Catalytic Converters! Missing? Running Rough P0302 P0420 P0430 Nissan Fronter 4.0 v6
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Hi everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is uh gonna be a part two episode of this 2004 Nissan Datsun Frontier We put a set of catalytic converters on it uh the other day and uh, found out afterwards or during or actually even before if you saw the video plug coils out on the driver's side and found that the coils were leaking spark through the insulator Boot and arcing against the side of the cylinder head, thus causing said misfire. So uh, what we're going to do is replace all six ignition coils on this engine. We are not going to put in any spark plugs because this engine is 2 000 miles old and it has new plugs in it. but the old coils were reused and like I mentioned, the thing is misfiring.

That may or may not have been what caused the issue with the converters I'm not really sure about that. sure about that, but I I Do know that when we pulled the converters apart or when to remove them, we found that they had been gutted on the interior meaning there was no Catalyst bed within the converter to do its job. hence the trouble codes. So we fixed uh two of the codes that's the P420 and P430 and now we're going to work on these engine misfires and uh, then we're going to be all good to go.

so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good video now. Three of these coils are going to be very, very easy I can get two of them, they're right here on the driver's side no problem at all. The other three, not so much.

Uh. two of them I can easily remove, but one of them all the way up in the front. uh, may or may not require me to remove the intake manifold to uh to get that coil out. Um, I might be able to sneak it out of there I might not.

So let's find out. So uh, first thing we're gonna do is uh, popping the hood. if I can find my little dangle thing. there we go and uh, we're gonna go ahead and get set up.

Uh, turn this beeping noise off, get some lights going under the hood. We'll pull those three coils off from the driver's side, slap new ones in there, and then we'll work on the hard side. Where are you going? Why What? we need everything? I'm going crazy. Oh yeah.

all right. I'll see you later. openings you Hood All right, let's see what we got here. Well, we know what we've got here.

We've uh, we've already been here. Okey-dokes We're gonna need a 10 millimeter on an extension, a device to turn it, and some lubricant not sponsored. That's just what I have that goes there. We'll put this here.

we'll put that here so don't get lost. And oh, coils, We have our coils here. We have a set of six denzo OE equivalent ignition coils not sponsored. That's just what we're using I Know that Kind of annoying and repetitive, but we really should disclose the not sponsored.

Otherwise, people tend to think that you were paid to mention their stuff or even use their stuff. and uh, we're required by law to disclose such things so inversely I disclose when we're not sponsored. Makes sense to me. Anyway, let's hold these guys out again.
We're going to revisit the uh. the burn mark where the spark was? uh, sparking? Yeah, the coil is uh. firing. but it's firing through the booth.

There's even a burn mark right there with the spark is escaping. See that it's supposed to be firing through the bottom of it because that's where the spark plug meets the coil. But that insulator is damaged. That's not good.

That's one that's two. I forgot to unbolt that one. That's number three. coil.

gravity. Hang on. It's down there. It's down there.

Let me get my flanges in position here. We'll get it. And that was coil numero Trace Through this set with some quickness here because the other side is supposed to be the difficult side again. I I Might be able to get that coil out without removing the intake.

Um, but if I can't and this is going to be a very different video from the way that it started. Now, this isn't unboxing, We're on bagging. These are bags. There we go.

Actually, it's a bag in a box because there is a box. I Lied. it's an unboxing full unboxing. Okay, we got three coils here.

one tube of lubricant. Let's just get these all handled with one swift action here. Check it out, give them a squirt just a little bit. We don't need to load it up or anything like that.

Just A Pinch And then we'll drop them in Bolt them on connect them and then we'll move over to our difficult side. wrong way. Spin that around These are nice and shiny and we'll get that one clipped into here we go. Foreign coils, Three bolts.

It's faster to do these like all as one unit, than it is to take one out, grease it, put it in, bolt it in, connect it, and then move on to the next. If you're saving time by not picking up and putting down the tools, there's one. and there's two. three.

Ah, three coils. There we go and three clicks. Okay, easy side's done. Let's try out the uh, not so easy side.

Yeah, see, we can see here. Well, we really can't There's the number one coil right there. all right there. I can reach it I can put my hand on it.

the bolt is up here I think I can get that out. but the question is the sinking this coil out through this area here. That might be, uh, harder than it looks now. I'm gonna do this.

kind of a contrary to my normal mode of operation. I'm gonna get these two easiest ones first that way I feel halfway committed. so if things start to get a little rough with that first coil, I will have been emotionally invested in the time saving measure and I'll be uh, less, uh, less susceptible to capitulation. Basically, what I'm saying is I don't want to pull this intake manifold off then I'm going to do whatever I can to avoid doing that, including playing psychological tricks with myself.

That coil came apart. it's stuck in the tube. It's not cool, No worries. I'll grab the piece with some, uh, some needle nose action and yank it out of there.
Please come out I don't want to tear it. this is the one that was already replaced. Once Upon a Time and it should be in good shape. There we go.

Came right out. yeah. I'm Gonna Save this one for later. Yes, I could leave it here in the vehicle, but uh, we want to go ahead and just change all six of them and then, uh, that will be that forever.

Okay, that's two out. Let's get. uh, let's get these lubricated and installed There we go. and then this guy right here.

Oh hang on it doesn't want to go in and I don't want to break the break that stem. Um okay, this is where foreign take it apart train. come here. There we go.

We take that apart and put that down the tube. Get that guy seated, then we'll put the other half in CH and you guys can see. Come over here. Foreign.

just making sure that that pin is connected in the middle and we're good there. Connect: Press it all in and it's not okay. I need to assemble it in that area and then put it all in as one unit. Foreign here.

Make sure it's all seated. We're good to go. Let's connect our connector since we're here. and go ahead and get these bolts put into place.

Now there's that one. and that one. Yeah, like I said, this is the easy part and one last connector back there. Come on.

Connector: click. Okay, that's the easy ones. now. let's get the hard one.

foreign. the stubby short 10 millimeter. I'm going to reach down and under and through and we're going to find that bolt that uh, we really can't see but we know it's down there crap that gotta use and then I can reach up and unthread it by hand, pulls coil out of here. Oh, that's a tight squeeze.

Yeah. I'm threading it by hand means. uh, two fingers and just work them back and forth. Very boring.

it's going to take a while. Camera gravity if this will Rusty rusted I would never be able to pull this off I wonder if I can reach around do this upside down? if I can get a thumb on it? I'll be in good shape, but now no thumb looks like just two fingers and that's all I get I wonder if I can put you guys down here and we can see what's going on a little better. Can you see? Yeah? I can't even see what's going on? You guys got a better view than I do? that's for sure. Yeah.

I'm just gonna work this. uh, this bolt loose until I can get the top of this coil to come out and we'll see about fishing the rest of it out of there. It's Wiggly What a pain. Hang on I'm gonna try a little tool here.

hang on a second. Maybe got it right. Maybe this little guy super low profile socket. Oh I can't even get in there with it.

Hang on. this looks uh I feel like I'm gonna drop this okay sockets on I don't know if that helps me or hurts or just makes it more. Awkward Um, it helps. Yeah, that helps a little bit.
Come on out of there please. Okay, we're running out of space here for that socket. so I'm going to go ahead and retrieve that guy. Things are getting a little loose and I really really don't want to lose this.

I've already lost the 12 millimeter that goes with it which I have to purchase again and I don't want to lose my 10. lost enough of those this week. You know? if I think this is awkward, wait till I uh I try to put that thing back in. see now.

I'm trapped I've already invested so much time into this that I have to achieve this task without removing the intake just because if I give up now then well, then I'm a quitter and I've given up the bolts out here. Come. Oh no no no no no no, come back. Bolt Get over here.

Got it? Okay, now we can pull up on the on the coil and then I can reach back in and try to get the connector off. I See the connector right there? All right? Hmm. I can't reach it? Nope. Oh come on now, it's so close it's within my grasp.

Nope, not yet. I Need a tool? Trying to press the release clip on that connector? Foreign seems like a good way to stab myself. Do you see that? Oh, it's still connected? Come on. Really, the connector is what's going to kill this for me here.

I'll just take this apart right now I just I can't get the right angle on that to deliver the appropriate Force to that connector. By the way, keep in mind you guys are looking down through like a two inch wide hole in the top of this intake. There's like no space to play with here, but I'm also doing this the way that they say it cannot be done. Okay, well, the coils in two pieces.

Now here's our connector now: I can I can press it I think Woohoo! Okay two, let's phase one. Phase two is gonna be to fish out the rest of that uh, the coil down there and not with those pliers. longer needle noses. Try this pair.

Hang on. Yeah, these ones right here. They're a little bit longer and it's not really a straight shot so you can't reach what I'm trying to reach and try a different pair of needle noses. These ones are even longer and there's an angle to them.

Maybe that's what I need to get a hold of this thing I'm reaching down as far as I can into that spark plug hole I want to get as much of uh oh? I got it? Yep, I was gonna say I wanted to get a hold of as much of it as I could and uh, looks like we're good here now. These things can break and come apart when doing this. so if chunks end up down inside the spark plug hole, just blow a bunch of air in there and it'll all come out and do that before pulling the plug out. Okay, next space is going to be a little trickier.

So here is our our coil for that cylinder. We're gonna take this apart without breaking it. There we go a little bit of Grease we'll put this section back into the plug hole. just like that.

First one seat it now. right here is going to be the Make It or Break It moment. some new coils coming in. If I can't get it to seat and make a good connection with this with the base, then this is not going to work.
It's got it. plug into that bottom section and stay there but around. and uh I think it's there here. I'm going to send you guys down to take a look.

Okay, see if you can see what we need to see here. it's that flat. looks like it. I think it is.

feels like it. Yeah, it's not moving. I think we got it. Okay, thanks guys.

So now let's get that connector reconnected and then see that. Yeah, that's not a straight shot on that connector. so I need to turn this some click that guy on. then we can get that last bolt in now.

I can see the bottom half. oh the bolt hole right there. just barely I'm trying to line that up visually that way. I've got my best shot of getting those threads started.

See how this is gonna go if I can even get in there? I don't have any finger space. Okay, it's in, it's in the coil now. I've just got to thread it into the cylinder head and then get some torque on it so far. I think uh I think we got it.

This is success. Well if you count twiddling your fingers together for 20 minutes success, then then yeah success. I could go in with the wrench to reach it, but then I've got to throw the wrench and make it turn a bunch of times in order to uh to run that bolt down. so it's It's actually faster to just get the the millimeter or two of movement out of the fingertips.

Ah, gotta be careful though. it makes the knuckles or the joints kind of lock up because you've got a bunch of tension. but they're not moving. you know? I think that's how you give yourself arthritis.

That would be bad. Okay, whoo. Almost there it's having I've been doing this for about 10 minutes straight now. It's kind of annoying I think I got enough to uh to hit it with the wrench.

Let's get back down for our uh, our close-up A couple turns of this wrench and we're good here. Gonna get it? Yeah. I'm about to start celebrating because this is a this is a major victory. Got it done in like a third of the time.

All right. Connected, connected, connected, same on that side. Let's start this thing up and make sure that we're running smooth and then this one's good to go. Three hour job done in one hour.

About an hour I think something like that. Well it I think it bills for you greasy I think it bills for 2.8 or it did. but um I'm not charging 2.8 for this one. Nope.

can't do it. Plus they gave me a walk-in nice job with those uh converters. So I'm not going to complain now. Could I build 2.8 hours? Sure.

Is it moral? Is it ethical? Yeah, it kind of is. because technically I sacrificed some arthritis to get that done in less time. But um, no. All jokes aside, yeah, I could build a whole boat for that.

Um, at my discretion I'm not going to because I had some other work on this I didn't have to put in any effort. It walked in, they said put these parts on and you know and I made some money off that so we can get a break on this job over here. That was fairly easy to do anyway. Enough rambling.
Let's restart this engine and uh, we'll see how it feels. make sure we're not uh, vibrating. There's that fan. Again, smooth.

Okay, that ticking noise from that, uh, the spark escaping the coils. This one's good to go. We'll go ahead and close this one out. We have a success.

Um, don't know if I'm gonna change that AC homes or not, they do know about that. but I was waiting to hear back on that because they were waiting to hear back on this. So I might change that hose later on I might not. But again, the task at hand is complete.

Engine runs well. Codes are gone. all right. let's back this thing out.

Nice snow misfires, no misfires. put a little bit of load on it. feels really good. All right.

Mission complete Nissan Powering down later. little front here. foreign video was a little short so I'm just gonna add a bonus feature and include some project Jeep action we left off oh where'd we leave off last time? I think we left off with uh, this exhaust manifold, the tubular header. uh, you guys weren't looking I installed the crossover pipe and over there in that box I have a Flowmaster exhaust and a tailpipe and so let's go ahead and get that done real quick.

Um I'm actually uh, a little Hasty to make some progress on Project Jeep Uh, you see I've got the rear diff already in place but I have not done the front differential yet. Um, but I think what I want to do here is go ahead and get this to where it's going to be in a condition where it's movable because uh, shortly, this wall right here is coming down and so is that ceiling. and I think I might need to get this Jeep out of here as it sits right now. it's not exactly movable.

uh, we're close, but I would like to go ahead and just get the exhaust on that way that's buttoned up and then the only thing I will have left to do is going to be to rebuild this front axle sort of. and then uh and then we're good to go. So uh, without uh, any further. Ado and introduction on Project Jeep Uh, let us continue.

Let's drag out our goodies here. Uh, not an unboxing because it's already been unboxed. but uh oh, I was wrong. It's a Dynamax exhaust, not a Flowmaster which looks to me like we're just gonna have a uh, a tailpipe.

Yep, and uh. a muffler and some Hardware cool beans. Yeah, let's see what's in our Hardware box. Instructions and loose parts.

That's what it says. Plants, plants, plants and instructions. What do you say? Put this piece on this piece. Got it? The rest of it here.

We've got a Dynamax Muffler uh, part number 17731 if my eyes do not deceive. I had a Dynamax Muffler once it went on my 4.3 liter 89 S10 two-door Blazer and I really missed that laser. Start with what we know, let's get the tailpipe in and hung on the brackets and then we'll go from there. foreign ER Get in there I'll just use the tool to help or hang on.
Hang on. We're doing this wrong. I See the error of my ways. See, there's just no way no way.

Then I'm gonna get two of these curved little guys in to both of those little brackets there. or uh, hangers Hangers Hangers rubber hangers. words. But I can put the hangers on the exhaust and then slide the hangers on that.

It's doable. Come off all right. there's one. Let's get this other one off right here.

Come on man. this was the tool that I had doubted until I owned one and uh, it saves the day on these. uh, on these exhaust hangers. Now what? I'm gonna do.

It's a little. Slip the hangers onto the pipe and then we will slide the hangers over the uh, the studs there. Get on there please. It's full of dirt there.

Okay, let's put the pipe back in position here. Is that gonna work? Yeah, it's better. Yeah it is. I'm gonna force it.

Look at that one on first. we need lubricant. Yeah, this is going to be easier with uh, some lubricant there foreign that should make it easier. that was Fiji Imports That didn't sound good.

That doesn't go there, may not have been appropriate. Come on. Okay, there we go. Keep it on there all the way please.

All right, it's on. Let's move forward and hang the muffler next. All right. So moving forward it's gonna be real easy to figure out how to get this slipped over the muffler there and I believe all we have to do after that is clamp it up and we're good to go.

Okay, here's what I think I'm gonna do. Pull this back apart. Let's take this front pipe back out, put that back in the muffler and slide it in farther than it needs to go. Then we'll put the pipe back on the existing exhaust up front, slide that on.

Ah, look at that. Voila! We have space. So now we line this up. Slide The muffler back, pull the front pipe out of the muffler, and oh, we're all set.

That's good to go. I Think let's throw the clamps on. Yeah, that's that one's seated in. That one's in the mountains all the way in up there too.

Yep, right there. Perfect. Okay, well, let's clamp it up and I believe that's a that's a successful exhaust installation. Pretty simple on this.

Jeep Very, very easy. And they gave us a what is that? stainless steel looks like stainless stainless exhaust tip. Nice, shiny, All right. Let's go back over here and we'll start setting up these clamps.

Then we can stockings the engine and see how it sounds. Now this setup here came equipped with your basic U-bolt clamp. It's got a U-bolt because it's shaped like a U bottom half of it and then two nuts. So as you tighten your nuts, it squeezes the clamp in that deforms the pipe and secures the components together.
They're a decent system. There are better clamps out there, but these things are like five bucks a piece as opposed to 25. And they came with the kit. There we go.

Nice. Yeah, I believe these are 14 mil close. I Think they're standard, that one's in one down. two to go.

All right, let's move forward a little bit and uh, we'll get the next clamp installed and you've got to have the right size clamp to go with the hook the pipe hose on the set hose. Words to go with the pipe that you're using. Otherwise, it'll spread the U out. If the pipe or the clamp is too small for the pipe, but it barely fits, it'll actually spread that out.

then you can't get the bottom half of the clamp on and that's just frustrating. So definitely make sure you have the right size clamp. Oh, this is that battery with the clips that are broken keeps coming disconnect, becoming disconnected. All right, that's two.

One more to go up front and this is a finito. Foreign. There we go. All right, let's let this thing down and stockings the engine.

let's see how it sounds. Oh by the way, I went through and uh, re-greased all the U-joints that one see all that nasty grease that came out? We need to wipe them down. But I re-greased the U-joints fluid's been changed and uh, the transfer case fluid's been changed in the transmission fluid's been filled in the rear differential. and like I said, I just got to do the front anyway.

I'm rambling. Uh, let's let it down and fire this thing up All right. Jeep Coming back down, it's been a oh about 10 days since I started this thing. Yeah, last time it ran was when I um when I put the header on it.

So yeah, we never even got to do a leak check because there was nothing to check. Sure! I guess we better finish our job shouldn't we see here, let's give it the reach can I I can't reach coming down some more? That's good. Let's see what we got our most broke attire. All right.

There's neutral key on restocking his Jeep it's not bad. Uh, the thing is running like it's cambed. What did I do? Hang on, hang on I found it. the uh vacuum line for the map sensor was disconnected.

There we go. Better than it was was no leaks I like it. very good. We have achieved Jeep success.

Uh-huh Nice. All right. Well now it's nearly movable again. so if uh, if I don't finish it by the time I'm ready to demo that wall I can throw the wheels back on and back this thing out.

So so far so good. All right guys, that's gonna close it. Whoa. Tripping on a shaft? Just gonna go ahead and close this one out.

As always like thank you for watching Powering Down. Hope you enjoyed this little video. If you did enjoy this short video, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tap that like button down below.
If you did not enjoy this video then uh, check down inside of this video's description for a link to a different video and maybe you'll find enjoyment in that video. So again, and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Project Jeep For now.

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    You should add a speaker in the shop to play a prerecorded telephone paging sound set on a random timer so we can get some spontaneous doodeedoos throughout the jobs 🤪

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Kadletc says:

    I have to agree with Martin. I hate it when people swear. It doesn't make you a "MAN" It make you a immature person.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jrbpit1 says:

    Good on you to bill fairly. I’m sure they will be back to you in the future. Don’t forget you need to make rent, insurance, utilities, supplies, etc and eat, live, and save for retirement.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Morris says:

    If it’s in neutral why was the wheel turning?

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Morris says:

    I started putting a couple stainless metal tapping screws in just to make sure the pipes couldn’t come apart

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Morris says:

    I did that job on a cobalt, and the damn boot came off, a spring went boing unexpectedly and I couldn’t find the dang thing. So I had to go get a new one. Not a fan of that type of coil,wire combo

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bas Bass says:

    Actually, if the ECU was reprogrammed for missing converters, it would perform little bit better. Emissions will be bit worse, which might break your local laws making the car illegal in many area's.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Les Newsom says:

    My NY resolution is to be more like Ray. Less cursing, more patience. We will see if I make i through…tomorrow. Keep up the goodwork Rainman.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lorenzo Garcia says:

    Why replace the whole coil instead of just the boots? which also brings the question why didn't the shop that did the plugs replace them at the same time..

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars woodbine66 says:

    Casey Jones is busy today.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 104ducati says:

    Finger (phalanges) joint lock always gets me too, and now the arthritis follows. They say omega3 oil from fish is helpful – could be; I've never seen a mackerel with arthritis.🐟. Best wishes for 2023.