In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. Now that the engine is ready to come out we get Mrs.O. to help us after we pull the front sub frame out of the way. Time to rock and roll!
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Our time gets started on the Subaru on the Cadillac not a Subaru we've got Subaru coming in here a little bit. I Gotta work on uh what? I'd like to do is I think the last video we left off I think everything's ready to go. We unhook the dry shaft. Uh so at this point the engine is supported and I also took a few big zip ties and zip tied the radiator to the upper support so hopefully that doesn't fall out.

I think at this point we need to remove the Cradle or we're at least going to get it loose and see how things are now. the engine is just kind of Wiggly up here on top of the mount, so we should be good in that regard. So let's start loosening this up. see what she looks like? Gotta kind of keep you guys there out of the way.

I don't know I Don't think we have to take these brackets all the way out the frame. There use a little metal or uh, you just bend that up. That's for the uh oh what you call it. There we go I keep that on there.

That's a little metal clip for the you know, a little plastic tray there. Okay, all right, there's that. Now we're gonna crack these 18 millimeter headed bolts loose here. I'm going to leave these ones in part of the way.

those are some long-winded ones there. After this, you should be loose. Want to make sure our Knuckles are going to be out of the way. It's going to have a little tension pushing down just from those foreign harness here.

Okay, that stays with the rack I Want to make sure I'm not really missing anything? Uh, that probably I was going to say me and Josh could probably take it out but I think what I'll do is I'll get the training Jack we'll stick it under here just to be safe in case I'm missing a wire or something. That way we don't have to, you know, hold it. and Fiddle you know what? I mean let's see what happens now. All right, there's that bolt.

I saw four of those in the same here I Just want to make sure my bolts are the same before. I mix them up, they are okay. All right. In theory, as long as our engine doesn't fall down.

Oh foul. yeah. all right, let's make sure. Yeah, it looks like our radiator is still kind of attached here at the bottom.

Oh, it shouldn't be from Japan a little heavier in the back than I thought it was going to be. Make sure I don't see any hoses or anything and I don't It's interesting service. data told you to take all the vacuum lines off the frame, but I can't see a reason why. All right.

All right, let me get my wiring harness here. Okay, there's one. There's one clip for the wiring harness. Let me get a retainer in the pool here I Can't figure out how these come unhooked the electrical connector.

These are the little solenoids that control the vacuum motor mounts. and I can't figure out this connector. so I unhook the vacuum Supply from it. Let's see if we can't get any I just don't want to break them.

There it goes. Okay, the release tab is when you pull a lock tab back I assume you're supposed to be able to push on it so that I'm just going to put it back because I don't want to get the lines all mixed up here I'm just going to plug them back in vacuum wise. I'm gonna stick the bolt back in them and this other one will do the same thing. I Didn't see this electrical harness at first.
Oh yeah, there we go. Okay, so that's how you do it. easy. Once You pull the lock tab back.

Yeah. I push in on the lock tab. We'll hook the vacuum lines back too. well.

I'm glad I didn't have Josh come over and help me because we'd really been struggling to hold this thing. I thought I had it all but clearing now and then. This harness is going to go with the engine so we just have to unhook the transmission lines now move them to the side, but we have to put a stand under here just in case our little Contraption up there Cuts loose on us. We don't want it to all kind of fall on the floor so I put the training Jack under here.

but I didn't pick up on the internet I had it so it just barely touches because that's only there for catastrophic failure. In the event of so now, we want to take these transmission lines loose I unhook them from the radiator, but my zip tie that's holding the radiator in goes around one of them. so we're not going to do that. We're on both.

right from the side of the training. here. they're all one piece. Get your bucket ready because it's probably gonna peel a little bit here.

We'll take the bolt out. Got the baking pan ready? Oh ain't that something? I don't know if they come out of the way. Okay, we might have to. comes up against the heat shield here.

You guys might have to close your eyes a little bit. Oh yeah. okay. get them drizzling I Want to take? wait a second.

gonna drip that one. We can plug off the transmission, but really, there's not a lot dripping out of here. Um, yeah, not too bad. Lines are pretty well empty.

Let's set this up again. and then these lines. I'm just going to take and stick them up here inside the body. We're going to zip tie it back out of the way.

actually. I'll move them right over here. stick them right up here. Look at that.

It's like it was made for it. So now in a perfect world, this will, uh, it should all come out folks. I'm gonna put that bolt back in the transmission. We'll put pulls in after we let it down.

So all we have to do now theoretically get home. By the way, unbolt the transmission. Once we set it down. We're gonna put a jack stand you know, probably under here somewheres on both the cross member.

and then we'll stick a jack stand right here and right here on both cross member. And then we should be able to pick the car up because there's nothing else we can get our train Jack out of the way. Like I said, there's nothing. This isn't holding anything.

It was just a precaution and the whole engine should come out of it now, right? We got to sync that, but we're gonna find that one wire or something that we missed. All right. Hopefully now we'll find out the whole thing should come out. She should be free.
The only thing holding the transmission is a cross member and the only thing holding the engine in is our sketchy D hook. Uh, hit me on a block the that two by six on Panther s okay, Thank you. Foreign. Okay, keep going down.

all right. Oh stop foreign. We should be all set underneath. Let's we're going to loosen this up here.

This shouldn't have any tension on right now. They're very little. It should be sitting on the jack stands. Okay, what we want to do is we want to get this right out of here.

Well, I mean we can leave it on the car I guess I just want to get out of that wiring harness. Okay, uh, this. I'm gonna need you to raise it up by hitting the pushing the button. but just like half of.

Mississippi Okay, give me a half of Mississippi Do it one. Mississippi Okay, do it again. Okay, let me go underneath. I'm gonna go underneath it folks and watch what's going on.

Okay, go. uh. Mississippi Thank you. Do it again.

Give me two. Mississippi Okay, just a second. this thing is Tigers Coming across the back here. All right.

We got steering shafts about ready to hit the manifold. Well, it's pretty snug up through there. I Don't know if that's gonna make it foreign. shaft doesn't look like it's going to clear the exhaust manifold.

Give me a one. Mississippi Oh, let's we laughed just a little bit. clearing the steering shaft. I'm going to take there's three bolts on this thing.

see if that gives us enough room. Oh I need a short 10. Okay, now this AFR sensor here. All right.

I'm gonna set these bolts right there for time being. Don't forget them. Oh she's just gonna squeak by there now. boys.

can we unplug this thing? Ah, these stinking connectors on this car kind of. German Connectors are seem very fragile so you don't wanna put them unhooked here. Okay, got it. Take the heat shield off.

We'll take our three bolts, we'll throw this out of the pile and now we should be ready to take the engine down. Mrs O's on the phone so it's up to us to get the proper amount of Mississippis. The only thing I See that snug over here are the heater core hoses where they run. Nexus Wiring harness.

Boy they're pretty tight. They're probably not going to be an issue coming out, but I bet they're going to be kind of a pain in the neck putting back in. Just my guess we do. If you're not busy, they're pretty snug over here.

My guy? uh, give me a couple Mississippis that's a half of. Mississippi All right, keep going. All right. Give me a a long two, three second one.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. All right. pretty tight on these fuel lines internship cable. She's hanging loose all right.
Give her a couple two, three seconds there. Oh, just a minute. Something kind of jerk there. I think it was uh I think it's tight coming past these lines here folks.

it has this little piece of carpet back here. it was kind of hung up. Laughs: I'm not scared there. steering chat's good now.

Yeah, yeah, let's watch these here. Let's go ahead and do it again. Vanessa Two or three? Yeah, Oh, just a minute. I'm seeing it's moving.

For some reason. There's no wired dancing. Too much Here is probably okay here. Horror hoses are clear.

Why was it dancing? We don't want to dance. that's why right there. My guy shifter cable. We'll stick that back here.

should be out of the way. now. it doesn't take much will you be surprised what one little wire will do? It's okay. Give us a couple couple two, three seconds.

Okay, all right now. the next step's quite important here. The next step is, we're kind of a little bit too late for this. but if you're using the lift, the last thing you want is this car to go spinning backwards off the lift because you took a few hundred pounds off the front.

It's a little late for that. It's a little late for that. I'm out here doing this. You're in the safe.

Zone I Don't feel like it. Well, trust me, old girl. Sit you guys down so we're gonna. She feels pretty stable to me.

I've only ever tipped One backwards. Is that your technical way or checking it? It's in service data. Fill it, wiggle the front end, and then what and then if it falls down, you're doing it wrong. If it says I'm doing it right really honestly see human decimals that sounds like BS I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Give me a good five seconds. Foreign there she is. Boys, That was the easy part. Really, it was the place.

It's going to take us as long to swap all this crap over and The Dilemma becomes if you because this thing is so tight coming out as you guys saw it like I say we draw some bars on the floor or something. Well you can't just draw mercs of your deck stands I know but like like wear everything like his lineup, you steal my phone. you see all my thunder. So what we do what? I What is my Habit to do is I use a plumb bob I'll drop it off with points it or fix.

So not like this point because this is rubber mounted. I'll drop a plumb bob off fixed points. That way we can set the engine exactly where it was because once you start putting this thing down, use that motion. There's really no wiggle in the surround the way we have it.

We're not fortunate enough to have a lift table to do this properly. Instead, we gotta do it dangerously. Oh, how much is a lift table I Don't know, but is it worth your life? so I'd have one I'll go buy one right now. The only reason I don't have one is because they take up a tremendous amount of the room and I risk my life doing it like this versus versus playing in some places.
Yes, exactly. All right. Enough about that. Looks like we might be able to get one now.

Um, we gotta make our marks. But first I got some appointments to do so I Guess the only thing is is most people don't have a lift table so if you're really showing them how to do it, they they can get some. Jacks Probably 95 people watch their Channel they'll never left. Yeah right.

It's a little hard to do with Jackson so but that's right, we just use what we have. Maybe their buddies gotta live. Always good buddy will lift and a car trailer in a lift table. Yep, if you want friends buy a lift.

That's how you get friends. This is like get friends. Oh so we found some more Sin from the bike shop guy the hood. He left the hood loose that bolt right there is super loose in the hood swapping I put the hood strut back on to hold the hood open.

Well he also this thing was broke too and this screw is missing this screw right here. if I remember correctly and I got a pretty good memory. It's like a ball. I Call it the ball.

All right, we gotta get busy so we have left. Now we've got these bolts here. We don't want to forget where they go so we're just going to stick them back up in the appropriate hole. Oops, Drop that one around the floor.

Got some kind of body to do or something coming out of here? Oh, it's about to take him back out. at least this way we're not looking for them except for One Drive And last but not least, this is all the extra parts we have I Remember where they go, this guy does. These are a couple motor mount nuts. Let's bring them up to there in the bag.

We'll stick them there. let's put that one there. And then we had the one clip. remember I dropped that in the floor.

it went bucket back in part one and that is for the heater hose here So to avoid losing it I Don't know if I can give it a one-handed handy here and that's probably not. Yes, sir! So that's how far you have to pull them out to take them off. That's it. So all right folks, that's gonna do it for this part.

I Got a full day of work to do today.

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