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Ah, I'm in ketchup mode. Kind of a late start today. I had to fetch a package and and then I forgot my keys this morning so I had to go back and get them. So I'm I'm kind of uh, scooting along in a with haste.

uh. that being said, we got a 2018. Dodge Journey My darling wife unit handled this this morning in my absence. she's the best! It is here for some, uh, some maintenance items.

A customer brought some breaks I think it's what I understand powering on, powering on Dodge Journey What do we got here? How many hundreds of thousands of miles? 80 194 miles on the odometer? Oh man I am off point. Hi everybody. good day to you. Welcome back! Glad you guys are here and I am glad to be here.

Hello there I'm uh I'm late or not nearly late I was just uh, not here I was doing other things in other places always working I should have backed this in I need to learn better I prefer these backed into the big lift. No problem though, this will be sufficient. Where are we at? Right about there it says hi. let's get this thing racked up.

Parking is yato powering down? Oh can't forget the hood. That was a good one. See what we got back here? Looks like? well, we got a Fram filter some Pennzoil Platinum Ultra someone's been watching Ford boss me Rich likes to Fram filters in the Pennzoil Platinum Ultra And we've got a set of brake rotors and looks like some brake pads. So yes, that is what we're doing today.

I'm gonna throw some brakes on this and uh, do some fluid services now. I need to make use of this trans Shack I haven't needed it yet I actually needed it for that jeep, but uh, it was not assembled at that point in time. So I'll just uh I'll just use it for this. It's not what it's for, but hey, it'll work.

Oh, they don't have to carry all this stuff that was almost a brake rotor. Gravity: Who's for these? Evolution plus seen these before. All right now we're getting somewhere. Efficiency is upon us.

Catch up mode. but I'll consider that to be the same difference. I Just said. same difference.

Need more cover? Yeah, we're going to keep the commentary to a minimum and click and have a have a speed run through this thing. We haven't done that before. Speed Run. There we go.

But I've only got six hours left in my day. which means I'm going to be here late again. This is my alarm. It's okay though.

I'm good at the challenges. Moving on up, Green subscribe button. you may be wondering how I plan on accomplishing eight hours worth of work in a six hour time frame and that is my healthy helper. Don't don't wreck it.

it has oil in it quick. You better hurry because I'm pulled up. She's gonna help me. We're working together.

We're not really that stressed. She doesn't know that. Don't wreck it quick. It's your first day.

Unclick. Hurry. It's gonna drain all the oil. It's gonna drain it now.

it's gonna spill. Splash Everywhere here. look. grab that and then grab that.
Okay, now. turn that. I'll pick this up. Really? That's it.

Yeah, Yeah. Yep. Yep. I Don't have any help.

You pick it up. Yeah, now turn that again. Now we're in business. Is our daughter on the phone? Oh geez.

she's calling someone on speakerphone. Uh, make sure everything's correct on our end. Uh, that was the All Data guy. He's making sure everything's good with our subscription to the All data.

There we go. Yeah, we're getting our cardio in today, aren't we? And some. Newman's that oil is dirty? Yeah, that's been there a while. Where's our filter? No, not that one.

The one on the car. That one. Now there it is. I See it.

Okay. Reach in there. She's gonna do it. Go.

Go left. Lefty Loosey Squeezing Go left. Squeeze it. Better than that, that one's on there.

Hang on. let me try that one. That one's great. Stuck.

let me see it. Gotta get a good grip on the thing. Yeah, that's tight. It's like tiger tight.

Oh that's really tight honey. you didn't stand a chance on that one. That was a bad first oil filter. I Got it here.

Hold back. Watch this. This is gonna work out or it's gonna. Splash All on everything ready.

Oh bounced. that was a fail. Okay, so we got oil on everything. No worries, we can fix all that over there.

laughs shiny shiny again. This is the Hardcore break. Queen too it's in the red. Can you know it's good? There we go Spillage there I Ordered towels and pig mats and they're still not here.

You know my stock order's not here either. Come out for ham filter. Yeah, that's a good one. We gotta Lube the filter.

There we go. Filter click man. this job is moving along with Uh with stunning efficiency. There we go.

Shiny All right. Let us get these wheels pulled and uh, we'll slap these brakes on Darling. All right, these wheels are going to take 19 millimeters of low profile flip socket. Actually, let's see if uh, if we need brakes or if we just want brakes I Understand there is a vibration of some sort.

Come here. You guys are tired. You want to help take that gun and then take all the other wheels off. And other than take these brakes apart, what do you say? Yeah, try it.

You can do it. Just don't don't Uh, don't drop wheels on yourself. We need Milwaukee Clicks: Don't scratch the wheel I I Know you didn't scratch the wheel I'm just saying the bolts off. Okay, let's set them down only if you drop it more speed.

All right you gotta. uh. I Don't know. Pretty heavy.

They're like they're kid sized. heavy. All right. Hang on.

Wait, let me help you. unless you. oh, you got it all right. You got it all right.

Let's put that against the post and then get the one in the back. You don't have to pick it up. Okay, yeah, just just roll it. eight millimeter pads, kind of glazed.

They're not terrible. If we want to do breaks, we're going to do brakes. You got it. I Like the sound of multiple tools being operated at once.
Unclick? please? Yeah. All right. All done. Oh yeah guys, we're totally on a speed run right now to get back, get back schedule.

So much so I Busted out the big ginormous hammer, goodbye rotor. A little bit of rust in there to clean that up ifying foreign since this is a speed run I Went ahead and replaced the uh a little Hardware right here off camera I Won't grease these off camera because you guys are mad at me I Almost put that bracket on without putting the rotor on dirt. The dirt coffee. You have to get all the oil off of these guys closing down.

That's the protective anti-corrosion layer of lubricant. Foreign. Ty Powers are weak today. This is why I put the set screws in the Honda rotors.

see how this thing's just kind of flipping and flopping around Makes it hard to manipulate because I have to manipulate the bracket and the rotor. Or if it had a screw to hold it to the hub, I would almost have to work the bracket. Yeah, see Milwaukee Clicks Fun fact: I've had this socket for over 20 years brake pad time. so here's what we've got.

We've got our outboard pad. You can tell because these are the marks for the caliper. Contacted it. Here's the new one.

There's the wear indicator on the old one, where indicator on the new one. So this one goes in this position right here inside of this very complicated bracket assembly. or uh shim assembly rather. I've got to come into it at an angle, not that angle, the other angle there and same situation on the inboard pad.

It goes in these little spring clip things here at an angle. Then you kind of straighten it out. kind of um, I'm blocking the light with my cranium. Please go in, see you just gotta ask it and it complies.

Next up, we can press the caliper. Pistons extend a caliper. can go on. Good to go.

That puts me uh, like 25 of the way through the speed run actually a little farther because I did uh the oil also I did not uh, fill the crank case yet? Does that require me to drop the car down and then lift it up again and this will eat up a valuable time. So I'll do that when I let it down. Notice how I use the old PAD as a shim. Need a slide pin lubricant? Let's pop these guys out.

wipe them down and Lube them up. Get in there. There we go two times again. wipe off the old nasty.

We don't want to contaminate our new Lube with old used up. Lube that would just be bad. Put some on the hole this time too. and I've twisted my caliper hose.

Let's not do that. Please go. I cannot line it up. You know when you're going fast.

if Uh something's not working out for you, you gotta slow down. At least I do anyway. it. uh.

I Kind of get my own way sometimes and that's easy to make a mistake. For example: I almost put a caliper bracket on without a rotor. All right. great job.
25 complete. Let's go knock out the left front all right. Let us transverse the shop. We teleported.

What do you think? Yeah, I know I'm an idiot. Oh, there's Lube in my socket. All right. We'll hang that guy up here in the spring.

Yank the pads out there. It took a while. Got it? Well thank you. Can I have some blue towels I missed there.

Get in there foreign. Oh it is another. This one's empty. Another great clean.

She's gonna get me one that's gonna work great right? Clean. Do the brake clean thing. Do the thing. nice.

Okay bracket coming in Clips are on is not lubricated but it will be. Let's get this guy bolted in and secure. This is totally like record-breaking brake job speed. It's a Breakneck brake job had to reload.

Why are you sticking? There's no screw holding the road around. That's why. Okay pads are getting a similar treatment by comparing to the older pads at an angle Ray at an angle and it's giving me the same treatment by being stubborn. Okay, you just keep fiddling until it works so you threaten it.

That works sometimes. Sometimes asking nicely is all you need. Uh, there we go. Brake Pad Clank Time to be lubricating our shaft.

pin. It's not a pin, not a shaft. it's a pin. Words a little bit on the hole right there.

Oh, I'm unboxing this one all up. It's not going well too much. Lube it's ah, gravity. It's a real thing.

I Can hear it now in the comments or read it. Now if you weren't in a rush, you wouldn't make silly mistakes. Well I had some stuff to do. This reminds me of when I was uh, in my younger days, hanging out with my buddies all night and then forgetting to go to work the next day waking up when you're supposed to be there and everybody rushes in.

shoes in the wrong feet, half hungovered. And that little mini story time was 20 years ago back when I uh I lived in. Atlanta at my NTB slash Sears day with my buddy Derek oh Shameless Derek plug Derek doing stuff. he's an over the road truck driver ah, former military.

he's a veteran. did a couple tours in Iraq he's been home for a few years now I got to see Derek uh oh about six months ago it had been had been 20 years since we had hung out Maybe 15. somewhere in that zone it was. It was over a decade.

it was a long time. Jess I Think about the Sears NTB days. very often used to call in with a broken down car. Yeah, they're called on the boss and said uh, his tie rod fell off once and we were like a two-hour drive away.

They didn't believe any of it. Is that an actuated caliper? Yeah, it is. Okay, well that's gonna slow down my speed run if that's an actuated caliper. So I'll have to, uh, get the tool out to compress the piston in that one.

Let's find out. Yeah, that's that's the next weighted caliper. the parking brake cable hanging out of it Fly driver did the card Sky come to deliver something and then he backed in and drove away. Um, all right but I want my my stock order? Yeah no he was at the right place.
He just I think he asked that guy over there that's pressure washing that engine if this was his order and he said no because he doesn't know what's going on. So I'm beginning to suspect that this video is not even about a brake job. it's just about me rambling on while doing a brake job. What do you guys think? How's my uh, my assessments of the situation at hand here? Because I don't even think I'm I think I think I'm doing a very good explanation of my brake job? I'm just kind of doing it, not working.

No rust on this hub. Foreign. Oh, he's here. Okay I need the actuated caliper tool? We've seen this before.

Uh, I think that's the one. See if that fits. Yes, it does. This is the correct one.

All right. What we do: ship this guy inside of here, click that on and what's going to happen is this is going to rotate that piston and drive it in because of, uh, it's design features. being an actuated caliper, it incorporates a parking brake and the service brakes in one unit. Because of that, we can't just push these pistons in as if they were a traditional caliber.

so we need to use a tool to help us. Like I said, it must be rotated in order for it to become depressed. We didn't actually get closer, we just zoomed in some. So I'm turning the Piston see it turn the Piston turns and now I can turn this collar and it will drive that piston in slightly once.

I meet resistance I will turn it again and the two actions will work off of each other. to depress that piston. see how it goes, then it stops I give it a turn. turn it till it stops.

Give it a turn until it stops. This one's actually being very compliant. Sometimes they're a little bit more difficult than this. I Think that's in all the way.

Try one more turn out of it. Yeah, that's in all the way. So let's back this off. and there is a little reference pin on these old pads right here.

That pin has to ride within this groove. So I'm gonna just use the same tool to rotate this Uh piston a little bit more until that reaches the Uh 12 o'clock position right there. That's perfect. Right on.

Okay bracket coming in, it's been lubricated, it's been re-shimmed trying to save some time, saves time, and when the day is too short I Need to save time impacting kicks Oh negative I need more arms bracket click What? I said bracket click She says okay, Did I break your little brain? Do not not understand that She's a cute machine survived. What is it? Why am I freaking out I'm not freaking out? You're freaking out. You're freaking out. You're freaking out.

You're not even. You're not even allowed to say that. No yeah. I'm gonna get you in trouble.
For that, You're gonna get me in trouble I Bet you will. I bet you will. This little tab right here is not fully seated. Now it is gotcha.

lose. Brake Pad I Got you said? she got me. She does have me all of them do right in the palm of their hand. I Don't know how they do that but they do.

Bottom bolt come on now. uh-oh I don't see my my other bolt. what I do with it oh it's hiding. Got it? good? Twice clicks 75 complete finalized shiny on uh on this rotor and we shall move to the next three.

You missed the spot and repeat I Gotta fit for my 90 degree dangle and try. Driver come out please. Okay, you go down there out of my way. One pet ahead.

two pads. Yeah, this Milwaukee is not a torque monster, but it does fit into very nice places foreign than the other side in there. Hammer Time Where'd you go? Loud noises, a rusted surface. Nice.

that's good. How many cans am I on today two I think it's just two hands. It's a pretty good racing race. Okay Brake Job Speed Run continues.

We've got new hardware lubricated uh caliper slides not gravity and stepping on a rotor. It's like 50 rotor gravity. Get in there and thread s and board and board. I Found the inside ones are a little harder so I'll do that one first.

I Like to do the hardest thing first. that way it's all downhill from there. Get in there. I'm gonna make a liar out of me.

Aren't you There We go. Let us actuate our actuated caliper. I'm running out. That's it.

Later we're gonna do this caliper first, screw around with more brake clean. Later there we go. give it a turn an opposite turn I Don't even need the big crescent wrench for these ones that's going right in. Look at that.

beautiful is that Aerosmith on the radio the Armageddon song I've not heard this in years I Remember when this came out Aerosmith was an older band to my age group. too far I Went too far see if this will go counterclockwise? Yes and went too far again. There we go that is clocked correctly foreign over the pads. like so beautiful.

We kind of have to push this in in order to get that thing lined up to start the threads. The parking brake cable wants to push it away and change the angle so you have to kind of press against the cable there. Get it to go where you want there. See how the caliper came straight? Oh yeah, Done.

Speed Run Complete almost all right. Doge Coming down, refill the oil. took the wheels. go ahead and test drive.

burnish. The brakes is next. A little bit of funnel action here. Oh I can't get that down there.

Okay, well since the funnel won't work, we're just gonna do a generic old school boring things and see how this works out. That's a full bottle too. We're gonna pour it like the boot. We get the bottom in there.

first. There we go. Oh I've ruined it. Um, that was an epic pouring.

Things fail. I'm out of practice. It says on this bottle that this is made from natural gas. It's kind of cool.
It's quiet in here and I can hear the oil running through the engine and that always scares me because it makes me second guess whether or not I put the drain plug in Betty Scotty But I did I remember doing it? Better wipe that down before it runs all down the front of this engine. That would be gross there. That's pretty shiny. So it five quarts on this four cylinder.

We're just over the full mark with an empty filter. Let us go restocking the engine Prime the filter and we'll recheck sequence. now. All right, what do we got? See what we get here and the survey says right on the money.

Five quarts on the DOT Nice here. Let's go for pouring things. Redemption Fail I Spilled twice full. Click All right.

let's get my light out of here. Close this Bonnet and we'll go out and burnish these pads. All right. Rack is cleared, wheels are torqued.

I'm sure we're good here. Okay, first things first: you need to pump this pedal up some that is going to displace fluid from the master cylinder into the brake calipers and then the caliper Pistons can meet the pads, press the pads against the rotors, and take up all the space in there. There we go. Do we have an oil life monitor reset in this unit? Let's find out.

Trip info: Vehicle info: I Bet it's in Vehicle info: Oil tab no trans, no hours? no um, negative. maybe there's a maintenance venue I Don't see one. Maybe it does not have a minder. Okay, no worries.

I'll make a sticker off Mileage: 80 200 add five thousand, eighty, Five thousand, two hundred miles I Got my crude oil reminder stickers I Write them down I have blank ones I Don't have a printer thing for them yet. They're like 900 for those printer things. You believe that? Yeah, for for 900, I'll just hand ride them with a sharpie Sharpies Are three dollars? Okay now I've mentioned twice so far: burnishing the brakes and uh, what? that is effectively going to do is make the pad surface to the rotor surface. and it will do that by embedding a small amount of pad material.

Into The Valleys These are microscopic valleys in the surface of the rotor itself, thus creating a uh, a uniform surface for the pads to act on. So what we're going to do is go out and perform a series of graduated stops about 35 down to about 10. and we're not going to stop the vehicle because that can give those pads a chance to actually embed excessive material during its first warm-up cycle. So we're just going to speed up.

and Slow Down Speed Up and Slow Down We're going to repeat that cycle a few times. Once that is completed, then we are free to apply the brakes in a more aggressive manner if need be. Which we don't need be because I don't plan on initiating a panic stop. we just want to mate those surfaces.

So we speed it up about 35 and slow it down. Light pedal pressure with, uh, lots of rotation time during uh, pad and rotor contact. We'll speed it up again. 35 40.
we'll do light pedal pressure, slowing down, slowing down, slowing down, making sure no one's behind us. We don't want to be that guy that's randomly stopping in the middle of the road. Now we're coming up on a red light. We're going to have to come to a complete stop.

So what I'm going to do is click this into neutral, put off the brake. just kind of let it. Coast If you have To come to a complete stop, then so be it. But if you can avoid it and uh, it's advantageous to do so.

It's the word of the day advantageous. Yay! All right guys! I'm in a little bit of traffic here I've got a few more uh, burnishing slowdowns to perform and I'm gonna go ahead and call this one good. So uh, that being said, as always, I'd like to thank you for watching this video. I Hope you enjoyed this video.

Uh, if you did enjoy this video, please let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video, then you're on the wrong. Channel I Don't know what to do I don't know if you didn't enjoy it I'm sorry I try I Try my best every day. Whoa.

That guy just jumped out in front of me. Look at that, he just jumped right out there. So again it is always. Thank you guys for watching.

uh and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Doge You can slow down now. getting on the brakes a little heavier. Big tree, big hurricane treat. There's a good place as they need to turn around.

wrong it says do not enter I thought I was going to be slick and just flip around in this little parking lot here I have uh made a judgment in error I'll do that again. backing up less speed. there we go. These brakes are nice and shiny I like them.

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    Nice but up here in the great white north we'd be putting anti-sieze between the hub and the rotor or it would never come off again LOL.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eric Miller says:

    I Love how you and the Wife Unit work so well together, And how your kids feel so comfortable being there to help, What a Great Family !!!

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RSW says:

    Where was you new fancy filter Wrench , I have a feeling those little squeezy filter wrenches don't work to well…

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ᗒᗕ MIKE HUNT ᗒᗕ says:

    Perfect 👌👍

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MultiKatz123 says:

    Reeeeee you failed music trivia!! Armageddon is by a band named Prism. The song heard at the end of the movie Armageddon is by Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob B says:

    RainMan I’ll drive from Texas so you can do my next brake job 😂

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars emu storage says:

    Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Haig says:

    I'm glad that the wife unit enjoys coming out to play

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brenda Bowman says:

    Put a lil' smiley face on those hand written oil change stickers. The customers think it's endearing.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Artillerest 43rd VA says:

    that rear brake system that needs to be screwed in dual purpose , do
    other cars have that system? Personally none of the cars that I have
    owned had anything like that. I like that tool to compress the front brakes.
    I usually use a large jaw slip joint pliers to compress the pistons. why 
    do you not lube the bolts on the brakes? great video

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Bauer says:

    Ray, I'm sure I don't want to be your bookkeeper trying to convince the IRS your $20K expenditure in CRC Brakleen is real and not some sort of money laundering scheme. 😉

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 100mpgus says:

    "Inappropriate Uses for Brake Cleaner

    In order to prevent ruining certain surfaces, avoid using brake cleaner on plastics, rubber, and any painted surface that you want to maintain. Protect these surfaces with careful application and small amounts of product at one time"

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neil Murphy says:

    I never knew the Americans got the script songs on the radio why didn't they get any other Irish and good English ,Europe ect singers