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A little loud in there today. we're going over here. Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! If this is your first time here, just welcome. Glad you're here I know I'm glad to be here.

So uh, this you guys remember this thing the uh infinite? can't figure it out. Diag I've got a I got a PCM here and uh, we're gonna pop into the hood real quick. toss this PCM and cross our fingers. Toss the battery in see if it's gonna run so stay tuned.

opening Z Hood yeah Gravity begin Hood Popping procedure Ah now I don't know what the mileage is I forgot and the battery's out of it so we're just gonna have to wait for that part. See what? Uh, see if this thing's gonna work? I I Already pulled the old PCM out. It had a it had a core charge on it so I had it prepared for when the new one got here. It goes way back.

See that hole in the firewall back there? That's uh, that's where she rides shoe. Let me figure out my prop Rod situation here. There we go and we'll get this unit installed. Just a big ground box.

It's not. uh, it's not a super intelligent electronic device. It basically just grounds many, many circuits. What you guys should remember from the last video is that I had found a I call it a dirty ground which means that ground was just on off.

On off on off and it was causing one of these relays right here to buzz. You Hear that buzzing? This is that buzzing. is the coil in this relay going open circuit, Closed circuit. Open circuit, Closed circuit.

So that buzzing is not or that relay is not making good connection. I I Checked out the wiring diagram and found that the actuation Circuit of the relay is controlled by the PCM and again, the ground side of that circuit is what the Pecm operates. The load Circuit of the relay is not the cause of that buzzing. That buzzing is being caused by the actuation circuit represented right here which is going to be the red wire and the light blue was that light blue with an orange.

Tracer Okay, let's go ahead and back up that red wire and make sure that that is a power supply that runs over to our other page turns into a splice right here. gets some power at the PCM Power relay, splices back over and ultimately again hands up at PCM. Okay, so that leaves this side of the circuit to cause that buzzing. Or it leaves the other side the ground side of that circuit to cause that buzzing.

Because again, if we follow the light blue and the orange Tracer wire to our other graph, that's uh, was that number eight right there? I think that's eight you get T Now you can see we follow that one on over. This circuit gets its ground directly from the PCM that in conjunction with our horrible running condition and our check engine light that is also ground actuated, That thing was just like flickering when it was supposed to have been on. it was a very low, uh, low intensity flicker again leading me to believe that there was a background that self-check will not work. see how it tries to flash, but it won't flash like there's a flash.
But this is not how it's supposed to be doing this at that point. I Had hypothesized that since this is a giant grounding unit, and I had already located two confirmed bad grounds that, uh, it seemed quite plausible, logical, and even probable that uh, the fuel injector circuits on this particular engine which are also ground actuated may be affected by the fault in the original unit. So, we're going to get this thing installed, toss the battery in, and, uh, see. Well, we're gonna see if it's gonna run or if, uh, if the parts.

Cannon Diag continues. You know what? Let's uh, let's move over here because I'm gonna have to squeeze that unit in like right in this area there. So let's move you guys over here and we can get back to work. What I need to do? All right.

Memory serves here. Pull that thing aside and we just need to squeeze this unit up into this little hole here. and then we'll uh, slide it into the firewall and then and then Bolter back in. Should be a fairly quick process.

I'll tell you if this is a this is going to work, this is really the problem then. Um, well, this might be a short video we'll see. Go in please. Okay, it's in position now.

We've got the little clamping seal device thing here. It just kind of slips over the front of that PCM then bolts it to the firewall. ECM ECM is engine control PCM is powertrain control module and uh, inadvertently I tend to use those terms interchangeably, but it's kind of the same thing. It's kind of not, but kind of is just trying to get this connector set up real fast here and lined up.

I think I think we're on it right there. Where's my nuts? They were right here. got them. They were on the firewall where I left them I'm gonna screw one side in.

we're not dropping these because I'm at the parking lot and if I drop it, it's going to fall in the gravel and I'll probably never see it again. That would be unfortunate. Very much so. Okay, and I need a 10 mil on my uh on a tool to secure the connector and we're in business.

All right here we go. We need, uh, what is that an 11? I don't even know I just brought all my tools 11 or 12 I think that's 11. I brought an 11. Yeah, I brought brought multiples so I can't get them confused.

All right, that's the clamp. a little uh, seal looking thing. another one on the other side that I can't see. Come here.

Give me back my socket and the 10 mil in the middle for the connector. Stop slapping that trigger like it owes you money. It makes. Yeah, All right.

what do we have? There's the brake booster vacuum tube. We're gonna need that cook connected and just need a battery now. Battery battery again. Forgive the huge mess we got going on I'm trying to work in a construction zone I have my battery around here somewhere I need to locate it Oh it's so bad today.
There's so much stuff. Where is my battery I don't see it? Okay I knew it was back here I found it a little bit of wandering around. it changed my my angle of view here and then found it on the Shelf Nice and organized where it goes bro. let's get this thing out into the van heavy.

Well you guys know how the sand goes. it's either gonna work or it's not and uh I Really hope it works because I don't have the mental fortitude right now to process a failure. Not today. Okay, a little bit more up slamming batteries on customers cars free.

You're down in that hole right there. Foreign. There we go. Oh I need to fetch the screwdriver key I left it in the shop back inside again.

wait wait no. I didn't I just reached in I found it I found the screwdriver key. All right. So gonna run fuel starting Z Engine alive I think I think we got it guys.

we got it. Let me let this run for a little while and then we'll come back. check on it, see if it stays running. Do I have any uh check engine light action here? Okay, no, no light.

That's cool. Got battery voltage we've got I Still don't know what the mileage is. We'll call it 700 554 miles. That's all the new fuel we'll do.

The fuel gauge works. we have oil pressure I don't have engine temperature yet because it's not up to temperature. So far so good. Yeah this is uh, running much much more better or way better than before Flashback: it smells really really rich.

like stupid rich. Yeah, it's rich. don't don't do that. Fingers crossed, let's let it all come up to Temp and uh, maybe I'll actually go drive this thing all right so we can hear that Tickety tick.

There is a leak in the exhaust manifold. we can see right back there we've got a got a broken stud. uh, fairly common. It's not a leak, that's the uh air injection pump.

It's supposed to pump air into these manifolds here, but somebody has deleted that. I'm gonna try to find a kit that uh, moves. that pump places it with a pulley. We don't need this here.

It's a huge parasitic mode. Uh, it's got a few random other vacuum leaks that probably need to button up and organize a little bit. clean up some of this stuff there's there's some more work to be done here. Maybe I'll put the radio back in? Maybe not.

Who knows. So uh, now that it's alive, we've got something to work with. So uh, that's what I'm gonna do in the future. but for right now I think we're in good shape while it's running a little low, but there is some in there I'll deal with that later.

I'm sure it needs an oil change. needs an air filter. It needs a new battery because this one's mine. They can't have it.

It's my deep cycle. Yeah, there's there's a lot of knick-knacky stuff. so I'm probably gonna have this thing lingering for a while as a as a project. Oh yeah, yeah.

and the key and the key because I'm gonna need my screwdriver back. I'm gonna need the screwdriver back later. but right now, like this works. yeah.
I'm happy the van works again. Windows up Green that was a little slow. I'll be right back you guys wait over I'm gonna come back and recheck on this thing in about five. All right 30 minute recheck.

I Think it's still running. It sounds like it's running. Smells like it's running. Oh it's hot in here.

It's it's running. Temp gauge is coming up, still have oil pressure. We still have power. Nice.

it will live on super. I'm thrilled that is a confirmed kill. Got it? ECM was bad. Unbelievable.

That was a hard one for me guys. this is this was a hard one. I did not have fun anyway. Uh, there is gonna be some more work on this.

Obviously it's uh, it's uh, like project. Resurrection So that being said, I'm uh I'm gonna let this cool off. I'm gonna order some more parts that it needs. There's stuff that's missing, stuff that's broken, need a battery, etc.

etc. I'm gonna check out the undercarriage later. So I'm probably gonna end up bringing this thing back up to roadworthy condition because we need to get this van back into service. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now.

Thank you guys for watching this success story! I'm so proud of myself. Appreciate you guys being here and as always, don't forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! Thanks for watching end of transmission and deferred for now. Sure.

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