In this video I have a look at a lady's 2016 Buick Enclave that the blower motor quit working in. It ends up being really easy but I thought I'd bring you along anyway. -Enjoy!
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Viewers and welcome back to the south main auto channel. We are outside in the the 16 buick enclave uh customer complaint is no blower motor so probably a failed and or resistor. I guess if you will lower motor control module power control unit. Whatever you want to call them brought out some of these so we can just chop.

Some wires. But no i come out i see it had a couple clips in it so we got to get to the blower motor first see what we're missing. The rear blower motor works the controls up here look normal. So i'm assuming just something down here has gone wonky maybe we'll give it the old fonzerelli.

Hey. You know give it a couple whacks. There and maybe she'll start maybe it won't. But let's find out fellas gotta.

Be kind of careful making that motion with his hands. But you know what i mean so let's uh get these clips down here get a hold of them there's a one and then it looks like there's another one over here. There's two these little fellas. I think that's it isn't it maybe that oh yeah then take that little guy out there.

She is what's up miss. Though you know those tires. I sent back. Yes ma.'am yeah were they for it customer yep.

Awesome for today no oh that's good is it gonna cost us more to get them now. I don't know hopefully not price of tires. So here's the blower motor folks right there so let me turn the key on key is on it's on panel. Blower motor switch is currently set to the high position.

Let's give her the funds. Really hey look at that piece of cake baby. Good guess good guess shut the key off looks like she just had a stuck blower motor. Let's see if we get a new one all right check out our a tool kit for the mechanic with the on the go lifestyle.

It's got the belt clip uh. I did locate us a blower motor in the after uh not a sponsor not our normal napper either the other napper they have one. But it's gonna be about an hour. So we'll just make sure i called chevrolet hoping they would have one in stock.

And they didn't and it's a little ways out so we're going after market. Okay. So there's the size hopefully we can just pop it out with this so i think i imagine the motor has a dead spot because this is a daily driver for this lady so i wouldn't think you know i wouldn't think anything else what we can do i guess. While we're waiting show you a little free tip here for you so you can do this a couple ways.

We've probably showed this in other videos. Let's let's just cut. This tape right here a little bit with our dull knife and just open this up a little because we should be able like if we we've got our little use scope out here. We can throw our amp clamp around it assembled in china.

It says chevrolet baby um. We can throw an amp clamp around it we should be able to see an open spot on the motor. Let me just pull that tape off so it looks factory plug that back in the other thing you can do too. You can stick a test light in here and roll the roll the motor over by hand and when you get to that open spot on the commutator.
You'll see your light turn off you know what i mean i think we've probably showed that too like on radiator fan motors. But we'll use our little aes wave test kit. Here. I think.

This has yes. It does. It has an amp clamp. Let me find a little adapter for it here.

Folks got the little adapter. The little bnc adapter get that plugged in let's see how many volts per vision. We got across the screen here looks like uh two look this thing on okay. That looks like it works let me change.

Some settings here and i'll show you so here. We're graphing. The current draw on the motor and uh. Lo and behold.

I don't see a huge drop out as we see it pulling current across all the segments of the motor. So that's kind of uneventful for us here let me change my scale here. I usually do it on a lower speed because you can see it a little easier. Than you can you know with the blower on high speed.

Here. So i'll turn that back down to usually. I'll just turn up one click yeah. So this is kind of interesting well kind of disappointing.

Too you know we can like i say we can see you know each segment. There if we wanted to you know we could zoom in on it a little bit and see with a little greater detail you know each segment of the commentator. But typically if there is an open usually you'll see a big dropout. Where that section of the motor.

Doesn't draw heavy current um. I'm still going to feel pretty confident uh changing out the motor. You know obviously. It was you know stuck some sort whether it was on a you know an open spot or physically stuck.

Because of rust which i wouldn't think so on a daily driver. But giving it the old one two there either restored contacts of the brushes or what have you. But it's getting a new motor well because it's getting a new motor. We'd have to dig back through the sma archive to find a demonstration video where i've demonstrated seeing open segments on electrical motors in the past there's probably several of them it's not that uncommon folks uh.

It looks like there's three screws uh. So these little gold screws and they took a t20. I'd imagine that's probably what this is i don't have my readers on so i can't tell you so i think it's the 20. Most automotive stuff is a t20 and then there's a little water spout here a drain hose not water spout you definitely don't want water coming out of it i can't seem to see if i can figure out how it comes unhooked okay.

It also has a screw on the water spout. But it's not a water spot. It's a fresh air tube going from the air box to the motor. We're gonna take the screw out of it like so so same kind of screw.

I'd show you but i gotta stick my head up under here you'll know when you're down. Here you'd be like i see what he's saying and then unhook it from the motor. So that's just this little pipe right here okay now that gives you access to the rear screw that holds the motor up in one of three whoa. Oh.
My goodness now we're having a look under the seat here folks. I guess now you're down here with me huh that was like an omen the people were like we want to see we want to see yelling so loud. The camera fell off the seat get this screw out this one's kind of tight against the firewall. I just didn't watch down here.

Because there's a lot of heavy breathing going on. I gotta move the seat back it feels like this uh. Compartment is more cramped than usual let me see oh yeah sliding the seat back oh lots of room. Now now i feel we're too close for comfort.

Okay. Here. It is well she does got a little rust on her shaft right on the tip. There if you guys can see that a little bit of a rusty tip.

But uh yeah. I can't really see much anything in there. What's up miss. Though good belt.

Here we messing with no bro bro. What's up is the muffler part out on the shelf for the muffler part on the show. Yes. Ma.'am okay just making sure you betcha.

So that's that folks you don't have to keep really tracking the screws. But you don't want to lose them there's only four of them one for the fresh air tube three that hold the motor in one connector. I think it's nice and dry up in here. So that's good we live in a pretty humid environment um.

Now if this was my own personal car. We probably would have just lived with the fonzerelli fix just to see. But you know darn toon customer's car. I just tell the lady hey give it a little boom boom and it's working and then she leaves and then two days later it does it again wow.

It's just uh just what we do just fix. It the time has passed snapper brought her down. It's your classic 665 2628. It's already been open so we already tore the corner of the box.

So let's see if it's low mileage. It appears to be slider out uni motor from canada. So let's see if the canadiens. This is a china one make sure everything looks the same everything looks the same here uh.

The only difference being you know it's got a pigtail that hangs off it's pretty common in the aftermarket industry. Let's get her slipped up in there. Let's see what it comes with some directions here. See what uh what they say probably just in regards to the wiring harness hanging off it and they write open the glove compartment press button marked one to release back wow.

I don't think we need to read. These install new blower motor repeat steps five through one so on and so forth no need to open the glove box on this model. But let's rock and roll. Let's see i think we're good coming in this direction set up in there is something like this right there.

It goes. There it goes now. It sits up in there flush get that started kind of a hectic day. Today.
Mondays are usually kind of cray cray around here so oh. Let's say. I thought that would have held itself up in there but negative. I've got this one started.

I got a two out of three we'll save the hardest. One to do for last. There that one's snug that one's snug. We'll make sure our connector is the same connector is good we'll get the little screwy that goes all the way in the back here that started by hand pretty coarse screws.

There's that one and then we've got our little air tube. Here. There's a little snug there slip that up behind stick it on the nipple of the motor put it on the air box. Like so.

And then that also has a screw so screw number four where's the hole. There it is i think. This is probably the best long term solution for this lady. I used to drive a.

Truck i had old 94 1994 chevrolet had the big. 43 until i converted it to the big 57. Stick shift two wheel drive got that truck when uh. I graduated high school and uh.

I guess all that to say is that had a board more than just walk in all almost every day and turn the ball around wham give it a whack and uh. I drove it like that forever why because i was a kid and i was broke probably should test this thing before we stick it all back together shouldn't we we gotta have some cot you gotta have some confidence in there they don't sponsor us. But let's hope their lower motor is good so we're going to stick this back up where it belongs. That's there there's a little knot.

You'll see where it goes in it's hard to explain that clicks in there. And then you've got the little push tab dongers here. I don't even know if to the day. I got rid of that chevy if i ever uh.

I've ever fixed. The blower motor or not all i remember is once you turned it on high you gave her a click then you turned her down to number one and you just never shut it off the whole time you drove it because going down the road and giving a little whack was pretty difficult um. But yeah. I remember converting that truck from a 4 3.

To the big five seven. And it had the stick shift and i remember learning a valuable last night. So i did the whole conversion man. I thought this thing was going to be a tire smoking machine uh needless to say.

It wasn't that much of a difference. It was a five speed deal get rag trainian and uh. It didn't work. Didn't have much more power than the 43.

Did however. If you're ever doing that at home on the old throttle. Bodies. The rev limiter is in the.

Cluster so you do have to change the cluster out of a 57. Vehicle also for what it's worth. Lord moore is nice and quiet let's make sure it actually is blowing in the right direction. And it is we feel that feels nice turn this on.

I was putting around fresh air. There we go now we got some good flow. So anyhow. I remember taking that old chevrolet for a rip and got it all done.
I was so proud of myself i bought hammer right on it and of course with the six cylinder attack in it she tacked right out when the v8 was only at about three grand instead of bouncing off revlon or i'm like well this sucks took me a while to figure that out i wasn't as crafty back in the day than i was a young buck and my dad didn't want to help me because he's the one that told me not to do it to begin with don't mess with your daily. You know but i did because the 4 3. Had a blown head gasket and i figured well fine time to do the conversion and have more horsepower than i know what to do with and with that being said folks. I want you to go down.

There and leave more comments and you know what to do with in the comment section to insty find us on the facebook we're on patreon and got t shirts on the teespring wherever else we are and uh just my viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching hey.

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