In this video I have a look at a customers 2012 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior that has an engine light, ABS and 4wd light on and a traction light! All that and it boils down to one code. A P0722. A P0722 code is stored when the PCM gets an incorrect or irrational input signal from the transmission's output speed sensor. I make a bad call along the way that works out good in the end. Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast folks.
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Hey there viewers and welcome back to the self-made Art Channel 2012. it's a Toyota It's a thunder. It's got the Big Five seven. It's not mine.

Uh, but it's broke because Scotty lies. These things do break. Uh, money. Lights on ABS Four-wheel drive Lows flashing traction control I Still can't speak? Let's check it out.

I did look at it the other day and it had a code for a speed sensor A lot of s's in these words. So I I didn't look at any fruit now I test drove it I see the speed sensor was not working in the data so we have to have a look and see what's wrong. bad computer broken wire, bad sensor back connector I don't know I do it on my head I Speak perfectly clear though so I scanned it. Let's go to report.

let's get one of our new styluses. Why does everything have to have an S in it? Okay so output speed sensor no signal Po 722 Okay, ABS is on because the ECM has a code in it. Four wheel drive light is flashing because ABS has a code in it. You can't talk through the four Drive modules on these older Toyotas I Can barely talk myself.

Okay, enough about talking 7.2 I'm going to try to pull this out of memory here. We're going to go in and like I think it's at n like November T like Tango and the number one Oh the speed sensor Speed signal see here Uh Indian Speed Vehicle speed. Yeah with this speed signal here. so speed NT and SP2 one or One of these wasn't working I Don't remember which one exactly, but let's pull up service data and see what the 722 refers to.

Ah, stick with it folks. Okay, but one one of these wasn't working if I remember correctly. I Took on a test drive and that's as far as I went with it and I told the guy he's gonna need to make an appointment so we can figure out what's going on. So anyway, here we are all right.

according. uh to service data. the SP2 So this is the speed sensor uh detects the rotational speed or transmission output shaft intend to Signal ECM ECM determines vehicle speed based. Uh, these signals are eight feet generator uh.

parking gear. Motor Planetary gear set rotates uh and this bullet is sent to UCM parking gear. Okay, uh. so basically it should be just a two-wire speed sensor.

gives the code check criteria. Um, you know, lost it signal. so we could be dealing with open circuit. bad computer.

uh, actual physical broken uh, reluctor wheel inside your transmission. Uh, they show us how to use our scope, how to set it up. Um, take a look here. Okay, there's a wiring diagram.

Uh, so SP2 SP two plus minus and the ECM those are pin numbers, no wire colors unfortunately. Um, because this has two sensors that input and an output see what else. Doesn't give us anything useful, not torque it down. Have it tweaked.

Oh okay. we have a re a resistance spec for it 560 to 680. Ohms. All right, let's go underneath it and see if we can just find this thing.

Let's just do a visual inspection and see if we can find the speed sensor. Oh okay. I see one. It must be the input way.
see hit Focus baby. Focus And it's not gonna. Focus So there's one way up here. way up there ahead of my light that's can't see.

There's got to be one. Oh, there's another one right underneath that shift. Oh okay. you guys can see it pretty clear right there.

That little fella. that's the other one. Um, yeah, let's get tweaked out or anything. Uh, let's check the resistance of it and see what we see.

Let's unplug it. Okay, it's unplugged. Let me get another light so I can check that connector. We just want to make sure it doesn't have the case of the New York's salt and crust.

uh. connectors are nice and clean. so I know it's difficult for you guys to see where you're at, but I have to be kind of hearing the optimal viewing area. Uh, actually, let me switch spots with you.

I'm gonna see if we can sneak some probes up here. Go buy this little fella there and there and we're looking for five I Want to say 550 to 600. Ohms, Make sure our meter is good. we're zero zeros there there's probing into here.

see what it says and it says 0.570 kilo Ohms so that is 570 Ohms. Oh oh, that's good. Technically I assume it's not. Maybe we're on the wrong sensor I Expected to have to expect.

that sucker would be bad. Like let's just check this sweet sensor up here. I think this would be an input right connector. looks clean.

Let me probe this front speed sensor just to make a darn root and tooting that we're on the right right one here and I'm not being built this Pro bond to that Peg right there and well I might have to be all rude here so that right in front of you I'll prob right there. Okay, let's check the speed sensor. Let's get our meter over here. stand by, see what these wires have to tell us.

0.5 80 kilo Ohms. so that one also resistance value checks fine. So with that being said, at this point, we must approach this differently. We're gonna plug this back in I can get her in there.

there's that one. I'm gonna give a little visual inspection on the harness here. Everything looks like it's in its Clips up through there I assume it's this rear output. Well, let's uh.

let's do this. I got an idea what's up? Michelle Wow, this is really nice. You need an orange? Yeah, all right, by the way. Must syrup.

So here's what we're doing folks. We got Sculpt hanging under here I left both sensors unplugged and I've got it. just probed into it. We're gonna start it up.

drop it in drive and see what we see. So the red, uh, crates, uh, we've got it. five volts on the screen and um, what was I going to tell you about 200 milliseconds cross stream? The red one is the rear, the blue one is the front, the speed signal. so it's uh, see if we can't reach in and fire it up here.

I've already left it neutral. All right. Speedo is working. Let's plenty.
no lights on the dash right now everything's unplugged. We'll turn it. Oh, entire voltage here. so I'm both on the same scale.

Clearly, these are the difference sir. So we can see the amplitude. They're both the same sensor so they should be working the same, but you can clearly see the amplitude of our front sensor. Our input is going to, um, that one? is that? What's that saying By uh, position one 5.5 volts.

Okay, oh how we get our regulator I don't use the scope hardly ever. uh I don't know. Anyways, we can see the amplitude much higher than that of the red. Trace when both channels are set up exactly the same.

Pretty interesting that tested. okay, you know, resistance wise I think I know how to do it right? Yeah, there we go. Okay, so let's see what's our our Peak to Peak here 2.3 volts. so we have a Delta of 5 volts on that signal.

increase our Galaxy 10 volts so it's almost twice the amplitude I Think we just have a bad sensor despite the fact that resistance lies it tested. Okay so let's shut it off. Um I do have a center here for it which is great and then we're just running the same test again. So I bought all this stuff not knowing what was wrong I got a sensor, a terminal and some wire leads.

Let's flip this open so we can take this bad boy out. They're an even Center the other thing I guess the trigger that runs this sensor could be wonkier misaligned in there. we can take a look. Let's test out at 592 Ohms 0.592 kilo Ohms the new one it tests out at 597 Ohms 0.597.598 kilo Ohms So they test the same in that regards.

I might have a look in the hole where I pulled this fella out of and see if anything looks wonky in. There wasn't a lot of corrosion under it but clearly is not putting out near the amplitude as the as the front signal. the more I think about this the more I think I'm wrong I think that sensors possibly good. The front sensor is going to have a higher speed or higher amplitude and higher voltage, higher amplitude, higher frequency because it's an input I think we're going to see the same thing here.

I did put new sensor in if I'm not I'm not thinking here I think I'm wrong. The output, amplitude and frequency is going to be based on how fast that rear wheels going. We just got in drive at an idle. Let's have a look.

Anyways, So so that is right. I'm an idiot. It's because if we go, step on a throttle. this will increase significantly for a bunch of time on each in here and give her a little pedal push.

Now we should go out and see an increase in amplitude. So anyways, got ahead of myself a little bit. This guy's an idiot. So yeah, we can zoom in on it.

but yep, so that's my boss. Sorry about that folks. Missile idea I I should have known. Uh, so that's kind of my own fault.

didn't mean to leave you guys astray. Um, I should have known when the peak voltage was. You know, two and a half that at an idol and that output only going. You know, five miles an hour? It was in my head.
it was working differently. But that's all right. We all make mistakes. Uh, we're gonna keep proceeding.

We're going to turn the key on I'm going to clear the code. it's got them plugged in. We're going to look this, make sure it's still broke, and if it is now, we need to find out it's the signal making it to the PCM or is there a broken wire? everything is plugged in. I'm going to start it up, drop it, and drive and see if we have our signals back.

Hopefully we don't this. um, this should be the one missing this SP2 Yeah, now it's working all of a sudden so that's a pretty darn interesting. Try this. I Took the new one out.

it's like the only one back in, although it seemed to look the same on the scope. Without Really Screwing guys. Let's fire it back up here. That one works like a Charmed too.

Awesome. So we fix it. We don't know what we did away certain day, guys. Well um, this very well may have been a connection issue at the connector.

I Know I didn't show you guys test driving this uh the other day when this was at zero the whole time. You have to trust me on that. I Think the wise thing to do here. Uh, because we didn't really disturb the harness where it goes up around there's transmission.

It's held down very well there. The only thing we touch are these connectors I would have to believe at that point it's a connection problem. Um, I'm gonna scrutinize connectors good and give them a little tug just to be sure. Sensor is pretty cheap I might put it back in there and uh huh, that's frustrating.

So there it is. You can see that harness right here. You know we obviously didn't disturb it because it's you know, zip tied right there. we have that connect to unplug.

The only other thing I can think of and these wires would be like I'm a good tug is that the other day when the customer, uh, stopped it went up an appointment. Well I took it on a drive. it was high. You know it was fully warmed up.

So maybe you know this sensor failing when it gets hot because it certainly appears to be working right now. So that's a little interesting. Um, interesting. Listen, this guy.

just sitting here. It's not clamped in here, just resting on the bikes. and I hooked the mirror to it and now it's at 612. Ohms, you know it's not our connectors either.

I was going to sit here and heat it up slightly with a heat gun just to see if the value goes way out of spec or anything funky. uh, my little butt thing before it's missing. Oh, it's at home. It's great so we'll go like this.

We'll use this one using the torch. We'll just see if it changes at all just by giving it a little bit of heat here. I Mean the value should. Oh, look at that.

it's done and it's not even it's not. It's called the touch. You guys see the meteor flying all over the place here. Open circuit.
Boom see because I feel like an idiot There it is. Yep, so it's completely open circuited right now and and it's called The Touch I mean it's it. can't be 80 degrees Fahrenheit I'll have to prove it. You guys have trust issues with me I don't know I had a temperature gun.

Oh here you know I had a different one. the other one's missing. so I'm guessing 82. 76 was the max.

so it's not even not even one. Quite interesting. And yes, I'm probed into it. Okay, good.

at least we don't feel like a bunch of. Ding Dongs Or if we can run under cold water and get us working in, we're gonna let that thing going for probably another minute. We were to watch it quit while we had our test equipment hooked to it, but we didn't Oh man, it's poor little Luna. poor little kitty.

regular ground, foreign Chevys out here. Chevy Chevy Chevy Toyota Don't run. Apparently that thing's been a dealer like three times and they can't get it fixed. Keeps leaving the guy stranded.

Supposedly okay, all of our lights are off before low light was flashing an ABS or traction and all that that's working now. of course we've seen the sensor quit so at least we can sleep good I know that much and I forgot how annoying those things were I Shut that off my truck. That's the beauty of the Toyota You can disable the seatbelt reminder. All right.

Looks good. Let's just spin around here. foreign folks. Yeah, let's go see what Andy's up to making a video? Oh no Am I doing it wrong.

Oh well, you painted it wrong. I'll tell you that much. Yeah, you should hear my TV boys. Now we'll stop in.

Tech Progress Yep, there's people trying to take me out of business and put that thing in used to be a customer of mine. Nothing more. I mean this is further south. it's any Peterbilt Oh, let's see this kind of junk we're working with here.

I got this camera? add 10 pounds then they'll take some pumps off. Okay, it's got a U.S General over here. Huh? Yeah, they're good boxes. Yep.

What? I do I'm no Pro tell us what you're doing here. Okay, well you got to tell us what it is. A 387 long hoods 388 Peterbilt nice chubby rubber. it's got that.

it's got the lights off. Bake lemon fish. Wow so tell us what you did here. What's the big plant? Wow.

wait a minute. What are you doing with that shirt? a rag? listen I got too fat for it. Different one I'm gonna need a double XL Okay just to replace that, but anyways, go ahead it used to be. Did you already see the duck box outside invading on your privacy? Too much on doing this.

Years ago I made this dump truck and now I want to make it so I can switch back and forth between the dump truck with dump body on it so he built thick dump box I Don't know. Trailers might need to do some dump truck graveling when I need to. You know the quick back and forth quick. How quick do you think you'll be able to take your fifth plate on and off all these quick necks going in and say two hours or plan maybe a couple hours.
Yeah for your cameras tarp wires. oh that's rear tarper. yeah. I got the lights are down in here that was already Peterbilt I Stick up that factory.

Oh yes. wow. So I don't know around here I got one of these kits myself I just restocked it I never used it though. no you should have told me Asheville makes it.

Oh you got an Astro Boy makes one of these kits I have one. Are they the? Are they genuine or they do? Yeah, no, they're the real deal I'll show it to you. Yeah with the big bolts waiting for some more to come in the mail? Okay yeah, yeah. the airline fittings get the pass-throughs and the head go down to wow you got Mac Tools Head down to your mother, run this place, your brother's place.

look at that stuff. Yeah. I got Mac Tools Wow, looks like I'm uh, what's going on with Terry wear here on this axle. This is my spare tire head put on I had to blow out.

Oh okay I had uh had some old tires on it. Oh oh Jeepers they were original to the truck 2013 so they were. they were nine years old. Got it? We got the fenders to go on here, the minimizers.

They're gonna go on each axle. you know, like the pros do it and then you have to take them off when you put your jump body down. Um, this one will have to come off because it'll be too tall for the arms. I use the two boats left to pick it up when I took it off the dump body.

All right. So actually you told me that so the arms got swing in there I had to let this down to get the arm in underneath the box so that Fender will have to come off, but these will probably stand there. Yeah yeah, got the ones with the lights in the back. it's gonna be it's gonna be sick.

Oh yeah, you gotta have that girl come polish y'all with film this year. Maybe she's a very good touchdown a little bit. Boy, you don't even have it deleted. Look at what the Deaf does to the thing here.

Okay, get like a residual exhaust. Well, it gets mixed in with that condensation or whatever you get like a residue in there and then it drips out the oh man, it's tough on things. Yeah, it screws up your crawl. Yeah, it's no good, huh? Delete it.

Yeah, Oh yeah, that too. I got to get that fixed. Isn't that something? I think because this truck went it sold at an auction I think they did the quick clear coat shop. you know, fluff and stuff.

Yeah. so I was watching it this fall and all of a sudden a big piece just went. It was gone. So and then I got another local guy.

you smoke your deer with it right? I know who he is, you're not being funny with that. This is all fixed, No man. Yeah. I got her tuned up to fill Grill back on everything back in place just like Campbell Factory We've got clear coat peeling over here too.
Man, it's like a Chevrolet it said outside down to Oklahoma I Think it got some pretty intense sunlight. Yeah. closed captioning not available. Man, you know that could have made a two or three part video series right there.

Uh, frames correction French Rector with Andy So all right. Andy I Guess that's all we wanted. Wanna see what you're doing? We're checking in progress later on. Yeah, don't worry I like to see it I keep coming back to all my flaws.

What people do on YouTube They'll pick it up. Yeah, they do. Hold on, let me get the torch of the welder out. That's a comment generator.

Nope. We actually want to see you riding that dirt bike around that is not my size. No, you're not showing everybody what I got in here. Remember you rap now Am I you will I'm just seeing when I went.

This could be the locals I Didn't show them how to get in the building though, so oh, that's good. All right. we gotta go. Thank you.

Well that's it folks. I Think we're done the old uh Thunder here. let's get. come on, turn off uh works pretty good.

Uh, we got to stop and see Andy We're still working on our speech without spitting everywhere. It's gonna get better folks at least I Hope it'll get better. You're gonna get used to it. And one thing I'll never get used to is when you guys don't go into that comment section.

So make sure you do that. comment section Question comments concerns suffering or soccer cash and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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