter. So it tells me one of two things. this belt is either very, very stretched or it's the wrong belt.

um I Recall when when we started this project that uh, on the initial startup, this thing had some kind of a belt squeal and uh, now I think I know which one of these was squealing? It was this one. It's on there, just tight enough where it'll turn that pulley and it's just loose enough or it'll probably slip. So uh, no, let's uh, let's do our job again. I'm gonna go ahead and order some belts for this thing because well, because I have to.

Um, that's gonna put me another half a day behind schedule because it's after five right now and the part stores will not deliver Ed so they can either close up and I can go pick up the uh, the cart and get back in half hour 40 minutes and then start again. or or I can call it a day and get out of here. and uh I think considering that today has been a horrendous day, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna throw in the towel on this one and call it quits for right now. So uh I'll check back in the morning.

Don't go anywhere you guys won't notice it's been a whole day. but yeah, I need to go ahead and acquire a uh replacement belt. I'll probably just go ahead and put all three of them in there. Uh, no reason to just do one.
I Guess to uh looks like the uh, the difficulty of this particular job is. uh, it's ramping up on me so um, oh, I can charge the AC we can do that. but yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and okay, just yeah. All right, the screwing around is done.

It is The this is the final day. This is the last day, not just the next day. I'm pulling this uh, this belt back off because I can't tighten down or I can't pull enough slack out of it to make it tight. So I went and got a new one.

look at here. Here's our here's our new one on the bottom, old one on the top right and if we go ahead and stretch these, look at how much longer that uh, that old one is. Yeah, the thing was not gonna fit. so we're getting rid of this one.

We're installing this one again, ladders facing forward because that looks pretty foreign tight and then we'll go back and put the other one back on again. Yeah, there we go. goes right in. look at that and I think I can tighten it without that goofy wobbly extension setup.

I had I got a another shorter wobbly. we can stick that one down in the hole here and that should tighten this up. Yeah, here we go. We're getting somewhere now, boys.

foreign getting some slippages about to do that manually, but it's that's pretty close already there. I'm just going to reach in with like a little ratcheting Crow's foot and just finish that off a little bit. A couple more turns and it should be in good shape here. I'm going in.

Oh man guys. I'm feeling infinitely better today. I was so low energy yesterday. Okay I was done a little tighter.

All right, that's pretty good I think that's tight? Yeah, Okay, so I just need to lock down the bolt on the front of the uh of the pump here, which I can't reach that one. Let's try with an extension. Feel it right here. I believe it's a 12 millimeter.

Yes, it is Okay, that's the adjuster bolt so it's locked into place now, but we still have to tighten this bracket right here. I think that's still loose? Yep, and that bolt right there. Yeah. I Literally promised this vehicle like well yesterday I promised it.

uh, about an hour ago. but since I had to get more belts, we're waiting. This is terrible. It's Saturday and I was gonna take the day off, but now I'm finishing what I shot him because that's just what you got to do.

Come here. Okeydokes, We've got a uh alternator power steering belt coming in next order than the one I took off. so I'm hoping I can get it to go in there I may have to back that alternator adjuster off just a little bit farther. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

and uh I don't know yet. Yeah. I'm gonna have to back that off I don't have space? Try that. Let's try the other other way to wrap this new yes, New? Okay, Yes, uh.
we're getting somewhere now. Look at that. This is getting good. This is very good.

Yeah, it's I think that's better there. Foreign? Okay, two belts down, one to go and the one to go is a five rib that's a little smaller that goes around the AC one pulley and then the crankshaft down below. There we go. Nice.

All right. Okay, Okay, good, good, good. All right. let's uh.

let's get the fan and then the fan shroud put down into position next. let's back up a little bit so we can see. just like it came out. these are going to go together at the same time.

and I've got this backwards bear with me figuring out what we're doing here. I'll lower the fan down, sneak that guy into position. Then we can fit the span clutch over those studs on that water pump. Pulley steering gear is in the way.

Hang on Noggins in the way too. Thank you Foreign Now while I maneuver this I've gotta kind of suspend this fan over here. so fall down and hit my radiator and you can't see but I'm I'm lining up those studs on that pulley. All right.

Got one. so the fan is hung, shroud is in position. good. Let's just bolt this shroud in right now so it doesn't flip flop out of a or into the way as soon as I Get that fan bolted on and toss some coolant and some oil in this thing and three start Z engine.

which is gonna be great because my guy wants his truck back. it's been here so long. Okay, got the little nuts here. those are going in to secure our fan to the pulley.

now. this is going to be a little interesting how we're going to do this because you'll see that pulley is running a little bit sideways, right? So what I need to do is get these nuts on here and then turn the engine over a little bit and then rotate that pulley sump. get just one or two Fasteners in, maybe the third one I might be able to get the third one on a tight squeeze I Can tell you that Oh yeah, that's fantastic. All right.

Okie dokes I'm gonna go down there again with the uh, the ratcheting, ratcheting wrench right here the flex head and we're gonna try to tighten down as much of this as possible and then we'll bump the key around and get that bottom fastener. This might just be very slow and meticulous. I Don't think I've got enough friction here to get good ratcheting action. Maybe I Do none.

What's going on to do Message: Oh, this is great. It's almost done. Okay, let's switch sides and get that other one over there. Let's move this thing over here as I tighten this down.

it's drawing the span into position. It's going to run the pedestal Mount flush with the water pump. It's going to put a little bit more tension on the Belt too because that belt is running a little bit. uh, or the pulley was running a little bit sideways so it will get a little bit more belt tension after this, but it won't be excessive.
Nothing like that. All right, let's get that top bolt as well. that one's coming down to torque connects. Okay, so this thing has oil in it I Hooked the battery back up.

We're just going to bump that key around a little bit. Watch this There we go. That's all it took. Just one little bump and that should have spun that around enough for me to get.

Yep, there it is. the one last stud right there. So I need one more nut? Oh I almost dropped it. That was close.

Come on you begin threading now. I Hear my gate squeaking. Someone's here. Oh it's just sitting there.

Hang on we're not threaded yet. There we go. Good No, no, no, no no no no we're definitely in the home stretch now fellas. Nick Okay, let's get our upper radiator hose pre-installed just because that's kind of staring at us in the face right here.

Let's make sure I don't have conflict. Okay I wasn't sure if the wiring harness went under the hose or not, but it appears not so we're not gonna worry about it. Click, battery click, and moving on. Got some connectors to connect some wires to route.

Put that in. Now this stuff. I Think this one went over here. Yes, it did.

that. connects right inside of there and then what else goes where and how did that go? Well that one plugs into there got that? This guy plugs into the distributor right here. Got that? Let's see. the green one goes to the green.

Oh I Remember these. these were those really difficult to remove connectors because they were cracked or broken or something. Uh, well. this one.

I Think this one goes up here I hope I think I think I Hope no, that's not right. These ones. Does that one go there? Yeah man. I Don't remember where this stuff goes.

It goes wherever it fits. That's where it goes. Okay, see, that's the mass airflow that goes on the intake tube That leaves me with these two. Where do they go? That one goes to the compressor and then we got a straggler here.

Where's this last one Go to Foreign? Well, whatever it is, it can't be far here. Let's plug the compressor in. now. there's something around here.

There it is. it's hiding. it's gonna. it.

Was back there behind that AC line. Okay, that's all the connectors connected. Air box is coming in. Let's back you guys up one more time.

Thank you AC machine is done and then these hoses get connected right here and right here that one plugs in there. Oh I'm feeling really good now. we're getting somewhere quickly, infinitely faster. and how yesterday was working out which is really good.

Vacuum line on the air filter box got that air filter clips are becoming clipped and we have a clamp I need to clamp that clamp 10 millimeters and of course the mass airflow the most important in my opinion. The ECM needs to know how much air is coming into the engine which makes that very important. these things. Hose clamps works Okay I'm all out of nuts and bolts AC machine is done vacuuming I do need to install the charge in this which I don't know what it was the all the sticker.
Uh, 1.32 pounds. All right. Okay, a sticker says what is that? 1.32 pounds? Okay all right, tell you what we got oil in it. Let's go ahead and start the engine.

Then I can re-uh refill the AC system and then we can fill the coolant while it's warming up and then we'll check the leaks. Here we go. get ready. Okay, it's alive.

It's got a little pressure foreign. All right guys. I just need to add some coolant to this bad boy. Recharge the AC and uh should be good to go here.

Let's go ahead and get that AC going I Forgot what I said it was 1.3 pounds. 1.32 sure. Begin charging sequence now charged not electronic compressor. Do Not save.

Don't ever save those. It's stupid. You'll have a thousand bin lists in there. a zero one, three, two pounds refrigerant on the high side.

Sure, why not? You can charging now and let's go ahead and pour some coolant in here. Hey guys! I Got to tell you today's a much better day. Uh, yesterday was like I mentioned earlier I'm like 12 hours into a four hour job. This thing did not.

Uh, it did not really treat me very well. it's just a very difficult operation. It was fine until I decided to add that front main seal which turned into a uh, an oil pump. Everything was fine until I went that route because I didn't realize I had to pull the old pan off pulled the old pan off I didn't realize you had to unfold the engine mounts and lift the engine up.

And like I said earlier, had I known all that I may have taken a different approach in this particular situation. Either way, I got through it. It is what it is. Nothing was damaged, nobody got hurt.

It did take a long time. But I think the end result is worth it. Foreign Basically what I did to this truck is what I would have done to it had it been my truck. That's that's what I would have done.

But the difference is I would have procrastinated for months 10 months and probably never actually done the job. Yeah, but you never know. All right guys. Uh I think we're on the second or third, or fourth or 12th video on this thing.

So I'm gonna go ahead and save us all a lot of time and close this one out. Right now. we're almost good to go. Like I said I just need to refill the coolant Purge the air out of it and get it off of my rack and outside and then get this thing delivered.

So uh, that being said, as always, like thank you for watching my video. hope you enjoyed this video on this particular Nissan If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Uh, if you're not enjoy this video or you see that I did something wrong or you just you just want to yell at me a lot, Let me know about all that stuff in the comments section down below.
So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a gray day! See you guys later into miss Ann Dotson Yeah you? yeah yeah today. Okay.

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