In this video I bring you along as I fix a customers 2005 Buick LeSabre that has a customer complaint of no heat. He didn't complain about the dash shaking with the blower on high but I take care of that too.
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Well I thought just getting a little chilly temperatures up here in New York in the single digits low teens And of course we're getting a lot of snow tires for one and heater complaints. So we've got an O5 Buick here that's got the big three eight uh, little to no heat and well, his snow tires are fine, but his complaint is a little no heat. So we're going to do our typical thermostat. He requested the global Universal mix on models antifreeze and flush heater core.

plus I Noticed when I test drove it that the blower motor is terrible. It shakes like crazy. Must have some stuff in it so we'll clean the leaves out of that. and I get the heater core flushed out.

Throw a thermostat and it should be good to go. Apparently when he bought this car he got the head that that's cool technology his brother told him or something so he filled it up with this Global antifreeze. so he just requested that I put that back in it. So typically I don't use uh anything Universal You know, as far as fluids go.

But first thing first, we're gonna be under here making a little bit of a mess. We don't want to get antifreeze all over his belt because it'll make him squawk like crazy, so we're just gonna avoid that little Miss hap by taking the belt off I Just marked the direction on it so we put it back the way it was at least a correct side facing out. Make sure you draw yourself a little night. Grandma How that sucker goes if you don't have one, let's do a couple cookie sheets underneath there some bacon pans.

I'm gonna pop this little radiated hose off here I Don't know where the petcock is on the radiator I Don't see it right away. so I'm just going to unhook the radiator hose, move the clamp off of it, can hold that thing a little better. There we go. I Just slid it up onto the Inlet here for the water pump and I'm just going to pull the hose off.

Looks like there's still quite a bit identical in it. that looks pretty. Orange Let me make sure we're somewhat hitting our bucket. here we are: I think 90 of it.

That's pretty good. I'm just going to lower this hose down. Gravity can do its thing. take the lid off the radiator.

foreign there too when we're all done. I Just want to give this the best chance. I Had to drain most of it out of there. Uh, let's see our heater core.

As far as flushing it, we're probably going to do it right here at these hoses would be our best bet. I Think yeah, this has already had the aluminum elbows put in the intake, so that's good. That's a major leak point on these. Um, let's take and pop our thermostat out of there first.

leave the hose hooked right to it. I'm gonna grab a bigger onion nugget. Oh, that's just a little 20 volt job or 12 volt. Rather, they're not very powerful whatsoever.

There's that. So that's all you got to do. And do the thermostat on a 3 8. let's get something to pull that out of here with.

That light's good now. she's draining moist so there's that. So pretty easy to do. Leave that out for a minute.
Girl goes down. Uh, let's take a get the heater hoses unhooked. Those are pretty easy. Also, they're right behind the alternator.

We're just gonna Slide the clamps up off of them. Maybe There's that one. I'm getting spun around. We're gonna get a hold of it.

Oh you stick pot, there's that. Might get a host pick so we don't ruin them. Let's see if we can't get a host pick. Underneath Him Okay, so there's one.

Let me get a longer hose pick here. We'll reach in from this direction. Can't start wiggling underneath it there. It's gotta break that seal.

There you go. That should be good. And there we are. Yes, sir.

time to bust out the flush gun. All right, we're gonna blast that heater core out the best set we can I'm gonna make a little bit of a mess. We're gonna go One Direction And then the other. We want to stick this down.

Yeah, close here. Hopefully where it isn't gonna blast us, we're gonna blow the air out of it. Or blow the cool out of it that's currently in it. Foreign agitating it with water and air.

I'm gonna have to hang on to that fella. Foreign. Foreign should be good. You can definitely tell when you start going through it now.

once you've gone both ways. it doesn't melt near as much pressure going going back, so we definitely remove some restrictions. Sure now I've got the water. well.

100 percent. All right. Come on. pool of water out of there.

We should be good to go now folks. let's clean up our mess. Make sure if you're doing that, if you're using one of those, turn your air pressure down. They run about 30 PSI of air pressure which is probably still a little too much.

Same thing with the garden hose, you know I run that at a pretty low volume. Thank you. Let me get a rag here. we'll Bowl the rest of that corn out of black.

We hitting it? Oh yeah, we're hitting it. We're good there. We should be good. Now we've got most of the antifreeze out that we can get out.

Clean off the up here on the thermostat housing I Better get a scraper for that that has a little bit of corrosion on it. Foreign yet I Like to fill them up with coolant right till they hit the thermostat. Saves a lot of bleeding on these. Let's empty out the Overflow jug.

We can hook these back up where they belongs. Hey, it's that guy right there. that one right there. We'll get the clamps out.

I'm gonna get the vacuum. Uh oh sucky dude that will clean that out. Oh, that looks a little sludgy to get some sludge in the bottom. I Want to make sure the line coming from the radiator over it's not plugged up? Well, it doesn't appear to be.

We'll give that one more here. that should be good to go. Now let's add some gritty stuff in the bottom. Nothing worse than Deck's Cool is that's cool when you mix it with something that's real bad foreign that we've got the lower hose off here.
I think I'm gonna take in the pinch off this upper hose. We're just going to blast out the radiator just to be on the safe side. The chat out from a pair of Hose pitch players. stick down here just in case and then we'll go right here in the radiator neck.

just kind of agitate that. Make sure there's no junk sitting in the bottom of the radiator. Foreign. Foreign looks nice on that side.

I'm wondering though, we probably should blow it from this hose here and try to blow it to the cores a little bit. Radiator is almost impossible to flush, but if there's junk sitting in the bottom, that's kind of all we were after. Uh, let's pop that hose. I Was probably getting crowded around here anyways.

Drew's Patrol Foreign doesn't feel that bad. Usually these are super corroded so let's see radiator caps back on it. You don't want to do that. You have a nice little fountain, so stick this on the hose here.

Remember Full beans, Thank you Foreign. Virtually no heat when it came in, so it should be a lot better than it was. I'm gonna blow my water back off here. We'll start putting this thing together.

We're gonna fill it up with the global coolant. so this is just uh Universal all makes all models. This was at customer request Josh please. So I fill them right at the intake.

so make sure you put your lower hose on your heater, hoses are back on and then just fill it till it hits the bottom of the thermostat. The thermostat we bought does have a jiggle pin, but this takes takes all the guesswork out of it. You know, do you have any air in the system and you know, is it coming through the jiggle pin and and whatnot? Let's wake this up real quick. So this way here you know the Block's full.

It's filled right up to the thermostat and you don't have to worry about it foreign. You can do this alternatively too through the radiator and leave the thermostat out and just you know, fill it till this gets full. which we might, uh we might do. It just takes a while I just got wait for it to kind of all bleed down and just keep going until it achieves its levelness I guess or the level you're looking for.

we're getting close I heard it gerbil there a little bit so I'm coming through the radiator. Oh there she is boys got it right up to the edge. so that's about one and a half gallons ish. almost again, a little over a gallon and a half probably.

So we're gonna take our thermostat. Like I said, it does have a jiggle pit in it which allows the air to come out and put our o-ring around our thermostat here flat side up, tapered side down. Snip that baby right there in it. All right.

Grab the torque wrench one clickety clack. It's a torque spec, but this radiator hose back on it. slip our clamp back down, make sure you line your clamp up Casey takes it to the car show you don't want points deducted for improperly aligned clamp I Forgot which way it went. Must have been done here.
Now they'll just have to lose points I guess and we'll finish filling it up, grabbing eight, put that down and then go grab your seven, crack the bleeder loose here and then we'll continue to fill it. We're just about out of coolant here I Bought two gallons for it, so we're gonna let this continue to kind of bleed out on its own. like I say we know we're at the thermostat level so we're not worried about uh, you know, locking up for the bear or anything like that. These builts typically don't have issues bleeding.

Anyways, in my experience, before we do that, we do need to see what's in this blower motor. This one does not have the cabin air filter so we can look directly into the blower motor. Kind of because that thing was vibrating like crazy. Let me get a mirror.

It doesn't take much to make these things vibrate folks. Oh yeah, he's got a few little I don't know if you guys can see that in the mirror now, but it definitely has some leaves and junk in there. Sometimes they get sucked through and they just blow out the dash, build a snake a vacuum down in there or not. we'll give it a try I think we can do it? All came up so you can just reach it I couldn't reach him with the long nozzle on there.

but you know, just a small in the shop vacuum. spin the blower right around, sucked all the junk out of it. can I Take: oh it's a 3.8 contact. Foreign, foreign, all right.

Well purchase all the air out like I say filling it up to where it hits the thermostat fine. You just burp it a couple times here. at the top of the thermostat takes about. Well, this one took two gallons.

Right out of The money and then as you increase the RPMs you'll draw the reservoir down and then any air want to off the top. it kind of burps back up through and then you'll see where it was. Just an exchange of liquid and then all the air is out of it. You're good to go, so we're gonna let it warm up.

Take it for a rip, see if he has any heat on the inside. Now we'll be getting there as far as warmed up. I Don't know if thermostat's opened yet or not. Probably not.

it hasn't been that long. yo. let's see. Oh it's warmer in here.

this is getting up there well. I Gotta move the seat I can't fit Rule number one: Never move the seat. but I already broke rule number two. Before that I rolled the window down a little and on an older GM never touch that window or Ford or Chrysler or anything.

really. All right. let's see, we're gonna get her warmed up. Let's stick those babies sleepover or we're at bucking a quarter right now.

125 cooling time. Still got a little ways to go in the gauge I Just got in the center event. Oh let's make sure it doesn't Oh way better. So before this thing, if it sounded like the dashboard is getting ready to shake out of it or you guys I can't see because of the glare.
it's chilly I would say too, you guys yeah, you guys can't see it. So about 155, she's up to full temp. it's heading back to the shop. Oh my thermostat thing ain't turned on my thermometer? Yeah! I want 54.

So it kind of fluctuates between 155 160 when the thermostat's ready to open uncomfortably warm. We'll say uh, he's gonna love it halfway more than anything I think that thing was vibrating so bad it was, it was a match. Besides having no heat or some matches, all right folks, that's it for the Buick We got good heat coming out of the dash and uh, you know, got all the junk out of his radiator. not a heater core now I Know some people give me gripes, you know saying I give mechanics a bad name because we're in business to change heater of course, not flush them out and I 100 agree.

changing a heater core is way more profitable than you know. The half hour takes a blast one out at least in this case because we're already doing some other stuff, so it was easy. However, I give the customers the benefit of the doubt a I don't like changing here of course and B you know this flush job might Outlast the customer in some cases or the car in other cases in the Prny carbs don't last very long and if we can flush it and a guy gets a couple more years out of it, most of them are rotted in half or some cases of old Buick drivers. Well, you know things happen folks so that's how I do that now I won't flush them year after year after year because there comes a point where all right customer, we've been nursing this thing and you're getting no heat and we're getting very little Improvement by flushing it out.

So at that point in time put a heater core in it and there's some cases where I don't I mean I'll try to flush them but it's a one-time deal only like Chryslers forget about it. you know you can do it. A little bit of success, but usually they're plugged right back up almost immediately so those there's certain ones I have a tendency to say no, we just need to put a heater core in it just from experience. So the thing I know from experience is that you guys like going in that comment section.

You like leaving the questions, the comments, you'll find us on it and see the Facebook your subscribe button pushing bell ring and Son of a guns. So go down there. do that. Just remember viewers.

If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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