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Everybody good day to you good morning good afternoon good evening. Whichever of those applies applies to you at this current point in time this is a 2007. I believe is yep 2007 maybe 2008 honda crv i promise i will get to the relevance of the thumbnail in a moment. There we go now this uh might be a little bit different of a video uh.

There's kind of some drama here already starting the engine first things first in this crv with 191 955 miles. Is that this car just left another shop uh could be the dealership uh it could be an independent. I don't know they didn't tell us who it seems the other shop gave this lady an estimate for uh for a bunch of items on the car. And she's reluctant to uh to have these items repaired just because of cost so she brought it over here for a second opinion and that's what we're gonna do we're just gonna go recheck through her list of stuff.

And confirm that it does need these things or it doesn't need these things and then um. You know we're going to go from there she just kind of wants to make sure that because she's a little bit older that the other folks weren't uh weren't just trying to sell her on some stuff so we're just gonna go verify that everything's on the up and up and we'll see what happens so stay tuned. Because this is gonna be a good video backing out seattle now. I believe primarily what was on the list here was uh front ball joints.

I think they had it written up for a wheel alignment and uh maybe some sway bar links or something i'm not sure. But it all appears to be front end suspension related. I did not get any details with regards to a concern or anything like that no described symptoms. So we're just going to go ahead.

And do a visual inspection on the suspension on this car again to make sure everything's on the up and up like i said our customer is a little bit older and she's on a fixed income powering down and just wants to make sure her money's going as far as it should which in 2022's economy. I don't blame anybody for taking such position because that's really smart right now stack your cash and i understand that stacking your cash is ultimately the opposite of what you should be doing during an economic slowdown. But considering the price of goods and services is a little bit outrageous right now i see no problem with that. But i'm not.

An economist biologist. One more right there there we go moving on up look another green subscribe button okay so we're looking for lower ball joints. What is going on here. Oh.

There's a driver's side lower. It's got newish looking bolts. See the the non shiny on the passenger side and yet. We have shiny on the driver's side same thing with the castle nut at the top.

This unit here has been replaced at some point. Why do we need a new one and why is there oil on it there shouldn't be oil on it because the boot is not leaking the axle is not leaking. So why is there oil on this ball joint so they could say it was leaking that one's got a torn boot. I'm gonna go find out if they recommended both of these ball joints or just the one.
I could see just doing the one because that boot right. There is torn you can see it right like right here right there see that tear yeah. But all the grease is still there and if i shake the wheel. I'm not getting any motion out of that ball joint so it's not affecting the handling or safety of the vehicle.

You know that's kind of a non issue. I mean it is but it isn't it's about as much of an issue as this oil filter leak right here. It's not an issue and same thing on the side for that matter. That's kind of a non issue this this uh this grease boot on this side is not even torn um.

I detect moderate treachery or at least a high level idiocracy going on here. Something's not adding up not adding up at all they also had on their estimate that this vehicle is in need of sway bar links. Which is going to be this unit right here this rod. That runs up to the strut.

It connects to the sway bar that runs across the purpose of this is it's basically a linear spring. And when the vehicle goes through a turn and the suspension twists and articulates this spring. So to speak will try to level the vehicle because if one side squats. The other side is lifting up so it's going to twist this bar and naturally this bar wants to untwist.

There's nothing wrong with these links again. I smell treachery afoot here. You're the kind of person that wrecks all this for the rest of us stop doing this stop selling stuff that does not need to be sold to people especially old ladies. They don't have money like that all right.

I'm gonna go and uh kind of document. What i found here and see if i cannot fish up some more details on what's going on i'd like to see all right stand by let's go figure. This out. Okay.

Uh. The other shop also went for the low hanging fruit and they tried to sell them a cabin air filter. So we're gonna go in there and check that real quick locked. Oh let's see hmm still alive.

It's just the valet key. This must be the valet key um well i can't check their cabin filter right. Now because i can't get in there. I have to uh pull the glove box door down.

There's a little slot inside in the back that houses the cabin. I'll see if i can't get the other key and then we can verify that filter let's go under the hood and see if there's anything under there. That the other shop might have missed or not even missed maybe something that they found and figured they would just save that for later. You know a smaller ticket item like a valve cover gasket or something do you see the tactic at play you sell expensive stuff first get somebody locked into fixing their car.

Because now they're invested and then you sell them smaller stuff later bad practice. Yeah folks for the non car people first time at a shop or a new shop. If you get a huge estimate you don't know them. That's a no good in my opinion.
Unless you asked for it i mean i give people huge estimates. All the time. But they ask for it you know if i show up to to a joint and just have the oil change and they come out with a thousand bucks worth of work that's a no no that means they're just trying to drive revenue and they're not really trying to fix your car well i don't see anything going on here i want to check these fans real quick. Though these are very failure prone.

I'd like to know. If the these fans are all in good shape. Let's fire it up turn the ac on real quick. They never made mention of those fans.

But it's a high failure component. I just want to verify that real quick like powering on ac max turning the ac on should fire up both fans b take c. Okay fans are fanning this is good check a couple fluids power steering. That's okay i accept this coolant's on the low side and 90k you could go for some service.

I'm not going to open the radiator it's a little warm see brake fluid kind of greenish indicates copper contamination perhaps some moisture i would recommend replacing that oh let's see what our trans fluid looks like since we have a dipstick that's shiny red. I can recommend that based on mileage not conditioned there we go what else did i forget i already looked at the brakes tires are in great shape. Wipey blades. How we doing fold.

It over and crusty you can use wipers all right lights are a little faded all right cool overall this thing is in super nice condition it's just very well taken care of it's clean that's how a car should be in fact. This is the condition that this thing was in when it was new like this is a like new vehicle. I kind of want to buy this if we take a look at the mileage on this sticker. This oil change was very recently.

Done. 94 115. And the sticker set or the odometer says. 91 955.

So if they did 3 000. Miles. This oil change is 800 miles old you know let's see if the oil level is full just a little curious we can check their work and see if they actually did a good job. All right dipstick.

See what you got for us we'll wipe it down oil looks fairly clean so they did change it that's a negative ghost rider look at that we're at the bottom. We're a half a quart low come on guys keep going. Yeah. Bring her all the way up all the way up all the way up.

Oh. Look the other shop left the valve before oh. And it gets better look at this one over here come around. Where my cranium is they they sold the crap out of her and see the tie rod or the sway bar links that it needs.

What's wrong with those yeah. I mean you know they can get their verbiage wrong. Because the bushings are good and the control arms. There's there's nothing wrong here this this lady she they tried to sell her um and i can't check the cabin filters because she locked the glovebox door and uh.
The key that we have is the valet. What's funny is she probably just standing up there so how did they get down here bet find out find out uh if she locked her glove box store and gave them the same key because that's the valet key and i can't get in so if they didn't even bother opening it to check. It then how do they know how to sell anyway that being said um. I put everything on the document and uh it could use some fluids based on mileage and a little bit of condition but the reality is this is a freaking mint car dude it doesn't need yeah anything they want to do fluid maintenance that's all fine and dandy.

Oh and he does need wipers. We do need to put washers on let's take it i'm sorry man. I didn't tell you this you're going to need i know seriously. I think she's going to be pretty happy to find out that uh well.

She's going to be pretty mad. Too because they tried to sell her like what a grand worth of stuff. More i really hate to abruptly stop and cut to random footage of a fuel additive. I ended up parking this car outside and the lady came by later on to pick it up it turns out the customer was actually very glad that they did not have to perform any repairs on this car.

I don't ever like to bash. Other people so i want to give this person. The benefit of the doubt. I like to think that they really didn't know what they were doing and they were just kind of following the instructions or perhaps.

The situation is that there is a noise that these folks were looking for and i was never communicated that type of information that being said they may not have been able to find it and it's possible they were suggesting parts that could be most probable to fix. Said noise. Things are not always what they seem and i'm aware i don't have complete information. So i have to give benefit of the doubt moving back to the dark side of the spectrum.

If somebody did this just to make some money or to try to make a sale then that's just pretty low and you're giving us all a bad name and you should stop moving on since. I did kind of ruin this video by not shooting and ending. I have only one thing to offer you and that is another video shameless effort of self promotion. I have uploaded this other video onto my second channel.

I've done this for two reasons. One of which is to introduce new viewers to my second channel and the second reason is that this particular video belongs on the second channel simply due to the nature of its content. Additionally. This is where all of this random footage will become relevant therefore in an effort to appease you for the outrage.

I've caused for ruining. The first video. I invite you to check out the links down in this video's description in the pinned comment up above or at the end screen to take you over to the second channel to enjoy some of my bonus content and watch the oxytane fuel additive update as always thanks for watching i'll see you over there.

97 thoughts on “Scam or stupid? you decide! work that wasn t needed! honda crv”
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    Thanks for another great video, that being said, that right ball joint is a MOT failure here in Europe due to dirt and grime getting in there and is prematurely wearing that joint out, I do understand that it is different laws and regulations but it’s such a cheap item so I would have recommended that repair to the customer.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars People These Days Be Retarded says:

    Fixed income or not, older woman or not, my God that interior looked clean. Kudos to her.

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    To think i was just on facebook defending mechanics saying that they have integrity. Then you come across this ladies first mechanic.

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    FYI on Honda's the grey key is always the valet key.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars I'm Me says:

    About 5 years ago, I took my 2005 Toyota Sienna Minivan to the Toyota dealer to have the timing belt replaced. Given that the recommended replacement interval is 100K miles and I had 200K miles on the van, I thought it was time. This is labor intensive because they have to remove everything on the front of the engine. So, since they are right next to where the water pump is, and it's not an expensive item and almost no additional labor, they recommended replacing that also. That made sense to me given the mileage.

    So, I get the van back with the work done and they recommend replacing the rack and pinion because they said it was leaking and also the battery because it tests weak. I pointed out that I check the fluids regularly and the power steering fluid level hasn't moved and the engine cranks like the battery is fine. When I go home, I crawled under and found the boot on the end rack had oil of some sort on it.

    Bottom line: 5 years and 50K miles later the power steering fluid hasn't gone down. Where did the oil on the boot come from? And, no, the engine doesn't leak. The battery did eventually fail, three years later. I think that they figured that since I was willing to spend some money on the timing belt and water pump, they could squeeze more money out of me for the rack and a battery. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

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  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James D says:


    (End sarcasm)

    Okay, now for the real comment: good on you to have morals. That lady could be somebody's mom, and I know from personal experience that the older ladies are targets for the ne'er-do-wells. I've had to intervene on shops trying to rip off my mom, and those dudes get all sorts of scared when the mechanically inclined walk in the door.

    The oil on the filter? Well I doubt they bothered to clean up after themselves if they tried to up-sell work.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Slugg0matic says:

    Very cool, Ray. Very cool.

    Some (too many) shops and service writers are indeed more focused on revenue than service. I had a Ford dealer try to scam me out of $1500 for an AC condenser. I took it to another shop, had it charged and that was 7 years ago. I knew they were lying. Same shop tried to sell me a tune up at 40K at the same time because my plugs were old. I asked the guy if I had stupid written on my forehead and he said "I didn't think you would go for that."

    Give me my keys now and take a good look at my ass because that's the last you will ever see of me.

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    Well done. 😃👍

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  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars randell gribben says:

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    8 years ago my then 87 year old mother took her mercury in for starter issues. The dealer correctly determined the starter needed replacement. It had a 3 liter vulcan engine which is right up front, 2 bolts and out, easy. Well they ended up charging her 5 hours of labor and the starter. My mom called me and said she just had an expensive repair done on her car and she had to take some of her savings to pay for it. When I saw the bill, I was outraged. I called the dealership, insisted that I speak with the service manager. I told him about the invoice and that it was way too much for labor. He said he would pull the invoice and check it over and offered to call me back once he did. When he called back, he said it was "coded" wrong, should be 1 hr labor. I told him it's bad enough that I could have gotten a rebuild for half the price they charged for theirs and I did my own starter in 15 minutes on my vulcan 3 liter and I am not a mechanic. He said he was sticking with his one hour labor and my mom can come over and they would write her a check for the overage, if she wanted, or a credit. I told her to take the check. Wish I didn't live 250 miles away, I could have saved her another couple hundred dollars. This same dealership overcharged her for oil changes all of the time afterall they use oem filters and oem oil. Uh-huh.

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    It was only 91, 955 not 191,955 lol

    In the UK the split boot on the passenger side even if there's no wear or movement in the joint itself…

    You should be using a lever and moving these joints and not relying on a visual inspection only, you can't 'see' wear inside a ball and socket type (unless you're superman and have x-ray vision lol) it's not like you to not get as in depth as you do normally.

    Of course its in mint condition, it's a Honda lol

    The car in front is a Honda 😉

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    I'd had a mechanic who was just incompetent; he just kept randomly swapping parts in hope of making the issue go away.

    I've had dishonest people as well. I stopped at a random place to get an oil change (don't blame me, I didn't have time to see my regular mechanic and it was way passed due for an oil change) and they did a multiple point inspection. From the inspection they told me I needed an engine filter, some work on my rear differential and my fan belt needed replacing. I change my own engine filters and knew that is a lie. How could they tell I needed the rear differential repaired? Finally, my car had an electric fan, there was no belt. I declined all the work and insisted they show me the dip stick. 😠

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vern K says:

    Nice, I have seen a few time where shops have tried to take advantage of people or done bad work trying to get more money, the worse was a timing belt guide plate put on backwards along with timing belt being a tooth off and missing spring on front main in a WD21 Pathfinder. Than the owner started dating me and I started taking care of her ride, it has over 300k miles now.

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    Yes they could have been searching for a noise. Sway bar links and ball joints make a lot of noise when loose. But they are easy to check with a prybar. I think they were overselling her. She's an old lady, she wouldn't know any different.
    When you couldn't open the glove box, that was my first thought as well. If it's locked, how did they confirm a cabin filter was required? Did you get an answer back on if she had it locked when the other shop had it?

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