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In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. The customer all ready had the car diagnosed at another shop and brought me the used engine to install. No diagnosis needed 👍🏼
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All right folks 2015 Cadillac it's the ATS It's got the Big 25 luxury whatever that means and uh, apparently the engine is no good. The guy brought me the car, he brought me the engine and says swap it out so that's what we're gonna do. uh I've never done one this car's rear wheel drive I did look in service data don't know much about them and I think what we'll do in this case and in most cases when it's a job I've never done I Do it by the book uh the first go around until you learn some tips and tricks. so that's what we're going to do.

Camera service data: Let's get afro. step one with disconnect negative battery and it already is I had to throw the uh charger on it. Battery was Stone dead but rest assured it's unhooked. Step two: It's a discharge AC system so we'll get this going Oh Wrong one.

Wait for the AC to pull down. Step three: We need to drain the cooling. Let's do that. We got to take all these air deflections off so we're gonna work on those foreign deflector don't I think the other side's busted so I can't tell it's supposed to be.

Oh yeah. Okay, so let's set upside down now. We got to get the clips across the front of it. Sounds like our AC machine is done.

It's getting loose. Is that everything? Oh no. it must be one more screw here in the front. Oh gosh dang it there is got that.

I didn't take any screws out of the other side. and that side it's loose. Collector should come down, huh? No, the little clip for the one over on the left side is right here. but I didn't take a screw out of it because I Saw this back corner here is busted.

It's supposed to look like that there, but that side's broke before we take that front one off. Let's unhook these that way we can reach the vehicle up all the way and that'll be a lot handier. It's been hunched over there. There's that.

I hope the cast back, we don't lose them and it looks like we took out 15 ounces of the refrigerant. We'll rate that down so we don't forget. wrong size. completely still the wrong size.

Wow, this shouldn't go well. We'll try again. Third time, third time I'm gonna put it on the impact because I know I'm right. Oh yeah.

First try. oh dropped it. fail I thought it was kind of sliding out there. Oh, there's a rubber piece up above it.

kind of gotta flick that up. Pick up the screw right before and there's that little fella there. I Think it's kind of a picture about these cars is everything is aluminum so find a place to put your lights. Kind of tricky.

We're gonna pull this little rubber deflector off here, possibly without crushing your fingernail. Just has little push Downs in it February Guys, you're riding a Harley that's die hard. so there's some little push nails. You gotta be dedicated to be doing that boys right? All right.

And then let's see. let's try to find Peacock here on the radiator. Should be around here somewhere. No, we'll keep poking.

Oh, it's over here. on the side. Well, we're almost done taking this whole little deflector off. There's that side.

Whoa. Easy. I'll come up and get the other side here. I'll try to do most of the video so you can't see anything.

Freaking Classic cars sitting on the light. I Have to have a headlight for this job I Think if it's not plastic, it's aluminum. Make some lightweight I Guess Oh, this one might have a little something more over here. Oh yeah, this side is way more involved.

It goes all the way up to the core sport. so we're just going to leave that well enough alone. We'll leave her hanging. Yeah, because for some reason, let me see.

unless this side is broken foreign I Think we're okay. we can get to the Petcock it may be broken. This thing has overspray on stuff, so apparently it's been in a collision at some point. What is that rough? 15 000 miles or 18 000 miles? Not many miles on it, but that makes sense why some of this plastic stuff is broken on a car with No.

Miles Because there's overspray on the side of the radiator here so we know it's have some body shot stuff Let's get some pliers. Oh I guess this guy's just being a horse. There she goes. All right.

So all that bad drain and that'll complete step number three. Finishing off, peeing down there feeling like it's got swollen prostate to open this baby up. Maybe that'll help the flow. Foreign cover off here.

Take that bolt out. take that thing off. put that back on there. boy.

she's pretty clean. Oh it must be they were unloading the parts can. It's got a new coil so that must be the cylinder that's dead. So that was step step four I think And then we need to take the air cleaner off air cleaner assembly here.

So one hook that up to grab our service day to make sure we're on track. Remove intake manifold cover check. Step four: Step five: remove air cleaner assembly check. So let's get that bad boy out of the way.

I Assume it means the hole the whole shebang here. which it may not mean it because I don't see any reason why we have to pick that whole thing out if I'm being honest. Adventure We're just going to get to a point where we just start making it up how it comes out. Let's see when we get close so we're gonna hook it from the throttle body there.

We'll unhook it right here. get a really long screwdriver. Why did I grab this? Oh first thing to have my mid time looks like a rubber donger down there on the front. Let's just hook onto the front of the timing cover.

Yes sir. So it has a little rubber hole there. Set that there. We'll unplug the mass airflow because I don't know if the engine harness goes with the engine on the way out.

it may Ecm's right here. and then the air filter assembly on GM usually is just popped in. Yes sir. Look at that.

Look at that. So we'll take out the whole shebang just because that's easier than taking the lid off. but we've got to undo that wire clip right there. Oh, maybe you guys are out of frame.

Hey, it's okay. push that out mass airflow and I'm gonna go set this stuff to the side. So next on the list it tells us to remove the radiator hoses and the surge tank hose. but prior to doing that we're going to take and pop the belt off because I don't want to get any coolant on it if it can come off.

Looks like you might have to take the temperature off to do so. We'll find out here and you sneak it back through there. Oh gosh, stupid cars. This should be a 15.

Probably loosen up the tensioner so we've got enough room. All right. I'm gonna go mark this the direction that it was on there so when we put it on the new used engine, we're gonna go in the same direction there and we'll go after these hose clamps here. let them slid back on the hoses without snapping our fingers.

hopefully. Okay, what's the hose pick? crack loose? I'm just going to slowly bring it off the engine here, make sure it's not right full good, and we're just going to bring this because I believe the radiator and everything's going to stay in the car. I think we're dropping uh, the whole cradle, engine training, everything hooked to it. I think I'm not positive I haven't read enough through all the details to figure that out yet, so we'll just stick that hose kind of up to the side.

uh, we've got the suits, the tank hose here at the top of the engine grab that looks a little crusty. anyways, slide that back. let's put that a wiggle. see the cracker loose there gonna say.

and then I think we'll just kind of stick back to the side, leave it hooked to the radiator and then the upper radiator hose here back in on the engine. So sure we can get down half of these little fellas. Yeah, we can, but we can't squeeze them. Let's see.

maybe baby fingertips up on there. Well I Tell you what, see if we can't push that clamp back up just a little bit, There we go. That's why I'm standing up straight because then I think I can come down. We just don't do any players and then get a hold of it I Believe Yes sir.

get that clamp to come back. should tight to that wiring. All right. So okay.

the clamp's back now now we're now. we're in good shape. clamps off. but I don't know if I can get in here with a pick in that I heard anything? Yes sir.

Well I get it under the hose I just can't do anything with it there. We go see if I can get around the bottom side here baby. Whoa! You guys are gonna go for a little ride. Yeah I better move it because you're gonna.

oh that one had a lot of water in dude. now let me go grab another bucket. Okay here we go. We should be able to hit one of these buckets somewhat okay.

I think we did. Lucky us and then this hose here. I'm just going to bring around a sticker in the fan shroud for right now. just keep it out of the way down.

back that way, make sure you put your nut and stuff back in there if you loosen her up. Um, okay, let's go to step four. I Guess it's actually step 10. It says remove the disconnect the fuel line here.

Um. and then it tells us it unhooks some Ac lines which we have to do and then it says prepare the transmission for removal. That's it. That's all it says.

What is that? What does that mean? What does that mean? Chevy So we're gonna hook the gas line, which we understand what that means. So there's that, uh, at some point here, we're gonna have to unhook the purge line. That's got to be coming up here in the next few steps because that runs in the same harness. So let's just do that while we're right here.

Unhook the purge. Okay, Purge lines are hooked. Put that gray lock back in. Come on.

Chevy Pad though, get that line down there. we go. Lines out. Okay, so there's our gas line and our Purge line and we'll probably end up zip tying these up out of the way.

Let's see where it wants to unhook the Ac lines at. Make an assumption. Well, first assumption drawing. it's not 15.

we're going to assume we want to sits, done, hook them right off the compressor. so it really kind of makes sense. It just says unhook the AC compressor and condenser line and then it shows a picture of this fitting here, which it doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. So let's just unhook them right straight off the compressor because our ultimate job.

Our goal here is to get the engine out. so we're going to take this out now. This still may have some residual pressure in it even though we evacuated it. It's a good system and it's been inside warming up so you may hear a little poof and you pull this line loose here.

Put on your safety splints just in case. Back: nope, no poof so that's unhooked. Let's get something to block them. Hoses: Remove the front fuse block, remove the ECM uh, disconnect the lever lock, attaches the base of the ECM remove ground cables.

So there's a few more things that need to be done up here. but I looked uh, where it says to remove the Uh to remove the front suspension of the front suspension frame and then it has you. You know it tells you use chicken wire to hold the Uh Radiator in and stuff like that. So I'm kind of curious.

like how close are we to just pulling the whole radiator out? I'm not sure. the whole thing's still pretty pretty unclear. it's about as clear as mud. and anyway, at this point we're just going to start making up our own rules.

We'll refer to the book a little bit. Um I Want to pull this plastic cover off because I want to see the top of the radiator because if we're going to support it when we drop the powertrain out of it I Want to see what we have to support it too? Or is it just silly? You know? should we just be pulling the whole radiator out anyways? I Don't believe that the engine can just come up and out like a conventional rear wheel drive because of the design of the engine mounts. Take the time to show you, you're just going to have to trust me. Perhaps it can, but sometimes we'll spend a lot of hours trying to save a little bit of time.

I'm doing it the right way, if that makes sense to you. Well, I'll be dipped foreign just so that Christmas tree faster. but boy, it's in there pretty snug there. didn't even break that one.

We forgot one over here in the middle. There's that. So A bunch of those little fellas and now that should come up and out except for that one there. I'll show you on the bottom here.

they're like door panel retainers. You got one there there and there. But now we can at least see what we're what we're meddling with. You know, is it worth trying to keep this whole mess in? Or do we just take a couple bolts out And that way when we drop the subframe? From the sounds of it, we don't have to meddle with that.

I Pulled the two upper support brackets off here and it's pretty stiff. There's a bunch of crap hooked to it, so we're gonna skip it. Um, it says to remove this fuse box here. This guy can figure out how to get the lid off so you can see where all these bolts been touched.

Like you know, this ground here has been painted. It's obviously had some Collision work done. Um, now that that matters, stating the obvious here gives me something to talk about. We're gonna see about getting this unhooked and out of the way.

The only thing we're the only spot we've skipped so far is the preparing of the transmission. Yeah, that tap's broke, so that's why we didn't have to pry that tab back. What do we have over here? Let's have some more stuff to unhook and we do a bunch of big Honky Tonk fuses. Um, let's undo them.

13s there I Don't know if we got a socket out here? We don't Oh, we do never mind. we got old swivel Knack here. foreign dude. Is that all we're gonna do? Yes, Ma'am I think so.

there's that one and that one. we'll get those undone and probably this 10 that holds this little block on looks like uh. which. we have the 10 here.

Oddly enough. I don't know if we need to take, we're taking just this half. Where did he go you mother lover? Oh, it's right there. Let me get a magnet.

Thank you. Learned about that the wrong way, didn't you dude? got it? Okay, because I don't know. we need to unhook all of the uh, you know, the bus fuses here if it just wants the fuse box removed which is kind of silly or are we disassembling uh, the whole panel here which I assume we're taking this whole mess apart because it wants us to get the ECM out of there. Also, sometimes you know this is where lacking experience kind of stinks because having never done one of these I don't 100 know what's necessary and what's not obviously the three wires on the ECM I'm not seeing I was going to say I'm not seeing the reason why this has to come undone.

but I think I do I think the wiring harness and or part of the wiring harness here. Nope, that heads down to the front of the car that can't go I'm just trying to figure out what stays and what what goes. It feels like it's just Christmas tree Den I I Don't see why this is necessary at this point. Let me do a little more looking here.

Well unfortunately I didn't learn anything. so I'm guessing that we're gonna have to kind of keep mortar in here. All right. These are the release tabs, aren't they? I guess we'll pull the whole block.

It just tells you. the fuse black housing. remove it. This is part of the housing I Thought these.

uh, just had the release tabs here on the side. Well try this again. there's one. So they just have little release tabs on each side.

You just flick them and they pull out and they click them back in. You know, the housing so they're not too terribly difficult to remove as long as you know where the little Clips are. Yeah, you can get your dang fingers in them all, right? And we got one wiring harness retainer here on the back. oh I thought it was gonna come out a little easier.

It's not shoved in all the way, but the smokes, so there's that. There's that one Christmas tree. So that's what that bracket looks like. You don't have to worry about messing it up.

that's labeled black tan. Well, black and tan. I Guess that's because black and tan? That's a good beer Saranac makes it I Think right, that's because of the same size connector and they're probably interchangeable. It lets you know who goes where and that is true.

They look quite identical, so you wouldn't want to give her the old one two. Switcheroo huh? Now we've got to remove the brain box as they call it PCM or the ECM or whatever you want to call it, the computer, the control module. We're gonna hook those wires and since we don't do any damage, we're just going to get her out of the way. so I can pull that out because those pins are pretty fine and you don't want to go messing them up like I Say this.

This whole thing may have been completely unnecessary. The ECM harness I Completely understand that. I Completely understand because I do believe the engine harness is going to stay on the car. Of course we're going to have you know the wire for the starter, the alternator.

That one comes from the battery and then when it comes out, goes down in this main harness. So yeah, I I don't know. I'm still unclear yet as to what's necessary and what's not because the harness that the alternator and I assume the starter wire 70 100. that's a 200 amp.

Um I assume I mean looking at this harness, this thing goes down around through the radiator. I mean that one's not coming out with the motor? Of course it wraps up through this crap. We'll just keep. We'll keep plucking away here folks.

let's see where it's Step uh, what number are we at? 15. I Remove the ECM disconnect. Uh, on 16, disconnect the lever lock connector attached to the base of the ECM bracket. So this is our ECM bracket and this is this is a lever lock connector.

Does it say disconnect the connector or just disconnect the lever lock connector attached to the base of the ECM bracket. So I don't know if that means just take the whole thing off the bracket or if it actually means to disconnect it. I Guess at this point I made it kind of silly just to remove it from the oh um I guess we'll leave it connected for right now. Uh, let's see.

remove the ground cable not the step 17. at the right front inner core support and remove the cable. Okay, and that goes down with that harness. Okay, so that's this little guy right here, so that's probably a 13.

Yep, so we'll unhook it that nut back on there. It's starting to kind of make sense here because if this, it all goes down to the same harness. And if this harness goes, uh, let's see this. Oh okay, here we go.

Uh 18. Disconnect the engine harness retainers at the right engine compartment, frame rail and reposition the harness the engine. So that has to be this harness here. which I know you guys probably can't see a lot of.

but my concern is is that sucker goes right this way. It goes all the way to across the bottom of the core support and everything. So how can that stay attached with the engine? I'm gonna have to go underneath and see how far that goes. Perhaps it's just the harness for the power steering, which it may be because it has electric power steering.

So I'm going to assume that it is I'm going to assume that service data is correct and we're going to go like this. So that's our ECM harness. We're going to unhook this bracket or unhook this clip right here from the ECM bracket possibly and get her out without breaking. Come on baby! Sometimes all this plastic crap is the is the toughest thing.

You know. we just want to get these harness Clips out without breaking them. but sometimes you got no choice. Well, we'll leave that one about where it's at and then I Do believe because this is part of that harness.

I'm gonna pull out some more of these. Christmas Tree Fasteners here on the ECM bracket. That one came out nice and easy. Got this other one that runs down the side.

That one came out nice and easy. We just got one that's playing Hardball and this is the one this is. Uh, when we just disconnected here, which I believe we need to disconnect, that's part of this harness. It's all part of that harness.

that right side harness they're talking about that runs it on the frame rail. See if we can't get this last remaining Christmas tree Fastener out of here without breaking up to give it a little flexi back here. Yes, you mother lover, we got that mother loving thing. Okay, so yeah, that's part of this harness.

and before we get too far with these, we'll just, uh, we'll bring them down around here that also has our ground cable with it. Okay, that's a ground cable we just unhooked. that's our three ECM connectors and then it says something here about yeah, uh yeah, disconnect the engine harness retainers at the right engine compartment frame rail position RSC engine. so we've got to go under there unless that's what this is talking about and then, uh, remove the positive cable at the 100 amp pre-fused base and position that cable on the engine.

So that's 100 ampere. Okay, this harness stays. Uh. I Think they might be a little confused here because if we're getting, if we're going for these two wires that's also attached to that harness, we're looking at the 200 amp and the 70 amp.

Okay, well, let's just let's do what makes sense here. Good, let's give it a little whack here. All right, so that that's a little less stressful on the connection there: the air ratchet. so there's that one.

and then I'm going to see this one here. We've got me an eight millimeter dry stretch, right? and that should be the 70. Amper Here that not I think stays attached with that wire. It does.

So there's that. And there's those two wires. And then I'm going to say the big battery. Oh okay.

I see what they're saying? They wanted us to unhook the 100 amp. Leave the whole mess with it I got you. We'll do it the other way. I Guess that was the case.

We would have to assume that this one was already unhooked, which I don't ever recall coming across that in the process. So we'll stick that one there. Stick that back on because that's our main cable coming from the trunk. Here's our three wires, so it must go down to the starter.

Probably sneaks over to the alternator through the other one there. Yeah, because that's a feed that's 200. This is the 70. that alternator has to be more than a 70 amp all meter on a car like this.

Okay, so that's that harness there. and like I said, the rest of that harness goes down. but I think it goes to the electric power steering, which is probably what that 70 amp might be. hard to say.

So I think we're on the right path folks. we're running out of steps. Here it says remove the vacuum hose off the brake booster which we did which Josh did. He was standing over there I was reading he was unclipping so we didn't get to see that.

but that's okay. Just a rubber hose and a three-wire connector. and then it says remove the ear holds connectors which they have a a quick connect on them but I don't want to say it's got a little metal clip, almost like a good replacement. I Don't want to send it flying so we'll see if we can't get it off there without.

uh, cause any damage. Humor: Spread them apart. foreign. Probably could unhook the hose just at the hose clamps, but it's not like it hit the floor.

It doesn't sound like well. oh yeah, we got a bucket antifreeze under there, so that's good, All right. So that quick connects off. it sounds like it hit something kind of solid.

We'll find it here in a minute and then we're going to get this quick connected off. Looks like you could pull them back right there until they lock but it didn't feel like that hose was loose. Let me try it. Wiggle it here because you push it back the wire clip and it sticks.

Oh okay. I should have just left that one alone because you just pull the you just unlatch it. You guys probably can't see it with this bar in the way. but and then you just click them back on.

Okay, all right well we'll have to find that clip or or else and then if these hoses are going out with the engine, we're gonna have to unhook it from the surface tank. Didn't tell us to do but we're gonna so there's that look at the wiggle. All right that should come off and they're gonna stay with the engine. the best.

I Can tell. reading through service data it tells us like I mentioned to prepare the transmission for removal. but one of the last steps is to remove the front suspension lowering. You know the engine and training out as an assembly.

so preparing it does not mean to remove it. I Think it means to get the wiring harness off at the drive shaft shift cable. If it has one, you know probably our best bet would be unhook the torque converter bolts while the car is still stationary. These are kind of snug back here.

We'll have to watch that when we're taking it off. And then I did look at this harness down here. This electrical harness goes right around the engine. It's not attached to the frame rail.

so I think we're good in that aspect. I Think we're done up here. The engineer to come out because it is the law. The clip fell directly into the coolant.

so if you keep a bucket of coolant under your car, you'll never lose a ball. You always know right where it is foreign.

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  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Pressman says:

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  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Edward Hugus says:

    You probably grabbed that screwdriver in case you were upstairs and it was time to remove the air cleaner……..I understand your thought process, because you just never know if you'll be far away when it's time for the next step…..I am surprised though, I'd of gone for the 3 foot extension on the air ratchet………but I guess that's just personal preference.
    Great video, sad that a 15k engine needs a swap, though.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Leonard says:

    That engine is super clean, low mileage and it has a dead cylinder? That is crazy.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Land says:

    Eric O, Sorry if you've covered this but I haven't watched all the videos yet. This situation brings up a interesting question….did the owner ask you for a 2nd opinion or just buy an engine from the first shops diag? Also, if the owner trusted the first shop to go buy an engine, why didn't he/she have the first shop do the swap? Thanks for the videos!!!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Smith says:

    I wonder could the engine have been rebuilt instead of installing used engine? Hopefully it is good engine..

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Dalton says:

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  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mazdaman says:

    Service data I've found has got worse, the exception being Japanese and Korean. They are written like service data of old. I.E. written by a mechanic. Modern stuff seems to be written by someone who waves and points in the vague direction of a car…

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mc2whls says:

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    Eric O. Mechanic Extraordinaire makes it look easy.
    P.S. most complainers can’t do it themselves.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Dennis says:

    Would you prefer to do 1-8 hour job or 8-1 hour jobs?